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Friday, November 30, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: If Only They Would Try to Live Like Saints like WW I Chaplain Willie Doyle, SJ

Pray to this hero priest for
the conversion of his brothers.
Nabi Sayeth: Have you ever wondered why many clergymen, both bishops and priests, live lives that run so contrary to the life of Jesus and the great Saints throughout history?
Why do they spend so much of their time viewing pornography, playing around in gay bars and chat rooms, and in various and sundry liaisons?

Does the standard excuse, “They were BORN that way” suffice as a valid excuse?

I do believe that being “ born that way” can never serve as an excuse for pathetically seductive predatory behavior.

Think about how ludicrous the excuse of being “born that way” sounds in light of:

-       A French priest who sexually abused several teen-aged boys: Pierre de Castelet admitted to “an emotional attraction for boys aged 11-13” but said that he “did not realize the harm that it could do them.” 
The priest, who was removed from active ministry by bishop Blaquart, told investigators that he was “alone against the world” in dealing with his attraction to young boys, and complained of a lack of support from Church authorities. (Catholic News Agency 11/24/18)

Eleven Reasons Why Most People Today Are Not Reading Books As They Should

I want to share with you eleven tips to improve your reading habits and turn you into a prolific reader.  I have learned these skills by the seat of my pants with no help or encouragement from anyone else.  I went from being a person who read nearly nothing to being an avid reader who is never without a book in progress.  You can too.  The trick is to remove the obstacles which can be many.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Homeland Security Confirms Fraud at the Border! Yes, Virginia, It IS an Invasion.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen warns that migrant
caravans are using children as "human shields."
Migrants Use Children as Human Shields

Think about this for a minute. Liberals love to USE children for their own nefarious purposes. A few examples:

  • Hospitals that do abortion always send out fundraising letters showing beautiful pictures of babies saved in their neonatal units. Why don't they send out photos of the moms and dead babies killed by their abortion? Obvious answer. Gotta hide that ugly truth!
  • Liberals always talk about "saving the children" while they kill the children. Remember WACO and RUBY RIDGE

Nabi Sayeth: The Homosexual Abuse Problem is World-Wide!

French Bishop Andre Fort covered up for the
molester! The homosexual clergy sex abuse
 crisis is world-wide! Laity, arise and fight!
Nabi Sayeth: Another report of a clergy sexual abuse scandal and its cover-up has appeared in the media. But the reporting of the story is different from many of those that have preceded it on two counts:

The report involves the Catholic Church in France. The details provide a look deeply into the sick mind of a clergy sexual predator. The story begins in typical fashion with the report of the incident:
“Pierre de Castelet, a retired priest of the diocese of Orléans, was convicted Nov. 22 of sexually abusing several boys under the age of 15 at a summer camp in 1993. One of his victims, Olivier Savignac, came forward to complain to the diocese in 2010, writing a letter to the then-bishop, André Fort. Bishop Fort assured Savignac that de Castelet would be kept from contact with minors but did not forward the complaint to civil authorities.”

All You Need to Know About C.S. Lewis and Other Nonsense

A couple of days ago I read a post in the National Catholic Register by Fr. John Cush, who was giving recommendations for quality Catholic fiction to read. 

As I almost NEVER read fiction, and have taken significant flack for my stubbornness in avoiding it, I thought just maybe there would be something on his list I could consider to pacify my detractors.  As it turns out,

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Little Good News Before Bedtime: May It Give You Sweet Dreams


Taiwan Rejects Same-Sex Marriage

Taiwan rejects same-sex “marriage” in nationwide vote. Huge pro-family victory.

Also votes to ban LGBT agenda in schools.

MassResistance started aiding Taiwanese effort in 2016!

Facts from the Border Invasion


Nabi Sayeth: What Happened in a Mere 132 Years?

Nabi Sayeth: It is always enlightening and uplifting to read the lives of the holy Saints throughout Catholic history. If you find yourself feeling upset or disillusioned about events in our world today, just go back to the lives of the Saints. I assure you, your concern will disappear.

Never forget our friends and allies in the Church Triumphant help us in our crusade against evil!

Nancy Pelosi Spills the Beans on Big Whopper Telling

The Eighth Commandment tells us, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”  Most of us don’t go out of our way to say things about the people we know that aren’t true, so it may seem to many that this commandment has little to do with them.  Yet I fear it is so prevalent in our society today we can’t ignore it as being only a minor detail in the Decalogue. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Will the Vatican “Committee” be Just Another Heapin' Helpin' Dose of Bureaucracy?

Clergy sex abuse victim, Marie Collins, who resigned from
 the Pontifical Committee for the Protection of Minors -
Read her story!
Nabi Sayeth: It has been announced that Pope Francis has called bishops from around the world to meet in February 2019 at the Vatican to plan the Catholic Church’s response, as a body, to the sexual abuse crisis. Father Hans Zollner, a Jesuit priest who is involved with the planning process for the meeting was interviewed by Vatican News and he made the following comments:
What is the Committee's goal? 
Everything needs to be prepared. And in order to prepare everything well, there needs to be someone to shoulder the burden. The meeting in February is an important event; it’s very important for the Church. It is necessary that it be prepared well, and that it involve all of the Episcopal Conferences right away.

"As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man." Matt 24: 37

Satan has been unleashed. And he ALWAYS targets the children. Sad to say, he has plenty of foolish souls who will happily join his gang and follow his standard on the hills of Babylon.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Left, Who Love to Use Chemical Weapons Against Babies in the Womb,...

...are going ballistic over border agents using tear gas against the invasion on our southern border. Well, who doesn't know what a bunch of hypocrites they are?

Mexico To Deport All Of The ‘Human Stampede’ That Rushed The Border (PLUS: The Left Losing Its Mind)

Hey, with the Left it's a-okay to inject digoxin into a baby's heart or attack him with RU 486 or any other number of lethal drugs to kill him directly. But using non-lethal tear gas or pepper spray for mob control is a crime against humanity! It's time to recognize them for what they are: socialists who hate God and hate the United States and the principles on which she was founded.

Nabi Sayeth: Bishops' Child Protection Programs are Smoke Screens!

and other "safe touch" programs primarily
 protect Church assets rather than children.
Nabi Sayeth: The child sexual abuse education programs put forth by the bishops of the United States were for the most part smoke screens and CYA measures. Is it not interesting that the programs were approved by most bishops with the ultimate approval coming from the former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a notorious predator and the most atrocious example of the scourge afflicting the Catholic Church?

In their rush to publicly demonstrate their competency and control of the sexual abuse crisis that erupted in 2002, they constructed an approach with the guidance of mental health, legal and public relations experts that was severely flawed and dishonest.

"We Are All People of the Book" - The Biggest Lie Ever Told

This is the biggest lie ever told.
Christians, Jews and Muslims are not all "people of the book" as Islam and multiculturalists want us to think. The ancient meaning of "people of the book", which Muhammad stole and placed in his Quran to twist the truth, only referred to Christians and Jews. The term was never used in reference to Muhammad, Islam or even religion since it originated long before Muhammad was born.

If we think about "people of the book" in reference to texts used in each religion, the term is negated since all three religions use and believe in a different book - OT for Jews, NT for Christians, Quran for Muslims. The truth is that in his Quran Muhammad planted an ancient term in use among the Arabs of his day which over later centuries, especially the past 100 years of Islamic influence bearing down upon mankind, morphed into the erroneous belief that all three religions have the same transcendent source, the same God, and the same line of prophets with Muhammad being the best and last of them all. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Celine Dion and her Creepy Line of "Gender-Neutral" Clothing

This is a really creepy ad! And I mean creepy in the sense of satanic. Watch it and let's talk about it.

In an article at the National Catholic Register, author Patti Armstrong quotes an exorcist, Msgr. John Esseff, saying, “I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic.” And it seems Celine has become a part of it.

Rest in Peace, Bishop Morlino as You Celebrate the Feast of Christ the King with Your Master

Bishop Robert C. Morlino Dead at Age 71

The fourth bishop of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, died Saturday night November 24 after suffering a “cardiac event” the day before Thanksgiving.

Bishop Robert C. Morlino on August 1st, 2018, after celebrating Mass on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of his installation as bishop of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin. (Photo: Joseph Hanneman)

Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, died Saturday night November 24 after suffering a “cardiac event” the day before Thanksgiving. A priest for more than 44 years and a bishop for nearly 20, Morlino died at 9:15 p.m. Saturday at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison. He was 71. [Continued here....]

Nabi Sayeth: No Wonder So Many People Are Confused!

Nabi Sayeth: So many good Catholics are confused about what Our Lord expects of us as His disciples. People trust the Church’s leaders to speak Truth to us, to teach us and affirm us in our faith. But what about those leaders who are themselves confused? Some examples will illustrate this point….
Deacon Steve Hester, minion of LGBTQI-affirming
Bishop John Stowe, OFM one of four bishops
pushing Fr. James Martin's gay propaganda book.
LEXINGTON, Ky. ( - A deacon in the diocese of Lexington, Kentucky is claiming that Jesus "knew that safe sex and education ... are the actual way to reduce abortions."
In a YouTube video posted on Nov. 3, Deacon Steve Hester of St. Paul Catholic Church in Lexington made multiple statements implying that Jesus Christ was either supportive or indifferent to abortion or homosexuality, claiming that he "didn't preach against abortion at all" and "didn't preach against same-sex marriage or homosexuality either."

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: All That Glisters Is Not Gold! Will ANOTHER Program Really Solve the Problem?

Protecting children begins in the womb!
Nabi Sayeth: In light of the horrible scandal facing our beloved Catholic Church, many of the laity will receive a recent announcement from a Catholic institution in Rome with optimism if not relief:
ROME — The Center for Child Protection (CCP), part of the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, has started the first semester in the new two-year licentiate master’s degree to combat and prevent child abuse. 
“We need to spell out that the center of attention of the Church needs to be the protection of the most vulnerable, and among them are children,” Jesuit Father Hans Zollner, president of the Center for Child Protection and a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, told the Register. “This is not an add-on. … This is an essential part of the Church’s ministry.” 

Patrick Coffin, Taylor Marshall, and Tim Gordon Discuss our Modernist Pope

As a preamble to the video (which I highly recommend), you will hear from the start a discussion of "red-pilling." Not familiar with the term? It comes from the movie, The Matrix. defines it like this:
Red pill comes from the 1999 cult classic film, The Matrix. There’s a scene early on in the movie in which the main character, Neo, is offered two pills: a red one and a blue one. The red pill represents an awakening, but one that could be difficult and painful. Neo’s world will be changed uncomfortably if he takes the red pill, but he’ll be made aware of the truth of the world. The blue pill represents comfort and security. If he takes the blue pill, he’ll continue to live in blissful ignorance. 
The concept has a precedent in the 1990 science fiction film Total Recall. In that film, one character offers another a red pill, which is said to be a symbol of his “desire to return to reality.” There’s no blue pill presented, however.

Nabi Sayeth: This is Serious Business!

Nabi Sayeth: Dear Friends, let’s play a “thinking” game. To do so you must set aside your educational accomplishments: Your Ph.D, M.D., your M.A., M.S., your B.A., B.S., your high school diploma….everything that would indicate you are a reasonably intelligent person. To play THIS game you must rely on your unabashed common sense in order to answer the question posed towards the end of this post and after reading all of its preceding parts.

What if you lived, worshipped and were raising your children and teens (including boys) in a Catholic diocese and you discovered:

Friday, November 23, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: How Did This Immoral Mess Happen?

Nabi Sayeth: Many people are scratching their head and wondering HOW exactly the LGBTQ movement began and WHY it is so pervasive. It seems to have appeared out of nowhere! Try to have a civil conversation with someone under the age of thirty and you will be shocked at how well-entrenched they are in their acceptance of LGBTQ advocates and their propaganda.

Albert Mohler wrote an excellent article years ago that reveals the sinister method by which progressives began to normalize the public perception of the homosexual lifestyle regardless of what Christianity, and especially, Catholicism held to the contrary.

The Prophecies of Saint Francis and the Tribulation

Chris Ferrara has an excellent article at Catholic Family News about the prophecies of St. Francis described in Works of the Seraphic Father, St. Francis of Assisi [London: R. Washbourne, 1882], pp. 248-250)] The book separates the wheat from the chaff, "carefully distinguishing them from doubtful sayings attributed to him (which are found in an appendix to the book). The prophecy revolves around a future pope:
A short time before the holy Father’s [St. Francis’] death, he called together his children and warned them of the coming troubles:

“Act bravely, my brethren; take courage and trust in the Lord. The time is fast approaching in which there will be great trials and afflictions; perplexities and dissensions, both spiritual and temporal, will abound; the charity of many will grow cold, and the malice of the wicked will increase. The devils will have unusual power; the immaculate purity of our Order, and of others, will be so much obscured that there will be very few Christians who obey the true Supreme Pontiff and the Roman Church with loyal hearts and perfect charity.

“At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavour to draw many into error and death. Then scandals will be multiplied, our Order will be divided, and many others will be entirely destroyed, because they will consent to error instead of opposing it.

Observations and Comments on Muhammad's Fake Night Journey and His Fake Seven Heavens

Muhammad takes off for Jerusalem.
Continued from HEREHERE, HERE and HERE with Muhammad's description of his Night Journey from Humphrey Prideaux's The True Nature of Imposture Fully Displayed in the Life of Mohamet. Keep in mind that Muhammad fabricated his Night Journey (Mi'raj in Arabic) which has no transcendent imagery whatsoever. If there was supernatural intervention it was demonic.

If Christians said that Jesus flew into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday on a winged horse with the face of a woman and landed on the Temple Mount we would be laughed out of existence. Obviously, those who believe in Muhammad’s claim to have traveled to Jerusalem either in body or in spirit rely on blind faith rather than common sense. After reading Humphrey Prideaux’s account of The Life of Mohamet, there is simply no compelling reason to believe that Muhammad’s Night Journey was anything other than a dream, unless of course Gabriel, as written before, is Satan in disguise which then makes the Night Journey demonic in origin, and Muhammad the prophet of Satan.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: A Collage of Chaos

Imposing Chaos by Lara Ehrlich
Nabi presents to you what I call a “Collage of Chaos” comprised of several snapshots of incidents that have taken place in our beloved Catholic Church:

From the Winona Daily News 11/19/18 - Diocese of Winona to File for Bankupty:     
Matthew Willkom, communications director for the Diocese, said the decision is being made in cooperation with legal counsel representing the survivors of sexual abuse. 
“Bishop (John) Quinn believes this is the best path forward to bring healing and justice to survivors of past child sexual abuse by clergy in our Diocese,” Willkom said in an email.

Muhammad Chats With Allah Then Flies Back to Mecca on Lightning

Continued from HERE and HERE and HERE with Muhammad's description of his Night Journey from Humphrey Prideaux's Life of Mohamet. Keep in mind that Muhammad fabricated his Night Journey (Mi'raj in Arabic) which has no transcendent imagery whatsoever.

Remember that Abraham left Ur of the Chaldeans in
Mesopotamia where the moon god Allah was worshiped. He 
went to Canaan to worship the One True God. Also remember 
Joshua 24:14 - "...put away the gods which your fathers 
worshiped in Mesopotamia."
We’re almost finished with this tortuous history of Muhammad’s fabricated Night Journey. As foolishly irrational as the Night Journey is, especially Lightning, it’s important to know that Muhammad's Night Journey (Mi'raj) is believed by all Muslims to be true, the proof being that today the Islamic Dome of the Rock stands on Jerusalem’s Jewish Temple Mount, built directly on top of the place where Muhammad said he landed on Lightning and which apparently has Muhammad’s footprint there. In addition, there’s a sacred space on the Temple Mount where Lightning was ostensibly tied to a rock while he waited for the angel Gabriel and Muhammad to ascend through the seven heavens, converse with Allah, then return again.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Why Are We Doing What We Do?

Nabi Sayeth: There is a story I heard some time ago from a man who had been hospitalized while suffering a massive hemorrhage. The man is a well known and respected member of his parish community. After spending several days in an overflow area of the hospital due to crowded conditions, a Doctor friend and fellow parishioner entered his room to visit. After some small talk the Doctor asked the man the name of the illness for which he was being treated. His response was “I don’t really know because no one has told me but it almost resulted in my death.”

Muhammad's Fake Heavens 2 - 7

Continued from HERE and HERE with Muhammad's description of his Night Journey from Humphrey Prideaux's Life of Mohamet. Keep in mind that Muhammad fabricated his Night Journey (Mi'raj in Arabic) which has no transcendent imagery whatsoever. (The next two posts in the series are HERE and HERE.)

Why did Muhammad need to fly to Jerusalem?
He could have gone to heaven from Mecca.
"From the first heaven Muhammad said he ascended up into the second heaven which was a distance of five hundred years journey above the first. He determines this to be the distance of each of the seven heavens above the other. As in the first heaven the gates were opened for him, where at the entrance he met Noah who greatly rejoiced at the sight of Muhammad and asked Muhammad to pray for him. In this heaven, which was made of pure gold, Muhammad tells us he saw twice as many angels as in the former and among them one of such an extraordinary size that while standing in the second heaven, his head reached into the third.

"From the second heaven Muhammad ascended upwards into the third which
was made of precious stones. At the entrance he met Abraham who also asked Muhammad to pray for him. In this third heaven Muhammad said he saw vastly more angels than in the second heaven and among them another large angel of such phenomenal size that the distance between his two eyes was seventy thousand days’ journey, according to our rate of traveling here on earth.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Just Because You're a Republican, Doesn't Mean You're a Good Guy

Republican Ohio governor John Kasich who likes to claim he's pro-life, is threatening to veto the "heartbeat bill" that protects little ones in the womb once their hearts begin to beat. Here's what LifeSiteNews reported:

It's time to hold our bishops accountable -- at the airport if necessary!

When the bishops begin holding their brethren accountable, this will not be necessary. Why was Mahony allowed to address the body of bishops? That man has done more to undermine the Church in the United States than most. His West Coast Religious Education Conference continues to spread heresy and dissent. Fr. Richard Sparks, one of the speakers, is a living example of the mess in the Catholic Church in the U.S. He's an enabler if not an active participant.


Nabi Sayeth: Shepherds, When Will You Speak about the LGBTQI Insanity?

Editor's Comment: As you read Nabi's post and watch the video about "Desmond is Amazing" consider the insanity of parents who encourage this behavior. Kids like attention. Desmond's getting plenty, all for the wrong reason. Was this going on in Sodom and Gomorrah? Were the parents of Sodom letting their little boys cross dress to become fodder for homosexuals and pedophiles in the city? The likely answer? Absolutely! Watch the dad in the video who's "proud" of Desmond's cross dressing antics. Does he act like a MAN, a father called to spiritual headship? NO! He looks to me like a wimp who's caved in to the insanity and abandoned his own manhood in the process. God help us! Pray for stupid parents and the children they are abusing through their ignorance.

Muhammad's First Heaven and the Celestial Rooster Angel

Islam's Chief Angel of the Roosters

Continued from yesterday's post HERE with Muhammad's description of his Night Journey from Humphrey Prideaux's Life of 
Mohamet. (The next three posts in the series are HERE, HERE and HERE.)

When Muhammad and Gabriel arrived at the first heaven, Gabriel knocked at the gate, told the porter who he was and that he had brought God's friend with him by divine command. The gates, which Muhammad described as huge, were immediately opened.

Muhammad said that the first heaven was made of pure silver with stars hanging by chains of pure gold, each being as large as Mount Noho near Mecca in Arabia. In these stars angels guarded heaven to keep devils from approaching for fear they might overhear and know what was done in heaven.

On first entering heaven, Muhammad said he met an old decrepit man who turned out to be Adam, who immediately embraced him and gave thanks to God for so great a son as Muhammad, then asked Muhammad to pray for him.

Monday, November 19, 2018

What Ever Happened to Those 'Hate Has No Home Here' Signs?

I posted an article on November 21 last year titled, “Have You Seen the ‘Hate Has No Home Here” Signs?  Comments to that article continue to show up on this blog.  One such comment asked me to follow up on the original story, which I will do at this time.  Other comments from annoyed liberals hoping to raise my ire have failed to do so, because I am unimpressed by their lack of knowledge and simply don’t care to argue with fools. 

Nabi Sayeth: Which Way is Up?

Photo by Chap Holbert
Nabi Sayeth: We have entered the national week of Thanksgiving. And while many people are traveling to be with family members sprinkled throughout our great nation, many more will be involved with food and clothing distribution efforts closer to home. I was deeply moved by a posting on Facebook which described one man’s experience of an incredible outpouring of love:
“Today a little boy's eyes lit up when he had brand new shoes given to him. A little girl twirled with glee, showing off her new pink winter coat. A Grandma teared up as she received food to feed her family. A Sheriff's deputy helped an aged man by carrying a big box of food out to his paint faded car. Strangers held hands in a circle and prayed with Pastor Darrell Darrell W. Cummings for all who are in need. Members of the Wheeling community, (young children and adults) handed out vegetables, fruit, breads, meats, fish, cheese, shoes and clothing.

Muhammad Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven's Door

Knock, knock! Who's there? It's ME! Muhammad! Muhammad who? Muhammad the Prophet (peace be upon me)...silence as God consults Himself then says, These are the gates of Heaven. Go thee down that other path which thou hast walked whilst on earth. Knock there and Lucifer will let thee enter. Muhammad trots down to the Gates of Hell. Knock, knock! Who's there!?!! Um...Muhammad?...deathly silence as the gates immediately swing open, then...Welcome, Muhammad. Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter. All that I possess is yours. Oh, it's you! Hi Allah! Where are my 72 virgins!? Right this way (heh heh heh)...excitement in the air as the door to the Chamber of Virgins opens. Tearing at his robe Muhammad races in...then disappears into the infinite realm of Inferno's Eighth Circle, to be "mutilated and split in half with his entrails hanging out, eternally speaking the words: See now how I rend me."

Meanwhile, here's mood music to relax with while 
reading the story of Muhammad's Night Journey.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Is the Cream Rising to the Top?

Bishop Joseph Strickland, Tyler, TX
Nabi Sayeth: Many devout Catholics are upset with the lack of true and good shepherding on the part of many Catholic bishops in the U.S. Many of the faithful prayed that the Holy Spirit would intervene, powerfully, at their fall meeting currently underway in Baltimore.

Last Wednesday we saw the workings of the Holy Spirit manifested in the unpopular yet courageous and true statements of one of the bishops:

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Reality of the Caravan vs the Liberal Narrative

They're looking for a better life, but they aren't willing to do it legally. Get in line, folks, like your predecessors did. No one has a right to force their way into another country any more than they have a right to break into your home.

Dymphna and the State of the Church

Thank you, Archbishop Vigano!
Dymphna'sRoad posted some important information the past few days. Check it out here and here. The first post asks if your bishop has called for an investigation of McCarrick and hotlinks to a summary of U.S. bishops' statements. It's incomplete as yet but gives information about the response to Archbishop Vigano's call for transparency and investigation. You can also click to share on Facebook and Twitter. Please, let's make this go viral -- and be sure to thank your bishop if he's one of the 54% calling for an investigation.

Nabi Sayeth: To Whom Do the Bishops Pledge Allegiance?

Nabi Sayeth: You have heard by now that as the bishops began their fall meeting in Baltimore last Monday, the meeting was interrupted by a message delivered by the papal nuncio on behalf of the Vatican Congregation of bishops. The bishops were ordered to take no votes on a sexual abuse policy that would have governed the bishops themselves. They were told that the matter would be taken up at a world-wide meeting of Catholic bishops in February at the Vatican.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Ask Chesterton for a Miracle for my Brother Ray

Gilbert and his beloved Frances
I love G.K. Chesterton! And how I long to see his cause for canonization advanced.

He is a real-life Santa Claus, not only in his girth, but in his magnanimous spirit. I use that word deliberately, a word that comes from the Latin: "magna" for great, and "animus" for soul. He was, indeed, a "great soul" who loved his fellow man and never preened his brilliance to impress an audience. When asked, "What's wrong with the world?" he responded humbly without a pause, "I am."

Thinking about Chesterton recently, I embraced the acronym WOW! to describe him. Three of his greatest characteristics were his sense of WONDER, his OPTIMISM, and his WIT. He exuded joy and cheerfulness, a man who, like comedian and social commentator Will Rogers, "never met a man [he] didn't like." He could debate and criticize an atheist contemporary without the conversation degenerating to the level of animosity. Don't we desperately need that kind of respectful exchange today? In fact, the writer H.G. Wells, with whom he vigorously disagreed, once said:

Was Judge Roy Moore's "Borking" Practice for the Attack on Brett Kavanaugh

Sexual Misconduct Case Crumbling Against Judge Roy Moore

The Democrats M.O. is character assassination and media lynching. They lie their way into defeating and disgracing good men and women in public office and other positions of influence.

Did the Democrats use their attack on Roy Moore in Alabama as practice for the character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh? Fits their history, doesn't it! At the 11th hour drag in an Anita Hill clone accusing the person of sexual misconduct, some of it vile and extreme like the claim that Kavanaugh at 15 was involved in gang rape parties!

It's time to restore the good name of Judge Moore and expose his accusers. The same with Brett Kavanaugh. If this kind of behavior is ignored, we invite more of it.

Pray for Judge Moore's success in the defamation suit to put the brakes on the despicable tactics being used by Democrats to "bork" so many good people for the "sin" of opposing their evil agenda!

Nabi Sayeth: Fear is NOT a Gift of the Holy Spirit

Nabi Sayeth: When is the last time you pondered the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Do you remember them? Here’s a refresher for you:

They are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude (courage), knowledge, piety, and fear (to have profound reverence for or to be in awe) of the Lord.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Christ is our King no Matter WHAT this Bishop "Favours"

Jesus Christ, King of the Universe,
Solemnity celebrated on Nov. 26
Editor's Comment: Do you ever want to say, "Just stick a sock in it!" when a silly cleric makes a stupid statement? I sure do! I will happily stand with Blessed Miguel Pro and proclaim, "Viva Cristo Rey! Long live Christ the King!"

Nabi Sayeth: I could not help but chuckle as I read an article written about an Archbishop from Australia:

“October 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Three days after posting on Twitter that he does not “want or have” Jesus as King, Brisbane Archbishop Coleridge broke his silence, clarifying that he does not “favour royalist ideologies.”

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Catholics are Called to Join the Counterculture against the Homosexual Movement!

Put on the armor of God and
Nabi Sayeth: The scandal shaking the Catholic Church at this time has made clear to many faithful Catholics the destructive influence of the homosexual movement (LGBTQ) on both clergymen and the laity. Unfortunately, at times people of faith can feel confused and overwhelmed by what they see, read and hear about this movement, and as the result, there is a temptation to give in, to join the crowd…. After all, who wants to be a loner….right? But that thinking does not fit well when one examines the history of Christianity. Historically, Christianity, wherever it has been located and whichever time in history has ALWAYS been COUNTERCULTURAL. Christians have always lived “in the world” but not “of the world.”

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: The Disaster that is the U.S. Catholic Bishops

Nabi Sayeth: The Catholic Bishops of the United States are currently meeting in Baltimore for their fall meeting, and their ears must be burning! They are perhaps the most despised group of human beings in our country today.

In his brutally honest and well written book, “The Smoke of Satan”, Lay Theologian Phil Lawyer does a masterful job of giving the reader an unfiltered look at the disaster the bishops have both created and become:

Nabi Sayeth: Didn't the Bishops Get the Memo or Did it Get Lost in their Piles of "Stuff?"

Luke 9: 58…..Jesus said, “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.”
And then there’s our beloved St. Mother Teresa….
Mother Teresa served the poor in humble surroundings with none of the luxuries of modern life.