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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pray for Scott Walker

In the final days before the Wisconsin recall election, please pray for Governor Scott Walker. He has hung in, sticking to his positions, and never backing down from the tough fight. None of the dire consequences predicted by the union thugs have come to pass. No public workers have been fired or lost their jobs. No schools are collapsing. The economy in Wisconsin is rebounding and he's kept his pledge not to raise taxes. The union thugs who trashed the capitol, organized public employee sick outs, and intimidated lawmakers who wouldn't carry their bucket of sewage are losing the battle. If you want to know more about Scott Walker go here. And The Wall Street Journal has a great article about the success of Walker's reforms bringing "financial stability" to the state. But most important, Walker is pro-life and the recall battle is also lining up as a pro-life vs. pro-abortion battle. Walker is running on his record and the democrats are scared to death it will mean other states imitating his tough policies. Let's hope so!

A Perspective on the Vatican Leaks, Etc.

Mike Voris pegs it again. Pray for our Holy Father that he will stand firm against the internal enemies intent on destroying the faith. The smoke of Satan has indeed entered Holy Mother Church. But that smoke will never suffocate her.

What the heck is a "hoochie mama?"

Michelle Obama has been described as an "icon of fashion," but she often looks ridiculous to me. Maybe it's just because I'm an old lady, but really, how many other wives of heads of state dress like this? As for the money...I imagine Michelle gets these high fashion duds for free from the designers but the taxpayers are certainly picking up all security and transportation costs that go along with these gad abouts. Does the first couple ever stop campaigning? Or condemning the selfish rich? Hmmm....maybe people in glass houses....

Sign the Petition to Ban Sex-Selection Abortion

There's a poignant scene in Anne of Green Gables when she realizes that Marilla and Matthew had been expecting a little boy orphan to help out on the farm. "You don't want me because I'm not a boy?" she asks. "I might have guessed. Nobody ever did want me." Ann had something in common with all the little girls who are unwanted even before birth, however she had the advantage of already being born. No one would kill her for being a girl. But plenty of people out there see their unborn babies as designer items. The first requirement is being the "right" sex. Unfortunately for little girls that is generally boys.

Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) has introduced a bill to make sex selection abortion illegal. You can sign a petition supporting this bill at the ACLJ's (American Center for Law and Justice) website. Let's go on record as opposing this barbarism. Abortion is bad for any reason, but killing a baby because she happens to be the "wrong" sex...well, there aren't words! Do we really want to imitate China's murderous example?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free Speech: It's Dead in Maryland!

Not long ago, conservative blogger Aaron Walker  was arrested in Maryland during a court proceeding for violating a "peace order" protecting public figure and Democratic operative, Brett Kimberlin, who is a convicted terrorist (1978 Speedway bombings) and perjurer. What did Walker do? He blogged about Kimberlin. Although he didn't contact him and didn't ask others to contact him, he was accused of "inciting" others to contact him. (If you are feeling like you are reading a Kafka novel, I'm not surprised.)

This is free speech?

Kimberlin is using the courts to harass and intimidate the opposition. The strategy?  Accuse them of "inciting" others and bog them down in legal actions.  (Is he also using the police by SWATing his political opponents?) Check out this outrageous story here and here and here.

In response to Kimberlin's strategy of intimidation, I'm helping to "flood the zone" by blogging about Kimberlin and his absolute disregard for human rights and the rule of law. His front agenda (helping youth through music) has been funded by George Soros' Tides Foundation and by liberals like Teresa Heinz Kerry and Barbra Streisand. It would be interesting to see where all that money is really going.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The War on Unborn Girls - Female Gendercide!

Planned Parenthood in Austin tells a mom to go for a late-term gender selection abortion. Who wants little girls anyway? Sounds like China! See more here. 

New Archbishop for Denver

Bishop Aquila makes me think of St. John Neumann, the Bishop of Philadelphia. Here's one reason I love this bishop! Rejoice with the people of Denver who will see him installed in mid July.  Read more here.

The Hell Hole Great Britain Has Become

British doctors who refuse to carry out sex-change surgery may be barred from practice

How come the docs have no "freedom to choose?" Aren't we all "pro-choice?" Oh, I forgot, that's a euphemism for abortion. Funny how the only "choices" liberals will let you have are the things they'd like to coerce you to do. So you have no freedom to choose schools (unless you pay twice), no freedom to condemn depravity, no freedom to defend religious liberty without being accused of violating the "separation of church and state," no freedom to allow smoking in your own establishment, no freedom to drive without a seatbelt, no freedom to know whether you're consuming genetically modified frankenfood, etc. Ever get the idea that "freedom to choose" is just a slogan of manipulation?

Some Bullying is Acceptable

Hat tip to Political Brambles

SWATting your political enemies

It's been going on for years. Have a disagreement with your neighbor? Want to get even for something? Call in a false report -- maybe to Child Services to accuse your neighbor of child abuse. But now the liberal left has raised the stakes. You want to harass and intimidate conservatives? Call the cops with false reports of a "shooting." It's even got a name -- "swatting." Think of the possibilities if this catches on as a common tactic. If the liberals are lucky, the cops will shoot their enemies before they realize it was a false report. Like the mom videotaping the birthday party who got shot when the cops invaded the wrong house by mistake, broke down the door, and thought she had a gun. Only this is deliberate harassment and intimidation. But where are the liberals criticizing it? They save all their outrage for the "extremists" on the right.

Well, it's what the liberals wanted - the hope and change brought to us by the Obama administration. Obama's recommendation to "bring a gun to a knife fight" says it all. But when Obama says things like that he gets a pass.  No one accuses him of fomenting violence. Can you imagine the outcry if Ronald Reagan had said it? But this is the "new politics" Obama promised. Remember when he said that during his campaign? The man who was going to bring increased civility to politics has been the most divisive president in history, except possibly Abraham Lincoln.

But you can never hold a liberal to anything because he changes his mind every five minutes to match his new relative position and it will change five minutes later to match the next one. That's liberal land, folks!

For a chilling description of one man's experience with swatting go here and read Hot Air here.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tell Me Again Why I Should Vote for Romney?

Romney Pharmaceutical Chief’s Fundraiser Doesn’t Seem to Faze Pro-Lifers

Well, it sure fazes this pro-lifer. So why exactly should we vote for Romney? I consider support for murdering babies (Plan B does) a disqualifying issue. Now, what "proportionate" reason can make it okay for me to vote for Romney? 

His support for traditional marriage -- duh -- he's big homosexualist! 

Well then, maybe his opposition to Obamacare? Oh yeah, Obamacare was based on Romney care. 

So please tell me why pro-lifers should vote for this guy and don't give me the "anybody but" speech. That one is getting old and tired. 

I'm waiting for someone to give me a compelling reason to choose one pro-abortion, pro-homosexual candidate over another. And the economy won't hack it as an argument. A country that kills its children, often for economic reasons, deserves to be punished economically. 

As for Mitt Romney's record -- check out more here. Does he have an iota of integrity? 

Do You Stand Beneath the Devil's Flag or the Flag of Jesus Christ?

Vatican spokesman: we must choose Christ’s army or the devil’s

To see more about St. Ignatius' meditation on the two standards go here

Pray for the Fallen on this Memorial Day

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bible Story for Sunday: The Prophet Jonah

Do you think this little girl is needs a teleprompter? She may grow up to be president. As a matter of fact, she looks better right now than both the likely candidates for 2012! Hat tip to Fran for sending me this charming video. It made my day and I'm going to show it to my grandchildren.

Meditation for Sunday: Make a Judgment

If you read my blog you know I linked to a post yesterday about Target promoting the gay agenda. I also posted the link on my Facebook page and it generated quite a discussion and the usual liberal criticism that no one has the right to judge other people's choices. However, in the course of the discussion those saying "Don't judge!" made numerous judgments. 

First judgment: "The link was filled with hate." (It wasn't. It called homosexual behavior depraved which is true and disease ridden - also true. Some of the comments were rude and profane, but the initial post was not hateful.) The second judgment was that no one can decide what "love" between any two people is. It is an "enigmatic emotion" different for everyone Actually, that is two judgments that contradict each other. I.e., no one knows what love is because it's different for everybody who loves, but nevertheless it is an "enigmatic emotion." Another judgment was that posting the link showed "prejudice." Now that is a critical and derogatory judgment. Further, when I posted about Muslim men having the right to rape their wives (Is that love?), I was also judged to have made a "racist" comment. So my non-judging critic judged me to be a prejudiced racist who is judgmental. Wow! What a judgment!

This is the problem with liberal argument. It is inherently illogical and self-contradictory. It begins with, "It's wrong to judge!" which is a judgment. It moves on to "You don't have the right to judge others," and immediately moves on to judging those to whom they have just denied the right to judge. Another judgement that is typical in liberal argument is their judgment that morality is completely individualist. However, the individual who is, dare I say, judged to have the wrong morality (i.e., traditional, Christian) is labeled with all kinds of, dare I say, judgmental terms like "homophobic, prejudiced, intolerant, racist, and ugly (well, in a manner of speaking). 

The entire Facebook conversation would have been amusing if it weren't so sadly illustrative of the mindless propaganda taught to young people raised in the public school system. John Dewey, the Father of modern education,

Saturday, May 26, 2012

American Legion Won't Allow Girl to Attend Mass

The American Legion talks about respect but has none for Catholics who participate in their Girls State program. Catholics may not leave to attend Mass during the program and they will not allow a priest to come and say Mass for participants. Is that an example of tolerance do you think? Check it out. Maybe Catholics should decline to support the American Legion -- at least the one that engaged in this blatant act of discrimination which makes it impossible for any serious Catholic girl to attend their Girls State program.

Pope's Butler Arrested Over Leaked Documents

Really? Who else was involved? Does the butler really have access to the Vatican Secretary of State office? It will be interesting to see what else happens in the days ahead.

Do you really want to shop at Target?

Pushing the gay agenda.

Maryland's Gerrymandering Gymnastics

Wow! The liberals in Maryland want to make sure they get the vote outcomes they want. One way to do that is to gerrymander the district maps to make sure you isolate all the conservatives in as few voting districts as possible and get maximum benefit from the liberal pockets. Take a look at the loony districts in Maryland for an example of how this game is played by the expert vote manipulators. Hey, it minimizes the necessity of zombie voters.

Poor Blessed Mother - Will Mary's Land Reject Real Marriage?

Will Maryland go for "gay marriage?"

And did you read about the church in Massachusetts that got picketed and threatened for being so "intolerant" as to post a message that read, "Two men are friends, not spouses?" Massachusetts and Maryland, the Catholic states (in the beginning), are now among the worst in the nation when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon of the sexual libertines. May God bless the pastor and people of St. Francis Xavier. Their patron, one recalls, died a martyr's death. St. Francis Xavier, pray for us.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Former Band Member Now Pro-Life Activist

Brad Fischetti sidewalk counsels at abortion mills and tweets for life. Praise God for calling to his army those who have a connection with the young. I just read an article about teenagers in Great Britain who have had six and seven abortions at taxpayer expense. Pray for the Lord to raise up prophets who will touch the hearts of the young.

One More Woman Dead from her "Safe and Legal" Abortion

It's just collateral damage in the abortion industry. One more minority woman dead, killed by one more caring and compassionate abortionist, and four children left without a mom. Tell me again why Planned Parenthood thinks abortion mills should not be regulated? Oh, I remember, Margaret Sanger thought there were too many untermenschen and too much regulation might keep some of them from killing their little "human weeds." See more here. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Victor Davis Hanson is Very Cool -- but not to Liberals I'll Bet!

I don't listen to Rush much because I only tune in when I'm in the car and I tend to be a home body. But today I had an appointment in Northern Virginia and a two-hour ride, so I turned on Rush just in time to hear him reading an article by Victor Davis Hanson about the Power of Cool. All I can say is "Wow!" Did he ever peg it. Read the article here and see if you're as impressed as I was. Maybe this explains why the media is willing to lie and doctor tapes. They are pursuing the image of "cool." Hanson does a top notch job of portraying the hypocrisy of liberals in this amazing piece. Anybody whose liberal is cool and can be cut all the slack he or she needs. (One of his examples is Bill Clinton.) Conservatives are very un-cool and need to be smacked down with sarcasm and ridicule. Here's how Hanson ends his article:

In short, millions of well-off Americans, from the entering college student to the full professor of law, from the billionaire thief to the president of the United States himself, endlessly chase cool.
And why would they not? Cool is now America’s holy grail that allows the elite and the rich not just to pursue and enjoy nice things, but to damn others who do the same.  
Yup...just as long as you're a liberal.

The Pill Kills Symposium

Saturday June 2nd 10-11:30 a.m.The Pill Kills National Symposium will take place at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill.  It's sponsored by American Life League and admission is free. If you can’t make it to Washington, D.C., you can watch the event via LIVE-STREAM at See more here

Oh Joy: One More Gift of Political Correctness & Virtual Reality

Man must be allowed to use the women's restroom.

I have one question. Will he remember to put down the seat?

What if Zimmerman Walks Free?

Pat Buchanan predicts a firestorm like the one that engulfed California after the acquittal of the LAPD officers who arrested Rodney King. Interestingly, both cases involved media editing materials (video in the King case, audio in the Zimmerman case) to make the accused look guilty. The feeding frenzy in the Zimmerman case makes it look impossible for him to get a fair trial. But all the evidence released int he media so far is consistent with Zimmerman's account the night of the incident. But does anybody care about truth these days? It is convenient for one man to be sacrificed to political correctness and, if Obama is lucky, the trial will take place before the election, Zimmerman will get off, race riots will ensue, and Obama can declare martial law. But that seems a remote possibility and fodder for conspiracy theorists. It is likely to be bad enough without that. And 2050 whites in this country will be in the minority. Remember Rwanda? At least everybody was the same color which made it somewhat possible to blend in. As for Obama - our first black president sure hasn't done anything to defuse racial tensions. His motto, "home and change" should have been "hope and chains."

We should have elected Rodney King. His motto was "Can't we all just get along?" Let's pray for that and, as Christians, let's pray that we can forgive our enemies. It seems like there are a lot more of them since Obama took office and started fanning the flames of racial division. But we aren't the only ones. 93% of black murders are committed by black assailants, much of it during drug battles as illustrated in the video below. What times we live in! Pray for the kids. Like some of the men in the interview say -- it's the breakdown of the family. Amen to that!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Made Me Sad

What a waste! One honorable young man dies in our country's unnecessary involvement in Iraq where we don't belong. The other, a dishonest young man thumbing his nose at the world, is killed in an unnecessary fight with a neighborhood watch volunteer. Pray for the repose of both their souls. 

And pray that our country commits to strengthening the family. It's pretty clear the difference between these two young men. Jaron Holliday grew up in an intact family with a mom and dad and lots of siblings. Trayvon Martin was the troubled child of divorce who was visiting the home of his dad's girlfriend when the shooting occurred. These days we rarely hear any defense of the intact nuclear family, but the greatest predictor of a kid staying out of trouble is having both a dad and mom in the home. Studies show that kids do best in an intact family. The most constructive thing government can do for kids is to develop policies that promote families staying together. 

Another great article from my friend, Fr. Tom Collins.


If the bugle gives an indistinct sound, who will get ready for battle? I Cor 14:8

A few weeks ago, an elderly man who had lapsed from the practice of the Catholic Faith, summarized his reason for leaving by saying, “Father, let me know when the Catholic bishops finally decide what the Church really teaches”. He had earlier expressed dismay at how quickly Church leaders sought to appease dissidents and how slowly they sought to please God. He gave the example of how quickly the USCCB was willing to change the words of institution from “for all men” to “for all”, in order to appease radical feminists. In contrast, it took over four decades for them to concede that pro multis means “for many”, not “for all”. He went on to point out that The Roman Catechism specifically addressed this issue over four hundred years ago. Yet the Vatican chose to ignore this clearly delineated teaching in order to approve liturgical texts that tended to prioritize relevance over Revelation.

The man also pointed out his consternation over the current HHS-USCCB controversy.

Life Balloon Rosary

Released over Chicago....What a gift to the Blessed Mother in her month. 
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
Our Lady, Queen of the Rosary, Pray for us.

Abortion: A Decision Between a Woman and... Her Hairdresser?

Remember when the pro-abortion crowd was screaming about abortion being a decision between a woman and her doctor? Well, apparently that isn't so important these days. California has a training program which would allow non-doctors with two to five days of training to do suction abortions. Wow! What a thought. The result of the pilot program is 80% more complications with non-doctor abortions. But that hasn't put a damper on the enthusiasm of those supporting the legislation. (Planned Parenthood is one -- SURPRISE!) Check it out here and get ready for the next barrier to fall alllowing new acolytes for the sacrament of abortion who have little or no real medical training. Poor babies, poor women. More moms dying or damaged for exercising their "right to choose." But, hey, women are expendable, especially little unborn women. That's the real war on women!

Check out the Priesthood Class of 2012

They're younger, three fourths were altar servers, most were cradle Catholics, and they carry a lot of educational debt. Check out the article and the survey report. And pray for vocations to the priesthood. I particularly enjoyed reading some of the priests' comments.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Distributism: One Man's Experience Going Back to the Land

I'm interested in distributism, the way of life recommended by G.K. Chesterton and his associates. The philosophy of distributism is based on spreading the means of production as widely as possible among the populace. It follows Catholic social teaching as promulgated by Pope Leo XIII. When you consider the inhumane conditions in the workplace sparked by the Industrial Revolution, you can see the sense of distributism which keeps fathers at home working with their children. It was the way most people lived up until the 19th century. In many ways it was a much more humane way of living based on cooperation and simplicity rather than accumulation and greed.

I found this article by a teacher who went back to the land to become an organic farmer very interesting. It makes me want to learn more about distributism. From a practical point of view I'm beginning small with my little strawberry patch.

From Teacher to Farmer

What Real Man Would Tolerate This?

I Can't Get the Hunger Games Out of my Head

Ever since I saw The Hunger Games last week the movie keeps keeps intruding on my thoughts. No matter what I'm doing the tap-tap-tap on my memory chips continues. So maybe if I write about it, I can move on to other things. Spoiler alert - read at your own risk.

First of all, I had no plans to see the movie. The premise sounded too violent and I hate gory films. (I've never been able to watch Braveheart a second time because of the scene where Wallace's bride has her throat slit). We were actually going to see The Avengers (sold out) which is a little hilarious in retrospect. My sister said it was funny but my brother and sister-in-law told me later it is nonstop violence. My sister-in-law left mid movie.

But I digress. The Hunger Games is frightening - not so much because of the characters stalking and killing each other (mostly non-graphically), but because the movie so accurately depicts America here and now.

Susan B. Anthony List Responds to Obama's War on Women

This is brilliant! And so true. Obama depends on women being stupid and liberal, but I'm being redundant.

Ben Stein has "Figured Him Out"

And the picture isn't pretty.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Russia's 007 in the U.S.- The Manchurian President

Poor, poor abortionists...proposed law makes them seem "callous"

Abortionist says banning late term abortions in the District of Columbia because babies feel pain would "conflate abortion with murder" and create a situation where abortion providers appear "callous."


Poor upset because the law would link abortion with a situation that causes "moral outrage." Wouldn't that be a switch? And isn't it about time that it did? If I ripped apart a cat the way abortionists rip up babies, I'd be in jail. If I smashed a turtle egg on a protected beach, I'd be in jail. If I climbed up a tree and pitched an eagle's egg out of the nest, I'd be in jail. If I dropped a dog in a vat of acid and burned off his skin, I'd be in jail.

How come the worst atrocities, that would never be tolerated if done to animals, are allowed to be done to babies?

What a Wise Little Boy....

with a great understanding of the Holy Eucharist. Don't you hope you can face death with such peace? Garvan, please pray for us.

Women Just HATE Rush!

All seven of 'em! Hahahahaha.... Let's face it, the National Organization for Women has had their fifteen minutes of fame. They need to repackage themselves. Maybe if they cover their nude bodies with chocolate and bean sprouts a la "performance artist" Karen Finley.But I think dressing in black gowns and pointy black hats is more appropriate or brown shirts and swastikas. Your choice, womyn

Whopping Crowd of Seven Protests Rush!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Label Genetically Modified Food!

Consumers have a right to know what's in the food we buy. Funny how we hear ad nauseum that women have a right to choose to kill their babies, but we somehow don't have a right to know whether we're eating round up in the foods on the grocery shelf. Round Up ready seeds were supposed to increase crop yields and solve the food problems in the world. It hasn't happened that way. Instead, we are seeing super weeds and super bugs that have developed resistance to round up-- just like the super bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics -- one more demonstration of the law of unintended consequences. We may face starvation in the future, not because of overpopulation, but thanks to Monsanto and their GM crops. Plant heritage seeds in your garden! And support legislation to require consumer labeling. JUST LABEL IT!

Recap of Fr. Weslin's Arrest at Notre Dame: Fr. Weslin, Pray for Our Poor Country

Remember Fr. Weslin at Notre Dame? He founded the Lambs of Christ as victim souls for the unborn. And this, his last arrest, shows him as a victim not only of our secular culture of death, but the culture of death in the Church.

If his arrest doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you have no heart. Watching police handcuffing an 80-year-old priest behind his back is shocking.  But get ready, because this is a preview of the future. As you watch the video, consider the words of Cardinal Francis George in 2010 after the passage of civil union legislation in Illinois:
 "I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square."

Can't happen, you say? Look at the persecution of Christians around the world. Then look at the history of persecution of Catholics in the United States. The 18th and 19th centuries were so rife with attacks on Catholicism that the U.S. hierarchy embarked on a policy of accommodation, labeled "Americanism" and called a heresy by Pope Leo XIII. Americanism infects the Church to this day and can be seen in the speeches of Catholic politicians like John Kennedy and Mario Cuomo. It can be seen in the actions and words of clerics like Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, Fr. John Jenkins, and others. It has led inexorably to the rise of Catholic Judases like Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Joe Biden and others. 

Let us ask Fr. Weslin's intercession in the darkening days ahead for this country as religious persecution becomes more outward and more draconian. Raise your children to suffer and to pray and sacrifice for the enemies of the Church that they might be converted. All you Roman martyrs, pray for us. St. Edmund Campion and all the English martyrs, pray for us. May the martyrs of Compiegne and all the martyrs of the French Revolution pray for us. May the seven Visitandine martyrs and all the martyrs of the Spanish civil war pray for us. May Fr. Miguel Pro and all the martyrs of  the Mexican revolution pray for us. May all the martyrs throughout all the ages of history pray for us that we might be prepared for whatever comes and have the courage to endure it without abandoning the faith or hating our persecutors.

Our Lady, Queen of the martyrs, pray for us!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Send the School Supe to Sensitivity Training!

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If it's unacceptable and insensitive to call homosexuals names, does it make sense to approve of calling those who leave the homosexual lifestyle names? Read more here....

Pro-Lifers Protest Sebelius' Georgetown Speech

Kathleen Sebelius talks about spending her whole life in "public service." She serves up death to accommodate her pro-abortion constituents. And in the next installment of her "public service" she'll be deep-sixing religious liberty. Some people just didn't want to hear any more of her hypocrisy. Sadly, like the tickled ears crowd at Notre Dame listening to President Obama, many laughed and applauded for her hypocrisy. May God have mercy on our poor country, the brave new world that "has such people in it."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fr. Norman Weslin, Champion of the Unborn

Back in April I blogged about one of my heroes, Fr. Norman Weslin. Father went home to Jesus and his beloved "Twelve Star General," Mary Immaculate, on Wednesday. No one who ever met Father could forget him. He had an infectious enthusiasm and a single-hearted commitment to the unborn babies. He defended them throughout his entire priesthood, spending (God only knows how much) time in jail following numerous arrests. His last arrest was praying at Our Lady's university in reparation for the abomination of their honoring the most pro-abortion politician in U.S. history. Seeing this holy, elderly priest handcuffed and carted away by police while Fr. Jenkins tickled the ears of the political elite gave a stark picture contrasting those who follow Jesus with the modern day pharisees.

I'm confident we have a prayer warrior in heaven pleading with Mary for all those in her pro-life army who continue to fight not only for the unborn, but for the Catholic faith.

Our Lady help of Christians, pray for us.   See more here. 

Exorcist Author Spearheads Lawsuit Against Georgetown

William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, is heading up an effort to sue Georgetown. He's asked assistance from the Cardinal Newman Society to document the numerous scandals at the university and has started a website to gather support form alumni, students, faculty, parents and anyone else associated with Georgetown or concerned about the direction this pontifical university has taken. Blatty has included a petition on his website and an opportunity to send a personal letter to Cardinal Donald Wuerl and the pope. Georgetown has been a leading scandal in the country for many years. Inviting Kathleen Sebelius to speak at commencement is just the latest in a long line of actions undermining the faith and destroying the Catholic identity at Georgetown. Join William Blatty in calling Georgetown back to the faith.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

God Doesn't Make Mistakes

It's what's on the inside that counts. May the little blind and deformed Blessed Margaret of Costello pray for this lovely family. Unlike little Christian, Margaret was rejected and abandoned by her parents because of her deformities -- like so many parents who kill their sick babies. Pray for them. They will never know how those little ones would have enriched their lives. God bless you, Christian, for what God will do through you.

Uh...Do Judges Think They're God

Judge Wants to Edit 10 Commandments

In view of some decisions made by judges, we've suspected that they had an identity problem, i.e.,  thinking they are God. But now we have evidence. Perhaps the problem is that most judges start out as lawyers. Maybe it's time to raise to the bench people of good old common sense which seems pretty rare among lawyers. (Well, I do know a few good ones.) Is it any wonder there are so many lawyer jokes? Here's one for you:

Question: What's wrong with lawyer jokes?
Answer: Lawyers don't think they're funny and other people don't think they're jokes.

And a comment attributed to Sandra Day O'Connor: "There's no shortage of lawyers in D.C. In fact there may be more lawyers than people."

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

October Baby: Don't Miss It!

I just saw October Baby and it's a movie that can change hearts and lives. In fact, it already has. One of the actresses in the film shares her story at the end of the film. Wow! It's powerful. Babies will be saved by this film and I bet it moves some abortion mill workers to reconsider what they're doing. So if you haven't seen October Baby yet, grab a friend and head for the theater. And encourage your teenage kids and their friends to see it. Hey, you could even take a few as guests. Who would turn down a free movie night?

Why Catholics in Virginia Can't Vote for Tim Kaine

This so-called Catholic was taught by the Jesuits. Apparently he didn't learn much about the Catholic Faith from them. Tim Kaine has a petition on his campaign site crusading for Planned Parenthood. I'm not giving the link for obvious reasons, but here's what the page says with a nice smiling picture of Kaine in the background:

Sign the petition: Stop the Assault on Planned Parenthood 
George Allen has vowed “to vote to prohibit any federal funding" from going to Planned Parenthood. Congressional Republicans are already working to slash the budget for family planning and cancer screenings provided by Planned Parenthood -- and we have to stop them. 
Instead of focusing on growing the economy and creating jobs, George Allen and Republicans are promoting a divisive social agenda. 
Enough! Women have a right to accessible and affordable health care. Use the form to the right and stand with Tim Kaine in telling Republicans to stop their assault on Planned Parenthood.
First, let's get this clear. Planned Parenthood's main business is abortion. They were exposed as NOT DOING MAMMOGRAMS at their facilities. In many cases they don't have a doctor on the premises. They prescribe chemical birth control through a virtual doctor visit. They are NOT in the business of health care or family planning. They are about FAMILY UN-PLANNING. And the video below shows exactly what most of their business involves.

Bringing the Faith to the Kids

After Pentecost the apostles went out into the whole world to preach the good news. Today, going where the people are means having a presence on Facebook and using sources of communication that no one even dreamed of fifty years ago. The older generation remembers playing Mass with Necco wafers and grape juice. Today's kids have modern technology to play with as well. Lightside Games appears to be a project of our Protestant brethren. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see a solid Catholic company imitate their success. Think of a game based on Paul's missionaries travels or one that tells the stories of saints like the North American martyrs. Pray that religious games become a source of faith for young people (and older ones) everywhere!

 First Video Game About Jesus

The Center of Our Catholic Faith

Jesus promised not to leave us orphans. He keeps His promises. "The heart of the faith is simple because God is simple."

He is REALLY PRESENT in our tabernacles and on our altars! Read John 6. He unites Himself to us in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. "Give us this day our Daily Bread," Jesus Christ Himself!

Is This Just the First of Many?

Franciscan University of Steubenville Drops Student Health Insurance

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thanks, Monsanto, for Polluting the Food Supply

Monsanto claimed that creating genetically modified (GM) plants resistant to herbicides and insecticides (so they could use lots of them on the crops) would reduce the need for them. (Not sure about that logic.) But it hasn't quite worked out that way. We now have a food supply laced with deadly herbicides and super weeds that don't respond to Monsanto's herbicide of choice, Round Up.

This definitely illustrates the law of unintended consequences. The result of Monsanto's activity is worrisome. The primary chemical killer in Roundup (the most widely used herbicide on the planet) is glyphosate. In a 15-year study by USDA microbiologist Robert Kremer the results were frightening in terms of its impact on fish, frog, and chicken embryos. Reports of impact on Roundup users in the U.S. and Great Britain include nausea, rash, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, kidney and liver impairment, seizures, etc.

In terms of the impact on plants, glyphosate is non-selective and kills everything around it: grasses, broad-leafed plants, etc. With regard to the targeted crops, it interferes with the plant absorbing trace minerals that are important for nutrition. I.e., it's nutritionally deficient and contains residue levels of the chemicals that are ingested by the consumer. It's also damaging the soil and changing the gut flora of the cattle who eat the GM feed making them more susceptible to botulism. Consider that gut flora is essential to the health of any mammal. Many diseases like Chron's disease, acid reflux, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. are directly related to the healthy bacteria in the gut. If the pesticide-contaminated crops destroy the gut flora, we can expect an increasing problem with digestive illnesses.

Frankly I find this scary. Remember the hysteria over DDT? This is much bigger when you consider that we soon won't be able to find anything on supermarket shelves that isn't tainted with residues of glyphosate: corn, soy, canola oil, cottonseed oil, sugar beets, alfalfa, are mostly GM today. Read the labels and see how many foods have these ingredients. And consider that the animals we eat are consuming and absorbing the residue levels of these dangerous chemicals. See the video below and the article that accompanies it. And plant a big garden using heritage seeds!

I'm a Guest of the Catholic Sistas

The Catholic Sistas posted one of my articles today. They are a group of young (mostly) Catholic moms on fire with the faith. Visit their website to get a glimpse of real Catholic women today instead of the stereotypes presented by "Catholic" dissent groups and the modern media.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Blessed Mother!

These songs bring back beautiful memories of the traditional May processions so common in my youth. You can participate in your own May crowning by weaving a real or silk crown of Mary for a statue in your home or just crown her in your imagination. Thank you, Mary, for watching over and caring for us and leading us to your Son, Jesus. Help each of us to become more and more conformed to His Holy Will and to love Him with our entire heart, soul, mind, and strength. Help us to serve our neighbors as you did in the little town of Nazareth.

A Letter to Mom on Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

Thinking about you this morning, tears came to my eyes:

Tears of sorrow for all the times I failed:
to appreciate what a gift from God you were to me,
to remember all your acts of sacrifice for Daddy and your ten children,
to be the daughter I should have been,
And, above all, to appreciate you and say thank you more.
Please forgive me, Mom. 
Tears of gratitude for all the gifts you gave me:
a cheerful disposition,
brothers and sisters to share experiences with,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Right to Choose --- to Eat What You Want!

Mad Moms to Food Police: We'll Eat What We Want

I have some questions:

How come a woman has the right to choose an abortion for no medical reason at all despite the fact it kills her baby and can endanger her life as well; and how come homosexuals have the right to choose to engage in perverted practices that transmit STDs including the deadly AIDS virus; and how come people have the right to choose to make or buy pornography that exploits women and puts them in extreme danger of abuse and even murder?

BUT....the state can ban the right to choose to buy food directly from a farmer or a coop?

It can't really about safety and the common good, because abortion and homosexual practices are a lot more dangerous than drinking raw milk or buying eggs directly from a farmer.  My husband and I have been drinking raw milk ever since we moved to the Valley in 2002. We buy free range eggs from a local farmer. We get our grass fed beef from a Mennonite family that don't load them with hormones and feed them genetically modified corn. And we've never been healthier. So butt out, Big Brother, we'll eat what we want!

No Mothers Day? Another Gift from Planned Parenthood

I find this sick, coming as it does from a woman who is an abortion advocate. Her documentary was a partnered project with Planned Parenthood, a group who will use anything to advance abortion. The need for improved health services in the third world is just their gateway to offer them nothing but abortion services. Ask doctors in the third world about the great access they have to condoms and suction machines while simple things like antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medicines are non-existent.

The video below mentions mom's who die in childbirth, but not one word about the million and a half babies in the U.S. alone who die every year by abortion. And how many "botched abortions" happen in legal abortion mills where both mom and baby are killed? One of the best things anyone can do for women's health is to end abortion! There is no such thing as "safe" abortion -- especially for the baby.

Tomorrow I will happily celebrate being a mom of five and grandma of twenty-one and I will spiritually adopt all the babies already killed and those in danger of abortion because their moms listen to celebrities like Christy Turlington and Planned Parenthood. And a final thought: Celebrate Mother's Day by sending a check to your local crisis pregnancy center. Their free services help save babies and mothers from abortionist advocates masquerading as humanitarians.

Happy Mother's Day, Christy.

Another Thought for the Day

Perhaps this should be titled "God's joke for the day."

The average age of the nuns who are members of the dissent-ridden LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) is...drum roll...74. Something tells me dissent doesn't have much of a future! As further evidence, the religious orders headed by the dissenter-superiors have few, if any, new vocations. After all, vocation is all about responding to God's call. Why would God call anyone through these false shepherdesses? Praise God for all the faithful sisters serving throughout the country and the world!

And now the contrast in pictures:


And this:

And  this:

Compared to this:

And this:

And this:


Thought for the Day

"For, men do not differ much about what things they call evils; they differ enormously about what evils they will call excusable." -- G. K. Chesterton

What comes to mind? abortion, sodomy, same-sex marriage, homosexual adoption, blasphemy, prostitution, pornography....

Romney Comes Out for Homosexual Adoption

Despite the vast body of data that shows that pedophilia is almost exclusively male and the one third of sex crimes are committed against boys by homosexuals who represent 1-3% of the population, is homosexual adoption prudent and good? Take a look at the data. One more strike against Romney. Why vote for Obama lite?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Washington Post Romney Hit Piece Comes Unglued

Guess what...Surprise! The Washington Post hit piece on Romney was a piece of fabricated trash. For more see here. Hat tip to Ray at Political Brambles. The only thing you can say is true for sure about the story is that Romney had a classmate named John Lauber who died of liver cancer in 2004.

Metaphysics for Breakfast...Do You Know What an Apple Is?

My husband and I were talking over breakfast about metaphysics. (Doesn't everybody?) Actually, we were trying to come up with a simple definition. Sad to say, I took an entire semester on the topic in college and couldn't define it. Oh, I remember reading excerpts from Sartre, Hegel, Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, etc. but I couldn't remember any concise definitions or any of what those philosophers wrote...except, perhaps, Sartre's Nausea which left a nauseating impression about being and nothingness. The dictionary just added  abstraction to the confusion. So I decided to check out my favorite philosopher, Peter Kreeft, and came up with this very simple definition: "Metaphysics means, simply, philosophizing about reality." So does that mean all philosophizing is metaphysical? How does one philosophize about unreality?

Hmm...but today nobody seems to know what reality is. After all if reality is true and what's true for you is not necessarily what's true for me, then does reality even exist? Is this giving you a headache? (No wonder Nietzsche went insane...oh wait...that was syphilis. Now there's reality for you!)

Anyway, if you want to consider metaphysics over lunch, I recommend Peter Kreeft's article, The Apple Argument Against Abortion. It puts metaphysics at the service of truth. And here's just a little appetizer to tickle your taste buds:

I will try to prove the simple, common-sensical reasonableness of the pro-life case by a sort of Socratic logic. My conclusion is that Roe v. Wade must be overturned, and my fundamental reason for this is not only because of what abortion is but because we all know what abortion is. 
This is obviously a controversial conclusion, and initially unacceptable to all pro-choicers. So, my starting point must be noncontroversial. It is this: We know what an apple is. I will try to persuade you that if we know what an apple is, Roe v. Wade must be overthrown, and that if you want to defend Roe, you will probably want to deny that we know what an apple is.
So go at it, philosophers and while you're cogitating have an apple.

Isn't It Interesting....

that the media who have no idea (and apparently no interest) in digging up anything about Barack Obama's education at Harvard or Columbia or anything from his past, have now dug up 50-year-old allegations against Mitt Romney in high school. We are told he was a bad old bully who hated gays although the target in the story is conveniently dead and can't corroborate it.

And the story teller? Guess what...he's an "anonymous" source who can tell you that just everybody in high school thought Romney was an elitist rich kid who hated gays. Convenient timing right after Obama comes out for same-sex marriage.

Hmmm....I wonder if this story-teller is related to Anita Hill who wanted to deep six Clarence Thomas' Supreme Court nomination while hiding in the dark.

Well, we all know the mainstream media would never tell us something that isn't true...except for all the things they tell us that aren't true.

As for the Romney story, I know enough real stuff not to trust the guy. I sure don't need 50-year-old unsubstantiated gossip from an anonymous source to make my judgments. But it's the kind of "research" the media loves so they can carry water for their candidate. I wonder if the "anonymous source" works in the New York Times newsroom or at the Huffington Post.

And here's another take...

Question: Does anybody believe the Washington Post on anything? I buy it occasionally for the Samurai Sudoku on the back of the comics. Come to think of it, the entire paper should be called the liberal comics.

The Media Lies About Bishop Jenky

Below is a portion of the sermon that has earned Bishop Daniel Jenky the foaming-at-the-mouth animosity of the media and the liberal apparatchiks. Daniel Jenky never called Obama a Nazi. He gave a history lesson and said the president was following a similar path of other tyrants of history. That is simply a fact and Bishop Jenky is absolutely correct. The Nazis didn't start by rounding up the Jews and herding them into concentration camps. Their persecution began with laws that violated the religious and civil rights of certain undesirable people. Can anyone doubt that Catholics are among the undesirables today? In Germany, Jewish synagogues, homes, and shops were vandalized in the early days of the persecution. Today it's Catholic churches (another), pro-life Christian churches (more), and the homes of pro-lifers.

Before he died in 2000, Fr. John Hardon warned, just as Bishop Jenky does, that Catholics will need heroic faith to survive the revolution that is coming as a result of the breakdown of religious life in the Western world.  Here's a portion of his prophetic warning made in 1999 at a National Meeting of the Institute on Religious Life:
The Holy See [Pope John Paul II was pope at the time.] seriously wonders how much of the Catholic Church will survive in wealthy prosperous nations of the Western world like our own. What then is the remedy? There is only one way which the revolution can be reversed -- and it had better be reversed. Professed Catholics who call themselves Christians must reexamine their faith. We must be sure we believe that God became man in the Person of Jesus Christ. We must believe that when God became man He instituted the Holy Eucharist. We must believe that the consecrated life -- of consecrated poverty, consecrated chastity, and consecrated obedience is most pleasing to Jesus Christ. When God became man He made sure He lived a life, I repeat, of consecrated chastity, obedience and poverty....Not only religious life, but the Catholic Church will be preserved only where there are -- hear it -- Catholics who are living martyrs....Ordinary Catholics will not survive this revolution. They must be Catholics who are thoroughly convinced that God became Man in the person of Jesus. They must be convinced there is only one supreme authority on earth: the authority of Jesus Christ vested in the Vicar of Christ. What the Church needs, desperately needs, is strong believing Catholics. Otherwise, one nation after another, like our own, will be wiped out as a Christian country. 
Father ended his talk with a prayer a portion of which read: "Lord Jesus...Help us, we beg You, to become more and more like You -- living examples of what the early Church showed the pagan world: that you are our God and we are Your creatures, born in this wold to convert a pagan world to Christianity."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

End the Scandal: Go to

Two Thumbs Up for Two Good Bishops!

Pray for these bishops. They are willing to bear the slings and arrows of the world to defend the truth. Thank you, Bishop Morlino, and Bishop Amos! And if you want to see an incredible example of a bishop acting like a spiritual father, read Bishop Morlino's 2nd letter to the rebellious people of St. Mary and St. Augustine parishes in the Diocese of Madison Wisconsin. It is an example of defending the flock from their own sadly misguided behavior. And please pray for the two priests pastoring those parishes. What a cross for any father, physical or spiritual, to be at odds with his children.

The Poisonous Podium at Catholic Graduations

It's madness time at Catholic colleges and universities around the country and many institutions have filled the graduation cup of celebration with hemlock served from their poisonous podiums. Let's take a walk around Catholic campuses to see who's bellying up to the podium at graduation.
Georgetown: As usual the Jesuit institution is thumbing its nose at the Church by inviting rabidly pro-abortion Kathleen Sebelius, head of Health and Human Services, to speak at commencement. In view of the controversy over the HHS contraception mandate this is a targeted slap at the Catholic bishops who (for once!) are unanimous in condemning a moral evil. Sebelius has a long history of supporting abortion, but her enthusiasm for violating religious liberty makes her a particularly offensive speaker at a Catholic school. The Newman Society is calling on Georgetown to withdraw the invitation. That would take a miracle from the premier academia scandal mongers! Isn't it time to remove Georgetown's designation as a pontifical university? The outrages at Georgetown are legion.  
DePaul: The largest Catholic university in the country has invited a population control guru to speak at one of their multiple commencements. E.O. Wilson is a Harvard professor who has called Christianity "the most dangerous of devotions" because "With a second life waiting, suffering can be endured - especially in other people. The natural environment can be used up. Enemies of the faith can be savaged and suicidal martyrdom praised." This is the picture of Christianity that DePaul is willing to promulgate? And consider the irony of a biggest Catholic school in the country hosting a man who would be happy to kill off the students of the future. 
University of San Francisco (Jesuit): USF has invited pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey to speak to the School of Managment. Woolsey has a 100% positive rating from Planned Parenthood a long history of supporting the most extreme legislation. She voted against the partial birth abortion ban and co-sponsored legislation to cannibalize unborn babies for their stem cells. Another objectionable speaker, addressing the law school, is Judge Goodwin Liu, a member of the California Supreme Court. Rahm Emmanuel considered Liu too controversial (read "too left wing") for nomination to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (and that's saying something considering the extremism of the 9th circuit!). Like Woolsey he is pro-abortion and a proponent of same-sex marriage. (For more...)
Gonzaga University (Jesuit): Pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-population control Archbishop Desmond Tutu is the undergrad commencement speaker at Gonzaga.  As well as his abortion extemism, Tutu is  a big proponent of gay rights and advocates ordination of openly active homosexuals like Gene Robinson. He has made statements endorsing terrorism as well. Despite his decidedly anti-Catholic positions, Tutu will receive an honorary degree from the Jesuit university and the students will be served up a hefty portion of scandal. Not everyone is happy. An alumni couple started a petition on Facebook and gathered 700 signatures opposing Tutu's selection. The pro-Tutu forces headed up by Soros-funded Faithful America responded with a petition signed by 11,000. No wonder Jesus asked, "When I return will I find any faith on the earth?" There will be a remnant, however, and among them will be the 700 Gonzaga alumni.
Boston College (Jesuit): Victoria Reggie Kennedy, widow of Edward Kennedy and a publicly pro-abortion figure in her own right, will address the law school commencement. In a Washington Post Op-Ed, Kennedy defended abortion, a particularly scandalous act from someone professing to be a life-long Catholic whose faith is "very important" to her. It is apparently, not important enough to follow Church teachings.
I'll close this section on bad commencement speakers with a piece of good news/bad news. First the good news: Amidst the commencement scandals there's one story with a good ending. Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester asked Anna Maria College to disinvite Vicki Kennedy who was scheduled to speak there (as well as at Boston College). Happily, Anna Maria complied. And the bishop held firm despite receiving 20,000 signatures on a petition asking him to reconsider organized by (take note) Faithful America. But (now the bad news) the college president and chairman of the board of Anna Maria asked the bishop to stay away from graduation because he would be "a distraction." Ironically, when the bishop initially expressed his concerns about Kennedy, he told the college president he wouldn't attend commencement if she spoke. Now he won't attend because the administration doesn't want him. Sad when a Catholic institution disses their bishop because he does his job and prevents a scandal. But considering the invitation in the first place it is hardly surprising. At least they were obedient even if grudgingly. As for Mrs. Kennedy, she issued her own statement defending herself as a lifelong Catholic and criticizing the bishop's action for his judgment "about my worthiness as a Catholic." She went on to say, "This is a sad day for me and an even sadder one for the Church I love." Speak for yourself, Vicki. Orthodox Catholics hail the glad day and hope the bishop's action will be imitated by his brethren!

I'm not sure what Vicki Kennedy loves about the Church (maybe the stained glass windows and incense). It surely isn't Jesus Christ who said, "If you love me you will keep my commandments." One of the paramount among those commandments, one that invovles a sin "that calls to heaven for vengeance," forbids the murder of the innocent. Kennedy champions child killing by abortion. That position alone disqualifies her (and all the other pro-abortion commencement speakers) from speaking at any authentically Catholic venue.

Sadly, many so-called Catholic organizations today display their disdain for the faith by their willingness to honor and praise, not Jesus Christ, but those who hate what He stands for. Graduation is a time that separates the sheep from the goats and illustrates exactly why young people are losing their faith at so-called Catholic schools.

But there are some, thank God, that are authentically Catholic and they will be celebrating commencements as well. Christendom College will feature Fr. Kenneth Baker of Homiletic and Pastoral Review and Mother Agnes Donovan of the Sisters of Life at their commencement. St. Thomas Aquinas College presents Mother Assumpta Long founder of the thriving new teaching order Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist. At Wyoming Catholic College Bishop Michael Sheridan will be the commencement speaker. Benedictine College will feature Pope John Paul II's biographer George Weigel to cap off their year dedicated to the former pope. Now there's an authentically Catholic lineup!

One of those Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

This is why they call it the Church Militant! A message to dissenting clerics and religious: Stop making God's house a den of thieves!

Laugh for the Day

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mike Voris, Fr. James Martin, and the Dissenting Nuns

Oh my, oh my...hate-filled Mike Voris is questioning Fr. James Martin's "thanksgiving" to the poor, persecuted nuns. Horrors! He called Fr. Martin "duplicitous." Tut, tut. How intolerant and uncharitable of him. Just one more mean spirited Catholic who actually believes what Jesus taught. Let us pray that Fr. Martin and the dissenting religious he praises return to the fullness of the faith.

Bishop Jenky: A Daniel Come to Judgment

Bishop Daniel Jenky is a hero for his courage to stand up for the truth. And where are his brother bishops? Pray that more will imitate him and join the Church Militant instead of hiding in the church basement!

The Biggest, Greediest Group on the Planet!

If you really want to know who the biggest, richest, and greediest organization on the planet is, don't look for an oil company or a car manufacturer. Just look east to Washington, D.C. at the federal land grab. We hear all the time the government in a constitutional republic works for the people through their elected representatives. But it's pretty clear, under this administration particularly, that Uncle Sam is greedy and selfish and wants to put the unwashed masses in their place which is NOT on "federally owned" land. Check it out here. The Founders were opposed to federal government ownership of land and, in a number of acts, transferred federal land to private use. The Homestead Act, granted 160 acres free to anyone who would live on and develop the property for five years. The founders would be shocked at federal government policies today. Did you know that the federal government "owns" almost 30% of the land, most of it in the west. Almost 85% of Nevada is federally owned and controlled. It is one more abuse of state sovereignty that was sacrosanct when the first colonies joined in a confederation of states for their mutual benefit.

Don't tell me that we need to have FEDERAL protection from the greedy old states. Every state has a system of state parks for the enjoyment of the people. My husband and I mostly stayed at state parks last fall when we spent seven weeks going cross-country. The marshland in the photo was at Indiana Dunes State Park. We don't need the feds removing land from all human use. We have a lot more input at the state level. Subsidiarity is a principle of Catholic teaching. Responsibility should be exercised at the lowest level beginning with the family. The feds have become the tyrannical Big Brother of 1984. But  government is SUPPOSED to work for us, remember?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fr. James Martin, S.J.: A Shot Across the Vatican's Bow

The video below is so dishonest it's breathtaking and can only be seen as a shot across the bow of Vatican authority. Fr. James Martin is a prime example of the lying Jesuit of which, unhappily, there are many today. As the culture editor of America Magazine he continues the liberalism and dissent of former ousted editor, Fr. Thomas Reese. His own personal liberalism is shown in spades by an article he wrote promoting homosexuals in the priesthood as well as this video about the nuns that misrepresents the Vatican action.  (Father conflates Rome's limited action against the 1500 member LCWR with all the sisters in the United Sisters who do not belong to the LCWR.)

In the video, he also distorts Church history stating that Vatican II wanted the sisters "out in the world" and out of their habits which is simply untrue. While he cites documents by name he gives no examples from the texts to support his statements. He says the Church called the nuns to wear the "every day dress" of modern women which is a direct lie. Perfectae Caritatis called, not for modern dress, but for habits that are "simple and modest...poor and becoming." Does that sound like business suits and pearls? Fr. Martin also presents a litany of sisters he considers exemplary that includes some of the most infamous dissenters in the Church. Let's take a look at some of his sister heroines.

Sr. Mary Luke Tobin
Sr. Tobin, who went to her heavenly reward in 2006, was among the group of radical feminist nuns described in Donna Steichen's book Ungodly Rage. She saw her vocation in the Church as, in the words of Rosemary Ruether (another radical dissenter), providing "global power" needed, not to win souls for Christ, but as a "force for change." In her book Prodigal Daughters, recounting the reversion stories of Catholic women coming home to the Church, Steichen credits Tobin (and several other of the sisters lionized by Fr. Martin) as the architects of the "public relations campaign designed to foment rebellion against Church athority." As head of her order, the Sisters of Loretto, and head of the Congregation of Major Superiors of Women which later became the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), Tobin was well-placed to be that "force for change" beginning with radicalizing her own community. She bragged at the 1987 Women-Church Convergence meeting about the tactics used to manipulate the more traditional sisters in her order. Many left. The others stayed to focus on projects that "embrace the cosmos" and work as an NGO (non-governmental organization) at the U.N. A history of the Loretto sisters shows exactly how radical the shift was which included promoting the Equal Rights Amendment, women's ordination, women's control over their bodies, and homosexual rights. This was Tobin's legacy.

Sr. Joan Chittister
Another heroine of radical feminism praised by Fr. Martin is Sr. Joan Chittister, a Benedictine nun, and a regular contributor to the National Catholic Reporter, the dissenters' mouthpiece. Chittister is a long-time opponent of Church authority and a proponent of women's ordination, even after the Vatican declared the male priesthood part of the deposit of the faith. In 2000 she defied direct Vatican instructions not to participate in the worldwide conference on women's ordination in Dublin. She went anyway giving the keynote address where she said the Church's understanding of God "as Father" interferes with the development of a healthy Catholicism. The conference ended with a mock Communion service described in Time Magazine. "There was no official celebrant. Instead, all participants joined in blessing the bread and wine." In the picture illustrating the article one woman beat a drum. The caption read, "Women lead a new-age liturgy in their drive to change Vatican policy." In Chittister's warped theology, doctrine is policy and disobedience is obedience to self. Her writing is filled with challenges to Church authority on both doctrinal and moral issues.

Sr. Elizabeth Johnson
In 2011 Johnson's book, Quest for the Living God, was declared by the U.S. bishops to be unfit for use in schools because of theological errors. The book, "does not accord with authentic Catholic teaching on essential points," they wrote in their critique. Particularly, with regard to the Trinity, the bishops stated that Johnson, "completely undermines the Gospel and the faith of those who believe in the Gospel." It's not surprising. Johnson has been at the forefront of radical feminist theology for at least forty years and in her earlier 1992 book,  She Who Is: The Mystery of God in Theological Feminist Discourse, created a new feminist Trinity whose persons are "Abyss, Word, and Spirit." Johnson is a signer of the 2000 Madeleva Manifesto, a feminist dissent document. Johnson compares her "feminist Christology" to the heretical liberation theology movement. Johnson is the icon of feminist rage ranting against "patriarchal oppression," "sexism," "androcentrism," and the "dominating male." For her, the religious life isn't about vocation, but about power and fighting for her share of it.  Johnson supports the dissident group Call to Action and has keynoted their annual convention and called their mission a "charism." She apparently sees no conflict between attacking the Church and identifying with a group that supports contraception, abortion, homosexual activism, and other position diametrically opposed to Church doctrine.

Sr. Joyce Rupp
Feminist nuns are often into eco-spirituality and new-age practices. Sr. Rupp is one of them. Her spirituality writings are filled with new-age confusion. She describes her unity with all the elements of the cosmos and mixes pagan practices from Buddhism, Native American Spirituality, and the Sufi tradition of Islam in her eclectic faith. Her Servite Center of Compassion teaches a number of new-age practices including the enneagram which Fr. Mitch Pacwa condemns. Rupp's book, The Star in My Heart is filled with feminist imagery of Sophia Wisdom and spouts the typical feminist claptrap that " seems evident that Sophia is the feminine face of God. This aspect was eventually lost due to a highly male-dominated culture and a church that was very fearful of the goddess." Rupp's bibliography is filled with dissenting Catholic feminists.

That Fr. Martin has produced this video implying a Vatican "attack" on all nuns is disingenuous at best. He, like the radical nuns he praises, uses distortion of Vatican II for his own purposes. Priests like him apparently believe that by undermining Church authority they can recreate the Catholic faith as a bland Unitarianism that stands for nothing but personal fulfillment. Any orthodox Catholic seeing this video knows one thing for sure - Fr. Martin is one of the bad priests we should warn our children against. As I said to my kids when their Catholic high schools were preaching heresy, "Just because a man is wearing a roman collar, it doesn't mean he's telling you the truth." That goes double for Fr. Martin!

(Hat tip to Olivia for sending me this video. Thanks, Olivia, for shifting my focus today from working in my garden to working in the land East of Eden where Adam and Eve were driven after their sin. )