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Nabi Sayeth... Diocese of Wheeling Charleston

9/17/18 Follow the Money in the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston

9/18/18 Listen up, Bishops

9/19/18 FORMER Bishop Bransfield and His Lavish Lifestyle

9/20/18 It's Time for Purging, Not Splurging

9/21/18 Expose the Scandals

9/22/18 Where Have All the Good Shepherds Gone?

9/23/18 We Have Been Deceived Beginning with the Dallas Document of Deception!

9/24/18 Pew Sitters, Rise Up!

9/25/18 Lust for Power and Prestige Pollute the Church

9/26/18 Blind Trust and Unquestioning Obedience are NOT Virtues!

9/27/18 Never, Never, Never Give Up!

9/28/18 If the Chancery Walls Could Talk What a Story They Would Tell

9/29/18 Beware the Lavender Amigos

9/30/18 Who's Teaching the Teachers?

10/1/18 The Master Will Proclaim, "Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant!"

10/2/18 Beware a House Built on Sand

10/3/18 God's Justice is Coming

10/5/18 A Soul is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

10/6/18 How Much Did the Faithful Pay for Bransfield's Life of Luxurious Debauchery?

10/8/18 Parents Beware, Msgr. Dean Borgmeyer is a Porn-Loving Pastor

10/9/18 Church Clean Up Day

10/10/18 How Could It Happen?

10/11/18 NO! No Homosexuals in the Priesthood

10/12/18 The Sordid History of Wheeling Charleston Goes Waaaay Back

10/12/18 Nabi-Related Post: Homosexual Clergy Scandal and Money Scandals Go Together Like 
                                               Bread and Butter

10/13/18 A Sad but Enlightening Story

10/14/18 How Sick is Sick?

10/15/18 There's a Sinister Back Story to the Homosexual Infestation of the Church


altot said...

Can you comment on what happened to the morning post from October 4th? It was there around 10am and the it was gone.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

The post was honoring a deceased woman in the diocese, but her sister took exception to the post and, out of respect for the family, it was removed. Frankly I was sorry to take it down because the mother's sacrificial love for her child showed the exact opposite of what Nabi has been criticizing in the actions of the bishops toward children. But I thought getting involved in contentious discussion would be unfortunate, so I bowed to the wishes of her sister.

Please pray for the family.