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Monday, March 4, 2024

The Cowboy Career of G.K. Chesterton

(Left to right) Lord Howard de Walden, William Archer, J.M. Barrie, G.K. Chesterton and Bernard Shaw, in the middle of making the cowboy film How Men Love. From Peter Whitebrook, William Archer: A Biography

My curiosity over Chesterton continually leads me into highways, biways, and labyrinthian detours. I presented at one of our monthly Chesterton bookclub meetings on Saturday and chose a unique format which hadn't been done before. Not having time to do any serious research, I suggested that, since Chesterton had so many eclectic interests, why not have the book club members share about whatever they happened to be reading. No doubt Chesterton would have been interested in it, since he was interested in just about everything! They could choose anything at all: any genre, any author, whatever. It could even be something they were reading to their children. I love picture books as a matter of fact and, with his love for children and his childlike enthusiasm, I know Chesterton probably did too. After all, his favorite book was The Princess and Curdie by George MacDonald. Not only that, but he wrote a book for children called Coloured Lands with stories, poems, and his own drawings.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Is America Collapsing Like this Ancient Barn? It's Not Hopeless!

I love Victor Davis Hanson and enjoy his columns in the Epoch Times and his interviews on TV. We don't agree about everything, but his opinions are so thoughtful and thought-provoking that I always find myself stopping to reflect as I read. The article below is one such thought-provoking, not to mention inspiring articles. Is it a metaphor for our country? I hope so, because perhaps the 1,000 years of survival mentioned by one of the contractors will be our happy fate. Let us pray for our country and all resolve to build on the strength of the past for a solid future, but always according to the will of God. May Jesus Christ be praised!

Ode to a Collapsing Barn.

By: Victor Davis Hanson


Part One - February 20, 2024 

Friday, March 1, 2024

Bishop Strickland's Heartfelt Plea to His Brothers in the Episcopate!

I suspect the Vatican had no idea what they were in for when they dropped the nuke on Bishop Strickland. He has become a voice of encouragement and hope for persecuted Catholics. At CPAC recently he had the courage to boldly address the evil of IVF and the terrible consequences for the millions of preborn infants abandoned in the deep freeze. How many bishops will treat that monstrous evil with the same silence they treated Humanae Vitae's condemnation of contraception? Where are the bishops with the courage of the apostles in whose footsteps they supposedly walk. Every bishop can trace his succession back to one of the apostles. Do they mirror their successor's courage and willingness to face martyrdom?

Then a few days ago Bishop Strickland released a letter to all the bishops of the world. John Henry Weston reads the letter in the video below, but I've also included the text below. Pray for Bishop Strickland and all his brothers. We need them to address the crisis in the Church and the world and prepare us for the increasing persecution. May Jesus Christ be praised.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Is there no limit on the injustice bishops are willing to inflict on faithful Catholics?

San Antonio archbishop cancels Catholic family business

The video contains shocking stories. If you watch only one part, look at the treatment of Deacon Gene and his wife beginning around minute 35. It's horrifying what they were put through. Money was apparently more important to the diocese than protecting a victim of sexual harassment. So much for all the lip service!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Bergoglio Is the New Muhammad

Definition: act or an instance of deceiving others, especially by assuming a false identity 
Similar: pretense, deceit, deception, hoax, trick, ruse, fraud, trickery, artifice, false

Jorge Bergoglio, posturing as the Vicar of Christ, is fast inventing a new religion from the remains of the Catholic Church that he's currently deliberately destroying. Using the Seven Marks of Imposture we see that Bergoglio fits the description of an impostor, picking up pieces of Catholicism here and there and changing them into something else entirely, exactly as his predecessor Muhammad did 1400 years ago. Muhammad was not stopped then, and so far no one has stopped Bergoglio now.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

When Doctrine and Scripture are Stumbling Blocks -- Ask for Understanding!

Expulsion of Adam and Eve by Benjamin West circa 1800

I've mentioned before that Larry and I are studying Bishop Schneider's Credo, the Compendium of the Faith for Lent. The other evening we came across a teaching that was one of those difficult ones. It was in Part 1, Chapter 6 #224-226:

#224 -- Is the dignity of the human person rooted in his creation in God's image and likeness?

This was true for Adam, but with original sin the human person lost this resemblance and dignity in the eyes of God. He recovers this dignity through baptism, and keeps it as long as he does not sin mortally.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

What are you reading for Lent?

Prayer and study are an important element of the Catholic life, especially during the season of Lent when we are invited to grow closer to the Lord. Since "ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ" obviously it's important to read the Bible. I usually focus on the four passion narratives during Lent and always read Pierre Barbet's meditation from Doctor at Calvary on Good Friday. You can read it free online. 

Monday, February 19, 2024

Do You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life? There's a Way!

Owen Francis Dudley
I've been re-reading Owen Francis Dudley's series on the Masterful Monk which is recommended by Fr. John Hardon in his Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan. Dudley was an Anglican priest who converted to the Catholic Church in 1915 and was ordained a Catholic priest in 1917. Like Anselm Thornton, who became the Masterful Monk of the series, but was a doctor, he served in the British Army (as a chaplain) during World War I and, again like Thornton, was wounded. 

Dudley's series addresses the problem of human happiness. It explores the meaning of suffering and exposes the moral quandary after the war when many rejected the belief that a good God could allow the horrors of trench warfare, poisoned gas, etc. that marked that horrible waste of human life.