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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Heat's On and It's Changing the Pelletiers Prospects!

The foster home in Merrimac where Justina Pelletier was scheduled to be moved has backed out. After supporters reported a vigil for this Saturday, the facility said no way and refused to accept her. Too much controversy! That's good and certainly a sign public pressure has raised the ante. Seems like the Judge is also feeling the heat. The West Hartford Patch reports that he is now willing to consider a release plan that will return Justina home under some kind of "supervision." Lawyers will report on "the plan" on March 17th.

Judge Reportedly Open to Justina Pelletier Returning Home to West Hartford

Time will tell whether this is just one more delaying tactic by the court and DCF, but it's good to see that two Massachusetts state senators are supporting the Pelletiers and twelve others signed on to a resolution for DCF to begin proceedings to release Justina to her parents. Such a resolution can't come too soon. 

Read more:

Major Updates in Justina Pelletier Case: Lawmakers Get Involved, Teen Will Not Be Transferred to Foster Care

And Legalizing Pot is Good...Why?

Fatal car crashes involving pot use have tripled in U.S.

Justina Pelletier's Situation is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

These articles give a wider view into the fight over Justina's treatment. If you really want to understand what's happening read "Wards of the state" by Joel McDurmon. Justina's predicament is all about the battle between the Christian principles of parental authority and the usurping "nanny state" belief that children belong to the state. This diabolical claim

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Establishment Republicans Watch Out!

Bob Goodlatte is my representative. I like Bob. He votes pro-life and he's a decent guy. But he's been in Congress a long time and tends to be an establishment fixture. I think that's a great danger to freedom. Whenever anyone proposes a primary run against him you get the, "But Bob is powerful," speech. That doesn't encourage me; it makes me nervous. As they say, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." So, frankly, I'm glad to see a primary challenger, Paul Bevington, even if he is inexperienced and lacks confidence in public speaking. Hey, that comes with practice. 

The fact that Bob Goodlatte and Eric Cantor face primary challengers is good news indeed. John Boehner has challengers as well. As a matter of fact, seven of twelve Republican senators face Tea Party challengers this year. One of the most interesting races will be in Texas where Sen. John Cornyn faces firebrand Congressman Steve Stockman. Among his bumper stickers in his last election was this flamethrower: "If babies had guns they wouldn’t be aborted.” Go, Steve! 

Even if the Tea Party candidates lose, primary challenges push Republicans to the right. And that's a lot better than being in the wrong. And one other thing is for sure. Despite prognostications from the "we wish it were true" faction of the Republican Party, the Tea Party is far from dead. Plenty of American patriots are sick of the status quo and establishment Republican wonks. They are political activists and they aren't afraid to be unpopular. When you consider that only about 20% of citizens favored the American Revolution, it gives you hope that maybe, just maybe we can take our country back! By the grace of God and the work of our hands all things are possible!

Another Great Article on Common Core...

...from my friend Stephanie Block.

Hang on to your hat

Who Will Save Justina?

Who's abusing Justina? Look at the photo of this happy 15-year-old a year ago when she was participating in ice skating competitions to the wheelchair bound child of today. DCF accused the parents of abuse? It's pretty obvious who is abusing this child and holding her hostage. If the parents hadn't seen the red lines from her shunt indicating blood poisoning, this kid might be dead already. At this point the court and DCF are digging in their heels. Why? Think about it. Their error is self evident and now they're covering up their incompetence and abuse. Justina is just collateral damage. And if she dies on their watch they will no doubt rush to cremate her so no autopsy can be performed.

Share information on Justina widely before DCF kills her! Please say a novena of rosaries through the intercession of the Blessed Mother and St. Jude that Justina will be rescued from Massachusetts DCF. And visit Personhood USA and their Free Justina Project. It's obvious from this story that government thugs could do this to any family. Join the fight to save Justina. As her dad, Lou, says,  "A child's life is on the line."

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More on Justina Pelletier's Abuse

Judge’s Decision Sending Justina Pelletier to Foster Care Over Parents’ Objection Upsets Pro-Lifers

Excuse my cynicism, but I suspect this is all about money. Child services makes big bucks off of every child sucked into the system. It's corrupt and its massive. Will these parents get their daughter back facing these bureaucratic tyrants? 

And what's going on with this judge and his unconstitutional gag order? Somebody needs to investigate the relationship between Judge Joseph Johnston, Boston Children's Hospital, and DCF. Something stinks in the state of Massachusetts. What's clear is that a child whose illness was being managed is now wheelchair bound, being denied an education, being forcibly held hostage by DCF, and is in danger of actually dying from her mistreatment. 

Please pray for this poor child and her family! And share every bit of information far and wide. These monsters can only get away with this because they try to do it in the dark. 

The End of an Era: Good-bye, Maria, Rest in Peace!

The last of the original seven children of the Von Trapp Family, Maria, has died. It is the end of an era. Watch this fascinating documentary about the REAL family of the Sound of Music.

Here We Go Again: Insanity in the Force!

Police Charge Kid with Felony for Throwing a Snowball

Tell me we aren't living in a madhouse! This is so ironic when you consider that after every snowfall in D.C. there's a huge neighborhood snow war at Dupont Circle. But hey, hitting a cop with a snowball fails to show proper respect. The kid should have made a big fat badge-wearing snowman eating a doughnut!

Wilson High School Censors Pro-Life Group

Poster censored by Wilson H.S.
Public High School Censors Pro-Life Students, But Not Pro-Homosexual Group
Interesting, isn't it, that defending the right-to-life is deemed "offensive," but promoting homosexuality (which includes depraved practices like anal sex, fisting, etc.) is perfectly fine. Which club is healthier for students? Consider the fact that MSMs (men who have sex with men) are at a much higher risk of STDs than those who don't. In fact, their risk of deadly diseases is more than 40% higher according to the CDC. Did anyone ever get AIDS or chlamydia, or syphilis from defending life? But Wilson High administrators would rather promote a club that is a health risk to students than one defending the life of all people from its first beginning to its natural end. Seems like the Father of Lies is entrenched at Wilson.

But the Thomas More Society is working with the Bryce Ashberg who founded the pro-life club and other students to protect their constitutional rights. Send a message to Wilson administrators that their unconstitutional censorship will not go unchallenged. Go here and sign the petition. Be polite but firm.

Virginia Governor Knows How to Pick 'Em

Federal probe finds McAuliffe’s commerce secretary improperly lobbied Congress

Terry McAuliffe knows how to pick lackeys who are experts at putting on the pressure. He's in charge of the drink and schmooze detail and will, no doubt, leave the heavy stuff to his enforcers. Tighten your seat built, Virginia, and hang on to your wallet. McAuliffe has already indicated he'll follow the lead of the tyrant-in-chief to get what he wants. And his Attorney General is already acting on liberal principles by refusing to defend Virginia's law banning same-sex marriage. If you can't win at the ballot box, hey, no problemo. You're the guv; do whatever you want.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Legal Kidnapping of Justina Pelletier: How Can This Happen In the United States?

One year ago, Justina Pelletier was living the life of a normal 15-year-old going to school, celebrating family parties, ice skating, and enjoying life. Although she has mitochondrial disease, she was being treated at Tufts and was able to function normally. Then she got the flu and, due to possible complications from her mitochondrial disease, doctors at Tufts recommended the family go to Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) where her gastrointestinal doctor had recently transferred. That's when the nightmare began after an emergency room doctor said it was all in her head, put her in the psych ward, and sicced the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) on the Pelletiers. They also banned involvement from any other doctors.

In one year, Justina has gone from living a normal life to being partially paralyzed and in continuous pain with no treatment for her mitochondrial disorder. Today the judge who initiated this horror show ordered her into non-medical foster care under the custody of DCF. Read about it here, here, and here and watch the video interview with her dad who is fighting to save his daughter's life.

Essentially Justina has been kidnapped by the Massachusetts DCF, BCH, and the court, a scenario all too common in this country.

What Price Will You Pay?

Every choice we make in life has a price tag attached. The person who chooses a lifetime of cigarettes may pay the price with emphysema, COPD, and cancer. The person who chooses ambition and financial success may pay the price in a destroyed family life and devastated relationships despite being surrounded with expensive toys. 

Feminists would have us believe that abortion has no cost. In fact, they say, you end up in the plus column with an enhanced quality of life and freedom to be whatever you want to be. Millions of women have bought the lie believing they are choosing happiness with no down payment. But the reality is that women pay a high price for their "reproductive rights." There's no such thing as a choice without consequences. How big a price is attached to abortion? Here's an excerpt from a Washington Times article:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Idiocy on Display in Austin

The moment woman jogger in headphones is knocked to the floor and handcuffed by cops because she didn't hear when they tried to ticket her for jaywalking

And just think, this idiocy got Austin headlines in the U.K. That should bring them plenty of tourists.

Way to go, big (fat) brave coppers. Knock down that jogging gal and drag her to jail. Sheesh! You must be the laughing stock of the U.K.! You sure have made yourselves a laughing stock on social media.

This is where we are today. You can kill babies, you can smuggle drugs in over the border, you can target conservatives, you can do invasive pat downs of toddlers and old people in wheel chairs. None of that will get the blink of an eye from law enforcement. But cross the street against the red light? Wow! Just wow! By the way, somebody at Austin PD needs to give these guys gym memberships. Too many doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. I'm surprised they could catch the jogger! This really gives cops a bad name! And as the sister of a retired cop, I'm embarrassed for these guys!

Contraceptives: The Real War on Women!

US athlete says she missed shot at Olympics because of blood clots from contraceptive device

Chemical contraceptives are poison. If you are using them, I beg you to read the insert that comes with the package AND TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! Too bad Olympic hopeful Megan Henry didn't. Why should a healthy woman have to take a strong drug every day to "control" a normal bodily process? Contraceptive chemicals treat a woman like she's defective because of her fertility which is treated like a disease. Many women find out the hard way that contraceptive chemicals injure and even kill. Want to see some women who died from their chemical birth control method? Go here

Rikki Lake is doing a documentary on the pill and its dangers. Good for her. Read the article at LifeSiteNews and consider the million and billion dollar payouts from big pharma to the women damaged by these methods. (Remember the Dalkon Shield?) Hey, they make so much money they can afford to pay off a class action suit occasionally. Birth control chemicals are among the most lucrative drugs on the market. They illustrate the biblical admonition that "love of money is the root of all evils."

It's time to expose the real war on women. 

IRS Corruption: Systematic Persecution of Liberty!

The IRS scandal continues to dog the administration without, apparently, any change in its policy of persecution. Last August the IRS apologized for targeting conservative groups, but it continues. Bullying and intimidation are the name of the game and it was reserved for conservative groups. The House Ways and Means Committee investigation found that 100% of the groups targeted were conservative. Not a single exception! Obama's claim that there wasn't a "smidgen" of corruption was accurate; it's a tsunami! The ACLJ has a petition calling for an independent prosecutor to investigate IRS corruption. Please sign it here. If the government can get away with using federal bullies to harass and intimidate Americans, we are close to losing our freedoms. Lady Liberty is shown with a blindfold, but liberals have switched it for a laser beam aimed at those who love liberty. (IRS policy included targeting for scrutiny groups with "liberty" or "patriot" in their name!) Here's just one group that was put through the wringer.

Remember what caused the American Revolution?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Time to Resurrect the Inquisition?

When you read what some Catholic universities are doing these days, it's hard not to pine for the good old days when Torquemada took a firm hand with heretics. He wouldn't have a hard time finding them today - just visit most Jesuit schools. Here's one example, Santa Clara, that recently hosted a "Rainbow Prom" to shill for same-sex marriage. The U.S. bishops may be defending traditional marriage, but this Jesuit school essentially says...well...I can't say it because I'm a lady. 

And then there's Gonzaga University, another Jesuit school, with a history of providing a platform to liberal speakers at its Flannery Lecture Series. No orthodox professors need apply. Among the featured heretics are the infamous Charlie Curran who led the rebellion against Humanae Vitae and may no longer teach as a Catholic theologian. Proponents of same-sex marriage are regularly welcomed including Father Bryan Massingale from Marquette and Michael Himes from Boston College (both Jesuit schools). Himes has reportedly said, “If it is true that there are people who are irretrievably homosexual, then it is vicious to tell them they can’t get married. To tell someone they have to be celibate is absolutely mad.” Wow! Anal sex good -- celibacy bad! This is Catholic?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Of Fruit Basket Upset and the Crazy Gender World!

We took two of our little granddaughters out to breakfast yesterday. They're five and two and love to hear stories about when we were little. So I told them about a game I used to play with my brothers and sisters. I was one of ten children, #4, and growing up there were always plenty of playmates around even if we were all siblings. We had a wonderful screened in porch where we could be as noisy and rambunctious as we pleased without bothering our parents. And one of the great games we played was called "Fruitbasket Upset." I wonder if any of today's kids have ever played it.

The way the game goes is to set up a line of chairs all facing the same direction, one fewer than the number of players. Each of us kids would pick a different fruit. I asked Anya what fruit she would like to be and she chose Cherry. I said I would be Banana. The person without a chair is IT and stands in front of the group about ten feet away. IT calls out two fruits, say Cherry and Banana and Anya and I would have to change chairs before IT could get to one of them. If IT called "Fruit basket upset!" everyone had to change chairs. Whoever was chairless after the melee was the new IT! Fun game.

It's strange how the mind works though. Since Sunday, when I blogged about the Genderqueer article in the Washington Post, I've been involved in a discussion in the comments section about different "genders." As far as I'm concerned it's all nonsense. There are two sexes, male and female, and all the rest comes out of the Twilight Zone. Gender is a linguistic term for identifying word endings in Latin and a handful of other languages not a trait based on how you feel about yourself. But Facebook recognizes 51 genders so, hey, I must be wrong. Everyone grovels before the Facebook god, right?

Getting back to how my mind works, last night I saw all the fruits in Fruitbasket Upset exchanged for genders. Instead of IT calling, "Cherry and Banana," he called out "Lesbian and Intersex" or "Genderqueer and Bisexual" or "Gay and Straight." The entire image in my mind gave new meaning to the term "fruitbasket upset!" I may never be able to think of the game again without laughing, although the gender theory travesty is certainly no laughing matter. But some things are so tragic and deviant that the only adequate response is to laugh.

I explained that to my oldest (who was sixteen at the time) when I had cancer almost thirty years ago. She heard me engaging in black humor with my friends about dying and it made her angry. She came to me crying saying, "How can you joke about it?" Obviously she was scared. So was I! I hugged her and said, "Honey, some things are so serious that the only way to handle it is to joke about it. Otherwise you'd cry all the time." When I said that to my daughter I was only talking about the death of the body. Today with gender madness we are talking about the death of souls. We can shake our heads with a rueful laugh; but we sure better be praying and fasting to drive the demons out and rescue poor enslaved men and women, the only two genders on the planet!

Evangelii Gaudium Continued: Chapter III


Pope Francis begins this chapter by emphasizing that the Church is more than an institution. "She is first and foremost a people advancing on its pilgrim way towards God." But we are more than passive pilgrims like tourists visiting a shrine. We are called to be evangelizing pilgrims:
The Church is sent by Jesus Christ as the sacrament of the salvation offered by God. Through her evangelizing activity, she cooperates as an instrument of that divine grace which works unceasingly and inscrutably.
Wow! What a vocation. Each of us is called to be a channel of grace for others. As evangelizers we have a job to do that the pope articulates:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gang of Eight Bill Levies $5000 Penalty on Businesses for Hiring Citizens or Legal Immigrants!

There's a tax incentive to hire ILLEGALS over citizens and LEGAL immigrants! Take a look at the video below where Ted Cruz shows how the Gang of Eight bill gives illegals special status that means they have an advantage over citizens and legal immigrants. This is shocking! Is this what our bishops favor in their push for amnesty? This is why we need the tea party and people like Ted Cruz in Congress. Let's replace GOP establishment wonks with Republicans like Ted Cruz. Between amnesty and Obamacare, the American citizen is in big trouble! No work for citizens and legals, full time employment for those who came here illegally.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Lies, LIes, and More Lies: It's the Left's Mantra

I have a confession to make. When I was five years old I stole a little trinket off the dresser of the little girl next door. Well, actually it was a miniature beer bottle and I was really curious about what was inside. So I tucked it into the pocket of my purple sunsuit, took it home, opened it, and tasted it. Blah!

Now why am I sharing this? Because my five year old conscience was pricked so deeply that I decided then and there I would never steal anything again. And since lying is a form of stealing -- stealing the truth from others -- I also developed a deep aversion to lying. 

One thing I can say about myself is that I'm honest. I don't lie, I don't cheat, and I don't steal. I have other faults and temptations to sin, but they aren't in the honesty department.

And that's one of the reasons I find the left so frustrating. Not only do they lie, but they've raised lying to an art form. President Obama is an expert, but the left in general are afficionados of the lie. And, in fact, it appears to be a virtue in their rule of life. Let's take a look at the lies with regard to the "my body, my choice" gang. Roe v. Wade and it's companion ruling Doe v. Bolton that gave us abortion on demand were both based on lies. Norman McCorvey of Roe who was supposedly "gang raped" wasn't. McCorvey said she told Weddington the truth, but the ambitious young lawyer, fresh out of college, had Norma's signature for the case and threw her off like yesterday's garbage. Sandra Cano, Mary Doe of Bolton, never wanted an abortion. She needed financial assistance. But lawyer Margie Pitts Hames was hot for a plaintiff to challenge Georgia's law and lied to her young client about her role in the case. When she realized she was used to legalize abortion she was outraged, but efforts to get the courts to correct things have proved fruitless.

Then we move on to the same sex issue. Lawrence v. Texas was a total setup to challenge the state sodomy laws. Let's face it. None of these issues could win in the voting booth so the left chose legislation by agenda-driven courts. Hey, lying worked to get abortion-on-demand.... 

One of the left's favorite victim stories has to do with all the hate that Christians have for gays. My goodness, don't you know, Christians are lynching homosexuals just for the fun of it. Look at poor Matthew Shepherd killed in a homophobic hate crime. Oh wait! That entire victim story was a lie that is unraveling. Matthew Shepherd's murder was a drug sale gone bad and one of his murderers was another homosexual. But the left never lets the truth interfere with their propaganda. The Laramie Project has turned Shepherd into a martyr of heterosexual hate. And then there are all the acts of vandalism against homosexuals. One problem, many of them are lies made up by the homosexual college student who claims he's being bullied, or the neighborhood same-sex couple who spray paint their own home. You can check out some of those lies here

You got to give the left the award for biggest liars on the planet though. I think an appropriate trophy would be the two-faced mask of Janus mounted on a totem pole sporting the Planned Parenthood logo, the rainbow flag, a collage of famous leftist liars like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Saul Alinsky, etc. Give credit where it's due. They sure know how to lie! Unfortunately, they do it without guilt and without apology. Honesty just isn't in their vocabulary. Too bad they didn't learn it in kindergarten when they were five!

Gosh, Don't You Just Love Robert McCartney's Tolerance?

A columnist in the Post yesterday, Robert McCartney, illustrated his tolerance and appreciation of diversity by bashing a priest friend of mine, Fr. John DeCelles, the pastor of St. Raymond's in Springfield. What did Father do to deserve his attention and vitriol? He replaced the Boy Scout troop in his parish with Trail Life USA, a Christian organization that expects members to shut up about their disordered sexual inclinations. Now remember, we're talking about groups that start admitting boys at, what, six years old? Many members are in the latency stage when sex is the last thing on their minds. But, hey, when recruitment of young, undiseased new gay boys is part of your agenda you want them talking about sex and "questioning" their "orientation" as young as possible. "Sex before eight or else it's too late." So let's all stand up with Robert McCartney and pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag.

But, oh my, McCartney is outraged!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Genderqueer? More Like Confused about the Birds and Bees!

"Genderqueer"...Yup, that's the headline that caught my eye this morning on the front page of WaPo's Outlook section. Written by a law student at Georgetown, Marion Cory, and accompanied by photos (presumably the author) of a masculine-looking woman working out, the article exemplified the fact that gender-confused individuals are stuck in adolescence.

What are the characteristics of young teens? I raised five of them and am now grandparenting several. From my experience, I think it's accurate to say that teens are self-conscious, often uncomfortable with the changes in their body, voice, emotions, etc. They like to imagine things differently from what they are. They tend to be narcissistic analyzing everything by the impact on self. If they see people nearby talking and laughing, they frequently jump to the conclusion that they are the center of attention and are being talked and laughed about. They ride an emotional roller coaster and are easily hurt. Sometimes they seem not to live in the real world.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

When Pro-Lifers Muddle the Issues!

Austin Ruse heads up C-FAM, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, in New York which is the major pro-life watchdog at the U.N. They do great work. So it was particularly unsettling to see Ruse's article on Crisis Magazine's website, Is Contraception the Hill We Want to Die On? Essentially, the article is an endorsement of Barbara Comstock who's running to fill Frank Wolf's congressional seat for the 10th District of Virginia despite positions that seriously conflict with Catholic teaching and the pro-life issue specifically.

The problem in Ruse's view, is that a solid pro-life candidate, Bob Marshall, a Virginia state delegate, has filed to run against Comstock in the Republican primary. Rather than celebrating this solid pro-life candidate, Ruse, who supports Comstock, raised a straw man to attack Bob's candidacy. Contraception. His article argues against the possibility of making contraception illegal, as if anyone, including Bob, is trying to do that. What he really objects to is Bob's criticism of Comstock's morally unjustifiable act supporting the over-the-counter sale of so-called "contraceptives" that actually cause abortion.

Is Barbara Comstock Just One More Finger-in-the Wind Republican?

Can Barbara Comstock Explain Her Abortion Vote?

Support Bob Marshall. You can count on his integrity.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Police Out of Control!

How many of these kinds of atrocities have to occur? An unarmed mentally ill woman shot and killed in D.C. with her baby in the car, two women delivering newspapers having their van riddled with bullets (over 100 rounds), an innocent man whose truck was rammed by cops and riddled with bullets that narrowly missed him. Oh...but they were all "reasonable mistakes." Right! Looks like a bunch of trigger-happy yahoos. And the abuse is especially common in L.A. But I remember the abuse of rescuers back in the '80s when LAPD broke bones in dealing with non-violent, limp pro-lifers. Some things haven't changed much.

But before you accuse me of being anti-police, I have a brother who's a retired police officer. He never killed anyone and rarely fired his gun and he was working in Baltimore County, not exactly haven of law and order. Thanks, John, for your integrity and ethics. On numerous occasions he had guys he arrested thank him. John will forever be one of my heroes!

The Left Can Always Depend on a Federal Judge!

The left isn't so good at convincing people to vote for lunatic laws, but, hey, who needs to? They can always find a federal judge happy to support their "let's pretend" lifestyle. Such is the case in my own state, Virginia, where a federal judge just struck down our ban on same-sex "marriage." And isn't it cute that it happened so close to Valentine's Day. The heart wants what the heart wants whether it's a Valentine's Day abortion touted by Planned Parenthood mogul, Cecile Richards or two guys having anal sex and calling it marriage.

Where will the lunacy end? Hard to say, but I wonder if one day an evil liberal judge will say, "I never thought it would come to this." And someone will reply, "It came to this, the first time you overturned a just law to suit a politically correct lie." I'm mourning for Virginia today, but even more for Judge Arenda Wright Allen who will have to answer for her tyrannical ruling. As for the people of Virginia (and the rest of the country for that matter), our votes don't count unless they conform to the perverted desires of the age. There are plenty of "judges" out there who take their marching orders from the liberal establishment. They gave us the murder of the innocent with Roe v. Wade and they are giving us mandated perversion. At some point I expect the Supreme Court will mandate that the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to protect the right of two men or two women to play house and call it marriage.

The only question is, how long will God tolerate us. You can live as though there is no reckoning, but Judgment Day will still come and those who worked for the father of lies will end up serving him eternally (or being served up on a sizzling platter). Pray that these poor misguided souls will repent before it's too late. In the end, the only thing that matters is that moment when we hear God's voice. Will he say, "Welcome, good and faithful servant," or "I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers?" St. Valentine, martyr for marriage, pray for us.

The Left Has No Class!

Shirley Temple Black died this week and the left is losing no time in attacking her for ______ (fill in the blank):
  • being a bad dancer
  • her bad hairstyle
  • being a Republican

The vitriol, laced with four letter words is so over the top it's hard to believe these people are actually human. Maybe they're escapees from a video game like Grand Theft Auto. It's hard to imagine a little girl who grew up dancing with black stars of the day and serving as ambassador to Ghana being a racist, which is just one of the charges. But, of course, to a leftist being a Republican and being a racist are the same thing. I wonder if the two black unwed moms who lived with us during their pregnancies and our little black foster child thought we were racists?

Now if you really want to see racism, take a look at this. Oh, but I forgot, only whites can be racist.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Establishment Republicans Did It Again....

They sold out to the Democrats who are taking us pell-mell down the road to financial ruin. When the crash comes, which is inevitable, you can thank these twenty-eight Republicans for going along with the "clean" (read, don't require any pesky little items like cutting spending) bill to raise the debt ceiling. Hey, just print more money. It grows on trees right? These Republicans think so and they also encourage Obama's belief that he can do anything he wants because he's president:

Speaker John Boehner, Ohio; 
Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Virginia
Ken Calvert, California
Dave Camp, Michigan
Howard Coble, North Carolina
Chris Collins, New York
Charlie Dent, Pennsylvania
Mike Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
Michael Grimm, New York
Richard Hanna, New York
Doc Hastings, Washington
Darrell Issa, California
Peter King, New York
Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
Kevin McCarthy, California
Buck McKeon, California
Pat Meehan, Pennsylvania
Gary Miller, California
Devin Nunes, California
Dave Reichert, Washington
Harold Rogers, Kentucky
Peter Roskam, Illinois
Ed Royce, California
Jon Runyan, New Jersey
John Shimkus, Illinois
Chris Smith, New Jersey
David Valadao, California
Frank Wolf, Virginia

"My Generation Will End Abortion"

Survivor Generations Speak Out. I love this, especially the little ones!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Through the Gay Looking Glass: Curiouser and Curiouser

Well the LGBTIQ crowd has a new demand for the magic mirror of their X-rated Wonderland. Scratching your head over the IQ? No, it has nothing to do with intelligence; is there any to be had in the gay madhouse? IQ stands for "intersex," whatever that means, and "questioning" which is what they want all youngsters to do as they recruit them into their let's pretend lifestyle.

But back to the new demand that expands virtual reality a few more steps toward insanity. If a same-sex couple acquires a child and holds him/her up to the mirror, it must reflect back that they are both the parents. Forget the fact that such a thing is physically impossible without genetic manipulation. In the normal way of the world, it still takes a man and a woman to make a baby. Wow! What a revelation. But the LGBTIQ community apparently missed the birds and the bees talk.

But reality be damned! 

The magic mirror must image their distorted desires. "I demand to be called the parent of this child!" the daddy surrogate-woman says. And the state must go along with her game and write her name on the birth certificate even though she contributed nothing genetically to the little one. And if the state won't join in the lie -- well obviously -- SUE! That's what's currently happening in Ohio where two lesbians are demanding that "their" child, a boy who is due in June, be listed on state records as having two women as parents. (Goodness! Now where did that Y chromosome come from?) This case gives new meaning to the term "fatherless." 

Ohio has indicated it won't defend the law that bans same-sex marriage. Increasingly that seems to be the game plan for converting the culture to complete lunacy where truth is dropped down the rabbit hole and fun house mirrors litter the landscape to reflect back whatever the viewer wants to see. And the ramifications are widespread. Obviously in a culture where truth must be suppressed, education becomes, not a search for truth, but indoctrination in untruth. It's politically correct after all to say that two (or three or four) LGBTIQ folks in a relationship can parent children so it must be true! (Hmmm... are they depending on science or religion for this belief?) 

The Queen of Hearts, empress of Wonderland, who rules over the new definition of "love and marriage" stands ready with executioner by her side to call "Off with their heads!" against any who dare to expose the farce. (It's so hateful to speak the truth!) Thinking and reality are verboten and those who say the queens, the dykes (oops...dukes), and the knaves are all naked must be reeducated or eliminated. Welcome to the Wonderland reeducation camp. 

My Friend Describes How Obamacare Killed His Sister

Obamacare Killed My Sister

Is anyone totting up the body count? This is obviously not an isolated case! Millions have lost their health care plans because of President Obama. How many more Julies and Jacks are out there? Michelle Bachmann predicted the misnamed Affordable Care Act would kill people. Julie puts a name on that reality.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chevy Rubs Russia's Nose in the Snow at Sochi

Have you been paying attention to Chevy's ads during the Olympics? They're equating homosexual pairs with married couples. Talk about sticking it to your host country for their determination to protect children from gay propaganda. Egad! Chevy is giving the term "family car" new meaning?

Just think, only two generations ago, such ads would have sparked outrage. No one in his right mind would have advocated giving vulnerable, innocent children to a group notorious for seeking sex with youngsters. ("Sex before eight or else it's too late!") And now, it's mainstream?

Sodomy is one of the sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. Tie it into the exploitation of children and you have the perfect storm for God's punishment. Why should God bless America? A country that murders millions of babies and worships at the altar of lust?

I'm offering my rosary today for the conversion of this once great nation which has sunk so far into the muck it's hard to imagine it being drawn out again. As for Chevy...well almost every car we've owned since our marriage was a Chevy: Malibu sedan, Malibu wagon, Caprice wagon, Venture Van. No more. We're divorcing Chevrolet!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Hasbro toy is just plain bizarre!

Furby toys turn nasty

The sicko toy for the sicko culture! This is the virtual attack by the guy in the bushes in a trench coat who jumps out and exposes himself to your child. If you have one of these in your house, get rid of it. Send it back to Hasbro and ask for your money back.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Poor Mental Health in Gay Men

A study in the Netherlands indicates that no matter how accepting a society is of sexual disorders, you just can't fool Mother Nature. The truth will out. Here's the opening of the article:
Although legal and social equality for gay people is further advanced in the Netherlands than in most other countries, Dutch gay men have much higher rates of psychological distress than heterosexual men, Sanjay Aggarwala and Rene Gerrets write in the February issue of Culture, Health & Sexuality.Their study suggests that some of this can be explained by the continued privileging of ‘normal’ masculinity, both in wider society and on the gay commercial scene.  
Previously, a large, representative study of Dutch adults found that gay men were three times more likely than heterosexual men to report a mood disorder or anxiety disorder, and ten times more likelyto report suicidal thoughts. While similar results have been reported in other western countries, the Dutch findings are especially striking given the country’s good record on equality for gay people.
Is it really the "privileging of 'normal' masculinity" or is it the reality that "normal" masculinity is, in fact...normal?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Dark Side of Technology: You'd Better Know about It!

Parents need to watch this. Gaming addiction and social networking addiction are serious problems. And it's rewiring the brain. Think of little ones using these things from the cradle. How many people are living virtual lives instead of living in the real world. The discussion of "second life" in this video is scary. It's making the matrix look real!

Maybe giving up unnecessary computer/smartphone/ipod use for Lent would be a good idea.

VFIA 190: The Dark Side of Technology from Dean Welty on Vimeo.

Another Miracle Baby, Little Faith Martin

Little Faith Martin was born with part of her brain outside her skull. Doctors offered her parents abortion when they discovered her problem in utero. They refused thank God! Think of the words of Jesus to so many of those He cured, "Go in peace, your faith has saved you." Look at this precious little one and praise God for the courage of her young parents to stand up against a medical establishment that emphasized the worst. Read more here....

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Faux Conservative Barbara Comstock Announces Run for Wolf Seat

My friend Sandy sent the following information about Barbara Comstock who's entering the race for Congress to win Frank Wolf's seat. Read the data below and realize that Comstock is neither unequivocally pro-life, nor does she support traditional marriage. Her nomination as the Republican candidate would ensure many true conservatives will stay home. What's the benefit of electing Democrat-lite? I certainly could never pull the lever for her. She's wrong on the two biggest issues of our time, abortion and traditional marriage. The time to fight is now. I urge contributions and notes of support to Bob Marshall. We need a real social conservative in the race, not a woman who supported making the pill an over the counter drug, wants to require health exchanges to offer abortion, and supports the lunacy that two men or two women can contract a marriage.

Visit Bob Marshall's website and commit to helping him beat this faux conservative!

Barbara Comstock enters race for Frank Wolf seat

Read more:


I have good and bad news. The bad new is Barbara Comstock had jumped into the race for retiring Frank Wolf's 10 District seat (House of Reps). She is a nominal Catholic, I am told, and has the support of substantial pro-gay big wigs. She raked in at least $99.000 for her run from those sources (see below).

The GOOD NEWS is that Bob Marshall would like to challenge her. But he needs our help to make phone calls, etc. If he knows he has enough foot soldiers for the fight, he will announce.

I think you know Bob Marshall well enough. He is truly worthy of our support.

Below is background on Comstock.I don't think she will be bragging about her gay support as she campaigns. We will have to do that for her. That's why phoning registered 10th District Republicans is so important. Bob Marshall's campaign will provide the names, phone numbers and script to follow. Bob could surely use financial support, but your time in calling potential voters is also very important.

If any of you savvy political guys are interested in helping organize this effort, please let me know.

Sandy O'G

Here's the info I received:

Barbara Comstock received around $80,000 from Paul Singer

who is a billionaire hedge fund operator who started a PAC to steer the Republican Party in favor of homosexual marriage (his son "married" a man.) See excerpt:

Gay rights[edit]

Singer has contributed to gay-rights causes and same-sex marriage campaigns, and has also actively sought to persuade other conservatives to support gay marriage. He has joined other Wall Street executives in support of LGBT equality in the workplace as a means of retaining employees and improving overall business outcomes.[32] He has said that same-sex marriage promotes “family stability” and said that in a time when “the institution of marriage in America has utterly collapsed,” the fact that gay couples want to marry “is kind of a lovely thing and a cool thing and a wonderful thing.”[33]

In 2012, Singer provided $1 million to start a PAC named American Unity PAC. According to the New York Times, the PAC's "sole mission will be to encourage Republican candidates to support same-sex marriage, in part by helping them to feel financially shielded from any blowback from well-funded groups that oppose it."[34]

Barbara Comstock refused to cosign Bob's letter to Governor McAuliffe to urge him to appoint legal counsel to defend Virginia's marriage amendment since AG Herring has refused to do so.

Barbara Comstock voted for and pushed for Tracy Thorne-Begland to become a judge. This man announced his homosexuality on TV's Nightline, even though he was in the Military at the time of the ban on open homosexuality. He was active with the Human Rights Campaign which is a radical pro-homosexual organization. (Political activists do not have the temperament to be a judge.) The Republican leadership also pushed for Thorne-Begland’s nomination and confirmation and he now serves as District Court Judge in Richmond.

Barbara Comstock voted against allowing Obamacare exchanges to opt out of covering abortion. The Family Foundation noted these anti-family votes (Judgeship and Abortion Insurance Opt Out) on page 8 of their 2012-2013 Scorecard. (See page 8).

Barbara Comstock voted against, and tried to convince Governor McDonnell to veto Bob's bill which became law which said that Virginia would not cooperate in the indefinite detention of American citizens under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, without due process.

On her Delegate website Barbara Comstock has under the heading of health care, words to the effect that Medicaid needs to be reformed before it can be expanded. Bob would be against expansion whether or not reforms go through. (("Reforms" whatever they turn out to be cannot possibly rid the Medicaid program of waste, fraud and abuse which runs so deep even the General Accountability Office said they cannot get a handle on the extent of it.)

On Medicaid Reform: Delegate Comstock supports Medicaid reform before trying to expand what is currently an inefficient and broken system that does not serve those intended as well as it should. Medicaid is the fastest-growing line item in the budget - growing from $3 billion in 2002 to more than $7 billion in 2012 – a 133% increase and 22% of the state budget, threatening to crowd out other key services such as economic development, education and transportation. Delegate Comstock supports Medicaid reform through
the implementation of better-coordinated services and managed-care options, the adoption of cost-sharing, the promotion of health and wellness, and by cracking down on fraud. Delegate Comstock has continued working with her colleagues in the General Assembly to find workable reforms so that Medicaid can be expanded without unduly encroaching on other important areas of the budget such as education and transportation. Finally, Delegate Comstock believes a healthy economy with good jobs is the best way to provide people with health care through their employers as well as with tax incentives for individuals and small businesses to make health care more affordable. - See more at:

Barbara Comstock wrote to Secretary Seblius in favor of making the birth control pill available over the counter without a prescription.

I am told she was once or is currently a lobbyist for Hollywood, but I don't know who her clients were or are currently.

Impeach Herring!

The function of the Attorney General is to uphold the laws of the state. The Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring, has absolutely no authority to make laws himself or take part against the citizens of Virginia who have supported the establishment of laws. If he disagrees with the laws the honorable thing to do is resign or recuse himself. But what has Herring done? Today, he is in court actively working against the people of Virginia by taking the position of the homosexual couples demanding the right to be able to do what is impossible, i.e., marry. Note in the video below the lesbians talking about being the child's "parents." Hello, it takes a man and woman to make a baby. The missing "parent" is the man who fathered the child by providing the necessary element! But, hey, in the world of virtual reality, it's let's pretend no matter how much the pretense conflicts with reality. No doubt we will end up with another Roe v. Wade to declare that Heather has two mommies, but it will illustrate once more that we live in a post-Christian culture governed by newspeak. Declaring a lie to be true doesn't change the truth, it simply makes liars feel good about themselves -- temporarily of course. One day we will all face TRUTH Himself and the reckoning will not be pretty for people of the lie.

WNCN: News, Weather for Raleigh. Durham, Fayetteville

It's time for scofflaws like Mark Herring to be impeached. Let them know they ignore the will of the people at their peril.

Impeach Herring Petition

Monday, February 3, 2014

Obamacare Kills

My friend Dan posted Ann Coulter's story on his Facebook page. Ann's "friend" is his sister describing the death of another sister, Julie, because she delayed going to the doctor after losing her insurance. By the time she went to the hospital she was beyond help and died of septicemia. Obama loves to tell stories that cast his policies in a good light. Do you think he'll be telling this story about how Obamacare is killing people? I wonder how many Julies are out there in California. Please pray for my friend Dan and his family.

Ann Coulter: My Friend’s Sister Died Because of Obamacare

Another Rogue Joins the Obama Team

Hey, you want someone who will do whatever the political boss wants eh? Even if it involves fleecing the taxpayers.

EXCLUSIVE: New Homeland official was key figure in Pennsylvania corruption case

French Protest Government Promotion of Homosexuality

French march against government "family-phobia"

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Monsters among the Beautiful People

Woody Allen got away with it and continues to be an icon of Hollywood. Consider how the media goes after the abuse among Catholic clergy and then consider how a monster like Allen continues to be idolized. Liberals don't really care about children unless taking a position further their agenda. Read the articles below about Allen and Roman Polanski. And consider how these liberal elitists remain honorable amongst their liberal peers. It underlines the rot in the entertainment industry.

Open Letter about Woody Allen Abuse  and more

Roman Polanski

Hollywood is filled with child abusers!

The Catholic League's take:
So we have professionals who seek to normalize pedophilia, and a Hollywood milieu in which it thrives, and few seem to care. In other words, when the secular elite promote, or otherwise engage in, child molestation, it really doesn’t matter. It only matters if the sicko is Fr. Murphy.
So when are the Boston Globe, the L.A. Times, and the Washington Post going to address this?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Real Men Defend Babies!

The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Bill passed the House a few days ago but is expected to go nowhere in the U.S. Senate.

Thank God for a Few Honest Media Personalities

Two thumbs up for Bret Hume. Read more here...

Pope Francis and Notre Dame

So...what does the pope really think of Notre Dame? Is there any hope for Catholic higher education in the U.S. outside of a handful of orthodox colleges and universities?