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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

All the White People Are Leaving. It's Time for Them to Go. It's Called Diversity, Don't You Know?

The incomparable British folk singer, Sandy Denny 
"Who Knows Where the Time Goes" 1967

Fr. Thomas Weinandy: The Difference a Year Makes...

"I am convinced more now than a year ago, that by exposing all of the evil, the Lord Jesus is in the process of purifying his body, the Church. The present sin within the Church is often terrifying and disheartening to see. It is good for us to keep in mind, however, that the fire of the Holy Spirit may burn, but its burning is unto holiness – and that is wondrous to behold."          

Fr. Thomas Weinandy

Remember Fr. Weinandy and the letter that got him thrown under the bus by the USCCB a year ago? Today, he has an article at The Catholic Thing titled, "The Letter: One Year Later." 

Nabi Sayeth: Where is the Hierarchy When It Comes to Protecting the Lambs?

Les Femmes looking for
shepherds to defend the flock!
Nabi Sayeth: Without a doubt some of the most shocking and bizarre thinking can be found within the government of the state of California. And there is a law just passed that will cause good, thinking, decent parents and grandparents to scream with shock and dismay:

California Passes Law Allowing 12-Year-Olds To Get Tax-Paid Transgender Treatments

In the nation’s most progressive state, you only need to be 12 years old to privately seek and consent to treatment for gender transitioning. 
You have to be 16 obtain a driver’s license in California, 18 to buy a rifle, engage in consensual sex, or get married without parental consent, and 21 to buy a handgun, alcohol, or marijuana. But in the nation’s most progressive state, you only need to be 12 years old to privately seek and consent to treatment for gender transitioning.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Problem in the Church? It's Homosexuality, Stupid!

--2018 FSSP Ordination in Virginia--
Only men who would make good husbands and
fathers should be ordained to the priesthood!
I had a long talk with Fr. Haley a few days ago. What is it he wants from the Church? What drove him to stir up the wrath of Bishop Paul Loverde over the homosexual problem in the Diocese of Arlington? What led to his excommunication and persecution?

The answer: He called for the proclamation of moral truth! Isn't that what ALL OF US should want? Isn't proclaiming the truth the purpose of the Church? Jesus told the apostles to go forth AND TEACH? What were they to teach? THE TRUTH so that, knowing the truth, we could embrace it and be saved!

Fr. Haley wants the Church to proclaim the truth on the morality of same-sex attracted men being ordained to the priesthood. Let me put it in the form of a question: (Read more....)

Nabi Sayeth: A vivid dichotomy - Lifestyle of the Bishop of Bling vs.Imprisoned Chinese Priest

Nabi Asketh: How more vivid a dichotomy could there be when we compare two different lifestyles in light of the Gospel….

The first lifestyle: That of the bishop of bling….[Editor's Note: German Bishop of Limburg, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, who resigned in the midst of scandal in 2014 blaming an underling for his lavish spending on his personal lifestyle.]

Nice Car!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Inflicting Greater Pain

"Look, Mommy. He's smiling."

Have you ever seen a dog fight? Not an illegal dog fight in a ring with betting. I mean a real honest to goodness fight to the death between two male dogs that have happened upon each other by accident in a normal setting? I have and it's horrifying, but I saw with my own eyes a hero step in and stop it instantaneously. Snap! And it was over. Just that fast. The dog on top, his teeth already sunk into the other dog's throat slowly killing him, leaped off his victim yowling in pain.

It happened at a Thoroughbred training barn where grooms, riders, owners, trainers were free to bring their dogs while milling around the barn talking horse talk and watching daily workouts. One of the exercise riders had a German Shepherd and another person had a pit bull. Both dogs were full males. The German Shepherd was frequently at the barn since his owner worked there. The pit bull's owner was visiting and brought his dog along. I'm not certain he meant to let his dog out of the truck but suddenly there the dog was zigzagging around the courtyard intently sniffing the ground.

Siobhan O'Connor, Buffalo Whistleblower: In the Footsteps of Archbishop Vigano

Siobhan O'Connor, like Archbishop Vigano,
broke the silence.
Last night 60 Minutes covered the Diocese of Buffalo and the cover up of clergy sex abuse by Bishop Richard Malone. The bishop's whistle-blower assistant ,Siobhan O'Connor leaked records from a secret archive. 

Nabi Sayeth: I've Had Enough! Study the Church's Rich History of Charity!

When the plague hit medieval Europe wiping
out a third of the population, it was
the monks and nuns who often tended the
sick when others, even family,  fled. They
are a heroic example of the corporal work
of mercy -- VISIT THE SICK.
Nabi Sayeth: To listen to what is being said or read what is being written about Catholic Christianity by those who are either lukewarm in the practice of it or clueless about its meaning can be disturbing. Those who criticize our Faith such as the pro-abortionists, the extremely liberal college professors (many who cast off their Catholic roots long ago), clergymen of all ranks who hypocritically criticize and/or fail to truly practice the Catholic Faith, members of the LGBTQ movement who label Catholics “intolerant”, and the ever-clueless liberal media…have closed their minds to the rich history and Truth of Catholicism. 

I Like to Lead When I Dance

We will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary next May and when we mention this fact to just about anyone, their reply is always, “Wow.”  I suspect the amazement is in knowing that we have reached a milestone few achieve because death for one or the other prevents the occasion from being possible or because so few in the world today persist in keeping the vow to God Almighty made on the day of their wedding, to stay together for life.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Clergy Cat Fights vs. the Corporal Works of Mercy

Nabi Sayeth: There does appear to be an Ecclesiastical Cat Fight underway:

Bishop Holley says 'revenge,' not ‘mismanagement’ led to his removal

What a shamefully catty public display, and over what? POWER, PRESTIGE, MONEY…. everything that Our Lord found repulsive. Did these people never read the words of Jesus to His apostles in Mark 10:35-45….

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hatemonger Fr. James Martin is at it Again: Vilifying Faithful Catholics!

Fr. Martin Unleashes Social Media Mob on Catholic Whistleblowers

Fr. James Martin has a message for faithful Catholics: SHUT UP! and accept active homosexuals forming the minds and hearts of your children. The homosexual clergy abuse scandal? Forget it. Homosexuals are a blessing to the Church!


Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, 
Nabi Sayeth: An article in SIR magazine (Servizio Informazione Religiosa) revealed the following: 
Netherlands: religious belonging and attendance still decreasing. Only 6% of those who say they are Catholic attend Sunday Mass

Friday, October 26, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: "Hope Springs Eternal"

Nabi Sayeth: Alexander Pope wrote “Hope Springs Eternal” in his poem, “An Essay on Man”. And for sure, with the announcement that the diocese in West Virginia “will release the names of all people credibly accused of ‘child sexual abuse’ since the 1950’s”, there appears to be some cause for hope:

WHEELING, W.VA.—Archbishop William E. Lori, Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, announced today that the Diocese will release the names of all priests, deacons and religious credibly accused of child sexual abuse aware since 1950, the period in which it still has records. The release will include a list of the accused priests’ assignments during their tenure in the Diocese. None of the individuals who will be listed are currently in active ministry.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Monty Python's Prophetic Clip from the 1979 Film, Life of Brian

The only Monty Python film with which I'm familiar is The Holy Grail. My family is always making jokes about the "killer bunny." I have no idea what the politics or cultural views of the group were. But when I saw this clip from Life of Brian, I could only shake my head with a rueful laugh.

Soo....Are the Pipe Bombs a False Flag Operation?

Is this a bomb or a propaganda tool?
My first thought when I heard about the bombs delivered to Democrats and CNN was, "It's a false flag operation."Cui bono?" Who benefits? 

The Democrats, of course. They love playing the victim game, attacking conservatives for being violent Meanwhile while supporters burn, loot, and attack law enforcement as pigs, beat up their opponents, etc.

This morning I read an article quoting a former bomb disposal officer, Tom Sauer, that raises plenty of red flags about the "bombs" or should I call them propaganda tools?
“1. Proper pipe bombs don't have wires connected to both ends. That's dumb.

Nabi Sayeth: Where Have All the Good Sisters Gone?

Nabi Asketh: When was the last time you saw a Catholic sister sitting in the pews of your parish Church for mass? Or teaching at your child’s or grandchild’s Catholic school? Or walking in the halls of your Catholic hospital?

How many of your children or grandchildren know what a Catholic sister is?

Where have all the good sisters gone?

Not here! These old gals traded God for the world.
Oh...and they left their walkers on the bus!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

From the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston to Release Names of All Priests That Have Been Credibly Accused of Abuse of Children of Which it is Aware Since 1950
WHEELING, W.VA.—Archbishop William E. Lori, Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, announced today that the Diocese will release the names of all priests, deacons and religious credibly accused of child sexual abuse aware since 1950, the period in which it still has records. The release will include a list of the accused priests’ assignments during their tenure in the Diocese. None of the individuals who will be listed are currently in active ministry.

Guest Post: Not Too Random Thoughts on the State of the Church

I received this email from a friend and found his insights interesting and thoughtful. He lives a quiet life and has turned his home into almost a little chapel. When he shared photos of his projects and then sent this email I couldn't resist asking to share it. I think it shows the benefits of silence and healthy labor. We also share a love for St. Joan of Arc. I added a few comments in red.

Some thoughts, hoping they are not too random....

Of course, I was wary when a Latin American Jesuit was elected pope. But I still hoped for the best. I was alarmed by this statement from the early interview which appeared in the Jesuit journal America: “The dogmatic and moral teachings of the church are not all equivalent. The church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently."

How is truth disjointed or disconnected from itself? [Good Question! The pope's comment is like a math teacher saying math rules encompass a "disjointed multitude" and shouldn't be "imposed insistently." If the students want to say 2 + 2 = 5 who are we to judge? Only pharisees and disturbed individuals insist on rigid rules]

Nabi Sayeth: God Sends Prophets - Archbishop Vigano

God sent Jeremiah, the "weeping prophet,"
to warn the chosen people they would be
exiled for their sins. At first they scoffed. When
Jeremiah's prophecies came true, they tried to
kill him. No wonder Archbishop Vigano is hiding!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Mob Invasion is Coming? What Will It Mean for America?

Reported estimates are that 80% of the invading mob are men under the age of 35.
If you want to know what is going to happen read the 1973 book Camp of the Saints. Here's what Wikipedia says about the novel:
The Camp of the Saints (French: Le Camp des Saints) is a 1973 French novel by author and explorer Jean Raspail. The novel depicts the destruction of Western civilization through Third World mass immigration to France and the West. Almost forty years after its initial publication, the novel returned to the bestseller list in 2011.[1] ...

Nabi Sayeth: It's ALL Connected!

It's not always easy to
connect the dots. Do it anyway!
Nabi Sayeth: Lets begin with two stories, stories which may initially seem disparate, but upon further examination are actually connected in a most significant manner.

First story:

A 23-year-old man in South Carolina was ordered to spend 12 years behind bars after he “bit” his ex-girlfriend’s lip so hard that it became detached, officials said.

Seth Aaron Fleury entered a guilty plea Thursday to a charge of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, 13th Circuit Solicitor Walt Wilkins announced in a news release.

On Oct. 21, 2017, Fleury was set to meet up with his ex-girlfriend to “discuss their relationship,” Wilkins said. However, it resulted in a disagreement.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: A Sad Seminary Story -- Beware Worldly "Spiritual Directors"

Because I'm a priest of God imitating my Savior!
Nabi Sayeth: A Catholic seminary should be a place of holiness, of study….a safe place where men who are called to the priesthood can pray and study in preparation for their lifetime commitment to Jesus and His beloved Church. But so often seminaries have been places where vocations are dashed and faith destroyed.

Nabi writes here today about a conversation with a clergyman from West Virginia who was sent to one of the oldest and once largest seminaries in the U.S. And in particular, Nabi wishes to use the words of the clergyman who as a seminarian had his faith severely threatened by the practices he observed at that school. Here are the clergyman’s own words….

A Good News Story from Wheeling, but not about Clergy

Mercy Cuts to the Bone 

by Dr. Steven Miller, orthopedic surgeon

Tired, worried, and with dark circles around her eyes, Kelly Amato arrived at the Orthopedic Clinic at Wheeling Hospital without an appointment and with X-rays in hand. She asked me for my help. I immediately responded, "Yes, of course!" What happened afterwards was incredible — not just due to the outcome, but also for how it transpired and how it continues to inspire me spiritually.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Break the Silence: - Archbishop Viganò's Third Letter

Elephant? What elephant?
"For it is the conspiracy of silence that has wrought and continues to wreak great harm in the Church."             
             + Carlo Maria Viganò 
                  19 Ottobre 2018

Archbishop Viganò's third letter is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the crisis in the Church! After all, you can't solve a problem unless you understand it. And the archbishop minces no words about the central problem, the elephant in the room, being covered with flowery wallpaper by the liars and sycophants at the Vatican. 

Nabi Sayeth: Are Seminaries the Hierarchy's Playground?

Fr. Joseph Gatto, active homosexual
rector of Christ the King Seminary
Nabi has shared with you on several occasions the corruption that exists in Catholic seminaries. Some of them have homosexual populations in the ninety percentile, much higher than society in general. And to think, it is from these Sodom and Gomorrahs that our future priests come!

There are currently Diocesan investigations taking place at several seminaries. But the one that is getting the attention of the media at this time is the seminary in the diocese of Buffalo, N.Y.

Guest Post: Feminism and its Effects on Society

Toxic feminism champions hatred of men, the murder of unborn children, and sexual license. 

            One of the advantages of being old is you have a much greater knowledge of history than most others. My mother ingrained in us five boys that we must always respect women. As an example her instructions for riding the city bus: If a woman got on the bus and had to stand, we were to stand and offer our seat. My familiarity with the feminist movement does not go back as far as the fight for the right for women to vote; however, I am familiar with the fight for equal wages and jobs. As a young married man, I attended a trade school in the daytime and worked on an assembly line in the evening to support my family. I worked on the same line with women putting together components to be installed in the old vacuum tube-type computers. This is when I learned that women, doing the same job as I were paid about 10 percent less than the men. What made it worse was the women did a better job, being more patient than the men. At that time it was also difficult for women to enter into the variety of jobs available to men.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Protecting Predators Arms the State for Attacks on the Church

Stonewall raids at gay clubs
in NYC. (Wikimedia) Today
the raids are in diocesan
chanceries! Ironic, eh?
Nabi Sayeth: Because of the horrible mismanagement by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church with regard to the cover up of the sexual abuse of our young people, the very freedom which the Church has enjoyed under the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution is being threatened.

From the Detroit Free Press 10/4/2018:
Law enforcement officials with the Michigan Attorney General's Office executed search warrants Wednesday for clergy files at all seven Catholic dioceses in Michigan as part of its investigation into sexual abuse of children by priests.

At about 9 a.m., law enforcement officials arrived at the Chancery office of the Archdiocese of Detroit on State Street, which is the largest of the seven dioceses, according to the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Witches Gather: Let the Body of Christ Respond with Masses and Rosaries...

....and a novena of St. Michael's Prayer!

I've always considered Hillary and her cronies nasty, howling witches. Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren...don't they sound like witches whenever they open their mouths?

Nabi Sayeth: When Wolves Guard the Chicken Coops, It's Going to be Hard on the Chickens

The John Jay study revealed that the vast majority
of abuse was pederasty, homosexual assaults
on post pubescent boys and young adult men.
Nabi Sayeth: There was great fanfare when the U.S. bishops gathered in Dallas in 2002 to sign their charter, the contents of which served as a solemn pledge by the hierarchy to protect our children.

Pedophilia, pedophila, pedophilia was hailed as the root problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church (Pedophilia is the sexual abuse of prepubescent children). But was this true? Is pedophilia really the problem, and if it is not, then, what is? And perhaps equally important, what is the answer to the real problem?