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Friday, July 19, 2019

Apostolic Nuncio Releases Communique on Bransfield

Will predator Bishop Bransfield land on four feet like the proverbial cat with nine lives?

Well, the latest is out on former bishop Michael Bransfield. Will it mean anything?

Is Poland the Next Target?

Poland's 2017 rosary crusade, encircled the nation in prayer.
Our Lady of the Rosary, protect Poland from the prowling demons seeking to destroy her!

We watched the radical, death-dealing left  (along with many unfaithful, cowardly clergy) destroy Ireland.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Topsy and Tuptim Read Part 2 Chapter 1 of the Instrumentum Laboris and Plan to Send Pope Francis a Chicken Little Hat.

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The library meeting room has nothing scheduled so Topsy and Tuptim spread out and make themselves comfortable at the conference table. Tuptim disappears and comes back with two steaming cups of coffee.

Tuptim: I volunteer here so I have coffee privileges. The gal who does the coffee actually buys a good brand of Columbian dark roast. You'll like it.

Topsy: (smiling) Even if I do ruin it with cream?

Tuptim: (shrugs, sits, and turns to Part II of the document.) I had to shake my head when I looked at the Table of Contents for Part 2 and saw how long it is -- NINE CHAPTERS! That's more than twice as long as Part 1. And then there's Part 3. This thing isn't a sprint; it's a marathon!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Topsy and Tuptim Meet at Chik-Fil-A to "Dialogue" on Chapter 4's "New Paths to Dialogue"

Synod Dialogue!
Topsy and Tuptim meet in the Chik-Fil-A parking lot and walk toward the building together.

Tuptim: Wow! It's great to see you again, Topsy. I missed you. How was the reunion?

Topsy: (laughing) I was only gone five days. The reunion was great! I met some of my husband's relatives for the first time and what a testimony to family! There must have been 200 people there! We were celebrating the reconnection with a young man given up for adoption 53 years ago! It meant a lot to me because my own mom was adopted and we never knew anything about her family. Those were the days when adoptions were closed. Maybe someday one of these DNA ancestry groups will bring a re-connection to my mom's family of origin. That would be exciting!

(They enter the building.)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

"Chucky Bebes Muertos" is my neighbor but needs to "get with the program"

"Chucky Bebes Muertos", most vicious MS-13 
gang member, is my neighbor. 

The following is my response to our deacon's Good Samaritan homily, June 14, 2019, Gospel of Luke 10:25-37.

Dear Deacon,

Yesterday I was face to face with a man looking very much as if he were a member of MS-13. He had tattoos all over his body, especially his neck, head and face. I had seen this man before and once jokingly asked a co-worker if she had asked him if he were a member of MS-13. Of course one would never ask such a thing for fear of being eliminated on the spot. 

Since we're supposed to treat all people with respect I just did my daily duty. When I looked up and saw him standing there I thought...uh oh...then interacted with him as if he were sort At least he was honest in PAYING for something, not stealing they do in Miami, lifting up their shirt to show a gun in their belt when asked to see a receipt.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Soccer! Soccer!! Soccer!!!

Years ago when our son was about ten, he told me he was going to Doug’s to play.  I said, “OK.”  It wasn’t fifteen minutes later I found him sitting in our family room playing quietly by himself.  I said, “I thought you were going to Doug’s to play?”  He said, “I did, but all they want to do is play soccer, soccer, soccer, and I hate soccer!”  Well put by an avid baseball player who just didn’t get the fascination with a game that appears to be a lot of running around for nothing. 

I must confess up front, I have zero aptitude for sports.  I absolutely hated physical education in school because I was so bad at EVERYTHING except for folk dancing which we devoted six weeks to in middle school.  I wasn’t even good at jumping rope.  I was always among the first to be eliminated in dodge ball.  Jacks and Chinese checkers are more my style.  Any ball bigger than that and I’m a complete failure. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Vatican City State: The Sanctuary City for Criminal Clerics

How many sexual predators rest safely
under the Pope Francis sanctuary umbrella?
You remember when Cardinal Law fled the states as things got hotter over the sex abuse scandal. He ended up as pastor of a Church in Rome where he died in 2017. The Vatican welcomes many scandal-ridden clerics, so much so that William Kilpatrick wrote this recently:
Thanks to Pope Francis, the Vatican now joins the growing list of the world’s sanctuary cities. If you’re a clergyman wanted by civil authorities or Church authorities in your native land, the Vatican will offer you a safe haven and, quite possibly, a cushy job. (See Corruption in the Church)
Some of those under the Francis umbrella of safety are serial sex predators. But not to worry. We know that Francis really, Really, REALLY cares about the victims of sex abuse.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Green Agenda - The Real Reason St Peter's Bones Were Given to the Eastern Orthodox

In her book RELICS Joan Carroll Cruz writes that the bones of St Peter, Prince of the Apostles, lie under the altar of St Peter's Basilica. In 1968 his bones "were examined geologically and anatomically and were found to have been the bones of a large man who lived in the first century." Additionally, St Peter's feet are missing. Since he was crucified upside down, the soldiers, to make it easier to remove the body from the cross, hacked off St Peter's feet instead of removing the nails. 

Nine of St Peter's bones from his 2,000 year-old grave were put in a reliquary and kept in the Chapel of the Apostolic Palace. It was this reliquary, containing those nine bones, that Pope Francis took on June 29th, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, and gave to Bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople - or as it is called today by its Islamic name, Istanbul.

White Doves In the Most Special Places

I mentioned previously on this blog that there were three things that made strong and lasting impressions on me during our pilgrimage in May to Italy.  I have written about two of them in other posts.  The first was the answer to prayer after our group prayed an emergency novena to Our Lady when our bus was completely unable to proceed to our destination.  Secondly, I have written about the awesome experience of celebrating mass in front of the famous corporal stained with the blood of Christ which may in all likelihood have been the inspiration of the Feast of Corpus Christi we celebrate each year. 

Wherein Topsy and Tuptim discuss Chapter 3 of the Synod Working Document and Expose the Dissenting Bishop Behind It

Bishop Erwin Kräutler, primary
author of synod working doc.
It's such a beautiful afternoon that Tupsy and Tuptim meet at the pool with some of their grandchildren and stake out a picnic table under the trees to study chapter 3 of  the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon synod. Topsy opens her cooler and takes out water bottles, a plastic container filled with apple slices, and a big bag of chips. She puts them them at the end of the table. And piles a stack of towels on the bench.

Topsy: The kids will be running back and forth for snacks. This will make it easy for them while we study the document. I decided not to bring any of the little ones so we wouldn't have to worry about doing lifeguard duty.

Tuptim: Great day to be outside. Not too hot and not too humid. (Looking up) Thanks, Lord!

Topsy: Amen to that! Oh...before we start I've been doing some research on the bishop behind the working document. It's always helpful to know the players. Do you remember the controversy over Always Our Children here in the U.S. about homosexuality?