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Saturday, May 25, 2019

If the Democrats win in 2020 liberty, already in dire straits, will collapse completely!

Liberty Crumbling took first prize at the 2019 Texas Sand Sculpture Festival.

Sadly, Lincoln contributed to the collapse of liberty by strengthening the centralized government and gutting the sovereignty of the states. The more centralized the government, the greater the risk of tyranny.

Friday, May 24, 2019

The Horror of Organ Donation in China

And this is the country described by Archbishop Marcello Sorondo, head of the Pontifical Academy of Science as being “the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine," a country that “has defended the dignity of the human person.” One wonders how the Chinese prisoners blood and tissue-typed for forced organ donation feel about that.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Infantile Show and Tell Homilies Reveal the Intellectual Barrenness of the Clergy

Gus, the "visual aid", teaching 
and preaching to Catholics 
(because profundity would be
too confusing and dangerous).

St Ignatius Loyola said, "Hell's black legions are teeming; their harsh cry is heard". The duty of priests and deacons is to help their flocks have courage to face those black legions and fight back against them, therefore it's imperative that first the flock knows what good and evil are in order to even be able to engage in the battle. But at our parish the new deacon's "visual aid", Gus the Teddy Bear, addresses us on how to engage in fluffy stuff.

Let's say someone loses a child and goes to Mass to cry out to God for help and they get...Gus the Teddy Bear as a "visual aid" to help ease their pain. Or the fact that evil is all around us so we go to Mass for strength to fight against worldly wickedness and we get...Gus the Teddy Bear to prepare us for battle. Recently I overheard two conversations within minutes of each other. 

1st Conversation
MAN: Hey your hair looks great!
WOMAN: Thanks. I love it too. Your husband did it.

2nd Conversation
WOMAN: I see that the friend visiting you has left.
MAN: Yes. I'm sorry to see him go but he's on the way to California the see his daughter and her 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Meet Italy's Donald Trump, Catholic Conservative Matteo Salvini

Matteo Salvini is an Italian conservative politician who supports national sovereignty and wants to take back control from the European Union. He opposes illegal immigration and embraces a policy of "Italy first." In March 2018 his populist party shocked the establishment and he now serves in the powerful position of Interior Minister where he has a significant impact preventing migrant ships from landing on Italian shores. Salvini's party, The League, collaborated with the first finishing party, The Five Star Movement collaborating in hopes of taking over the European Union Parliament in the May elections. Why should we cheer for Salvini?

Salvini ACTS like a Catholic. [All quotes from LifeSiteNews.]

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mea Culpa! I Did Not Read the Alabama Bill Carefully Enough.

Guess I'm not moving to Dixie after all.

And here's the section of HB 314, the Human Life Protection Act, that renders it as gutless as all the other bills that failed to protect the baby in utero since Roe v. Wade. It allows abortion for mental illness and like the early bills that required two doctors to confirm the woman is suicidal it will be the same automatic rubber stamp loophole we've seen in the past. Can anyone doubt that two doctors can't be found to confirm a woman is at risk for suicide?:

Wow! Ninety seconds that explain why Religion is Essential to Democracy!

This video reminded me of the statement attributed to de Tocqueville. "America is great because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great." We are seeing the collapse of America because of the collapse of moral values. We may have already reached the tipping point with the collapse of reason itself and a return to barbaric paganism. In that case, America will not only cease to be great, she may cease to be at all. Remember what happened to Rome!

Monday, May 20, 2019

We call priests "Father." Can bishops please stop treating them like CEOs!

My husband and I camp with a square dance camping club that visits campgrounds within a 100 mile radius of Washington, D.C. We have a list of regular places so my husband and I have become pretty familiar with churches in the area around each campground.

We camped this weekend in Woodbine, MD at Ramblin' Pines, one of our favorite campgrounds. I wish I could say I feel the same way about the local church we've attended at least one weekend during the camping season for the past ten years.  In fact, Sunday Mass there feels like a penance. The pastor follows the rubrics and I've never heard a dissident homily, but, like most parishes these days, they have altar girls and a crowd of "extraordinary" ministers of the Eucharist crowding the sanctuary at Communion. I just close my eyes, shake my head, and go get in the priest's line.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

So Called "Equality Act" (H.R. 5) Passed in the House on Friday with Support of 8 Republicans!

The Equality Act will crush religious liberty. That's the opinion of a liberal law professor who's a
long-time supporter of same sex marriage.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Quotes to Contemplate -- Add your own in the comments section.

What the so-called "Age of
Reason" ushered into the world!
"From 1789 onward the left has ushered a great and devouring hatred into the world, drawing from a bottomless well of implacable resentment and anger that produced the Terror in the final decade of the 18th century (the "Age of Reason," they call it), the many murderous totalitarian regimes in the 20th that killed hundreds of millons, and now in the early 21st century a mass mania supported by lies, unreason, hysteria, and the denial of objective human and metaphysical reality -- oddly, by people who idolize science and technology." [They are] "driven by metaphysical hatred",,,and have "created a wasteland and called it Paradise." 
            Chilton Williamson in Chronicles, November 2018

"To borrow from St. Augustine, God made us to make the times, not the times to make us. We're the subjects of history, not its objects. And unless we make the times better with the light of Jesus Christ, then the times will make us worse with their darkness."   
                                   Archbishop Charles Chaput 
                                   Pio Laghi Lecture March 27, 2019

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Lawsuit Against the Vatican, the Ultimate Slap in the Face of Authority

This link reveals intentions of abuse victims to go above the diocese level here in this country and carry the complaint all the way to Rome.  The structure of the Church protects one diocese from financially affecting the others.  One diocese can run out of money from lawsuits or suffer a loss of reputation, but the others remain untouched.  They are insulated from each other, but they all share one common thread, Rome.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

"Alabama is going to lead the nation in protecting the sanctity of life,”

If I ever leave Virginia, I think I'll head for the "heart of Dixie," Alabama! The people of the Yellowhammer state truly have a big heart for God's littlest lambs and they proved it yesterday by passing HB 314, the Human Life Protection Act which heads for the governor's desk. It takes direct aim at Roe v. Wade identifying the baby in the womb as a "person."

State Senator Clyde Chambliss told the Washington Post:
“Planned Parenthood can try to derail the bill, as they did in spending over a million dollars to unsuccessfully oppose a pro-life ballot measure last fall in Alabama. But the outcome will be the same: Alabamians will stand on the side of life.” 

Destroying the Meaning of Words: That's What the "Equality Act" (H.R. 5) is Doing!

LGBTQ Community ready to bludgeon
the First Amendment!
What a great word equality is. It conjures up images of the Founders saying, "All men are created equal...endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights...." Who can fail to cheer such an idea?

But what if the Equality Act isn't about equality at all? What if it's about discriminating against certain people in order to give special rights to other people?

Read the Bill which has as its purpose, "To prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes." H.R. 5 goes on and on about LGBTQ victimhood and rights. It alters the Civil Rights Act to include gender identity. The bill throws in women with the LGBTQ crowd, I suppose to make it more palatable. But what, in fact, would be the impact of this "equality" bill on everyone, but particularly women?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Time out for a nature break

Life overwhelming? Take a nature break!
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately. With my sister sick and in the hospital and some other major issues I'm not sleeping very well and the temptations to anxiety are many and frequent. I spent yesterday on the road leaving home at 8:30 in teeming rain to make a 10:15 appointment in Chantilly, then on to Frederick Memorial Hospital an hour away to visit my sister, then back to Winchester to COSTCO, and finally home to make dinner. Whew!

I consider my car a little chapel and said two rosaries on the road as well as taking some silence breaks between finishing a book on CD and listening to talk radio. I can only stand so much noise.

Today, however, it's time for a nature break!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Latest Travesty in Wheeling: Diocese Uses Statute of Limitations to Avoid Accountability

God save Wheeling from this man!
Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Wants Former Bishop Michael Bransfield Case Dismissed

No surprise really. Protecting the money is what church lawyers get paid for. 

Will the diocese's next move be to try to recall Bransfield and give him back his job (and his private chef, etc.)? Let's face it, many (perhaps most) of the U.S. bishops couldn't care less about right and wrong or the people in the pews. What do they care about? Well, in my opinion, many are good little Church politicians who care about the same thing worldly politicians care about.




Pope Francis May Have Refused to Answer the Dubia, but This Author Says Benedict DID!

This photo may be from a satire site, but all
the smoke Francis blows is no joke!
Which leads one to ask -- Who is the real authority speaking in persona Christi? I think the answer is pretty simple.

When a bad pope sits on Peter's throne, faithful Catholics can't trust him. When he speaks with the mind of the Church, one can assent to his pronouncements. But, when, as this pope often does, the smoke of Satan pours out of his mouth like the smoke from a villain's cigarette, the faithful have a duty not only to ignore him, but shout a resounding NO!

St. Thomas Aquinas said it well, “There being an imminent danger for the Faith, Prelates must be questioned, even publicly, by their subjects." Amen to that!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Parents of Girls Attacked by Creepy Philly Lawmaker Brian Sims Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Parents of teen girls harassed by Brian Sims raise over $100G for Philly pro-life org

Brian Sims chose the wrong mama bear to go after. Ashley Garecht spoke on Tucker Carlson tonight. 

Ashley Garecht clearly is an articulate defender of the unborn. If you have any fear for the future remember this mom and the girls she is raising to be warriors for life. May St. Michael the Archangel protect and defend her family. I suspect the girls are even more resolved to defend life after this. 

Thank you Brian Sims! Good shines brightest in the blackest night. May God have mercy on you and shower you with the grace of conversion. 

Nice As It Sounds, Not All In This World Are Children of God

"I baptize you in the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit."
We have a new baby in our family and she will be baptized soon.  She will become a child of God.  Through the Sacrament using water and words she will be reborn and her name will be forever recorded in heaven as a redeemed member of the human race through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Just as no infant can ever re-enter the womb of its mother and be born again into this world, no infant or child or adult can ever be re-baptized or reborn of water.  Once is enough for all eternity in both cases. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Growing Incivility (and Derangement) of Liberal Lawmakers Like Pete Buttigieg and Brian Sims

Brian Sims and Pete Buttigieg illustrate
Democrat Derangement Syndrome!
The virtue-signaling Democrats continually advise us how morally superior they are to the deplorably unwashed around the country. Some even spout religious sentiments telling us that God approves of their immoral behavior.  South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg has attacked  Vice President Mike Pence's faith in a clearly cynical and politically-motivated attempt to garner media attention (and money). Hopefully the strategy will backfire.

Interestingly, gay U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell took him to the woodshed saying:
“Mayor Peter has been pushing this hate hoax, along the lines of Jussie Smollett, for a very long time now, several weeks,” Grenell said in a recent interview on Fox News. “And I find it really ironic that Mayor Pete stayed silent about the so-called hate hoax on him and others during 2015, 2016, 2017 when Mike Pence was governor.”

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I Set Before You Life and Death....

The forces of death in our culture become ever bolder. Who can see people like Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam and others of their ilk fight for the right to murder children up to and even after birth and not be horrified? And seeing so many echo their evil makes one think of the screaming mobs at the annual Nazi Nuremberg rallies. The victims of our modern culture of death’s satanic human sacrifice may be smaller, but their murders are no less horrifying.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Disobedience Is Not An Option

The first reading on Sunday May 5 was from Acts 5:27-32.  The apostles made it clear to the Sanhedrin that they were not free to do as they wanted in order to please the Jewish court.  They were obligated to obey God by praising, Jesus.  They said, “We are witnesses of these things, as is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey him.”

Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Priest, the Protestant & the Horse Races

It’s Kentucky Derby/Triple Crown time! This post is for Catholic families and people in the Thoroughbred industry – jockeys, trainers, horse owners and farm owners, breeders, grooms, exercise riders, and all others who love racing (and who probably already have heard this joke).

The Priest, the Protestant & the Horse Races

One day while he was at the track playing the ponies and all but losing his shirt, Mitch, a Protestant, noticed a Catholic priest who stepped out onto the track and blessed the forehead of one of the horses lining up for the 4th race. Lo and behold, that horse – quite a long shot – won the race! 

Before the next race, as the horses began lining up, Mitch watched with interest as the old priest once again stepped onto the track. Sure enough, as the horses for the 5th race came to the starting gate, the priest made a blessing on the forehead of one of the horses. Mitch made a beeline for the betting window and placed a small bet on the horse blessed by the priest. Again, even though it was another long shot, the horse that the priest had blessed won the race!

Friday, May 3, 2019

And the Flood of Evil Continues Unabated

The only thing that stops God sending another Flood is that the first one was useless. - Nicolas Chamfort

Os Guinness - A realistic view of evil

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Children in Congress

Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness; when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. This is the condition of children and barbarians, in whom instinct has learned nothing from experience. - George Santayana

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bishop Burbidge, Give Fr. Escalante Back to the People of Purcellville and End This Charade of a Trial: READERS, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!


After reading all the various accounts and comments in the case of falsely accused Fr.
Ronald Escalante, pastor of St. Francis de Sales parish in Purcellville, VA, I was left asking myself one thing.  Why?  Who would accuse this priest of a violation, NOT of sexual abuse, but of a violation of “boundary,” the latest in the bureaucratic jargon for dealing with the actions of clergy in the modern Church? 

Where could such a claim come from and again, WHY?  As it turns out my suspicions were correct in assuming it had something to do with money.  It seems the Director of Religious Education for the parish happens to have a brother who is a gardener and the two of them thought it would be a grand scheme if they created a not for profit whose stated goal was to feed the poor, by soliciting funds from a wide audience very willing to support the launch and growth of a “project” to provide produce for the hungry.  Naturally, if the appeal is successful and the money starts to roll in, there’s a lot of gravy over and above the actual expenses that could be distributed to the “managers” so to speak, who would be repaid and repaid for their efforts.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Is Pope Francis a Heretic?

One Peter Five reports that a group of theologians, scholars, and clerics are raising the question:
In the seemingly interminable war between Catholics and Pope Francis, another salvo has been fired. This time, it lands a bit closer to the target. 
In a 20-page open letter addressed not to the pope, but to the bishops of the Church, 13 Catholic scholars, some of them clergy, state that they “accuse Pope Francis of the canonical delict of heresy” and ask the bishops of the Church to “take the steps necessary to deal with the grave situation of a heretical pope.”  Read more here.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Flee the Cities, Especially Those Run by Democrats!

And it's not just San Francisco. Find a major city that's a total, almost unlivable disaster, and you can be sure it's a bastion of liberalism run by Democrats.

Nevermind How You Feel, Tell Me What You Think!

I listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio one day last week.  A caller said he noticed most people today will rarely reply to a question by saying, “I think….”  They generally, he said, reply, “I feel…”  The two continued to discuss the difference.  Rush said it is easy to feel anything, but to THINK requires effort, conviction, rational thought and a rejection of the alternatives to the answer given.  How anyone feels can’t be argued with especially when what they say is couched in such a way as to not offend someone else or prevent them from not liking you. 

You Support Abortion, Communion is No Problemo; You Kneel, Get Behind Me, Satan!

I thought refusing Communion to kneeling faithful was a thing of the past, but not with this recently named Chilean bishop, Bishop Celestino Aós Braco.  It happened at the Chrism Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Santiago, Chile. The bishop replaces Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati who is under criminal investigation for covering up sex abuse. Read more here.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Why do Catholic Schools Give Platforms to the Enemies of Life? Sign the Petition!

Would this little one have grown
up to be a student at St. Mary's?
It's baffling. Even the bishops say that speakers who violate Catholic truth should not be honored or given platforms at Catholic institutions. The Task Force on Catholic Bishops and Catholic Politicians wrote this in 2004:
We affirmed that the Catholic community and Catholic institutions should “not honor” those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. The Task Force plans to consult with leaders in Catholic education, Catholic health care, and Catholic social services to discuss how we can together best carry out this guidance.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Of Cleaning Hot Spots and Lamenting "Progressive Preachers"

Have you ever heard of the Fly Lady? She's a whirlwind of activity against CHAOS which stands for "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome." I followed her for awhile trying to get my own clutter under control -- a never ending battle it seems.

This morning while working on one of my "hot spots," a counter filled with newspapers, magazines, junk mail, etc. I came across an article that temporarily halted my purge. Titled Questions for 'progressive' preachers, it was written by the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Everett Piper.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Islamic Genocide of Armenian Christians 104 Years Ago

Armenian Christians escorted by Ottoman Muslim soldiers
are marched through Haput to prison in Mezireh

The Demonically Inspired Islamic Hatred of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Western intelligentsia and media elites continue to portray Islam as a religion of peace. However today's current and very real crisis in the world is that of Christians persecuted (for 1400 years) by this same religion of peace
The cause of this catastrophe is not difficult to grasp unless we rely on the mainstream media, not only today, but also yesterday, that is, the yesterday of 104 years ago during the Armenian Genocide, Islam's greatest slaughter of Christians.

Calling All Crusaders in the Church Militant: Defend Your Good Priests!

I received this email today from a parishioner at St. Francis de Sales in Purcelville who is up in arms over the treatment of Fr. Ron Escalante. What she urges is absolutely necessary. Silence in the face of calumny and injustice is unacceptable. If you aren't aware of the mistreatment of Fr. Escalante go here. Defend your good priests before there aren't any left!

Dear Parishioners,

It is time to rise up and put pressure on the Bishop to return our beloved Pastor to SFDS.  Please send a written letter to:

This Video Shows Exactly Why the Evil of Abortion Will End in Utter Defeat!

...with hope for those who "once were lost, but now are saved" through the amazing grace of God!

Meet the Abortionist From the “Unplanned” Movie Who is Now Pro-Life

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Fr. Escalante Tale Goes On...

...and it's beginning to feel like Tales from the Crypt. Check out the offices of the PR bureaucracy at the Diocese of Arlington:

Not sure who the guy in the coffin is....What do you think?

If you haven't been following the saga up to now, go here and here.

Notre Dame Fire: Chief Architect Says "Ancient Oak Doesn't Burn Life That."

Is the official narrative honest or are the powers that be afraid of the conflagration that will erupt if it turns out that Notre Dame was deliberately set by the same folks (i.e., Muslims) setting the other fires in French Catholic churches?

Former Chief Architect of French Historic Monuments Casts Doubt on Official Story

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ask the Question!

Bishop Burbidge, Where is Fr. Escalante?

The Diocese of Arlington criticizes "lapse of journalistic standards" over Fr. Escalante article.

Fr. Ron Escalante
Below is the statement on the Arlington diocesan website responding to the Blue Ridge Leader's article about the unjust treatment of Fr. Ron Escalante who was removed as pastor at St. Francis de Sales in Purcellville over an alleged "boundary violation" with a teenage girl. [See article here.]

Excuse my eye-rolling over the diocese's statement. What a bunch of hooey! We hear all the time about how bishops want openness and transparency. Don't believe it! My mom raised me to be too much of a lady to use the language that comes to mind. I doubt if protecting Fr. Escalante's privacy is the main point in all this and their attack on the Blue Ridge Leader is nothing but a diversion. I want to commend Valerie Cury and the Blue Ridge Leader for defending the rights of a good priest. I trust their investigation more than I trust the diocese's. If the sex abuse crisis has taught us anything, it's to be skeptical, not of the Church, but of the Church bureaucracy. My comments are in red.

Guest Post: A Litany for Lawyers and Government Officials

Editor's comment: This week we've seen liberals going after Attorney General William Barr, calling him Trump's attorney and questioning his integrity. 

What I find interesting about this attack is that once again we see the mainstream media's double standard applied. Let's go back to a hot summer day in Phoenix, June 28, 2016 when Bill Clinton requested a meeting on the tarmac with Attorney General Loretta Lynch while her office was investigating Hillary's server/email debacle. Funny thing -- the media treated that meeting with a yawn. Did anyone question Loretta Lynch's treatment of Hillary? Not that I recall. In fact, the media always treats the Clintons' shady dealings with a yawn. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Gospel According to Muhammad

The evil that is Islam did this in Sri Lanka.

    The Incarnation of Lucifer as Islam. Muhammad bears witness thim.

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

3 But then God made the angels. And from them came Lucifer who became Allah.

4 In Lucifer was killing and death, and death was the darkness of men.

5 And Lucifer’s darkness shrouded the light, and men of light did not comprehend it.

Like I one is beyond God's Grace! Famous Conversions to the Catholic Faith

Famed Australian Atheist, Bill Hayden, is Baptized in the Catholic Church at 85

Former Australian Governor General Bill Hayden becomes Catholic!

Will the Extremist Loons Wake Up the Honest Lefties?

Camille Paglia, an honest leftie?
It's easy to pigeon-hole and condemn the left. Their "spokesmen" are so intransigent in promoting intrinsic moral evils like abortion, assisted suicide, sodomy, same-sex "marriage," etc. that one is tempted to dismiss them all as minions of Satan.

But I know some lefties who are struggling (as we all are) to live moral lives, some in my own extended family. They are kind and helpful. They love their children and are faithful to their spouses.

 I can't question their sincerity, however misguided their ideas. And that leads me to a dilemma.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Exult and be glad for Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Wishing you a blessed Easter Day and Easter Season from the ladies of Les Femmes.

What the Stars Can Teach Us

I like stars.  I always have.  "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star, How I wonder what you are."  

I grew up in Texas and everyone knows, “The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.” 

Now where I live, 13 miles west of Washington, D.C. it is nearly impossible to see more than a dozen of them on any night whether the sky is clear or not because city light obscures them from view. 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Black Voters are Turning Conservative! Say Good-Bye to the Democrats' Liberal Plantation

Diamond and Silk, the dynamite duo, score a home run with their speech at CPAC. You can tell they have the left quaking in their boots, because the liberal shills at Google, Facebook and Twitter are trying so hard to suppress their message on social media! 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Diamond and Silk's speech. 

Would you give to the restoration of Notre Dame without knowing what you'll get?

Donations are pouring in to repair Notre Dame. What can we expect from a secular government?
Already, voices clamor for something completely new that fits the France of today. Ah...the hubris of progressives who happily throw away the past!

That thought leads to some troubling speculations. Will Notre Dame become a multi-cultural center? Or will it be designed with architecture that celebrates Islam? Will the "new" church really be Notre Dame rebuilt, the great gothic cathedral erected over hundreds of years by the faithful? Or will it be something strange? And even possibly a monument to the spirit of the world?

Will the new Notre Dame resemble the glorious old as we see her here?

Friday, April 19, 2019

A Good Friday Gift from Hilaire Belloc and Jacques Tissot

Death of Jesus by Jacques Tissot (1836-1902)
Our Lord and Our Lady
by Hilaire Belloc
They warned Our Lady for the Child
That was Our Blessed Lord,
And She took Him into the desert wild,
Over the camel’s ford.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Update on Notre Dame Fire and a Correction

It's interesting that, even while the fire was going on, officials were calling it an accident. Does that sound like a sensible way to conduct an "investigation."

Bishop Athanasius Schneider had this to say:

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water....

Great white shark weighing 1,668 pounds spotted off Florida Panhandle, researchers say

And it's not just sharks you need to guard against. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Holy Week Meditation: Spy Wednesday -- Did Jesus Love Judas?

The short answer: ABSOLUTELY! Perhaps His compassion was greater for Judas than for all the others knowing his tragic end. Judas was one of the chosen ones among the disciples called to be part of the select twelve! And even given the particular responsibility of holding the purse and administering alms to the poor. Wasn't giving him that role an act of trust?

"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend."  William Blake
And while I'm reflecting on those whom Jesus loved, what about the pharisees and sadducees plotting to kill him? Did He love them?

This is How You Smear a Good Priest! Bring Back Fr. Escalante!

Blue Ridge Leader 10 hours agoOur Towns, Top News0 Comments

By Valerie Cury

In November of 2018, Father Ronald S. Escalante, Pastor of Saint Francis de Sales Church in Purcellville, was placed on administrative leave by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington.

Whoddu Guessed? Some of those Drag Queens are Child Molesters!

I won't link to Malestia Child's Instagram page,
and I don't know if he does story hours, but what

does he imply by adopting a name like that? Our
culture supports child killing. Molesting next?

Yet Another “Story Hour” Drag Queen Turns Out To Be A Child Sex Offender

Hey, Library Board, of course! We know you care about children. So bring the drag queens on into the children's section of the library to groom the little ones to except "gender fluidity."

Oh...and if little Johnny says, "Mommy, I have to pee!" send him to the Potty with "Malestia Child" or "Sharon Needles" or "Phallic Cunt."

Yes, these are all the monikers for real life drag queens. Motherhood and apple pie, anyone?

Allowing these folks access to children is absolutely insane! In Houston alone two sex offenders volunteering to scandalize children have been exposed (no pun intended) by the local Mass Resistance group. How many others remain underground because they change their aliases so much they're hard to uncover.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Guest Post: "When the Bad Are Punished, Others Become Better."

Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrates killing
children even at birth with two thumbs up.
Communion and Catholic Pro-Abortion Politicians

by Robert G. Marshall

Evangelical Christian, Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the famed Rev. Billy Graham, in three “tweets” in two minutes captured the hopes and sentiments of many Catholics by urging N.Y. Cardinal Dolan to excommunicate “Catholic” N.Y. Governor Cuomo for bizarrely celebrating and signing a third trimester abortion law. Since the 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision Catholic bishops have been in a position to question “Catholic” politicians who openly vote for abortion and who still claim to be Catholics in good standing.

Is Paris Burning? A Reflection on the Notre Dame Fire.

Was the Notre Dame fire and accident? Perhaps. But the on-going, deliberate attacks on Catholic churches in France fuels speculation (not unreasonably, I believe). Churches there are under siege by Muslim migrants. The trashing of Paris is well documented and across France acts of vandalism and violence are increasing. (See here and here and here for just three examples including the brutal murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel during morning Mass by two young Muslim men.)

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Meditation: Love at First Sight for Beautiful Baby Girl!

Sometimes a story just tugs at your heart strings. This one did. Poor little unwanted baby girl finds a forever home with a kind and compassionate nurse. May we all bless the lives of others!

Did You Miss These Stories? Six worth reading and reflecting on! And, of course, praying about!

Cupich: a typical liberal who operates by a double
 standard that persecutes good and advances evil!
Cardinal Cupich and His Selective Justice for Accused Priests Are we surprised when liberal clerics persecute orthodox priests even when they are exonerated? No justice for them!

Ohio Heartbeat Bill Signed Libs go wild! The sky is falling. Doctors may leave the state! (What a tragedy if abortionists went elsewhere, right?) Companies may refuse to locate there. Pray today for Gov. Mike DeWine, the "strongest pro-life governor in the nation."

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bigotry on Parade: Two Airports Ban Chick-Fil-A because of the Owner's Political Views...

N.B. This photo comes from a satire site, not
Chik-fil-A. But it's too funny not to share!
...Is that constitutional?

How would you like it if you were a teacher and the school said you couldn't teach because you held the wrong political opinions even if you never voiced them in the classroom?

What if you were fired from a garage where you worked as a mechanic because your boss saw you out running on your own time in a MAGA hat.

Is it fair for a department store or a restaurant to check out its employees' political views as a litmus test for employment?

Of course not!

Friday, April 12, 2019

New York Introduces Bill to Break the Seal of Confession

The New York General Assembly's Standing Committee on Children and Families is considering a bill, AO6662, that would destroy the sacred bond between a confessor and the penitent. While the bill is limited to cases of child abuse, this is the camel's nose in the tent. Why should a priest not be required to report any serious breach of the law: murder, rape, embezzlement, etc.?

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Left is Okay with Bullying as Long as You Bully the "Right" People... know...those deplorables who cling to their bibles and their guns and refuse to bend the knee to the idols of gender totalitarianism, Islam, globalism, climate change...(You get the picture)

Aaron and Melissa Klein lost their family-run business because they refused to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. Keep in mind that gay bakers refusing service to Christians are a-okay.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Baby Girl Left in Storm Drain to Die: Will This Be the New Normal for Democrats?

It happened in South Africa. Clearly the little girl was "unwanted" in the verbiage we hear so often
from Planned Parenthood. And so she was dumped, very deliberately, with a colony of stinging red ants nearby.  The lid of the drain had to be pried off to leave her there...and to rescue her!

Monday, April 8, 2019

The soft core that lies around the hard core of politics consists of LIVING IN A BUBBLE

Hungary's Viktor Orban
The soft core of Leftism consists of universities, research institutes, NGOs - especially Soros NGOs - and the Mainstream Media and have huge amounts of power affecting politics which currently touts mass migration, the target of which is the Western world, especially Europe. Yet the majority of Europeans want to defend their Christian culture against mass immigration and Islamic culture invading their land. On April 5, 2019, Hungary's Viktor Orban laid it on the line. 

We either defend the Christian culture of the West or be overrun with Islam and Islamic culture until the floodgates hold no more. Mass migrations into another land - in this case, the liquidation of the precedence of European Christian culture, and with it the elimination of European nations - are never peaceful occurrences because it leads to conflict between different cultures, opposite religions and the fight for the future of whose culture will be dominant. As in "youth, when death has no reality" the current lie existing in the leftist bubble is "coexistence in multiculturalism"
This 30 minute video is on BitTube and is from the Vlad Tepes Blog. It starts slow but is well worth your time. 

Seattle is Dying and it Isn't Alone

A friend sent me a link a few days ago to a documentary titled Killing Seattle and I watched it in horror.  It is an hour long, but you can get the idea in the first ten minutes what the problem is and how dire it has become.  The calamities highlighted in this film are currently being experienced not only in Seattle, but also in San Francisco and Los Angeles and a growing number of other cities in the USA. 

Real LIfe Sidewalk Counselors Save Babies from Death and their Moms from a Lifetime of Regret!

The real Marilisa from Unplanned on the right.
Meat the Real-Life Marilisa from Unplanned

This is a great interview and as a sidewalk counselor myself I found it compelling. I spent many Saturdays for about 15 years sidewalk counseling at an abortion mill next to Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria. Before that it was Wednesdays at the Falls Church abortion mill where I stood on a stepladder talking to women over the fence between St. James and the facility.

Everything in Unplanned is absolutely on target about sidewalk counseling and pro-life witness.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Stupid Trudeau, Vicious Allah, Ignorant Francis

How obtuse the left is and Justin Trudeau is not only ignorant, he is an empty-headed fool. At the 2017 Toronto gay pride parade he wished HAPPY PRIDE TO ALLAH!

Socialists and Cattle

I would dare to say most people hearing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proclamation that we have to get rid of cows simply thought of their Big Mac disappearing or their standing rib roast at Christmas.  Maybe they thought of their summer steaks on the grill or their Philly cheese steak sandwiches.  Or even their corned beef savored on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Really, Mount St. Mary's? A NARAL Hero as Commencement Speaker?

Mark Shriver set to
 scandalize graduates
at the Mount. Protest
 this pro-abort pol!
Mount St. Mary’s University Urged to Rescind Commencement Honors Invitation

"The Mount" is one of the schools listed in the Newman Guide to great Catholic colleges so what a betrayal it is for them to scandalize their graduates with Mark Shriver! Here's a bit from the Newman Society's article:
Shriver was a pro-abortion rights politician who served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1995 to 2003 and failed a bid for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002. Shriver garnered a 100 percent rating by NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland. In a 2002 Washington Post interview, Shriver stated, “Women’s issues are critically important and I will continue to fight for a women’s right to choose; family planning funds; maternal and child health funding and education for girls both here and abroad.”

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Put on Your Black Arm Bands, D.C. Wilton Gregory is Coming to Town!

Pope Names First African American to Highest Post's official...another member of the homosexual subculture is promoted and will take over the most important see in the country. Many in Washington mourn today that another member of the McCarrick/Wuerl clique is coming to D.C. Haven't they suffered enough?

This is an unmitigated disaster for both Gregory and the flock.  When these men gain power they tend to abuse it and the flock along with it. That certainly can't be good for a man's soul. I hope every Catholic will commit to pray for Gregory and for the faithful of D.C. who live in the midst of a political world so filled with corruption.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

An Amazing Film Experience: UNPLANNED Rips the Mask off Planned Parenthood!

Wow! That was all I could say after seeing Unplanned yesterday. The film portrays the incredible story of Abby Johnson's conversion from Planned Parenthood Director to pro-life warrior. What a story! I've been following Abby since she left the abortion industry with a heart on fire to pull other people out of the pit. As a long-time sidewalk counselor, pregnancy help center volunteer, and rescuer I can testify to the the accuracy of much of the film because I've lived it. I've picketed and prayed outside abortion meetings and abortion mills. I've spoken to many abortion workers and abortionists. I've prayed with 40 Days for Life and talked to women going into the clinics and to some coming out after their abortions. To many I've offered help and healing. Pro-life work not only saves lives it changes lives -- not only those considering abortions, but those trying stop it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Good Advice for Those Thinking about the Priesthood...

Bishop Morlino died last
November. May he rest in peace.
Are seminaries safe? Better make sure says Fr. Mark Goring in the video below. Ask the bishop of the diocese or the superior of the order you are considering for assurance! He mentions Bishop Morlino's letter of August 18, 2018 in which he included these particular messages to seminarians, priests, and the lay faithful:
To our seminarians: If you are unchastely propositioned, abused, or threatened (no matter by whom), or if you directly witness unchaste behavior, report it to me and to the seminary rector. I will address it swiftly and vigorously. I will not stand for this in my diocese or anywhere I send men for formation. I trust that the seminaries I choose, very discriminately, to help form our men will not ignore this type of scandalous behavior, and I will continue to verify that expectation. 
To our priests: Most simply, live out the promises you made on your ordination day. You are called to serve Christ’s people, beginning with praying daily the Liturgy of the Hours.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Imitate Your Mother, Our Twelve Star General!

It's Monday, the start of a new week and a new month. Every first day is a good time to reflect on your role as a warrior in the Church Militant. Mary wasn't a week, 16-year-old girl who stood around weeping and wringing her hands over evil. She represents the captain of the guard, Queen of angels and saints. And she engages the enemy directly. Meditate on these image of Mary and then put on the armor of God and fight on the battlefield behind your General, rosary in hand and Confession and Eucharist in your swordbelt!

Some wag portrayed this with the rhyme: Hail Mary, full of grace,
punch the devil in the Face!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Meditation for Sunday: The Beauty of the Communion Rail

The sanctuary at St. Catherine of Siena in Great Falls, VA
My husband and I will go to Front Royal today for the 12:30 Tridentine Mass. My heart leaps up to even think of it! The reverence is palpable and I rejoice to see all the families with many young children and the numerous altar boys assisting the priest.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Poor Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.: Wilton Gregory Reportedly Gets the See!

Now let's take a hard look at Gregory and the insanity of sending him to follow disgraced Cardinals McCarrick and Wuerl.

Gregory is well-known for being a man who promotes and advances the gay agenda. Check out this article from The American Spectator:
Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory was a protégé of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, who played a leading role in the Gaying of the Catholic Church in America. In a nod to that legacy, Bernardin requested the Windy City Gay Men’s Chorus perform at his funeral. As an auxiliary bishop under Bernardin in Chicago, Gregory witnessed the spread of homosexuality within the priesthood and hierarchy up close. Bernardin’s seminary was known as the “pink palace.”

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fr. Tom Collins: Slander and Racism in the Name of "Social Justice"

Indian activist Nathan Phillips racially targets
Mark Sandmann and his school mates whom
the media slander as  racist white boys. Who
are the real racists?
Mueller was careful to ensure the perpetuation of slander against Trump. Even though there was no evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians, Mueller was careful to say only that there was “insufficient” evidence of such collusion, rather than no evidence of collusion. When there is no evidence whatsoever to prove an allegation, there is indeed “insufficient” evidence.

Zero evidence is indeed “insufficient” to prove a case, but the word “insufficient” implies that some real evidence does exist. In Trump’s case, there was no “evidence” aside from the set of unsubstantiated allegations composed for the Steele Dossier, at the behest of Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Don Ber-GOG-lio and his Kingdom of Magog

Watch as Don Bergoglio rudely pulls back his hand so that the faithful may not kiss the Papal ring. That he wants the Church to be run by synodality and not the Papacy is clear. That he is insolent and crass also is clear, so clear that I'm beginning to think the "gog" in his name is a warning that he is Gog and his Kingdom of Magog soon may appear on the horizon. Already it seems a thousand years that Bergoglio has reigned over Christ's Church making good into evil and evil into good. How soon before the final battle?

Sign of respect to the Godfather vs respect to the Papacy

Men Who Kill Babies will also Date-Rape Women!

Another pro-abort predator bites the dust.
It's getting crowded under that bus.
“Christian” Abortionist Accused of Sexual Misconduct, “Predatory Behavior” Towards Women

Last week I did a blog post about "Christian" abortionist Willie Parker who  is was an icon of the abortion movement. Hey, what more powerful propaganda vehicle than a black baby killer who wears the cross and fish on his sleeve. 

Well, it appears the good doc not only happily violates the commandment "Thou shalt not murder," but also enjoys the capital sin of lust. So now the pro-aborts are throwing the man under the bus. Date-raping predators aren't such a good advertisement for the pro-aborts. But Parker with his predatory behavior is no anomaly in the abortion industry. 

Another Lawsuit Filed against Former Bishop Bransfield: for Sexual Abuse of Adolescents and Young Adults

Wheeling has become a real flash point in the sex abuse saga. The Bransfield scandal shows big time that it ain't over, and that a primary problem is the bishops. Remember that Bransfield was a crony of McCarrick. He is also good buddies with Wuerl. Anyone who thinks this is over without a lot more bishops being exposed (no pun intended) is dreaming.

The latest allegations against Bransfield aren't decades old. They occurred within the past few years. Like McCarrick, Bransfield had a reputation for being an active homosexual who harassed seminarians. When he was the administrator for the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. his lavish parties were the talk of the town. Once he arrived in Wheeling he enjoyed every luxury money could buy spending like a drunken sailor on his own personal comfort.