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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Where Have All the Good Shepherds Gone?

Nabi’s Heart is heavy because of what Nabi knows about the machinations, maneuverings and misdeeds of those who clawed their way into positions of power in Holy Mother Church and who did so underneath the noses of the very trusting laity. Nabi often wonders what is going on in the head of a clergyman each time a particular reading is read at Holy Mass that describes the true role of the shepherd who is supposed to be a disciple of Our Lord, such as Mark 10: 45…

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Nabi Sayeth: Expose the Scandals!

Every priest described here should be named and removed! Sadly, what Nabi describes has been the M.O. of numerous U.S. bishops for decades. Hide and cover up for the perverts and let them go on destroying the people of God. These vultures need to go and, as Nabi says, the laity need to demand it. We’ve known the truth for years now. Fr. James Haley tried to do something about it 15 years ago in the Diocese of Arlington and was crucified by Bishop Loverde and his own lavender mafia. Demand the truth! Not just in West Virginia, but in every diocese in the country! Get the lavender/rainbow boys out of the sanctuary (and the schools, and the rectories, and the chancery, and the priesthood)!

Nabi has been asked by good and faithful Catholics, Jews and Protestants as well: Is there a coverup in West Virginia as we have heard about in PA and other places?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Nabi Sayeth: It’s Time for Purging NOT Splurging!

Don’t miss the earlier posts by the Nabi posted earlier this week!

The Nabi sayeth…

One does not become an abuser of power without “inside” support. Have you ever wondered how the FORMER Bishop Bransfield managed to grab so much power, so quickly, especially since he came to West Virginia from the land of the Liberty Bell???
Nabi has seen such unfortunate power grabs, at the Vatican, in many dioceses, but especially in the diocese of,Wheeling-Charleston. One clergyman in particular helped make the FORMER bishop’s power grab possible. Who might this clergy person be??? HMMMMM

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Nabi Discusses Bishop Bransfield and his Lavish Lifestyle!

Are you reading the series on the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston and Bishop Bransfield’s profligate spending? If so, you will find this post shockingly enlightening and a window into the greed and indulgence of the lavender mafia. Read part 1 here and part 2 here and pray for the Nabi. I assure you this prophet of God knows of what he/she speaks. The financial scandals of these selfish and evil men need to be investigated along with their abuse of children and young men. Like McCarrick, Bransfield’s proclivities were well known. And along with investigating him, those he placed in positions of authority in the diocese should be investigated as well. As my mom always said, “Birds of a feather flock together.” The pink and lavender birds need to be caged and tagged

Wisdom of the Nabi sayeth:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Listen Up, Bishops! The Nabi sayeth - Love of Money is the Root of All Evils

If you didn’t read the first post by the Nabi, go here. You won’t want to miss this series on the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston and Bishop Bransfield. Sadly, there are many like him among our bishops and it’s high time someone called them out like the prophets of old!

Wisdom from the Nabi....

The Nabi sayeth, or actually asketh: Why the push, push, push for the Bishops’ Annual Sharing Appeal???

Monday, September 17, 2018

Follow the Money in the Diocese of Wheeling!

Today, I’m introducing a special guest who will be sharing insider information about the Diocese of Wheeling. My guest chooses to call himself “Nabi” (the prophet) and I welcome his input and wisdom. The prophets of the Old Testament were bold in revealing the sins of Israel (especially those of her rulers and religious establishment) and calling for repentance. Nabi will be exposing Bishop Bransfield’s shameful administration of the diocese and financial mismanagement to fund his own lavish lifestyle. It is not surprising. Homosexual immorality and financial theft to fund the lifestyle commonly go together. 
Wisdom from the Nabi....

Signs of the Times

Coney Island then...
...Coney Island now.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lauren Southern's Documentary on the Genocide of White South African Farmers

"It's more dangerous to be a white farmer in South Africa than a US soldier on the front lines in Afghanistan or Iraq." The mainstream media refuses to report the genocide of South African white farmers. Why? It's worth the hour spent to watch Lauren Southern's documentary to decide for yourself. 

The first 12 minutes of the film is the history of South Africa from 1650 to today for a basic understanding of the terrible current situation. See the results of communist/socialist, social justice, Marxist and leftist governance. Lauren does a superb job of reporting by showing both sides of the issue so take time out from the Church's current homosexual abuse crisis, Europe's current invasion by Islam and the left's hatred of President Trump to see the horror of life for white farmers in South Africa.