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Friday, September 30, 2016

And You Think There's No Voter Fraud? This One Hits Close to Home!

He died in 2014 and just registered to vote in Virginia!

This is why we need photo IDs to vote in both federal and local elections. You need to present an ID every time you go to the doctors to prevent medical fraud. You need to present a photo ID in many places to use your credit card. Please, tell me why voters shouldn't have to present a photo ID to vote.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Guest Post: Are the US Bishops for Sale? (Reminder: Love of Money is the Root of All Evil)

Shouldn't that goat be wearing his mitre?
The Judas Goat and the American Catholic Future

by Tom McFadden, Sr.

Any Christian following the news must surely be aware of the potential threat to his safety and religious freedom that has been created in the recent decade by the Federal Government’s program to settle in the U.S. hundreds of thousands of Muslims. The potential threat has become a reality in so many cases in recent years as American-born children of Muslim “refugees” have engaged in mass murder while the politically-compromised FBI has tried to cover up their Muslim-inspired motives.
These Muslims are called “refugees”, a term which invokes images of helplessness and desperation which naturally provokes sympathy. In fact, most of those brought here were not refugees. A refugee, according to the UN definition, is a person who leaves a dangerous place (such as a war-torn country) and goes to a safe place. For example, when a Muslim refugee reaches Turkey or some other safe country in Europe or Africa he ceases to be a refugee. His moving on from there to another safe place (like the U.S.) is migration. He is a migrant. Yet these migrants are treated far differently from others, such as Christian Mexicans, who may wish to migrate to the U.S. but cannot legally.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fatima and Akita contain serious warnings for the world. Pay Attention!

It is instructive to study the history of St. Margaret Mary as well. She begged King Louis XIV in 1689 to follow Our Blessed Lord's instructions to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He did not and neither did his successors. Louis XVI did it privately in jail after he had been deposed and was no longer king. It did not save him or his family from the guillotine.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fr. Tom Collins Adds His Opinion to the Presidential Debates.

I pray that the observations below, seeking to get the beam out of my own eye,
will help all of us to appreciate more deeply our need for the regenerative grace
offered to the world by Christ through the gracious ministry of His Holy Spirit.
Thank God that the gates of hell cannot prevail against a repenting heart.
Please pray for the ongoing conversion of all us pastors.
In Christ,
Fr. Tom

Many have fallen into the trap of capitulating to media propaganda by agreeing
with the premise that Trump is “the lesser of two evils”.  Although I do not agree
100% with everything he is proposing, I cannot find anything pro-actively and objectively
“evil” in what Trump is proposing for our nation.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fr Theodore Hesburgh, Enemy of the Catholic Faith, on 2017 Postage Stamp

       In 2017, the United States Postal Service will celebrate an enemy of the authentic Catholic Faith on one of its postage stamps. Fr. Theodore M. Hesburgh (1917-2015), a leading proponent of the liberal agenda and the one-time President of Notre Dame University, was not a model Catholic educator. Not only was Fr. Hesburgh not a model Catholic educator, but he was actually PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE in the Catholic community for almost single-handedly being responsible for the elimination of orthodox Catholic teaching in our once Catholic Universities, and destroying their commitment to authentic Catholic education by fostering their conversion to a university status, completely independent of Catholic control. Consider that:
  • Fr. Hesburgh was the leading promoter of the LAND O’LAKES document in 1967, which was the “Declaration of Independence” of Catholic Universities from Church authority at that time, and remains so to this day. As a result of Fr. Hesburgh’s influence, once proudly Catholic Universities, such as Notre Dame, Georgetown, Fordham, and Boston College have lost their essential Catholic character.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Do You REALLY Think Putin is a Christian? Wake Up from Your Delusional Sleep!

Listen to their own words!

Putin, Soros, Hillary,
Working together for America's Downfall

By David Martin

Vladimir Putin is eyeing with glee the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming the next U.S. president. Her long-standing history of aiding the Russians is no secret, and the Kremlin is hoping to use her as their pawn to fully convert America to a socialist state—a plan that was greatly advanced through Barack Obama.

A Catholic's Voter Guide: It's Clearly a MORTAL SIN to vote for Hillary Clinton!

There's been plenty of chatter on blogs and Facebook, etc. arguing about what is moral and not moral in voting this year. Several of my readers have passed along this voters' guide from an orthodox priest with a doctorate in Moral Law and a legal degree in civil law. As you try to form your conscience to vote in the election in November, why not give this priest's opinion serious consideration. After all, you do want to make your decisions with a "correct" conscience, don't you -- and not one formed by the media or your own biases? It is clear from the principles here that voting for Hillary Clinton is a mortal sin. Not voting for Donald Trump who has promised to limit many of the evils supported by the Democratic party is to act like the "stupid Galatians" as Paul calls them. Can Donald Trump be trusted? We won't know unless we give him a chance.   We know Hillary can be trusted -- to do all the evil she's promised and more! Please don't be stupid in November. Even worse -- don't commit the mortal sin of voting for Hillary and the party of death! As for not voting, how is that being a responsible citizen?                                            Mary Ann

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Our Liberal Perceptions of Life will be the Cause of our Demise

Our Liberal Perceptions of Life will be the Cause of our Demise

Sent by God - Conception and Ensoulment
Jean Mansel, from a fifteenth-century French manuscript

The following is an excerpt from a few weeks ago in our parish bulletin, written by our Pastor who I’m sure wants to remain anonymous.

“We are living in a very delicate and fragile moment in the history of our humanity and if we don’t take the time and stop a while to understand the true nature of the human person, we are going to make a lot of mistakes. When God creates someone, He knows who He brings into the world. He knows who that person is: this is His child and He cares about him. So, because of the philosophical turmoil in which we are in this day and age, some fail to understand that there is a natural law that goes hand in hand with the reality of the human person.

Great Video Exposing Planned Parenthood Liars and their Bogus 3% Solution

Friday, September 23, 2016

And Why Are You Catholics Saying You Will NEVER Vote for Donald Trump?

Donald Trump Supports Defunding Planned Parenthood!

Trump supports making the Hyde Amendment permanent.That promise alone has Cecile Richards foaming at the mouth. When taxes are denied to the death peddlers, babies live. 

Please, all you purists out there, think of what you are doing when you say you will NEVER vote for Donald Trump. How many babies here and abroad will pay the price for your anti-Trump convictions if Killary Hillary is elected? 

Where Have All the Catholics Gone? Long Time Passing?

A few days ago my husband and I drove the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We were amazed at the large number of Catholic Churches we saw. We stopped at several in towns along the way. They all advertise no more than one Mass a weekend on either Saturday or Sunday. One church had a sign seeking offerings since their congregation is so small and the church needs repairs. They  depend on visitors, the sign read, and would appreciate any help. At one church there was a sign on the bulletin board advertising one daily Mass A MONTH! The others may not even have that.

Cape Breton clearly had a large French influence in its history and the number of old churches reflects what must have once been a vibrant Catholic community. Clearly, it's a thing of the past. We stopped at a church cemetery to pray our rosary and I couldn't help thinking that the cemetery was a pretty accurate metaphor for the faith in so many places. The churches are empty and all the Catholics are in the graveyard.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ordinary Conscience Cannot Exempt from the Church's Moral law

         Ordinary Conscience Cannot Exempt from the Church's Moral Law
by Rudolph Lohse

         The classic definition of “conscience” in the Catholic Church is that of Thomas Aquinas, for whom “conscience is the mind of man passing moral judgments.” It is the voice of reason, separated from feeling, emotion and desire. Conscience is imbedded in the intellect which apprehends and interprets the moral law. It is not an immediate internal illumination of each person for himself without reference to an objective norm found outside of man and independent of his subjective persuasion. It requires development and careful training for knowing the laws of God. We have an obligation to educate it.

         Today, many “Catholics in Name Only” (CHINO) use an appeal to conscience to try to justify their aberrant behavior, in violation of the moral law as taught by our Church. A typical statement, often counseled to the laity by misguided priests is: “The Church says that if a teaching is not designated as a dogma, and if two or three moral theologians hold a contrary opinion, a Catholic is not conscience-bound to follow the teaching of the Magisterium.” These priests insinuate that sin only happens when people have failed to follow their conscience. So if, personally, you do not think that an objective sin is really a sin, these priests claim that it is not a sin for you. Such comments completely misrepresent Church teaching, because they are gross and irresponsible oversimplifications. This is a serious error, which misleads people into thinking they are avoiding sin, when in fact they remain quite guilty of their immoral actions.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Death of the West -- A Howl or a Whimper?

I'm reading an amazing novel written in 1975, Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail, that I can only describe as prophetic. It tells the story of an "armada" of broken down ships sailing from India to Europe with a million poverty stricken souls headed for the promised land. None of the Western nations will face the fact that such an invasion will unalterably change the face of the country where they land. All the leftists around the world cheer on the invaders including the liberal press. They attack the military and the police and proclaim that charity and mercy demand the refugees be welcomed with open arms. Meanwhile, the large numbers of immigrants already in the West see in the "armada" a call to better their own situation against the "racist" European whites and unrest becomes widespread. The pope of mercy is "Benedict XVI" although his persona is more descriptive of Francis.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pascal's Wager

Pascal’s Wager

 by Rudolph Lohse 

          Blaise Pascal, a prominent French philosopher living in the skeptical age of the 17th century, was the author of the Pensees in which he argued that reason alone could never answer the question of whether God exists or not. Therefore he developed his famous wager concerning the manner in which a person should best conduct his life on earth in order to gain maximum happiness. At the far end of life, Pascal said that a coin is being tossed that will come down heads (God) or tails (no God). So how will you wager, i.e. how will you live your life in view of the uncertainty of that final truth?
          Pascal’s Wager answered that central question by essentially claiming that:“It makes more sense to believe in God than not to believe. If you believe, and God exists, you will be rewarded in the afterlife. If you do not believe and He exists, you will be punished for your disbelief. If He does not exist, you have lost nothing either way.”

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Reality of Hell

    by Rudolph Lohse      

            The doctrine of hell is not just some dusty, theological holdover from the unenlightened Middle Ages. It has significant consequences. Without ultimate justice, people’s sense of moral obligation dissolves; social bonds are broken. People who have no fear of God soon have no fear of man.

Hell itself is a glorification of divine justice. The pain of hell consists in the recognition of perpetual separation from God, just as the joy of heaven is in union with Him forever. Contrary to what many liberal dissenters and Modernists think, hell is real and the Church continues to teach that there are “two classes” in humankind, “the saved and the damned”. Avery Cardinal Dulles, RIP, once the most renowned Catholic theologian in the United States, emphasized that theme in a major speech at Fordham University in New York. The Cardinal criticized today’s thoughtless optimism about salvation, stating “Popular piety has become saccharine and many Christians take it almost for granted that everyone, or almost everyone, will be saved.” He also noted that this prevalent misconception has led to a sharp drop in people’s frequency of confession. “More education is needed to convince people that they ought to fear God Who, as Jesus taught, can punish soul and body together in hell,” he said, citing Matthew 10:28.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leviticus 19:28 Says No, but Tattooing is a Billion Dollar Business

For identification purposes, Thoroughbred race horses are
tattooed on the upper lip. This is Paris Jackson's (lower lip)
horse tattoo identifying her as motley.
Not sure if any of you reading this has a tattoo, and this is not written as reproach (“Who am I to judge?”) but living in Florida, with Miami Ink which started the pop culture tattoo boom, everyone is dressed scantily because of the heat. Daily we see literally thousands of tattoos – because no one has just one.

One person alone could have several, as in full sleeve which means from shoulder to wrist, on one or both arms, or just half sleeve on one or both arms. A person could have their entire leg(s) tattooed. Both legs and both arms, with more tattoos on neck, chest, hands head – all on just one person. (With no tattoos myself, I feel naked in public.)

Or people have several tattoos here and there – front of upper leg, ankle, back of upper leg, calf, half sleeve on one arm, front and back of neck, with a sprinkling of falling stars on the other arm. Women wear short shorts and tank tops in various shapes to show off tattoos, men shave their head to display multiple odd tattoos along with ear plugs. Gross is the ear where the plug has been removed and the ear lobe hangs long and loose flapping in the wind.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Surprise! Never forget to Count Your Blessings!

Hopewell Rocks at high tide
Do you like surprises? If you do we can cure you of that. We've been travelling for a week with our camper on what is supposed to be an extended trip to Canada and back. And it has been a series of unpleasant surprises. The first was opening the camper and finding the refrigerator door open and a bottle of beer that popped open when it fell out onto the floor. I suppose we can consider our camper baptized in beer. And it didn't make the surprise more agreeable that it was my fault since I didn't check the latch on the door.

Our second surprise at our next stop was a tipped over quart jar of honey that dripped down into the cupboard and onto the floor. I was as agitated by the loss of our precious honey as I was by the mess. We will be cleaning up honey forever I think. I keep finding more places covered with the sticky stuff. So far no ants thank God, but I expect to find that surprise sooner or later. Read more...

Guest Editorial: A Plea to Our Bishops - Put First Things First!

Mixed Signals on Civic Matters
Put first things first when you vote!

By Thomas L. McFadden, Sr.

Bishop Loverde is publishing in his newspaper a six-part series called, Forming Our Consciences. This is in connection with the 2016 election. He calls it a journey of discernment. While part 1 was just a general introduction, part 2 that he published September 7th was titled “The Right to Life.” His text is completely in harmony with the Ordinary Magisterium of the Church as he asserts that:

Friday, September 16, 2016

Follow the Law of the Church Amoris Laetitia Notwithstanding!

detail from Rodin's Gates of Hell
It's clear. It's unequivocal. Those divorced and remarried without annulment are ineligible for Communion. Not Pope Francis, the Argentine bishops, nor any other cleric has the right to abrogate the clear teachings of the Church to implement their faux mercy. 

Check out canon lawyer Ed Peters' article, On the Buenos Aires Directive.
compromising the well-established interpretation of Canon 915 in the case of divorced-and-remarried Catholics necessarily calls into question the law’s applicability to cases of, say, ‘loving’ couples cohabitating outside of marriage, the ‘compassionate’ promotion of abortion or euthanasia, ‘honest’ persons entering “same-sex marriages”, and so on.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

David Martin on Providential Warnings Associated with the Miracle of the Sun

Providential Warnings

The date October 13 has a special significance in modern Church history, since it marked the conclusion of the Fatima apparitions in 1917 wherein was predicted the satanic onslaught against the Church that would ensue in the latter part of the 20th century. Providentially several key events of the Church have occurred on that date, which directly relate to the Fatima prophecy.

 October 13, 1884 - Pope Leo XIII receives a supernatural manifestation wherein he hears a conversation between Christ and Satan, in which the latter says he will destroy the Catholic Church within 100 years. The manifestation occurs exactly 33 years to the day before the great Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. The “33” is providential in that it directly alludes to the Freemasons in its 33 degrees through which the infernal enemy would infiltrate the Vatican after 1960.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Would Jesus Vote Democrat or Republican?

Would Jesus Vote Democrat or Republican?

From The Educated Catholic: Forever Catholic by Rudolph Lohse (

The Catholic Church is not a political party. It is a defender of the moral law. Jesus is not partisan and would never support a particular political group, such as the Democrats or Republicans. Rather Jesus would vote to uphold the moral teachings He has entrusted to His Church for safekeeping through the Pope and Magisterium, i.e. the bishops in communion with the Pope. Thus Jesus would be oriented to specific issues to determine and support those that are in accord with His divine law, and permit flexibility of choice to the people whenever the issues are primarily secular rather than divinely mandated. This is entirely consistent with His mandate to “Render to Caesar (the world) the things that are Caesar’s, and render to God the things that are God’s.” From this frame of reference, consider the following issues that have become the focal point of political campaigns:

God's Things
One must preserve God's Law by always opposing:

Same-sex marriage
Embryonic stem cell research

A New Baby is God's Opinion that the World Should Go On!

I'm not a carbon footprint, I'm a gift from God!
I recently had a brief exchange with the cashier at the dollar bill store, a young man who was probably 20 something. The conversation came about because I was buying anniversary cards. He volunteered that he never intended to get married or have children. I said I had friends who decided never to have children who were now old and lonely and bitter. On the other hand, I was playing and laughing with my grandchildren.

How does a young man come to such a sad state in life? Perhaps he was reared in an unhappy home. Maybe his parents ended up in a bitter divorce. Or maybe his teachers filled him Malthusian nonsense about the world coming to an end if we didn't stop reproducing.

At any rate, I thought of that conversation as I read this article. Note to Malthus: Life is Good.  Indeed it is and, as Dickens wrote, "It is no small wonder that these who are so fresh from God love us."

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Headlines from the Lunatic Majority Under the Circus Tent...

Is this the way out of the insanity of our world?
Most Canadians Now Support Bill to Punish Anti-Transgender Speech With 2 Years in Prison?
Most Canadians Support Bill to Punish Transgender Speech with Two Years in Prison

Biological Daughter, Couple Arrested for Incest

Stanford Joins Trend to Abolish He/She Pronouns

Making Satan Mainstream

Meanwhile, Alice is searching desperately for the rabbit hole so she can get back to Wonderland where things are more normal!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Prepare for the 100th Anniversary of Fatima: WAKE UP!

2017 sees many Fatima anniversaries: all the apparitions on the 13th of each month from May, the month of Mary, to October, the month of the holy rosary.

What a blessing to have the time to prepare for this important time. One suggestion I'd like to offer is to listen to the talks from a mission given on Our Lady of Fatima earlier this year.

Here is the first talk.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Do You Have Two Minutes To Learn How to Grow in Virtue?

Priests from the Diocese of Arlington put up a weekly two-minute message on how to grow in virtue. Here's the past week's  from Fr. Bjorn Lundberg. I've subscribed. I'll let you know what I think in a few weeks. I like Fr. Lundberg and think his message is definitely worth hearing! Enjoy. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The next kinky thing: sex with robots in the culture of despair

Talk about the ultimate sex toy!

The world's first ever conference on robotics and sex will take place in England where robot brothels will likely become a reality. I wonder what Chesterton would say about all this. Talk about nihilism and the fruition of Sartre's belief that "hell is other people." So if you want a paradise on earth -- eliminate other people from your life replacing them with robots.

Friday, September 9, 2016

We're on the Move....

Lots of lovely stone walls in Stafford Springs, CT
It's great to be retired. Periodically we pack up our camper and head out on the open road to explore. Sometimes we take grandchildren and sometimes we are off on our own. Last year we planned to go to Nova Scotia, but our bees weren't doing well and we stayed home to feed them several times a week to make sure they had enough food to get through the winter.
This year, they are thriving and we decided to let them fend for themselves for a month. So we are out and about -- praying many rosaries in the car as we drive or walk in the woods or sit on a park bench and just watch the world go by.

Islamic Muslim Superiority

A dhimmi paying jizyah
Gisele Littman, aka, Bat Ye’or (Hebrew meaning “daughter of the Nile”) is known for her books about history of religious minorities in the Muslim world. I am reading her book, The Dhimmi – Jews and Christians under Islam (1985) where she describes dhimmitude as the "specific social condition that resulted from jihad," and as the "state of fear and insecurity of infidels who are required to accept a condition of humiliation.” It is a must read for us so that we know what our life will be like once Islam reaches its goal of dominating the world.

I’m only halfway through the 400+ page book, but already by page 204 feel the need to tell you what life is like under Islam after jihad, just in case you haven’t read about the plight of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria today. (The Jews fled from those lands long ago, walking to Zion…that is, Israel.)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Heresy hung heavy over the diocese...."

Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a 19th century British author who wrote exceptionally bad prose, made famous in the modern era from the Peanuts cartoon character, Snoopy, and his eternal quest to write a book beginning with Bulwer-Lytton’s classic opening, “It was a dark and stormy night.” The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest is an actual annual event that asks entrants to compose the worst possible opening sentence to a novel by using bad prose with terrifying strings of adjectives ranging in categories from general to western, science fiction, romance, and so on. We thought there was a need for a religion category, with the sub-category of heresy. So here are our entries:

My favorite – the current state of the local Diocese:  Heresy hung heavy over the diocese like a dank dark cloud of doom dripping its poison to form one giant river of Modernism that flowed unimpeded through the diocese with tributary streams to the parishes, trickling down to the soul of each and every man, woman, and child, therefore despite the flood of new diocesan programs and policies, the loss of faith soared.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Open Letter to Bishop David Choby of Nashville...

Fr. Ryan mom, Susan Skinner, fights for chastity and
parents' rights as primary educators of their children.
...regarding the sex ed program at Fr. Ryan High School

Dear Bishop Choby,
I’m writing as a grandmother of 25, four of whom are current high school students. Two are home schooled and two are enrolled at St. John Paul the Great in Virginia. As a former parochial school teacher and home schooler, a master catechist, NFP teacher, and marriage preparation speaker I am seriously concerned about Catholic education at all levels.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Rest in Peace: Phyllis Schlafly, August 15, 1924 - September 5, 2016, Grand Dame of Conservatism

What a woman! She almost single-handedly stopped the Equal Rights Amendment which threatened to enshrine abortion and other evils. She was primarily responsible for making the Republican party and its platform at least pay lip service to life.

You can tell her influence by the absolutely vicious tweets being published by the left celebrating her death.

Here are just a few responding to Eagle Forum's tweet announcing her death:

"Great day for America" from t.b. whose icon is two male symbols on a rainbow flag.

From Patsy Decline - "My sympathy for the less sadistic psychopath."

Struh Diddly says: "Good! I hope it was painful. Burn in hell."

Hate Trump All You Like; This is Pretty Impressive

St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us.

Labor Day Thoughts

Jean Francois Millet (1814-1875)
Man was always meant to work even in the Garden of Eden. All honest work is a noble endeavor.
God never meant for "labor" to be onerous. Think of bringing in the harvest with ease and pleasure instead of "by the sweat of the brow."

I can imagine what that is like. On a cool day I can don my bee suit and go out to "work the hives" and every minute is a pleasure. To see the bees dancing on the landing board, poking their heads into the cells to clean them out, carrying out the dead bees and busy about all the jobs necessary to keep the colony healthy and thriving.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Same-Self Marriage (Sologamy)

Only Me
Where have I been? Sologamy has been out for 2 years and I just heard of it? Well, I can only say that my future looks glorious because I can now marry MYSELF! 

I know that I am the only person in the world who really loves me for myself. I am so wonderful that no man or woman, pony, rock or tree is good enough for me. Only I can love me as I ought to be loved, can love me for me alone, for my extraordinary self who am all good and wonderful.

I’ve already proposed to myself to marry me so I can be with myself all my days. I can vow to take me (Myself) to be my lawfully wedded self, to have and to hold, from this day forward, etc., to love and to cherish myself forever.

On the Eve of Mother Teresa's Canonization, a Lovely and Inspiring Story!

May Jesus Christ be praised! I love the part where he says he prayed to Mother Teresa FOR Mother Teresa.

Guest Post: The Globalists Want to Count the Vote!

Is Stalin the role model for DHS and the globalist elite?
Editor's note: There's a quote often attributed to Stalin to the effect that it doesn't matter who votes; what matters is who counts the votes. The source for the quote is Stalin's personal secretary, Boris Bazhanov's who described it in Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary, published in 1992. It appears in Chapter 5 and is loosely translated as "'You know, comrades,' says Stalin, 'that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.'" The globalists, indeed, are every bit as tyrannical as the Communist dictator.

Homeland Security Considering Taking Control of the Election

By David Martin

More on Baby Israel from the Lawyers who Tried to Save Him from the Death Peddlers

Life Legal Defense Foundation made Herculean efforts to save little Israel Stinson from forced death by the ghouls at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. The "city of angels" apparently harbors plenty of devils who see a brain damaged child as a burden to be eliminated as quickly as possible. Read what happened and then think of what doctors in the Third Reich did to the "imperfect" including children. In his book, A Sign for Cain, Frederic Wertham, MD describes how little ones were starved to death in a sterile hospital room with a "geranium in the window." Under the euthanasia program, doctors killed children with deformed ears or those with bed-wetting problems. Wertham writes:

Friday, September 2, 2016

A Good Question in this Political Year

Are Catholics Political Pygmies?

I Love Being Catholic and Here's One Reason: The Liturgical Year

The 4th Sorrow of Mary: Jesus meets His mother on the road to Calvary
Every month, the Catholic Church offers us a devotion on which to focus. May is the month of Mary when we honor her with May processions filled with all the beautiful Marian hymns center stage. October is the month of the holy rosary.We recall the Battle of Lepanto when Pope Pius V called on all Christendom to pray the rosary to defeat the invading Muslim hordes. June and July are dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to His Precious Blood

September is a special month for me because it honors Mary's Seven Sorrows, a devotion I love.