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Monday, October 21, 2013

Please Pray for Fr. Wilhelm Ettner

We got a surprise at Mass yesterday when Fr. Michael Dobbins, associate pastor at Sacred Heart in Winchester, came to the pulpit and announced that our dear pastor, Fr. Ettner, had been granted medical leave. He described being called by the bishop during a wedding rehearsal and being told he would be filling in and living in residence at St. John Bosco while retaining his assignment at Sacred
Heart. Only a few parishioners knew the pastor was leaving. Even the deacon-in-training was surprised. But Father is a very private person and I expect he didn't want a fuss or to be in the position of feeling he needed to explain. Please pray for him. He hasn't been feeling well lately, so, while it came as a surprise, it was not a shock.

As for Fr. Dobbins, his first homily was inspiring and we look forward to getting to know him. When I I heard his name, it rang a bell. "I think we gave him a Lamplighter in the quarterly newsletter," I thought. Sure enough when I went looking I found it. Here's the event that happened in 2003 that made our hearts rejoice.
***Pro-abort congressman Jim Moran more than met his match when he went politicking at Blessed Sacrament in Alexandria May 4th with visiting Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine [Moran and Kaine are both pro-abort Catholics (sick…oops, sic)] Accompanying them was Alexandria city councilman and Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Euille [not Catholic] who was there to glad-hand before the election. Moran asked that Euille be recognized during Mass. [Duh… NO!] Instead the trio got a pro-life sermon from Rev. Bryan Belli including censure of Catholic politicians who support murdering unborn children. After Mass a “red-faced” Moran confronted Rev. Michael Dobbins outside “screaming and pointing his finger at him" according to the Washington Times. Moran’s spokesman said his boss was “calm and cool,” but we’ve experienced Mr. Moran’s “cool.” When riled, he is often uncivil even to ladies. We applaud Fr. Dobbins’ admonition to Mr. Moran, “Congressman, one day you will need me, and I will be there." Bravo to these two priests for reflecting the boldness of St. Paul. May Jim Moran profit from the mostly forgotten spiritual work of mercy, to admonish the sinner. And may God reward two shepherds who are truly leading the flock and trying to bring back those who have wandered into the wasteland.
Please pray for Fr. Dobbins and for our little country parish that we will grow in zeal for the faith and love of neighbor -- especially those neighbors like Catholic politician Jim Moran, who brag about rebelling against God! One day, they'll have to face Him and answer for their massacre of the least ones.

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