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Friday, August 31, 2012

Behind the Scenes at the Republican Convention: Doing the Dirty to Ron Paul

How petty can you be? Ron Paul was treated like dirt at the convention. Any grassroots Republican should be shocked and offended by this no matter how you feel about Ron Paul. It is sickening to see supposed grownups who are so committed to showing a love fest of unity (a lie in fact) rather than let there even be a hint that somebody else had support. Funny, I remember the days when the outcome was not preordained and conventions were actually interesting with all kinds of campaigning going on during the convention. Now, conventions are simply Hollywood -- and, frankly, not nearly as honest or as interesting.

Have You Seen Obamanation?

Click here to view Jon McNaughton's interactive painting showing Obama's accomplishments during his first term. Fascinating and informative!

What Planet Does This Lady Come From?

I think Debbie Wasserrman Schultz is really an alien. She certainly can't be as stupid as she appears to be. And what an insult to the conservative women who appeared at the convention. But Democrats think because they say something, it's true no matter how ridiculous or factually wrong. As for "shiny packages," aren't Republicans fortunate to have so many lovely women who aren't afraid to be feminie?

What Did You Think of Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio gave a great speech last night introducing Romney. What a pleasure to hear someone unabashedly discuss faith and family in such a positive way. And what a success story he related about parents escaping communism and coming to this country to make a better life for their children. I agree with those who called Rubio's speech the "best moment of the convention." Except for his mistake saying we need "more government" when he meant less government, his speech was perfect and pure inspiration. God bless him.

When Rubio talks about American exceptionalism, he's not talking about American supermen. He's talking about the unique history of our American government. Yes, we had the flaw of slavery and discrimination for a time, but America has never had a caste system where some are untouchable and can never rise. We've never had an "upstairs/downstairs" society where doors were closed to education and cultural improvement for the "underclass." Have we had exploitation? Yes. Have we had unbridled capitalism that exploits workers and tyrannical judges who imposed injustice like mandatory sterilization? Yes. But these evils have always caused a reactionary uprising. How? Because we have freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, rights severely limited in most countries of the world.

The vision of the Founding Fathers works because it is based on the Judeo-Christian ethic. Our culture is coming unglued because of the abandonment of that ethic. To the degree we restore those principles to government, we will see a revival of America's greatness. To the degree we continue on the path of depravity and rejection of the natural law of God, we will see further collapse. Restoration begins with prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. So pray and work, America. The hour is late!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lewd Liberals: Do You Identify with these Folks?

Wow! These folks need to grow up, especially the "code pink" babes. Calling them adolescent insults adolescents. I especially had to laugh at the woman who answered the question about why women would vote Republican -- "because their husbands tell them to." Of course, no conservative woman could possibly think for herself. Get a reality check!

But I'm all for "code pink." Give them as much exposure as possible. It shows the idiocy of liberal women whose entire argument is to dress up like vaginas and shout, "vagina, vagina, vagina!" (Doesn't that remind you of Elliot in E.T. calling his brother "penis breath?" Shows the intellect of an 8-year-old.) They illustrate in spades that intelligence is not required to be a liberal. In fact, it appears to be a liability. Just use lewd language and lewd insults (like calling the tea party folks "teabaggers") to make your non-point.

Hmmm...whatever happened to Obama's famous call for civility? The folks are as nasty as can be, like the guy who would be glad to see Mitt Romney dead. Wow! Why would anyone want to be connected to these people?

Should Babies Be Executed for their Fathers' Crimes?

Rape is a horrible crime that has two victims when the mother becomes pregnant. It is tragic that Gloria Allred was raped and perhaps in the emotion of the time, she is less culpable for killing her baby. But she was still wrong. And her comment about mandatory motherhood is ridiculous. No woman is forced to be a "mandatory mother." A rape victim can choose to let another woman mother her child if raising the little one is too painful or difficult. But no child deserves the death penalty for the crime of the father.

Piers Morgan was raised Catholic. It is sad to see both him and Allred be such bullies. That's what a person is who picks on someone weak and helpless. But we're not just talking about picking on somebody with name-calling. We're talking about ripping babies apart limb from limb. That's not a choice anyone should ever make for anyone else!

Rebecca is absolutely correct. No other right matters if a person is refused the right to life. Gloria Allred chose capital punishment for her baby. Rebecca was protected by the law as every baby should be. Every baby should be protected. "A person's a person no matter how small."

Thank you, Lord, for mother's who don't respond to the violence of rape by committing the violence of abortion. Please convert the hearts of Gloria Allred and Piers Morgan.

School Sign Language Controversy - Steve Ross Reports at 9

Talk about politically correct idiocy! I hope the parents file a lawsuit.

School Sign Language Controversy - Steve Ross Reports at 9

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One More Time... Who Heads Up the War on Women?

A Great Letter to the Editor on Marriage from My Friend Fr. Tom Collins

From my friend Fr. Tom Collins printed in the Virginia Review today, August 29th:

Dear Editor- 
Mary Woodell's letter concerning reproductive choice in last Friday's edition of the
Virginian-Review highlighted some of the key arguments being used by those, who accuse
the Roman Catholic Church of waging a "war on women". In order to set the record straight, I would like to point out that the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church has always held that: 
1) the purpose of sexual intercourse is to renew and to deepen the marriage
covenant between husband and wife and to participate with God in the sacred
ministry of creating, nurturing and guiding children in a stable family environment; 
2) entering into marriage is an act of obedience to God, Who is Love, wherein a man
and a woman, in a unique way, commit themselves for life to love one another as
Christ is loving them; 
3) each human life is sacred, and thus each child has the right to be conceived as the
fruit of holy marriage, in the context of the sacred covenantal love of husband and
4) even if the basic right of a child to be conceived within marriage has been violated,
that child is still sacred and its dignity as a person must be respected and protected; 
5) although raising a child is very challenging at times, each child is a unique blessing
to his/her parents and to all humanity; 
6) the right to life is given by God, not by the consent of society or by the choice of
his/her mother; 
7) the dehumanizing assertion that a pre-born child is "just a fetus" is merely the latest
slur invented to permit the denigration, exploitation and killing of those groups of
humanity, whose basic human rights may impinge on the comfort and convenience
of those in power.
Fidelity to the sacredness of the marriage covenant, not sexual promiscuity, is the onlyreally solid foundation for a civilized culture. Without accountability to such covenantal love, our lives and relationships degenerate into a series of short-term symbiotic, but exploitive, trysts extolled by the Eurythmics in their song, Sweet Dreams: 
"Some people want to use you. Some people want to be used by you.
Some people want to abuse you. Some people want to be abused by you."
 In Deuteronomy 18:21-22, we read that a prophet can be determined to be authentic, if what he predicts comes to pass. For half a century, the proponents of contraception and abortion have promised that these two practices would promote healthier marriages, prevent domestic violence, and reduce the incidence of child neglect and abuse. They have asserted that the fickleness and perversion of fornication and adultery are "sexual freedom". And now they are calling the promotion of sexual experimentation among our youth an integral dimension of "health care" - even as that experimentation is leading to the pandemic spread of sexually transmitted diseases. We thus need to ask ourselves, "Do such proponents pass the Deuteronomic test for authenticity?"
Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Thomas Collins
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Covington, VA

High Fives to Bishop Peter Jugis of Charlotte

A big thank you to Bishop Peter Jugis who has had two large banner signs posted at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Charlotte just steps away from the location of the Democrats' Convention. Delegates won't be able to miss the signs as they pass to and fro going to convention events. 

One banner faces The Legacy Village where the mayor of Charlotte will host a special event that, among other things, addresses the welfare of children and families. 

Pray that these banners provoke a thoughtful response and an examination of conscience by convention participants. Frankly, I think a more likely scenario is that gays and pro-abortion delegates will go ballistic and that efforts will be made to deface them. It will be interesting to see what happens when the truth confronts those who prefer to have their ears tickled. Pray for the diocese of Charlotte during the convention, especially for protection against blasphemous acts and vandalism. For more click here

Tyrants in the GOP!

Romney Executes Republican Party Power Grab

And did you hear about what happened to Virginia's sixth district delegates? A "lost bus" prevented them from voting against the rules change that transfers power from state grassroots Republicans to 100 members of the Republican National Committee? An RNC bus driver drove delegates in circles long enough to prevent them getting to the convention to vote which may have altered the outcome. Was it just a coincedence? Did the driver really not know where he was going? It was pretty convenient to facilitate the power grab. 

Matt Durbin, an attorney and delegate from Washington State and a Ron Paul supporter, has been fighting corruption and dirty tricks in the GOP for years. Here's what he has to say about what's happening:
“Those of us who have been working in the trenches over the past 6 years know firsthand the cheating, rules violations, deceptions and bully tactics used to silence our voices. Today the whole world saw them for themselves. The insider establishment would like nothing better than for us to give up and walk away. They still think they can win without us…But we are not going away, and our numbers are going to swell with grassroots conservatives who see what their leadership is doing to this party and to their voices…This is about ideas and values.”
If “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is an acceptable way to govern the nation, should we not maintain this principle within our own party?
Yup, the GOP stinks. The only think that stinks worse is the Democrat party.  Better not put your trust in politics and politicians! But that doesn't mean you should abandon the fight. If moral people refuse to be involved in politics the political mafia have no opposition. Join a local tea party and fight for morality and integrity in the process. And don't forget to pray that the Lord raises up civic leaders after His own heart. Because when leaders are bad they destroy "the city" and we certainly have plenty of evidence of that, don't we?

Coming Soon?

Three-person civil union sparks controversy in Brazil

Once you accept same sex "unions" there is absolutely no logical reason to restrict the number of "partners." Shouldn't we apologize to the Mormons for outlawing polygamy? Not to worry, it will soon be returning. As for other combinations...whatever!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Obama or Romney: What a Hellish Choice!

Did you hear what he said? Abortion for rape and incest and "health and life of the mother." That is  Roe v. Wade and it equals abortion on demand. In Doe v. Bolton, the companion decision, the court defined the woman's "health" to include physical health, mental health, the woman's family situation, and her age. To sum up, it was abortion in the first three months for no reason; abortion in the last six for any reason. Unborn babies are just so much trash to both presidential candidates. Romney is one of the men C.S. Lewis described as "without chests." He has no heart and he appears to use his intellect to reason out whatever position is necessary to get elected. (Obama too, of course.) I'm guessing Romney embraces this position to make himself more palatable to the "women's vote." But to pro-life women, his position is repulsive and repugnant. To watch a grown man smile as he supports the murder of little babies is to see a bully at work.

Let's face it, politics seems to demolish virtue and magnanimity among men and make them bullying cowards. This was certainly a low moment for Romney. He also appears to have a death wish. Can he really believe that pro-lifers are so mindless they will support him no matter what he says? Ah...but they have no place to go? Some disagree. Dale Ahlquist, President of the American Chesterton Society, wrote in a recent issue of the Chesterton Review that he will not vote for Romney. The magazine is not on line, but here's an interesting post about the article which I have not read but hope to since I respect Dale's opinion.

Obama or Romney what a Morton's fork! God help us with these two despicable candidates as America's choice for president. May Our Savior give all voters wisdom and understanding as they go to the polls and rescue us from venal men.

Have Your State Delegates at the Convention Signed the Minority Report?

Update on the Rules Committee shenanigans at the Republican Convention. From the RNC for Life:
UPDATE Aug. 27th:
Just a quick update on the situation we shared with you last night from the Republican National Convention. We need your help to stop a proposed rule change that would allow a presumptive nominee to "disavow" delegates.
Thank you to all of you who have already called your delegates serving on the Rules Committee. Below is a list of states whose Rules Committee delegates have both signed onto the Minority Report. If your state is listed below, there is no need for further calls. If your state is not listed below, please contact your representatives serving on the Rules Committee. 
North Dakota
South Carolina

If your state is not listed above, Please click here, find your delegates serving on the Rules Committee and urge them to Please vote to adopt the Minority Reports on Rules and urge your delegation to call for a roll call vote on all Rules-related votes.

This battle is not about preferring one candidate over another, it is about protecting each state's right to choose how it selects and governs its own delegates. We need you to take action today!

Romney Shenanigans in the Rules Committee

Usually behind-the-scenes activities are the most interesting (and controversial) at a political convention. This year is no different with a monumental power grab by Republican insiders. Romney wants no criticism or dissent from the irksome grassroots and the elites are doing everything they can to crush those bothersome tea party activists and Ron Paul supporters. The scenario in the Rules Committee is to take over the convention and "disappear" the duly elected delegates who don't support Romney.  They want a big love fest for the TV viewers. But the reality is that there are plenty of disagreements within any party and a little knock down drag out isn't necessarily bad to keep folks honest. Why does anyone think the pro-life plank has stayed in the platform so long? Not because of the Rockefeller country-club Republicans that's for sure! So here's the deal according to Nevada delegate Cynthia Kennedy:
Two [rules] changes stand out far beyond the rest and must be defeated on the floor of the convention if we do not want to see the grassroots shut out of the party for decades to come.

First, the committee voted to allow the RNC to make rule changes between conventions, with little to no checks or balances. The original threshold proposed was 2/3 of the entire RNC. Melinda Fredericks of Texas got this changed to 3/4, but as Morton Blackwell of Virginia noted, in his many years on the RNC he has never seen a situation where the chairman did not get what he wanted on a vote, regardless of threshold. 
Second, the committee voted to dramatically restrict who can be elected a delegate to the national convention. All states now are required to pledge all delegates, and all national delegates must be approved by the candidate they are pledged to. As originally proposed, the candidate had to pre-approve people before they could run, but this was changed to instead give candidates veto power over elections. Attempts to carve out exceptions for caucus states that have party rule requiring they not pledge some delegates failed.
The convention will be voting on these changes. In the meantime, ask your state delegates on the Rules Committee to sign onto the minority report. If these rules pass at the convention it signals the end to grassroots voters having an impact and gives the inside-the-beltway gang complete control.

Speaking of Wars: Have You Heard of Brandon Raub?

He's a decorated veteran who was forcibly taken (not arrested) and admitted to a mental health institution for things he said on Facebook in a private group. Apparently this is happening to vets all over the country. Think about it. What are you saying on Facebook that can get you committed by Big Brother as an anti-government threat? And who is watching you and following your timeline? By the way, Brandon was released by a judge's order after about a week of commitment.

This is scary. Thank God Brandon's brother had his phone ready to photograph the unconstitutional assault against this family. And thank God for the Rutherford Institute that came to his defense.

Brandon Raub Facebook Fiasco: How Posting on Your Timeline Could Land You in the Madhouse

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Women Can Thank Republicans for the Vote; They Can Thank Democrats for the War on Women

History is an interesting teacher. The war on women has proceeded for a long time and in the 19th and early 20th century Democrats spearheaded the persecution against women working for suffrage. It was Republicans who championed the vote for women; Democrats vigorously opposed it. The first women delegates to political conventions were elected by Republicans. The 19th amendment to give women the vote was first introduced in 1878 by Sen. A.A. Sargent, a Republican from California. Here's more from the NFRW website:
At the request of Susan B. Anthony, Sen. A.A. Sargent, a Republican from California, introduced the 19th Amendment in 1878. Sargent’s amendment (also known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment) was defeated four times by a Democrat-controlled Senate. When the Republican Party regained control of Congress in 1919, the Equal Suffrage Amendment finally passed the House in May of that year and in the Senate in June.

When the Amendment was submitted to the states, 26 of the 36 states that ratified it had Republican legislatures. Of the nine states that voted against ratification, eight were Democratic. Twelve states, all Republican, had given women full suffrage before the federal amendment was ratified.

On August 18, 1920, Tennessee became the 36th and final state needed to ratify the amendment. The U.S. Secretary of State certified the amendment on Aug. 26, 1920.
Who was one of the chief opponents of giving women the vote? None other than Democrat president, Woodrow Wilson. It was on his watch that women were arrested for picketing outside the White House on the spurious charge of "obstructing traffic." (Funny, that's the same charge I faced several times for trying to save threatened babies at abortion mills.) Suffragettes received draconian jail terms and were mistreated in prison by guards. The terrorizing experience began for the 33 arrested on November 15, 1917. It continued for about ten days until a federal judge ordered most of them released. Some he said would die if they continued to be held. It was no wonder. Several women were beaten, one had a heart attack. They were given worm-infested food. When they went on a hunger strike they were force fed until they vomited, all this with the knowledge of Wilson.

Today's continued war on women takes the form of treating them as recyclable sex objects who are defective because of their fertility. Their health  is jeopardized by chemical birth control and abortion. They are exploited by the pornography industry and sex trafficking. Minority women are particularly targeted. And who supports these things? The Democrat party.

But women are waking up. Evil can only sell itself for so long before its ugly reality is exposed. And the center of the war on women is the same place it was in 1917 -- the White House.

What is this really all about?

'Digital pill' with chip inside gets FDA green light

It's ridiculous to think anybody needs this to remember his pills. All you need are these 

and a reminder set on your watch or your cell phone. Beep-beep, pill time.

So what is this "digital pill" really all about? And what other uses could it have?

Time Out for a Song Acknowledging Hard Work by Lynyrd Skynyrd

This may not be my kind of music, but he's sure playing my tune. "Nothing comes easy...trying to feed my family....paycheck going down, prices going up....Nothing comes easy for a working man like me....Listen, Mr. President, cuz I can't it any more....Nothing comes easy!"

Amen -- put the workfare back in welfare and stop punishing small businessmen who work 60-80 hour work weeks! (N.B. Businessmen is a generic word; I know women also run small businesses. So please do not get your undies in a twist.)  As for hard-working businessmen, I know one; he's my son-in-law.

Dummy Democrats Get Free Spelling Pass

Remember when the media ridiculed Dan Quayle for misspelling potato? Well, dummy Democrats have their own spelling and grammar blunders, but don't expect the media to say a word about that. After all, look how they treat Joe Biden (He's just so cute!). I was tempted to say idiot Joe Biden, but that would be mean, so I'll say stand up comic Joe Biden. After all, maybe he says all those idiotic things because he longs to play Laurel to Obama's Hardy. Ya think? And doesn't it make you feel safe and secure knowing that good ole Joe is a heartbeat away from the nuke button?

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Man Without Guile: A Patron for Politicians

Today is the feast of St. Nathaniel also known as Bartholomew for "son of Tolomai." I love Jesus' description of Nathaniel, a real Israelite, a man "without guile." You know all that talk about openness and transparency from politicians who are neither open nor transparent? Well, Nathaniel is their foil. They are filled with "guile," i.e., insidious cunning in attaining a goal, slyness shown in a crafty way, artful deception, duplicity. (Synonyms for guile are wile, deceit, ruse, craftiness, trick, deception.) Sounds like a quality that belongs to the Father of lies, eh?

Nathaniel, on the other hand, is honest, open, transparent. Basically, what you see is who he is. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if all of us were more like that "true Israelite, Nathaniel, especially politicians? And wouldn't he be a great model for a politician trying to live according to God's laws?

St. Nathaniel, on your feast day, please pray for our candidates in the upcoming elections that they might aspire to honesty. Please intercede for our voters that they might be enlightedned and see the truth about those running for public office. And please intercede for our poor country.

St. Nathaniel, pray for us.

If You're Playing House Why Wouldn't You Want a Doll?

Poor babies when this is their future. Children have a right to a mother and father. 

The scenario in the linked article exploits a number of people: the egg donor, the surrogate, and most of all the poor children manufactured in this loveless business. For the baby factories it's all about money. For the gay guys, it's all about playing house and getting your doll object to fulfill the virtual reality scenario of the Ozzie and Harry family. All I can say is, we are becoming more and more a dark dystopian world which shows exactly how ugly things get when so many people decide to do it "my way" instead of God's way. And short of revival, it's going to get uglier. Hold on to your rosaries, folks!

Gay thirty-something wants to be a daddy.

Obama the Teleprompter

You can't really blame the president for taking his teleprompter everywhere. He sure doesn't want to look like Joe Biden! Want to see this in context? Go here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama and the Born Alive Act

Defending abortion is central to Obama even if it means abandoning children born alive after abortion. In the discussion of the Illinois bill below, Senator Obama wants the abortionists to have carte blanche with regard to babies who survive abortion. This despite testimony by nurses of babies being born alive and left to die. Nurses Jill Stanek and Allison Baker described their experiences of living aborted babies routinely being neglected at Christ Hospital in Chicago. That's been the case since the early days. In 1974 Dr. David Edelman aborted a baby by hysterotomy and deliberately put the placenta over the baby's face to smother the child to ensure a dead baby. Abortionists want dead babies -- that's what they're paid to produce. A live baby is a complication. And Obama is a great enabler of child killing as he was when he was a state senator in Illinois. He continues to be the cheerleader in chief for child killing. Things haven't changed since his days in Illinois.

Is It Any Wonder Serious Catholics Don't Take the Bishops Seriously?

Another head shaker from Cardinal Dolan? Well, it explains a lot about how he can invite Obama for dinner. If he thinks Joe Biden is a serious Catholic....

Gosh, I Love These Black Conservatives!

Do you think he'll tell us what he really thinks? LOL! (Hat tip to Political Brambles.)

Homosexual Infiltrators in the Church Include this "Gay" Priest

When will Fr. Bob Pierson, heretic priest, be disciplined by his superiors? Seeing who supports him exposes other enemies of the Catholic Church. For example, who posted his scandalous talk on the America website? None other than Fr. James Martin another disgrace to the roman collar. Fr. Martin says many "gay" priests obey their vow of celibacy. He's absolutely right because celibacy refers to giving up the right to marry a woman. But homosexuals aren't interested in marrying women. So obviously the celibacy vow is meaningless for a homosexual.

Bob Pierson is a member of the scandalous Collegeville Benedictines at St. John's University. Pro-life hero Fr. Paul Marx left the monastery to found Human Life International and it was to this order that the poor man was recalled near the end of his life. In obedience he returned to what must have been Purgatory on earth. The gay cabal at Collegeville is no secret. See Behind the Pine Curtain for the horror story of homosexual abuse by the monks of St. John's. These are the false shepherds Ezekiel warned against and there are plenty around. That Fr. Bob Pierson is allowed to publicly scandalize (his talk has gone viral on the internet) is shameful. May God remove his superiors and save the poor flock exposed to his evil hiding behind "conscience."  Here's how Fr. John Hardon defines a "false conscience:"
The judgment of the mind when it wrongly decides that something is lawful but that in fact is unlawful, or vice versa. The error may be due to the false principles used or because the mind was darkened or confused in its reasoning process.
Does Fr. Pierson really believe what he's saying or is he just using "conscience talk" to justify his evil union with the dissenter in chief who shook his fist at God and said, "I will not serve?" Here's another bit of wisdom from Fr. Hardon:
The readiness of a Catholic to listen to the Church is a safe index of his good will, as the opposite gives grounds for suspicion of insincerity.
Fr. Pierson knows better than the Church and better than God. His conscience told him so. I wonder what he thinks of the hundreds of acts of sex abuse at St. John's among his fellow monks. No doubt they were acting according to their consciences as well.  God save us from these false shepherds!

Death Threats Against Christians: Get Used to It

Enfield Man Admits Sending Threatening Letters To Family Institute

Did you hear about this? If the hundreds of letters were sent to a "gay" organization with death threats, it would be all over the networks, liberal talk shows, etc. They would be blaming all the Christians for their talk that leads to violence. Well, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. All you hate-filled liberal groups attacking Christians...see what your vile rhetoric is doing? You endanger lives and make people pick up guns to shoot Christians. (Now, how does that make you feel?)

A Serious Man Asking a Serious Question

Who Does the Government Intend to Shoot?

History is a great teacher if people will learn her lessons. Tyrants often create crises in order to justify draconian action. The Reichstag fire blamed on Communists was the Nazis excuse to impose draconian measures on their own people prior to WW II. Historians still argue about whether the Nazis themselves set the fire. There is a theory of manufactured crisis called the Cloward-Piven Strategy developed by a husband-wife pair of Columbia University professors who were radical socialists. They first presented it in The Nation  in 1966. It called for expanding the welfare state to overload the system to the point of bankruptcy and collapse. And it was very successful in using the poor as cogs in the attack on capitalism. It's interesting that Obama recently undermined the work requirement for welfare recipients and the administration is recruiting more food stamp recipients. He is the poster boy for the Cloward-Piven Strategy to take America down a peg by overwhelming the system.

But there's a serious possibility here. If the economy collapses and food distribution is interrupted what happens? Martial law? And why is the government stocking up on bullets? Every freedom-loving American should be asking questions and our representatives in Congress should be at the forefront. Why is the government stocking up on all this deadly ammo and against whom do they intend to use it?

This Man Speaks with Authority and Wisdom

Hang tough, Todd Akin. You have a lot of folks in your corner! And this man pegs it when he talks about the liberal celebrities who joke about rape with impunity. Their ugly hypocrisy is nauseating! And by the way, the biggest enabler of the rape of young girls in history, Planned Parenthood, has a representative speaking at the Democratic National Convention. No surprise for the party of death.

As Someone Born After Rape, I Say Todd Akin Shouldn’t Step Aside

Media Obsess Over Akin's Verbal Gaffe...

But laugh over Biden's gaffe a week. 

The Media Research Center takes a look at the media coverage:
If Ronald Reagan was the “Teflon President,” then Joe Biden is the “Teflon Blowhard.” He’s spent his entire career with his foot firmly lodged in his mouth, uttering an endless stream of impossibly stupid, vulgar, and insensitive things. And yet the media fall all over themselves to make excuses for blustery “Old Uncle Joe.” If Akin’s gaffe should result in him dropping out, then Biden should drop out every week. 
The liberal media will do anything (except report on Biden’s unrelenting stupidity) to avoid Telling the Truth about Barack Obama’s horrendous economic record. This has been the liberal media’s playbook throughout the campaign If it hurts Barack Obama’s chances of re-election, ignore it. If it hurts his Republican rivals, give it four times the coverage.
When you are so charismatic, who needs to talk about your record. Hey, it worked for Bill.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This "Angry Black Man" Has His Head on Straight!

Ignore the profanity and hear the message from a conservative "angry" black man.

Read about his book and a little about him here. And you can visit his blog here.

Obama Pays Back His Media Buddies ads on Rush's radio show? Just think of all the creative ways Obama spends taxpayer dollars to reward his friends.

Obama administration spends $500K to run ads on liberal TV shows

CRS Loves to Hire Pro-Abortion Employees!

Woman who rammed pro-lifers with car was Catholic Relief Services employee

No wonder the bishops' charities have such a record of supporting contraception and abortion when these are the types of employee they have on the payroll. Seems like the bishops' charities are magnets for those who hate the Church. How the devil must laugh on payday!

Boycott CRS, CCHD, and Catholic Charities -- actually, you'd be wise to boycott all the second collections as a policy. There are plenty of worthwhile charities out there that deserve our support: the Missionaries of Charity, the Sisters for Life, the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, solid Catholic schools, your local cloistered contemplatives, etc. 

Oh, and this is a good time to reflect on today's first reading from Ezekiel:
The word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel....Thus says the Lord God: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who have been pasturing themselves! ....You have fed off their milk, worn their wool, and slaughtered the fatlings, but the sheep you have not pastured. You did not strengthen the weak nor heal the sick nor bind up the injured. You did not bring back the strayed nor seek the lost, but you lorded it over them harshly and brutally. So they were scattered for lack of a shepherd, and became food for all the wild beasts.... 
Therefore, shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: As I live, says the Lord God, because my sheep have been given over to pillage, and because my sheep have become food for every wild beast, for lack of a shepherd; because y shepherds did not look after my sheep, but pastured themselves....hear the word of the Lord: Thus says the Lord God: I swear I am coming against these shepherds. I will claim my sheep from them and put a stop to their shepherding my sheep so that they may no longer pasture themselves. I will save my sheep, that they may no longer be food for their mouths. 
For thus says the Lord God: I myself will look after and tend my sheep.
Unfortunately, the Church in the U.S. is filled with shepherds busy pasturing themselves. They leave their oversight responsibility to professional bureaucrats who, in many cases, are enemies of the faith. Pray and fast for bishops and clergy. The devil assaults them day and night because their downfall devastates the sheep in their care. Love your bishop. Pray for him and speak the truth even when it makes you a pariah in your diocese. Join the club: Pariahs in the Pew. Our model is the widow who harangued the unjust judge. Remember, eventually he gave her justice.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Remember Serial Womanizer and Rapist Bill Clinton?

Todd Akin is getting crucified for mis-speaking about rape. But the real rapist is in the Democratic party and he doesn't just talk about it. Remember Juanita Broaddrick? But Democratic women just swoon over Billy Boy. He got away with it all and is still a leader of the pack. Shall we discuss Bill's serial abuse of women?

Bill Clinton has the Real Rape Problem
"While Todd Akin is stewing in the woodshed, Bill Clinton is preparing to speak at the Democratic National Convention, and the women most offended by Akin’s dumb remarks will be queuing up to cheer Clinton on. Yes, it is a mental disorder."
Meanwhile the Republicans who seem to be the models for "Diary of a Wimpy Party," are piling on Akin instead of acting like men and saying he's apologized let's move on. In a great article, Joseph Farah pegged it:
"Republicans are quick to turn on their own to show just how magnanimous and respectable they are. They want to demonstrate to the media and the electorate that they are smarter than those who occasionally stumble. And this is why they remain the minority party even when Democrats are destroying the country before our eyes.
"Think about it. It’s like a friend of mine said recently. 'Which of the following do you find more troubling? 1) Ted Kennedy kills a woman; 2) Barney Frank runs a homosexual prostitution ring out of his apartment; 3) Bill Clinton is credibly accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick; (4) Todd Akin misspeaks.'"
Todd Akin may very well lose in November because the Republican establishment is guaranteeing it as a self-fulfilling prophecy with all their demands for his head on a platter. They are hanging a good pro-life candidate out to dry instead of rallying and reminding the electorate that words don't do nearly the damage that behavior does. Remember that little episode with the cigar and the blue dress? But if Romney loses, the Republican establishment will be wringing their hands and blaming Akin instead of themselves - just like they blamed Sarah Palin. Gotta have a scapegoat.

All this just goes to prove, once again, columnist Joe Sobran's point that the Republicans are the "stupid party" -- the really stupid party. God help us!

Too Funny and On Target Not to Share

Catholic and Faith-based Front Groups and Liberal Liars

George Soros funds pro-abortion Catholic groups

The "Catholic" and faith-based front groups are as busy as Judas running around behind the scenes to do whatever they can to elect pro-abortion/pro-contraception/pro-homosexual Democrats and make sure the abortion/contraception/gay marriage connection gets a boost in November. They don't want anyone to know where their thirty pieces pieces of silver comes from however. Thanks to Anne Hendershott their lies have been exposed to the world and  "it is getting much harder for progressive hide their tracks now that everyone knows who they really are." Here are a few of the front groups shilling for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Democrats. Know them, expose them, and fight them!

Catholic front groups for Democrats:
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good  
Catholics United
Ecumenical front groups for Democrats:
Faith in Public LifeSojourners  
National Council of Churches 

Can We Avoid War When We War on Babies?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Todd Akin's Mistake is the Liberal's Opportunity!

Nothing like a handy little distraction to fuel faux liberal outrage. When I watched Congressman Akin's interview I knew what he meant as the article linked at the end of this post discusses. It was a poor choice of words, but he appeared to be talking about a rape that's actually consummated. Obviously if the rapist violates the woman in another way, there is no possibility of pregnancy. And the Congressman is right -- even when the rape is consummated, most victims don't become pregnant. His remarks were NOT an attack on women; and he made a legitimate point when he said we shouldn't punish an innocent child for the father's crime. And what's Todd Akin's crime? He failed to show compassion. That's not the same as not being compassionate, but in the world of virtual reality, perception is everything. And he's being perceived and painted as a monster.

The subsequent pile on by people on both sides of the aisle is pathetic, certainly not surprising from the liberals. It's a godsend for them, especially his opponent, and she is no doubt burning incense to Gaia in thanksgiving. What hypocrites! Consider their love for Planned Parenthood, an organization that enables statutory rape of minors as young as twelve and thirteen and then surgically rapes them by abortion at the request of the rapist. Where is the outrage over Obama and the Democrats ACTIONS supporting Planned Parenthood? Liberal politicians aren't involved in just an unfortunate choice of words. Obama and his allies essentially give the rapists at Planned Parenthood carte blanche! Oh but they are so outraged at Akin. Yeah right. They are high-fiving in the back room!

I am certainly not cavalier about rape and I have no reason to believe Todd Akin is either. He is pro-life and has strong credentials to back it up. My husband and I spent fifteen years offering a shelter home for women in crisis pregnancies.

Want to Understand the Left?

I find this a useful tool for beginning a search in an area such as leftism on campus. You can find all kinds of solid information that unveils the politics behind liberalism. Happy researching!

Global Warming Scam Unraveling

E-mails show global warming scam scientists in panic:
“Where the heck is global warming?”

“Skeptics will be all over us – the world is really cooling, the models are no good."

“The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment, and it is a travesty that we can’t.”

"[global warming] data are surely wrong.” 
“Our observing system is inadequate.”
 Not to worry, the scammers always have Plan B. Now they predict global warming will return with a vengeance in 2020. (That gives them a little breathing room to revamp the hysteria.) Meanwhile, here in Woodstock, we are experiencing near record low temps, a refreshing cool August week with windows open and air conditioner off. Isn't it nice when Mother Nature helps you reduce your carbon footprint?

A Thoughtful Post on Voting from my Friend Janet

What does the Christian do when both candidates have pro-abortion, pro-homosexual records?

Voting And The Principle Of Double Effect

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pray for Lisa Miller and her Little Girl, Isabella

I followed the Lisa Miller story until she disappeared a few years ago. Do you remember it? Lisa was in the lesbian lifestyle and was artificially inseminated to have a child, Isabella, "with her lover." Of course that's a biological impossibility (or used to be until the Dr. Frankensteins started usurping God's business). Lisa repented from the lesbian life, left her partner, and embraced Christianity. But a Vermont court in an insane decision gave custody to the unrelated lesbian who was sexually abusing the child during usupervised visitations. So Lisa fled the country with her daughter when Isabella was six. If I knew Lisa Miller I would have done anything to prevent her little girl being returned to the lesbian. I would have helped her flee the country as well. Pray for this mom and pray they never find her and Isabella. And do everything you can to fight "gay" adoption. Children deserve better.

Who's the Real Kidnapper?

Tell the Southern Poverty Law Center...

to stop fomenting hatred against Christians. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an extremist hate group. They hate Christians, anyone who supports family values, those who believe the founding fathers established a nation under God, those who value tradition, etc. It's high time somebody called out the SPLC for inciting violence against Christians. I think we can lay the latest attack at the Family Research Center directly at their door. Stop the hate!

Family Research Council asks that people:
Please consider calling or emailing the Southern Poverty Law Center and politely ask them to act responsibly and stop spreading lies about people and groups they don’t like. Here is the contact page for the SPLC
So what are you waiting for?

The Christian Foundation of our Country

Separation of church and state is a lie! The founders never intended faith to be banned from government. It was only a government established church that was banned because in England the monarch was head of the church and persecuted (and even killed) those who practiced another faith. Just read about the Catholic martyrs. Learn more about the religious foundations of America and stand up against the lies and distortions of the historical revisionists. (Thanks, Diane, for the video!)

The Last Rose of Summer

I was reading a quote earlier today attributed to Thomas Moore. Now I'm not sure the quote came from the Irish poet and lyricist of the 18th century, but that's where I ended up in my search. I found this beautiful rendition of his Last Rose of Summer. It seemed appropriate even though the last rose isn't quite here yet. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Funeral Arrangements for Nellie Gray

Where: St. Mary, Mother of God Church,
727 5th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.

There will be a viewing in the Church on
Thursday, August 23 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Friday, August 24th - Respects may be paid
in Church between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.
Mass will be offered at 11:00 am in the Church.

Taking a Break from Cardinal Dolan: From the Serious to the Ridiculous

Not apropos anything, - Is Bill Clinton morphing into W.C. Fields? 

Just thought it was interesting.  They share the same medical problem, rosacea,which can lead to the bulbous nose. 

An Email from a Friend re Cardinal Dolan

An online friend sent me her letter to Cardinal Dolan with the reminder that no one who opposes Church teachings should be given a platform in the Catholic Church. She also included quotes on scandal from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I thought I'd share her email in the hopes that others will imitate her by sending their own thoughts to Cardinal Dolan

Salve, Cardinal Dolan:

I read with sadness that you have personally extended an public invitation to President Obama, someone who holds bigoted anti-Catholic views and is for the slaughter of our preborn children and for the legalization of sodomy with same sex marriage. Archbishop Dolan, are you causing grave scandal? How is the HHS mandate to be overturned when the very person who instituted this anti-Catholic bigotry law is publicly offered a platform for his anti-Catholic actions, which is in direct contradiction of the USCCB's statement that states:

"...The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions. ..."

How am I to answer a Catholic who insists on voting for Obama, a pro-death candidate, when they cite Archbishop Dolan offering a public platform to Obama? Please--for the sake of the integrity of your office and to avoid potential grave scandal, rescind this invitation to Obama to be present at the Al Smith dinner. Quid est Veritas?

Deo Gratias!
Darla Meyers
Hudson, Wisconsin

Respect for the souls of others: scandal

2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which

Friday, August 17, 2012

Les Femmes on the Vortex

I got an email yesterday from a staffer at ChurchMilitantTV giving me a heads up about using my blog post about the Al Smith Dinner in today's program. I hope you'll sign the petition asking the cardinal to rescind the invitation to Obama. And please pray for the cardinal. Most bishops don't seem to have a heart for the babies in the womb. Not really. They pay lip service to the little ones, but when it comes to dealing with politicians who champion child-killing, they let them get away with murder. God help us! Please pray for Cardinal Dolan and all the members of the hierarchy who send mixed messages about Church teaching on life. We are either really serious about it or we aren't. There is no middle ground. Yes, meet with and urge sinners to change their ways. A private meeting between the cardinal and President Obama would be great. But a public dinner where everyone is joking and laughing while babies are being murdered in real time as they speak is absolutely reprehensible. Pray for the Cardinal and all his brothers in the hierarchy who are doing so much damage to our beloved Church.

Playing the Race Card: It's What Liberals Do


And a response from a young gal with brainpower exceeding all of MSNBC's liberals combined. (Hat tip to Political Brambles.)

You Just Gotta Shake Your Head...

Obama keeps attacking that rich, white guy running for president and demanding his tax returns. Yet Obama, the man who bragged about being open and transparent, won't tell us ANYTHING about anything even info about his student loans. Smacks a little of hypocrisy, eh? Did I say "a little?"

And then there are Obama's allies. You know, the ones who always attack those greedy rich Republicans who mostly made their money in business? Let's take a look at some of these rich, white liberals. And while they're ginning up the class warfare, a little look in the mirror might be in order. If they're going to make Romney run the gauntlet for being rich, next in line should be these rich Democratic hypocrites! (By the way, Barack and Michelle are worth $7 plus million. Nice little stack of change, eh?)

How Harry Reid Got Rich

Nancy Pelosi's Jump in Income & How She Gave PAC Money to Hubby (Oh, it's all legal.)

Bill and Hillary Clinton Got Rich Quick

John Kerry is the richest in Congress - he married money...twice

Mark Warner, a professional politician who made his money using political contacts and insider deals which have since been banned. 

Seven of the top ten richest politicians in Congress are Democrats

A Volunteer at a Gay Group Attacks Family Research Council...

...and they can't decide if it's a hate crime. What if a Christian went into the "gay" group's lobby and shot somebody there. Do you think it would take a nano second before every "gay" group in the country was decrying violence against "gays?" For more see Guard Shot at FRC by Pro-Homosexual Advocate

Discrimination against Company for Daring to Challenge Obamacare

It's par for the course these days. If this company were a big supporter of Planned Parenthood, no doubt the proclamation honoring them wouldn't have raised an eyebrow on the city council, but challenge Obamacare......

Denver Slaps Down Firm Challenging Obamacare

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time to Ditch the Barbies!

Unless you want to teach your kids to be cross-dressing hookers! Buy your kids baby dolls and teach them to be good parents.

Introducing "drag queen" Barbie

Showdown Brewing at the I'm Okay, You're Okay Corral

Most Holy Redeemer parish in the Castro District of San Francisco is an "I'm okay, you're okay" church. You want to come dressed as a "Sister of Perpetual Indulgence" - okay. Want to come to Communion hand in hand with your same-sex lover -- okay. You're a guy who wants to attend Mass dressed in a mini skirt, make up, and heels? - okay. Hold a function in the hall where you strip and simulate sex acts? - okay. least it's been that way for years under pastors like Fr. Steve Meriwether who always blessed those attending the annual pride parade with a big church banner.

But a showdown appears to be coming with the appointment of Bishop Salvatore Cordileone to San Francisco. Recently a fundraiser at the parish traditionally emceed by drag queens was cancelled when the "gays" refused to agree to a ban on the cross dressing men. Then the business manager, Michael Poma, insisted that it had nothing to do with banning drag queens. The parish was just not allowing any more non-parish events in the church hall including weddings, etc. A reporter from KQED who interviewed an archdiocesan spokesman last week was told that they did not ban drag queens, but instituted a new policy several months ago closing church facilities to outside groups and the pastor misspoke.

Poma says the new pastor Rev. Brian Costello is "learning" and his welcome message on the parish website certainly plays the multi-gender game. Here's how he describes his parishioners:  "old, young, married, gay, lesbian, transgender, affluent, homeless, blue-collar, converts, cradle Catholics, radical, traditional, questioning, fervent." It makes one wonder whether the pastor agrees with the Australian Human Rights Commission that there are 23 genders. The gender bender crowd insists there's a difference between sex and gender with only two sexes, but apparently unlimited genders. Wow! It would seem that the first imperative of a Catholic evangelist is to tell the truth. Does encouraging the let's pretend world of homosexuality really do that?

There is speculation that MHR is "at a crossroads." Bishop Cordileone doesn't take over until October 4th, and perhaps this flap now is a shot across the bow as a warning. There is some question whether Bishop Cordileone had anything to do with the drag queen decision in the first place. The Archdiocese says no. Others believe he did. In any event, it's clear that MHR will bear watching in the weeks and months ahead as Bishop Cordileone takes over in San Francisco. Will there be a shootout at the I'm okay corral between truth and the lie? Or will it be business as usual? One thing's for sure. The new bishop needs our prayers. Let's make sure he gets them!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Excuses, Excuses...They Just Don't Measure Up

Cardinal Dolan blogged yesterday about the Al Smith Dinner making the same kind of lame excuses for inviting Obama to dinner made previously by a member of the chancery, Ed Mechmann, and Catholic League President Bill Donohue. Every time I read one of these rah-rah civility, can't-we-all-just-get-along posts I think of other members of the hierarchy (and saints) from the past who acted just a little bit differently with death-dealing politicians. 

I can't imagine, for example, Clemens von Galen Bishop of Munster preaching about Hitler's euthanasia program and then inviting him to dinner for a happy old time of respect and civility. And then there's Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty tortured by the commies. I'm sure they would happily have appeared arm in arm with him for a photo op if he would only play nice. He preferred house arrest and isolation in the American Embassy. And then there's John the Baptist who made Herod feel just a little uncomfortable. Do you think he would have attended Herod's birthday party? And what about St. Maximilian Kolbe on whose feast day Cardinal Dolan was writing. These are men from the past with the backbone to stand up to evil men and call them to repentance. I can't imagine them even making the silly statements we've seen coming from the Archdiocese.

But then the Nazis and the Commies were killing "born" people not tiny out of sight, out of mind babies in the womb. As for Herod...well, that was so long ago and everybody knows John was pretty eccentric and not really to be imitated. Besides, the unborn aren't really quite like the rest of us. They're just fetuses and you can't expect a cardinal of the Church today to act like they deserve the same kind of respect and civility as a President of the United States. 

Cardinal Dolan, with all due respect, I don't buy your excuses for inviting Obama to dinner. The little murdered peers of my grandchildren deserve better. And for that matter, so do my children and grandchildren. 

Here's what I posted as a comment on the Cardinal's blog responding to his defense of inviting Obama for dinner :
Christ ate with the low level outcasts of the culture. He never broke bread with Herod or Pilate. If we believe what we say about the babies being equal to the rest of us, eating with Obama and giving him a photo op laughing it up with you, Your Excellency, is like sitting down for a yuck with Hitler while his administration was killing the Jews, the gypsies, Catholic priests, political enemies, etc. As a mom of five and grandmother of twenty-one I can only say that I see little evidence in your act that you believe unborn babies are actually as important as bishops and cardinals. If Obama favored stabbing a bishop in the head and sucking out his brains there is no way you would entertain him for dinner. I will certainly pray for you and your brother bishops who have treated faithful Catholics in the pew like bothersome and brainless poor relations. Inviting Obama to the dinner is a scandal and there is no way to put a gloss on it that makes it less of a scandal!

More on Helen Gurley Brown: Mentor to Whores

I've probably got a reputation at a few grocery stores as the cranky lady who plunks down copies of Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan asking, "How would you like your daughter (or sister) to appear like this on a magazine cover? Sometimes I engage in gorilla warfare when I feel like talking to the manager is useless. Cosmopolitan is the most frequent target. I pick up a copy (or 4 or 5) and walk around the store leaving them 1) under the dogfood bags, 2) dropped behind the shelves, 3) behind the toilet paper. I figure it sends a message when they turn up, hopefully after they're out of date.

Helen Gurley Brown spent years teaching women how to be whores and she was very effective at it. Read Henry Makow's article to realize just how effective she was. A sad and pitiful woman who made it big time in the world's eyes - not a good thing from a spiritual point of view. "What does it profit a [wo]man to gain the whole world and lose [her] soul in the process?" I'm praying for her today. She certainly has plenty to answer for!

Breaking Story: Security Guard at Family Research Council in D.C. Shot


No one was killed, thank God. The security guard stopped the shooter before he got beyond the front. Praise God and pray for the guard who is in stable condition at the hospital.

Who Would You Rather Be at the Judgment - Nellie or Helen?

Two women died on Monday. One is a personal hero of mine, Nellie Gray, founder of the March for Life and untiring warrior for babies in the womb. The other, much more famous and an icon of feminism, was Helen Gurley Brown (hat tip to Dymphna). Brown, former editor of Cosmopolitan (one of the most offensive magazines on the checkout rack), wrote Sex and the Single Girl in 1962. An architect of the sexual revolution, she helped "liberate" young women from their morals and urged them to be as sexually promiscuous as men and equally cavalier about murdering their unplanned offspring. Here are the spiritual daughters of Nellie and Helen.



Questions for the day: Who would you have rather been on Monday, Nellie or Helen? What do you think Jesus said to the two women at the personal judgment?

Please pray for both of these women. I have no doubt that Nellie spent her entire life interceding for the champions of death. Perhaps her intercession brought Helen to final repentance. Father, forgive the cheerleaders of murder and immorality, they know not what they do!

Another "Catholic" Hypocrite for Obama

Sometimes I run across things while I'm looking for something else. That's the case for today when I happened on Nicholas Cafardi's article on which presidential candidate is really pro-life. He insulted pro-lifers with a laughable accusation that they set themselves up as a "parallel magisterium." This is a classic example of deflecting a truth about yourself by trying to attach it to your opponent. If any group functions as a "parallel magisterium" it is modernist Catholics who support Obama.

Cafardi also put the typical liberal spin on abortion true believers who never, ever in a million years would even think about being pro-abortion. Perish the thought! No one favors abortion; they are pro-choice. In fact they just want to make abortion safe, legal, and rare. That it just happens to be more and more available and that opponents are forced to pay for it with their taxes is just accidental. Right!

Any time I read a statement like Cafardi's "I don't know anyone who is pro-abortion," my internal alarm starts jangling. That is the first thing out of the abortion die-hard's mouth.

Well, this got me curious about the man so I googled Cafardi and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. His article came up on their site although he is not on any of their boards. But a little more research and voila! (If I had seen Cafardi's article on the National Catholic Reporter website where it apparently originated, that would have been a dead giveaway.) 

Cafardi is actually an old story. He endorsed Obama in 2008 and resigned from his teaching post at Franciscan University of Steubenville. And now, like Doug Kmiec in 2008, Cafardi is a leading Catholic trumpet for Obama as a national co-chair of "Catholics for Obama." He is just one more Catholic Judas carrying water for the champion of child-killing in the White House. If you see his name on anything, be forewarned. He speaks with a forked tongue and lies with a straight face. How else can one interpret his statement that, unlike Romney, "Obama does not financially profit from the abortion industry." What a yuck! Planned Parenthood recently launched a $1.4 million ad buy slamming Romney.   Can anyone believe that isn't a blatant political gift in kind to candidate Obama? Please, Professor Cafardi, don't take us for fools.

And, by the way, whatever happened to Doug Kmiec, big 2008 proponent of the liberal messiah? You remember Kmiec, the Catholic university professor who was rewarded with ambassadorship to Malta for bringing Obama the Catholic vote. You may recall also that he resigned as ambassador amidst criticism from Hillary Clinton that he spent too much time speaking and writing about his religious beliefs. Being Catholic to bring voters to the Obama table is one thing, but...well...too much of a good thing and all know even for a Catholic country like Malta.

Well, back in February Kmiec said he might not be able to support Obama this time around because of the president's attack on religion and the contraceptive mandate. He's been pretty much silent since then as far as I can tell, like a jilted lover pining in the dark. Perhaps he's had the same type of awakening as as Colonel Nicholson in Bridge Over the River Kwai. Please pray for him. I am...and for Professor Cafardi as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Sexual Revolution May be Nearing an End

The days of a quick fix for STDs appear to be nearing an end. God help us. Remember the plagues of Egypt. Looks like many will be experiencing them personally before too long. 

Superbug: Gonorrhea soon untreatable

And syphilis is starting to show signs of resistance to antibiotics besides penicillin. No one alive today remembers the devastating consequences of syphilis which in late stages attacks the heart and brain and actually eats away peoples' bodies. And guess who are the most affected since its resurgence? You got who have sex with men. This is from the Mayo Clinic:
Syphilis rates in the United States have been rising since 2000, particularly among men who have sex with men. The genital sores associated with syphilis can make it easier to become infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
Nature is not "homophobic." Breaking the natural law, which was made by God, has consequences -- and they often aren't pretty. But there's an answer and a blessing for those with ears to hear. Those who embrace Catholic teachings and live them don't have to worry.... about a lot of things! Want freedom from worry about STDs? Want to increase your chances of a happy, lifelong marriage? Want to experience "the peace that surpasses understanding?" Want a closer walk with Jesus Christ? It's all there in the Catholic Church. Come see what we're all about. Or if you've been away, come home. We miss you.

It's Worth 1000 Words...No Obama at the Al Smith Dinner!

Rest in Peace, Darling Nellie

March for Life Leader, Nellie Gray, dies at 88. 

I had the tremendous privilege of meeting Nellie in the early years of the March for Life and going out to dinner with her and my parents. My mom was a stalwart supporter who marched every year with dozens of sponsors and probably raised over a hundred thousand dollars over the years. I always sponsored her and one year, when she couldn't march, I marched for her. Nellie and I crossed paths at numerous pro-life events, the last time at a Brent Society dinner in 2009 when she received their Distinguished Service Award. She was as spellbinding as ever.

Rest in peace, darling Nellie! I know millions of cherubic little faces were there to greet you and can imagine the blessed reunion between you and Pope John Paul II, Henry Hyde, Jerome Lejeune and all the champions of the unborn who went before you.

You leave behind millions of spiritual sons and daughters to carry on your work, new generations of pro-life young people ready to stand in the gap.

Thank you, Nellie, and Godspeed. May the Divine Assistance remain always with you and may the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm with Mike Voris. Bill Donohue is Ridiculous!

I quit supporting the Catholic League long ago. Bill Donohue is embarrassing. I watched him once "debating' (or should I say berating) a pro-abort woman, perhaps Molly Yard, I don't really remember. But as he ranted and raved and interrupted her over and over I was embarrassed for him and thought what a horrible display it was. All I could think was how dumb he was not to send along the prettiest young pro-life woman he knew to confront the old, tired feminist. But Donohue seems to love the limelight as much as he dislikes the "piety police." 

Well, here he goes again on the attack, this time against good and faithful Catholics who are sick of betrayal as Voris so eloquently points out. Donohue deserves the criticism. There is absolutely no excuse for what Cardinal Dolan has done by inviting Obama to the Al Smith Dinner. It's shameful, and Donohue, with all his schmoozing with bishops, illustrates Mike's point about the Catholic elite vs. the Catholic peasants who don't have a seat at the table. Many bishops don't seem to care two hoots about the devastation to the faith on their watch. God forgive them. Pray for the bishops and, while your at it, say one for Bill Donohue. Pray he retires.

Hate Crime Hoax...

Well...lying is part of the "gay" agenda as well as slandering and defaming those with whom homosexuals philosophically disagree. So are you surprised? Gotta create backlash against all those "homophobes," right?

By the way, it's a crime to file a false police report. See more here.

Paul Ryan vs. the Nuns on the Bus

Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate. There are probably few men as vilified by the left as Paul Ryan. Even the nuns on the rock star bus went after him on their luxury tour around the country. They claim Ryan's budget proposals are cruel and un-Christian. Not true! The leftist nuns and their ideological buddies want Big Nanny taking care of us from cradle to grave (and giving them taxpayer money to administer their programs) with an elite few at the top deciding what's good for us. Ryan, on the other hand, like John Paul II, believes in the Catholic principle of subsidiarity as Catholic Advocate point out:
Catholics worried about the erosion of the social safety net should therefore understand that there is a vast difference between reforming the safety net and destroying it. It is in that light that the current debate over the budget proposals of Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan should be understood. Ryan, himself a practicing Roman Catholic, is decidedly not undermining the safety net, but trying to salvage it for future generations – another determinedly Catholic concern, that of the sacred trust we hold for posterity. Again, this was a favorite theme of John Paul II.
Talk to Ryan for even a small amount of time

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is Nancy Pelosi Channeling the Dead?

One of these events occurred at my alma mater (and Nancy's) Trinity Washington University which grieves me very much. But read more here. This woman has turned her back on the Catholic Church while she pretends to be, and actually calls herself, a "devout Catholic." I'd believe her if she called herself a devout democrat or a devout feminist or a devout pro-abort, but she sure ain't a devout Catholic. She gets away with it because the mainstream media panders to Catholic heretic politicians. To bad the media aren't in charge at the pearly gates.

What Liberalism Does to Women...

It makes them disgusting and ridiculous!

Send your vagina to the Republican Convention

Really classy, eh? What you hope your daughters look like (and act like) when they grow up. NOT! The photo says it all about what liberalism does to your brain and your conscience. Sad to look at these poor, foolish women and think of the Blessed Mother and God's plan for us. Who can see their behavior as anything but pathetic?

Now what can the men do to top this? Well...I suspect real men will not imitate their weird sisters. However...the lavender mafia will no doubt think of something equally outrageous. If this is the future of the U.S. God help us.