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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Red State: The Republican Schism

The Republican Schism by Erick Erickson

This article really struck a chord with me this morning because it exactly describes my political feelings at the moment. I keep sharing those feelings with the fundraisers who call asking me to support the National Republican Committee, the Virginia Republican Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, etc. ad nauseum. Well, the cash cow at the grass roots level is drying up for these establishment hacks. We're as mad as hornets. Erickson takes a look at the polls and comes to some interesting conclusion about the anti-establishment direction of Republican voters.  Here are a few highlights:
The real fight within the Republican Party now is between those who believe we actually are at the moment of crisis — existential or otherwise — and thereby must fight as we’ve never fought before and those who think the GOP can bide its time and make things right.
55% of conservatives want John Boehner replaced by another Republican. 60% of those who support the tea party want Boehner replaced.
Almost half of Americans want every member of Congress replaced. “Among Republicans and Republican leaners, a 52% majority say Congress would be better off if most of the current members were replaced,” USA Today reports. Likewise, a recent Pew survey showed that roughly a third of Americans want their own member of Congress replaced. Usually the polling shows people want congressmen replaced, but they like their own congressmen. Now, at its highest level in a very long time, people want their own congressman replaced too.
We have arrived at this point because the leadership of the party has fundraised off its opposition to Obamacare in two campaign cycles, but has never aggressively sought to oppose it legislatively.
There will be hell to pay because of it.
As long as the Republican Party is run by establishment groupies who use issues as strategy, but don't really care about the grassroots, we are done. They put on a good show (or a not-so-good show) of opposing the Democrats but are perfectly happy to capitulate at every turn as long a they can keep their comfy political seats. It's time for the peasants with pitchforks to rise up and foment a new revolution against the Washington, D.C. aristocrats!

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