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Nabi Sayeth... Diocese of Wheeling Charleston

9/17/18 Follow the Money in the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston

9/18/18 Listen up, Bishops

9/19/18 FORMER Bishop Bransfield and His Lavish Lifestyle

9/20/18 It's Time for Purging, Not Splurging

9/21/18 Expose the Scandals

9/22/18 Where Have All the Good Shepherds Gone?

9/23/18 We Have Been Deceived Beginning with the Dallas Document of Deception!

9/24/18 Pew Sitters, Rise Up!

9/25/18 Lust for Power and Prestige Pollute the Church

9/26/18 Blind Trust and Unquestioning Obedience are NOT Virtues!

9/27/18 Never, Never, Never Give Up!

9/28/18 If the Chancery Walls Could Talk What a Story They Would Tell

9/29/18 Beware the Lavender Amigos

9/30/18 Who's Teaching the Teachers?

10/1/18 The Master Will Proclaim, "Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant!"

10/2/18 Beware a House Built on Sand

10/3/18 God's Justice is Coming

10/5/18 A Soul is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

10/6/18 How Much Did the Faithful Pay for Bransfield's Life of Luxurious Debauchery?

10/8/18 Parents Beware, Msgr. Dean Borgmeyer is a Porn-Loving Pastor

10/9/18 Church Clean Up Day

10/10/18 How Could It Happen?

10/11/18 NO! No Homosexuals in the Priesthood

10/12/18 The Sordid History of Wheeling Charleston Goes Waaaay Back

10/12/18 Nabi-Related Post: Homosexual Clergy Scandal and Money Scandals Go Together Like 
Bread and Butter

10/13/18 A Sad but Enlightening Story

10/14/18 How Sick is Sick?

10/15/18 There's a Sinister Back Story to the Homosexual Infestation of the Church

10/16/18 Climbers, Climbers Everywhere

10/17/18 The Health of the Flock Depends on the Shepherds

10/18/18 The Games They Played in the Seminary

10/19/18 When Wolves Guard the Chicken Coops

10/20/18 Protecting Predators Arms the State for Attacks on the Church

10/21/18 Are Seminaries the Hierarchy's Playground?

10/21/18 Nabi Related: Break the Silence -- Archbishop Vigano's Third Letter

10/22/18 A Sad Seminary Story: Beware Worldly Spiritual Directors

10/23/18 Connect the Dots

10/24/18 God Sends Prophets -- Archbishop Vigano

10/25/18 Where Have All the Good Sisters Gone?

10/26/18 Hope Springs Eternal

10/27/18 Get Back to the Mission

10/28/18 Clergy Cat Fights vs. the Corporal Works of Mercy

10/29/18 I've Had Enough! The Church's History of Charity

10/30/18 A Vivid Dichotomy between the Bishop of Bling and a Persecuted Chinese Priest

10/31/18 Where is the Hierarchy When It Comes to Protecting the Lambs?

11/01/18 Who in the Hierarchy is Willing to Lay Down His Life for the flock?

11/02/18 What Made FORMER Bishop Bransfield Tick?

11/03/18 Absurdity of Absurdities, All Is Absurdity

11/04/18 All Faithful Catholics Must Read and Heed!

11/05/18 Ruth Study Shows Correlation Between Homosexual Priests and Child Sex Abuse

11/06/18 Is This One More PR Campaign from our Clueless Bishops?

11/07/18 But What If He [Bransfield] Doesn't Repent?

11/08/18 Who Didn't Know About Bishop Michael Bransfield

11/09/18 An Historical Look at the Plague of Homosexuality in the Church

11/10/18 Why is So Little Being Said about Sin?

11/11/18 Is There a Papal Whisper Campaign?

11/12/18 The Bishops May as Well Go Home! Thanks, Pope Francis

11/13/18 Didn't the Bishops Get the Memo?

11/13/18 The Disaster that is the U.S. Bishops

11/14/18 Catholics: Called to Join the Counterculture against the Homosexual Movement

11/15/18 Christ is our King!

11/16/18 Fear Not the Gift of the Holy Spirit

11/17/18  To Whom Do the Bishops Pledge Allegiance?

11/18/18 Is the Cream Rising to the Top?

11/19/18  Which Way is Up?

11/20/18  Shepherds, When Will You Speak about the LBTQI Insanity?

11/21/18 Why Are We Doing What We Do?

11/22/18  A Collage of Chaos

11/23/18 How Did This Immoral Mess Happen?

11/24/18 This is Serious Business

11/24/18 All that Glisters is Not Gold

11/25/18 No Wonder So Many People Are Confused

11/26/18 Bishops' Child Protection Programs are Smoke Screens

11/27/18 Will the Vatican "Committee" Just Be Another Heapin' Helpin' Dose of Bureaucracy?

11/28/18 What Happened in a Mere 132 Years?

11/29/18 The Homosexual Abuse Problem is Worldwide!

11/30/18 If Only They Would Try to Live Like Saints Like Fr. Willie Doyle

12/1/18 Shock of Shocks! How Shocked Are We at This Point?

12/2/18 Rot in the Women's Religious Orders

12/3/18 It's not about the Money...Is It?

12/4/18 Where Did It All Begin?

12/5/18 Is There Cause for Hope?

12/6/18 Is Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal Impacting the Suicide Crisis?

12/7/18 Suicide Crisis Continued

12/8/18 Celebrate Our Lady on Her Feast of the Immaculate Conception

12/9/18 Humble People Listen to God's Messengers

12/10/18 No Man Can Serve Two Masters

12/11/18 The Climbers are Sociopaths

12/12/18 Let the Climbers Learn from the Humble African Bishops

12/13/18 Root of the Abuse Crisis is the Gay Clergy Lobby

12/15/18 Gaudete Sunday is Upon Us

12/16/18 What do You See When You Look at the Holy Babe?

12/17/18 The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

3/19/19  West Virginia Attorney General Files Suit against Diocese and Bransfield

3/23/19 Nabi Warned Us: The Foxes are Guarding the Chicken Coop

3/24/19 Fr. Pat Wash: Sexual Deviant

6/5/19 Bransfield Used the Diocese of Wheeling as his Personal ATM

6/10/19 Will Huge Financial Scandals be Next?

6/11/19 Money, money, who's got the money?

6/11/19 Three Bransfield Enablers Resign, Two Get Parishes