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Friday, December 31, 2010

Pray for Bishop Boland

I just got word that Bishop Boland was hospitalized on December 27th. Please pray for his upcoming surgery and recovery. Here's the message from the Diocese of Savannah:
Bishop J. Kevin Boland was admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah Monday evening, December 27, after suffering a severe headache and nausea. After testing he was diagnosed with a benign tumor in his pituitary gland. Today he underwent a successful procedure to prevent a blood clot in his right leg from causing damage. Doctors expect him to undergo surgery next week for removal of his pituitary gland. He has requested prayers for the successful outcome of pituitary gland surgery. He is expected to be out of the office for several weeks recuperating from surgery.

Please keep him in your prayers.
Barbara D. King
Director of Communications
Catholic Diocese of Savannah
601 East Liberty Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401-5196

Knee Slapping Message from Bishop Kevin Boland: He's Beating the bushes for Fallen Away Catholics

I had to laugh and shake my head when I saw the video below, a message from the Bishop of Savannah, Kevin Boland, to Catholics who left the faith. He urges them to "come home. "Please take the occasion to attend a Mass in your neighborhood," he says with a straight face.

When I heard that I had to shake my computer. Did he say what I thought he said? Isn't this the same bishop who has legally enjoined an ardent practicing Catholic, homeschooling dad, Robert Kumpel, from attending his neighborhood parish...FOR YEARS?

Sure is!

If you want to read about Bishop Boland's vindictive crusade against Robert go here and here. And for an unrelated article about Bishop Boland which may help explain why he would persecute an orthodox Catholic, go here

Mark Russell, a political satirist, once said that the essence of satire is poking fun at inconsistencies. He jokes that when he was young he dodged the draft by joining the Marine Corps. Well, you get the idea. I think Bishop Boland should audition for comedy central. He's got the inconsistency part down pat. 

Unfortunately, Robert and his family aren't laughing. He and his wife and children rarely go to Mass together because she plays the flute in the choir and he often takes the kids and drives nearly an hour to the next closest parish. Daily Mass, once a common practice, is a thing of the past.

As for Bishop Boland, he's out beating the bushes for fallen away Catholics while beating the heck out of a faithful Catholic dad who never left. If that isn't fodder for satire, I don't know what is. I wonder....if Robert  responded to the Bishop's abuse by leaving the Church, would the shepherd welcome him back with open arms? Somehow I can only picture him using that shepherd's crook to beat off a lamb he finds annoying.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blasphemy Masquerading as Humor: Protest to Doritos/Pepsi

Doritos and Pepsi have partnered to offer a $5 million prize for the best Super Bowl ad submitted in their advertising contest. Below is one of the worst, blasphemous and offensive to Catholics worldwide. Can you imagine alienating millions of potential customers by mocking the most sacred belief of their faith? Go here to sign a petition to Pepsi/Doritos. They will be selecting ten finalists on January 3rd. Let's make sure this isn't one of them! If they choose it, they will be showing the marketing judgment of a cockroach.

Scouts' Motto: Be Prepared!

After reading the pope's statement the other day, recalling Mother Teresa's warning that the fruit of abortion was nuclear war, and reflecting on the general deplorable state of the world, I think prudence dictates considering a worst case scenario. I remember air raid drills in the 1950s and I think the world is a much less stable place today. Then, we primarily had to consider the threat of the Communist Soviet Union. Today, rogue nations with nuclear capabilities are increasing. So how does one prepare for the possibility of a nuclear attack? If there were one, would you just fall down in panic or would you know some basice survival techniques to reduce your risk from radioactive fallout?

Before you label me a nut for bringing this up, remember that Civil Defense training was common fifty years ago with information distributed to the public about how to respond in an emergency. We still hear the emergency warning system practiced on the radio. How many pay any attention to it?

But yes, there are things citizens can do to be prepared in case of an imminent nuclear attack. Most people will survive even if they are near ground zero. Here's a guide. Even if you do nothing but read it, you will be better prepared in the event you ever need the information.

Rest in Peace, Fr. John Harvey

Fr. John Harvey, founder of COURAGE, died on December 27th, the feast of St. John the Beloved at age 92. Our paths crossed several times. Years ago when I was teaching Natural Family Planning at Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C. Fr. Harvey was an advisor to our group. I remember particularly one session because a local prostitute had asked about taking NFP classes. We asked Fr. Harvey about the morality of teaching her. Obviously, a method that requires much love and commitment was unlikely to be very effective in her trade. But Fr. Harvey replied that at least it would keep her off the street for a few evenings and perhaps there would be an opportunity to counsel her. He had a particularly tender heart for sinners.

We met again just a few years ago when I attended the Catholic Leadership Conference's annual meeting. I had the great pleasure of sitting next to him during several sessions and sharing a meal. He looked very frail, but was just as sharp intellectually as he ever was. I was impressed with his energy, his gentleness, and his wisdom. What a blessing that God left him with us for 92 years. Rest in peace, dear Father, I can almost hear the Lord saying, "Welcome, good and faithful servant."

See obituary here.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Apocalypse Now? The Pope's Warning

Fulton Sheen often warned that the clock of the world was approaching midnight, the hour of destruction. Pope John Paul II warned that the 21st century would be a new springtime of evangelization or it would not be at all. And now the pope warns us that we cannot continue on the path of moral relativism and "self-asserting subjectivity" without paying the ultimate price. To read the pope's Advent address in total go here. Today, the Feast of the Holy Innocents calls us to a somber reflection on our culture of death that destroys so many millions of the most innocent every year. It can only end, as Mother Teresa said, in nuclear war. Pray for our poor world. On the cusp of a new year, we must turn back to God and repent;or face the consequences.

Legacy of the 111th Congress: More New Debt than First 100 Congresses Combined!

111th Congress added $10,429 Per Person in U.S.

$3.22 TRILLION in debt! What an end of the year gift! Thanks, Democrats (and RINO Republicans). writes:
In fact, the 111th Congress not only has set the record as the most debt-accumulating Congress in U.S. history, but also has out-stripped its nearest competitor, the 110th, by an astounding $1.262 trillion in new debt.

During the 110th Congress—which, according to the Clerk of the House, officially convened on Jan. 4, 2007 and adjourned on Jan. 4, 2009--the national debt increased $1.957 trillion. When that Congress adjourned less than two years ago, it claimed the record as the most debt-accumulating Congress in U.S. history. As it turned out, however, its record did not last long.

The $3.22 trillion in new federal debt run up during the 111th Congress exceeds by 64 percent the $1.957 trillion in new debt run up during the 110th.

Although the 111th Congress cast its last vote on Dec. 22, it will not officially adjourn until next week.
Democrats controlled both the House and Senate in the 110th and 111th Congresses.

Taxpayers' New Years Resolution: Defund Planned Parenthood!

I have a suggestion for the taxpayers' New Years' Resolution. No it's not a diet, although prayer and fasting to achieve our goal would be in order. No, the diet we need to work on is a starvation diet for Planned Parenthood (PP). The evil bureaucracy of child-murder receives about $350 million of our tax dollars every year to annhilate our youngest American citizens. Ironic, isn't it? The taxpayers fund about 1/3 rd of the killer giant's budget enabling them to wipe out our hope of the future. The murdered babies belong to a group we might call Future Taxpayers of America. PP, then, is public enemy #1 for the country with their commitment to kill as many of those future taxpayers as possible.

PP also gets more than a quarter of its operating budget from individuals and foundations. It has always puzzled me why some commercial groups support Planned Parenthood. Pampers used to be a big donor (I don't know if they still are.) Explain that to me. What is the rationale for helping to kill consumers of your product? That isn't just counter intuitive, it's downright stupid. The Kroc Foundation (McDonald's philanthropic arm) also was a big supporter and may still be. But I can tell you from personal experience that grandkids are the driving force behind trips to the golden arches. In addition to avoiding businesses that support abortion and homosexuality, all I have to do to discourage my consumption of a Big Mac and fries is read the menu with the nutrition information. Yikes! Who needs a thousand calories for lunch? I tried the frappes and they're good, but at 400+ I don't need them either.

So how do we get Planned Parenthood de-funded? There are many strategies, and they all begin with a commitment to inform, lobby, and boycott. Defunding Planned Parenthood was a campaign issue in the Virginia governor's race. Sadly, Bob McDonnell has failed to follow through on his promise. Holding his feet to the fire is certainly a good action item for Virginians. (On the other hand, Bob McDonnell also gets kudos for resisting PP pressure for "comprehensive sex education" in the schools which is absolutely vile.) Another strategy is writing to corporate sponsors with your personal intention to boycott. I just ordered the boycott list from Life Decisions International and I'll be suggesting targets on my blog. Just think of the impact if all serious christians contacted one organization a month to protest their support of Planned Parenthood and tell them you're spending your disposable income somewhere else. LDI lists Kohls, Staples, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and AAA on their list among many others.

Let's make 2011 the year taxpayers give PP funding a major hit. Less money means fewer babies murdered by the biggest abortion business in the world.

To see Planned Parenthood's annual report for 2008-09 go here.
To see Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) go here.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Is this the picture of the future? Pension Plan Fails in Alabama Town

What would you do if your pension check just disappeared overnight? That's what happened in an Alabama town. Is this the picture of the future for State and Federal employees...and for those on Social Security?  "Sorry, guys, we never funded the pension plan adequately and we raided the Social Security fund so you're just out of luck. Eat dog food or starve. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Do you think that will ever happen to the retired members of Congress?

Alabama Town’s Failed Pension Is a Warning

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Meditation: Order Out of Chaos and the Feast of the Holy Family

We are blessed to have our local kids and their families visiting. Our youngest lives nearby and spends the night at home visiting during the day with her husband and little girl, but two of our children, their spouses, and eight of our nineteen children who live farther afield are in residence for a few days amidst a happy chaos. It is a far cry from our ordinary life of quiet order and I always rejoice in it.

Last night before going to bed, I went into the family room and surveyed the state of absolute disorder. It set me thinking on Richard Dawkins and the theory of evolution, out of chaos comes order. The room definitely brought to mind the primoridal soup with toys, books, wrappings, ribbons, cups, and cookie remnants all mixed together. All it needed to graphically represent the evolutionists' vision was a little spin to set it all moving.

I wondered how long it would take for this mess to evolve into a state of order and decided I would go to bed and hope it happened during the night. Unfortunately, it didn't and, as we left for the early Mass, several little bodies rested amidst the mess watching cartoons while parents slept peacefully. We returned to the remnants of breakfast and everyone bustling to get ready for Mass, hurrying out the door and leaving the youngest behind including one who was throwing up during the night. Chaos still reigned.

What do you think? How long would it take, if I (and the other adults) were very patient waiting for things to evolve into order? I don't think any of us will live that long. I detected the hand of order in my daughter-in-law as she sent one of the kids in to pick up and then checked on his progress. Hmm...was this an evolutionary intervention from an intellignet source of design? She is definitely intelligent and organized.

I think my Christmas household demonstrates how important it is to have an intelligent and benevolent higher power to bring about or restore order. And this thought segues nicely into the Feast of the Holy Family. God established the family as society's basic unit of order in a chaotic world. It is, when it images God's holy design, the bedrock foundation of society. One of the reasons we are sinking into chaos is the abandonment of God's order for a social experiment in chaos...and not a happy chaos, I might add.

If we don't watch out our culture will be little more than a mass of barbarians swimming in the mudhole that evolutionsts' believe we emerged from. While I can't envision Dawkins' world at the beginning, I have no trouble seeing where his chaotic thought is taking us.

And for an interesting article that relates to my Sunday morning meditation go here. The author illustrates the chaos of thought required to uphold evolution when the facts dispute it. As he says, "In the last analysis, evolution can be likened to the description of human history as 'just one damn thing after another'." I disagree with that view of history where one can see what is coming by examining what has passed, and I certainly disgree with his interpretation of a chaotically evolving world. Happily for us, the Designer lives. Now, if only we would conform our vision to His all would be well.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Autism: Its increase correlates to use of fetal cell line vaccines!

There's a lot of speculation about the reason autism is increasing so much. And I know families with autistic children so this jumped out at me while I was reading an article on the growing use of aborted baby parts for everything from cosmetics to vaccines. Here's the information from research scientist Dr. Theresa Deisher, "a molecular and cellular physiologist and an internationally-recognized expert in regenerative medicine":
Fetal cell line vaccines such as measles-mumps-rubella, chicken pox, and hepatitis A are not only morally problematic, said Deisher, but their use has a dramatic correlation with an epidemic on the rise: autism.

When examining the points at which autism diagnosis mysteriously spiked in the U.S., said Deisher, "the only thing that is associated with these change points is the introduction of a fetal cell vaccine." She said the correlation even holds true for the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Wales, Denmark, Japan, and southeastern Asian countries: "in every country we have looked at, they have different change points, every one is associated with an aborted fetal event." No other variable, she said, has correlated so closely to the pattern of autism diagnosis.
You can't fool Mother Nature. God set the world in motion in accord with laws of morality. Does anyone really believe that there will not be serious negative consequences from seriously sinful acts? See the complete article here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Homosexuals Hate Christians and this video proves it!

At the end of the video there are links to the original two videos. I watched as much as I could stand and it is proof of the fact that "gays" (and their silly moms - note the ridiculous woman at the beginning of video 1) are permanently stuck in adolescence. Remember the scene in ET when Elliott has an argument with his older brother and calls him "p***s breath"? Well, this video is the equivalent of what little kids do when they are looking for the biggest shockeroo they can think of. Every adult in this video is either an actor with no morals willing to do anything for money or an individual in arrested development who thinks the best way to argue a point is to use obscenity as an explanation point.

The fact that the producers used young children to say the F word and make obscene gestures illustrates why homosexuals should never be allowed to adopt. This was child abuse, pure and simple. The videos also shows violent acts they want to do to Christians. It's hate speech!

Homosexual activists hate Christians for telling them an unpleasant truth they don't want to hear. Homosexual behavior is morally wrong. It's not an "alternative lifestyle," it's a sinful, depraved deathstyle. Don't be afraid to speak the truth in love. These poor deluded folks are slaves to a kind of lust that kills both body and soul. And I think the sad reality is that they hate themselves most of all. Pray for them.

Merry Christmas to Ann and Joe Scheidler: And Raspberries to Grinchette!

You may remember my posting the story about vandalism at the home of pro-life heroes Ann and Joe Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League who live in the Chicago area. The Grinchette, whose heart is three times too small because of her abortion, may have tried to put a damper on their Christmas when she threw asphalt through their living and diningroom windows. But a generous donor turned the tables.

Read this heartwarming story of Christmas generosity and say a prayer for Grinchette. Women who kill their babies put a vice around their hearts that can only be romoved by acknowledging their sin before God, repenting, and falling into the loving arms of Jesus. 

Generous donor replaces windows broken by angry Chicago abortion activists

Where's Jesus? In the Little Red Wagon!

A friend of mine said I should post some happy things in honor of the season. (I always listen to you, Karl!) The bad news will hold for awhile. So when I got this lovely little story in my email today, I thought I'd share. It may not be true, but it's sweet and certainly could be. My little two-year-old granddaughter has been carrying Jesus all over the house. I had him hiding in the hay until Christmas but she found him. After I put him up, she had to make do. So she went into my doll cupboard to retrieve a tiny porcelain baby doll she insists is also Jesus to put in the manger. She loves "baby Jesus" and wants him now!

Is Jesus at your house? Will you carry him off out of love and gratitude? And what treasured memories do you have of Christmas? I hope you'll share.

A Christmas Story

It was the day after Christmas at a church in town. The pastor of the church was looking over the crèche when he noticed that the baby Jesus was missing from among the figures.

He hurried outside and saw a little boy with a red wagon, and in the wagon was the figure of the little infant Jesus. So he walked up to the boy and said, "Well, where did you get your passenger, my fine friend?"

The little boy replied, "I got Him at church."
"And why did you take Him?"

The boy explained, "Well, about a week before Christmas I prayed to the little Lord Jesus and I told Him if He would bring me a red wagon for Christmas I would give Him a ride around the block in it."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Interesting Article on the Census: Who's Gaining?

This article on the census is really interesting. The population is shifting from rustbelt states that lean Democrat to sunbelt states that lean Republican. Now if we could just get the Republicans to act like conservatives....

New Census May Complicate Obama 2012 Bid

What Are We Doing to Our Children?

I had a sad conversation this morning with one of my daughters. We were talking about breast cancer (I'm a survivor which puts my daughters at higher risk). In the course of the conversation I asked her about one of her peers who was a neighbor and friend. I'll call her Cathy. Cathy had a very aggressive breast cancer in her mid twenties and ended up with a double mastectomy. I was concerned to know how she was doing. Well, Cathy divorced her husband a few years ago, not for another man, but for a woman. She and my daughter are not in touch much, but I think they have reconnected casually on Facebook.

Frankly, I'm not surprised by Cathy's story. She was a confused teen who loved being as outrageous as possible. She picked up every fad from dressing "goth" to toying with the idea she was bi-sexual. (It was all the rage at the local public high school.). Her mom had the doctor put her on the pill when she was 15 or 16 and, with that kind of approval, I have no doubt that she fulfilled mom's expectations.

At Cathy's wedding she told me she tried to talk a friend out of an abortion because of "Mrs. Kreitzer." I was touched. I liked Cathy and always tried to gently talk sense to her.. And now I'm just sad. Cathy grew from a confused little girl to a confused young woman. She paid the price of her mother's foolishness in putting her on a strong hormonal drug that contributes to earlier and more aggressive breast cancers and she paid the price for their foolish tolerance. Cathy is the poster child for the sexually permissive society.

Her story reminds me of one told by psychologist William Coulson at a home schooling convention years ago. It was about a young woman from a large Catholic family who entered the IHMs (Immaculate Heart of Mary religious order) as a naive young girl fresh out of high school. It was during the social experiment after Vatican II when Carl Rogers and his protege Coulson set about helping the nuns "find themselves" through their "human potential" workshops. This young woman ended up being seduced by an older nun and became a lesbian.

As he told that sad story, the legacy of his work, he wept. It was a public confession and repentance. And he has devoted his life to exposing the disaster. Interestingly, in an interview posted on EWTN, he discussed, not just the IHMs, but the interventions with the Jesuits and the Mercy nuns. Consider their level of dissent and perhaps it is not surprising in view of their embrace of the Rogerian philosophy. Coulson said one of the things that happened following their workshops was "Jesuit formation virtually fell apart" between 1965 and 1975. And the movement was taking place all over the country in convents and monasteries as spinoff groups from Rogers organization, some headed by priests, began implementing and expanding Rogers' theories. Are you connecting the dots yet? Coulson does. In another article titled Full Hearts and Empty Heads (1994), he links the human potential movement to the sex abuse scandals.

Of course, Rogers and Coulson are just a part of the picture of the 20th century that is such a cultural bloodbath, both literally and figuratively. We all know casualties like my daughter's young friend. The question is, what to do to turn things around? Pray certainly, but I think the recent approval of the apparitions in Wisconsin give us a firm foundation for positive change: CATECHESIS.

More on that later. But please pray for Cathy. There are many young people out there today who may be great sinners, but they were also much sinned against. No wonder the Lord said it was better to be cast in the sea attached to a millstone than to commit scandal.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cardinal Wuerl to give invocation at mayor's inauguration despite his support for gay marriage

Wouldn't Henry VIII love the bench of bishops in the United States -- at least those like Cardinal Wuerl who is scheduled to give the invocation at Vincent Gray's inauguration as mayor of D.C. Gray is a pro gay marriage Catholic who says he attends Mass regularly (and presumably receives Communion while he thumbs his nose at the Church) but that apparently doesn't give the cardinal a qualm.

I wish I could believe that he'll pray that the government of D.C. will stand up for traditional marriage, but the odds of that seem pretty slim. This is, after all, the man who turned a blind eye to Nancy Pelosi's coronation at Trinity College where the Mass was celebrated by the notorious pro-abortion Jesuit Fr. Robert Drinan.

The cardinal has also made it clear he has no problem giving Jesus to those receiving Communion sacrilegiously.

No, there's not much hope that Cardinal Wuerl will publicly offend the high and mighty by raining on the inaugural parade. It would be so outré and he might be banned from the elite D.C. society. Just think, what if he had no social options but slumming it with ordinary faithful Catholics in the pew?

Actions Speak Louder Thank Words: What to do when your children's coach is "gay"?

St. Francis believed Catholics should preach always...and when necessary use words. His motto emphasizes the reality that, as our moms told us, "actions speak louder than words." The preaching of our actions can teach good or they can affirm evil. And that's what the article below says. Does it matter when coaches of your children's teams (or teachers or other significant adults in their lives) preach evil with their behavior? Of course! No one would knowingly hire a babysitter who was a sex abuser or a thief. But many, out of political correctness and a desire to demonstrate "tolerance," will let their children be scandalized and confused by homosexuals and lesbians.

That's the point Mary Hasson makes in this article and it's one every parent should pray about and take seriously. Your actions are teaching your children about what's right and wrong. If you accept homosexuality as normal and just an "alternative lifestyle" so will your children. And once they accept depraved sexual desires as normal why shouldn't they accept fornication, adultery, etc.?

When the coach is a lesbian by Mary Hasson web

Belmont University women's soccer teamIt’s a shame when things get ugly right before Christmas. And at a small Christian university in Nashville, Tennessee, things have gotten very ugly indeed.

Lisa Howe has been the women’s soccer coach at Belmont University in Tennessee for the past five years. She’s also a lesbian.

Last week she officially “acknowledged that I am a lesbian and that my partner and I are expecting a baby.”

And, as of last week, she’s also newly unemployed.

Howe frames the issue as discrimination versus pride: “I am proud of who I am and my family and our future.” She called for changes in Belmont’s “policies and attitudes” so that “my family would be safe and welcome.”

The university tiptoed carefully, saying that, “sexual orientation has not been considered in making hiring, promotion, salary, or dismissal decisions,” although Tennessee does not outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Last year, the school refused to recognize a student LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered) group, holding instead a series of campus “conversations” about gays, lesbians, and Christianity.
It’s a crucial conversation, especially in light of the school’s explicitly Christian identity: “Belmont University is a Christian community. The University faculty, administration and staff uphold Jesus as the Christ and as the measure of all things.”

No doubt religious freedom lawyers and employment experts will take up the fight on behalf of Belmont, in the red corner, and Lisa Howe, in the blue corner. Already LGBT groups are filling the bleachers with hecklers who’ve lashed out at the university president for “being a hater” by “remov(ing) employees because they want to start a family with someone of the same gender.” It may take years before courts decide the legal issues

But parents of athletic children are facing the question already: Does it matter that the coach is gay or lesbian?

Pro-Life Christmas Billboards Show Little Unborn Jesus: He Came as a Baby!

I'm sure you've seen this picture. It's been all over the internet and I've posted it and even used it for awhile as my Facebook image. I'm happy to say that drivers will see it as well because the billboard is popping up around the country in several slight variations. Here are two: one from Wisconsin and one going up this week by Affirm Life of Cincinnati. God bless the pro-life movement for continuing to witness to the wonder of new life.  These images will be burned into the minds of millions of people. May they touch the hearts of many women considering abortion. WWJD?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make No Mistake, Republican Betrayal Gave Us Open Gays in the Military: Boot Scott Brown in 2013

The success of the gay agenda in homosexualizing the military falls squarely in the lap of Judas Republicans who voted for cloture. The vote was 63-60 Saturday morning with SIX Republicans, including the great Massachusetts hope Scott Brown, voting to end the discussion and let the vote take place! (Now you know why I was less than enthusiastic about supporting Scott Brown.)

The six Judases were Scott Brown, Susan Collins, Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snowe, and George Voinovich. Had they supported the platform position the cloture vote would have failed. Sometimes the procedural vote is what matters most. Once they cleared the way for a full Senate vote, it was a foregone conclusion even if all the Republicans voted against it. In fact, sometimes that's the game. Vote wrong when it counts and right when it doesn't. It gives you a claim that you voted the "right" way to fool the folks back home. Although in this case, the six Judases held fast and were joined by two others in the final vote.

I wonder if Obama will give the famous bill-signing pens to the six Republicans who betrayed us. Scott Brown certainly earned one. And voters should make sure they remember that in 2013 by putting up a real Republican and getting this guy out before he entrenches. "Boot Brown!" has a nice ring to it.

Homosexual Sex Abuse in the Military

Now that Congress has done the deed and approved open "gays" in the military, I thought I'd repost a few blog entries from the past. Prior to this latest foray into social experimentation, the military already had a significant problem with male on male sex abuse (about 7% of the reported cases of physical abuse - not counting verbal harrassment). We can expect things to get worse. Why wouldn't they? What fun those open showers in the barracks will be for the gay guys ogling "the junk" on their fellow soldiers and making lewd comments. Ooo-la-la! And then there are the less endowed guys.

Does anyone really think most men will report sexual harrassment? And if they did, who do you think would be targeted in the new politically correct scenario of he-said, he-said?
My greatest fear is the likelihood that scores will be settled in battle zones with a little "(un)friendly fire." Remember the persecuted TSA agent who finally used his baton on a co-worker? Consider the firepower being carried by 18-year-old kids. Let's face it, when alternatives are limited, some folks take things into their own hands. John F. Kennedy recognized the truth of that when he said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."  We keep hearing the elites at the top saying that the guys in the trenches wanted repeal of the ban, but 63% percent of military families surveyed said, "No!" Did anyone listen to those most affected by the change? As usual, no! We fought a revolution against a king who would not listen to his subjects. Who's listening now? We're all serfs and wage slaves to the elites in the White House and on Capitol Hill.
God help our poor country.

Article with links to study on homosexual abuse in the military

Retired Navy Captain tells why homosexuals don't belong in the military

Sunday Meditation: Advent Draws to a Close as We Near the Manger with Mary!

I love the Christmas song, Mary, Did You Know, and it is the perfect meditation as we reflect on the meaning of Christmas. Mary knew she would suffer. Simeon told her a sword would pierce her heart and her suffering began from the the first step she took on the road to Bethlehem "great with child." Mary, our Advent companion in the joy of Christmas, will be our model of suffering in the season of Lent. But for now we rejoice at the coming of our Savior whose ultimate suffering will be prefigured in the massacre of the innocents.

Mary, intercede for us, that we will not be fair weather friends who gladly worship in the shadow of the angels' Halleluia, but run from the cross. Help us to take courage from your example. Take our hands, Mary, and protect with your mother's heart and courage, leading us straight to your Son. "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sodomizing the Military: What Next?

Well Congress did it. They decided that the military should be the venue for another social experiment. They say it won't hurt unit cohesiveness and that gays can now stand up tall and proud and be "who they are." Hey, we already know who they are. They are people with a disordered attraction. There are lots of disordered attractions out there, but most people don't demand that the culture applaud them. Is there an out and proud movement for bullimics? Not that I've heard. How about alcoholics? No, there are 12-step programs to help them get over their addictions.

What about other disordered lusts? Is there a movement for necrophiliacs? (For the unitiated, those are folks who like doing it with dead bodies.) Then there are those who prefer their sex across species? Let's hear it for out and proud animal lovers! It gives new meaning, don't you know, to the Captain and Tennille's song, Muskrat Love.

A Footnote to the Vatican Follies: Beach Volleyball Next?

On Thursday I did a post on the Pelligrini brothers doing a portion of their act for the pope during the Wednesday weekly papal audience in a state of semi-undress. There's been a little back and forth about the appropriateness of the event in the comments section. So here's an addendum. Does it make a difference?

The Pelligrini brothers were selected to perform at the Gay Circus in Barcelona in 2008 where they performed as they did for the pope: same tower, same costumes (or lack thereof). The director of the circus said, "I chose them on the basis of gay aesthetics of beauty, elegance and quality." Well, those aren't particularly "gay" values any more than the rainbow is a gay symbol. God gave it to Noah first!

The brothers are fourth generation circus performers and I certainly admire the skill, strength, and beauty of their gymnastic performance. Nevertheless, it was inappropriate at a papal audience. Would people approve of the Olympic Beach Volleyball team doing a demo complete with bikinis at the Wednesday audience? If not, why not? They need pastoral care too don't they?

My suspicious mind can't help suggesting last Wednesday's event was in the same league as L'Osservatore Romano releasing the controversial segment on condoms from the pope's interview (in violation of the pre-release ban). I think it's likely that someone at the paper did it very deliberately. Whether the Pelligrini brothers are gay or straight or mixed, their connection to the gay circus ensures lewd suggestions and nasty comments harking back to the abuse scandals. Are Vatican PR folks really so naive? What do you think?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Angry Nuns and tough love

Mike Voris isn't afraid to call a heretic a heretic and the modernist nuns deserve it. Thanks, Mike. And boo to Archbishop Tobin. The shepherds watching over Holy Mother Church need to recognize that they have a role to teach, govern, and rule. Rule includes discipline and when the teenagers in the Church are having hissy fits because they can't get their way, somebody needs to take away the car keys and send them to their rooms. It's called tough love.

Thank God for orders like the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. I just sent them a Christmas check because their vocations are outstripping their living quarters. What a problem! Meanwhile, the heretical orders are selling off their property because they have no vocations. I guess Gaia isn't listening to their prayers. Wonder why?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vatican follies: What happened to the papal dress code?

According to the London Telegraph, "The performance was part of an international congress for the pastoral care of circus and travelling show people organised by the Vatican." It took place on December 15th at the weekly audience.

What gives here? There's a dress code for papal audiences (even the huge ones). In fact the Pontifical North American College has a note about it on their website under frequently asked questions:
Is there a dress code?  Dress in good taste is requested. Shoulders must be covered. Shorts are not permitted, and skirts should fall in length below the knee. A head covering is not necessary, however, in the summer sun it may be helpful.
When the pope visited Washington, the protocol for Rome was published as an advisory by the Washington Center for Protocol:
No shorts, tanks tops, sandals; no skirts above the knee; shoulders must be covered; no hats for men; women are not required to cover their heads.
During the summer there is a booming business in paper pants and shirts in St. Peter's Square since shorts and tank tops are not allowed in the church and, according to the St. Peter's Basilica website the dress code is "strictly enforced." It certainly wasn't here!

Another bit of trivia I picked up on appropriate dress is that only royalty should wear white. So, from all perspectives, the dress (or undress) code was pretty much out the window for this event.
All I can say, is that as a serious Catholic I'm embarrassed. Our Church is becoming a laughing stock and a joke There were quite a few crass comments about homosexuality from viewers of the video on websites where it's posted. Obviously, nobody has control over people's vulgar and lewd comments, but situations can invite that kind of behavior. And this certainly did. And to have it taking place in Advent no less only a week after we celebrated the feast of our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Conception! Whatever happened to modesty?

A number of questions popped into my head as I watched this head-shaker:
  • Who arranged it?
  • Were the performers given any direction about appropriate dress?
  • Was there a deliberate intent here to create another embarrassing moment for the pope?
  • What are Catholics in the pew to make of this nonsense? 
Personally, I love a circus, but all that skin was unnecessary and immodest. Even male gymnasts at the Olympics show more respect in their dress than these dudes did!

ACORN: "a key provider of money and manpower for the Democratic Party"

Obama and the Democrats love ACORN as well they should since the community organizing group is "a key provider of money and manpower for the Democratic Party" according to the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC). In fact, last March, despite Congress banning ACORN funding, Obama ordered it restored after an out-of-control federal judge, Nina Gershon, made permanent her injunction against halting the cash transfer to the corrupt group.

Now federal judges are supposed to rule according to the Constitution which gives the power of the purse to the Congress. Nobody has a right to federal funding and it's up to Congress to pass appropriations that designate where taxpayer dollars go, but, hey! the Constitution never stops liberal judges from making things up as they go along and the Constitution be damned!

ACORN has been keeping its head down since all the scandals broke. And here are some of the reasons why NLPC writes:
Armed with its ‘by-any-means-necessary' philosophy of community power, ACORN activists in recent years have amassed a well-earned reputation for stretching the bounds of ethics and law via methods such as vandalism, property invasion, tax evasion, voter fraud and embezzlement. ACORN activists in Missouri, Nevada, Ohio and other states were prosecuted for generating phony voter registration cards, with any number of individuals pleading guilty. The State of Louisiana filed two tax liens against ACORN and an affiliate totaling more than $330,000, while the IRS hit up ACORN for tax liens amounting to more than $1.5 million. Wade Rathke in June 2008 was forced out of his own organization following revelations that he'd covered for his brother, Dale, when the latter, as ACORN chief financial officer, during 1999-2000 embezzled nearly $950,000. Neither has been prosecuted.
The national spotlight shined on ACORN ever more brightly after Barack Obama became president. Though never formally a member, Obama during his days as a Chicago lawyer in the mid-Nineties represented ACORN in its (successful) attempt to force the State of Illinois to comply with the new federal "motor voter" law that loosened voting registration requirements (and whose passage owed much to ACORN pressure). But with increased visibility came increased scrutiny. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., supervised the preparation of a detailed report released in July 2009 concluding that ACORN was structured as a racketeering enterprise. Two months later an ad hoc multi-city private sting operation caught local ACORN officials on hidden camera giving advice on how to get around the law. Quickly, the IRS and the Census Bureau canceled planned working relationships with ACORN. And Congress passed a resolution cutting off funds to ACORN. Read the complete article here.
ACORN, meanwhile, declared they were going out of business, while, in reality remaking themselves under different names. Which just goes to prove that community organizers never die, they just reincarnate under new names. After all, who wants all that experience of registering dead people and pressuring banks to make bad loans to go to waste? Surely not liberals who never tell a lie. Just ask them. They'll tell you it all depends on the meaning of the words. And like Humpty Dumpty in Alice's world, they mean just exactly what they say they mean, no more, no less. But don't hold them to it, because the meanings will change in a blink if it suits them.

Do you ever think about Sodom and Gomorrah?

At adoration last night I was reading about Abraham and the angels who visited him on their way to annhilate Sodom and Gomorrah. It got me thinking about the cities on the plain and their sinful lifestyles. It's pretty significant that God couldn't even find ten good people to redeem the others. Those two cities represent in my mind the epitome of the culture of death.

What do you think that means? Well, I doubt there were many children in the cities. With sodomy being a significant sin, many people were engaging in depraved and sterile sex. On top of that, what gods were these folks worshipping? Baal and Molech probably who demanded human sacrifice. So the poor little ones who managed to be born were likely butchered and thrown into the fire along with the sick and elderly to assuage the bloodthirsty pagan gods.

Not a pretty picture, eh? But don't be too smug. It looks amazingly like our own . The pagan altars at Planned Parenthood make the Old Testament atrocities look tame. The bloody pagan sacrifices were downright moderate compared to our day-in, day-out love affair with child-killing and euthanasia of the weak. As for their depraved sex, we have our own poster children like the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" and the S & M crowd, the gay pride champs, and the transvestite beauty queens. What's more, our sexual indulgence isn't limited to same sex perversion. The porn industry is double edged. Whatever your sick fantasy, heterosexual or homosexual, wallow in it in the privacy of your home. As in the first century, you can still know Christians by the way they love one another beginning with life-long fidelity in marriage that is open to life, welcomes children, and cares for the sick and aged. How many families fit that category?

The big question remains. If Abraham asked God today for the equivalent of "ten good people" to save our "city," would he find them? I hope so and I'm confident that, with the growing focus on Eucharistic Adoration and the young faithful religious congregations like the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist and the Wyoming Carmelite monks, that God's fiery judgment would be, if not aborted, at least delayed. We need more time to convert this cold culture of death. May God grant it to us. And may our prayer, sacrifice, and witness touch the hard hearts of those enslaved in deadly sin. The repentant sinner has the capacity to be the greatest saint.

P.S. Have you been to Confession lately?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lame Duck Congress Trying to Pass as Much Pork as Possible

The Democrats are doing everything they can to push through as much pork barrell spending as they can before the new Congress remakes Capitol Hill in January. Between the Dream Act and an omnibus spending bill, both loaded with billions in earmarks, American taxpayers including those yet unborn will be more in debt than ever.
As of this post our national debt is $13 , 938, 196, 259 ,612 and each American Taxpayer owes $126,710 of it. But the debt clock never stops running so this is already out of date and your debt is bigger than ever.
For articles on the growing debt, the earmarks and the pork barrell spending visit Taxpayers Against Earmarks. Remember, that your inaction on this today leaves your children and grandchildren bankrupt and crushed by debt tomorrow.

ACORN: the Shady Bunch that's remaking itself so it can keep sucking up the tax bucks!

ACORN has been busy remaking itself since the exposure of its illegal activities and fraud last year. But you can be sure that liberal groups never disappear, they just go poof! and reincarnate under a different name. Matthew Vadum's been tracking the repackaging of ACORN; here's what he wrote last April:
The radical advocacy group ACORN is playing the biggest April Fool’s joke of all time on the American people.

That’s because the leftist group announced plans to shut down its national operations on April 1 -- of all days in the year.

Multiple sources within ACORN have already confirmed to me that the exercise is a hoax. ACORN intends to keep a low profile and then re-emerge in a year or two under a new name, they say. Read more here.
Hoax indeed. And the Federal Government continues to pour your hard earned tax dollars into this corrupt organization while our financial situation goes from worse to disaster. Here are two easy budget cutting suggestions for the administration: Planned Parenthood and ACORN. Both groups are filled with corruption and illegal activity.

If you don't get CNS (And I don't mean Catholic News Service) you're missing some big stories!

We all know the liberal mainstream media spins the stories they release to make sure their liberal cronies aren't embarrassed. I like getting the straight scoop from the Media Research Center's news outlet, CNSNews. Get their updates by signing up here. The video below shows just one example of what you're missing if you don't follow CNSNews.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Enemy Within: Catholic Colleges, the Jesuits, and Fr. Joe Palacios

Jesus had his Judas and as the Church has grown so has the cadre of pharisees and Judases in her ranks. The fact that the Church has managed to survive all these wolves in sheeps' clothing is proof postive that the Holy Spirit is her life's breath. But she is certainly the battered bride of Christ. And the abusers love to seduce and molest the youngest members of the flock. That's why they are so busy on Catholic college campuses.

See here and do everything you can to discourage parents from spending one red cent at unfaithful colleges or universities that will take their money and seduce their children away from the faith. They will not even leave young people the integrity of ethical pagans. These institutions are only fit to turn out barbarians.

Ultrasounds: Saving Lives by Bonding Moms with their Babies!

Changing Hearts: Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative from Divine Mercy Care on Vimeo.

Advent, the Season of Hope and Change!

It's the third week of Advent and the hope of the coming Messiah draws near. Advent is the season of hope. We remember Christ's coming 2000 years ago and recall all the predictions of the prophets promising a Savior. And we, with Simeon in the temple, are privileged to see Him! We look forward to the hope of the future when we will live with Him in eternal glory. And we live today in hope that, despite all the evils of the world and the darkness of sin that still permeates our world like a toxic spill, we renew our hope in Christ. "All things work together for good to those that love Him and serve according to His purpose." Yes, we have ample reason to hope.

And Advent is the season of change. We hear St. John the Baptist's call to "reform" our lives and, hopefully, we answer. If we do, what a joy the Christmas season will be! We will stand in the temple of the Lord rejoicing like Simeon the Prophet who said, "Master, now you may dismiss your servant in peace, according to your word; for my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel." (Luke 2:29-32). Rejoice and be glad for your salvation is near!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Federal Judge Rules Major Elements of Obamacare are Unconstitutional!

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is making major headlines over his lawsuit challenging Obamacare. U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson struck down several major provisions of the bill including forcing Americans to buy healthcare coverage. You can read the Judge's decision here. Cuccinelli expects the case to end up in the Supreme Court. Read more here.

Go Virginia, the cradle of liberty!

What a waste of a life....

So many times these days, I read something and think, "What a waste of a life." When I was watching the Elvis video with Martinal McBride the other day, I could only look at that handsome young man gifted with so much talent who died young of drugs and alcohol and think, "What a waste!" One could say the same about Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplan and any number of Hollywood personalities who died young and some who are still alive like Madonna. But there's still hope for her to turn her life around.

Of course there are those who lived long lives, like Ted Kennedy. He could have been a champion of life defending the unborn and using his influence for good. Instead, he not only led a life notorious for drunkenness and debauchery, but he also led others into sin. Who can forget the Good Friday when Ted woke up his son and his nephew to go partying and they brought back women to the Kennedy compound?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our God is the Lord of Life!

If you are, or ever have been, a sidewalk counselor or a prayer warrior, a participant in Life Chain or 40 Days for Life -- the Lord wants you to know that your work is not in vain. In fact, it is the same work as that of the angel who came to warn Joseph to flee into Egypt. The angel saved the Christ child from death. And the soul mates of that angel stand outside abortion mills today as the last obstacle to the murder of a child.

Here's proof that what you do is worthwhile.

Testimony of a woman who chose life:
From the website of the Pennsylvania Prolife Federation
(Thanks to Victor for sending it!)

A few years ago, in August, I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified, scared, and alone. I did not know what to do. Tim, who was 38, and I, who was 26, were not married, we both had things going on in our lives that did not include children and were just not ready for that kind of commitment. But what was I going to do; I didn't believe in abortion, in fact, I am 100% against it. Yet, all of a sudden, it seemed like the best thing to do, right? I mean, I had a job, and wasn't done with school, and kinda enjoyed my freedom. Tim was working, trying to get his life together, wanted to work on his music and play pool. How could we be parents of a child? How could we trade in our lives for a baby? We started to believe that the baby would be better off if it were not born, that we could not provide the home and love for it that it would need. We started to believe that the best thing for everyone would to be to end the pregnancy and never tell anyone and go on with life just as before. We started to believe......or did we?

Gaudete Sunday: Rejoice, the Lord is Near!

We sang People Look East this morning at Mass, one of my favorite hymns. I posted a choir version last year, so this year here's something different -- bells ringers. Whenever you here a bell, remember the Lord is near!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Technology is amazing...and scary.

Martina McBride was ten years old when Elvis died. But here she is in the video below as a grown up doing a duet with The King! Amazing eh? Makes you wonder whether you can trust anything you see anymore doesn't it? Technology is amazing, but in the hands of those who want to fool you, our mothers used to say, "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."

But nobody here is trying to fool anybody, so just enjoy.

And here's a behind the scenes look at how it was made.

The Government Gotcha Game: Cut Essential Services!

Have you ever noticed that when government wants to convince you that they need more money they ALWAYS cut essential services? You know how it's done. In Virginia they closed DMV offices and rest stops on the highway. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood continued to roll in state dough and government paper pushers continued to kill trees.

But in Camden, NJ government is willing to sacrifice lives of their citizens in the gotcha game. Taxpayers should be outraged! And then they should push for the legislation Robert Knight suggests below.

Putting a gun to the public's head
Fighting fiscal restraint by cutting cops will kill Camden
The Washington Times
6:30 p.m., Friday, December 3, 2010, print December 6, 2010
By Robert Knight

Government's most essential function is to protect citizens. All other services are secondary.
Camden, N.J., is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation, according to FBI statistics analyzed by CQ Press. In fact, Camden was rated the "most dangerous city in America" in 2003, 2004 and 2008, just missing the top spot in 2009. (St. Louis edged it out).
Camden has neighborhoods that aren't safe in broad daylight, much less at night.

So what did the city fathers of Camden do when faced with a $25.5 million budget deficit? They voted Thursday to lay off 200 police and firefighters along with 200 other city workers.

Global Warming Unmasked by the Catholic Investigative Agency

You think global warming concern is about protecting the earth? Think again. "Global warming is a Government power grab via population reduction. Pseudoscience and hyper-sensationalism are being used to promote the global warming agenda....Global warming is the evolution of the early eugencis movement."

Who are the key players?

John Holdren, Obama's science czar: Can we avoid catastrophic results? Probably not even if we start today.
Bill Gates: We need to eliminate ALL CARBON EMISSIONS "to prevent a climate catastrophe."

Al Gore: Climate change is a "true planetary emergency."

Rajendra Pachauri, President of the IPCC (U.N. group on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change): Prepare for the worst! (The media calls Pachauri the "top climate scientist," but his background is as a railway engineer and an economist.)

Ted Turner: claims in 30-40 years the world will be too hot for crops to grow. Most of us will be dead and the rest will be cannibals! (Yes, he really said it.)
The global warming extremists claim a scientific consensus. They don't have it! But those scientists who disagree are marginalized, their papers are suppressed, and they are squeezed out of the grant process, etc. If you want to understand the other possibilities for temperature fluctuations and see the agenda for controlling populations watch the video.

What's the motivation? Money is a big one. In 2009, the estimate of money (mostly government) flowing into green technologies and the environmental movement was $94 BILLION globally.

The three movements, independent but natural allies, promoting the global warming scam are those who want population control, one-world government, and earth worship. Among the suggested "fixes" for global warming, Al Gore wants to expand abortion and birth control in the third world. (Why is the solution of the rich always to kill the poor?) Prince Phillip actually said in an address to the World Wildlife Fund, "If I were reincarnated, I would want to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels." (No wonder Christ said it was hard for the rich to get into heaven!)

Voris describes the eugenic history in the U.S. Thirty states had sterilization laws on the books in the first half of the 20th century. Blacks were particularly targeted. The last law was stripped form the books in the 70s. Hitler borrowed our ideas and was funded by the Rockefellers and the Carnegies. This is why people need to understand history. This is all about maintaining an elite group. We are being manipulated "through guilt and fear." 

Mike Voris and his investigated team have pegged this. Watch the video! And for other global warming posts on this blog, go here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

We've seen the enemy and it's us! Science Fiction in the Lab.

Mankind is often his own worst enemy. He can do great good, but he is also capable of horrendous evil. Read this article and ask yourself if we are living in a science fiction world where man can do any kind of experiment no matter how evil. Think about where this "research" is leading. There are many Dr. Mengele's these days.

US researchers breed mice from two males

The Barbarians are Rioting: Royal Couple in U.K Attacked!

Prince Charles and Princess Camilla's car was attacked last night by rioting students protesting the Commons' vote to increase tuition.  I have a feeling scenes like this will become more and more common across the world as money problems grow. Our civility is skin deep. Get ready for the barbarian invasions. Most of us don't have hordes of police surrounding our cars, homes, etc. Pray the St. Michael prayer often!

See more here.

What Ever Happened to Bishop Joseph Martino?

Do you ever wonder what happened to Bishop Joseph Martino, the bishop of Scranton, who retired suddenly for "insomnia and fatigue" (although, pro-lifers believe he was forced out)? He's the bishop who appeared at a meeting of liberal Catholics promoting the USCCB letter on "faithful citizenship" with an interpretation that voting for pro-abortion politicians was okay. The bishop made it clear the only letter that carried weight in his diocese was his own pastoral letter.  Les Femmes supported the bishop in his strong pro-life advocacy which included upholding canon law 915 and forbidding pro-abortion politicians from speaking in his diocese from Catholic podiums. We still mourn his disappearance from the Catholic scene while scandalous bishops like Roger Mahony and Matthew Clark continue on the scene.

I received an email today from Bishop Martino today via the Cardinal Newman Society supporting their work. Here it is and I'm glad to see the bishop resurfacing. May God bless him and make him a strong voice for the truth in his too early retirment.


Most Rev. Joseph Martino
Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Scranton
December 7, 2010
Second Week of Advent

My dear friend in Christ,
I write to you today with great pastoral concern for the young people in Catholic education, and on behalf of my friends at The Cardinal Newman Society.
Did you know that nearly 1-in-8 Catholics will leave the Faith while attending a Catholic college?
On many of our Catholic campuses, there is a crisis that imperils the souls of tens of thousands of the Church's sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, brothers and sisters, and nieces and nephews.

This Advent season, I am asking you to join The Cardinal Newman Society, which has tirelessly worked to end this crisis for more than 17 years.
Today's Gospel reads: "If a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them should go astray: doth he not leave the ninety-nine in the mountains, and go to seek that which is gone astray?... [I]t is not the will of your Father, who is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish."
My friend, Scripture here reminds us of why we must be vigilant in protecting the faith of every son and daughter.

We also must fight for a return to the flock of those colleges that are, perhaps unwittingly, teaching false theology and condoning promiscuous student life.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anti-Bully NJ Senator Bullies Woman Into Silence About Her Coerced Abortion

A New Jersey state senator who introduced anti-bully legislation bullied a woman testifying against a bill to give Planned Parenthood state funds. He called her personal story of being coerced into an abortion she didn't want "irrelevant." Darlene Dunn says, "I Was Pushed, Silenced and Coerced Before Abortion ... Now I Am Being Pushed, Silenced and Coerced Into Shutting Up Again."

Frightened young girls go to Planned Parenthood believing they will receive counseling and options. Instead they are bullied and convinced that abortion is their only option. In many cases Planned Parenthood aids and abets a statutory rapist to cover up his crime.

Read Darlene's story here. And learn more about coerced abortion here. The folks who call abortion a "choice" generally want to deprive women of any other choice but abortion. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling! Watch the video below and ask why Planned Parenthood is receiving millions in state and federal funds to continue their illegal activity, "the largest criminal conspiracy in history."

St. Juan Diego, Pray for Us

Today is the feast of St. Juan Diego. His simple faith and humility are a great model for the Advent season. Jesus showed the humility of God made man. The God who loves us enough to make Himself a tiny baby in the womb of a young girl, born in a cold stable, raised in the humble home of a carpenter, and killed on a cross of suffering. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but love for the Lord reflected in love for neighbor is the natural response to those who come to know Him. The apostles followed Jesus out of love not fear because He "has the words of eternal life." Draw near to Mary through the humble Aztec indian Juan Diego and she will lead you straight to her Son. And what an appropriate place to be this Advent season as we await the coming of our Savior. St. Juan Diego, pray for us.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pants Protect Against STDs and Pregnancy: Keep 'em on!

Pants will not work if used improperly and that means taking them off.

George Soros Thinks He's God!

George Soros is creepy and the more I find out about the man, the creepier he seems. There's no doubt in my mind that he is an anti-Christ of which the Book of Revelation tells us there will be many. This man who considers himself the "conscience of the world" favors the annhilation of most of the world's people. And he belongs to a club of others just like him -- the elite billionaires club that is behind Obama's health care plan. (Remember the death panels? Hurry up and die, you useless eaters!) The London Times reported about the club in 2009. They try to fly below the radar to keep from being seen as an alternative world government calling the shots. But they are, in fact, a "shadow party" influencing governments all over the world. There's a more extensive article about them in the New American.

This group is using global warming and the environment to scare people into believing the world is overpopulated and unsustainable. Ted Turner (himself a father of five) recently called for the world to adopt a one-child policy like China's. That the Chinese program is a draconian horror of forced abortion and sterilization apparently doesn't bother him or he's completely clueless. Like Soros, Ted plays God. The men (and women, Oprah's part of the group) of the billionaires club see themselves as "the good," humanitarians who will make decisions for us, even decisions over life and death.  They, of course, will be on the "essential" list. But, in fact, they're dreaming! The devil  uses his fools and then destroys them. You can read all about it in Dr. Faustus. He sold his soul to the devil, which is not surprising. As Jesus said, you cannot serve two masters, God and money. A lot of the super rich, however, are committed to trying.

More on George Soros:
George Soros: the Puppet master
Glenn Beck's Puppet Master special on George Soros
Glenn Beck's "Puppet Master" Footnotes

Just Faith: It Ain't Catholic Social Justice!

My friend Stephanie Block has a terrific article at SperoForum which I've posted below about the Just Faith program. It has popped up all over the country in parishes ostensibly waking people up to their need to be invovled in "social justice." Unfortunately, like many community organizing groups and like the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development), Just Faith focuses on worldly solutions to social problems and, in the process, partners with Planned Parenthood and other enemies of Christ. Oh, and of course, the answer to most problems is to lobby the government for forced redistribution of income by taxation, etc., etc.

Isn't that odd for Catholic action? Do you see Jesus lobbying the Romans for bread and circuses for the poor? No, that's Caesar's way of keeping the population dumb and dumber and under control while they persecute and kill off the trouble makers in the ring. (Hmm....why does that make me think of Democrat welfare policies and the persecution of pro-lifers?)

Just Faith is part of the poisonous mix that turns Christians into Marxists who spend more time seeking government redistiribution of income than in doing personal acts of charity, i.e., the corporal works of mercy: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, etc.

If Just Faith is in your parish you need to read Stephanie's article. Waking people up to the needs of the poor and persecuted is a good thing if it makes them imitate Jesus with personal hands-on Christian charity. Turning people in the pew into socialists lobbying government to steal from people through onerous taxation (often used to buy votes), however, is just plain wrong.

JustFaith is JustWrong
Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Stephanie Block
One of the perennial topics among Catholics concerned about spiritual formation has been the toxic pollution spewed by the JustFaith program promulgated in dozens of dioceses around the US, including the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hold onto your kidneys. In Manhattan the "organ preservation unit" is an ambulance chaser!

Let's see....We live in a culture that murders babies to "harvest" their stem cells. Does anyone really think the medical and scientific professions will be squeamish about hastening the death of patients or giving up on them quickly in order to "harvest" their organs? The terminology speaks volumes. Life is no longer sacred. People are looked at from a utilitarian and pragmatic perspective as organ farms for harvesting. Why invest all those resources on an accident victim; it makes much more sense to take his organs and sell them for spare parts. What great economic sense! Spare the cost of care and make money in the deal. Hey, if Junior could have survived, who's to know? Just pacify the family with talk about noble sacrifice and it's a way for him to go on; it makes death easier and just think of the good that comes out of this oh-so-tragic situation. What they never say is that part of the tragedy is that your loved one may have been deliberately killed to be an organ donor. See here and here. And things are likely to get murkier with states looking at "presumed consent" legislation where anyone who hasn't specifically opted out of the donor program is automatically opted in. In the culture of death the next frontier after abortion and euthanasia is body snatching.

City to Deploy Ambulances to Save Organs


New York Times
Published: December 1, 2010

Some 911 calls in Manhattan will now bring out two ambulances, one hurrying to the scene and one lagging slightly behind.

The first one will try to save the patient’s life. The second one will try to save the patient’s kidneys, in case the first ambulance fails.

After months of grappling with the ethical and legal implications, New York City medical officials are beginning to test a system that they hope will one day greatly increase the number of organs collected for transplant.