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Monday, October 18, 2021

Who Sounds More Like a Faithful Catholic? Michael Matt or Michael Voris?

Once there were two Michaels. Both were named after the warrior archangel and both used the media to promote their message. Both Michaels made videos and wrote articles to get their messages out and raise a Catholic army to fight for the faith. One Michael’s banner bore the cross of Christ the King and, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather (who founded the oldest Catholic newspaper in the county, The Wanderer), this Michael defended the faith of our fathers. He called on  his army to pick up their rosaries and rally round Scripture, Church doctrine, and Holy Tradition. He urged faithful Catholics to resist to the face the pope and those bishops undermining 2000 years of Church teaching and tradition.

The other Michael began well. He also urged his followers to fight for the faith. Many didn’t like his tone, but, frustrated with the infidelity of wolves in Roman collars, appreciated his spunk. His voice often spoke for them. But then something happened to this Michael. What exactly? Pride? Vanity? Too much love for the limelight? Desire for clicks by reporting ever more scandalous stories? Money interests?

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Meditation: Pray for Priests!

 When we travel I always check the local parish’s website to make sure it’s not nuts. If they have an “All Are Welcome” sign on the site, a certain sign of homosexual enablement, we won’t go there. We look for an active pro-life group, Legion of Mary, adoration, more than one hour on Saturday for Confession…well…you get the idea. This morning we headed for the local parish which looked good. The photo on the website showed a beautiful sanctuary with the tabernacle in the center and the parish had a school and nothing outrageous on the website.

Saturday, October 16, 2021


Since Conservative Catholic British MP Sir David Amess, age 69, was murdered yesterday (10/15/2021) - stabbed to death in a church while speaking to his constituents - by a 25 year old British national of Somali (read Islamic) descent I thought it prudent to once again warn people, especially Catholics, of the fact that Islam is of Satanic origin. 

A tree bearing the fruit of Islam
lam isn't hard to understand once a person has it figured out and since I have it figured out I will explain it to you.


Allah is Lucifer. Lucifer is Allah. Islam is the established religion of Lucifer where he sets himself up to be worshiped as the one true God in place of the Holy Trinity. And Muhammad is Lucifer's prophet. Muhammad's "Gabriel" isn't St Gabriel the Archangel as Muhammad was fooled into thinking. Muhammad's "Gabriel" was Lucifer making himself appear as St Gabriel the Archangel. Lucifer, appearing as St Gabriel, beat the terrified Muhammad into submission in the Cave of Hira. He literally beat the Qur'an into Muhammad. That's where the word Islam comes from - it means submission. Submission to Lucifer.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Is Church Militant lying about the SSPX or are they just incompetent?

Falsehoods and lies scattered in the wind
...or did someone just incompetently
let go of the pillowcase?
Before I begin, let me say a word to Milo. Milo, run! Run away from Church Militant as fast as you can. They're using you, your name and your fame for their own personal and professional gain. Stop being used!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest let's delve into Christine Niles and Church Militant knowing the truth while willfully lying (or are they just incompetent?) in order to defame the SSPX. 

Remember back in July when Christine Niles excoriated me for not "doing simple fact-checking" by not calling Rebecca Carroll personally and asking if she knew Jassy and Hannah before posting my article on the Internet? Christine was so incensed at my apparent ineptness that she threatened me with a lawsuit! 

Therefore shouldn't Christine Niles do the same thing herself? Shouldn't she be doing simple fact-checking - or at least have her staff do it for her - before taping shows and posting false base premises (my base premise was true) on Church Militant, Facebook and Twitter? Why lie when easily obtained facts are in plain sight? Is Church Militant lying for (Opus Dei) money to "fabricate a pretext" against the SSPX or is incompetence their modus operandi?

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Medical Genocide: It’s Coming for You!

Many medical people these days should swap out their lab coats for the black robes of the grim reaper. For decades some have made a literal cash killing by ripping apart babies bodies and sucking them out of their mothers’ wombs. The first home of every living person has, for many little ones, become their grave. 

But the killing isn’t limited to the babies. The vulnerable are also ripe for the killing. Euthanasia and medically assisted suicide snuff out many lives long before their natural end. Some are killed against there will when our modern Dr. Mengele’s decide their lives aren’t worth living. Many of these killings are anything but “mercy” deaths since they often involve starvation and dehydration, a miserable way to die or other gruesome means like suffocation when the “patient” doesn’t die fast enough from the drugs. That’s what Derek Humphrey, the grim reaper of “compassion in dying,” did to his first wife when the drugs didn’t do the job. Then he bullied his second wife into committing suicide when she got breast cancer. 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday Meditation: Cherish Family and Go Camping!

Huge family party to celebrate the 55th wedding anniversary of Shirley (Larry’s cousin) and
Charlie, What a joyful reunion with so many relatives and friends. 

If you want a big dose of hope in the future, go camping. I’m not talking about snowbird camping which is fun, but usually will find you camping with a lot of lovable seniors, but few children. I’m talking about family camping like we found this weekend on a Halloween-themed event complete with trick-or-treaters visiting the campsites by the score. We gave out about 200 pieces of candy and enjoyed all the little ones from babies in strollers to teens carrying a “Trump in 2024 sign” and another reading “You know Trump Won!” There were dozens of children in the morning bike parade. 

Friday, October 8, 2021

The Virus is Bad, The Supposed "Warp Speed Vax" Is Worse!...

...And we ain't seen nothing yet! The early side effects and vax deaths are in the news, but we have NO idea about the long-term effects. 


Thursday, October 7, 2021

Let Us Imitate Don John of Austria as We War Against the Modernist Church Destroyers!

On the Feast of the Holy Rosary, remember the Battle of Lepanto that saved Christendom in the 16th century from the assault of the Turks intent on turning Europe Muslim. We need a Don John of Austria again to lead us into battle against the modernists intent upon destroying Christendom from within. 

Chris Check gives me goosebumps when he recites Chesterton's poem by memory. It is an acknowledged poetic masterpiece. Pray in thanksgiving for Chesterton, the apostle of common sense. Will we see his like again? We can pray for it.

Politics: It's ALL LOCAL. Loudoun County Parents Show How It's Done!

Anyone watching the news knows about the enraged parents in Loudoun County fighting the school board there. They currently have a recall action against Beth Barts with the help of Fight for Schools. The local Loudoun paper (Loudoun Times-Mirror) reported:

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Some Good News from Down Under: Will New South Wales Premier End the Police State?

   If you're like I am, you've been watching with incredible alarm what's been happening in Australia. The draconian measures against people for just going outside has been absolutely mind-boggling. Did we fall asleep and wake up in a grotesque nightmare?

   A young woman from Australia addressed the Catholic Identity Conference last weekend. Monica Smit spent weeks in solitary confinement after being arrested at a protest march despite being there to cover it as a journalist. You can read more about this brave young woman here

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Fall is Bee-Feeding Time to Help Hives Survive the Winter....

Honey bees fill me with wonder! These little creatures of God have a lot to teach us. I share our eight years of beekeeping experience at The View from Camp Kreitzer. Today we gave them a final fall feeding of sugar syrup. Later when it's frigid, we feed hard sugar patties if the girls need extra help.

If you've ever thought about becoming a beekeeper like the monks of the middle ages, Lucia of Fatima, and St. Gobnait, one of the patrons of bee-keepers, visit my Bee-keeper's diary at The View from Camp Kreitzer. Bee-keeping is one of the joys of life as every beekeeper knows. And they are a cure for those who believe we all "evolved" from the primordial soup. There is no way the social system of the honeybee developed one little step at a time!

The Prophecies that Warn Us of a Coming "Destroyer." Is Francis the Fulfillment?

Are we seeing the fulfillment of prophecies? What do you think? Modernists like to discredit anything that offers a stumbling block to their agenda, especially prophecies that discredit their heroes. I offer two prophecies. One from Pope Pius XII before being raised to the chair of Peter and a second from St. Francis. 

Michael Matt discusses these quotes in a 2017 article in The Remnant and also discusses their authenticity. There is no question of Pope Pius XII's statement and St. Francis' is very likely. Our Lady's testimony during the approved apparitions of LaSalette and Akita also foresee the serious assaults on the faith in our own day from within the Church herself. 

Pray for Pope Francis and his fellow travelers, but resist them as St. Athanasius resisted the Arians. Let us read and meditate on these very serious prophesies.

Monday, October 4, 2021

We're in a Holy War! Suit Up, Pray, Fast, and Fight!

I just returned last night from the Catholic Identity Conference. The theme was HOLY WAR: The Kingship of Christ vs the Great Reset. What a tour de force! Friday every speaker was a priest or bishop. Fr. John Echert, the former military chaplain, who sometimes used a U-Haul trailer as his portable church during the lockdowns, kept us all spellbound. Here's a video of his parking lot Mass on Laetare Sunday. He prayed Easter Mass in the snow from the back of the trailer.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Thought for the Day: Hope Rules!

 “Nowadays, the whole power of hell seems more than ever bent upon fighting the moral power of the Church and suffocating the divine life in souls….No doubt the abandonment of the liturgical life and the cessation of its influence upon the faithful have contributed to this impotence. Our spirituality has become narrow, dry, superficial, external, or altogether sentimental; it down not have the penetration and soul-stirring power that only the liturgy, that great source of Christian vitality can give.”

Dom Chautard wrote that in Soul of the Apostolate published in 1946. It explains in a nutshell the attack on the traditional Latin Mass. In order to advance the great reset or globalism or one world government, whatever you want to call it, the Holy Mass had to be gutted. And so the attempted suppression of the Mass of the ages will continue. It will not be successful. God wills it and those attacking it are attacking God Himself. That never works. They may seem to win for a while as they persecute the believers, especially our priests, but in the end, no matter how hard Satan and his minions rage, they lose.

Hold your ground, faithful people of God. Pray and do penance and cling to the rosary in this month dedicated to Mary’s holy rosary. Her Son is Christ the King and the king rules in the hearts of His people! Hope rules!

Dei Gratias!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

When Obedience is Used as a Tool of the Devil....

Who is like unto God?

Obedience is a great virtue. In fact, it is often called a foundational virtue, one that stands as a pillar to others. Whom are we called to obey? God first, of course. Then those who have lawful authority over us. Children owe obedience to their parents. Catholics owe obedience to the doctrine and precepts of the Church. We owe obedience to those in lawful authority in government. We owe obedience to the Truth, who is a person, Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Horrors of Sex Education! Is this what you want for your children?

Parents, are you paying attention? Do you know the kind of indoctrination your children are getting in the public schools? 


This is how the pamphlet opens:

Did you know that… 
• Some public schools teach children they could be born in the wrong body?1 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Hopeful Headlines: Baby Steps for Taking Back the Culture from the COVID Tyrants!

Over 200 Business Owners File Federal Class Action Lawsuit Againt NYC Mayor: ‘This Will Be The First Domino’ To #EndCovidTyranny Nationwide -- Stop the vax apartheid!Three vaccinated cardinals die; unvaccinated Cardinal Burke survives! Pray this wakes up Francis and his holy vax mandating clergy! -- and pray for the vaccinated clergy (and everyone else) who are dying or will die later from the global experiment.

Sheriffs say they won’t enforce Biden’s ‘unconstitutional’ COVID vaccine mandates

Doctors and scientists are speaking out against the COVID policies, some publicly and some as "I AM SPARTICUS!"  I expect this article to disappear, so I've copied the entire thing including all the references. I also downloaded the PDF, but here it is in full if you want to take the time to read it. If you value your life and that of your family, you will! As for me, "I am Sparticus too!"

Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday Morning Musings with Mary

 I finished The Imitation of Christ and The Imitation of Mary last week and started reading them again from the beginning. What wisdom and spiritual aid are contained in these two little gems! The Soul of the Apostolate has also become a daily companion. I've read it before, but it also is worth re-reading. Add a chapter from Scripture and one has a daily mini-retreat. 

The beginning of The Imitation of Mary calls her a "masterpiece of grace." Every newly baptized infant shares in that description as a mini-masterpiece of grace. Next time you hold a baptized baby, look into the little one's clean eyes and you will catch a glimpse of heaven. After Jesus, Mary is the source of our salvation. If you want to follow Him, follow her. She is a sure guide and will teach you to walk unerringly in His footsteps.

We don't see Mary in the bible busy running around. Her life was mostly spent in silence. She gives us only one piece of advice - at the wedding feast of Cana. "Do whatever He tells you." We can only follow that advice if we listen to Him. And we can only hear Him in silence, going apart like He did to a quiet place away from the world and it's distractions:

Friday, September 24, 2021

Is Hannah Merz a credible witness for Church Militant?

by Mary Ann Kreitzer and Susan Matthiesen

Ever since Church Militant (CM) began their hotfoot pursuit to discredit the SSPX, they've used a witches brew of innuendo, supposition, assumptions, and loaded language to poison the public's perception of Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St Pius X. Their strategy includes putting witnesses front and center whose trustworthiness and credibility are seriously questionable. Jassy Jacas is one of those witnesses, but another whom cracker jack investigator Christine Niles said a year-and-a-half ago that she planned to interview is "Hannah," Jassy's BFF (Best Friend Forever).

Picture of Hannah with BFF Jassy telling her how beautiful she is (lower right side)

Hannah, of course, is Hannah Merz, the "star pupil" of career counselor Rebecca Carroll. Hannah recently took down her blog, Desert Rose Life, which leads us to wonder whether an interview with Niles is in the works.

My Favorite Piece of Classical Music: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Johann Sebastian Bach

Friday offers a weekly invitation to reflect on the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that heart burning for love of you. Shouldn't each of us desire that love with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength? 

Some music lifts our hearts and minds to God and overwhelms us with passionate desire. The best music of all, arouses our passions to the love of Christ. Such is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. 


Thursday, September 23, 2021

Can You Trust the AMA? Not by a Long Shot! (Pun intended.)

Is your doctor a Josef Mengele?

They want you to take the jab. And the AMA doesn't
mind lying and manipulating you to get you to do it. Below, I've reprinted an article from Dr. Mercola's website posted today. Since the articles are only up now for 48 hours, I copied in it full for those interested. But if you just want the highlights in a brief synopisis here's what headed the article:


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Archbishop Lefebvre Speaks about his Suspension "A Divinas" in 1976 Homily at Lille, France

Have you listened and embraced all the slanders against Archbishop Lefebvre? Maybe it's time to listen to the man himself. I recently came across a video with the archbishop's own voice with English subtitles. It was the famous Mass and homily at Lille, France, after his suspension. The enemies of the archbishop called it an act of defiance, but it wasn't. It was a crie de coeur. The archbishop meant the August 29th Mass to be a private event for a few hundred people at most. But when the press got word of it, they portrayed it as an act of defiance and tens of thousands of faithful Catholics attended. I found the archbishop's words so poignant and so relevant to the disaster we are facing in the Church that I want to share it. [NB: I am not endorsing Fr. Hewko whose commentary begins the video.]

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Open Letter to Clergy about Masks and the Vax: Stick to the Faith, Father!

My nephew wrote a letter to his pastor 
(printed below) after a sermon on September 12th excoriating parishioners for not wearing masks and not taking the "vaccine." The priest started out well comparing an attitude of selfishness to self-denial. But then he segued into the woke propaganda about COVID making mask-wearing and vaxing a moral imperative. He basically labeled those who don't mask and take the jab as enemies of the common good: selfish, only caring about themselves, unChristian, even evil. He told a story about bubonic plague where most of the citizens of a town stayed put rather than carry the plague to other regions and died. 

Monday, September 20, 2021

We All Live in a Soap Opera! What's Happening in Today's Episode?

I've been reading Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance. It accompanied me as my beach book last week when my husband and I were on vacation with our daughter and her family. I heartily recommend it with the warning that it is liberally peppered with obscenities -- the common language of some of Vance's family members. The book shines light on life in Appalachia: the white working poor, the non-working welfare dependents, the difficulty of rising above family circumstances, the devastating impact of alcohol and drug addiction. I kept closing the book and reflecting on thoughts raised by the sad, but often funny, descriptions of the colorful characters in Vance's life. There were a number of takeaways:

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Meditation: It All Starts with the Theological Virtues

Our catechism class this morning at the chapel was on the theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity. Every journey begins at the beginning and first step in the spiritual life is faith. This is how the ancient form of the Sacrament of Baptism begins (my comments in red):

AT THE DOOR OF THE CHURCH [The child or adult to be baptized is recognized as a catechumen -- not yet a full member of the Church. The sacrament begins outside the body of the Church since the one to be baptized is not yet a member. The explanations below explain it.] 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Can You Trust the CDC Data on COVID?

 Throughout the COVID crisis, government health agencies have played fast and loose with the data. The latest scam is refusing to count vaccine deaths as vaccine deaths. If a patient gets the jab and drops to the floor unconscious that’s not a vaccine adverse effect. If he subsequently dies, it’s not a vaccine death. Why? Because the CDC is now refusing to count any vaccine adverse event if it occurs within 14 days of the shot. 

Makes sense, eh? 

Friday Fantasies: What If….?

What if….everyone followed the advice of St. Francis de Sales and put the best construction on the actions of others and the most critical on their own?

What if…. everyone followed the golden rule and treated others the way they would like to be treated?

What if…everyone loved and protected children, especially the most vulnerable?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Of Kinder Eggs and Oranges and the Insane Border Situation


I’m a big fan of Mark Steyn and always enjoy his guest host appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight. I’m also a big fan of Hillsdale College which takes no federal money and sends out a fascinating monthly publication called Imprimis featuring an article by a politician, pundit, etc. So when I got the April/May issue with an article by Mark Steyn I felt doubly blessed. One portion of the article pressed my “culture is insane” button so I’ll share it. (Actually, most of the article did, but one portion especially about the border situation):

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Meditation: Parents, protect your children!

It pains me to say it, but I'm appalled at the number of parents who have lost their minds. Transgender story hours can only happen because "woke" parents subject their children to perverts some of whom are convicted molesters. Why are you surprised, parents, as these psychologically damaged individuals teach your babies to twerk and simulate sex?

Friday, September 10, 2021

With Gratitude to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the SSPX - Journey into Tradition and the SSPX #1

Traditional Latin Mass
St Thomas More Church, Sanford, FL

As the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) is being suppressed around the world it's a fact that, by the providence of God, the TLM will continue among a remnant no matter what further steps are taken to suppress it. For that gift we thank the great Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX).

The SSPX states: Until 1969, the various Catholic liturgies were all of apostolic origin. The Gregorian Latin liturgy, celebrated in this church (St Thomas More, Sanford, FL), follows the tradition of St Peter, the first Pope, and has never undergone any essential change til the present time. Every gesture, every word has been weighed and measured with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls."

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Church Militant: Sympathetic to Perverts!

Did you ever notice how fortune tellers fill their windows with religious objects as props? Does Church Militant do the same?

I have to shake my head over the hypocrisy of Church Militant. Let's go back once again to their April 20, 2020 hit piece on the SSPX. The title, as you may recall, was SSPX: Sympathetic to Perverts. The title appears to have come from a letter an SSPX parishioner wrote to Bishop Fellay about layman, James Simmerman, a convicted child abuser who spent four years in jail for molesting two young girls in the congregation. A wealthy man, Simmerman also settled a $3 million lawsuit with the families involved. CM quotes from the letter to Fellay including the "sympathetic to perverts" comment that became the title of their Spotlight:

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

First Do No Harm...Stop the Deathvax!

Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother’s Pfizer shot, VAERS report says

Remember what all the COVID hysterics said about following all the draconian measures "if we can save one life!" Where are they now as mothers miscarry or lose their breast-feeding babies to blood clots after taking the death vax.

The time I was interviewed by a strange woman from Opus Dei

According to Opus Dei's website, membership in their organization "involves a commitment to receive spiritual formation from Opus Dei". My answer to that questionable process is that I'll do my own spiritual formation! thank you very much, and if I have questions, I'll ask a trusted priest.

Their website continues with the requirement to "participate in Opus Dei's mission." Again, my answer is that I have my own mission to carry out! I don't have time to do things for Opus Dei in any capacity. They can go take advantage of someone else to do things for them because I'm definitely not Opus Dei material.

Opus Dei says that "joining Opus Dei requires a supernatural vocation. It's a personal call from God to place one's whole life at His service." Who has time to do that for Opus Dei? (We're all called to put our whole lives at His service, not Opus Dei's.)

I had a personal supernatural vocation to be a mother to my children. It was the one time in my life that I knew what I was for. It was my supernatural calling to change their diapers, feed and bathe them, guard them from danger, take them to school, teach them about God. Who was going to do all that while I went around and worked for Opus Dei all the time?

Monday, September 6, 2021

Need a Boost in Common Sense? Visit Dymphna's Blog!

I'm a regular visitor to Dymphna's blog and hope one day to meet her. I think we are "kindred spirits" as Anne Shirley would say. Her random thoughts are always filled with wisdom. Check them out and see if you agree. Thank you, Dymphna. If you and Rocky ever want a getaway come visit us in Woodstock. 

In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)

This song has been on my mind for several days. I remember when it was a No 1 hit by Zager and Evans in 1969. It was difficult to make a decision as to which video to post so I posted four of them. With the invention of Sophia by Hanson Robotics will man even make it to 2525?  

Sunday, September 5, 2021

"Show Me Your Papers!" -- The Coming World Digital Documentation for COVID! Part 1

Will you need a vaccine passport to buy food?
Vaccine passports are coming (and already here in some countries) and organizations like the WHO (World Health Organization) are preparing the way for a global mandate.

I saw a Twitter post this morning showing the cover of a 97-page WHO document titled:


So I downloaded it and began reading. Sounds like a document from a dystopian novel. Truth these days rivals fiction. My comments throughout are in red!

Kamala Harris' interviews are all like this. Did you vote for her?


Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Difference a Beating Heart Makes! LIFE!

Texas Heartbeat Law Protects Babies Once Heartbeats Can be Detected

Have you ever "listened" to your heart beating? Most of us don't even think about it despite the fact that our hearts beat about 115,000 times a day without our willing it or doing anything at all to facilitate it. Our hearts simply do the job our Creator ordained. We are, indeed, "fearfully and wonderfully made" called into life by the Author of life!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thoughts for Thursday on Conscience: You Follow Yours; I'll Follow Mine!

It's interesting to see how the tune has changed among the 
Wuhan virus hand-wringers. Remember when they justified every single draconian response, "If it could save ONE life?" Now that the gene therapy jab is killing and injuring people at a rate never seen in previous "vaccinations," they tell us it's worth it because the number of injured and dying is acceptable (to them).

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Liars at the White House Keep Blaming the Latest COVID Cases on the Unvaccinated....

 ....while they hide the number of breakthrough infections on their own staff. Check out these articles:

White House Refuses to Disclose Number of COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases Among Staff 
According to the CDC, as of July 19, over 161 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated, while, during the same period, the agency received reports of 5,914 vaccinated patients with breakthrough infections who were hospitalized or died.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Horror in Afghanistan: If You Voted for Biden, You Own It!

It's happening half a world away from our shores. How easy it is to close our eyes and say, "It isn't my family; it doesn't affect me." No?

I'm angry! 

I listened to a mom's radio interview this morning. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

Church Militant's Hate for the SSPX Part 5: Can You Trust Their Impartiality?

Short answer... NO! Long answer...HELL NO!

In April 2020, Church Militant came out with its slick yellow journalism piece attacking the SSPX as a Society "Sympathetic to Perverts." Let me begin by pointing out that many of these alleged events occurred in the early 1990s. So keep in mind that we're looking back 30 YEARS! The alleged suicide of Michael Gonzalez occurred in 2000, over 20 YEARS ago. Even Jassy Jacas' claims, which have changed a number of times, are over a decade old. How much have memory lapses, errors, embellishments, and even deliberate lies covered up the truth like kudzu? And how eager is CM to spin the story to present the SSPX in the worst possible light?

Sunday, August 29, 2021

How Many Will Die from the. COVID VAX?

This article first appeared at LifeSiteNews but without the photos. I took this from the Tradition in Action website. When people start dying look for the talking heads to blame it on natural causes (heart failure) or a "new variant" that requires another jab. God will not be mocked! There is reckoning coming because of our lack of faith and willingness to cannibalize unborn babies because of our fear. St. Gianna Molla, who refused treatment for cancer to save yourself in favor of protecting your precious baby, pray for us.

From Shots to Clots

Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn
Admittedly, people face a difficult decision on whether or not to take a COVID vaccine. So much information tells the ugly story of people who have suffered illness or death because they were not vaccinated. But Americans who have taken COVID vaccine shots and those who have refused to capitulate to the coercion and propaganda are ill-informed about blood clots, as well as about the limits of vaccines as shown by high numbers of breakthrough infections in the vaccinated.

If you only consider statistics about the number of people benefitting from vaccines versus lower numbers experiencing bad side effects, you might dismiss the negatives in favor of the positives. But there is significant uncertainty about longer-term negative vaccine impacts that may affect a lot of vaccinated people.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

They're Baaaaaaaack! The Next Wave of Wuhan Fear-Mongering is Here!

My parish in Woodstock posted and sent out a message yesterday that the meeting for parents about the start of religious education was cancelled. Here's what appeared on our parish website:

Attention CCD Families: 

The Parent Meeting scheduled for 8/29/2021
has been CANCELLED due to
COVID safety concerns.

For those families registered,
the program calendar will be sent by email next week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Can't say I was surprised.

COVID VAX: A Global Eugenics Experiment with Us as the Guinea Pigs!

Birds of a feather - all vultures!
The article below is from the Spring/Summer issue of the Les Femmes newsletter, The Truth. It's not on-line yet but if you're interested in checking out past volumes visit our website at 

***The Culture Goes Full Dr. Mengele & Dr. Moreau! Human experimentation is a crime against humanity under the Nuremberg Code. Despite that, mad scientists walking in the footsteps of “angel of death,” Dr. Joseph Mengele, continue his legacy unhindered. In fact, the Biden administration recently lifted all regulations on “fetal tissue research” at NIH facilities. They also lifted the requirement for ethics reviews of outside groups seeking government grants for such research. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Come and. See! Have You Ever Been to the Traditional Latin Mass?

Thanks to my friend Janet at Restore DC Catholicism for posting the FSSP's video explanation of the Mass. To watch that 30 minute video go to her site. I'm posting the first of three videos for training priests and seminarians learning the Latin Mass. It shows how seriously the priest should take preparation to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Everything in preparation emphasizes the seriousness and dignity of the liturgy. 

Do you want to experience the Mass of the ages, the Mass of so many saints over the millennia?

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Church Militant Hatred for SSPX part 4: Liars Will Lie! And if they lie about small things, they'll lie about greater.

My husband and I once told one of our teenage children whom we caught in a serious lie, that the worst thing about it was the loss of trust. We had never known that child to lie to us. It also put the child and a friend in an extremely dangerous situation. "Your word is who you are," we said, "How can we trust you now?"

The last gospel of the traditional Latin Mass says, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Our word is our sacred bond. And when we lie, we break that bond and can no longer be trusted.

Which brings me to the liars at Church Militant.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Optional Memorial of St. Louis, King of France

Today is the Feast of St. Louis IX, King of France. Celebrating his feast brings back many memories of our 30+ years at St. Louis Catholic Church in Alexandria. We reared our five children in that parish and they all attended the parish school for all or part of their elementary education. I taught 4th grade at the school for a year, an experience that led me to decide to home school. The breakdown of the family was sadly obvious and it seriously impacted the education.  I was the pro-life chairman for about a decade there and had a wonderful group of parishioners supporting the work. We had an activity on the calendar every month and a bulletin notice every week. We wanted people never to forget for a minute the least of God's little ones.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Feast of St. Bartholomew: Come and See!

I've always loved St. Nathaniel, (son of Tholomew, hence Bartholomew). After Philip invites Nathaniel to "Come and see," because he has found the Messiah, he takes him to Jesus. Nathaniel is a bit skeptical. "Can anything good come from Nazareth?"Jesus greets Nathaniel saying, "Here is a true Israelite; there is no duplicity in him." What a compliment. Wouldn't you want others to say that about you?

Monday, August 23, 2021

Church Militant’s Hatred for the SSPX Explained: Part 3 - Do Opus Dei and Church Militant Share a Nest?

Birds of a feather flock together….and sometimes nest together as well!

For 25 years I have published a quarterly newsletter in the Diocese of Arlington. I use my personal home address for mailing rather than a P.O. Box. Anyone who noticed that the address for the newsletter and my home address are the same could reasonably conclude that I am deeply involved and committed to the work. In fact, it would be unreasonable to conclude that I had nothing to do with it. My name is actually on the newsletter, but let’s presume for my point, that I published anonymously. It wouldn’t take much of a Sherlock to figure out my connection. 

Which brings us back to the connections between Church Militant, Opus Dei, and Opus Dei supporters. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday Meditation: What Do You Really Need?

Today at the NO Mass we heard the Bread of Life discourse from St. John’s gospel. “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.” We see many of Jesus’ disciples refuse the “hard saying” and respond by leaving. They will walk with Him no longer. “Will you leave too?” He asks the twelve and Peter makes his profession of faith. “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Church Militant’s Hatred for the SSPX Explained - Part 2

The Opus Dei Connection…

 In order to understand the Church Militant/Opus Dei connection, one needs to have at least a rudimentary understanding of the OD network. So let’s take a look at their background.

The story actually begins, not with Jose Maria Escriva, OD’s founder, but with another Spanish priest, Fr. Francois Vallet, a young Jesuit who developed an abbreviated version of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Most people don’t have the leisure to do the entire 30 days. Fr. Vallet’s vision was to develop a five day retreat based on the Exercises. (As someone who’s been making a five-day Ignatian retreat annually for almost 20 years, I consider myself a beneficiary of this holy priest’s activities.)  

Friday, August 20, 2021

How short is Michael Voris' leash and to whom is it tethered?

Texas Fanboi JTC giving directions
to Michael Voris 
Before we move on to the game of tetherball I'd like to address the (most recent) double standard practiced at Church Militant when they hosted a sedevacantist on their panel of 9 diocesan priests "who have been sidelined in varying capacities for being faithful". (Here)

One of those priests, Fr Stephen Lefort, after being dismissed by his bishop, became a sedevacantist and was conditionally re-ordained by a Thuc-line bishop.

What a double standard for Church Militant! Yet isn't this par for the course in Vorisland? Michael Voris and Christine Niles "constantly state that the SSPX are a bad group of untouchable schismatic victimizers, yet Fr Stephen Lefort, who has actually done schismatic acts and has put himself under a dubious bishop, is treated no differently than the good guys on the panel, nor are any of his schismatic acts disclosed by Church Militant."

Why would anyone believe the frenzied sensationalism and ranting screeds of Voris and Niles? We, as reasonable people, shouldn't believe them and the game of tetherball explains why. Tetherball is a game where two people strike a volleyball suspended from a stationary metal pole by a rope or tether. The pole is usually 10 feet high with the rope connecting the pole and tetherball being 8 feet long. The two players hit the ball clockwise or counterclockwise until one player manages to wind the ball all the way around the pole as far as it will go until it hits the pole. Of course the closer to the pole, the shorter the rope.

Michael Voris and Church Militant are like tetherball. The entity "Church Militant" and all its actions are the pole. Michael Voris is the ball, tethered to the pole. Connecting Church Militant (the pole) and Michael Voris (the ball) is the rope (MONEY). 

John Vennari's pamphlet on Our Lady of Fatima

If you’re drowning you need a lifeline! Our world is drowning in sin and death. We need Our Lady more than ever. The Fatima message must be revisited again and again. Mary is not an innovator. She speaks the unchanging message of Christ. It’s the same message that permeates Holy Tradition stretching back to the apostles. The “innovations” of Vatican II, the “innovations” of Opus Dei, the “innovations” of dissenters like Fr. James Martin and the pope — they all point to modernism, the “synthesis of all heresies.” Remember when St. Paul urged his followers not to accept anyone preaching a new gospel. We can’t listen to them. Look for the perennial teachings!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Church Militant's Hatred for the SSPX Explained: Part I

Looking at the past can often be the magnifying glass that explains the present. Since so many have wondered about the fanatical hatred Church Militant (CM) has for the SSPX, I decided to take a good hard look at the origins of Real Catholic TV/Church Militant/St. Michael's Media and their financial and personal connections to Opus Dei. What an eye-opening search. Michael Voris and his team have been liars from the very beginning, hiding their personal and financial connections to Opus Dei and others with a rabid hatred for the Society. The lying and hypocrisy are deep and wide. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Our Lady, Protect and Shelter Us as We Place Our Trust in You and in Your Son, Jesus!

Today I'm posting something personal and begging for your prayers.

The Mass of the Ages Documentary, Part I -- "It was overwhelming to me how beautiful it was!"

"It was overwhelming to me how beautiful it was!" Msgr. Eugene Morris about learning to celebrate the Latin Mass

It takes time to get used to the Latin Mass because it's unfamiliar. Most people have never experienced the seriousness and God-centered reverence and the profound silence of the traditional Latin Mass.  

Monday, August 16, 2021

And the Beat Goes On at Church Militant....But Can You Trust Crackerjack Investigator Christine Niles?

Church Militant (CM) is announcing the next chapter in their war  against the SSPX. Here's the banner on their website which I copied earlier today, August 16th, the day after Our Lady's Assumption. 

Spotlight: SSPX Cover-Up Continues premiering Thursday, Aug. 19, just after Evening News at 6:30 p.m. ET.

You remember Our Lady, Vessel of Honor. Can you imagine her ever telling a lie? And now read this from CM's website. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Meditation: Are You Ready for the Persecution?

If you are among the "unvaccinated" get ready for persecution bigtime. Before recent doctors' appointments with my family doctor and my neurologist, I thought about how I would respond to the pressure to get the vax, because I knew it was coming. 

Change the Narrative: Stop the Fear

Doctors' Roundtable on the Wuhan virus, it's treatment, and the gene therapy mislabeled as a "vaccine." Follow the science and not the lying hype being shoved down our throats every day!

Awareness Foundation: Covid Roundtable

In this time of extreme censorship and suppression of scientific debate, The Awareness Foundation COVID-19 Roundtable,1 hosted by Katherine Macbean of the Awareness Foundation, is a sign of wakefulness and hope. It includes honest opinions and expertise from 14 high-profile doctors, including myself, with a focus on the potential dangers being posed by the experimental mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Vigil of the Assumption: The Eucharist and Devotion to Mary

Dear Readers, Before I begin today's post I beg for your prayers. My son-in-law's mother disappeared Thursday afternoon from a care facility in Arkansas. She has Alzheimer's and was checked in for the weekend while her husband flew to Ohio for the confirmation of two of our granddaughters. Barbara is still missing and, amid growing concern, we all pray for her safe return. Will you please join your prayers to ours? God knows where she is. May he lead the rescue workers to her. Please pray for her and for our family, especially her husband and two sons who traveled to be with their dad as he suffers this terrible ordeal. Our Lady of Good Help, pray for us.

I expect many readers are familiar with St. John Bosco's famous vision of the Church in stormy seas being attacked on all sides by war ships trying to sink her. As the battle rages the barque of the Church anchors to two pillars. On top of the large pillar rests the Holy Eucharist. On the smaller pillar is Our Blessed Lady. Once the ship is anchored firmly, many smaller boats attach themselves to the the ship where the pope stands as its captain. 

Friday, August 13, 2021

Lawyers and Libel and Lawsuits, OH MY!: The Soap Opera with Church Militant Continues!

Hannah Merz, Carroll's "rising star"
posted by "Yves Helory"
You might want to just skip this post unless you are a fan of silly soap operas.

Another month, another lawsuit threat....

I've already posted about Church Militant's July 27th threat to sue us. And now it's August. About ten days ago we got a second lawsuit threat -- this time from Rebecca Carroll's lawyer friend.

We must be doing something right. My experience is that when you start exposing lies, all hell (and I mean that literally) breaks loose. Every time I've been threatened with a lawsuit, it's been about something people want to hide.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

An Epiphany of Nothing

A picture of nothing

First I’d like to say that this article is about God and the fact that He reveals Himself to all people, big and small, important and not important. I use myself only as an example because this truly happened, and I explain it as best I can in hopes that it may be of use to other people. 

When I was a child I could not see, that is, I could see, but just barely since my eyes were so damaged that they were unable to focus. Until I received the miracle of glasses I never knew that people were able to see individual leaves on trees or flowers in the fields and I had never before then seen stars in the sky.

Without the benefit of clear sight it was difficult to understand what was spoken to me since I couldn’t see facial expressions or word formations on people’s lips. In school, teachers seated me in the front row and thankfully I was intelligent enough to understand what was taught verbally even though I couldn’t see what was written on the blackboard. Of course if I held books close enough to my face I could see the words and read.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

An Article Worth Reading and Meditating Upon: It Begins with a Scene from The Betrothed....

....a novel recommended by the saintly Fr. John Hardon, S.J. in his Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

The article, Vax Fanatics and Natural Immunity by Paul Kengor begins with this touching scene from an Italian city during the Great Plague of Milan of the early 17th century that ravaged the Lombardy region:

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Breaking News: Cuomo Resigns! Sometimes You Get to See Justice Done!

Gov. Cuomo Announces He Will Resign in Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations

Let's not gloat, but it's really tempting when Democrats get caught up in their own mesh of lies and stung by the vipers with whom they share a nest. The Democrat rats  have abandoned Cuomo's sinking ship and turned on him. Here's a bit from the article that I found sadly amusing that brought to mind the saying, "There's no honor among thieves," or loyalty either. The chickens rats have come home to roost nest. Poor Andy is getting the treatment he's often given to others:

Is History Repeating Itself? A Commentary on the Vendee and Church Militant

Omigosh, She has the "SSPX banner" on her house! Duh...It's not the "SSPX banner!"
Ignorance reigns on Christine Niles' Facebook page. 

Today is the feast of St. Lawrence, my husband's patron saint. It's also the anniversary of the day Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were arrested. The monarchy in France ended. 

The sins of the fathers are visited on the children and thus it was with Louis XVI whose ancestor, Louis XIV failed to obey Our Lord's instruction, through St. Margaret Mary, to dedicate France to the. Sacred Heart of Jesus. One hundred years later, France was inflicted with the butchery of the French Revolution inspired by masonic hatred of the Church. The royal family was imprisoned and ultimately executed.

Medical Tyranny is Killing Our Kids and Robbing Us of Our Freedom

The chart above shows the risk to young people of the virus. It is statistically unmeasurable for children under age nine. Young people from age 10-39, have a 99.8% chance of recovery. Forced gene therapy vaccines for that age group is criminal! Check out the video in the first link below. And then pray for our country as we are taken over by medical tyranny. Freedom is rapidly disappearing. 

Monday, August 9, 2021

Doctors Under Attack if They Won't Tow the Party Line and Push the Jab

The shameless COVID Machine slanders every doctor who points out the danger of the gene therapy jab that has killed and injured thousands. The same Biden/Fauci machine continues to suppress the truth about effective therapies like ivermectin and hydroxychoroquine that could have saved a large percentage of those who unnecessarily died. Those promoting the government lies, use lawsuits and slander to attack the prominent physicians who won't jump on the snake oil bandwagon. Let's look at some of the slandered doctors, first Dr. Peter McCullough:

Lawsuit against Prominent Physician Sends Wrong Message, States the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Sunday Meditation: On the Power of the Eucharist to Sustain Us

What a psychologist Thomas a Kempis was. He understood mankind from the soles of our feet to the tops of our heads. And how well he knew Our Lord. What a spiritual director he would make!

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Dr. Peter McCullough: No "fully-recovered patient" should take the jab!

“Really, under no circumstances should a fully-recovered patient receive a COVID-19 vaccine … and authorities should accept that.”

From the article:
  • McCullough has directly managed the care of over a hundred COVID-19 patients, as well as advising on “many hundreds if not a thousand” cases worldwide.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Population Control and COVID Go Together Like the Acorn and the Oak

Depopulation? It's no accident! 

Former Pfizer VP warns childbearing-age women: ‘Do not accept these vaccines’

95% of Severe COVID Cases and Hospitalization in Israel are among the Fully Vaxxed!

We know that many involved in COVID "vaccine" development are also deeply involved in population limitation. they want to reduce the world population drastically. It's satanic. The devil hates babies more than anything. Every baby conceived reminds him of the Incarnation of Jesus in the womb of the Virgin Mary. Every baby he prevents, every baby he kills feeds his blood lust. But he also hates every person on the planet and if he can kill you, he hits the jackpot.

First Friday Thought for the Day: Win Heaven's Lottery - Guaranteed!

The Nine First Fridays Devotion

I always try to make Mass on First Friday. I want to receive all the graces promised to St. Margaret Mary by Our Lord:
“I promise you, in the excessive mercy of my Heart that my all powerful love will grant to all those who receive Holy Communion on the first Friday for nine consecutive months, the grace of final repentance; they shall not die in my disgrace nor without receiving the sacraments; my divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in that last moment.”   Our Lord to St. Margaret Mary

Thursday, August 5, 2021

The Loaded Language Church Militant Uses Against the SSPX

Do you read the dictionary? Look up calumny and slander!

My mom loved words. She loved words so much she used to read the dictionary. I absorbed a large vocabulary and impeccable grammar at my mother's knee. When I took the SATs in high school I scored high on English, not because I knew all the rules, but because I knew what "sounded right." I also learned to use words properly -- the right word at the right time in the right context. My mom never used loaded language to manipulate others; she was too honest. Words were too important not to treat them with respect and use them with integrity.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Praise God for an Olympic Gold Medalist Who Loves the USA!

A number of Olympic gold medalists have witnessed to love of God and country at this olympics. Two thumbs up for women's wrestling competitor, team USA's Tamyra Mensah-Stock. A real champion!

Ya just gotta love the Babylon Bee that posted this yesterday.

I'm still laughing and that does a body good! God bless Tamyra!

When Adolescents Control the Culture: It's Not a Pretty Picture

Editor's note: The latest issue of the Les Femmes newsletter is in mailboxes around the country. It's not posted on line yet, but here's the lead article. How do you like living in a culture where people in grown up bodies, but with the minds of juveniles, are running the show? It may look good in Home Alone, but how does it work in the real world?

The adolescent years represent a real challenge. If any stage of development can be described as “the best of times and the worst of times” it’s that confusing period between childhood and adulthood. Filled with noble ideals, youth often rebel against the people who can help achieve them. Normally, it’s just a stage, with its major characteristic being uncertainty. As Catholic psychiatrist Rudolf Allers says: 

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Get to Know Archbishop Lefebvre, Enemy of Modernism, Faithful Son of the Church

Stop listening to all the attacks on this holy man. He deserves our thanks for saving the Traditional Latin Mass and defending the priesthood. One day I think he will be a canonized saint and a doctor of the Church. Watch the documentary, read his biography and study his writings. It may open your eyes. And if you want to watch a debate about the SSPX being in schism, go here. Jeff Cassman argues like an adult; his opponent, despite all his credentials, argues like a kid.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Investigation of Church Militant's Hate-On for the SSPX

Is Church Militant (CM) a reliable source of trusted investigation? At this point, the answer is a clear and resounding "NO!" They use innuendo, half truths, hearsay, and outright falsehoods to advance their agenda. They've done it to many liberal bishops in the U.S. who certainly deserve criticism, but even liberal bishops deserve to be treated fairly. 

But with the SSPX, CM engages in a scorched earth policy. Take no survivors!

Sunday Meditation: Book 4 of the Imitation of Christ on the Eucharist

This morning I began Book 4 of The Imitation of Christ which is devoted to the Eucharist. Chapter 1 describes the great reverence we should have in approaching the Sacrament. My immediate thought was the prayer:

O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. 

Friday, July 30, 2021

Consecration of Russia and the "Diabolical Disorientation" of Our Time

I found this video very interesting. We certainly live in difficult and challenging times. How would things be different if one of the popes had listened to Mary's request and consecrated Russia in the way she asked? There have been several imperfect consecrations which brought limited good results, but Mary's request remains unfulfilled after a century. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Good News and Bad News on the Latin Mass Front

Good news from a good bishop:

Bishop Paprocki: “The problem has not been solved, but tensions have been heightened.”

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, IL offers hope, consolation, and kindness to those who love the TLM. Following the motus proprio, Tradionis Custodes, he issued a decree on continuance of the Latin Mass in Springfield.