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Monday, November 30, 2015

# GrowUp: College Isn't Supposed to be Daycare!

A great open letter from a college president:

Everett Piper's Open Letter will definitely hurt the feelings of narcissistic babies pretending to be grownups eager to learn. They need to get off college campuses and re-enroll in pre-school where the teacher will firmly remove them kicking and screaming from Mommy's arms and set them on the road to self-control. Parents who have twenty and thirty-somethings still living at home, I hope you charge them rent or tell them to grow up and move on. They need to learn to live in the real world where something is expected of them more than doing their own laundry. (Please, Mom, you aren't doing their laundry too are you?)

They're Doin' the Climate Hustle!

A new documentary debunking man-made global warming will premier just in time for the Paris summit gathering all the Chicken Littles to scream, "Climate change is going to kill us all!" Climate Hustle presents a growing number of scientists challenging the assumption that CO2 is damaging the planet. Check out the website here. And then read what prominent scientists have to say about the nonsense.

John Coleman has a great video on how the global warming scam is based on lies and how it got started. The engine driving global warming is money and politics. Check it out. He's not very hopeful about his and other skeptics' efforts changing things. What will change things is the same thing that destroyed Paul Ehrlich's population scare. Time and exposure. False prophets ultimately do themselves in. The population bomb was a dud and the man-made global warming/climate change hysteria will undo itself as well. How many frigid winters will people have to experience before they realize they've been scammed? And why? It's the money, stupid! There's no money in normal. There's big money in scaremongering.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Are You Ready for His Coming?

Is any of us ever completely ready? I doubt it. We continually need to convert. I pray this Advent will be a time for me that results in my being more ready on Christmas Eve for Christ's coming than I was on this first Sunday of Advent. What will you do to be more ready? How will you sweep out the dust bunnies and cobwebs soiling your soul? I will be reflecting on that today. Lord give me the eyeglasses of truth that make me aware of my self-deception. Give me the broom of prayer and the dust rag of repentance that help me clean and sweep my house and make it ready to welcome you. And help me to meditate with song and reflection during the coming days and weeks. Maranatha! O come, Divine Messiah!

From the Tongue in Cheek Department: A New Christmas Greeting

As Advent begins and the secular world begins already to celebrate Christmas, or the winter holiday as they say, Fr. Tom offers us an interesting:

President Obama has repeatedly asserted that Islam is a religion of peace.
If this is so, should we not try to make our Christmas celebrations more
inclusive by stopping our imposition of the Christian "Peace on earth"
and, instead, loudly proclaiming in crowded shopping malls during the
Christmas season, "Allah hu Akbar"? I believe that people would respond
quite dramatically [And how!] to such a pro-active effort to make Christmas more
inclusive. It is just a thought to help all of us stay politically correct
during the holiday season and to bring a smile to the face of our President. [And, of course, we all want to do that, eh?]

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Civil Unrest Under Obama is No Accident! Fight Back with Faith!

If you want to understand what makes Barack Obama tick, you need to read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals. These two books explain exactly how the community organizer works to keep people off balance and at each other's throats. Demonization is part of the plan and Obama is expert at that. And who are the demons?

Friday, November 27, 2015

Being a Good Steward Begins in the Kitchen

Stop! Don't throw away that bird!
When I was a little girl, my mother always encouraged us to clean our plates. Throwing out food was verboten. Considering there were twelve mouths to feed (my parents, myself, and my nine siblings), I'm sure our astronomical food bill was part of her motivation. But she also thought of those less fortunate. Wasting food was throwing away money that could be given to feed the poor.

We, as children of course, didn't have a clue about the "starving Armenians" and would gladly have sent our unwanted lima beans and black-eyed peas to fill up their plates, but as an adult I know exactly what my mom meant.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#"Brain-Death" is a Fraud: Educate Yourself on End of Life Issues

Zack Dunlap, declared "brain-dead",
recovered from his injuries.
Two weeks ago, the Catholic Media Coalition held a meeting on End of Life Issues. We need to get the word out about the "transformation" of modern medicine from patient-oriented to preserve and protect life to $$$-oriented with limited treatment and hastening death. I gave the introductory talk. What's happening is deliberate with a well-organized cadre of death-dealing foundations like George Soros' Open Society, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc. They aren't content with killing off the little ones in the womb. Their targets now are the "useless eaters" and the injured who can be "farmed" for their valuable organs. You'll note in the video a chart from 2011 showing just how much money one young body filled with healthy organs can provide to the transplantation industry.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Beginning of a Great Adventure with Jesus

As I watched this video I thought of St. Therese entering the Carmel at fourteen and of St. Clare running away in the middle of the night to be shorn and clothed in the robes of what came to be the Poor Clares. What a blessing for this young woman as she knocks on the door and enters into the Eucharistic Presence to try her vocation. Please pray for her and all those exploring religious vocations. And pray for Mother Angelica whose medical situation is precarious. They have put her on a feeding tube and she continues to suffer for all of us. May God bless her with strength and courage.

Monday, November 23, 2015

No Greater Love than This: To Lay Down One's Life for One's Friends

Are you tempted to despair about the younger generation? This video should give us all hope. The hatred of the terrorists can never overcome love. Let's pray for the mercy of God on all those young people murdered in cold blood by those who are dead inside and serving their satanic god. We should pray for them as well. Hell awaits for those who fail to repent.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bill Donohue's "Charity" is Mostly Himself

Yesterday I blogged about Bill Donohue's attack on those raising the alarm about Cardinal Wuerl's lavish digs on Embassy Row. Out of curiosity I checked Donohue's "charity," the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Right. Charity Navigator has a breakdown that is most enlightening. One hundred percent of the league's income is derived from contributions. Less than half of that goes to advance their agenda. Over 50% goes to administration and fundraising including a hunky chunk for Donohue's $417,000 salary.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Superman (er...Bill Donohue) Coming to Cardinal Wuerl's Rescue!

Bill Donohue has come out swinging at those criticizing Cardinal Wuerl and his $43 Million penthouse on Embassy Row. (See here.) In his article Donohue attacks George Neumayr who called Wuerl our own "bishop of bling" and says this about Christine Niles of ChurchMilitantTV:
Christine Niles...says "today’s archbishop of Washington owns a penthouse in a complex valued at $43 million." That is a lie. He owns not a centimeter of his third-floor "penthouse," an apartment that sits atop Our Lady Queen of the Americas parish. Like bishops all over the world, he resides in a spot that was specifically designed for the local Ordinary. There is nothing scandalous about this Church patrimony.

And You Wonder Why Doctors are Willing to Kill Patients for their Organs?

They're "dead inside."

Public Funding of Planned Parenthood Endorsed by AMA

The first two paragraphs of the article:
The AMA meeting is now over. The delegates have left. The AMA has a clear message for America: “we are dead inside.” By a 363-71 margin, the AMA physician leaders stood against life itself, rejecting a call to defund the corrupt abortion group, Planned Parenthood. Every effort was made to prevent the AMA from revealing their true nature.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Can You Help Aden? Here's the Answer!

Aden in happier times
#1 PRAY:

Join the novena of the Miraculous Medal asking Our Lady to provide a doctor and hospital to act like the Good Samaritan helping the wounded traveler! And another.

 As you probably know by now the Supreme Court of Nevada vacated the lower court ruling that would have allowed St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center to remove Aden’s life support. Praised be to God - some just men!

Don't Be Pushed Off the Cliff! Defend Your Own Life and the Life of Others.

Don't be pushed off the cliff!
Are you an organ donor on your driver's license?

Have you signed a Living will refusing nutrition and hydration?

Who will make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself?

Will you be deliberately killed for your organs if you suffer an injury or "medical misadventure?"

All of us will face serious medical issues at some time in our life.

#NoBucksintheBasket! #BoycottCCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) this Weekend!

Hold on to your wallet this weekend when dioceses across the country use flimflam to try to convince you that giving to progressive community organizing groups that support intrinsic immorality will help the poor. Yes, that's exactly what the CCHD collection does and its roots are core deep in Marxism. Michael Hichborn describes the origins of CCHD in a great article at the Lepanto Institute:
The Marxist Core of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Monday, November 16, 2015

#Save Aden! Do You Know a Doctor or Hospital Admin Who Will Help?

In August, Dr. Paul Byrne described how the case of Aden Hailu had been accepted by the Supreme Court of Nevada. This young woman went into a coma last April during surgery and remains brain debilitated at St. Mary's Regional Hospital in Reno, NV. They claimed she was brain dead and got a court to agree, but the Supreme Court of Nevada overturned The hospital refuses to give this young woman the treatment she needs: a tracheostomy, a feeding tube, and simple thyroid supplementation. That she is still alive today is no thanks to the mistreatment she has received at St. Mary's Hospital.

Today the Nevada Supreme Court refused to vacate the temporary restraining order that prevents the hospital from discontinuing Aden's life support. So, for now, Aden is safe. However, it's absolutely necessary to get her transferred away from St. Mary's where they seem determined to kill her to a hospital that will provide her the necessary treatment to give her a chance to heal. Aden should have had this treatment last April. If she had, she might very well be at home as is the case with Jahi McMath. 

Please help Aden. Pray, of course, but if you have influence in the medical field and can help get Aden into a hospital that will care for her properly, please help make that happen! You can contact Dr. Paul Byrne at Life Guardian Foundation. Please pass this far and wide: on Twitter, on Facebook, on your blogs. Aden is alive. She is a precious child of God. She has right to be treated with respect and dignity and given a chance to heal. Let's pray and work to make it happen!

If You Invite the Devil to Play, He Surely Will!

Did you know that the California rock group Eagles of Death Metal was doing their act at the Bataclan theater when the suicide bombers did their thing? They were promoting their new album Zipper Down singing a song to the devil. I'm serious. Here are some of the lyrics:

A Dog Has Four Legs Even if You Call His Tail a Leg!

Carina Melchior described as "dead" in 2011 and
 prepped for organ donation is alive today and recovering.
Brain "death" is a lie to collect organs for a hungry industry. 
Let's get real!

Abraham Lincoln once asked how many legs a dog has if you call his tail a leg. Your answer?

Does pretending make a thing so? When I play horsie with my grandbabies am I really a horse? I have a sister who does a really good imitation of an elephant trumpeting. When she does that is she an elephant? Apparently in today's society some people would think so.

Rick Santorum stupidly said that if Bruce Jenner says he's a woman he's a woman. Huh? No, Rick, he's just a man who's mutilated his body and dressed up like a woman.

#Save Aden! She Has a Right to Good Medical Care.

If you go to the hospital you expect to be treated, right? You don't expect doctors to be gods, but you do expect them to give you the best care possible consistent with your illness. So why is St. Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno, NV neglecting Aden Hailu and refusing basic, simple curative treatments that could help her recover? You can read about Aden's condition here. This young woman has been abandoned by the medical profession, but her family loves her enough to fight. God bless them and God help those who are engaged in the neglect that is likely to lead to her death. They will answer for it to God.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Organ Procurement and Donation Process

This is part 2 of a video series I posted yesterday about organ donation and the false definition of brain death. It is shocking!

DO NOT SIGN AN ORGAN DONOR CARD. Doctors and hospitals are "harvesting" vital organs from LIVING patients not dead ones. The person must have a beating heart when "harvested" or the heart is useless. The same for other vital organs. Vital organs degrade too quickly to be useful AFTER death. The patient must be alive.

How many of those who have signed up as organ donors realized they will be killed for their organs? How many believe, rather, that the hospital has to wait until circulation, breathing, and brain activity have ALL stopped? How many signing organ donor cards are doing it with truly informed consent?

Never allow an apnea test on an injured loved one. They remove the ventilator for up to ten minutes letting the patient suffocate for that period of time. The apnea test causes MORE brain damage.  It is NEVER done for the benefit of the patient. (Note, this is not the testing done for sleep apnea.)

Be informed and fight for the vulnerable. They aren't just clumps of cells. They are human persons deserving of protection. Be a life guardian, not a facilitator of death.

The Nightmare at Elm Street Hospital: A Horror Story

You're in a hospital room. It's stark and cold. You are sitting in a chair next to a bed where a figure lies very still -- your beloved son John Paul.  He's on a ventilator and has an IV.You listen to the hiss of the ventilator and watch the liquid from the IV bag dripping into the tube that leads to his arm. A machine measures his vitals. It shows a strong heart beat and records his blood pressure. He looks like he's asleep, but medical staff say he's in a coma, possibly brain dead. You pray he wakes up soon.

Insanity Reigns on Campus!

More free speech here than on campus!
What a week! I still can't wrap my mind around the evil attacks in Paris. So I'll focus on our own insanity here.

On campus students are repeating the antics of the 60s. No, they aren't holding sit-ins at the administration buildings. They're using hunger strikes and manufactured injuries to get people fired and turn campuses into bastions of political correctness rather than institutions for rational discussion. I'm not sure these privileged lefties have a rational cell in their collective brain. (Yes, I know I didn't put an s on brain. There's only one -- the brain of the collective, the puppet master of the left.)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Prayer Request for End of Life Meeting

This weekend the Catholic Media Coalition is sponsoring a meeting to discuss end of life issues. It is an area that people would be wise to study since it is being used like the camel's nose in the tent to completely change U.S. medicine. How? From focus on the individual, i.e., preserving and protecting his life to focusing on the collective and hastening the individual's death if a risk/benefit analysis shows he's a non-contributor to the collective.

At Mass this morning I was struck by this sentence from the gospel. "Where the body is, there also the vultures will gather." It made me think of the palliative care team at the hospitals following families around trying to convince them to sign away the organs of their loved ones.

National Geographic Calls Mary, "The Most Powerful Woman

Check it out!

How the Virgin Mary Became the World’s Most Powerful Woman

Are you listening to Mary's messages from Fatima? Do you pray the rosary every day? Do you honor her request to make the five first Saturdays? 

It's not that hard to listen to Mary and I guarantee the reward is great -- heaven itself! 

Of course, you don't have to listen, but if you knew you could win the greatest lottery on earth by following simple instructions wouldn't you do it? 

Honor the Mother of Jesus Christ. He did!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

On Mercy and What it Requires!

Pope Francis talks a lot about mercy and, in fact, we will soon begin the year of Mercy. So what exactly is the Mercy of God? And what does it require of us?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote about "cheap grace," the grace we bestow on ourselves, grace without the cross and without Jesus Christ. I think we might also talk about "cheap mercy."

In the wee hours at adoration this morning I was reading the first essay in Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family(You know, the book hijacked by Fr. Lombardi and co.) Cardinal Carlo Caffarra addressed Mercy and Conversion. The cardinal began by saying, "These reflections focus on the act in which God's mercy shines forth in its preeminent form: the forgiveness of a sinner."

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Three is enough," so Cecile Richards killed her fourth child!

baby killed at 12 wks - Cecilia's #4?
Cecile Richards Defends Aborting Her Baby: We Had Three Kids, That Was Enough
Now how can children one, two, and three feel like they were really loved and wanted. They were only allowed to be born because of their birth order. Had any one of them traded places with number four, they would have been toast, or perhaps ghoul-ash is a more appropriate description in view of recent Planned Parenthood videos!

Of course, having an abortion didn't make Richards less a mum of four, it just made her the mother of three living children and one poor little dead one.

Brain Dead? Think Again!

This weekend the Catholic Media Coalition (I'm the president.) is having a meeting to discuss the false definition of "brain death" and the corruption of palliative care from preserving and protecting life to hastening death. While researching for the meeting I came across one more example (There are many!) of a man described as brain dead who was actually in a locked in state. After twelve years he "woke up." So was he dead for twelve years and "came back to life?" Of course not and his case shows exactly how pernicious and dangerous the brain dead designation is.

Comparing Planned Parenthood to ISIS? Right on!

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky got taken to the woodshed by a parishioner recently for comparing Planned Parenthood to ISIS in the weekly bulletin. (Seems apt to me. The only difference between the victims is their size and place of residence and the fact that the kid killers have the consent of the moms.)

The Catholic lady who pulled Father aside to remonstrate with him knows Cecile Richards, head of PP, personally and finds her "very friendly" (at least to born women). Really, the lady says she's pro-life, but finds Father's approach over the top, one that causes other parishioners (not her) to "roll their eyes" when they read the bulletin.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who Will Decide? The Inspiring Story of Forrest Stone.

Son in coma, mother shocked to find she had little say in his medical care

Parents, listen up. Think about it. Your children still live with you and are dependent on you financially, but they are over 18 and legal adults. If they are in an accident, who will make medical decisions for them? According to the article above one family faced that dilemma and had to go to court to get legal guardanship. Can you imagine what would happen if this mom hadn't become legal guardian for her son?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Whoopi Shills for Planned Parenthood: She's a True Believer!

Hey, I wear these shades so
 won't see baby body parts!
Doesn't she know that a lot of those harvested baby body parts are from babies of color? They don't get lynched, just ripped limb from limb.

Whoopi Goldberg denies Planned Parenthood harvests baby body parts.

Progressives won't believe anything that conflicts with their secular religion even when it's proved beyond doubt. Planned Parenthood is one of their gods and abortion is one of their sacraments. So don't confuse these liberals with the truth. They can't believe it because they'd have to give up their religious beliefs and face an unpleasant truth about what they support. So just give Whoopi her shades and earplugs so she won't have to face the unpleasant truth about her gods at PP. They kill lots and lots of black babies, but, hey, that's liberating right? Some people might call it genocide.

You Really Believe Islam is a Religion of Peace?

It's not!
Unless you worship Allah!
Father Douglas al-Bazi, an Iraqi Catholic parish priest from Erbil, who still carries the torture scars he received nine years earlier at the hands of jihadis, denounced the Western refusal to accept reality about Islam: 
"I'm proud to be an Iraqi, I love my country. But my [Muslim] country is not proud that I'm part of it. What is happening to my people [Christians] is nothing other than genocide. I beg you: do not call it a conflict. It's genocide... When Islam lives amidst you, the situation might appear acceptable.

Talk about Progressive Tyrants: You WILL Believe in Climate Change - Or Else!

New York Attorney General Tries to Criminalize Scientific Dissent on Climate Change

The Church gets a lot of flack for putting Galileo under house arrest for teaching that his theory that the sun was the center of the universe was, in fact, a fact. It wasn't, of course, because the sun is NOT the center of the universe. But progressives never tell you that when they attack the Church. So now we have a doctrinaire progressive who wants to criminalize those who dispute the theory of man-made global warming.  I suspect it won't just be house arrest for the big bad global warming deniers.

Do you think any of the progressives will criticize NY's attorney general for his Soviet-style antics? Yes, they do resemble Stalin's attitude toward science:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services releases "Final Rule" on Death Conversations

A friend forwarded this email from CAPC, the Center to Advance Palliative Care:

CMS Final Rule Highlights Importance of the
Patient-Clinician Relationship

Friday, November 6, 2015

A Society Can be Judged by How it Treats the Most Vulnerable

How are we doing?....

Praying to St. Jude Can Bring a Smile to Your Face and a Chocolate Bunny to Your Easter Basket

One of my email friends (thanks, Mary) sent a message this morning and it brought a smile to my face. So I share it with you, dear readers, and hope you enjoy it as well.
So today while praying my rosary, I put my reading glasses on and glanced down at the center piece medal on my rosary.
It was a St Jude medal.

Who Benefited from Obamacare? Check Out the CEO Salaries of the 11 Failed Co-ops

Top Officials With Failed Obamacare Co-Ops Made an Average of $245,000

And they say private insurance companies are bad, bad, bad because they are "for profit." 

From the article:
Congress created the co-ops to inject competition into areas where few insurance providers offered plans. The federal government awarded $2.4 billion in startup and solvency loans to 23 co-ops that were approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services....

Hold on to your wallet: The CCHD Collection is Coming Up!

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection is coming up and, as usual, Catholics will be hoodwinked into giving thinking their money will directly help the poor. It doesn't. A significant portion goes to community organizing groups directly involved in promoting moral evils and electing "progressive" politicians.

In most dioceses the collection is taken up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Some dioceses are calling the collection something else and holding it at different times as a disguise. For example, my friend Janet sent this email about the DC Archdiocese's collection:
The only changes I’ve seen have been on the part of the progressive cartel to obfuscate the nature of the collection. For instance, in the DC archdiocese, the collection is now held in August and is called the “Communication and Human Development” Collection. Cute, huh?
Dishonest as all get out. It's called Picking Pockets in the Pew!

I made the video below back in 2008, but it's just as true today as it was then. For more on this year's collection see Catholic Citizens of Illinois.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanks to Voters who Reelected Bob Marshall and Dick Black

Bob Marshall
Dick Black
Thumbs up to state senator Dick Black with 53% of the vote last Tuesday and to state delegate Bob Marshall who took 56% of the vote. Congratulations, Virginia. These two men are among the most honorable I've ever known. Staunchly pro-life and pro-family, they do not ignore the issues that make living in Virginia a joy. Both men are working to defeat Gov. McAuliffe's efforts to turn northern Virginia into a cash cow with tolls on I 66 that wouldn't be used for road building or maintenance, but just increase the cost of the commute and gridlock on that already-crowded highway. The Virginia General Assembly remains in the hands of Republicans. Let's pray more of them uphold the principles of the Republican platform that respects life, family, and subsidiarity.

Joint Communion with Lutherans? Oh my!

Bishop Denis Madden and Lutheran Bishop Elizabeth Eaton
Bishops Committee Recommends Opportunities for Shared Communion with Lutherans


According to the bishops' press release reporting on their dialogue with the Lutheran Church, Declaration on the Way:
The document...also suggests that the expansion of opportunities for Lutherans and Catholics to receive Holy Communion together would be a sign of the agreements already reached. The Declaration also seeks a commitment to deeper connection at the local level for Catholics and Lutherans.

Great Video Defending Marriage between One Man and One Woman

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Good News for Kentucky: Matt Bevin Elected Governor

Oh the sweetness of kicking Mitch McConnell in the keister!

Matt Bevin is pro-life and pro-family. He is both a fiscal and social conservative. And just look at this beautiful family. Congratulations, Kentucky!

Leaping to Judgment: The "Brain Dead" Label

Hospital Won’t Provide Care for “Brain Dead” 7-Year-Old, Second Hospital Refuses Transfer

Noelia Echavarria
Noelia Echavarria was declared "brain dead" after four days in the hospital and because of that designation, the second hospital won't taker her. Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo who was deliberately starved and dehydrated to death, had this to say about what's happening:
“We see this as a growing problem in our nation, where hospitals are not only quick to make these types of hopeless diagnoses, but are also denying the family their medical rights as advocates,” Schindler said. “Especially in the situations like Noelia Echavarria, where the parents have every right to look out for their daughter’s best interest before making any decision that could possibly jeopardize her future, impact her family, or others who someday may find themselves in similar situations.”
My comment? I hate to bring it up, but note that these young women are "people of color" (Noelia, Jahi, and Aden)  I can't help wondering how much that has to do with these cases. What kind of health insurance do the families have, for example?  Not that the death industry wouldn't be happy to kill off people of any color -- just sayin'.

Jahi McMath
Aden Hailu

Do You Really Support Obamacare?

More than half of Obamacare co-ops fail

If you want to see a black hole in action just check out Obamacare where millions in taxpayer dollars are sucked into the hole without giving anything in return. The result of Obamacare? Paying more money for reduced coverage that many doctors won't take. It's a lose-lose situation for many including members of my own family who have lost their preferred doctors, have higher deductibles for reduced coverage, and are paying more out of pocket as a result of this disastrous program. 

Not to worry though. Obama is promoting death conversations for the useless eaters nearing the end of life. That should save money. And maybe they can open a factory to produce Soylent Green to feed the masses.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Did the Pope Really Say That the Divorced and Remarried will be Admitted to Communion?

That's what his friend, journalist Eugenio Scalfari, is claiming. The Vatican, on the other hand, says Scalfari is not reliable.

Here's the translation from Rorate Caeli of what the pope supposedly said to Scalfari:
“The diverse opinion of the bishops is part of this modernity of the Church and of the diverse societies in which she operated, but the goal is the same, and for that which regards the admission of the divorced to the Sacraments, [it] confirms that this principle has been accepted by the synod.
He added: “This is bottom line result, the de facto appraisals are entrusted to the confessors, but at the end of faster or slower paths, all the divorced who ask will be admitted.” (source)

The Perversion of Science: Both Facts and Personal Integrity

Have a good laugh!
Well, here's another FACT that disputes all the bogus science of the global warming climate change alarmists. The ice caps aren't melting; they're growing.


Not only that, but it's causing the ocean levels to shrink not rise.

My goodness, how can that possibly be since the experts tell us the ice is melting, the oceans are rising and the coasts will be underwater sometime soon?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Please pray for Aden Hailu and the Supreme Court of Nevada

Tomorrow the state Supreme Court of Nevada will hear evidence about brain death in the case of Aiden Hailu. Read about Aden's case here. And read more details here. Aden's parents have been fighting for her appropriate treatment since last April. Doctors and the hospital where she's being treated are denying her treatments that could help her recover.

This case is a warning. You think you are in charge of your own health care and that of your dependents? Think again. You will have to fight for your own life and the life of your loved ones against doctors, hospital ethics panels, and drug companies. The transformation of medicine from "patient-oriented" to "society-oriented" is well underway.  If you are judged deficient in "quality of life," you are likely to be denied treatment and shown the quick exit door.

I received this email from Dr. Paul Byrne yesterday:

And You Thought Sarah Palin was Exaggerating about "Death Panels"

She wasn't. The "conversations" with sick patients are here. Their point? Ostensibly to determine the patient's "wishes." In reality, their goal is moving the patient toward rejecting life sustaining treatment in favor of non-treatment, pain control, and early death.

January 1, 2016—Obama to PAY Doctors to TELL Grandma to DIE

It's already happening.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Meditation: Rejoice at Being in the Communion of Saints

St. Dominic, pray for us.
We are never alone!

Celebrate all your patron saints today including your Confirmation name saint. (Mine is St. Dominic.) Don't forget to thank them for interceding for you.

Please join me in praying the Litany of the Saints.

Welcome to the Barney Church Where the Synod Spin has Already Begun

My previous post on the Barney priest in the Diocese of Orange elicited a comment that identified where he is now, Santa Clara in Yorba Linda. What's more interesting is what he's up to. Fr. Barney clearly wants the Church to change according to the recommendations of the German bishops and others like Blase Cupich of Chicago. In short, they want the Barney Church.

Many people warned that regardless of what the Synod on the Family actually said, the perception  would be what really counts. And "Fr. Barney" (Fred Bailey) is already hot to spin the synod and change the doctrines in practice if not in word. Here's some of what he said in last Sunday's bulletin message: