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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Guest Post: Sunday Meditation Reflecting on the Nicene Creed

Editor's note: I've never thought about the different format of the Nicene Creed from the rest of the prayers at Mass. We don't call it a prayer but a "profession of faith."

 It seems to me that the Creed is like a "pledge of allegiance" to God, or like an oath taken by the president, supreme court justices, etc. We are promising the King of King our fidelity. So I'm not sure I would want to see it changed into a prayer as Jim suggests in this article.

What do you think, readers? We recite the creed every Sunday and on certain feasts and solemnities. How often do we seriously reflect on what we say? Let's really listen next time we join together with the Catholic community in reciting the Creed.


by James M. Thunder* 

We will often hear news media, government officials, and private persons, say in consolation, “Our thoughts and our prayers are with you.” So very seldom do they state to Whom our prayers are addressed. And so it is with Thanksgiving. Although the Presidents -- from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Franklin D. Roosevelt to President Trump’s 2018 Proclamation, state to Whom we ought to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day, the words God or the Almighty are seldom stated by news media, government officials, and private persons in conjunction with Thanksgiving Day.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Legacy of Dallas: Scapegoating Innocent Priests

This is the lead article from the Spring issue of the Les Femmes newsletter, The Truth. You can find the full newsletter at 

by Mary Ann Kreitzer

Antonio Gramsci, Marxist revolutionary - How
many of our bishops are offspring of his plan?
Sometimes the best way to understand the present is to study the past. The chaos in the Church over the sex abuse scandals and the incompetent, even criminal, way bishops deal with it didn't come from nowhere. It was planned and orchestrated. We could go back several generations to Bella Dodd's 1953 testimony to the House Committee on Un-American Activities where she outlined how, as a Communist agent, she infiltrated the seminaries with homosexuals in the 1930s. It was Antonio Gramsci's strategy of destroying the enemy from within. Gramsci saw that the Christian West could not be destroyed by direct assault. The institutions had to be subverted first. As author

Fr. James Thornton writes in Gramsci's Grand Plan:

Friday, June 28, 2019

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Let Us Pray the LItany to the Sacred Heart!

We certainly need God's mercy!

Tempted to Leave the Church? DON'T! Fr. Z has some good advice for you.

Then Jesus said to the twelve: Will you also go away? And Simon Peter answered him: Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. [John 6:67-68]
I occasionally receive emails from folks who want to leave the Church because they are so disgusted with the scandals, the corruption, and the example of the evil bishops, so numerous in our day!

I get it! I really do!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Is This Lesbian Scene Coming to a Catholic Kindergarten in the Diocese of Arlington?

As I wrote yesterday, I got a call from a mom concerned that a Catholic school in northern Virginia has a child enrolled who is "transitioning" from a little boy to a little girl. We are still checking the situation out to see exactly what is involved, but when I got this email today from One Million Moms I couldn't help but think about the situation and how it will desensitize the little classmates of the child to the lie and dysfunction of "gender fluidity." God made us, male and female. That's the truth and no degree of imagination or virtual reality will change it. Parents who enable this madness are like adults who give a child who thinks he's Superman a ladder so he can climb up to the roof and jump off to test his flying ability. We all know that ends badly! But that's what adults who deform reality are doing to their children. The demons hate life and they hate innocence which is why they target our kids. It's DEMONIC! And Disney is fully committed to serving the demons. Sadly, we can expect this to become an increasing issue in our parish schools and CCD programs. Pray that pastors and bishops will develop policies to deal with this kindly, but firmly. 
Disney Deliberately Kept Lesbian Scene in Toy Story 4 Hush Hush
Thursday, June 27, 2019

Why I AM STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE a Catholic!

Is Blase Cupich Caiphas reincarnated?
Bad news just keeps piling up about the Judases in the hierarchy! Are you paying attention? Sometimes it feels like we're being buried in sewage!

Let's face it -- like McCarrick, everybody knew about Cardinal Joseph Bernardin's treachery. The stories about the rape and satanic ceremony involving "Agnes" has been around for decades. Who could miss his worldly relationships. (Really, what kind of priest has Ann Landers at his deathbed or asks for the gay men's chorus to sing at his wake?) Everybody knew that Bernarin's seamless garment ensured (and was designed) so that Teddy Kennedy and his Democrat cronies could finesse their child-killing advocacy with their phony social justice agenda. Nothing being exposed is new; it's simply being formally documented. As for Blase Cupich, Bernardin's cover-up artist, he is Caiphas reincarnated!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

When Will We Get the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing BUT the Truth from These Lying Bishops?

Just the Facts, Bishops!
McCarrick: Many Grave Additional Questions


The smoke of Satan hasn't only invaded the sanctuary, one can hardly see for the smoke filling up the entire Church and spilling out the windows! And the arsonists are at the highest levels in the Church. No wonder we have horrible situations going on everywhere!

I just got a phone call from a concerned mom about a school in my diocese that is admitting a KINDERGARTNER this September who is "transitioning" from a boy to a girl. Did you get that -- a 5-year-old thinks he's a girl and his parents (and the school) are going along with it!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Editor's Note: Evolution has never made any sense to me. How could a God who sent His Son to be born into time through a be raised in a Holy Family, put his first man, His image, in the body of an ape to be raised by animal parents with no reason or free will? Not to mention all the scientific arguments against macroevolution. As a beekeeper, I'm convinced the social arrangement of a bee colony could never "evolve." Besides, Darwin was a con man who stole the idea of natural selection from another scientist. Evolutionists have numerous problems defending their hypothesis including explaining how speech "evolved." But that's a subject for another time. Father's paper focuses on the theological arguments against Chardin's imaginative daydreams conjured up no doubt by Chardin's meeting with "THE THING." If you are an adherent of evolution I urge you to invoke the Holy Spirit and read this paper carefully. I was particularly struck by Father's discussion of the Philistines capturing the Ark of the Covenant and placing it in the temple to their idol, the fish-man Dagon. Those who try to unite evolution to Christ are like the foolish Philistines who sent the Ark back to Israel in a panic. Let us pray those embracing the theory of evolution wake up before they come to the same bad end as the Philistines and the calf-worshiping Israelites.


by Fr. Joannes Petrus

Monday, June 24, 2019

"Jesus is a smart guy. He must keep his underwear dry or people will die."

The Holy Spirit in his tighty-whities. 
Are they damp or are they dry?
Somehow the above title translates into "We are the Body of Christ." I'm still trying to figure it out, even after seeking clarification by asking visiting priest Fr Jerry Cunningham if Jesus' damp underwear was the theme of his Corpus Christi homily. [Orlando Diocese, St Mary of the Lakes Catholic Church, Eustis, FL, June 23rd, 10am Mass]

He said yes, then mumbled something which was difficult to understand because he speaks too fast. It went like this...

Me: "So the theme of your homily was that Jesus must keep his underwear dry because it could make people die?"

Reflecting on the Upcoming Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Scourging by Rubens
While I was on retreat, I kept thinking about Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ. The third week of the Spiritual Exercises consists of meditating on Jesus' suffering and death. As I was reflecting on the events of the passion, I kept seeing images from the movie. The slow motion scene of Veronica ministering to Christ especially came to mind because I was also reading Cardinal Sarah's The Power of Silence. There was Veronica in the midst of all that turmoil and chaos perfectly silent and at peace as she reached out to Christ in love and compassion. The Roman soldiers didn't exist for her at that moment. It was as if she lived in another dimension of silence, her eyes and whole attention focused on the face of Christ. Yes, true internal silence can reign in our hearts in the midst of exterior tumult!

Yesterday someone sent me a powerful video interview with Jim Caviezel, the actor who portrayed Christ in the film. That movie was a life changing event for so many. I think I will watch it again on the Feast of the Sacred Heart this Friday. O Jesus, meek and humble of heart make my heart like unto Thine. Make me, in the words of St. Teresa of Avila, a "burning furnace of charity."

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Thank God! A Bishop with a Backbone! Lamplighter Award to Archbishop Charles Thompson of Indianapolis!

Indianapolis archbishop revokes Jesuit prep school's Catholic identity

Check out One Mad Mom's commentary on this in which she assails the hand-wringing whining of little Jimmy Martin and his Jesuit crybaby brothers who certainly do NOT have the brave hearts of St. Jean de Brebeuf and St. Isaac Jogues! Give them their teddies and snuggies and pray for the stupid parents who keep their children in this school for scandal where their young hearts will be perverted. They will learn to be cafeteria Catholics embracing mortal sins endorsed by the Jebbies who left St. Ignatius behind long ago. How many of the scandalized souls will to to hell thanks to the "education" in worldly values they get at Brebeuf. (Yes, I'm "old fashioned" enough to still believe there is such a place as hell and that souls are falling into it like snowflakes as Jacinta said.) Archbishop Charles Thompson deserves our thanks for defending the faith! Thank you, your Excellency!

Guest Post: Speaking Truth to Power, the Call to Prophesy by Fr. James Sobus

Old Testament Prophet Elijah: Speaking Truth to Power

When I was in school I spent a great deal of time at the graduate level studying the prophets of the Old Testament. They were people like us all, sinful and weak who, nonetheless, were called by God to preach during troubled times to the king, then to the king’s priests and prophets (who were on the king’s payroll and who, therefore, spent their days tickling the king’s ears with only what the king wanted to hear) and finally, the people, all of whom had turned away from God.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Do You Know Where Your Pastor Is and How He's Spending Your Money?

Pray for your priests through the
intercession of St. Jean Vianney
Well, I'm back from retreat and among the hundreds of emails was the one below. I've deleted the name of the priests and I won't identify the diocese, but I think it behooves folks to ask yourselves how your pastor is running the parish and how he's spending YOUR money (which is given to do God's work!). Is your pastor, on the parish level, doing what men like Bransfield and McCarrick did on the diocesan level? Is he living like a king on the sacrifices of the folks he considers patsies in the pew? Do you recognize your pastor in this description below?
 Dear Mary Ann,
It was well known that [my previous pastor] had a full time cook and housekeeper and that he hosted monthly get together lunches at the rectory for his priest friends. Wine and dine on a weekday when they should have been at work. My parish is unique in that its rectory is [not on the church grounds].  No one sees who is coming and going. If the pastor goes home for lunch and doesn't return nobody at the church knows where he is or what he's doing.

Friday, June 21, 2019

The High Cost of Clergy Scandals or "Don't Trust Anyone in a Pointy Hat"

Ready for a bishop!
Speaking of pointy hats, remember the dunce cap? It seems many of the men in pointy hats need to be sent to the corner to sit wearing the dunce cap (a corner that for some should be inside a jail cell). An especially horrifying aspect of the clergy abuse scandals (and the money scandals that accompany them) is what they're doing to the faithful in the pews. California Catholic Daily reported recently on a Pew research study showing that 27% of Catholics have reduced Mass attendance; 26% have cut donations. (Some have left altogether!)

Clergy abuse leads to fall-off in visible acts of faith

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Be an Islamic hero! Drag a woman across the street and beat her!

I looked up and standing 
before me was this.
Suddenly I looked up from my work and stranding before me was a figure shrouded all in black from head to toe. Only her eyes and hands were visible. My first fleeting thought was, "OMG! A devil! Where's my holy water when I need it?"

Instantly checking the instinctive reflex reaction to recoil from her presence, I told myself that it wasn't a devil...just a pathetic woman trying to get attention by posing as a Muslim. Calmly looking into the two eyes sullenly staring at me from behind the slit in the black fabric covering her face, I asked, "Yes? May I help you?"

Even though I was professional in dealing with her, because I did not bow and scrape and ingratiate myself, her interaction with me, an infidel, was less than friendly. 

Oh, My Lord, My God

The town of Orvieto, Italy, where we recently traveled on our pilgrimage.  
The cathedral was begun in 1290 on the foundation of an Etruscan temple.  
Sunday, June 23 is the celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi.  This Feast was instituted on August 11, 1264 by Pope Urban IV in the bull, “Transiturus de Hoc Mundo,” which says,
 “We should celebrate continuously the memory of this memorial, because the more frequently his gift and favour are looked upon, so much the more firmly are they kept in memory. Therefore, although this memorial Sacrament is frequented in the daily solemnities of the Mass, we nevertheless think suitable and worthy that, at least once a year – especially to confound the lack of faith and the infamy of heretics – a more solemn and honourable memory of this Sacrament be held.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Just a Reminder: I'm on Retreat Praying for You!

REMINDER: I will not be moderating comments or posting during my annual retreat which began on Monday and ends Saturday after lunch. I wrote this post last Sunday before I left. Isn't technology great? Susan will be doing most of the posts this week. Special prayers for her and Chriss, my intrepid allies.

Nous sont les trois amis de Les Femmes.

I am so grateful for their friendship, their faith, and their writing skills!

And now my thoughts for this Wednesday on the retreat:

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Islamic Children See First Line of Communication Between Father and Mother is VIOLENCE

Worshiping a false god, killing, hatred,
adultery, revenge, no forgiveness,
pridefulness, stealing, lying, coveting
"Violence is the first option to solving problems in the Islamic family. Muhammad was married to 13 women at the same time, he waged 80 wars in the last eight years of his life, he took women as prisoners of war and made sex slaves of them - why should an enlightened person of the 21st Century not criticize this man? Why does he deserve immunity from criticism?" - Hamad Abdel-Samad, Egyptian-German scholar

Hamad Abdel-Samad on MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)

Must read: Deo Volente: Top Ten Acts of MERCY by the Prophet of Islam

Monday, June 17, 2019

Praying for You While I'm on Retreat; In Your Kindness, Please Pray for Us!

Our Lady's Lamp will be shining brightly
as my annual Ignatian retreat begins.
I'm leaving today for my annual five day silent retreat with Fr. James Buckley (FSSP) using the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. This particular retreat will have three generations of Kreitzer women attending, since I will be there with my daughter and her daughter, our oldest grandchild.

What a blessing! And what a memory! We plan to get a photo with Fr. Buckley together. I imagine this may be the first time he has a retreat with three generations from the same family.

My daughter has attended several times over the past 15 years with me, but this will be a first time for the third generation.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Guest Post: When a Father has Courage, He stands Up to Dragons!

"The wicked witch is dead!"
Editor's note: Fr. Sobus didn't choose the title for this post. I did. He is, indeed, a man of courage. May God give us many more such priests. Remember, you fathers out there, one of the most important things you can do for your children is to give them an example of courage. It isn't easy standing up to a corrupt bishop or a corrupt culture, but like the early Christian martyrs, we face murderous tyrants. Teach your children to be martyrs. It may come to that.

Fathers' Day Post by Fr. James Sobus

One of the most powerful scenes in that great classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, was the castle scene. Do you remember that one? Dorothy and her friends were trapped inside the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West and being chased by her furry castle guards and the flying monkeys. Then the grande encounter occurs: It’s Dorothy and her companions face to face against the Witch and her minions. It seemed the odds were completely against them. The scarecrow’s arm is set on fire by the Witch and Dorothy, in an attempt to save him grabs a bucket of water and tosses it at the burning arm but inadvertently splashes water on the Witch melting her to death. Then comes the moment of truth: what will the Witches’ minions do to Dorothy and her friends for having killed their leader??? To their shock and amazement, the soldiers bow down proclaiming, “Hail to Dorothy, the Wicked Witch is dead!”

Of Cults and Cult Leaders and the Sad Story of Fr. Jonathan Morris

It's painful to read the stories about former priest, Jonathan Morris, and his exit from the Legionairies of Christ and the priesthood. Steve Skojec wrote about his own experience with the Legionairies in Why I'm Not So Quick to Judge Jonathan Morris for Leaving the Priesthood. I laughed a little when I read the article (about not judging) because, as my colleague Chriss experienced personally, Skojec can be pretty quick to judge someone if he or she dares to disagree with him even in small matters. But that's a discussion for another day.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Islam in Canada's Public Schools - Boys in front, girls in back and girls with their period in the faaaar back

Muslims want you to know
that these 8 girls are menstruating.
Girls are not only separated from boys in this public school's mosque in the cafeteria, but girls having their periods are separated from girls not having their periods. 

All girls are separated from boys by a long barrier of folded wooden cafeteria tables. 

Next, girls having their periods are placed in the far back separated from girls not having their periods. Apparently, they are not to pray kneeling with their backsides toward Heaven like the others, so there's even a rule about that.

Who is checking which girls are having their periods? Or does this Islamic command go by the honor system? And has anyone checked the hijabed woman standing up front by the boys to see if she is currently menstruating? What makes her worthy of standing in the male section?

Friday, June 14, 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bishop Sheen in Rochester: The Alinsky Connection

In a 1974 Playboy interview Saul Alinsky said,
"If there is an afterlife, and I have anything to say
  about it, I will unreservedly choose to go to hell."
What can I say? The bloom is off the rose. I can still appreciate much of Fulton Sheen's work, but I can never read it again without a critical eye.  Learning about Sheen's Teilhard enthusiasm got me looking a little deeper into his social justice work. Stephanie Block, an expert on Alinsky community organizing, told me awhile back about Fulton Sheen's connections to Alinsky activities in Rochester. I didn't look into it at the time and forgot about it. It's disturbing to see that Sheen was an active enabler of Alinsky's radicalism. If he were alive today, I hope he would realize the error of some of his beliefs and actions and repudiate them. We'll never know. 

Would Sheen have supported a priest like Fr. Michael Pfleger in Chicago? I can't imagine it, but the priest he made his social justice guru, Fr. David Finks, sounds a lot like Pfleger who's even too much for liberal Cardinal Blase Cupich. Finks worked with the Alinsky organization FIGHT that targeted Kodak. During his tenure at the USCCB, he helped to create the notorious Catholic Campaign for Human Development which allowed Alinsky organizing groups (that support intrinsic evils condemned by the Church) to pick the pockets of the faithful. He later left the priesthood and married. And this was the man in whom Sheen put so much trust. It is disheartening to see how a man can be misled into undermining the good he does with their right hand, by the evil he supports with the left. But I don't intend to inter the good Sheen did with his bones. We have much to thank him for: his vigorous opposition to Communism, his constant urging for priests to make a daily holy hour, the excellence of so much of his writing, the conversions he fostered like Bella Dodd. Pray for Fulton Sheen and learn a little more about him in this 50 year old snapshot from Catholic Digest.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Th Devil's Advocate Needs to Look at This One! Fulton Sheen and Teilhard de Chardin: Strange Bedfellows?

Teilhard de Chardin
I've read many books by Fulton Sheen and watched a number of his old TV shows from Life is Worth Living. Much of what he's written is beautiful, insightful, and thought provoking. But one thing completely baffles me -- his fulminating admiration for Teilhard de Chardin. 

What got me thinking about this was a sermon I listened to from Pentecost Sunday contrasting the "Apostle of Rome," St. Phillip Neri, and Chardin, the "Apostle of Modern Thought," Chardin's story is creepy to say the least.

In his writings he describes an encounter in the desert with "The Thing" that sounds similar to the encounter Mohammed had in the desert with an angel, a dark angel for sure! As described, the event bears NO resemblance to any encounter with Christ any saint has ever described. I'm even curious as to whether the "companion" Chardin mentioned was a "spirit guide." Here's how Father described it in his sermon contrasting Chardin's bizarre encounter to the mystical union between St. Philip Neri and Jesus:

The Bus, The Bollard, and The Blessed Mother

We returned last week from our Pilgrimage to Italy with a small group from our parish, including our pastor, Fr. Dennis Kleinmann.  Three things in particular that we witnessed will forever stand out as the most remarkable memories of the trip. 

The first involves our tour bus, which was a normal European touring coach, our excellent driver, and our wonderful tour guide, Marco. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Good News from Wheeling: Three Bransfield Enablers Resign from Chancery! Bad News: Two Get Parishes!

Frederick Annie       Anthony Cincinnati        Kevin Quirk
Three "my Lords", Quirk, Annie, and Cincinnati have resigned from their Church leadership positions at the chancery after a Vatican report that found them complicit in enabling harassing and abusive behavior by Bishop Michael Bransfield.

No reason was given for the resignations, but Nabi wrote often about them and the people of Wheeling know they were all enablers (and beneficiaries one presumes) of Bransfield's gratitude for their silence. Annie bought the booze to the tune of tens of thousands of diocesan money. He lived with Bransfield which leads one to wonder whether he was the bishop's drinking buddy. 

Unfortunately, two of these men, Annie and Cincinnati, are getting local parishes. They better have good finance councils in place is all I can say. The poor people of Wheeling have suffered enough. I hope they refuse to bankroll these men.

How Long before the West is an Islamic Caliphate?

Diane Irving sent this today in an email. While most of our illegal immigration is Hispanic, the health crisis is real. And the liberals in Congress continue to turn a blind eye.


as of June 10, 2019

"Yesterday, at the hospital, we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable. Clinics cannot handle the number of migrant medical emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the main hospitals.

Money, money...who's got the money?

For Bishop Bransfield

I predict that the exposure of the financial disgrace in West Virginia is just the beginning. Is anyone so naive they think Bransfield was the only embezzler in a miter. As a priest warned me recently, "Don't trust anyone in a pointy hat."

Every cleric who accepted money from Bransfield should be investigated along with what they are doing with money in their own dioceses. Open the books! How many other bishops are doing exactly the same thing Bransfield was doing in Wheeling? How many, like Bransfield, look at their diocesan bank accounts and say, "It belongs to me?" 

In view of the mansions and luxury vacation homes of so many, I suspect their number is legion. As Lord Action said, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." These bishops operate in many cases with absolute power. The financial overseers in Wheeling did not do their jobs. How many other financial boards in other dioceses also bow to the perverted will and whims of their bishops and let them squander millions of dollars on their personal lifestyles while they close parishes and schools? 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Another Reason to Hate the Glory and Praise Hymnal

David Haas, How Catholic is he? Not very, folks.
Let's face it many Glory and Praise composers are about as Catholic as Pope Francis and that isn't saying much! But David Haas -- Yikes!

David Haas writes gay refrain for "pride month."

My colleague, Janet from Restore D.C. Catholicism, outed Haas and his dissent several years ago in Why I will never again sing anything by David Haas. The comments on her post are very revealing, both the positive and the negative. Of course, the negative comments accuse her being judgmental and filled with hate. That is the boring mantra of the liberal Catholic. Ho-hum...If you disagree with me and my liberal pro-gay, anti-orthodoxy, cafeteria values you are evil, hateful, a homophobe, a racist, a misogynist, a climate denier, a child abuser, judgmental...and ugly. Are you yawning?

Monday Morning Musings on Modesty

Is Dad guarding your family?
I was just reading a great post on Dymphna's blog about modesty.

So many parents these days seem to consider Mass as no different from a day at the beach! Hey, you want to wear short shorts and a tank top to meet the Lor of the Universe?, No problem. But really, parents, modesty is the guardian of chastity. Do you care about your kids' souls?

Dymphna mentioned the responsibility of the mother and so did someone commenting on the post, and clearly, moms are the ones who generally go shopping with their kids, so the purchase of modest clothing falls squarely on Mom. She plays a major role in fostering the virtue of modesty.

But Mom is not, ultimately, the one who has the greatest responsibility to protect her children. DAD DOES! He is the guardian of the family!


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Body Snatcher Dolan Finallly has to Let Archbishop Fulton Sheen Go to Peoria!

Fulton Sheen remains will move to Peoria, NY archdiocese says

After three years of litigation and beaucoup bucks paid to high profile lawyers, Cardinal Dolan and the Archdiocese of New York lost the final appeal to keep the remains of Archbishop Fulton Sheen in New York. It would be interesting to know the rationale behind New York's decision to renege on a 2002 agreement to allow the move, since they had no interest in pursing Sheen's cause for sainthood.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Will Huge Church Financial Scandals be Next?

In view of the on-going scandals in Wheeling with disgraced Bishop Michael Bransfield, one can expect the answer is a resounding YES. I was told years ago by a priest friend on the West Coast that a papal financial advisor privy to inside information was predicting the next huge scandal would be over the money. There is too much money and too little accountability. Rod Dreher recently weighed in on the Bransfield scandal here based on the Washington Post's expose. Here's a bit of his commentary:

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Nabi Sendeth: Bransfield used Wheeling like his Personal ATM

Poor Michael He's whining that "Everybody's
trying to destroy my reputation. These people
are terrible to me." Poor baby.
I received a WAPO article from Nabi this morning.

Records Show Bransfield Gave $350,000 to Powerful Bishops and Cardinals. Administrator Bishop Lori got $10,500. He's going to give it back. Lots of others on the list including some surprising names.

From the article:
During his 13 years as bishop in West Virginia, one of the poorest states in the nation, Bransfield spent $2.4 million in church money on travel, much of it personal, which included flying in chartered jets and staying in luxury hotels, according to the report. Bransfield and several subordinates spent an average of nearly $1,000 a month on alcohol, it says. The West Virginia diocese paid $4.6 million to renovate Bransfield’s church residence after a fire damaged a single bathroom. When Bransfield was in the chancery, an administrative building, fresh flowers were delivered daily, at a cost of about $100 a day — almost $182,000 in all.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Looking for Brave Bishops who Speak the Truth in Love!

DANGER! Road out ahead.
Supposing you meet a friend who tells you he is driving to the mountains on a road you know well.
There is a section of the road around a blind curve that runs along a cliff. You know that the road was washed out in a recent storm. Several people have driven up the cliff road only to end their days plunging off the edge and onto the rocks below. The police have put warnings along the road, but someone keeps taking them down and puts up signs about the wonderful views from the top of the mountain. They obviously have a macabre sense of humor because the last sign before the curve is "Welcome to heaven."

Tell me, would it be an act of charity to say to your friend, "That really is a lovely mountain and the views are stupendous. Have a great time!" Everything you said is the truth, but you left out an important piece of information. Would you console yourself later after your friend takes the plunge by saying, "Well...everything I said was true?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tweeting the Truth! Send a big thank you to Bishop Tobin.

When a bishop acts like a bishop, something all too rare today, we need to thank him. So I urge you to send Bishop Tobin a big thank you for tweeting the truth. Some are saying he apologized after a tremendous international (and hate-filled) backlash, but that isn't true.

Here's the tweet. Simple. It just tells Catholics the truth. A friend of mine from the San Francisco area describes the parades there where homosexuals go nude, masturbate in public, engage in sodomy in the street, where S&M garb as master and slave, etc. Yes indeed, "pride" events celebrate grave immorality. Bishop Tobin spoke the simple truth.

Monday, June 3, 2019

More Crazy Ideas from the Left! This one is good for a Monday morning guffaw!

Christina Cauterucci looking for her lost brain. 
The hate Donald Trump crowd has tried it all: fake Russian collusion hoax, deep state treason, attacking cabinet members (literally) at restaurants and movie theaters, etc. What's next on the agenda?

The Grandkid strike! according to lesbian Slate author, Christina Cauterucci who's married to a woman who dresses like a man.

Really! I'm not kidding. The subtitle on the article at Slate is, get this:

"Here’s an idea! Change your parents’ bad voting habits by refusing to breed."

Now, really, if one of my children suggested this, I would laugh and say. "Goodness, maybe the world will be better off if you don't "breed." I hate to think of the ramifications for the little ones if you do!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

"Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here."

Euthanasia enters a new super-diabolical level with SARCO, an invention of Satan himself.

Oh joy!