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Saturday, August 31, 2013

We're Walking for LIfe...

...will you sponsor us?

Check out my donor page.

Larry and I are walking to raise money for the Front Royal Pregnancy Center where I work as a volunteer. The center offers practical assistance to women facing crisis pregnancies and other mothers of young children who need material help. We offer maternity clothes, layettes, children's clothing up to size two, formula, baby food, diapers, etc. Our Earn While You Learn program that lets mom earn big-ticket items like cribs by self study video programs on pre-natal issues and child rearing skills.

While our material aid is important, we are lots more than a handout center. We are especially good at being a shoulder to cry on and a motherly or grandmotherly ear for listening and encouraging good decision-making. Recently, the center began offering free sonograms thanks to a generous donation of a machine from the Knights of Columbus.

Won't you be a supporter and sponsor Larry and me? We'll be praying the rosary for the intentions of all our supporters as we walk. Talk about a bonus return on your money! Not only will you be helping the moms who come to our center, but you'll receive an outpouring of grace from the Author of Life Who can never be outdone in generosity.

Crazy Terry McAuliffe

New Vatican Secretary of State

Bertone Out, Parolin In

Pray for the new Vatican Secretary of State Archbishop Pietro Parolin.
Come Holy Spirit, fill him with grace and enkindle in him the fire of your love. May he be effective in calming strife and fostering charity among nations. Our Lady Queen of Peace, pray for him. 

From Vatican Insider:
Parolin's temperament suggests that as Vatican Secretary of State he will try to take different ecclesiastical sensitivities into account, countering that self-referential aspect of the Church that Francis has always spoken out against. In the true spirit of Vatican diplomacy, Parolin has always been realistic, carefully studying contexts and problems that need to be solved and searching for possible solutions. In the face of the regional conflicts which continue to rock the world – starting with the Middle East – and the risk of new global clashes between old and new superpowers, the Holy See will once again be well placed to offer its wisdom and foresight in order to promote peace. Following Francis' path of pastoral conversion, Vatican diplomacy will be able to offer a creative contribution to Church action, inspired by the Bishop of Rome’s invitation to come out of itself and go out to men and women in the geographical and existential peripheries in which they live.
From Catholic News Agency

From BBC News 

From Reuters

Thursday, August 29, 2013

War: To HIllary It's a Laugh a Minute

Hillary Clinton is a mad woman! This administration sees war as a big plus. It will "unify us"? Have these 60's flower children forgotten Vietnam? The "best thing that could happen is for someone to attack us?" Is Hillary working with a full deck? Has she forgotten 9/11? Make that statement to the victims' families and see their reaction.

Any one of our enemies watching this video would be justified in calling us the Great Satan. Under this bunch of ego maniacal thugs the U.S. is in danger of becoming the evil empire Reagan talked about. As for sanctions being effective, they always hit the civilians, often causing tremendous suffering among the innocent. Does anyone think the leaders starve and die from unavailable food and medicine? Do you think if we had rationing here, the Obamas would notice? No, it's the people in the streets, the expendable hoi polloi who suffer. Clinton's sanctions on Iraq were brutal:
Even more infamously, the beloved former Democratic Secretary of State Madeleine Albright - when asked in 1996 by 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl about reports that 500,000 Iraqi children had died as a result of US-imposed sanctions on that country - stoically replied: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price - we think the price is worth it." So extreme was the suffering caused by sanctions in Iraq that one former UN official, Denis Halliday, resigned in protest, saying that the sanctions policy met the formal definition of "genocide". [Read more here.]
Hey, Democrats don't mind murdering children. They've had plenty of practice with abortion. And do you think liberals will be as upset about Obama's wars as they were about Bush's? Somehow I doubt it.

Idiot Quote from the Nation's Court Jester

"No law abiding citizen in the United States of America has any fear that their Constitutional rights will be infringed in any way. None, Zero."   Joe Biden  (See quote in context.)

Guess lots of citizens concerned about the unconstitutional actions of this administration are nothing but big zeroes in Joe Biden's eyes! Obama and company care nothing about Constitutional rights on many fronts. Here are just a few examples:
  • The right to be secure from search and seizure in your home. (Remember the home invasions after the Boston Marathon bombing). 
  • The right to freely practice your religion (Forcing Catholics to pay for abortion and contraception!)
  • Warrantless gun confiscation (one example from Homeland Security and the biggie, warrantless snooping on citizens).
I could go on, but you get the idea. So if you do care about your Constitutional rights, you are invisible to this administration. Isn't the president supposed to represent ALL the people? 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

California Senate Votes to Let Non-Doctors Perform Abortions

Remember when abortion was touted as a decision "between a woman and her doctor." Well, it appears in California it may soon be between a woman and her nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, or midwife.

They left out her hairdresser and gardener, but that may be on the agenda down the road. After all, they know how to handle scissors and chemicals. They could hardly do a worse job than Kermit Gosnell and company!

Vatican Weighs in on Escalating War Talk

Vatican blasts West for planning war against Syria despite UN probe

Obama (FINALLY) Responds to Chris Lane Murder

Well, sorta. He released a statement through White House spokesman Matt Lehrich sending his prayers. You can't really blame the president for not calling the family. After all, it's long distance to Australia and Chris didn't look like the son Obama never had. His death is an event that can't be used to gain votes, so why put himself out? Chris Lane was only a foreign white cracker gunned down by bored kids who couldn't afford the kind of vacations the president, who looks like them, can to alleviate boredom in the White House . So they went out and killed somebody for the thrill of it - anybody as long as the victim was white.

St. Augustine, Pray for Us

Yesterday was the feast of St. Monica who prayed many years for the conversion of her son, Augustine. Today we celebrate the saint whose conversion and later life of great holiness were the fruit of those prayers. Thank you, St. Monica, for your persistence. Thank you, St. Augustine, for responding to the graces showered on you.

Late have I loved you, O Beauty ever ancient, ever new, late have I loved you! You were within me, but I was outside, and it was there that I searched for you. In my unloveliness I plunged into the lovely things which you created. You were with me, but I was not with you. Created things kept me from you; yet if they had not been in you they would have not been at all. You called, you shouted, and you broke through my deafness. You flashed, you shone, and you dispelled my blindness. You breathed your fragrance on me; I drew in breath and now I pant for you. I have tasted you, now I hunger and thirst for more. You touched me, and I burned for your peace.
from The Confessions of Saint Augustine

For more about the saints go to Feast of All Saints

Prayer based on St. Augustine's writing:

O God, You made our hearts for Thee
And ever restless will they be
Until they rest in Thee.

Syrian Bishop Warns of World War

"'If there is an armed intervention, that would mean, I believe, a world war. That risk has returned,' Monsignor Antoine Audo of Aleppo told Vatican radio." Read more....

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quote of the Day: "Who Made Barack Obama the Wyatt Earp of the Global Village?"

Good question, Pat Buchanan! [See more here] and consider the consequences to the U.S. of attacking Syria: ANOTHER war intervening in the Middle East...and on the same side as Al Qaeda for heaven's sake.

The President may NOT declare war on another nation. The Constitution gives CONGRESS the power to declare war. This business of letting presidents get away with deciding unilaterally what countries to attack is outrageous and a clear dereliction of duty by the spineless cowards on the hill. Congress should veto any act of war contemplated by this tyrant. First of all, there is no evidence that the Syrian government launched the chemical attack. There doesn't even appear to be any desire to find out. we go again with another claim that a nation is using weapons of mass destruction with no evidence of who is really responsible.

Are we on the cusp of World War III?

Another Miracle Baby and Loving Mother

And a loving grandmother as well. Pray that Gemma will walk again and in thanksgiving for little Reuben's life.

Two Thumbs Up for Bishop Silva of Hawaii

August 22, 2013



Dear Brothers and Sisters:
The issue of same-sex marriage is in the limelight once again in our community, with a move for a
special legislative session to vote on a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Hawaii. While the Catholic Church is clear in its insistence that true marriage can only be between one man and one woman, there are many people, even among Catholics, who perceive such insistence as unjust discrimination against our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. Therefore, it is urgent to clarify certain issues.

People with same-sex attraction are a part of our community, even our Catholic community, and they deserve dignity and respect. Unjust discrimination against them is not acceptable. However, not all discrimination – that is, making distinctions – is unjust. [Read more...]

Monday, August 26, 2013

Protect the Helpless: NeOProM Suffocation Protocol for Preemies

Gasping premature babies are being deliberately oxygen starved without parental consent in a macabre on-going experiment called NeOProm, Neonatal Oxygenation Prospective Meta-analysis. Several countries are involved in deliberately targeting premature infants with inadequately low oxygen support that leaves them gasping for air and at higher risk of death from asphyxiation. Parents who have enrolled their babies in these experiments have been denied sufficient information to give informed consent. The babies assigned to the lower oxygen group had a 27% higher risk of death than those in the higher level groups, so, for some, being randomly assigned to that group was a death sentence. Here's a timeline of the experiment from the Medical Observer:
Time line 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here's a Kid Any Parent Can Be Proud Of!

Will Obama Claim Chris Lane's Murderers as His Sons?

Why not? They look like him and, as author Jack Cashill points out, there are strong parallels between Trayvon Martin and Chris Lane's killers. But how did people like Jessie Jackson react to the murder of the Australian ball player and college student who was shot in the back by black thugs who were "bored?" He tweeted that their action is "frowned upon." Not quite the hysterical response that greeted George Zimmerman's self-defense killing of Trayvon Martin. Where are the rallies and calls for justice for Chris Lane? Don't hold your breath. Black thugs committing thrill killings get a shrug from demagogues like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Their actions can't help them manipulate the mob.

Jack Cashill makes a clear and persuasive case for the deterioration of race relations under Barack Obama who has never failed to make a situation involving racial aspects more volatile. He has made it more likely that white and black Americans will react to each other with hate and mistrust. What a legacy for the first black president to leave us.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pravda USA: the National Catholic Distorter

The Conrad Hilton Foundation has awarded the dissenters' rag, the National Catholic Reporter (aka the National Catholic Distorter), a $2.3 million grant to propagandize for the dissident nuns. NCR will have no trouble finding them since they feature loads of anti-Catholic nuns as regular writers including Sr. Joan Chittister, a long-time rebel against the faith. You can be sure that the nuns publicized with this grant money won't be the Mother Teresas of the world. Nope, watch for the nuns in polyester pantsuits marching for the wetlands, riding on the bus, and demonstrating outside military installations. Don't expect religious orders like the Little Sisters of the Poor or the Sisters of Life or the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist to be given a voice. They don't fit NCR's dissident agenda.

Keep in mind that several bishops have called for NCR to drop the word "Catholic" from their name since they are anything but. The paper refused. $2.3 mil will buy a lot of Pravda-style propaganda for the dissident nuns who've made it very clear the Vatican can't tell them what to do!

Obama Spokesman Jokes about Egypt While Christians Die

The massacre of Christians in Egypt continues: hundreds murdered, dozens of Christian churches destroyed and, like Nero, the Obama administration fiddles. No, actually, they feed the fire arming a government that does nothing to protect its persecuted Christian minority. Why do we continue to send them billions in aid? As for joking about the violence....what else can we expect from this tone-deaf bunch? Think the Obama administration would laugh if somebody joked about lynching blacks?

Read More:

Daily Caller


Red State

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Freemasonry and the Catholic Church

The selection below the video speaks for itself. We've all heard the Pope Paul VI quote about the smoke of satan entering the Church. Well, this explains one of its sources, the Masons. The first rule to eliminating a fire is to recognize its source. Many Catholics have raised the alarm. I recall reading Behind the Lodge Door by Paul Fisher a number of years ago (See video interview.). He studied the Masons' influence on the American culture and the Church. I think it's time to reread that book!

How a Priest becomes a Mason
by Arnaud de Lassus
Originally published in Action Familiale et Scholaire, No.161
This translation made from SPES - Seminário Permanente de Estudos Sociopolíticos Santo Tomás de Aquino,
In 1999 a book was published anonymously in Italy entitled Via col vento in Vaticano and which, according to the editor of the French edition, "came from a group of dignitaries of the Vatican, 'the Millennialists', who broke the law of silence".

It is a collective writing describing various disorders affecting the Holy See. The chapters are of unequal value and some call for serious reservation. Chapter 18, The Smoke of Satan in the Vatican, treats of Freemasonry and exposes, on four pages of great interest, the process implemented to get prelates to affiliate themselves with the sect.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Law of Unintended Consequences: Companies Dropping Spousal Benefits

UPS Blames Obamacare!

NSA Goes Ballistic Over T-Shirt Joke

The National Security Agency has demanded that a businessman marketing a joke t-shirt with a parody of their logo desist at once because of "copyright infringement." (More here.) Well, we all know the Obama administration has no sense of humor when it comes to anything that smacks of criticism -- especially when the criticism follows Alinsky's rule about ridiculing your opponent. After all, ridicule, according to Alinsky, is the most effective weapon for the radical:
Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.
And the NSA is illustrating Alinsky's point with their attempt to stop the sale of the offending t-shirt which will increase the number of people who see it. What fun to watch this battle, especially if it ends up in the courts. All I can say is, "Go LibertyManiacs!" I hope you sell a million of these! I'm not a big message t-shirt wearer, but I'm ordering one of these.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Do You Know What You're Eating? What's in those McNuggets Anyway?

What do giant corporations foist on us as "food?" McDonalds doesn't mind supporting the murder of unborn children. Do you really think they care if they adulterate the food they sell you? Yuck! See what the Health Ranger has to say. Where did your dinner come from?

Are You a Lonely Ember or Part of a Roaring Fire?

Hat tip to Rick for sending me this. I thought it was worth sharing.  


A member of a certain church,
Who previously had been attending services
Regularly, stopped going. After a few weeks,
The pastor decided to visit him.

It was a chilly evening. The pastor found the man at home
Alone, sitting before a blazing fire.
Guessing the reason for his pastor's visit, the
Man welcomed him, led him to a comfortable chair
Near the fireplace and waited.

The pastor made himself at home but said nothing.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Love This Poster!

This is one of those pictures worth a thousand words. If I can't find one for the next March for Life, I think I'll steal the idea and make my own. I would love a t-shirt like this!

Do You Know What You're Eating?

Food Poisoning on a Global Scale

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is Global Warming Responsible for All the Cold Weather?

Atlanta breaks a century-old temperature record Thursday

The fact is that the #1 influence on the weather is the sun. A second big impact comes from volcanoes. Neither of those climate influencers has anything to do with man. But no matter what happens with the weather, those who have lots to gain from hysteria will scream, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling."

Friday, August 16, 2013

I Had to Check & Make Sure I Wasn't Reading The Onion

Robot Programmed to Fall in Love with a Girl Goes too Far

Now why exactly do we need to program a robot to simulate love? We're all living in a land of make-believe. Make believe a man can be a woman and two men or two women can conceive a baby. Make believe that killing a baby is like choosing peanut butter. Make believe a machine can love you. (Well, I know my blender loves me when I use it to make a milkshake.) It really is insane.

The article reminds me of the mad computer Hal in 2001: a Space Odyssey. Pretty soon we won't need people for anything. Crazy! 

God Save Us From Our Evil Government Officials!

"Madness is the new normal....Collapse is coming."

He's a Voice for the Voiceless...

...and he's saved over 1,000 babies working full time sidewalk counselling. I sidewalk counseled for about 15 years almost every Saturday. I know how hard it is to be there week after week. He must be a saint to be out there NINE HOURS every day. Pray for John Barros. And if you've never participated in a 40 Days for Life or prayed the rosary outside an abortion mill or sidewalk counseled -- go -- just once. It's not easy, but it's so gratifying when a woman chooses life for a baby. And you have no idea what your witness will do even if you don't see a result.

 Praise God for people like John Barros and my friends Janet Baker, Jim Fritz, Bruce Borzino, Dick Retta, Olga Fairfax, and all the others who are so passionate about saving unborn babies and saving the souls of their parents! God bless you dear ones. For more go here.

A Movie Worth Watching Over and Over

Larry and I started watching House of Cards last week but after one episode I decided I'm sick of filling my head with stories of intrigue, betrayal, and immorality. We watched the British version a few years ago and the American appeared to be following it closely. When I thought of all the murder and mayhem, it made my heart sink. Who needs it?

So from now on my focus for crash time will be inspiring movies of the saints. (I think I had a St. Ignatius of Loyola experience -- medieval romances left him empty, lives of the saints filled him with admiration and zeal..) One of my favorite movies in the genre of holy men and women is The Reluctant Saint about St. Joseph of Cupertino. We've probably watched that half a dozen times at least. Maximilian Schell as Joseph is sweet and dear and his whole body professes simplicity and humility. A Man for All Seasons about St. Thomas More is another favorite and Paul Scofield is magnificent. I saw him play the same role on stage years ago and he was equally compelling. The courtroom scene gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

But last night we added another work to the repertoire of fantastic films, Pius XII, Under the Roman Sun.

The film would make a good companion piece to The Scarlet and the Black since both films cover the same period, the occupation of Rome during World War II and the Vatican's involvement in rescuing Jews and others targeted by the Nazis.

Jane Fonda Plays Nancy Reagan in The Butler

The thought of Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan is so ridiculous it just makes me laugh. And the absolute gall of her telling veterans who plan to boycott her latest film to "Get a life!" is nauseating. But then so were her traitorous actions during the Vietnam War. I wouldn't spend a nickle to see anything she's in!

No matter how many face lifts and air-brushed pictures fill the internet, no matter how much makeup she slathers on or how much she arranges her hair to cover her wrinkles, she is still an old lady whose days are numbered. She'll be 76 in December and it would be a good thing for her to think about getting an eternal life. Maybe I'll force myself to watch one of her movies and offer it up as penance for her salvation. On the other hand, offering a rosary would be more beneficial. Jacinta of Fatima, victim soul for sinners, please pray for Jane Fonda. As a champion of child-killing she is in serious danger!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Celebration of the Assumption: An Escort for the Queen

How I love this Rubens' depiction of the Assumption of Mary into heaven escorted by the angels while the apostles and faithful women attend her and witness the taking up after her dormition, literally her "falling asleep." The Assumption was a frequent Rubens theme, but I particularly love this one which perhaps shows her in the last moments before awakening. She is like the fairy tale princess who is revived by her one true love. Oh that we should all awake on the day of our deaths to see Jesus, Who is Love, face to face!

Did Mary die? While the Church doesn't teach dogmatically on the subject, tradition says yes; but her body was incorruptible until it was reunited with her soul and taken up to heaven. Read a lovely description of what the early Church believed here

Would not the Mother of Jesus who watched at the foot of Christ's cross as He suffered and died, not want to share in that final act of humility? Thank you, Mother Mary. You who were free from original sin, nevertheless chose to accept its consequences in reparation for our sins and to save us from spiritual death. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Rodeo Clown Gets the Brass Knuckles from Liberal Leftwing Hypocrites!

Unless you're comatose, you heard about the rodeo clown wearing the Obama mask and asking the crowd if they wanted Obama run down by a bull. The clown was accused of disrespect, racism, yadda, yadda. He was banned from the Missouri State Fair and the leftwing media has been ballistic for several days about what at worst can be called a bad joke.

What's interesting is that the leftwing media stifles yawns when their cronies on the left engage in assassination street theatre. Check out a few photos collected by Michele Malkin. Did you ever see these? If the tea parties had carried signs like this about Obama they would have been all over the press for weeks, but these are from the kind, tolerant, compassionate, loving left. You know, the ones always calling for civility.

Despite the fact that the mob needs fresh meat in the arena since they've finished with Paula Deen, not everyone is getting on the destroy-the-clown bandwagon. One Texas Congressman, Steve Stockman, says the clown can come perform in Texas anytime. Here's what he said according to an NBC report, "Liberals want to bronco bust dissent. But Texans value speech, even if it’s speech they don't agree with… [Liberals] want to crush dissent by isolating and polarizing anyone who questions Obama, even if it's a rodeo clown with a harmless gag.... If you're demanding a rodeo jester be thrown in the dungeons for mocking the king, don't pretend you support a free country.”

You got it, Congressman. Don't mess with King Obama or you can expect to be fired from your job, investigated by the IRS, snooped on by the Defense Intelligence Agency and the FBI, etc. As for freedom of speech, the leftwing media considers any speech that criticizes Obama, even by insinuation, racist hate speech that will be met by the Queen of Hearts' favorite dictum, "Off with his head!" (It couldn't possibly be his liberalism to which people object. Nah!)

Of course, the liberal elite are the real racists who consider black babies abortion mill fodder and adult minorities (both black and Hispanic) voting slaves working for their Democrat overseers.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Got Courage? This Man Does!

Call LGBT Movement by its Real Name: Evil

Robert Oscar Lopez was raised in a two-mom family after his mother divorced his dad and shacked up with her same-sex partner. Now he speaks out about the abuse of children by inflicting on them a dysfunctional way of life that leaves permanent scars. Here's just a bit of the article:
I had a recent meeting with a priest, who ... said, "You are fighting against real darkness." He was referring to my involvement in a movement to protect the rights of children to be raised by a mom and dad... 
Little in my life prompted me to speak in terms of good and evil prior to 2012. 
It was a year ago, however, in an article in The Public Discourse, that I came forward with a truthful critique of the LGBT movement. That movement and its problems were something that I knew more personally than almost anyone in the world, since I'd been raised from my toddler years onward in a gay household, and I came out as bisexual myself the same year that my mother passed away. 
My piece in The Public Discourse on August 6, 2012, "Growing up with Two Moms," wasn't grounded in religious condemnations of homosexuality. It was, rather, an uncensored summary of what life was like for a child born into leftist utopian dreams gone awry. It did not seem implausible for me to love my mother yet concede that her divorce from my father and her taking up with another woman for almost all the years that I was being raised by her caused me lifelong wounds that never healed. 
The gay lobby had few ways to rebut my point, so they had to resort to vomiting out random insults. 
Pray for this courageous young man. His voice, like the voices of abortion survivors, are the most powerful against the forces of evil. A repentant sinner loves the Lord with a zeal so powerful it changes hearts and minds. Our Lady of Sorrows, I invoke you as a channel of grace for Robert. Hail Mary, full of grace....

The Ultimate in Creating Your Own Reality

Teen Transgender Couple: Boy Was [Is] a Girl and Girl Was [Is] a Boy

Pray for these two mixed up young people. No matter how many surgeries they go through and hormones they take, every cell in their bodies identifies them as male or female. God made their DNA and it puts to the lie their "love" story. This is what happens when life is defined by feelings and when sexual dysfunction is normalized. What's next? Using technology to get a baby so they can expand their world of make-believe? In the meantime, think of the scandal they are causing by encouraging other youngsters to follow in their
footsteps. And note, if you watch the video, that it's all about "me:" my feelings, my pain, my crush, etc.

Same-sex attraction is a cross and Jesus told us to "pick up your cross and follow me." There are many crosses in  life that are no less challenging than same-sex attraction. Here's a story of a man who has accepted his cross. His is the story of inspiration, not the narcissistic "love story" above.

Meet Paulo Machado, the man who has lived in hospital for 45 years

It's Official: California is the Looniest State in the Country

Brown Signs Transgender Bathroom Bill

As a gramma I feel really comfortable with the idea of adolescent boys sharing the bathroom with kindergarten little girls. Don't you?

Do you think there will be any sex ed happening in the stalls?

Show and tell?

Well, show anyway, and don't you dare tell.

Home schooling, anyone?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Makes me glad I don't have a smart phone! Protect Your Kids!

Hail Caesar Barack, the "god of all things"

The video below is mislabeled as a prayer "for" Barack Obama, but it is actually a prayer "to" Barack Obama. One wonders that a parent would allow a child to treat Obama as if he is a god to be thanked and prayed to. No surprise though. The chants and idol worship have been in vogue (especially with the media) since he first ran for president.

I find it a deja vu experience that hearkens back to the Roman Empire complete with the sexual depravity of Roman Emperors like Caligula and Nero. We have mobs fed and entertained with bread and circuses funded by the taxpayers. Now, we have our own Caesar, crowned as a god, whose lifestyle is as lavish as any tyrannical potentate. And the group leading the praise and worship service is the media. Oh how they love to portray him as St. Barack or the "god of all things." 

All I can say is, "God preserve us" from this blasphemy! 

Hail Mary, Our Beloved Mother

I love the Blessed Mother and have always mourned over the Protestants' disparagement of her. How can they not love Jesus' mum? Isn't He the word through which the Ten Commandments came to us? Don't they realize He, the God of the Universe, obeyed the Commandment to "honor his mother and father?" Well, here is a story about a little Protestant boy who recognized how wonderful Mary is and how powerful. Read it and rejoice:
A little six-year-old Protestant boy had often heard his Catholic companion reciting the prayer 'Hail Mary.' He liked it so much that he copied it, memorized it and would recite it every day. 'Look, Mummy, what a beautiful prayer,' he said to his mother one day. 'Never again say it,' answered the mother.' it is a superstitious prayer of Catholics who adore idols and think Mary a goddess. After all, she is a woman like any other. Come on, take this Bible and read it. It contains everything that we are bound to do and have to do.' 
From that day on the little boy discontinued his daily 'Hail Mary' and gave himself more time to reading the Bible instead. One day, while reading the Gospel, he came across the passage about the Annunciation of the Angel to Our Lady. Full of joy, the little boy ran to his mother and said: 'Mummy, I have found the 'Hail Mary' in the Bible which says: 'Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women. ' Why do you call it a superstitious prayer?'

On another occasion he found that beautiful Salutation of St. Elizabeth to The Virgin Mary and the wonderful canticle. MAGNIFICAT in which Mary foretold that 'the generations would call her blessed.' He said no more about it to his mother but started to recite the 'Hail Mary' every day as before. He felt pleasure in addressing those charming words to the Mother of Jesus, our Savior. [Continue reading here.]

Monday, August 12, 2013

St. Michael the Archangel Can You Please Defend Us from the Vatican Sculpture?

Traditionally St. Michael the Archangel is depicted in sculptures, icons, and holy cards wearing full armor and in a manly pose fighting God's enemy the devil. Here are a few traditional views of the great archangel:

Now take a look at the new sculpture of St. Michael placed in the Vatican garden unveiled and dedicated on July 5th with both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict present. It is anything but manly, traditional, or clothed in armor. This nearly nude St. Michael stands, not in a position of strength, but like a girl arching her back for a Victoria's Secret ad with his left arm and hand in a very feminine position. And where exactly is he jabbing that spear? 

Now this is what the statue reminds me of: Just turn her in the other direction, give her a spear, and take her clothes off and voila -- St. Michael..

Hey We Kill Babies; Why Not "Mandatory Euthanasia?"

Do you think these people understand English? Do they really support the deliberate killing of the elderly? Whatever happened to the "freedom to choose?"

Wasn't There a Single Decent Person to Yell, "STOP?"

"A St. Paul, Minn., man is in a coma today, fighting for his life after a black mob beat him, stripped his clothes off and left him for dead. Even if he recovers, he will have permanent brain damage."

Man in coma after black mob of 50 pummels him

A young white man thinks he's safe living in a black neighborhood. And now he may die, but will definitely be permanently brain damaged. Where are the decent black men and women in these situations who demand thugs stop? If I saw a group of white guys beating up a black, I would try to stop them. Did anyone try to prevent this? Decency in the inner cities appears to be dead. No wonder Jesus said to "flee the cities."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bees Are Amazing Creatures! Check Out the Healing Properties of Honey

Doctors discover 'super honey' with amazing power to treat soldiers' wounds and kill superbug infections

The healing power of honey: From burns to weak bones, raw honey can help

Obama's Climate Plan Disaster

All you animal lovers out there take note!

Obama's Wind Turbine Plan would escalate the aviary holocaust. Turbines already kill 1.4 million birds and bats every year and he wants to greatly expand wind farms. Consider that the death toll goes on and on and what do we get for it? Three percent of our energy needs. The final question: how much do you love mosquitoes and other bugs? There will be lots more of them! Remember The Silent Spring? There's more than one way to decimate the bird population.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

How Disney Helped Spread the Population Control Propaganda

Read more about how this came about here and here.

And then consider the inherent racism of this video which was made during Paul Ehrlich population bomb hysteria period. A bunch of white elitists make a film showing a Hispanic couple labeled as "everyman." Then consider that most Hispanic countries are majority Catholic countries. This film was shot across the bow to the Catholic Church which encourages generosity in life giving. The battle has always been between the culture of death and the Lord of Life and His Church. That Disney allowed itself to be used to create this anti-family propaganda piece is amazing. It's like Pampers supporting Planned Parenthood (which they have). Nothing like urging the elimination of your customer base. But then sin makes you stupid!

Read The Inherent Racism of Population Control

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Florence

A friend of mine has a daughter who joined an Italian religious order called the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Florence. They were founded by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat in 1800 as contemplative cloistered order consecrated to the Heart of Jesus and dedicated to the education of youth. Today they are educating Italian youth and offer a real hope for the future. Here's a wonderful summary of what's happening there:

Saving Souls in Italy: With Help the Italians are Returning to Catholicism 
A new appreciation for children is awakening in Italy. For the past several decades the Italian birth rate has been one of the lowest in Europe and well below the replacement rate. But the pendulum may be swinging back. 
News comes to us from the Institute of the Sacred Heart of Florence, operated by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Florence, that their school enrollment is once again on the upswing. In fact the increase has been so dramatic that they are in need of help.

Give Obama a U.S. Map!

So you always thought Savannah and Charleston were Gulf of Mexico Ports. LOL! Maybe the Obamas next vacations should be to Savannah where they can look out over the Gulf and watch the sun rise. Oh...and Putin was NEVER the head of the KGB although he was an agent before he went into politics. But why is the media ignoring Obama's geographical biggies? Remember the ridicule over Quayle's spelling mistake (even though he was given the misspelling by the teacher)?

Attention: the media is moving Savannah and Charleston to the Gulf of Mexico because Obama is never, never wrong.

Logical Syllogisms of the Day

Raise your hand if you're pro-life!
"Pro-choicers" claim that they don't favor killing babies. They can only make that claim because they never finish the sentence: I am pro-choice when it comes to a mother choosing... (to kill her unborn baby if she wishes.) Now if someone claimed to be pro-choice about rape (I would never rape, but I can't impose my anti-rape morality on anybody else.) people would be outraged. How dare anybody favor that violation of women. But somehow, violating an innocent, helpless baby fits the morality of many. Very sad and a clear demonstration of the manipulation of words to hide the truth. But here are a few logical syllogisms to reflect on. It really isn't that complicated once you define terms. Pro-choicers themselves have defined it as "a woman's right to choose" between having an abortion or not. Since they favor whichever decision the woman makes (they say) they do, by definition, favor abortion. And now for the logic:
All pro-choicers favor the right of a woman to choose an abortion if she wishes.
(Name) is pro-choice.
Therefore (Name) favors the right of a woman to choose an abortion if she wishes. 
Abortion kills a  baby.
(Name) had an abortion.
(Name) killed a baby. 
All pro-choicers favor the right of a woman to choose to kill her baby if she wishes.
(Name) is pro-choice.
Therefore (Name) favors the right of a woman to choose to kill her baby if she wishes. 
Killing babies is morally evil.
Abortion kills babies.
Therefore, abortion is morally evil. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is a Bee Apocalypse Coming?

Think this is no big deal? It's even affecting our relationships with other countries. It's scary stuff and is a reminder that we are called to be good stewards of the earth. It's ironic that Russia is acting the role of the prophet here. Let's pray somebody is listening.

Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Very Soon

Pro-Abort Tyrants Cancel Presentations by Pro-Life Women Doctors

Pro-abortionists will go to any lengths to prevent the truth about abortion coming to light. Their radical agenda can only be maintained by hiding the truth and using language that masks their lies. That truth was graphically demonstrated this past week when during the Medical Women's International Association convention in Seoul, Korea three pro-life doctors from the United States scheduled to present papers were censored and banned. Read what happened during an interview with the Korean press after the doctors' talks were cancelled. The account was written by the three doctors: 
This account was written by the AAPLOG (American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists) women doctors involved: 
Dear friends, 
Three women physicians, Donna Harrison, Mary Davenport and Martha Shuping, were invited months ago to give lectures on complications of abortion for the MWIA, the Medical Women’s International Association. Donna Harrison’s presentation demonstrated that nations with laws protective of mothers and unborn babies have excellent maternal mortality statistics. Mary Davenport had a talk about abortion as a risk factor for preterm birth, the cause of 15 million neonatal deaths each year internationally. Martha Shuping had a presentation that included two case reports of women who suffered severe psychological harm from abortion, even though they had obvious risk factors that were not discussed in the informed consent process. These risk factors were actually quoted from an abortion provider textbook endorsed by the National Abortion Federation! This was valuable information for physicians to hear, especially those from developing nations who are under tremendous pressure to legalize abortion due to the false belief that legalized abortion is a panacea for maternal mortality. 
However, our presentations were cancelled at the last minute.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Terry McAuliffe Really is Pathetic!

And he illustrates the scripture quote that "love of money is the root of all evils." Some people will do anything if the price is right!

Terry McAuliffe: the torturer's lobbyist

You are Fearfully, Wonderfully Made

Need evidence of Intelligent Design? Look at the little one in the womb waiting to be born.

"It's a mystery, it's magic, it's divinity."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pray that We All May be One

Every morning when we pray the Morning Offering we ask "for the reunion of all Christians." Of course we want our separated Protestant brothers and sisters to come home to Rome, but wouldn't the reunion of our own traditionalists be a reason for great rejoicing. Pray that the issues separating the SSPX can be resolved. In these challenging times, we need everybody on the barque of Peter manning their stations. Please Lord, restore our unity.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Pope's Press Conference

There's been an awful lot of drivel written about things the pope said.during his long interview with the press on the plane during the return from World Youth Day. It might be useful for people to read what he actually said for themselves. So here's a link. I confess, some of it leaves me encouraged, some a bit baffled, but I trust in the Holy Spirit and following the lead of little Jacinta of Fatima I want to be truly committed to praying for the Holy Father. No pope can destroy the orthodoxy of the Church. The Holy Spirit promised to remain with the Church and many saints have emphasized the necessity of our connection to Peter. Where Peter is, there is the Church. So please pray for our Holy Father no matter what. Here's just one prayer to inspire you:

Prayer for the Pope

Possible Eucharistic Miracle in Mexico

Mexico archdiocese investigating possible Eucharistic miracle

I recently read a book about the martyrs of Mexico. It would not surprise me to see Jesus doing miracles in this land of so many martyrs of the Eucharist. And it's a sobering thought to think of the possibility of history repeating itself when a government is an enemy of Christianity as ours is increasingly becoming. Read about Mexico's history of religious persecution and ask yourself why it couldn't happen here?

Well we all know school officials know best!

More reasons to home school. 

I always tell my kids never to spank in public. Not that I was ever much of a spanker because I didn't find it very effective. Denying privileges gets a response much faster. Nevertheless, sometimes a good well-aimed swat on the tush can be motivational. As for the interfering school administrator, she should have minded her own business. Clearly, the grandmother was not abusing the child who was apparently having hysterics. All the administrator did was precipitate a nasty altercation between a teenager and the police. One more reason to home-school: avoid the busybodies who think they know best.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Babies! They're Cheaper than Starbucks.

Georgetown: It's Just Not Catholic Anymore

How Georgetown Became a Gay Friendly Campus...

...and completely lost its Catholic identity. Just check out campus events. This is NOT about treating gays with respect as children of God. No, it's all about promoting the gay lifestyle and the gay agenda. Same sex kiss-ins, the nauseating, pornographic Vagina Monologues, a drag ball called Genderfunk, gay pride month: these are all events with an agenda - and it's not knowing, loving, and serving God! It's high time Georgetown had its Catholic identity stripped to match the reality of its hedonistic anything-goes philosophy.