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Friday, October 19, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: When Wolves Guard the Chicken Coops, It's Going to be Hard on the Chickens

The John Jay study revealed that the vast majority
of abuse was pederasty, homosexual assaults
on post pubescent boys and young adult men.
Nabi Sayeth: There was great fanfare when the U.S. bishops gathered in Dallas in 2002 to sign their charter, the contents of which served as a solemn pledge by the hierarchy to protect our children.

Pedophilia, pedophila, pedophilia was hailed as the root problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church (Pedophilia is the sexual abuse of prepubescent children). But was this true? Is pedophilia really the problem, and if it is not, then, what is? And perhaps equally important, what is the answer to the real problem?