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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

From the Good Grief File: With "Friends" like the Catholic Bishops, Who Needs Enemies?

Didn't you know: Minnie Mouse is transgender?
Disney's new Mickey Ears celebrate "Gay Pride." One more reason for Walt to roll over in his grave!

If Disney celebrating sodomy in the secular culture isn't bad enough, the World Meeting of Families being held in Ireland in August features Fr. James Martin, S.J. as one of its keynote speakers. And the pope will be there giving a great photo op for the homosexual message.

Monday, June 18, 2018

After Suicide: The Paralysis of Grief

I was treading water in the pool today. It seems appropriate. Right now I feel like my life is treading water.

It's hard to do anything, although the wash has to be done, the bathrooms cleaned, the beds changed, groceries to be purchases, and meals to be cooked. Two of our children and their families were here for Father's Day and I was prepping the meals the day before, setting tables, etc.

Those things act a little like an anesthetic. You can't totally quit and they dull the pain. And you have to smile watching a three year old getting a swim lesson from his daddy.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Tucker Carlson Decries the "Pompous, Blowhard, Pagan Creeps" Running the Episcopal Church

Last January the governors of the Episcopal Church in D.C. passed three nutty resolutions:
The 123rd Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Church in D.C. passed a trifecta of resolutions Saturday to replace all gendered pronouns referring to God with gender neutral pronouns, oppose laws against illegal immigration, and open traditionally gender restricted congregational roles and facilities, like bathrooms, to transgender individuals. The convention, held at the Washington National Cathedral, passed the resolutions within an hour, according to The Institute On Religion & Democracy.
Tucker Carlson interviewed a priest from a liberal parish in Dupont Circle who introduced two of the resolutions. Watch the clergyman jump through hoops to defend it.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Ridding the World of Catholics

The face of Antifa
I look at this picture and think, "Yikes! Someone please help me!" But no one comes because of course I am sitting at my computer and this is merely a picture on the screen.

But if this were real and I were truly facing vile and wicked wolves wanting my death so as to rid the world of one more troublesome Catholic, what would I do?

If I happened to be foolish enough to be alone in the wilderness and get into a situation where rabid wolves wanted to taste my blood, I would have to fight for my life. Running would not be an option. I'd have to growl back at them and show my teeth. Squint my eyes and look as mean as they do. Maybe throw in a bit of dripping saliva to complete the aura of trying to look like an equal contender in the fight to be.

Fortunately, I'm smart enough not to wander around in forests at twilight. But we all wander in this world and there are living wolves wanting our death. Human wolves looking very much like the ones in the picture above. They are all the people in the history of the world wanting to rid the universe of God and His Catholic Church, of priests and nuns and religious and Catholic people in general. Of you. And me. Of our loved ones and families, our friends and parents, spouses, siblings and yes, even our little animals. Why? Because they are predators and we are their prey.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tucker on California: What Democrats Have Done to California is Deplorable!

The Democrats target the middle class, those they consider "deplorable," taxing them out of existence. They always use "tax the rich" talk, but there aren't enough "rich" people to fill their coffers. They always, always go for the middle class. Democrat politicians hold normal workers in contempt. And the result is what's happening in California. The middle class can't afford to live in the state. They are fleeing.  What's left are the very rich and the very poor and mentally ill living on the sidewalks in their own filth.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


"If you don't like the direction of the country, have more children!"

Wow! Tucker Carlson is a Catholic [ he's not. He's a reluctant Episcopalian. Thanks for all those who corrected my mistake. Now let's pray him into the Church!] and this interview shows he is the real deal, i.e., a man of integrity. Not perfect; nobody is. But he is interested in having "an honest conversation." He has a humility that is refreshing in a journalist. "I'm not a super clever persons; I try to keep it simple." He appears to really want to pursue the truth. I love the man! I don't watch TV much, but if I'm watching a news show, you can bet it will be Tucker Carlson Tonight. Today I'm offering my Mass and rosary for him.

Think I'll make this "Tucker week."

Monday, June 11, 2018

Thought for the Day: On Nancy Pelosi vs. Donald Trump from Fr. Tom Collins

Trump defines progress as increasing the number of loaves, which can feed people.
Pelosi defines progress as increasing the number of loafers, who can feed off of people.