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Friday, September 30, 2022

Two Popes Who Saw the Problem: One in the Past, One in the Present

Pope Adrian VI, 1522-23
Anyone with eyes to see knows that the Catholic Church is in crisis. It's an unholy mess and, with the latest
Synod on Synodality, things are likely to get much worse. Just as the Vatican used previous synods and surveys to undermine the faith and attack Dogma and Sacred Tradition, the latest synod "listening sessions" will likely be used to further advance dissent and heresy. Already there are rumors about legitimizing contraception and further advancing homosexuality and even abortion. Check out the wolves among the synod "experts" who will be preparing the document for the next step in the synod process. 

No matter how this goes, don't lose heart, friends. God uses what Satan means for evil to bring about good, and what is happening is nothing new in the Church. 

Let's recall for a minute a 16th century pope who served only twenty months, Pope Adrian VI (January 9, 1522 - September 14, 1523). He was a reformer who eliminated many of the excesses of the corrupt Vatican which contributed to the Protestant revolt. He eliminated the balls and fetes, the plays and pomps and parties and all the luxuries infecting the Vatican court. He ate and dressed simply. His two objectives were to reform the curia and to fight the invasion of the Turks. He denounced clerical corruption through his legate at the Diet of Nuremberg in 1523 instructing him with these words:

Thursday, September 29, 2022

The MSM's Hurricane Fearmongering Porn Has Consequences

Not what my chart indicated!

As a Floridian who's lived through countless hurricanes since the age of three here're a few tips for the next time a hurricane arrives. Keep in mind that people living in hurricane zones constantly plan updates to their homes to deflect damage should a hurricane directly hit their area. They also normally already have ample hurricane supplies on hand.


The number one tip - almost always the first rule on every list of life - is never listen to the MSM's fearmongering porn. 

NIH Calling for Teenage Guinea Pigs! But No Boys Need Apply.

Hmmm.....don't boys go through puberty?

I got this postcard in the mail the other day. Hmm....enrolling girls only. Don't boys have brains? Don't they go through puberty? My suspicious mind immediately went to the big question -- WHAT ARE THEY REALLY AFTER? 

Here's the back side of the card. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Why Aren't All the Bishops of Florida Calling for Prayer?

Why is only one Florida bishop calling for prayer as hurricane Ian hits Florida? And why isn't Governor DeSantis calling for prayer as well? He who calmed the sea and walked on water has the power to calm the storm. Let's stop looking to government for salvation. It ain't there. FEMA is not our help and safety!

Biden's Hate Speech against Pro-Life, Pro-Family MAGA Americans Is Reaping Murder and Mayhem!

Democrats own the violence. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

War on Women: First it was the war on babies in the womb...

....Then it was a war on fatherhood....Now it's a war on women. What is a woman anyway? And why does the culture hate us so much? The answer is simple. Women are the heart of the family and the family is the bedrock of a society. When the family is strong, a culture thrives; when the family is weak, government becomes the autocratic daddy. Destroying the family is a fundamental issue of Communism. Put women to work. Convince them that true dignity comes with a male boss, no kids, and a paycheck instead of a husband and babies. When women abandon the family and become the playthings of predatory men who want to rock and roll without responsibility, tyrants take over. Chaos reigns. Isn't that what we're seeing today? 

Monday, September 26, 2022

Guest Post: A Little Protestant Congregation Got Our Mass Back When Our Bishops Were Missing in Action!

Editor's Note: I offer another article by my friend Tom McFadden who identifies whom we can thank for the restoration of our Mass in Virginia during The Covid Games. Sad to say, it was not our two Catholic bishops. Bishop Burbidge and Bishop Knestout, along with all their brothers in the country cut, ran, and hunkered down in their respective residences when Caesar banned in-person religious services. Not so a few courageous Protestant pastors. Say a prayer of thanks for them today. That's where true ecumenism is -- joining with our Protestant friends to fight for the rights of people of faith and for the right to life and protection of the family from a godless, diabolical government.

It was a little Protestant Church's action that got Virginia’s Catholics their Mass back. It sued while Bishops surrendered our rights
Tom McFadden, Sr.

When our bishops abandoned us, a little Protestant church in Chincoteague, VA
fought for the religious rights of all people of faith. God bless them!

The Ukraine Information Vacuum

...for instance Biden's current collusion with Ukraine's Neo-Nazis

 The following is from Western Media: How to Keep Silent and Write About Ukrainian Nazism (7/25/2022)

-"Nobody knows anything about Ukraine. yet everyone has ferocious opinions about it. The other night I shocked a distinguished Oxford academic by informing her that the lovely, angelic, saintly, perfect Ukrainians had blocked off the water supply to Crimea in 2014. She was rightly shocked by this nasty, uncivilized act of spite, but it was far more shocking that this highly educated person did not know this important fact." - Peter Hitchens

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Guest Post: Thomas McFadden and More Wokeness in the Diocese of Arlington

God never created a baby He
didn't plan to care for!
My friend, Tom McFadden, offers insightful commentary on the latest woke activities in the Diocese of Arlington on global warming/climate change. I've lived long enough to see hand-wringing leftists proved entirely wrong again and again. Paul Ehrlich predicted in the 1960's that the world would be devastated before the end of the 20th century by a "population bomb" that turned out to be a dud. Did that destroy him as a prophet of doom? Of course not! The Vatican invited the evil pro-abortion bug scientist to participate in a conference on "biodiversity." The Church has become a huge part of the problem by embracing woke (and extremely profitable) positions that mirror the godless left.

Testimony of Young Woman Who Was "Almost Killed" by the Transgender Dr. Mengeles

There are monsters among us and many are wearing white lab coats pretending to be doctors. They long ago shredded the hippocratic oath to "first do no harm." They use intimidation and terror tactics to convince parents to enable them to mutilate their children. The testimony of Chloe Cole who began "transitioning" at 12 is heartbreaking. What a brave young woman to come forward now at the tender age of 18 to testify to the lies that damaged her and so many of our children. 

Think of the punishment imposed on Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins of lust. These murderers of innocence are calling down judgment on our country. Hold back the wrath of God by your commitment to the daily rosary and fasting. Our nation has become a magnet for an asteroid to destroy us.

Check Out the Matt Walsh Documentary "What Is A Woman"

Here's the link to the full movie. There are many funny moments in the film, but the reality of what's happening is tragic and evil. How do we protect children from a cultural tsunami engulfing them?

Watch the documentary and use the information to affirm the truth!

Friday, September 23, 2022

I'm sick of saying "I told you so". Here's Tucker saying what I said 4 months ago...Told ya!!

..and to Anthony Blinken: Shut the  _ _ _ _ (choose your own word) up, you globalist idiot.

And, "Hey t-shirt man! What Tucker says of the ignorant Adam Kinzinger, applies to you too, i.e., Anyone saying things that stupid in public should immediately resign and be silent until wisdom comes."

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Our First Duty is to God! Liturgical Worship is among the Most Important Things We Do....

....and how we do it is not a trivial issue!

Remember the story of Cain and Abel. Both sacrificed, but one sacrifice pleased God and one did not. That event in Genesis reminds us that we can say, "Lord, Lord!" without pleasing God.

I think of that when I go to the Novus Ordo (N.O.). The priest enters the church and we recite the entrance antiphon. He processes to the sanctuary steps, makes a quick genuflection or bow, climbs the steps and goes behind the altar. He kisses the altar and then many priests, with their backs to Jesus in the tabernacle, say, "Good-morning, everybody" or some other greeting that violates the rubrics. This sets the stage, not for a sacrifice, but for a conversation sharing a meal with the congregation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

A Substack Site Well Worth a Subscription! Arizona sand for illegals, no Martha's Vineyard beach for them!

Just one of the many "rape trees" along the immigrant routes.Gunslingers used to notch their guns
 for killings. Some abortionists put pencil marks on their lab coats to count their child murders.
The coyotes hang their victims' bras and panties on "rape trees." Thanks to our bishops
 for enabling this and the abortions that follow, not to mention the drug deaths!

Editor's Note: My friend Dexter Duggan has a great column on Substack called Sunrise Sunset. He writes from Phonenix, AZ so his observations of the border crisis are particularly poignant, on target, and often heartbreaking. My own diocese recently celebrated in The Herald the resettling of 1200 illegals. I just shook my head. The same bishops who would tell us we were committing a sin by cheating on our outrageous and exorbitant income taxes are perfectly fine with illegals invading our country, stealing from the taxpayers, and overwhelming our schools and hospitals. Oh, and then there is the immoral cooperation with the drug cartels and coyotes who are flooding our cities with fentanyl, killing our children, and raping young women and hanging their panties on the rape trees which are common along the immigrant routes. (But not to worry, they would likely say since it's "remote" cooperation.) Thanks, Bishop Burbidge. 

I met one of these young women when I worked at a pregnancy center in Manassas. She refused our help, so I'm afraid she had an abortion. How many other women raped along the route killed their children enabled by Catholic Church "resettlement programs." Since 2012, the U.S. Church has received $1.6 BILLION in grants from the feds. That is money extorted from the taxpayers. Catholic Charities is not a charity in the normal sense because most of their income is derived through robbery. At any rate...enough from me. Read Dexter's excellent column and I urge you to join his followers by subscribing on Substack.

Sanctuary Redefined from "welcome" to "get lost"
A sea of Arizona sand is fine for illegal immigrants, but not a millionaire island off Massachusetts.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Some Questions are Well Worth Asking: I'm Happy to Find a New (to me) Blog Doing It!

Views from the Choir Loft

Pay Attention to the Signs of the Times! Pray to Persevere.

Matthew 24 offers a sobering picture of our era, perhaps of every era since they are all filled with both environmental, cultural, and spiritual challenges. We would do well to behave as if we were in the end times because, in the hour of death, we all are all in the end times. 

And when he was sitting on mount Olivet, the disciples came to him privately, saying: Tell us when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the consummation of the world?

4And Jesus answering, said to them: Take heed that no man seduce you:

5For many will come in my name saying, I am Christ: and they will seduce many.

CNS photo Paul Haring

Monday, September 19, 2022

Thought for the Day from Ann Barnhardt: Shame is Medicinal!

I love this article by Ann Barnhardt! She is so insightful!

The Key Character in Brideshead Revisited Is Mrs. Beryl Muspratt

Brideshead Revisited is one of my favorite novels. Sad, but in many ways glorious. What a story of sin, repentance, and redemption! The movie with Jeremy Irons is also wonderful. (Caveat: There is one graphic bedroom scene.) 

To be confronted with our sin is, indeed, a blessed gift of God. Those who don't believe in the existence of hell, but live according to its standards, are in for a rude awakening on Judgement Day. Better to have a rude awakening now! And it is a charity to love others, but call them gently to repentance even if they hate you for it. The death of Lord Marchmain displays the power of grace through the ministry of the Church. He has lived a sinful life with a hatred for the church but dies reconciled. Note the recitation of the Confiteor in Latin. 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Real Story of January 6th: Police Brutality against a Mostly Peaceful Crowd

This was Tucker Carlson's intro a few days ago. Robbery at gunpoint in broad daylight in a decent area of Chicago. Really? But that's no problem. Even if they bother to go after the thugs it's "catch and release" for them. Not so for the January sixers. Imprison them, hound them until they commit suicide, make them examples for anyone who refuses to bend the knee to woke socialism. Wake up, folks. They're hiring those 87,000, i.e., EIGHTY-SEVEN THOUSAND! armed IRS agents to go after YOU.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Thought for the Day: A Little Courtesy Would Improve the Culture Immensely!

I don't have many original thoughts and this one certainly is not. It reflects an almost proverbial truth:

Courtesy is the grease that makes the gears of society run smoothly. 

Whenever I think of that word "courtesy," I think of Hilaire Belloc's poem:


                            Of Courtesy, it is much less
                            Than Courage of Heart or Holiness,
                            Yet in my Walks it seems to me
                            That the Grace of God is in Courtesy.

                            On Monks I did in Storrington fall,
                            They took me straight into their Hall;
                            I saw Three Pictures on a wall,
                            And Courtesy was in them all.

Friday, September 16, 2022

The Rich White Privileged and Oreo Folks on Martha's Vineyard Deport Unwanted Illegals

Are we surprised that the fifty illegal aliens who arrived on Martha's Vineyard have already been deported by the liberal leftists on the island. No room at their inn! 

Laugh of the Day: Rich Elitists on Martha's Vineyard Go Berserk over "Humanitarian Crisis"

I have no bone to pick with rich people. Hey, a lot of them made their fortunes by doing good things. Whenever I put on my sandals, I thank God for the guy who developed velcro! And who doesn't appreciate a better mousetrap? But I really have to laugh when virtue-signaling, rich leftists who call their community a "sanctuary city" that "welcomes" illegal aliens undocumented immigrants, goes berserk when they are overwhelmed by 50 landing in town. 


Thursday, September 15, 2022

Fr. Tom Offers Observations on Cultural Problems. Will the Synod on Synodality Address Them?

Several of the traditional homeschooled children who participated in theAll Saints Day parade
 in 2020. Hope for the future! There is only one parish in the Atlanta Archdiocese that offers the extraordinary form, St. Francis de Sales in Mableton, served by the FSSP (See comments)

Editor's comment: Fr. Tom paints a pretty painful view of where we are, particularly with the conditions affecting our children, the hope of the future. But there are a few encouraging signs. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

G.K. Chesterton, Our Model for Engaging in a "Boisterous Argument with [our] Times!"

I was recently reading an article on Chesterton. With my dimwitted memory I can't remember the author, but he made such an interesting statement I think I will remember it forever. He wrote that Chesterton engaged in a "boisterous argument with his times." Everything Chesterton said or did was bigger than life, so of course, his arguments would be "boisterous." But they were never mean or ugly or bitter and always, like Socratic dialogue, were a search for truth. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

And You Thought the FSSP Were Immune from the TLM Bashers? Think Again!

FSSP Seminarians banned from celebrating TLM at Ars Basilica!
Are we surprised?

Well, the synodal powers that be are now going after the FSSP. No Mass for your annual pilgrimage to Ars, France, seminary scum. The Basilica Church of Mercy is not for you! 

Monday, September 12, 2022

Wonderful Post Today at Non Veni Pacem Honoring the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary!

Featured at Non Veni Pacem

Today is the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. Blessed be her Holy Name!

Following is a condensed version of the Miraculous Medal story, followed by a little advice:

Catherine rose, knelt beside the Blessed Mother and rested her hands in the Virgin’s lap. Mary said: “God wishes to charge you with a mission. You will be contradicted, but do not fear; you will have the grace to do what is necessary. Tell your spiritual director all that passes within you. Times are evil in France and in the world.” (Continued here.)

Another Week In La-La Land! What Can We Do about It? Start at the Local Level.

The leftist thugs want every drop of your blood and will take it if they can!

I was at the hospital this morning getting blood drawn. I think of that as a metaphor these days for the leftists' treatment of the middle class. The only difference is that the lovely lady at the hospital only takes a few phials of blood while the leftist government thugs want every drop! 

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Fr. Tom Collins Weighs in on the Deadly Gene Therapy that's Killing Children and Adults

Pfizer's own data showed pregnant women in their gene therapy trial suffered a 44% percent
miscarriage rate vs. the norm of 10 - 15%. Pfizer dismissed their own data. Babies are expendable 

With the abundance of data indicating that the COVID jabs induce miscarriages and SIDS, 
the promotion of these jabs by the powers-that-be in the Vatican (not to be confused with the non-politicized Apostolic See) has many Catholics believing that the Vatican has endorsed the injection of infants with these highly toxic serums. Thus it seems to be giving legitimacy to this method of “delayed action” infanticide as a tolerable secondary-effect of these allegedly “safe and effective” injections.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Thought for the Day: Start a Book!

What should I read next?
As an English major who has loved reading since I was a little girl, I'm shocked at the statistics showing that many people rarely pick up a book. According to surveys one out of three teenagers hasn't read a book for pleasure IN A YEAR! Twenty-five percent of adults haven't read even one book in the past year either. People between the age of 15 and 44 read fewer than ten minutes a day. They are much more likely to be watching TV or interacting on social media. What a waste!

All of this is a matter of concern. Reading opens the world to us and offers tremendous growth in intelligence and thinking skills. Children who are read to six minutes a day significantly improve their reading skills.

And it is so easy these days. A person with a smart phone has a massive library at his fingertips. Personally, I don't like reading on my phone, but I have a paperwhite kindle that I read every night in bed. The advantage is that I don't need lights on and my husband can sleep without my bothering him. Right now I'm reading Chesterton's Tales of the Long Bow. The stories are short and great fun. They take common expressions like, "If that's true I'll eat my hat!" or "That will happen when pigs fly!" and turn them into stories where the protagonists fulfill the "impossible" expressions in humorous ways. What a great idea!  

Friday, September 9, 2022

Queen Elizabeth was a Woman of Strength and Discipline Who Gave Us an Example of Dignity....

...and dedication to duty. May she rest in peace. 

In this television broadcast Queen Elizabeth expressed appreciation for the "ageless ideals" that many were throwing  aside "as if they were old and outworn machinery." 

She also said, "I am not surprised that many people feel lost and unable to decide what to hold onto and what to discard." She warned that thoughtless people “would have religion thrown aside, morality in personal and public life made meaningless, honesty counted as foolishness and self-interest set up in place of self-restraint.” Those words are as timely today as when they were spoken. 

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Martial Law is Here! When They Start Arming HHS and the Department of Education, It's Obvious!

Victoria White was mercilessly beaten by Capitol police on January 6th. Two other women were murdered that day, Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland. No officers were indicted.
The victims were the wrong color and had the wrong politics.
Murderers in a police state are heroes when they attack the opposition!

Patrick Henry was a five-times governor of Virginia. He was an anti-federalist who opposed the creation of a strong central government. At Virginia's Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1788, he warned his fellow Virginians what the Constitution would give us:

"My great objection to this Government is, that it does not leave us the means of defending our rights, or of waging war against tyrants ... There is to be a great and mighty President, with very extensive powers -- the powers of a king ...

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Ivermectin Horse Paste Miraculously Cures Me From Covid in Three Hours

Jesus bringing me ivermectin horse paste from the feed store

In 1918 my grandfather died in Stafford, Virginia from the Spanish flu pandemic. He died, as did millions of others, from the Spanish flu's secondary infection: bacterial pneumonia. Therefore two years ago when I refused to get the Covid vaccine my younger daughter, trying to guilt-trip me into getting the shot, said, "You should be ashamed of yourself! If your grandfather had been able to have a vaccine he wouldn't have died!"

I explained that the millions of deaths from the Spanish flu were caused not because the flu was a viral infection and there was no vaccine, but because it turned into bacterial pneumonia and in 1918 the miracle drug of penicillin had not yet been discovered. It wasn't discovered until 1928 and even then not put on the market until 1942. In 1945 the three scientists involved in the development of penicillin were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Ivermectin is another miracle drug. It was discovered in 1975, approved for human use in 1987 and in 2015 the two men responsible for its discovery and development were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine. Ivermectin is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines and is approved by the FDA as an anti-parasitic agent so why is there such animosity against prescribing ivermectin to combat Covid? Ann Barnhardt explains that HERE. She answers all other ivermectin questions HERE.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

From the "Ya Just Gotta Laugh" Series: Liberals Get to Live their Lunacy!

Turn that baby up to 78 you energy hog! And if you don't Big Brother will do it for you!

California is probably the most insane state in the nation. So it's hard not to laugh when they get hoisted on their own petard. The state has been suffering from a brutal heat wave. No fun! So what is their government telling them? Blackouts are likely, but you can help prevent them. How, you ask? Stop charging your electric car. Don't use large appliances. Turn your thermostat above 78 degrees. This is coming just a few weeks after California passed a bill mandating electric cars after 2035. This is what liberalism looks like, folks -- insanity on steroids. 

Monday, September 5, 2022

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Sunday Meditation: Pope St. Pius X, a Man for Today

In the traditional calendar, yesterday was the feast of Pope St. Pius X, a man for our age. 

The situation at the beginning of the 20th century was much the same as it was for us at the beginning of the 21st. Dissent was rampant. Catholics in the pew were being formed and misled by theologians and catechists espousing a novel religion at odds with the faith, the very essence of modernism which the pope called the "synthesis of all heresies."

Modernism both without and within the Church led Pius X to publish Pascendi, the encyclical against modernism, as relevant today as when it was published September 8, 1907. Pius lamented that the modernists preached that "Dogma is not only able, but ought to evolve and to be changed." That for the faith to be "living" it had to adapt to the spirit of the time. Like today's modernists, those of the early 20th century maintained that "all religions are true" and that doctrine "evolves." Nothing is fixed; the rock is smashed to sand. Although the Assisi meetings were decades away, the spirit of false ecumenism was already polluting the faith with syncretism.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Guest Post: The grim realities behind barring Nancy Pelosi from Communion Part II

By Robert Marshall

Editor's Note: See Part I here. Yesterday I published the first half of Bob's article. This continues the list of "grim realities" that Nancy Pelosi has inflicted on our country, especially babies in the womb. She is a Catholic by baptism, but an apostate by action. Please pray for her that she will not experience the worst "grim reality" possible on Judgment Day. My comments in red.

Nancy Pelosi—Abolishing Catholic-Christian Health Care

The Charlotte Lozier Institute notes that private Christian health care is especially undermined under the Women’s Health Care Protection Act from 2019, H. R. 2975. Law Professor and religious freedom expert Mark Rienzi points out that “virtually every state in the country has some sort of statute protecting individuals and, in many cases, entities who refuse to provide abortions and ‘[s]ome states expressly limit this protection to the practice of abortion, which is treated specially.’” Moreover:

Friday, September 2, 2022

Guest Post: The grim realities behind barring Nancy Pelosi from Communion Part I

By Robert G. Marshall

Editor's comment; God bless Bob Marshall. I've known him for about fifty years and he is a staunch and faithful advocate of the little ones in the womb and their parents. Abortion doesn't just kill a baby. It kills the love between the man and the woman who conceived the infant together. It kills their souls as well. We must pray that those who commit abortion and those who advocate it, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who rivals Lady Macbeth in her cold, murderous heart, repent and return to the Lord of Life. Nancy hasn't much longer on planet earth, and it is long past time for her to examine her conscience. How many have lost their souls influenced by her scandals? 

As I've said before, Nancy and I have four things in common. First of all, we are both Catholic and attended Catholic schools all the way through college. We share a birthday (she is seven years older). We share an alma mater, Trinity College (now a university) in Washington, D.C. And we both have five children. I pray for Nancy and have sent her letters and Mass cards which are not acknowledged which never surprises me. 

What a powerful witness for truth could she be if she publicly acknowledged her sins against life (like Bernard Nathanson did) and became a pro-life warrior. Where there's life, there's hope. Please pray for Nancy today. My comments are in red.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Bigoted Asst. Principal, Jeremy Boland, in Hot Water Thanks to Project Veritas!

After watching this, you might want to send a donation to Project Veritas. 

School systems around the country are up to their necks in satanic evil. This assistant principal's agenda is just the tip of the iceberg.