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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Treason of the Catholic "Nice Guys"

The Church will --
through the power of the Holy Spirit!
Editor's Note: This is the main article from the current issue of the Les Femmes newsletter. It's not posted on line yet; I'm offering this as preview. I am on retreat this week and scheduled the article to post before I left. No comments will be posted, however, until I return on Saturday. So if you comment please be patient. 

I will be computer and phone-free this week and will moderate all comments when I return. I'm praying for the intentions of my readers during this five-day silent retreat. I would appreciate your prayers as well.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tearing Old Dixie Down

Tearing Old Dixie down - August 16, 2017
Baltimore, in the middle of the night
Remember the song, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by Canadian Robbie Robertson, chief songwriter for The Band? Well, they're doing it again - tearing Old Dixie down. 150 years later. First the Confederate flag was banned then Charlottesville happened therefore now all Confederate statues are being torn down so that in the future no one will ever know about the War Between the States. 

"Shhhh! Don't mention the war!" (Basil Fawlty) 

Unfortunately, the effect will be the opposite since "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". (George Santayana)

A Seventh Day Adventist's Respectful Reply

The email below was received by the Orlando Truth ( from a Seventh Day Adventist in response to the Orlando Truth's newsletter about anti-Catholic SDA Pastor Bill Hughes. The newsletter was mailed, then later posted on Les Femmes on August 11th. My comments are in red.

TO: The Editor

We received the article you sent regarding Pastor Bill Hughes. It is appreciated, the efforts you are making to defend against what you have termed 'Anti-Catholicism'. I was particularly drawn to the statement from Arthur Schlesinger, Sr. that anti-Catholicism is “the deepest bias in the history of the American people.” However, I would have to clarify that by asserting that racism and racial bigotry has, by far, been the greatest bias in this country, and still is. Try being a Catholic in the Bible Belt, a Catholic living under the Obama regime, and a Catholic convert in a Protestant family of liberals. 

On the other hand, it has also been correctly stated by George Santayana that, "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." Our greatest error is in forgetting where we came from; how what we now know as The United States of America originated in its past. Some of us still have remembrance of the truth in this regard. There have been deliberate and concerted efforts to cover up this historic past, and in some cases, to even conspire to rewrite it as though it never happened. Catholics also immigrated to America to escape oppression of their Protestant overlords. 

I am a Seventh Day Adventist, and I must clear up a few misled notions. First and foremost, as an SDA Christian, I do not have one ounce of hatred against ANY Catholic, as I have many Catholic friends. It is NOT the belief that true Adventists hate Catholics, or anyone else of any other faith. That is not a doctrine of the Adventist faith. We know quite clearly, and profess that God has His people in many other Christian faiths, especially Catholicism. We believe that before it’s all over, a great number of Catholics will be saved into God’s Kingdom, whereas also we believe that many SDA’s will be lost. [Revelation 18:4]

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guest Post: Open Letter to President Trump

Mr. President:

Concerning the new immigration bill to be deliberated by Congress when it returns from its August recess, it should be emphasized that immigration into the U.S. is a privilege, not a right. In the same way a stranger has no right to walk into somebody's house without permission, so a foreigner has no right walking into America without permission from the government. This permission to migrants should be based most especially on evidence that they truly honor and love America.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Question for the Day: How Come Liberals Condemn Hate on the Right and Champion Hate on the Left?

                         Do these look like good guys?

Donald Trump's comments after Charlottesville condemning violence wherever it comes from were totally on target.

Does anyone really believe the only bad guys in Charlottesville were the white supremacists?

Hey, the liberals were thrilled to have an opportunity to send in their thugs pretending to be the "good guys" in white hats. They aren't! Antifa wants an open war and everywhere they go violence erupts.

In Charlottesville, it was the fascists vs. the commies all over again. Are there any good guys in those groups?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Food for Thought: The Great American Eclipse Occurs on the Eve of Mary's Feast

That's right! But not just any feast day. It's the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the traditional liturgical calendar and the feast of the Queenship of Mary in the modern calendar.

Remember what Mary told the children at Fatima? "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph." Is her Son, the Light of the World, using this heavenly event to remind us to listen to and honor His Mother as Queen of heaven and earth?

 And consider this. August was the month the little shepherd children were kidnapped by the mayor of Ourem on the day of the scheduled apparition, August 13th. Instead of being at the Cova de Iria with the "beautiful lady" the children were being interrogated by the mayor and threatened with being boiled in oil. They experienced a virtual martyrdom. Mary appeared to them later on August 19th. These two events graphically illustrate the battle between godless secularism and the Catholic faith.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hmm...Does this Explain Pope Benedict's Abdication?

Honestly...admit wonder about Pope Benedict's abdication. Many thought he must be seriously ill or seeing sings of dementia, but here we are almost five years later and Pope Benedict, while frail as one would expect of a man his age, continues to be clear in mind. Did he really abdicate because he didn't have the energy to attend World Youth Day and gallivant around the world?

I suspect there's a lot more to the story. So do many others. So check out the scenario described in the article below and scratch your head. If the pope was "forced out," my understanding is that he is still the pope. And the fact that he continues to wear the papal white has always been confusing. Where in history have we had a "pope emeritus?" Anti-popes, yes; three men claiming to be pope at one time, yes; but never a "pope emeritus."

Democrat Fingers in the Vatican Pie: Did Obama Force Benedict’s Abdication?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Prayer Requests? I'll Take Them on Retreat

Be still and know that I am God.
I'm going on a five day silent Ignatian Retreat starting Monday evening and ending Saturday. I will leave some posts scheduled to appear while I'm gone, but won't be moderating any comments. Please be patient; I will moderate them on my return. The only comments that will post will be those written by my colleagues, Susan and Chriss, who have the authority to post without moderation.

When I'm on retreat I always pray for the intentions of my readers and for all the challenges troubling our poor Church and our even poorer world. I look forward to the silence and peace that accompanies these days to seek the Lord's will in my life and for this little media apostolate! My motto for this retreat will be to fulfill the vision of the prophet Micah: to act justly, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with the Lord.

Gender Identity Idiocy...

Rachel Levine - If he says he's
a woman - POOF! - he's a
woman. (What a woman, eh?)
Since feelings determine reality, why are we trying to change the feelings of those with eating disorders who feel fat, If you feel fast, you must be fat. So binge and purge to your hearts content or starve yourself to death. It's normal behavior! Don't let anyone try to change you! Those who do, are obviously foodaphobes.

And, hey!  If you feel like you're Napoleon or Queen Elizabeth or Sherlock Holmes or the household pet...well, you can't be wrong....right? After all, your feelings couldn't possibly be at odds with reality....Right? "It can't be wrong when it feels so right."....Right? Feelings never lie....Right?

Before there was Kaitlin Jenner there was Rachel Levine:
Levine is a biological male who has been transitioning to female over the last decade. Levine is also a medical specialist in eating disorders with nearly thirty years of experience in pediatric psychology....

The Anti-Catholicism of SDA Pastor Bill Hughes

 The follow-up article posted on August 16th is HERE.

I'm here to tell you that all evils in the world 
are heavily influenced by the Jesuits, because 
the Catholic Church and the Pope are "hell bent 
on world domination." - Pastor Bill Hughes

The following article is from The Orlando Truth,
Summer 2017, Issue No. 62.

       Arthur Schlesinger Sr. of Harvard University has called anti-Catholicism “the deepest bias in the history of the American people”, even more pernicious than anti-Semitism. During most of American history, anti-Catholicism has been an exceedingly potent force. At least through the early part of the 20th century, and in some quarters even today, Protestants accepted that the Catholic Church was the monstrous creature prophesied in the Biblical Book of Revelation as the “mother of harlots” clothed in purple and scarlet, who held in her hand “a golden cup full of abominations.” The Pope, as its leader, was vilified as the Antichrist. Though now rarely heard in respectable discourse, these ideas have never entirely vanished. Isolated propagandists continue to circulate anti-papal and anti-Catholic mythologies, presenting the Church as the hidden hand behind the world’s governments and financial systems. A major worldwide publisher of such vitriol is headquartered in Eustis, Florida. Their book storage facility and global distribution center is supposedly located on a former Ku Klux Klan (KKK) site in the vicinity of Eustis, Florida. This enterprise, titled TRUTH TRIUMPHANT, is owned and operated by Pastor Bill and Hoda Hughes, who are Seventh Day Adventists. Their absurd slanders could readily be considered unimportant, indeed laughable, and be dismissed without further comment except for the fact that they have become suppliers to a worldwide network of missionaries eager for their lies about the Catholic Church. Theirs is a deadly serious operation with the most sinister overtones, especially because of their appeal to the uneducated, who are least able to ascertain the falsehoods.

The Persecution of Dr. Paul Church and What It Means for State Delegate Bob Marshall's Campaign

Transgender man is running
against VA State Delegate Bob
Marshall. The new normal?
Dr. Paul Church has been a urologist for over 30 years and has seen the devastation of the unhealthy sexual behaviors and practices of the LGBTQ crowd. He became a target for daring to tell the truth about the health risks of perverted sex and was banned from several Boston hospitals. Today, doctors are expected to play the game -- kill patients on request (or without request),  cut off healthy body parts and give hormone injections to satisfy patients' delusions, etc. Sadly for many in the medical community, it's not about health care any more, but social engineering

There is nothing to celebrate in the high risk behavior of sexual deviants, but saying that is sure to get a doctor in trouble as it did with Dr. Church. Read more here. I recommend listening to Dr. Church's testimony and consider what the future looks like when gender tyrants are setting policy and agendas in our state and federal legislatures.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Another Murder by a Kind and Gentle Anti-Trumper

Clayton Carter Executes GOP Committeeman G. Brooks Jennings In Front of His Wife

They say Carter's yard was "littered with anti-Trump signs." He was probably just following through on liberals' exhortations to "Hunt Republicans." He got one. How many liberals are secretly cheering?

Baby Body Disposal: A Weak Link in the Abortion Business!

Make Stericycle Implement their Policy against dumping dead aborted babies as medical waste.

There's more than one way to fight abortion. Working for legislation to protect the babies is one way. Making it difficult for abortion mills to do their bloody deeds is another. That's what Created Equal's project against "waste disposal" is all about. Millions of little dead bodies make a significant pile of abortion mill "garbage." They have to get rid of it. For years they've contracted with Stericycle to pick up their "medical waste." Stericycle has a written policy that bans baby bodies in the trash, but (wink, wink) they've never really implemented it. So Created Equal went after them with a campaign of exposure that obviously hurt their bloody business. So Stericycle sued Created Equal. They lost.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

God Forbid, but We're Thinking of Flying the Unfriendly Skies...

Fourth Amendment underwear for edification of the TSA
When you have a son who lives 1200 miles away and you're a certain age...well...driving starts to
look a little intimidating. Add six days back and forth to a visit and you're longer on the road than visiting.

Sooo....despite the fact I hate to fly, we are thinking of biting the bullet and going by sardine can (Whatever happened to the "friendly skies?") with a bargain nonstop to Dallas and a rental car for the last two hours to Austin. (We'd rent a car in any case so that is no addition to the cost.)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

St. Ignatius of Loyola vs. Martin Luther -- NO CONTEST!

I saw this photo at the Badger Catholic and had to share it. I'm going on my annual 5-day silent retreat using the Spiritual Exercises next week. Our retreat master, Fr. James Buckley is an FSSP priest, so we will have the Tridentine Mass every day. How glorious that will be, especially on the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption. Thanks be to God. I will be praying for all my readers and their families. Please pray for me as well. In the meantime, rejoice at all the saints who fought heresy and error and passed on the authentic Catholic faith with zeal. 

A Transgender Soldier Explains It All For You!

Why Transgender Disorders Cause Problems in the Military

  • Medical issues remove them from service for long periods affecting military readiness of their units.
  • Discrimination against biological women because because biological men who "transition" have a competitive edge for promotion due to their physical advantage.
  • Gender dysphoria has serious psychological effects that increase the tendency to anxiety, depression, and suicide.
  • It undermines the primary mission of the military -- to defend the country. Undeployable transgender soldiers are a drain and a threat to military preparedness.
It's time to stop using the military as a lab tool for social experimentation. 

Guest Post: What We Can Learn from Our Lady of Fatima

By Jim Fritz at The Defender
            There have been many articles, pamphlets, books and even a movie about Our Lady of Fatima; however, I would like to mention just one aspect which I find very pertinent to the people of today and especially to our young people. This pertains to the first of the three secrets; i.e., the Vision of Hell.

The 100th anniversary of the “Miracle of the Sun” is on October 13th of this year; therefore, I have been doing a lot of reading about the many, many aspects of this remarkable event. The most noteworthy element is the huge number of people who witnessed the miracle. Usually, when we read of miracles happening, they are witnessed by a handful of devout Catholics. This miracle was witnessed by a crowd of at least 50,000 to 70,000 people, and some estimate the number even higher. In addition the crowd included not only many skeptics but those who had previously ridiculed the upcoming miracle in secular newspapers.

Monday, August 7, 2017

19th Century Novels: Prophetic or a Weird Coincidence?

Barron Trump and his controversial president dad:
a scenario predicted by 19th c. author Ingersoll Lockwood?
Trump 'prophecy' novels from 1896 hit home in 2017  

I call this weird: a book written in 1896 written about a character named Baron Trump who lives in Castle Trump in New York City? And another novel called The Last President about a New York outsider elected as president who is controversial? 

This was so weird, I thought at first it had to be a hoax so I went searching and found details about the author, Ingersoll Lockwood who was a lawyer and a religious Catholic. He wrote a number of works including several novels for youngsters, one on St. Paul and one on St. Anthony. He appeared to be very eclectic in his interests because he also wrote a play on George Washington and Revolutionary War as well as a book for lawyers. 

Monday Morning Meanderings

An abundant harvest from our little apple orchard!
What a lovely weekend! A birthday party to celebrate our granddaughter's ninth on Saturday and a big Sunday brunch after Mass with twelve of us around the table. I'm never happier than when I can make a big meal for loved ones. The table is the altar of the little domestic church. And then a visit from my sister who was passing through town. Weekends filled with family are the best!

Rain this morning -- the kind the Irish call a "soft rain," gentle, soaking in, erasing the brown with a green wash, a rest for the soul.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Well, Isn't that Interesting? (Or Laughably Pathetic!)

Al Gore: ‘Because of Pope Francis, I Really Could Become a Catholic’

You May Not Like It, But the Novus Ordo is Valid...

Get over it!

The Dangers of Attacking the Novus Ordo

I love the traditional Latin Mass. I go on an annual Ignatian Retreat where the FSSP retreat master celebrates the Latin Mass every do. When I can, I attend the Tridentine Mass at St. John the Baptist in Front Royal. But I will not jump on the bandwagon attacking the Novus Ordo no matter how many folks claiming to be real Catholics call me deluded. I'll stick with the Church even in this time of mass confusion.

Friday, August 4, 2017

From the Mouths of Babes: There are Still Some REAL Catholic Schools

Rejoice! And pray for these young people. They are the future of the Church and the future of our country. May God multiply their numbers!

The End Of Prayer Shaming from East Catholic High School on Vimeo.

How Will You Honor St. John Vianney? How about Saying Thank You to a Priest!

Today is the feast day of St. John Vianney, patron of priests and, in particular, parish priests. At Mass this morning I was thinking about and praying for many of the priests who touched my life: those who celebrated Masses I attended, heard my confessions, advised me, blessed me, buried my relatives and friends, anointed me when I was sick...what a number!

I'm also praying today for the priests who scandalized me and my family: the dissenters who told me falsehoods about the faith, those who desecrated the Mass, the teachers who lied to my children...all the scandalizers. I'm praying for the "retreat master" at my supposedly Catholic college who condemned the "outdated" Church and told students not to bother going to Mass if they didn't get anything out of it. What a jokester he was and how he played to the crowd. And foolish as we were, we laughed and listened.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Just for Fun! A Fashion Blog with Photo Flair.

No train rides these days, but plenty of scope
for the imagination!
I'm not much into fashion blogs. At my age the only "fashion" I can claim is old fashioned. Having said that, I do visit one fashion blog regularly, Mommy in Flats. The "look" might have been mine fifty years and forty pounds ago, but not today.

So why am I regular visitor?

Because the "mommy in flats" is my daughter and her husband snaps the impressive photos which are often taken at sites around the small Shenandoah valley towns near Interstate 81.

I Used to be Just a Regular Person

A normal regular guy racist, fascist, homophobic
xenophobe with his grandchildren
By J. White Harris

I used to think I was just a regular guy, but:

I was born white, which now, whether I like it or not, makes me a racist.

I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today's standards makes me a fascist.

I am a heterosexual, which according to gay people, now makes me a homophobic.

I am non-union, which makes me a traitor to the working class and an ally of big business.

I am a Christian which now labels me as an infidel.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, which now makes me a member of the vast gun lobby.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Eternal Truth" and the "Anthropological Revolution"

Archbishop Timothy Broglio, head of the Military Archdiocese released an important statement following President Trump's ban on transgenders in the military. I've attended several Confirmations celebrated by Archbishop Broglio and am always edified by his witness. I feel the same way about this press release. It includes a major point about the nature of the human person. We would do well to take this seriously:
“The dignity of the human person is rooted in the fact that people are created in the image and likeness of God – God who in the fullness of his divinity assumed humanity to redeem the world. A recent conference, titled ‘Framing a Catholic Response to Gender Ideology’ held this past May at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, noted that gender ideology undermines basic Christian anthropology by defining the person as a disembodied mind and the body as a mere instrument. A Catholic response to gender ideology considers multiple insights including medical, psychological, philosophical, theological, pastoral, and legal perspectives. The Church honors human dignity by drawing near in order to accompany people."

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trump's Speech to the Scouts was What? And the Boy Scouts Apologized Why?

Trump introduces former Eagle Scout Ryan Zinke,
Secretary of the Interior, at the Boy Scout Jamboree.
Is anyone really surprised that the spineless leaders of the Boy Scouts who caved into the politics of the LGBTQXYZ lobby, would cave in to the liberals attacking Trump's speech at the Scout Jamboree last week? I'm not. I listened to the speech after somebody commented on my blog about how "scary" it was.


Are you serious? And then there are the talking heads who claimed it was all political.

Exactly Why is this Soros Clone, Emma Bonino, Allowed to Speak in a Catholic Church?

The only place in the church she should be allowed to speak is in the confessional!

Abortionist Emma Bonino to Promote Immigration at Italian Catholic Church