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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Building a Bridge for Man Boy Love? Is That Where We're Going Next in the Church?

One of our readers alerted me to the Quest conference that ran from August 10-12 in Lincoln, England and featured notorious gay rights propagandist Fr. James Martin, S.J. Last year their featured speaker was Sr. Jeannine Grammick another dissenter from Church teaching on sexuality and gay rights champion That's enough to know what Quest is, but I'll add more.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Donald Wuerl is Beyond Chutzpah! My Jaw Dropped at "The Charter Worked!"

Have your barf bag at hand!

"We all have that statement of commitment."


A Modest Proposal from Bishop Barron re McCarrick's "Diabolical Masterpiece"

I'm not a huge fan of Bishop Barron. He seems to me to be too much one of the "nice guys" who keep their heads down and always speak sweetness and light. When he cast down on whether anyone was in hell, I just shook my head. Goodness, was Our Lady of Fatima a sadist showing the children souls like burning embers falling into hell when, in reality, nobody ever goes there?

So I confess I was surprised at this article bout the diabolical nature of the McCarrick scandal and his suggestion which is 180 agrees away from the sickening proposal of Cardinal Wuerl.

Liberal Book Burning! The Silencing of Alex Jones -- Hate him or love him, doesn't he have a right to free speech?

You probably know someone who's gone to Facebook jail. I'm surprised they haven't gone after me yet. I guess I'm just too low on the totem pole to bother with. But we are increasingly seeing the tyranny of the "electronic left." The big guns going after Alex Jones in a coordinated attack seems to be a deliberate move as Bill Whittle and buddies say in the video below.

Is this move against Alex Jones a pre-emptive strike before the midterm elections? Keep his fans away, prevent them from hearing his message?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Excuse My Bluntness, but Some Clerics are Idiots! Take Cardinal Farrell, for example!

Is this really Kevin Farrell in disguise?
The Catholic Church has some serious problems. Certainly, the sex abuse crisis magnified by the bishops' cover-up crisis is at the top of the list. But we also have a major idiocy problem in the hierarchy!

I came across proof while reading interview comments from Cardinal Kevin Farrell who heads the Vatican Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life. Note well...This is the same Kevin Farrell who was good buddies with Cardinal McCarrick, who worked under McCarrick, whose career was advanced by McCarrick, who was ordained a bishop by McCarrick, who shared an apartment with McCarrick... who now claims he knew nothing about McCarrick's pederasty and sex abuse.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Planned Parenthood Is a Giant Liberal Lobby Group!

Planned Parenthood Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Trashing Brett Kavanaugh: “Right to Abortion at Stake”

Think about it. How many private organizations pick the taxpayers pockets and then pour those buckets of money into lobbying for an evil agenda? 

PP isn't using taxpayer money for that purpose, you say? Come on! It's a shell game. It all comes into one bulging sack and they just pretend with lovely bookkeeping ledgers that the money spent on abortion and lobbying is from private donations. They are just a charitable nonprofit that loves the poor. Have you ever checked the salaries of their "nonprofit." PP's head Cecile Richards receives a salary of $600,000! Many directors of their facilities get six-figure salaries. PP execs are definitely one percenters. The peons at the bottom get a lot less of course. Some earn less than minimum wage. Liberals are sooooo generous -- to their elitist wing. 

So ditch your naive belief that PP works for peanuts out of the goodness of their hearts and love for women. How many tiny unborn women do they tear apart limb from limb? And how many adult women and young girls have they mutilated and killed with their "safe and legal" abortion. Oh...and then there's the side business of selling baby body parts to the highest bidder!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Can the Pope Change Church Doctrine on Capital Punishment? Short Answer: NO!

We live in an era of papal confusion. Every time Pope Francis opens his mouth he throws a grenade at the faithful in the pews leaving chaos and flying shrapnel that obscures the teaching of the Church. On the one hand he will say something in conformity with Church doctrine; the next minute he acts in a way that contradicts what he just said. And then, refusing to clarify, he lets the confusion batter the faithful. One prudent friend said she just doesn't listen to him any more. What a situation for a Catholic where Peter, the chief teacher, bound to teach, govern, and sanctify has become a champion of confusion.  Pope Francis recently lobbed a grenade by saying that capital punishment is never admissible. That is a CHANGE in a perennial Church doctrine; not a development, not a clarification -- a break with past teaching. The papal posse on EWTN raises many troubling questions about the pope's actions in the video below. Raymond Arroyo observes that convicted murderers sometimes escape from prison killing more people in the process and gives examples of recent cases. How does that uphold the dignity and rights of their victims? It's a question that has always prevented me from jumping on the anti-death penalty wagon. How are prisoners and guards to be protected from homicidal psychopaths? Are their lives not worth protecting? How many murders does a criminal get before society can protect itself?