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Monday, July 16, 2018

Taking the Family to Europe This Summer?

Multiculturalism! It's so great! 
Treat the family to a taste of it in Europe this summer!


More fabulous scenic travel videos below!
Choose the country you want to visit with your family! 
Do your teenagers want to backpack through Europe for the summer?
Does your college age student want to study year abroad?

The Perfect Example of Liberty Run Amuck

Last week I posted an article titled "Freedom, Liberty, What's the Difference."  Friday, I read a piece on The Catholic Thing titled, The Left (prematurely) Freaks Out, which drives home even more clearly the point I tried to make.  

 In my own essay I stuck to the topic of religious liberty and how that is dangerous.  David Carlin in his article

Sunday, July 15, 2018

On Retreat with Brendan

I just returned from my annual five-day silent retreat using the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. I asked my blogging partners, Susan and Chriss, to fill in for me while I was gone and they did a stellar job of it. Thanks Chriss and Susan! And, really, you need to post more often.

Having the time and freedom to retreat from the world is a great gift. Doing it in silence is an even greater gift! I think of the movie a few years ago, Into Great Silence, about life in a Carthusian Monastery where the monks live in profound silence offering their lives and work for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. What a blessing it is to be engulfed, even for a few days, in profound silence.

I was awake and walking one morning before sunrise and heard the birds in symphony as they welcomed the new day. The wind was blowing rustling the leaves. I felt like I was hearing God's voice as Elijah did in the small whispering sound which is often lost in our noisy world.

Adoro Te

O hidden Godhead, humbly I adore thee,
Who truly are beneath the forms before me.
To Thee I bow my heart and bend the knee,
As failing quite, when contemplating Thee.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Principle As Novel As It Is Wrong

Trump supporters of all stripes were praising to the hilt the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh on Monday evening after his brief acceptance speech in the East Room of the White House.  I don’t know Kavanaugh and maybe people like Laura Ingram are right when they say he’s a stellar choice.

Friday, July 13, 2018

The Death of the Catholic

The third man lived and died here
Continued from yesterday's post: God and the Deaths of Three Men - One Protestant, One AtheistOne Catholic


The third man to die was the Catholic who led a Catholic life, but not without pain and suffering. 

He was born in Dublin, Ireland to a middle class Irish couple, the first of three sons whose father always made certain the family went to Mass every Sunday. All three sons grew up to be handsome men with turquoise blue Irish eyes, each one possessing a pleasing temperament and a graciousness not seen today in many people. Even their mother would marvel at the beauty of her sons. 

As a child, the oldest brother contracted polio and as a result one leg never grew as long as the other and he limped all his life. His mother, once, in sincere anguish literally clutching her chest, told me that it “tore her heart” when she would see him as a child and then teenager limping down the street. She would stand at the door and could see her three sons walking home from school, one of them limping along.

Arm in Arm With the Democrat Party Platform

It has been a while since this blog said anything about VOICE, Virginians Organized for Interfaith Engagement.  This is a link to their membership page.  Please, take a minute to ponder this diverse coalition of people dedicated to forcing their political agenda down other people’s throats through intimidation. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Death of the Atheist

The second man lived and died here
Continued from yesterday's post: God and the Deaths of Three Men - One Protestant, One Atheist, One Catholic


The second man to die was the atheist. How does an atheist die? Well, let me tell you. But it’s not a pretty sight, nor is the story of this man’s life one that is pleasant to tell. Cruel, arrogant, mean, unkind and egotistical are words that come to mind when I think of this man who was born on St Patrick’s Day long ago. He was married to my college roommate who was, and still is, a Godly Baptist innocent mathematical genius.

They were madly in love when we were in school. She dropped out of her Master’s (Math) program to marry him, then he was drafted into the Army and they moved to Oxnard, CA where they had a baby boy. He then went off to Vietnam for two years, had an affair and probably a child with an Asian girl, returned home (did he ever wonder about that child and his or her mother?) and went back to North Carolina where he told his wife he no longer loved her and divorced her. She was absolutely devastated that he had cheated on her and no longer loved her.

Freedom, Liberty, What's the Difference?

It was a subtle change probably few even noticed, but it is the kind of thing that gets put in a footnote, or in a court brief, that seems harmless enough at the time to go unnoticed until a future date when it can be recalled or referenced to justify a position you would otherwise never support.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

God, and the Deaths of Three Men – One Protestant, One Atheist, One Catholic

The first man lived and died here
Three men I knew have died in the past two months - one protestant, one atheist, one Catholic. Each man died as he had lived, his death reflecting like a mirror his earthly life.


The first man to die was the protestant, a lifelong friend from our early teenage years. He was born and raised, then lived and died on the same plot of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains and now lies on a hill in a cemetery half a mile away from where he died of a stroke alone in his home.

He was tall and good looking, smart and successful with a rags to riches sort of life story, good in business but not lucky in love. His face seemed carved out of the very granite of the mountains where he lived his life and his personality had an edge that one was careful not to cross for he could be a hard man. To those whom he loved, he was loyal. They could do no wrong. Except for his wife, and with good cause.

The Whole Story the Nation Today Does Not Know or Prefers Not to Remember

Hopefully, in the coming months not years, a case will be brought to the Supreme Court that challenges the validity of the decision made in 1972 with the case Roe v. Wade.  We don’t know what form that challenge may be since it isn’t clear what the problem is in the first place.  We are clear that the now “historic decision” was then, and still is a problem, but how it will be fixed and or eliminated is anyone’s guess.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Looking for a Good Summer Read?

I stumbled on a book title recently in my spelunking around on the internet going from one “rabbit hole” to the next.  I was caught up in the number of modern day prophesy stories there are about the election of Donald Trump.