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Nabi Sayeth... Diocese of Wheeling Charleston

9/17/18 Follow the Money in the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston

9/18/18 Listen up, Bishops

9/19/18 FORMER Bishop Bransfield and His Lavish Lifestyle

9/20/18 It's Time for Purging, Not Splurging

9/21/18 Expose the Scandals

9/22/18 Where Have All the Good Shepherds Gone?

9/23/18 We Have Been Deceived Beginning with the Dallas Document of Deception!

9/24/18 Pew Sitters, Rise Up!

9/25/18 Lust for Power and Prestige Pollute the Church

9/26/18 Blind Trust and Unquestioning Obedience are NOT Virtues!

9/27/18 Never, Never, Never Give Up!

9/28/18 If the Chancery Walls Could Talk What a Story They Would Tell

9/29/18 Beware the Lavender Amigos

9/30/18 Who's Teaching the Teachers?

10/1/18 The Master Will Proclaim, "Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant!"

10/2/18 Beware a House Built on Sand

10/3/18 God's Justice is Coming

10/5/18 A Soul is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

10/6/18 How Much Did the Faithful Pay for Bransfield's Life of Luxurious Debauchery?

10/8/18 Parents Beware, Msgr. Dean Borgmeyer is a Porn-Loving Pastor

10/9/18 Church Clean Up Day

10/10/18 How Could It Happen?

10/11/18 NO! No Homosexuals in the Priesthood

10/12/18 The Sordid History of Wheeling Charleston Goes Waaaay Back

10/12/18 Nabi-Related Post: Homosexual Clergy Scandal and Money Scandals Go Together Like 
Bread and Butter

10/13/18 A Sad but Enlightening Story

10/14/18 How Sick is Sick?

10/15/18 There's a Sinister Back Story to the Homosexual Infestation of the Church

10/16/18 Climbers, Climbers Everywhere

10/17/18 The Health of the Flock Depends on the Shepherds

10/18/18 The Games They Played in the Seminary

10/19/18 When Wolves Guard the Chicken Coops

10/20/18 Protecting Predators Arms the State for Attacks on the Church

10/21/18 Are Seminaries the Hierarchy's Playground?

10/21/18 Nabi Related: Break the Silence -- Archbishop Vigano's Third Letter

10/22/18 A Sad Seminary Story: Beware Worldly Spiritual Directors

10/23/18 Connect the Dots

10/24/18 God Sends Prophets -- Archbishop Vigano

10/25/18 Where Have All the Good Sisters Gone?

10/26/18 Hope Springs Eternal

10/27/18 Get Back to the Mission

10/28/18 Clergy Cat Fights vs. the Corporal Works of Mercy

10/29/18 I've Had Enough! The Church's History of Charity

10/30/18 A Vivid Dichotomy between the Bishop of Bling and a Persecuted Chinese Priest

10/31/18 Where is the Hierarchy When It Comes to Protecting the Lambs?

11/01/18 Who in the Hierarchy is Willing to Lay Down His Life for the flock?

11/02/18 What Made FORMER Bishop Bransfield Tick?

11/03/18 Absurdity of Absurdities, All Is Absurdity

11/04/18 All Faithful Catholics Must Read and Heed!

11/05/18 Ruth Study Shows Correlation Between Homosexual Priests and Child Sex Abuse

11/06/18 Is This One More PR Campaign from our Clueless Bishops?

11/07/18 But What If He [Bransfield] Doesn't Repent?

11/08/18 Who Didn't Know About Bishop Michael Bransfield

11/09/18 An Historical Look at the Plague of Homosexuality in the Church

11/10/18 Why is So Little Being Said about Sin?

11/11/18 Is There a Papal Whisper Campaign?

11/12/18 The Bishops May as Well Go Home! Thanks, Pope Francis

11/13/18 Didn't the Bishops Get the Memo?

11/13/18 The Disaster that is the U.S. Bishops

11/14/18 Catholics: Called to Join the Counterculture against the Homosexual Movement

11/15/18 Christ is our King!

11/16/18 Fear Not the Gift of the Holy Spirit

11/17/18  To Whom Do the Bishops Pledge Allegiance?

11/18/18 Is the Cream Rising to the Top?

11/19/18  Which Way is Up?

11/20/18  Shepherds, When Will You Speak about the LBTQI Insanity?

11/21/18 Why Are We Doing What We Do?

11/22/18  A Collage of Chaos

11/23/18 How Did This Immoral Mess Happen?

11/24/18 This is Serious Business

11/24/18 All that Glisters is Not Gold

11/25/18 No Wonder So Many People Are Confused

11/26/18 Bishops' Child Protection Programs are Smoke Screens

11/27/18 Will the Vatican "Committee" Just Be Another Heapin' Helpin' Dose of Bureaucracy?

11/28/18 What Happened in a Mere 132 Years?

11/29/18 The Homosexual Abuse Problem is Worldwide!

11/30/18 If Only They Would Try to Live Like Saints Like Fr. Willie Doyle

12/1/18 Shock of Shocks! How Shocked Are We at This Point?

12/2/18 Rot in the Women's Religious Orders

12/3/18 It's not about the Money...Is It?

12/4/18 Where Did It All Begin?

12/5/18 Is There Cause for Hope?

12/6/18 Is Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal Impacting the Suicide Crisis?

12/7/18 Suicide Crisis Continued

12/8/18 Celebrate Our Lady on Her Feast of the Immaculate Conception

12/9/18 Humble People Listen to God's Messengers

12/10/18 No Man Can Serve Two Masters

12/11/18 The Climbers are Sociopaths

12/12/18 Let the Climbers Learn from the Humble African Bishops

12/13/18 Root of the Abuse Crisis is the Gay Clergy Lobby

12/15/18 Gaudete Sunday is Upon Us

12/16/18 What do You See When You Look at the Holy Babe?

12/17/18 The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

3/19/19  West Virginia Attorney General Files Suit against Diocese and Bransfield

3/23/19 Nabi Warned Us: The Foxes are Guarding the Chicken Coop

3/24/19 Fr. Pat Wash: Sexual Deviant

6/5/19 Bransfield Used the Diocese of Wheeling as his Personal ATM

6/10/19 Will Huge Financial Scandals be Next?

6/11/19 Money, money, who's got the money?

6/11/19 Three Bransfield Enablers Resign, Two Get Parishes


  1. Can you comment on what happened to the morning post from October 4th? It was there around 10am and the it was gone.

  2. The post was honoring a deceased woman in the diocese, but her sister took exception to the post and, out of respect for the family, it was removed. Frankly I was sorry to take it down because the mother's sacrificial love for her child showed the exact opposite of what Nabi has been criticizing in the actions of the bishops toward children. But I thought getting involved in contentious discussion would be unfortunate, so I bowed to the wishes of her sister.

    Please pray for the family.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.