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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: A quiet voice of reason in a world of noisy insanity.

One of the most memorable scenes (at least for me) in C.S. Lewis's famous book, The Scewtape Letters, occurs when the senior devil writes this to his apprentice, Wormwood:

My dear Wormwood,

So! Your man is in love — and in the worst kind he could possibly have fallen into — and with a girl who does not even appear in the report you sent me..... I have looked up this girl’s dossier and am horrified at what I find. Not only a Christian but such a Christian — a vile, sneaking, simpering, demure, monosyllabic, mouse-like, watery, insignificant, virginal, bread-and-butter miss.The little brute. She makes me vomit. She stinks and scalds through the very pages of the dossier. It drives me mad, the way the world has worsened. We’d have had her to the arena in the old days. That’s what her sort is made for. Not that she’d do much good there, either. A two-faced little cheat (I know the sort) who looks as if she’d faint at the sight of blood and then dies with a smile. A cheat every way. Looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and yet has a satirical wit. The sort of creature who’d find ME funny! Filthy insipid little prude....the very house she lives in is one that he ought never to have entered?...The whole house and garden is one vast obscenity. It bears a sickening resemblance to the description one human writer made of Heaven; “the regions where there is only life and therefore all that is not music is silence”.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Giant Slayer Posted a Bluegrass Video Joining "Try that in a Small Town" and "Rich Men North of Richmond." Go Ben!

My nephew Ben is the artist. Watch for his picture. Way to go, Ben! These young men speaking the truth through song give me hope for the future. Not all the young folks have been brainwashed and fooled.


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The Garland 9 are Found Guilty and Five are immediately taken into custody!

This is the abortionist in the case of the Garland 9. Nice guy, eh?

Off With His Head: Will the Garland 9 Get the St. John Treatment (Figuratively)? Verdict May Come Today!

I've been following the trial of the Garland 9 baby rescuers in D.C. Today the jury will likely reach a decision in this incredibly manipulated show trial.

Today is also the feast of the beheading of St. John the Baptist. Hopefully the Garland 9 will see truth prevail, but whatever happens God will use it for good. The day seems Providential!

Let's examine St. John's sentence. Why was he executed? For several reasons.

  • First, he spoke the truth about sin which enraged sinners. Herodias especially could not bear the thought that John was condemning her immoral marriage to Herod. Herod, who wasn't quite lost to the truth, was fascinated by John and liked to talk to him. Every Catholic who has engaged in defending the truth on a controversial issue like abortion, has no doubt experienced this. I remember two explicit occasions when I was speaking during a rescue to pro-abortion individuals with others listening. On both occasions the surrounding friends said, "Don't talk to her!" At one rescue the young man I engaged with responded, "Shut up! I'll talk to whoever I want." In the other, the young lesbian dressed like man, ended our previous respectful conversation with a raised fist shouting, "This is what dyke looks like!" before she walked away with her "friends." Yes, indeed, the lie hates the truth and will do anything to shut it up as Herodias demonstrated by demanding John's death. I was only arrested and imprisoned.

Monday, August 28, 2023

GOP Candidates Face Off -- Any of them would be better than our Puppet President!

Scanning the news this morning I found a few intriguing articles. One was particularly pointed. Robert Knight at the Washington Times offered his take on the GOP debate. He addressed several issues worth considering:

1) Any of the GOP candidates would be better than our current America-destroying puppet president. Even most Democrats agree that Biden shouldn't be president and that's according to an AP poll, not exactly a conservative voice.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Sunday Meditation: "Come now, let us reason together." Isaiah 1:18

The way people argue on social media is so often so mindless that I decided to go back and review the rules of logic. I took down Introduction to Logic by Irving Copi and Carl Cohen from a shelf in my home library to check out the fallacies. Originally published in 1994, it's a college textbook. Interestingly Part One on reasoning begins with the quote in the headline from Isaiah, "Come now, and let us reason together." Even before I had a chance to dive into the subject of logic, I was intrigued and distracted by the quote and decided to look it up and check out the context.

Bible translations vary greatly and there are a number of different translations for this particular verse. I checked them out at Bible Hub which I often use as a reference. Most of the bibles listed use the words "reason together." I'll just list one example:
English Standard Version: “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Disaster in Maui: Is there more to the fire than meets the eye?

There are a lot of questions about the Maui fires. It will be interesting to see what happens to the property. Will those who lived there return? Or will the land be taken over by government and sold to big developers who are democrat donors? Read more at Frontline News:

Friday, August 25, 2023

Colonel Douglas Macgregor Makes a Lot of Sense: Get Out of Ukraine NOW!

This interview is worth every minute of watching. Macgregor makes it clear that a lot of the Ukraine insanity is about money. And the warmongers are willing to destroy the country to get it. We are overreaching and spending money we don't have. "It's the uniparty....I don't see any good outcome from any of these candidates [for president]....This war is a catastrophe. The people bathing in blood are in Kyiv and Washington, not in Moscow....Ukraine is an exercise in fraud, deceit, and criminality....When is it going to stop? When are we going to help Hawaii?....this is the problem. It is America last on every level....This cannot go on; it's got to end." 

Watch the interview. Macgregor is a man of reason and wisdom. May God give us more like him. And may the American people wake up before we are "pushed over into the abyss."

Thursday, August 24, 2023

My Answer to Comments on The Luminous Mysteries From August 18th

The Transfiguration
by Theophanes the Greek, 15th Century

The original post is HERE. Before I begin I want to say that no one commented on what was in the post itself. Did they read it? 

In addition, at the Transfiguration, Christ made Peter, James and John's faith stronger so that they might not lose their belief in Him during His Passion and death. "He confirmed them in their faith"...made their faith stronger, not by Confirmation of the Holy Spirit Who was to come at Pentecost, but by enabling them to see Him as the Savior who was prefigured by the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah) of the Old Testament. 

Because of the Transfiguration, Peter, James and John did not lose their faith in Him. Just as there's more than one reference to the Holy Eucharist in the entire Bible, both OT and NT - several, in fact - there's also more than one reference for Confirmation and all the rest of the Seven Sacraments.

The following is my response:

Fourteen years before I became a Catholic I hadn’t been to the protestant church of my youth in years, and hadn’t spoken to God in over a decade. One night, in complete desperation, I breathed a prayer to Him. I breathed that prayer – just one line – and He heard me. I didn’t know anything about the Trinity or the Blessed Mother or much of anything. I just knew God was our Father so I prayed to Him.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The College Persecution Is Beginning Now that the Lefty Teachers are Back in the Classroom

I got this on my Facebook Wall today. One of the comments was this (I've blocked the name of the college to protect the young woman involved.):

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Need Hope? You Can Find it Even in Places Where Depravity Rules -- Like California!

I have a special place in my heart for St. Michael's Abbey because it was home to a dear priest friend, Fr. Leo Celano. The way we met was unusual. Back in the 1970s I was involved in some of the early rescues. In one I was chained to an abortion table at Milan Vuitch's facility. Vuitch was responsible for the change in the abortion laws in D.C. He was doing them illegally in his basement before Roe v. Wade, and just moved his shingle to the front door to continue his bloody business. He opened up a shabby office where he quipped he'd kill black babies for free.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Monday Morning This and That

Bee inspection with two 
little prospective beekeepers.
Life is filled with unexpected situations. Last week we lost one of our two beehives. There were only a few dead bees on the bottom board so it's pretty clear that they absconded. Why? Who knows? There are lots of reasons that could have caused it. We think they just couldn't find enough food and took off for greener pastures. The drought this summer has certainly affected the nectar flow. But we're sorry we didn't start feeding them early on. All was well only a week ago. So things can go South in a hurry. We immediately began to feed our remaining hive and they are emptying the sugar syrup bags as quickly as we put them in. Today I'll purchase another twenty pounds of sugar for the girls. We love beekeeping and hope to keep at it as long as we're able. We have another hive inside a wall around the pool, but decided to let them winter over there and remove them in the Spring. Hopefully they will survive. So far there are still bees going in and out the little knothole that's their entrance.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Sunday Meditation: Going Down to Jericho

Pelegrí Clavé (1811- 1880)

I'm not sure what the Novus Ordo gospel was for today, but the TLM gospel was the Good Samaritan.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Show Trial in D.C. against the Rescuers Has Begun! Verdict First...

George Santayana

Editor's Note: The Queen of Hearts, aka Judge Kolleen Kollar Kotelly, is presiding over the show trial of the Garland 9 arrested for standing between unborn children and their killers. In these crazy times, murdering the innocent has become a protected civil right. Defending them is a crime deserving of a long prison term. If you've never read about the genocide in the Vendee, this would be a good time to study it, because history repeats itself. The peasants of the Vendee rose up against the evil Constitutional government in France as it targeted the innocent for execution. Today the knives are busy again against the innocent in the womb. Read the report below on the show trial in progress in D.C. Judge KKK is channeling the Communist and Fascists judge of WW II and the cold war. There is nothing new under the sun and, as George Santayana said, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it!"

Friday, August 18, 2023

Time Out for a Break! Sometimes Ya Just Deal with it....

....And we had one, a break that is, literally when a powerful gust of wind caught an umbrella and shattered the tempered glass on top of an aluminum table around our pool.  Little bits of glass everywhere! Two of my five sisters are visiting this week and they helped me clean up with brooms and dustpans and then vacuuming with the shop vac. Larry was out and we didn't want to leave the mess for him to deal with when he got home. Fortunately, only a few small bits went into the pool. That's on the cleanup list for today -- a good thorough pool vacuuming.

Fourth Luminous Mystery - Confirmation: A Vision of a Vision

The Transfiguration
by Ivanka Demchuk
Something was missing from the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, mainly the earthly life of Jesus and the founding of His Church with the Seven Sacraments he established for the salvation of souls. Therefore, John Paul II filled in the absent 33 years with the Luminous Mysteries which are the Seven Sacraments.

The first, second and fifth Luminous Mysteries are self explanatory. They are the Sacraments of Baptism (The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan), Holy Matrimony (The Wedding at Cana) with the fifth mystery being both Holy Orders and Holy Eucharist (The Institution of the Eucharist).

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Which is better? Here....or Here?

 This video is from October 2022.

This video is from August 2023.

God Bless Detransitioner Chloe Cole!

Ideological trans scientists, like abortionists, are predators who will mutilate and destroy children's bodies for money. We no longer have to warn our kids only about perverts in the park. They now inhabit our doctors' offices, hospitals, schools, and libraries. Sad times! Pray for Chloe Cole and all the detransitioners. Like the post aborted women who regret their abortions, these people are planting the seeds of wrath that will choke out the poisonous plants destroying our culture. 


Monday, August 14, 2023

Monday Morning Meandering!

  • Start The Week Monday Quotes
  • What a week. My husband and I are in the middle of soap opera. It seems to be a compilation of several based on their titles. I never watched the soaps. What started out as Days of Our Lives has morphed into General Hospital because of a fall by my elderly sister. (Yikes! Elderly? She's three and a half years younger than I am.) I took a pretty serious fall about a month ago myself, but suffered no ill effects except a little soreness. Unfortunately, my sister broke the ball in one of her hips, so she is scheduled for surgery. Prayers would be much appreciated for both her and her medical team.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Sunday Meditation: Let us accept all our sufferings as a mortification for our eternal salvation.

Many of the meditations in the Benedictus Latin Mass prayer book share writings of Prosper Louis Pascal Guéranger (1805-1875).  A French priest and Benedictine monk, Dom Guéranger was Abbot of the monastery of Solesmes for almost 40 years. He also established the French Benedictine Congregation after the French Revolution. The architects of the Revolution. with their "cult of reason," did everything possible to destroy the Catholic Church in France. 

Saturday, August 12, 2023

The D.C. Kangaroo Court Against Rescuers is in Session....

Editor's note: This post has been updated and corrected since it was NOT a Red Rose Rescue as I originally thought, but a traditional rescue to block the killers from their victims.

We have returned to the days of the Nazi sham trials with judges very much like Roland Freisler, the man responsible for executing anyone who dared to object to the Nazi murder machine. 

Time to Get Red-pilled about the Government's COVID Response! It Had Nothing to Do with Public Health Concerns!

Editor's Note: This essay is a must read to understand the vicious and deliberate goals of the COVID hysteria. I've added my comments in red. We have reached a red-pilled moment where anyone with eyes to see can recognize the evil agenda of the Left. COVID targeted the elderly and the poor especially, those considered useless eaters by the globalist elitists. Read the essay and refuse to ever let the government convince you that they are making these decisions out of humanitarian concern for you and your family. The same is true of the climate change hoax. Wake up and recognize the truth! Frightened, people are easier to control. 

There Was No Pandemic (essay)

By Denis G. Rancourt, Ph.D. June 22, 2023

This is radical.

The essay is based on my May 17, 2023 testimony for the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) in Ottawa, Canada, my 894-page book of exhibits in support of that testimony, and our continued research.

Friday, August 11, 2023

Of Soap Operas, Duties, and Charity!

Is your life like a soap opera? What will happen next?

I've come to the conclusion that everybody on the planet lives in a soap opera. And, in fact, that's probably the reason soap operas are popular. Focusing on the problems of your favorite soap characters takes your mind off your own personal, homegrown drama for at least a little while.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

What a disappointment Mike Pence has turned out to be! Worthy to be President? NOT!

I had high hopes for Mike Pence, but what a pathetic individual he's turned out to be. His discussion with Tucker Carlson about January 6th and the war in Ukraine illustrated how much he is a creature of the deep state. Do we really need another go along with the uniparty in D.C. candidate? I don't think so! Mike Pence is about as presidential as the local dog catcher. Time to wrap it up and go home, Mike. The X post (formerly Twitter) below is from General Keith Kellogg including the banner for Trump. I'm on the fence at present, but I certainly agree with General Kellogg about the unfitness of Pence to sit at the desk in the oval office. Retirement for Mike Pence is on the horizon and no loss to the republic. 

How Many Illegal Labs Are Out There Creating the Next Pandemic?

This is horrifying! How many of these illegal labs are operating around the country? Keep your eyes wide open, folks, and demand answers from public officials. Remember East Palestine, Ohio. The first video is a press conference about the situation. The second is a short news report. You might want to watch the second first.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Why Would Anyone Not Believe in the Real Presence? Just Look at How WYD Treated Our Blessed Lord!

It's interesting to read the comments from priests on Twitter justifying the abomination of placing the master of the universe in aplastic tub from the hardware store and plastic bowls from Walmart (or wherever). Oh...but think of the logistics! What else could they do? Yes, I saw priests saying that in comments! 

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Are You a Fake Catholic or Do You Live a Truly Catholic Life?

It's not enough to prance around as a "model Catholic" while you promote sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. We need to examine those areas of our lives where our actions conflict with the teachings of the Church. "You need to focus on being a good Catholic...focus on your life....You cannot allow yourself to become bitter toward those around you....In His Church there will be two kinds of people....children of God and children of the devil."

Am I faking it? I may be able to fool the people around me, but I can never fool God. So am I the wheat or the weeds? A good examination of conscience: ask every evening, "How was I wheat today and how was I the weeds?"

Monday, August 7, 2023

How Many Heretics with Wrong-Headed Philosophies Do You Know?

Anyone who's read the blog for a time knows I'm a great fan of G. K. Chesterton. Our Chesterton book club just read Heretics, a rather surprising title for a book that has absolutely nothing to do with religious heretics like Martin Luther or Arius, etc. In Heretics, Chesterton criticizes his contemporaries for their wrong-headed philosophies. Rudyard Kipling, George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, etc. all get the sting of Chesterton's barbed wit. He also takes on groups, like the yellow press and those who make science their god. It's a fascinating group of essays.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Expose the Coordinated Effort to Mutilate Kids! They're All In!

Trailer for Gender Transformation: the Untold Realities

The Epoch Times has a documentary unveiling the deliberate, coordinated effort to seduce and mutilate kids with the siren song of "gender fluidity." They're all in: the education establishment, the media, the politicians, the corporate CEOs, the Hospitals and unethical psychiatrists and medical doctors. They're all in! 

Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Devil’s Last Stand: Attack the Family; Attack Our Lady Part 2

See Part 1....

Passion of the Christ: Mary vs. Satan

Satan's hatred of Our Lady extends to all the daughters of Eve who reflect her image! And so we move to the What is a Woman? era. Nobody knows! Just as men try to erase God with the claim that He doesn’t exist or, if He did once exist, He is now dead; women, who mirror the God-bearer Mary, must be annihilated as well. “Our tainted nature’s solitary boast,” as Wordsworth described Mary must be cancelled along with all her daughters. Women are unimportant and easily replaced. A man can be a better woman than a real woman. A trans woman runs, bikes, and swims faster; jumps higher, and advertises cosmetics and Nike sportswear better than any real woman could.

Friday, August 4, 2023

The Devil’s Last Stand: Attack the Family; Attack Our Lady Part 1

THE BATTLE IN HEAVEN -- Pieter Bruegel the Elder 16th century

“And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels.... And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth,and his angels were thrown down with him.” [Apocalypse 12] 

What started the “battle in heaven?”

Thursday, August 3, 2023

More on 5th Generation Warfare

Yesterday I shared Dr. Robert Malone's talk from the Frontline Doctors' White Coat Summit in Washington, D.C. last month. He warned listeners about the dangers of 5th generation warfare (5GW), an attack that targets the minds of the public, manipulating our very thoughts in order to control us. It was an interesting and eye-opening window into the evils we daily face from a faceless globalist cabal.

I began considering events during the past few years that were manipulated and distorted to achieve apparent woke goals. Were these events demonstrating 5th generation warfare?

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The COVID Fear Mongering Was Deliberate! We've All Been Lied To (and) Gaslit!

A few days ago the Frontline Doctors held their third White Coat Summit to call out the lies and misinformation that led to millions of people being systematically killed in the COVID epidemic. It was a death toll absolutely unnecessary and deliberately propagated by immoral gain of function research making viruses more easily spread and more lethal and then banning life-saving protocols in favor of deadly ones. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Defend the Faith from the Foxes in the "Henhouse!"

My husband and I go out every night to supervise our chickens while they free range for an hour. We used to let them out all day until one disappeared. When we saw a fox later prowling around the coop, we decided that poor Pidgie ended up in the fox's belly. Now we are the evening guardians while we pray our rosary and do some spiritual reading together. (Our evening activity is a metaphor for what the laity must do these days to defend the flock from the foxes and wolves invading the coop. Unfortunately, many who remain theologically true shepherds often will not act out of fear of reprisal. Thank God for the few, like Bishop Strickland, who will.)