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Thursday, October 3, 2013

How Hard are You Praying?

I'm not among those wringing my hands over the government shut-down (or anything else for that matter). I am, however, totally disgusted with the establishment Republicans who continually kow-tow to our tyrannical government. They think nothing of betraying their conservative base who uphold what used to be considered "mom and apple pie" values. If you aren't concerned about the direction of our country and the forced participation in abortion and other immoralities through Obamacare, you should be. It's time to be committed to praying the daily rosary begging (and I do mean begging) the intercession of the Queen of Heaven. And speaking of our wonderful Blessed Mother, I came across this quote from Lucia of Fatima in the newsletter of The Catholic Truth:
Mary is the first living Tabernacle where the Father enclosed His Word. Her Immaculate Heart is the first Monstrance that sheltered Him. Her lap and Her arms were the first altar and first throne upon which the Son of God made man was adored. There the Angels, the Shepherds, and the wise men of the earth adored Him. Mary is the first Who took the Son of God in Her pure and Immaculate hands and brought Him to the Temple to offer Him to the Father as the victim for the salvation of the world.
If you aren't in the habit of praying the daily rosary, what better time to start than the month of the rosary? I guarantee, the Queen of Heaven will not be outdone in generosity to her faithful children who love her! And she's NOT just for Catholics. If you want to know how to pray the rosary, a biblical prayer, go here.

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