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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scozzafava Drops Out!

The voices of conservatism are being heard. Dede Scozzafava dropped out of the 23rd district race in New York today and released her supporters which gives Doug Hoffman's race a big boost. Her record has been misrepresented all along but not the way she means. Even this morning I heard a political analyst on the radio describing her as a "moderate." That is laughable! Scozzafava was neither a fiscal or social moderate and she was supported by radical leftwing Democrats. Exactly what in her record made her Republican is baffling. That the party put her up as their candidate shows just how out of touch they are with their base. Scozzafava was a tax and spend liberal who, on the social issues, was an extremist. It's interesting that now the pundits are talking about the "ultra conservatives" taking over the GOP.

What exactly is ultra conservative about supporting the constitution, traditional marriage, and the life issues. In the 1950s that was mainstream and it still is mainstream today among most of the middle class.

Extremism is calling sodomy "marriage," child-killing "choice," and burdening our great-grandchildren with crushing debt "stimulus." There are extremists out there, but you won't find them among pro-life conservatives. And the country is beginning to wake up. Let's hope the GOP does, before it follows the way of the Whigs.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's such a relief to know that Obama has brought in a new kind of moral government - Hahahahahaha....

Obama nomination of donor as envoy put on hold

Every time we turn around Obama is putting one of his buddies in a job and deep-sixing his critics. And this is the new kind of government we were promised. I can't help laughing, but it's the kind of laughter that ends up in tears. I wonder what Obama's picture in the White House attic looks like? (For those raised in the liberal public school system who spent all their time studying sex ed manuals instead of good literature, I'm referring to The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.)

New York Race a Big Test of Conservatism!

New Polls Show Pro-Life Conservative Upstart Hoffman Taking Lead in Battle for NY 23

Principles over Party should be the new rallying cry of conservatives. That New York's GOP leaders could put up Dede Sozzafava to replace Republican John McHughes is almost laughable. The woman is more liberal than the democratic challenger and is owned by big labor, big education, and big abortion. Why would any conservative vote for her? Newt Gingrich may think his brand of "conservatism" is the right way to go, but a lot of conservatives have had it with politics as usual in the GOP.

So say a prayer for pro-life Doug Hoffman to beat his pro-death rivals. And if you have friends in New York's 23rd district, urge them to vote for the good guy. A vote for Hoffman is a vote for the babies.

Take back America starting on November 3rd. Vote Conservative!

I love this man! God bless him. If you want to see another post about his background go here.

A Big Hurrah for Bob McDonnell and Laura Ingraham!

Get all your friends out to vote for Bob McDonnell on election day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Pilgrimage to Chartres

I wish I could make the pilgrimage to Chartres. It's a 70 mile three-day walk from Notre Dame in Paris to Chartres Cathedral. At my age I think a virtual pilgrimage is as close as I'll ever come. I'm just not up for a 70-mile hike. Five miles a day for three days, maybe, but 70? I'd have to be carried on a stretcher! But that doesn't keep me from relishing the journey and going along in spirit.

This nine-minute video captures a sense of the spiritual energy of this wonderful pilgrimage. And to see so many young people involved gives one hope for the future of the Church.

Obama is so generous with YOUR MONEY!

The Democrats REALLY care about the poor. Hey they always use "helping the poor" rhetoric to justify helping themselves to the money in the taxpayers' wallets. And are they really helping the poor? You be the judge. Here are three recent head-shaking stories.

1) "Obama's Stash -
What did Detroit do with 15 million in "stimulus money?" They established a lottery to give it away. How many jobs is that creating? None. Oops...a clarification: judging from the video below their program stimulated police, fire, and rescue jobs to control the mob competing for the free dough. Go here to see a transcript of conversations with several folks in line who didn't have a clue where the money came from and attributed it to "Obama's stash." Pretty accurate since he considers the taxpayers his personal ATM machine.

2) Want a free cell phone?
There's a government-subsidized program called Safelink Wireless that offers free cell phones and free minutes for the poor. The program originally began in 1984, but it seems like the push to get millions added began this past summer. I haven't been able to find any information on what kind of government funding is involved (Is it coming out of the stimulus?) and when I tried to talk to someone at Safelink all I got were recorded messages and instructions on how to apply for my free phone. What do you think? Should welfare include free cell phones? Or does this give new meaning to the word poverty?

3) Buy a golf cart on the U.S. taxpayer.
This morning Good Morning America's talking heads were having a good chuckle over another stimulus program that gives a minimum $2500 rebate (and as much as about $6,000 depending on the type of battery) to those who buy street-legal electric vehicles -- like golf carts. Yes, you read that right. Your tax dollars are going to subsidize some guy buying a low speed vehicle to tootle around his neighborhood -- like Bald Head Island where cars are banned and everybody rides golf carts or bicycles. When we were there earlier this month (for the day - riding on rented bikes), we picked up a magazine advertising houses for rent. They cost about twice the comparable rentals at the Outer Banks and Myrtle Beach. So just think. People who can't afford a vacation at such an expensive resort can now subsidize rich folks who can, helping them buy golf carts for their two-cart garages. The goofs at GMA may think this is a laughing matter; as a taxpayer, I'm appalled.

But we can all say thanks to "Mmm...mmm...mmm...Barack Hussein Obama." This is turning into not only one of the most corrupt administrations in history, but a big joke as well. Remember when Obama said the stimulus would go to improve the infrastructure? Hey, the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge is closed because of problems. Maybe they can just require everyone to drive golf carts or bikes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doctor will not give his children the swine flu vaccine

Here's what happened to one young woman after getting a seasonal flu shot.

Vote Pro-Life on November 3

I received a welcome e-mail today describing an incredible homily given this past weekend. The sender prefaced the homily with this statement:

"Parishioners greeted it so warmly that sustained applause for the homilist broke out on the Church steps after the Mass." You'll understand why when you read Father's words. Kudos to Fr. John De Celles. I wish I'd heard the sermon delivered!

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 24-25, 2009
Homily by Fr. John De Celles
St. Mary Catholic Church, Alexandria, Va.

As most of you know, I was born, bred, schooled and gainfully employed until the age of 31 in the Great State of Texas. Texas is a unique state. It has flown the flag of 6 nations, including the Republic of Texas for 9 years. It’s massive expanse of land is bounded on one side by it’s vast coastline, and on the other by the Rocky Mountains; and in between it has the coastal plain, the piney woods, the hill country, and yes, the desert.

But most of all it has it’s history: from it’s pre-colonial Indian tribes to it’s colonization by Spain in 1519, to the modern day, Texas history is filled with colorful characters and dramatic events. Perhaps the best known of these is the story of its war for independence, in particular the Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio—my home town—and it’s great heroes: James Bowie, William Travis, Davy Crockett, and Sam Houston.

So, as you can see, I am a proud Texan. And it took a lot to get me to leave there 18 years ago when I entered seminary: it took another Great State with a colorful history and tradition: my new home, the Great State, the Great Commonwealth, of Virginia.

Like Texas, Virginia is a physically beautiful state. Of course it doesn’t have the serene and starkly dramatic desert—but it does have that stunning vivacious rolling greenery. And it doesn’t have the shear size of Texas, but what it lacks there it more than makes up for in the size of its history and historical characters. While Texas has it’s Crockett and Houston, they are midgets in comparison to giants like Patrick Henry, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and of course, our former parishioner, George Washington.

Now, you might wonder, what does any of this have to do with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Virginia has been a tremendously important state in the history of our nation. And there can be no doubt that individual Virginians have profoundly changed and shaped that history. But Virginia and Virginians, also have a terrible stain on their record: 200 years ago they supported an institution so horrible that today we Virginians, and all Americans, still feel the guilt: the despicable institution of slavery: the treatment of a human being as less than human and so without basic human rights or dignity.

How could such a great state with great statesmen ever support this inhumane institution? Well, you can come up with lots of explanations: different times, the effects of culture, the economics, etc. And you can understand that while Jefferson and Washington seemed to truly wanted to eliminate slavery they found it impossible to do so without ripping the fragile Union of States apart losing their historic chance to establish a government truly of “We the people.”

But then…why did they continue to own their own slaves —Washington only freeing his in his will, Jefferson not even doing that? Of course, again, there are lot’s of reasons, and I’ve read them so please don’t come to me after Mass to educate me. Understand me: I am not trying to knock down these giants—their great and noble historical achievements stand for themselves and do not merit attack from this pulpit. And I will say it: I am a huge fan and admirer of Washington.

But no matter how we look at it, no reasons and no historical anomalies eradicate the fact that slavery is—and always has been—a grave moral evil. And as great as these men were, no one could convince me that in 2009 Virginians would ever elect a Thomas Jefferson or George Washington if they were around today and still supported slavery.

As we know that one stain was not isolated in its effects, as it corrupted the whole society of the first part of the 19th century, warping the economic, social and political systems, eventually leading to over 500,000 dead in a bloody civil war, which was followed by another 100 years of the hatred and oppression of racism that we bear the scars of even to this day.

All because certain states and even certain great men in those states refused to recognize a particular class of persons as human beings with human rights.

States and their governance are important, always have been. It was in fact the states who came together and organized the United States, and it is at the state level that many, if not most, of the laws that effect the day to day life of Americans are written and enforced.

And that’s how it should be: the principle of subsidiarity, a fundamental principle of Catholic social teaching, places most responsibilities for law making and enforcement on the smaller more local parts of society, like the family, the neighborhood, city and state, rather than on the national society or federal government. This principle is reflected, at least to some extent, in the American constitutional principle of “states rights”—states have rights that, according to constitution and natural law, must be respected by the federal government.

Unfortunately, nowadays, “states rights” tends to have a negative connotation in some circles. This is understandable in as much as that negative connotation is rooted historically in state laws protecting slavery and racism. But the problem is not with “states rights,” but with the persons who are defining, defending and working out the laws at the state level. As long as state government officials were tolerant of slavery or racism, their corruption would corrupt their states, and then the whole country.

So we see, the men and women we choose to lead our states are critical to real justice in our country. Remember that all of those heroic Virginians I mentioned served in Virginia government before achieving national prominence—both Henry and Jefferson served as Governor.

In less than 2 weeks we have a state election in Virginia. But sadly too many Virginians seem to view this so called “off year” election as really unimportant. This baffles me, especially when you consider all the issues at stake, especially in the election of Governor: taxes, jobs, the economy, transportation, public safety, etc..

But the thing is, no matter where you stand on those important issues, what good is any of that if the man or woman you vote for doesn’t get it right on the most fundamental issues? For example, what if one of the candidates seemed to have all the right answers,
but one day came out saying that a certain group of people are inferior to others, not fully human beings with fundamental human rights . Who in their right mind would vote for him, even if he was the 2nd coming of George Washington himself?

The thing is, there are candidates around today who say this very thing. But this time the group they target is not people of African decent, but people of every color and ethnicity
who have only one fatal defect: they are simply unborn baby human beings.

One gubernatorial candidate, is actually openly attacking his opponent for defending the fundamental right to life of unborn Virginians. His political adds make a big deal of it:
"[my opponent] sponsored 35 bills in the General Assembly to restrict a woman's right to choose."

That’s a bad thing? Imagine if he said: “my opponent sponsored 35 bills in the General Assembly to restrict a white man’s right choose to own a black man…or to lynch a black man."

Those laws the pro-abortion candidate is criticizing were laws restricting the “right to choose” to treat unborn human beings as less than fully human, as if they were property belonging to another who is free to dispose of them as they choose.

Those 35 bills included a law requiring parents to be notified if their of teenage daughters were considering abortion—in other words, protecting parents’ natural inalienable right
to help their children in time of crisis. The pro-abort candidate for governor opposed that bill.

And most incredibly, one of those 35 bills was the one outlawing the absolutely barbaric practice of “partial birth abortion”

The pro-abort candidate for governor opposed that bill also—he supports partial birth abortion.

And the same kind of attack is happening in the races for the lower offices, of Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General —both of which involve a pro-life candidate running against a pro-abortion candidate. In particular, the pro-life candidate for Attorney General is coming under attack specifically and vociferously for his pro-life position.

As a columnist in the Post criticized him last week:

“He told the Party convention that nominated him in May that he has been "the most aggressive pro-life leader in the Virginia Senate in some time.” Good for him!

Jefferson and Washington were great men, and they gave birth to a great nation, and a great state. But what made them great was the founding principle, carved into the foundation of our history by Jefferson himself, as he wrote: “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….”

But in denying those self-evident truths as applying to Africans and their descendents, those otherwise great Virginians undermined the very thing that made for greatness, and led our nation, our state, to disaster. And the same stands true today in Virginia, as candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and assembly delegate deny these self-evident truth—the “unalienable right…to Life” How can you vote for them?

I am proud to say that the pro-life candidate for Governor and Attorney General are good and practicing Catholics. And, full disclosure here: let me also say that the pro-life candidate for attorney general is actually a very dear personal friend of mine. But let me tell you this, I don’t care how good a friend he is, or how “good” a Catholic he or the gubernatorial candidate might seem to be, if he did not stand solid in defense of unborn life I would no more vote for him than I would vote for the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Today’s gospel tells the story of the curing the blind man, Bartimaeus. It reminds me of another blind man 1700 years later, named John. But John was not physically blind—he was morally blind: like so many of his contemporaries, like Washington and Jefferson, he could not see that Africans were human beings. You see, John was the Captain of a slave ship. Until one night his ship was caught in a terrible storm and like Bartimaeus he called out to Jesus, and Jesus saved him. But not only from the storm, but from his whole way of life, and his eyes were opened as he became one of the most outspoken opponents of slavery of his time. He would put all this into the words of what has become one of the most beloved Christians hymns, as John Newton would write:

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.”

How blind was John Newton, and Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, to the great inhumanity called slavery? How blind are we Virginians today to the great inhumanity called abortion?

Some of you may be thinking:
“preacher, mind your pulpit,” or “there is a wall of separation between church and state.”
Tell that to the Reverend John Newton and the other founders of the abolitionist movement, that began in and was spread from the pulpits of that day—first in England, and then in America! There can be no wall that separates man from humanity, or truth from government.

18 years ago I moved from the Great State of Texas to the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. I am still a Texan at heart, but I am proud to be a Virginian too, especially because of Virginia’s rich traditions of noble courage, and great heroic figures that forged our great nation. Even so, too many Virginians of times passed, including our greatest heroes, were blinded by their times, culture, and fears, and, yes, even blinded by their hopes for the future of America. But as time would tell their hopes could never be fulfilled until “all men” were truly treated as “created equal,” and “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, …Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

On Tuesday, November 3, I pray that we Virginians will live up to what was best in our forefathers. But I pray also that, by the grace of Jesus Christ, we may see what they were so unpardonably blinded to. I pray that we will be true heroes, authentic moral giants, defending the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of all human beings, white or black, rich or poor, born or unborn.

God bless the Commonwealth of Virginia. Amen.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Behind Closed Doors: Abusing Children in the Classroom!

Remember when schools taught reading, riting, and rithmitic, the three Rs? Now they teach raunch, rebellion, and rubbers. Parents, you need to know that this garbage is being introduced all over the country in classrooms as early as kindergarten.

Massachusetts is one of the worst. Parents have NO rights. Mass Resistance documents testimony upholding a parental rights bill against the sex educators. The politics are stacked against parents! Listen to the mom who tells about her 11-year-old coming home with an assignment to DRAW AN EJACULATING PENIS!! If that were my child she would NEVER return to the public school and I would report the teacher to the police for sex abuse, which it is. I also would not trust that adult around ANY CHILDREN. If a guy in a trenchcoat exposed his erect penis to a minor, he'd be prosecuted. Why can a teacher talk dirty in the classroom under the guise of "sex ed" and get away with it?

Is Massachusetts alone in this insanity? Heck no! Pro-life Wisconsin sent out the following alert about several bills under consideration there:
AB 458/SB 324 would effectively prohibit local public school districts from adopting “abstinence-only” or “abstinence-centered” human growth and development programs – a freedom and flexibility they now enjoy under current law. Under the bill, if a school district chooses to adopt a human growth and development program it would be forced to include in its curriculum instruction on the “health benefits, side effects, and proper use of contraceptives and barrier methods.” This heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all mandate ties the hands of local human growth and development advisory committees – a violation of the principle of local control.

Government-funded birth control, whether provided directly or promoted educationally, encourages sexual promiscuity and with it a host of social pathologies including underage pregnancies, chemical and surgical abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases. Hormonal contraceptives are also dangerous in their own right, posing serious and sometimes fatal health risks to women and often causing pre-implantation chemical abortions.

AB 458/SB 324 would allow Planned Parenthood and other “family planning” organizations to serve as school-based health volunteers and provide human growth and development instruction in the areas of human sexuality, reproduction and family planning. As members of the state Volunteer Health Care Provider Program, Planned Parenthood school nurses or physicians would be immune from liability. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is a strong supporter of this legislation, and we are very concerned that they will take advantage of this opportunity to provide family planning instruction in our schools with zero liability for any harm their instruction may cause. Sexual and “reproductive health” issues are not properly under the purview of a school health room physician or nurse – period.

Our state legislative leaders seem to be oblivious to the fact that early teen sexual activity, even if consensual, is against the law! Wisconsin Statutes 948.02(2) states, “(w)hoever has sexual contact or sexual intercourse with a person who has not attained the age of 16 years is guilty of a Class C felony.” Violators, including teens, can be placed on Wisconsin’s Sex Offender Registry. It is clear that our contraception sex education programs aid and abet our children in the commission of this second degree sexual assault (statutory rape) crime. And then we punish them as “sex offenders” when they get caught. What is wrong with this picture?

Satan is after your children and he's using his secular allies to attack them by undermining parental rights. Parents are the first line of defense for their little ones. That's why they hate us. Research shows that the safest place for children is in an intact biological/adoptive family If you love your children, fight for them! Support parental rights legislation now while you still can.

It's all happening behind closed doors!

Health reform written behind closed doors

Obama promised during his campaign that his would be the most transparent administration in history. But as Americans are learning more and more every day, the only open doors are for his liberal cronies while those who disagree with his policies are locked out, libeled, and laughed at. Those are the tactics of the Alinskyite community organizer. Freeze your enemy, i.e., lock him out. Libel him with lies if it advances the cause since the end justifies the means, and use ridicule as a potent weapon. Obama has the first two strategies down pat. But the third is elusive because, let's face it, the guy and his buddies have no sense of humor. He's arrogant and nasty when it comes to dealing with his "enemies list." So he gets his hit team to attack Rush (a master humorist) but he just ends up looking petty and unprofessional. Rahm Emmanuel's dead fish look and Anita Dunn's shrill attacks on Fox are about as funny as a skunk caught in a humane trap. What the heck do you do with it?

As for the open door -- it never existed. The door was locked up tight from the gitgo with Rahm Emanuel demanding the password and only admitting Pelosi-Reid look-alike talking dolls (and unelected cabinet czars) with wind up keys in back. Turn the key and out comes one of the following approved messages:

"Mmm...mmm...mmm...Barack Hussein Obama."

"The American people want the public option, the public option, the public option."

"Rush Limbaugh is a hatemonger."

"We love the public option, the public option, the public option."

"Glenn Beck is a hatemonger."

"The insurance industry is greedy."

"Fox News stinks."

"Chris Matthews, Katie Couric, and Charlie Gibson are our comrades. Glenn Beck is a traitor!"

"MSNBC sends a thrill up my leg."

This administration that promised to work across the aisle was serious. They just planned to make sure that both sides of the aisle were filled with socialists. Let's pray the upcoming elections give them a big dose of reality.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hide Under the Bed; It's a National Emergency!

Are you sufficiently hysterical about the swine flu? Running around wringing your hands and hyperventilating? No! Well, why not? Didn't you hear someone coughing in church this morning? Swine flu! Didn't you hear anyone sneeze, blow his nose, snort, clear his throat?....swine flu!

Really, it's epidemic...No, make that pandemic....I mean titanic...and also very serious. The president said so. He declared a national emergency.

The question is what does that mean? In a "national emergency" what new powers are given to what groups? At present it seems to mean little more than allowing hospitals to facilitate removing patients to alternate facilities and lifting some of the privacy restrictions under HIPAA rules. But we all know how creative this President is at finding unenumerated powers in the executive branch. Maybe there will be a swine flu czar.

Is there, in fact, a swine flu pandemic? Who knows? Few doctors are testing. That doesn't keep these "scientists" from making a firm diagnosis though. I have run into more folks lately who went to the doctor and were told they have the "swine flu." Were they tested? NO! So what got them designated as carriers of the plague? They had a fever over 101 degrees, had aches and chills, a cough, and perhaps nausea. Hmmm...sounds like every viral infection I've had in the past ten years. So were they all swine flu? Or were none of them swine flu? Who knows? But it sure helps build up the numbers to claim a national emergency if you designate every viral illness from the common cold to the worst achy fever crud as swine flu.

And even though doctors aren't testing for it and are presuming everyone who gets sick has it, they still want you to get the vaccine for it because what you had probably wasn't the swine flu after all. Does this sound a little nutty? It does to me, but it sure makes for drama. Now is it tragedy or comedy?

Home CBS News Investigates Oct. 21, 2009
Swine Flu Cases Overestimated?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The New KKK: Abortionists in White Coats

Abortion Kills More Black Americans Than the Seven Leading Causes of Death Combined, Says CDC Data

Here's Newt's Rationale for Supporting Dede Scuzzball in New York! Do You Agree?

All right, I can understand Newt's opinion from the point of view of party politics. But let's consider a bigger question. When a candidate's views conflict with a no-compromise moral issue like child-killing, does Newt's rationale fly? No, the party cannot be big enough to encompass advocates of child murder any more than it should encompass white supremicists who support lynching blacks. Do you think Newt would endorse such a candidate? Heck no!

But essentially that's what he's doing by endorsing Scozzafava. Abortion is black genocide. More blacks die from abortion than all other causes put together. They are murdered at a much higher rate than other races and a new documentary produced by Life Dynamics makes the case that abortion was developed for exactly that reason - to eliminate the black race.

The Republican party should not compromise on child-killing. Nor should it compromise on the destruction of marriage. What's wrong with having a few defining issues? The Democrats have them. They make legalized child-killing a banner issue waving the bloody flag with pride. Speaking of pride, that's another defining issue for them -- the right to sodomy and same-sex marriage. So why not make those two issues the banner issues that define the difference between the lavendar/pinko democrats and the red, white, and blue Republicans.

Only one problem. The Rockefellar Republicans are the very ones who supported abortion to solve the "black problem." Remember, it was Rockefeller who vetoed the law in New York overturning their permissive abortion law before Roe v. Wade mandated abortion nationwide. Rockefeller saw abortion as a population control tool to limit minorities and poor white trailer trash. The country club elites in the party will never let abortion go even as they pay lip service to their pro-life plank.

So pray for Doug Hoffman and thank him for running against Dede Scuzzball. You can visit his website here.

Good for Sarah Palin! You go, girl!


I recently resigned as the secretary of the local Republican Women's club. The Republican party is so morally bankrupt that people like me are fleeing in droves to become independents. When Newt Gingrich endorsed the "Republican" in New York's 23rd Congressional district , Dede Scozzafava, who is the most liberal among the three candidates running, I wanted to vomit. Who will she vote with most often -- the conservatives? Heck no! She will vote like the liberal she is and join the ranks of Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter (Was he ever a Republican?), and other liberals in Republican drag undermining conservative principles.

According to Michelle Malkin, Scozzafava is supportd by Big Labor, Big Education, and Big Abortion. The Republican National Committee poured over $300,000 into her campaign as well. The last time the Republican National Committee called for a donation I laughed them off the phone. As long as this is what passes for principles in the party, I'm through with them.

The Republican Party is primarily an elite group of country club WASPS who mostly hold the grassroots pro-life activists in contempt. A party that claims both liberal John McCain and (Hold on, I'm trying to think of a real conservative in the top echelons....Hmmm...can't do it - guess I'll have to drop lower and name the party elite's embarrassments, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin) is a "big tent" on the verge of collapse.

Will they recover? I'm not confident. It's time to stop thinking party and fight for principles, constitutional principles defending life and liberty. It begins with the little ones in the womb. Don't vote for any candidate who won't defend the unborn. In fact, I urge you to take the pledge! Promise not to vote in the next election for any candidate who votes to give one cent to Planned Parenthood, the biggest child-killer in the nation.

And you know, I can't help noting that the first thing that crossed my mind when I read the name Dede Scozzafava was that it's appropriate for a political scuzzball. Give it an Italian intonation and you get Scozzafava the scuzz-a-ball-a.

Another Example of the Smoke of Satan in the Church!

When is the phrase "Catholic nun" an oxymoron? When the nun in question volunteers as a deathscort at a local abortion mill.

No, I'm not kidding, this sis, Donna Quinn, is a regular deathscort outside ACU Health Center in Chicago. (Interesting when the word "health" is a synonym for killing children - a perfect example of George Orwell's newspeak).

You can read about her exploits at the killing fields at LifeSiteNews. The article includes the contact information for her religious superior and her bishop. Take action by sending a brief note asking why this woman is allowed to masquerade as a Catholic nun while committing ongoing scandal in her community. Perhaps the Cardinal could arrange an exorcism. Judging from the description of this harpy's behavior she probably needs one.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brent Bozell Takes On the Lying Left Media for their Character Assassination: Go, Brent, Go!

Kennedy Hubris: The Family Legacy!

Some things never change and Kennedy hubris is one of them. It's the family legacy! Patrick Kennedy, Congressman from Rhode Island, recently took the Catholic bishops to the woodshed for refusing to endorse a heatlh care plan that includes coverage for child-killing and other atrocities. (The bishops often deserve a trip to the woodshed, but never for supporting Catholic doctrine and never by one of the Kennedy bratpack!)

Kennedy had the chutpah to accuse the bishops of fanning "flames of dissent and discord....I can't understand for the life of me," he said, how they could oppose it. Well, that makes sense. How could a Kennedy imagine that anyone really believes and accepts the teachings of the Church, even her leaders. After all, the Kenndys don't and they are paragons of moral virtue...just ask them.

No one can deny that the Kennedys are experts on dissent; they get a lot of practice after all. Except for Eunice Shriver is there a single one who doesn't dissent from Church doctrine on murdering children and endorsing sodomy? Meanwhile they play Church with gusto like Daddy/Uncle Teddy who made sure the pope knew how hard he tried to be a faithful Catholic caring about the little guys (except for the little guys in the womb).

Ah...but when you are a Kennedy, dissent is in the eye of the beholder and it is dissent from the liberal political agenda that is unthinkable and beyond comprehension, not dissent from God's law. After all, God had only one Son and He wasn't nearly as popular as the Camelot boys and their offspring. Jesus certainly could never have been elected to public office coming from the ranks of the hoi poloi working class. Ugh! He actually had callouses on his hands and dirt under his fingernails. (He did know a little about choice wine, though.)

Patrick Kennedy's lecture didn't sell with his bishop as Catholic Culture reported.

Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, fired back that Kennedy's statement was "irresponsible and ignorant of the facts." He disclosed that the [sic] had written to Kennedy (and other members of the state's congressional delegation) to explain that the Church supported health-care reform, but would oppose any bill that "threatens the life of unborn children, requires taxpayers to pay for abortion, rations health care, or compromises the conscience of individuals."

"Congressman Kennedy continues to be a disappointment to the Catholic Church and to the citizens of the State of Rhode Island," Bishop Tobin said. "I believe the Congressman owes us an apology for his irresponsible comments."

I wouldn't want the bishop to hold his breath waiting for an apology from a Kennedy. Arrogance, hypocrisy, and chutpah are not the ingredients from which apologies are made.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Have a Short Window to Expose the CCHD; Let's Do It!

I sent this notice out to my e-mail list yesterday and it's worth reminding folks again. I hope you'll visit the video at YouTube, boost the views, and pass it on to your friends. Catholics don't let Catholics support CCHD. Many of the groups they support work directly against Catholic goals. Would you buy a white hood for a member of the KKK? If not, then stop letting CCHD fund networks that include pro-abortion, pro-homosexual groups that hate the Church and her teaching. It just doesn't make sense!

October 21st

Dear Friends:

The Catholic Media Collection (CMC) has posted a two-minute video on YouTube warning Catholics about supporting the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. This scandalous collection has poured millions of dollars into liberal groups over the past thirty years while telling people in the pews the money goes to help "the poor." Some of it does. So what? Would you drink a glass of water that was one third sewage? The CCHD collection verges on fraud!

The only reason CCHD stopped funding ACORN was because of embezzlement by one of the board members. The bishops didn't address ACORN's horrible agenda which has been all too obvious in recent months. The pretense that ending funding to ACORN has eliminated the scandal is ridiculous when you consider that many of the other community organizing groups receiving money operate exactly like ACORN does and are engageing in the same type of liberal lobbying.

Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) receives 15-17% of the collections. Its affiliates bus people to meetings to pressure politiicans to make the "right" liberal choice. Fr. Tuck Grinnell here in the Arlington Diocese provided 5 or 6 buses for one IAF VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement). meeting. One of their big issues is immigration reform. While their website talks about improving processing time for "legal" immigrants, Fr. Grinnell is using VOICE to advocate for "comprehensive immigration reform" and sponsored a forum featuring pro-abortion Catholic Jim Moran who favors blanket amnesty for illegal aliens as well as in-state tuition and other goodies. VOICE received $40,000 in the 2009 CCHD grant cycle.

Please pass this video on to your Catholic friends. If they want more information send them to the CMC website which has numerous articles on CCHD. They can also visit SperoForum and google Stephanie Block. This disgrace has gone on long enough. Many parishes are running in the red. Why are millions being funneled to secular groups that often have an agenda diametrically opposed to the Church?

Mary Ann Kreitzer

"The first law of history is not to dare to utter falsehood; the second, not to fear to speak the truth."
Pope Leo XIII

The Homily Faithful Catholics Long to Hear!

I hope you missed my daily blog posts this week and are glad to see me back. My husband and I went off on a ten-day camping trip to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary (October 4th). After a busy summer and early fall we were ready for a little hiking and a little sightseeing. If you want to read about our trip I'll be posting at my family blog over the next few days.

Now to the point of today's post. I always take a book (usually one I haven't found time to read) when we travel and this trip was no different. I tucked Fatherless by Brian J. Gail into my bag and spent most evenings before bed hunkered down in my sleeping bag engrossed in the novel. Gail's main character, Fr. John Sweeney, reminded me a little of Edwin O'Connor's Fr. Hugh Kennedy in The Edge of Sadness. I believe this is Gail's first novel and he doesn't have as deft a touch with characterization as O'Connor, but nonetheless spins a riveting tale of a young priest at the end of the 20th century struggling with the moral problems of his flock and his own willingness to compromise truth in order to be popular.

The second half of the book is particularly good as Fr. Sweeney confronts a series of life-changing experiences that stir him to become the priest God calls him to be. This culminates in a sermon near the end of the story that I wish we heard in our churches today. It focuses on John 6, the "hard sayings" gospel. You remember...Jesus preaches that his flesh is real food and his blood is real drink and most of his disciples leave Him. Then he turns to Peter and says, "Do you want to leave Me too?"

Fr. John Sweeney takes on that gospel passage in a powerhouse homily faithful Catholics long to hear from their own pulpits and wandering Catholics NEED TO HEAR. It is reprinted from Fatherless with permission:

The Homily Real Catholics Long to Hear
Today our Blessed Lord is asking you and me the same question He asked Peter nearly 2000 years ago. He's asking us this: "Will you leave me too over a hard saying?" Our first impulse is to say: "Never, Lord. We believe your flesh is real food, and your blood is real drink, and we believe that if we eat and drink in faith, you will raise us up on the last day too."

But suppose our Lord said to us: "Yes, I know you blieve My Body is real food, and My Blood is real drink, but some of you eat and drink unworthily because you have not heard...or have heard but not accepted My 'hard sayings'. You must know that nothing grieves me more. I have said these 'hard sayings' through My Vicar, the Pope, and the bishops who teach and preach in union with him throughout the ages. These men are the successors to my apostles, and in my Church they speak for me; like my beloved apostles they have not turned away from me because of 'hard truths' that call men not to a self love, but to a higher love. And so I ask you today as I asked my disciples then: If you hear these 'hard sayings', will you too turn away from Me, or will you remain faithful as my apostles did, even to the shedding of blood?"

What are those "hard sayings" in our age? What has our Pope, Christ's Vicar, said to us that we wish he hadn't? What are the things that lead many to leave our Blessed Lord in this age? What are those things I don't want to preach, and you don't want to hear?

If I were a young boy or a young adult, I would not want to hear that if I were to buy or read pornographic magazines or watch adult videos that I was committing a serious sin. I would not want to hear that I couldn't receive Holy Communion with or without my family until I went to confession. I wouldn't want to hear that pornography is immoral because it makes objects of women, and women are not objects -- they are God's masterpiece.

If I was an adolescent, I would not want to hear that if I went out on a Friday night with the intention of getting high, or getting drunk, or getting - sex - and did one or more of those things - that I was committing serious sin - because I was profaining my body, which is a gift from God and a temple of the Holy Spirit by virtue of my Baptism and Confirmation. I would not want to hear that I could not receive Holy Communion worthily without first going to confession and receiving absolution. I wouldn't want to hear any of that. This is indeed a hard saying when you are young and many of your friends are doing these things.

If I was a young married couple and did not yet have children, or a couple who was married and already had several children, I would not want to hear that I could not use contraception to avoid having children. I would not want to thear that the lie of contraception enslaves us to a synthetic, conditional form of love. Christ came to liberate us for an authentic, unconditional love. I would also not want to hear that oral contraceptives act as abortifacients and kill many more babies in the womb than surgical procedures.

If I was a couple approaching middle age having not yet been blessed with children, I would not want to hear that I could not use in vitro fertilization to have children. I would not want to hear that in vitro fertilization artificially creates life in a manner that relegates God to the role of an absentee landlord. I would not want to hear that this same God does not want Man to undertake the creation of human life in ways that are independent5 of the conjugal act, which He has inscribed as the means by which the transmission of life is to proceed. I would not want to hear that to make use of in vitro fertilization is gravely wrong, and that I could not eat or drink worthily of the cup of salvation until I confessed this sin, repented from my heart, and received absolution.

If I was a married man, I would not want to hear that every time I encouraged or permitted my wife to use some form of contraception I was objectifying her, denying her equality in the marital embrace, and using her for my own selfish physical gratfification. And that this is always wrong - on so many levels - and is always a serious sin requiring absolution for worthy reception of Holy Communion, because both Sacraments are essential in restoring us to lives of grace and virtue.

Please understand me on this point. Our Holy Father [Pope John Paul II] has said that a society that doesn't get the primordial gift of marital intimacy right will not have the moral energy to confront the great civilizational challenges that await it. This makes the contracepting of the next generation literally life-and-death important, not just to families, but to whole nations.

If I was a divorced and remarried man or woman, I would not want to hear that any prior marriage recognized by the Church must be annulled before I can live with another as man and wife, and drink worthily of the cup of salvation.

If I was a soccer or hockey mom, I would not want to heart that my chid's practice or game schedule was not a legitimate excuse to miss mass on Sunday - not for me, not for him, and not for her. And I certainly would not want to hear that missing mass on Sunday without a legitimate reason was a serious sin because it dishonors our Creator...and that unless I confessied it, I too could not receive Holy Communion worthily.

If I was a businessman and complicit in the exploitation of labor -- treating men and women who worked for me as "objects," and not as "subjects," in order to maximize my profit, I would not want to hear that this, too, was gravely wrong in the eyes of God. I would not want to hear that God wants the laborer to have a say in how his work is ordered, and to receive a just portion of the rewards from his labor. I would not want to hear that God demands this simple economic justice from those who provide the capital, the owners of the business. And that, if this does not happen, a grave injustice has been done in His eyes.

If I was a politiican and I voted in favor of things the Vicar of Christ said and the Church has always taught were great evils, like abortion , I would not want to hear that I was giving scandal, and that this was a serious sin. I would not want to hear that I could not receive Holy Eucharist in communion with true believers unless and untill I confessed this sin and promised to amend my life.

If I was old, sick, and suffering, with no hope of recovery, I would not want to hear that I could not ask the doctor to end my life. And if I were a child of a parent who was suffering from a terminal illness, I would not want to hear that I must continue to provide food and water to the natural end of my father or mother's life. I would not want to hear that to deny food and water, thereby ending that life, was not an act of compassion, but a gravely immoral act requiring absolution.

And finally...if I were a priest, I wouldn't want to hear that if I did not preach what I knew to be true -- calling my parishioners to the demands of an authentic Christian love; a love characterized by self-donation rather than self-assertion -- and chose not to do this, because I did not trust the People of God -- because I was afraid my parishioners would turn against me -- I would not want to hear that God would hold me responsible for their sins. And not just those sins! That He would also hold me accountable for every time one of my parishioners, after committing one of these serious sins, ate and drank unworthinly -- lacerating His Sacred Body all over again. I wouldn't want to to hear that, and I wouldn't want to hear that I would personally have to pay for those sins -- either here or in purgatory -- because though God is surely all-merciful in this life...He is just as surely all-just in the next.

My friends, I wouldn't want to hear any of that. And I sure wouldn't want to preach it. But I have heard it, so I must preach it. And because I have preached it, now you have heard it too. So the question our Lord asks of me and of you this morning, is this: "Now that you have heard a 'hard saying,' will you leave me as many other have -- or will you remain with me -- indeed in me -- as have so many of your parents and their parents before them?"

My brothers and sisters in Christ, there can be only one answer to the question our dear Lord asks each of us this morning. It is the answer St. Paul provided. Nothing will separate us from the love of Christ! Nothing! Not life or death! Not angels or powers or principalities! Not present things or future things! And not any creature human or diabolical!

Let us each vow that together, we who are gathered here this morning will keep faith with our Lord and each other, and the generations who have gone before us. Let us vow to embrace the "hard sayings" we have heard, and allow the Source of all life, all love, and all truth to sanctify us and draw us unto Himself, that we too may eat and drink worthily of the cup of salvation, and be raised up on the last day.

Wow! When was the last time you heard a homily like that? Never? You wouldn't be alone. Which means we have a serious obligation to pray for our priests to have the courage to teach the truth boldly and with love. Many people are wandering in the desert searching for the truth that will set them free. We have it if we only evangelize in love.

I recommend Fatherless by Brian J. Gail. It would be especially appropriate for older teens and young adults. It is the story of fallen human nature, of sin and redemption. It's realistic, the characters are engaging, and, like life, the story illustrates both joy and tragedy. Ultimately, it's a story of Christian hope. Share it with others!

The book is published by One More Soul. Visit their website for more information.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

After 40 Years in the Desert........

This morning in Rome at St. Peter's Basilica, Archbishop Raymond Burke, head of the Apostolic Signatura, the highest Church court, celebrated a solemn high Latin mass in the old rite. While low masses have been said at times in side altars by visiting priests, the last time a solemn high mass occurred was in 1969. After 40 years in the desert, the Tridentine solemn rite has come home to St. Peter's. Seventy priests accompanied Archbishop Burke and the chapel was packed to overflowing to the point that some wishing to attend were turned away.

Forty is an important number in the Bible. Noah and his family listened to the rain beat against the ark for 40 days and 40 nights. It was another 40 days of waiting until Noah opened the window to release the dove. Moses spent 40 days on Horeb with the Lord and when he came down, his face shone with a heavenly light. The Israelites roamed for 40 years in the desert while the Lord cleansed them. The Philistines with their monster Goliath threatened Saul and his men for 40 days before young David slew him with a round stone and his sling. The prophet Elijah, on God's instruction, walked 40 days to Mount Horeb where he met the Lord, not in the storm, but in the small sound. Jonah warned the people of Ninevah that they would be destroyed in 40 days, and his warning brought their repentance. Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert before beginning his public ministry and after the Resurrection He appeared to His disciples for 40 days before ascending to the Father.

Forty days in biblical terms represents a time of trial and testing. That's why we have 40 days of Lenten penance. At the end of the trial and suffering comes the joy -- the entrance into the promised Land, the glory of Easter morning.

Like a lighthouse on a stormy night this event shines a beacon of hope to those who love the faith. We continue to struggle for God's will in this difficult world, where often our greatest enemies are the Judases in our midst.

Congress Plays Us for a Bunch of Chumps: ACORN Still Funded!

If anyone wants to know exactly how corrupt this Congress is all they have to do is see this dishonest move. Congress defunds ACORN for a month, gets the headlines, and the "defunding" expires October 31st. The ghouls, witches, and vampires, like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Christopher Dodd trick us all and pass the treats to ACORN. Shake your head over this one. Political corruption has never been so shameless. The Sir Galahad who rode into the White House with his glittering banner of hope and change is turning out to be Mordred, the evil knight. The oval office is less a round table and more a cesspool. Throw the bums out on election day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Small Step to Help the Homeless: Clothing Naked Feet

I read an interesting article this morning about a woman, Theresa Tese, a retired financial comptroller, who wanted to do something to help the homeless. She prayed about it and came up with a small idea -- warm socks. Of course, the next thing she did was start a community organizing group to demand the government provide socks. They stormed City Hall barefooted pelting legislators with dirty socks and holding a sock-in.

Well, no, that isn't exactly what happened.

Theresa didn't apply for a government grant or organize a lobby group to provide warm socks. She started a charity called Comfort Socks and organized sock drives. She contacted sock manufactureres to get wholesale prices and arranged to get special needs socks for diabetics. She set up "sock drops" and invited the community to help. Girl Scout troops and church groups got involved. A college student invited his dorm mates to participate. Some teen groups organized carwashes, the price a dozen socks. One Vacation Bible School collected socks and sent them along with handwritten notes.

Check out Comfort Socks. They may not be ending homelessness, but they are showing compassion for those in need in a very practical way. The biggest project begins with the first step.

When Judges Endanger the Public

How would you feel if you knew that two men once incarcerated on death row for violent crimes were moving into your neighborhood? What if you also knew they had also racked up violent infractions in the prison population like attempted sexual assault? Would you feel safe letting your children walk home from the bus stop alone? This is all part of the liberal lunacy of the "justice" system. And with all the bleeding hearts in Congress we can expect more of this nonsense. Killing babies is perfectly fine, but keeping violent offenders behind bars for life violates their rights. As far as I'm concerned, even one violent infraction behind bars should eliminate all the "good behavior" credits. If these guys can't control their passions, they are not safe to put out on the streets. If these guys kill or injure anyone after release, the judge should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting. It would certainly make these so called "justices" think twice before releasing these bad guys.

Court Rules to Free Violent N.C. Inmates

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Semantic Games and Abortion Guilt

Back in the 70s an article ran in the New England Journal of Medicine that talked about the "semantic gymnastics" necessary to the abortion debate. It stated that pro-abortionists use word games to dissociate themselves from the fact, a fact everyone really knows, that unborn children are living human infants from the very beginning. The semantic gymnastics continue today, but occasionally a bit of honesty breaks through the shroud of lies. Sometimes, however, the honesty paints an even more grotesque picture than the lies.

Such is the story of abortionist Lisa Harris who acknowledges that second trimester abortions do, indeed, involve violence. She describes aborting an 18 week old infant at the same time she was 18 weeks pregnant with her own child:

With my first pass of the forceps, I grasped an extremity and began to pull it down. I could see a small foot hanging from the teeth of my forceps. With a quick tug, I separated the leg. Precisely at that moment, I felt a kick - a fluttery "thump, thump" in my own uterus. It was one of the first times I felt fetal movement. There was a leg and foot in my forceps, and a "thump, thump" in my abdomen. Instantly, tears were streaming from my eyes - without me - meaning my conscious brain - even being aware of what was going on. I felt as if my response had come entirely from my body, bypassing my usual cognitive processing completely. A message seemed to travel from my hand and my uterus to my tear ducts. It was an overwhelming feeling - a brutally visceral response - heartfelt and unmediated by my training or my feminist pro-choice politics. It was one of the more raw moments in my life. Doing second trimester abortions did not get easier after my pregnancy; in fact, dealing with little infant parts of my born baby only made dealing with dismembered fetal parts sadder.

Harris' "sadness" has not led her to stop doing 2nd trimester abortions. In fact, she continues to justify them describing that she rationalizes her actions based on whether the child is in or out of the woman's body. This is similar to using the rationale of "wantedness" which judges the baby's value by the mother's feelings about the pregnancy. Both rationalizatons have nothing to do with the baby, but involve extraneous and irrelevant issues. Many people have been unwanted at one time or another and targeted because of where they live. Lisa Harris and others who follow her logic play a dangerous game, one that isn't new.

History is full of examples of "unwanted" peoples whose murders were rationalized by their killers: the Christians unwanted by the Armenian Turks were robbed and murdered while Christians in other nations were unmolested. The Jews unwanted in the Third Reich died in the death camps. They would have survived in America. The Tutsis were unwanted "cockroaches" to the Hutus, but those who escaped to other African nations survived.

But there is another death, worse than the death of the body: the death of the soul. The results of such evil rationalization is the hardening and brutalization of the killers. To go on living their lie they must dissociate from their own humanity and become more beasts than men (or women). Their wills are hardened. The likelihood of them turning back to God becomes remote.

Lisa Harris' rationalization is so complete that she claims acknowleging abortion as violent will be a virtue actually strengthening the "pro-choice" movement. "Honesty," she says, "[can] be the basis for a stronger movement - one that makes it easier for providers and the teams they work with to do all abortions, especially second trimester abortions." If this is so it will be because the killers have become so brutal and hard-hearted they can kill as easily as stepping on a spider. The cost of "easier" abortions is to destroy the capacity for compassion. Harris' strange sentiment is so dissociated from reality, it boggles the mind. It is like Dr. Mengele claiming his grotesque experiments would be easier if he acknowledged the Jews were equal in value to himself. But in fact, he dehumanized his subjects as did the entire Nazi machine. Jews were subhuman; so experimenting on them was no different than using laboratory mice or monkeys. There is no "golden rule" among those who murder the weak and vulnerable.

Frankly, I don't believe Lisa Harris' testimony. Her claims remind me of another pro-abortion woman who defends murdering children. Columnist Anna Quindlen chose to abort her own baby and went on later to write an article about baking "guilt cookies" whenever she had to go on a business trip and leave her living children. They were well cared for, but still she "felt guilty." But wasn't that her mind playing the same rationalization game. She wouldn't allow herself to feel guilty about murdering her poor baby, so she dissociated from it and let herself release "guilt" over something obviously innocuous and not worthy of guilt.

Lisa Harris is playing the same game. She admits abortion is violent and that she is "sadder" now when she kills. But she continues to justify it. Does her "sadness" make her actions less monstrous or more?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Feed the CCHD Nuts - Pass it on!

One of the key principles in Catholic social thought is subsidiarity, In other words, social needs should be met at the lowest level possible. The closer one is to the need being addressed the more effective the response is likely to be. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has violated the rule of subsidiarity since its inception supporting hundreds of groups that look to more federal regulation and subsidies to accomplish their goals. The good groups funded by CCHD are not sufficient to balance the many evil groups supported, groups working for socialism by electing liberal politicians. CCHD helped to give us the radical, left-wing Congress we have today, one that supports abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research, and other moral atrocities. Many liberal politicians have been elected over the years with the help of CCHD grantees. The only way to stop this insanity is to cut off the money. Boycott the CCHD.

Please, Cardinal George, You Can't be Serious

Sometimes I wonder if some of our Cardinals and Bishops live in the same country...or even on the same planet. I could hear the Twilight Zone music playing as I read Cardinal George's statement on behalf of the U.S. bishops congratulating President Obama on his baffling award of the Nobel peace prize. The statement was gracious, to be sure, but can the cardinal possibly believe what he said? I've copied the Catholic News Agency article below with my comments.

Washington D.C., Oct 13, 2009 / 12:39 pm (CNA).- Speaking on behalf of the U.S. bishops, Cardinal Francis George offered his congratulations to President Obama after he received the Nobel Peace Prize. The Chicago cardinal noted that though more work needs to be done, the U.S. president has already contributed to peace nationally and internationally. [Specifics please. Many commentators believe Obama is contributing to a destabalization of foreign relations. Are we safer because Obama is president? Exactly how, Your Eminence?]

Cardinal George, who is the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops as well as Archbishop of Chicago, released a statement yesterday expressing his “congratulations to President Barack Obama” on his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

The cardinal acknowledged the comments of many critics who have noted that though he has discussed peace, the president has yet to yield results. [Exactly! But he has plenty of results expanding the war against the unborn and the weak and vulnerable.]“As he has graciously said, much of the work of realizing a more peaceful and just world for all persons and nations remains to be done; but the prize was given because as President of the United States he has already changed the international conversation,” the cardinal remarked. [Again...Your Eminence, what are you talking about? Has he increased respect for the weak and helpless?]

Fox News reported last week that the award committee chose the president due to his work to reduce nuclear weapons, his commitment to easing tensions with the Middle East and his dedication to cooperation. [President Obama has the same foreign policy as Rodney King. "Let's all just get along." The only way to get along with him, however, is to adopt his agenda. The division on the floor of Congress where we have never seen so much acrimony reflects the level of cooperation throughout the country. Nada!]
The chairman of the Norwegian award committee charged with selecting the peace prize recipient, Thorbjoern Jagland, said that although the president’s initiatives have yet to bear fruit, “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future.” [There is no hope and no future for the unborn who are targeted for annhilation as never before. And the expansion of the death culture to the elderly is clearly on the agenda with rationing and denial of care.]

Cardinal George added that Obama has already contributed to peace in the United States as the “remarkable and historic achievement of his election” has already “changed the relationships between men and women of all races.” [Like the relationship between Professor Gates and Officer Crowley? Anyone who disagrees with the administration's policies is accused of racism. Does that bring people together?]
“The rich diversity of United States society is now more surely anchored in a national unity that is better able to foster the peace we all are challenged to pursue,” the cardinal said, concluding his statement by asking for God's blessing on “the President and his family.” [This is just baffling. What national unity? The Cardinal needs to get out more. The national tea parties do not show national unity, they show an American electorate deeply divided by Obama's massive socialistic takeover. The Cardinal's statement on behalf of the bishops is doublespeak. Obama is moving us inexoribly toward the nuclear war Mother Teresa predicted as the fruit of abortion. For the Cardinal to play diplomatic pattycake with the president is beneath him and shows abandonment of his role as teacher. It particularly shows abandonment once more of the helpless babies in the womb. They deserve better, Your Eminence.]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Schooling on the Road: What an Adventure!

My husband and I recently stayed at a North Carolina KOA where we met a couple who are fulltime RVers with their three children. They work at KOAs in different parts of the country where they get free camping and a stipend in exchange for working. They've been at it for over a year now and have visited many places out west with their children. I asked their oldest, a girl of about nine, what spot she liked the best. Yellowstone was her choice. We heard a lot about the beauties of Wyoming and the Rockies, but they just moved east and haven't visited Virginia yet. I know they'll love it when they do and I described some of the wonderful treats in store for them in my home state.

I was reflecting later on what a fun education their children are getting. Imagine learning about America and its geography by visiting the different states. Each is so unique. Think of learning about rocks and minerals while studying the deposits in the Grand Canyon and discussing the many ways that mountains and gorges develop. Travelling through midwest farmland is a great opportunity to study about crops and farming methods, how the dustbowl happened in the thirties and the importance of being good stewards of the earth by practicing effective land management.

In North Carolina the cotton is ready to harvest and workers are picking sweet potatoes that have been dug up. No doubt the children have observed it. Maybe they passed through a town that calls itself the strawberry capitol of the south like we did. (I think it was in Louisianna.) Out west I'm sure they saw longhorn cattle grazing on ranches.

When I was homeschooling I loved travelling to significant places in American history. We travelled to where the "miracle in Philadelphia" took place. We could almost hear Ben Franklin telling a woman who asked what form of government the Consitutional Convention had approved, "a republic, Madam, if you can keep it." Walking the battlefield at Gettysburg was an almost mystical experience as we listened to a costumed docent share her experiences as a nurse on the battlefield bringing aid and comfort to that living hell.

We studied pond life at a marsh where we picked up Fiddler crabs and watched coots dive for food. We climbed lighthouses and imagined men in storms at sea encouraged by their beacons. I still look back on that time with delight.

One thing we never studied (and I trust the young mom I spoke to would say the same) was how to put a condom on a banana. But that's just one more benefit of home schooling.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Every time an independent researcher studies groups supported by grants from the Catholic Campaing for Human Development (CCHD), they find money going to immoral projects that support abortion, contraception, homosexual marriage, prostitution, illegal immigration, etc. This isn't a recent problem. It has been going on since the CCHD's inception in 1969. The CCHD stonewalls whenever they are criticized and calls the betrayal an aberration, but that line is getting hard to swallow. Below the video is a CCHD memo from CCHD Chairman Bishops Roger Morin claiming (yet again) that this was a mistake and the collection is wonderful, yadda, yadda, yadda.

How many times can CCHD get away with claiming "a mistake" when it comes to supporting the murder of unborn babies and other moral atrocities. The reality is that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is a liberal out-of-control bureaucracy with an agenda to support leftist politics and politicians. When they get caught they beat their breasts and claim (once more ad nauseum) that they just goofed this one time and the collection is oh-so-squeaky-clean if you just trust them. And that's the rub -- trust. The bishops' bureaucracy cannot be trusted!

There's an old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." The CCHD has been fooling Catholics now for twenty years. Shame on the patsies in the pew if they put a dime in the collection this year no matter how many assurances they get from Bishop Morin about this tainted collection. Would you drink a glass of water from a gallon jug tainted with a pint of sewage?

Follow the Catholic rule of subsidiarity. Support local charities that you know assist the poor: crisis pregnancy centers, free health clinics (make sure they don't prescribe contraception or refer for abortion), shelters and soup kitchens, local job efforts, parish poverty programs, etc. Give your money and volunteer your time at the local level where you know what's happening to the money.

As for the CCHD collection...just say NO! Throw an ACORN in the basket with a note. Since 1973 the bishops have paid lip service to pro-life and passed the collection plate to support the abortion/contraception/homosexual holocaust. There's never been a pro-life collection, and yet the greatest cause of poverty is the breakdown of the family. Let the bishops put OUR money where their pro-life mouths are by substituting pro-life local collections for the discredited national pick-pocket effort of the CCHD.

October 2, 2009
TO: All Bishops
FROM: Bishop Roger P. Morin, Chairman
I write to respond to a recent report from Bellarmine Veritas Ministries that identified several CCHD-funded groups that had taken actions in conflict with CCHD’s guidelines after they were funded, particularly lack of conformity with Catholic teaching.
The projects in the report included The Rebecca Project for Human Rights, in Washington, D.C.; the Chinese Progressive Association; and Young Workers United, both based in San Francisco.... Read more.

"Dead Peasant's" Insurance: Businesses Love the Grim Reaper

Does your boss want you dead?

There is something beyond creepy about your boss being able to take out an insurance policy on your life without your knowledge. It sounds like the plot of a B movie where the CEO insures the bottom rung, non-essential employees and then starts having them knocked off for the insurance benefits.

Do you think someone unrelated to you should be able to insure your life without your knowledge?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Virginia Attorney General's Race Gets Comical

Ken Cuccinelli and Steve Shannon recently debated for the post of Attorney General of Virginia. The debate turned comical when, at the end of the debate, each candidate had the opportunity to ask the other a question. Now think about it. If you were applying a job and wanted to show your competence, wouldn't you do your homework and check out exactly what the job entailed? How hard would that be?

But Steve Shannon showed he had absolutely no idea what the job entails. All he could do was spout about "the bureaucracy" and Cuccinelli not having the experience for the job because he hasn't been a prosecutor. Well, the fact is that Shannon isn't running for prosecutor. He's running for Attorney General and he doesn't even know what the job involves. If he couldn't do his homework on the basic duties of the job he wants, what will he be in office? One more incompetent politician?

Help Ken buy air time in these last few weeks before the election. Donate here.

Talk to your doctor about Vitamin D

There's no mystery to flu season happening in the winter. People spend less time in the sun and process less Vitamin D from natural sources. Vitamin D is essential to boost the immune system and fight disease. According to researchers, proper blood serum levels of Vitamin D can significantly reduce your chance of many cancers, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other serious illnesses. Studies show a 50% less recurrence of breast cancer in women who take the proper level of Vitamin D after having the disease.

Do the research for yourself and ask your doctor next time you have a physical to test your level of Vitamin D. Check out the video here and visit this website for more information on living a healthy lifestyle and the value of Vitamin D in protecting you from many diseases. We wouldn't need to worry nearly as much about health care if we took seriously our obligation to treat our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.

A baby saved: "What you're doing is so worth it!"

Here's a portion of David Bereit's message from 40 Days for Life as the fall campaign nears the halfway point:

Kelly in Southgate, Michigan said it's very rare for the parking lot of the abortion center to be absolutely empty on a Saturday, but that's exactly what happened. The vigil participants were thankful that no abortions were being done, and continued to pray as planned.

But then a young, professionally-dressed woman pulled up on the side street next to the vigil, parked her car and approached quickly. She had her cell phone in hand and started scrolling through the pictures on her phone.

"I was here 10 years ago," she said. "I was going to have an abortion. I mean I was in there and on the table. But because someone like you was out here praying, I just couldn't go through with it."

Then she found the picture she had been searching for. "This is my son." There wasn't a dry eye among the volunteers who were listening to her story.

"I just wanted to say thank you," she said. "What you are doing here is SO worth it!"

Why not spend a few hours at 40 Days for Life. It is So worth it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Too funny (and too sadly true) not to share.

Gotta keep a sense of humour these days. I know, I's not easy with "the one" in the White House and both houses of Congress overrun by the criminally insane. But don't panic. God is still God and His perfect justice will not be thwarted. Remember scripture. Don't fear the one who can kill the body, but the one who can cast the soul into Gehenna. Pray hard. And for another laugh go here.

Help! Am I on the Wrong Side of the Looking Glass?

Some days when I wake up I think I must have rolled over during the night right through the looking glass and into another dimension. So many bizarre things are happening so fast in this country it doesn't seem possible. This morning's shocker was Obama getting the Nobel peace prize. What in the world could qualify him for the prize? The committee said it was for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." I guess that means attacking America in Europe and constantly apologizing for all our evil deeds. Do you hear the twilight zone music playing? It's amazing that a president who has done more to polarize our own nation gets kudos for strengthening "cooperation" between people. I guess it was for the beer bash bringing the white cop and the black prof together to make nice.

If that wasn't bizarre I enough I read a story about the Montana town, Hardin, that woke up one morning to find a strange foreign "police force" patrolling their streets.

BILLINGS, Mont. - Montana's attorney general launched an investigation Thursday into a California company that wants to take over an empty jail in the rural city of Hardin, following revelations that the company's lead figure is a convicted felon with a history of fraud.

Michael Hilton, who formed Santa Ana, Calif.-based American Police Force in March, came to Hardin last month promising to fill the city's never-used jail and build a large military and law enforcement training center.

Hilton has a decades-long track record of fraudulent activities and spent several years in a California prison on grand theft charges. A native of Montenegro, he uses at least 17 aliases.

Citing "significant concerns" about the city's dealings with American Police Force, Attorney General Steve Bullock asked Hardin economic development officials to produce by Oct. 12 all documents related to their dealings with the company.

Exactly why does a rural town of 3500 with little crime need an outside group coming in to offer police service and build a mega-training center? Seems like Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney would be sufficient for their needs. So what exactly is going on in Hardin?

Radio commenatator Chuck Baldwin has a web page updating the on-going saga of Hardin, MT which shows data that makes one wonder if this is a test run for Obama's civilian security force. You remember, the one that will be "just as well funded" as the military. This group appears to fill the bill.

I'm almost afraid to go to bed tonight. God only knows what new insanity tomorrow will bring.

How Safe Are Kids with a "Safe School Czar" who Supports Statutory Rape?

The Long March of Kevin Jennings

Is statutory rape less of a rape when it inovolves the homosexual abuse of a minor boy by an older man? The story is common knowledge now that Kevin Jennings once counseled a 15-year-old student engaged in homosexual sex with an older man to "use a condom." Were "mandatory reporting laws" in effect then? If so, Jennings was engaged in a criminal act when he failed to report the sexual abuse to authorities.

Hiring Jennings as "Safe Schools Czar" is like asking the fox to operate a "safe henhouse." His enthusiasm for NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) pedophile promoter Harry Hay is well documented as well as the forward he wrote to Queering Elementary Education along with former Weatherman terroris, Bill Ayers.

The mainstream media is painting the accusations against Jennings as a "smear" but the data is there: the quotes, the book recommendation, the speeches of admiration for Hay. In today's America truth is called a "smear" proving the scriptural prophecy that a day will come when "good will be called evil and evil will be called good." It's a tactic this administration has down pat.

If you haven't considered home schooling, why not?

Obama appointee lauded NAMBLA figure

Protecting Children--Not right or left, just right or wrong

The Devil is in the Details: Pharmicists in Washington Required to Prescribe Death Drugs

Dial 911 for suicide assistance? by Rita Marker

Assisted suicied is legal in Washington state, but the community is just beginning to learn what that means. For one thing, freedom to choose is non-existent at the local drug store. If someone wants the deadly cocktail, the pharmacist is required to provide it.

[The assisted suicide law] provides immunity for those who do not participate. This led those who own pharmacies to assume that they would not have to dispense assisted suicide drugs.

They were wrong.

In the law, "participation" is very narrowly defined. It only refers to those activities that constitute the duties of the attending physician, the consulting physician or the counselor under the law. It does not include dispensing drugs.

Pharmacy owners who assumed they could opt out were very much mistaken. Not only does the assisted-suicide law not give them the right to refuse to dispense a prescription for assisted suicide, but the Washington Administrative Code positively requires all pharmacies to deliver and distribute all lawfully prescribed drugs or devices to patients. That requirement was affirmed in July when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Stormans v. Selecky vacated a preliminary injunction preventing its enforcement.

That's not all. The law requires medical personnel to HIDE the cause of death in the event the individual gets assisted in death by Compassion and Choices (former Hemlock Society, a euthanasia organization):
The word games continue even after the patient dies from physician-assisted suicide. If she had taken pills that she stockpiled on her own, her death certificate would reflect that the cause of death was a barbiturate overdose and the manner of death was "suicide." However, if she is a C & C facilitated death, the state forbids any hint of that on her death certificate. Instructions from the Washington Department of Health make it crystal clear that doctors, coroners and others must refer to her underlying illness, not the drug overdose, as the cause of death and the manner of death must be listed as "natural." According to the Washington State Department of Health, "The cause of death section may not contain any language that indicates that the Death with Dignity Act was used."

Prolifers predicted in 1973 that Roe v. Wade would lead to euthanasia. The death march moves on. They've killed the children who would care for the elderly and pay the taxes to support them. Now the sites are aimed at Grandma. But they will hide what they are doing the same way they hid legal abortion deaths as "medical misadventures" or anasthesia-related.

If you aren't praying the rosary, now would be a good time to start.