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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Why Should We Care about Homosexuals and Homosexualists in the Ordained Ministry?


Nathan the Prophet denounces David for his adultery and murder.

Read this from the Imitation of Mary by Alexander De Rouville about purity and the esteem we should have for it:

Virginity was what made the beloved disciple (Jn 19:26) worthy of Jesus' special love....The prince of the Apostles was granted great privileges, yet it was only the virgin disciple that Jesus allowed to rest his head on His breast at the last supper. Jesus gave Peter the care of the Church; but to John He gave the care of his own Mother. 

Monday, May 30, 2022

Archbishop Cordileone Undoes with his Left Hand What He Did with his Right!

Well, friends, I checked with a contact in the San Francisco area about whether homosexualist cheerleader James DeWan was ordained to the permanent diaconate on Saturday by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. I posted yesterday asking for information about the missing candidate, since ten were scheduled for ordination and only nine attended. I hoped and prayed that the archbishop had better sense than to ordain a man with so scandalous a background who is obviously unfit for ordained ministry in the Church by the Church's own directives!

Changed Perception: "Rose, Rose He Never Loved You"

Zelensky pretending to be President of Ukraine on TV show Servant of the People
before really becoming President of Ukraine after running on
Servant of the People political party platform

Recently while looking at the geo-political, Globalist One-World vs Multipolar Fair-World Order, Russia/Ukraine, East/West factions around the globe, a line from Frankie Laine's old song, Rose, Rose, I Love You wafted through my brain. The line is, "East is East and West is West, our worlds are far apart".

When I was a pre-teen I used to lie on the living room floor listening to records and that song would break my heart. The man singing the song is leaving his true love, Rose, behind in Singapore because you see, "he cannot stay". He "has an aching heart" but must go back to America and can't take her with him. I used to feel so sorry for Rose and her man. They were so in love! It was so sad! They loved each other so desperately but they'll never see each other again!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

A Question for Readers in the Archdiocese of San Francisco about the Planned Ordination of Homosexualist Cheerleader James DeWan

Archbishop Cordileone was scheduled to ordain ten men to the permanent diaconate on May 28th. According to reports, James DeWan was one of them, a man with a history of homosexual advocacy and promotion of same sex marriage. Only nine men were ordained on Saturday. Was James DeWan among them? I watched a good bit of the ordination ceremony. I never heard the men's names announced even when they put their hands between the archbishop's and promised obedience. I pray James DeWan was not among these men. He certainly shouldn't have been!

Joseph Sciambra posted screen shots of DeWan's Twitter feed in 2015. DeWan was clearly an enthusiastic apologist for all things homosexual to the extent of being disgusting and blasphemous. I'm posting a few of the screenshots, because I think people need to know and be warned. Would you let your sons associate with this man?

Friday, May 27, 2022

Guest Post: Sexual Sin Always Ends in Violence!

Start with contraception, end up with mass murder: A culture drenched with the blood of innocent children begets more blood of innocent children

By Mark Docherty

Start with contraception, end up with mass murder. The end.

Let me explain. This won’t take long.

The Normalization of Gay Marriage and Gay Ideology!

National Review has unconditionally surrendered to same-sex ‘marriage’ 

Let us pray to have
a heart for poor sinners!
I found this article truly alarming because it emphasizes how the normalization of "gay" ideology is increasingly infecting conservatism. I'm familiar with a number of the conservative "gays" mentioned in the article. Last year I listened to Andy Gno's book on Antifa. These are men and women who share many of my concerns and beliefs. And yet..... 

When acceptance of same sex marriage is mainstream and "normal" we are truly on a rapid descent into the abyss. Remember that this sin is one that "cries to heaven for vengeance." Not only that, but many of these individuals with disordered passions are rearing children. What will that do to the future of our world?

St. Jacinta of Fatima had a heart for "poor sinners" and I'm sympathetic to these same-sex attracted individuals for a number of reasons, but one stands out! I wonder how much environmental factors are contributing to the unmasculating of boys and their sense that they are in the wrong body. Why do more and more young boys feel like girls. 

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Violence Begets Violence! Liberals Sowed the Wind with Abortion; They Have Reaped the Whirlwind!

“If a mother can kill her own child - what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me - there is nothing between.”
― Mother Teresa

God have mercy on us! Another massacre! Nineteen children dead and two teachers along with the gunman. Why? What is Fueling this evil? When will it end?

Once again, a young man, 18-years-old and from a dysfunctional family, picked up a gun and used it to kill innocent school children and their teachers after shooting his own grandmother who reportedly survived. It follows only ten days after the Buffalo Walmart shooting by another 18-year-old, a mentally disturbed young man who left a rambling "manifesto" filled with conflicting statements.

THE LEFT Hates Democracy! Which is Why They are Misrepresenting the Roe v. Wade Draft Decision.

Barack's autobiography 
written by Bill Ayers
Considering the hysteria over the Alito draft leak, one can't help but wonder if Democrats can read. Maybe they just don't bother because it's so exhausting to have to think. Does that explain why so many liberals, over the years, committed plagiarism or had ghost writers pen their books? Who can be bothered with reading and writing, eh? 

 JFK's Profiles In Courage was not his work, but primarily that of his speechwriter, Ted Sorensen. Bill Ayers, Weather Underground terrorist turned professor, wrote Obama's autobiography, Dreams of My Father. (It gives new meaning to the term "auto-biography.") Joe Biden has a long record of plagiarizing including a paper with five pages stolen from a law review article when he attended Syracuse University Law School. He flunked a first year course for doing it, but that obviously didn't cure him of the practice. Has the man ever had an original thought?

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Empire Strikes Back at AB Cordileone, Or Should I Say THE EMPRESS Strikes Back!

Nancy Pelosi is responding to her spiritual father, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, with her usual claim of being a "devout Catholic" who simply disagrees with his personal opinions regarding Catholic teaching. Like all dishonest and dissenting Catholics, she twists the meaning of conscience and free will. Hey, she claims, God gave us free will so we could make "responsible" decisions about whether or not to limit our families by killing babies that God sends. In her interview with MSNBC Nancy reminds me of Margaret Sanger who always posed as a caring person while she worked in the background to eliminate the "human weeds" among us: blacks, Catholics, the poor, etc. 

Pelosi shakes her fist at God about abortion and other Catholic doctrines and makes it pretty clear whom she serves. Hint: It isn't the Lord of Life!

Why Russia Showed Simulations of a Bomb "Sinking Britain" ("and England Nyet!")

                                                                  ...and England nyet!

On April 20th, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia had successfully tested the intercontinental Sarmat missile weighing more than 200 tons. This missile can carry multiple warheads, is able to elude anti-missile defense systems and capable of hitting any target on Earth.

In early May Russian TV showed a simulated video of what a Russian underwater nuclear torpedo could do to Britain and Ireland which is remove them from the face of the earth forever. There merely would be water - just the ocean - where once Britain had existed. "England would be nyet", meaning "no more". Vanished, infinitely disappeared into nonexistence.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Archbishop Cordileone Speaks on Abortion and on Nancy Pelosi. God Bless Him!

Let's all say thank you for Archbishop Corileone's clear presentation of the Catholic faith.

First on Abortion:

And on the Nancy Pelosi letter banning Nancy from Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco:

The Streets of Philadelphia, May, 2022

  • Results of 70 years of Democratic rule in Philadelphia
  • This is American "freedom"
  • 40 billion dollars sent to Ukraine this week instead of fixing America
  • Someone should warn illegal immigrants that America isn't the promised land
  • "This is living death"
  • "I swear someone wants this to be happening. Who are these people that let things get this way?"
  • America is a "first world" country
  • For more Philadelphia videos, Kimgary's YouTube channel is HERE

Monday, May 23, 2022

The Homo-Sodo SexPox Found in Sodomites

Acne...or a "man who self-identifies as
having sex with other men"?

Once again "experts" say they cannot for the life of themselves figure this thing out. They say that the monkeypox "has mainly been hitting young men who have sex with other men but that doesn't mean it's being sexually transmitted." That's true because the disease could be transmitted via various other erotic ways.

The lesions associated with monkeypox predominately appear on male genitals belonging to men who "self-identify as having sex with other men". These poxed men who "self-identify as having sex with other men" live predominately in the Collective West - Europe, North America and Australia. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

A Bishop with the Heart of a Lion

 Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco cares enough about his spiritual daughter, Nancy Pelosi, to ban her from Holy Communion in her home diocese. Nancy has lied for years about what a “devout Catholic” she is while she embraces sins that “cry to heaven for vengeance.” 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Morning Thoughts on Acts of the Apostles

I've been reading Acts of the Apostles most mornings since Easter and it's amazing how relevant it is to 
what's happening in our day. Paul's missionary journeys expose him to much of the same types of controversy boiling over here and now. People don't change. Envy, greed, and the other deadly sins operate today just as they did in Paul's time.

Consider Acts 19. Paul and his associates preach the gospel and the dissent from some elements is so vehement it causes riots! Sound familiar? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Threats and Intimidation at her Colleague's Homes? No Comment from Ketanji Jackson!

Recently named Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson,  is already living up to the lower than low expectations she's earned with her dismal judicial record so far. Not only is she the friend of pedophiles, but she allies herself with the violent LEFTIST mobs making threats at the justices homes. When asked about the criminal protests, she responded, "No comment." Of course, she doesn't have to worry about LEFTIST mobs threatening her home. If they come it will be with flowers, welcome flags, and chocolates. Jackson's home is safe, of course, since she is a POL (pawn of THE LEFT). 

Nope! She's a-okay with the mob harassing and threatening Alito, etc. Wow! These justices are supposedly her colleagues. What a way to win friends and influence people, KBJ. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

It's Tuesday: Do You Know Where Your Chickens Are?

The old expression about chickens coming home to roost has particular meaning for me these days since we got nine little chicks about eight weeks ago. Watching them grow has been interesting.  They aren't very good about coming into the coop "to roost." I have to catch them because they still haven't grown accustomed to using the ramp.

But all that aside, chickens do "come home to roost," and plenty of politicians, talking heads and commentators are beginning to see their own "chickens" coming home to roost. At any rate, I hope so!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Don't Panic in a Crisis, Moms! Make Your Own Formula!

Tyrants thrive on crisis. Remember Alinsky's mantra: "Never let a crisis go to waste." Tyrants create crises deliberately to hasten societal collapse.  Socialists professors and husband/wife team, Cloward and Piven, developed a strategy back in the 1960s to overload the economic system until it collapsed and destroyed capitalism. The husband-wife team, inspired by atheist Saul Alinsky, helped create the atmosphere of violence and intimidation we are living with today. In fact, we are well on the way to living their dystopian dream, which is our nightmare: high inflation, food shortages, violent protests, and even murderous events like the Buffalo shooting and other terrorist attacks.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Collective West, How's That Consecration of Russia Going For You?

I - Politics as the Realm of the Devil

In Modernity on Endless Trial, Polish philosopher Leszek Kolakowski (1927-2009) said: 

The state being the outcome of original sin is at best a necessary evil, and politics, to the extent that it incarnates the sheer struggle for power, “is bound, in Christian terms, to be the realm of the devil by definition".

If the struggle for power within the arena of politics is considered, in Christian terms, to be "the realm of the devil", then the struggle for one's existence and basic human rights, the Moral Law, decency and love, is "the realm of Christ". 

Who then is which? Who operates within these two "realms'? And how does a normal person with no power determine which side to cheer for, to be influenced by, to "join"? As a Catholic, one has to ask, "How is that even a question? Isn't it obvious?"

Apparently not. People vote for politicians who provide sacrifices to "the realm of the devil" by butchering unborn children. People vote for politicians who not only pass corruption of innocent school children into law, but who're degenerates themselves therefore obviously members of "the realm of the devil" freely offering up human blood for Lucifer to lap up in his gleeful hatred of humanity.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Mostly Good News from the Headlines! Guess What; There are Some Good Governors Out There! Praise God!

The bad news: Cardinal Zen was arrested in Hong Kong. He's out on bail but they've taken his passport so he's not free to leave the country. I think we can thank the Vatican for this. Will they do anything now? Or just double down on letting China name Catholic bishops and run roughshod over the underground church. (Source) The Vatican is following the situation "with concern" and "with extreme attention." That should make us all relieved, right?

LOTS OF GOOD NEWS FROM SOME GREAT STATES (Not Maryland, but, hey, even a bad state makes an occasional good decision.)

Alabama doctors stop giving transgender drugs to kids as new ban takes effect 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Want to See the REAL Threat to the Republic? Hint: It Wasn't the January 6th Protest! It's THE LEFT'S mob politics!

The country that serves Christ the King, receives the blessing of His protection.

THE LEFT is threatening to "shut down" the Supreme Court if they don't get their way. Alito, Thomas, and Barrett all live in Virginia. They are fortunate to be in my state since we have a governor ready to protect them. Maryland governor Larry Hogan joined with Youngkin in signing a letter calling for the Justice department to protect the judges who reside in their respective states. As the protestors left Alito's home they chanted profanities and screamed, "Abort the Court." Concerned citizens need to call for consequences for these insurrectionists.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Need a break from the insane world? Make a date with grandkids!

First Campout of the Season with Two Happy Little Boys!
Shenandoah River State Park - View from the Overlook Trail

We took a quick camping trip on Monday with two of our youngest grandchildren who are five and eight. A lovely park close to home, Shenandoah River State Park, outside Front Royal, VA was the destination. One of the great blessing there? -- no cell or internet service! (Read more at my Grandma blog....)

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The God of Ukraine

In the above clip (the gorgeous) Gerard Butler as Zelensky in The God of Ukraine, says:

"I, Zelensky, shall be your one true king! King of all the Collective West! Behold the fate of all who stand in my way. Bow before me or die. Worship me or be enslaved! From now on you have to buy your way in with riches earned"...or preferably stolen from Russia.

Russia is winning the war on the ground. Ukraine is winning the media war scripted by George Soros, Obama, Clinton, Schwab and Ursula von der Crazy as leaders of the globalist Collective West, one by one, travel to Kiev to bow down and kiss the ring of Zelensky, their new proxy king. 

Mark my words - when Russia wins, the West will claim victory for whatever is left of what will be a rump state of Ukraine - forever in debt to the West, ruined and depleted of their young men. The death and destruction could have been avoided with diplomacy. Russia was willing but the West was not.

The United States and the Collective West don't want peace. They want war. They think they'll win and then Russia will have a favorable regime change for the West to plunder Russia's natural resources for themselves. 

Monday, May 9, 2022

THE LEFT is Outraged: Vandalizing Catholic Churches and Crisis Pregnancy Centers as Well as Threatening the Supreme Court!

Update: Adding more photos of vandalized churches and pregnancy help centers from yesterday's LEFTIST hate crimes. Links and photos at the bottom. The vandalizers are the ones who went out, like Judas, in the dark when "it was night" and they could do their dirty work in cowardly secret. At least the haters who went into church services were willing to risk something (besides their souls) to practice their hate. No one can accuse those LEFTISTS of being lukewarm. Ruth Sent Us are the organized haters. They hate Christ and they hate his tiniest images, the babies in the womb waiting to be born. What a bunch of godless bullies!

But wait a minute! The liberal LEFT are kind and peaceful people who love children! That's why they want to kill them, because they know they would have terrible lives and are better off dead. Leaving friendly message on churches and tearing up crisis pregnancy centers to keep them from helping exploiting women is their way of showing their love. 

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Answering My Delusional Troll Who Appears to Live in THE MATRIX

Well, I guess I'm going to address a troll, but, since I promised I would never post another 
one of Mary the Troll's comments, I'm not putting it in the comment section. That would link to her blog. I'm not sending anyone there. Commenting on the Intimidation Politics post, Mary the Troll exposed herself as totally delusional and clearly demonstrated that she is a willing enabler of THE LEFT'S violence. Here's what she wrote:

Ya Just Gotta Love the Babylon Bee! Check out this video on the Ministry of Truth at the Department of Homeland Security

Sad to say, we are all living in a dystopian novel these days. In fact, we are living in an entire library of dystopian novels. The Bee's video spoofs Orwell's 1984 where everyone must embrace the lies of Big Brother. We have an entire administration of Big Brothers promoting and enforcing the lie through Big Media censorship.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Intimidation Politics and Democrat Thuggery

If anyone needed to see the level of fascist thuggery exercised by the left, they had only to watch the response to the leaked draft of the Supreme Court's decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Both sides demonstrated at the Supreme Court, but the leftist thugs attacked their opponents physically, shouting obscenities and even following them as they left the site. Riots also erupted in L.A., Portland and other liberal cities. Now there are threats of Catholic church invasions this Sunday. Many liberal talking heads are trying to turn the leaker into a courageous hero rather than a leftist undermining the neutrality of the Supreme Court who obviously intended to spark outrage in order to intimidate justices into changing their position.

Remember Chuck Schumer threatening the judges. No accusation of insurrection against that liberal thug! "You won't know what hit you!" I believe he also said "We're coming for you." And these leftists mean what they say. Just look what they did burning our cities. This is their m.o. They shout down those who disagree with them and threaten physical violence. The left are barbarians who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals and force them on the body politic. To call it "intimidation politics" is mild. 

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Vaccine True Believers: Go Figure!

I have a number of friends who are COVID true believers. They accept without reservation that the COVID gene therapy jab, mislabeled as a vaccine, is effective and necessary and even should be mandatory. One friend told me those who don't get jabbed are "irresponsible." I think he knew I was one of those people, but we are both old and subject to senior moments, so maybe he forgot. I reminded him and said, "You know I check things out carefully. I disagree with you. I had COVID and have natural immunity. I've taken care of two groups of COVID victims without getting sick again." So he reminded me that there are variants. I didn't respond to that. It gets tiresome. I'm not a guinea pig and I'm not playing the medical roulette game being run by quack-in-chief Anthony Fauci.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Thoughts on a Drizzly Wednesday Morning

  • I transplanted some day lilies yesterday so I welcome today's soft rain that will help their roots set -- makes me think of grace that helps the "roots" of our spiritual resolutions set.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

History Repeats Itself! Read Medical Science Under Dictatorship to Understand the Fauci Agenda

Knowledge of history helps people understand the present and avoid the mistakes of the past. When will we learn that? If you are ignorant of history, you will be taken in by all the latest brainless schemes and shell games. Let's take a look at an important paper published in 1949 that is as relevant today as if it appeared in the morning paper, Medical Science Under Dictatorship by Dr. Leo Alexander.

Dr. Alexander was a psychiatrist and the chief medical officer advising the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials after World War II who contributed to the Nuremberg Code of ethics. He was particularly concerned about the failure of the medical establishment to protect the vulnerable members of society and studied why that happened. From the very first paragraph of his paper, it's clear that we in the United States and the global community are experiencing the same things that happened in Germany under the Third Reich. Only we are seeing the atrocities applied globally!

Monday, May 2, 2022

Wokeness, Wokeness Everywhere and Not a Brain in Sight!

My husband and I took a grandson student at James Madison University (JMU) out for brunch  yesterday. It is always a delight to be one on one with a grandchild, especially one on the cusp of independent adulthood. We enjoy every minute of those get-togethers and our conversation about what they are doing and what they hope to do in the future.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

How Are Your Foraging Skills? Will It Come To That?

With Food Prices and Shortages Possible in the Future, I'm Practicing Foraging

Dandelions! Yes they are dandy and edible as long as you don't use weed killer in your yard. We've never put anything on our property in 20 years! So today I decided to go foraging in my abundant dandelion crop. Everything about the dandelion is edible: the flowers, the leaves, even the roots. You can read about eating dandelions here. Read more....