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Friday, June 29, 2012

First Genetically Modified Babies Born

When I started reading this in an email I thought it was going to be a joke. No such luck. How long will God withhold his judgment against us. Poor innocent children being experimented on by these mad scientists. Cloned kids next -- "an afternoon's work for one of my students." God have mercy on us! No wonder we're having massive forest fires and it's hot as hell.

World's First GM Babies Born

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us!

Today is the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, great apostles for the truth and martyrs for the faith. It is appropriate on the day after the abomination of Obamacare was upheld by the activists on the Supreme Court that we remember these saints. We are called to follow in their footsteps which led to persecution and martyrdom. Catholics may NEVER pay for abortion and contraception. Catholics may NEVER allow the murder of the elderly and infirm by neglect. Catholics MUST fight for the truth. Gird your loins, put on the armor of God, and prepare for battle.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hallmark Goes Political: Trashes the Tea Party!

Some companies are really stupid. I remember when Pampers was supporting Planned Parenthood. (Do they still?) All I could think of is, "Why would a company that makes diapers for babies want fewer of them around?" Maybe they were planning to go into the disposable baby body bag business.

And now there's Hallmark with their stupid graduation card trashing the tea parties. Did any Hallmark executives ever attend a Tea Party event where the vast majority of participants are family folk -- you know, the kind that celebrate big family events with parties and cookouts -- like graduations? How many customers will Hallmark alienate with this card?

Me for starters! I'm going to post this on my Facebook page and ask folks to like my status if they won't be buying Hallmark cards this season. When you consider all the other options out there for greeting cards -- well Hallmark obviously is not "the very best" any more.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interesting Question...

What Does Obama's 'Marriage Equality' Mean for Bisexuals?

In the Lawrence decision that upheld the right to sodomy, the Supreme Court ignored its own previous ruling that upheld laws based on moral standards. Scalia dissented:
"State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity are likewise sustainable only in light of Bowers' validation of laws based on moral choices," said Scalia. "Every single one of these laws is called into question by today's decision; the Court makes no effort to cabin the scope of its decision to exclude them from its holding."
So what's next on the perversion register? Anything goes! If a dirty mind can imagine it, we will no doubt see it legalized.  On the other hand, God is only going to allow so much evil before He decides we're done. So don't worry too much about the state of the world. Live your own life by God's laws, uphold the true, the good, and the beautiful and make atonement for the sins of others through prayer and sacrifice. God is faithful to His promises and one of those is clear. "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and serve according to His purpose." He only allows sin to bring about a greater good. Don't ask me what that is, but I have no doubt He is in control. As Padre Pio said, "Pray, hope, and don't worry."

The Protestant Revolution

One courageous bishop says he won't celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's revolt. Good for him!

St. Cyril of Alexandria, Pray for Us

Today is the feast of St. Cyril of Alexandria who fought the Nestorian heresy. Nestorius, the bishop of Constantinople (problems with bishop aren't a modern phenomena), demeaned the role of the Blessed Mother. He denied that she was the Mother of God claiming she was only the mother of Christ's humanity. Heretics serve a purpose in the Church, however, because they cause the doctrines they deny to be definitively stated. And, in fact, the Council of Ephesus in 431 addressed the heresy of Nestorius and his followers. Mary was named "Theotokos," Mother of God and those who denied it declared "anathema."

The devil hates Mary so much exactly because of her exalted role in God's plan. That a mere human, a lowly woman, could be the door through which the Creator of heaven and earth entered the world assaults Satan's great pride. And so he works hard to encourage men to deny Mary's role in salvation. He's done that bad job with many protestants who are so antagonistic toward Christ's mother they fairly drip with animosity. But can you imagine Jesus, the Word who articulated the command to honor parents, disrespecting his own mother? No! Jesus, our Savior, was humble enough to enter the world through the womb of Mary. Why would He not expect us to imitate His sublime humility by coming back to Him through Mary? That's why we seek her intercession. She represents the humble doorway that leads us directly to Christ. Mary, Theotokos, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. St. Cyril, defender of Mary, pray for us.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Levada Interview Puts Nuns on Notice

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter, in an exclusive interview, quizzed Cardinal William Levada of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about what would happen if the LCWR remains intransigent in their refusal to cooperate with the Vatican. It's interesting on several accounts. 

First of all, everybody knows that the Reporter, aka "the fishwrap" by orthodox Catholics, is the paper of the dissenters. Several of them, including Sr. Joan Chittister, write for NCR. So by interviewing with John Allen, Cardinal Levada guaranteed the unfaithful nuns would get the message and the warning that they are walking on thin ice. Here it is by the way:
NCR: LCWR has said it's considering its response. What happens if they say, "We won't go along with this"?
I mentioned to the sisters today that we shouldn't look at this primarily from the angle of who's in charge here, what's the authority, and so forth. We should start with the issues, and how we can come to an understanding about the issues and the needs. There's a great deal of subsidiarity in the church, and religious communities are a classic example.
Of course, if you look at the church as a hierarchical structure -- whether you see that as benign, or something else -- ultimately, the pope is the superior. If he says, "Sisters, I want you to do this, I want you to take a look at these things, and so forth," that's what I hope will be the outcome.
I suppose if the sisters said, "OK, we're not cooperating with this," we can't force them to cooperate. What we can do, and what we'd have to do, is say to them, "We will substitute a functioning group for yours," if it comes to that.
NCR: What would such a "functioning group" look like?
Good question. I hope it would look like a conference that focuses on the priorities of religious life, the life of holiness, which is the fundamental call of all of us in the church, and the good that can come through the apostolic works that many of these orders are committed to and the prayers that others are committed to. I would like to see religious as champions of the mission of Jesus Christ in the church and the world.
NCR: So if the response is not satisfactory, the result could be decertification of LCWR?
It could be. We only have so much information, and what we've outlined is based on the information we have received. But as I mentioned to the sisters, if one or more parts of that is not correctly perceived, they will tell the bishop delegates, and that won't be a problem....
NCR: What's to prevent LCWR from making this decision for you, by deciding to reincorporate under civil law and cutting their ties with the official church?
I suppose nothing, assuming they could satisfy civil law concerns and pay for it. The Holy See, however, isn't going to give its patronage to it.
Secondly, along with the warning, Levada reiterated that the action is being taken solely against the LCWR and not the religious orders associated with them.  He also indicated the unfortunate situation of the nuns lack of cooperation when he answered this question:
NCR: What would count for you, in the short term, as evidence that the LCWR is moving in the right direction?
Enter into a sincere, cordial and open dialogue with the delegate that has been named, Archbishop Sartain. That certainly has not happened so far.
Not only has it not happened, but the dissenting nuns have already made it clear nobody, especially those old men in Rome, can tell them what to do. Having pointed that out, Levada ended the interview discussing obedience.
NCR: Is there any other point you would like to make?
I'd like to say a word about obedience. In the church, the pope is the superior, ultimately, and obedience has been an integral part of the evangelical counsels and of religious life from the beginning. This process is also an invitation to obedience for the sisters in LCWR as representatives of their groups. They call their own sisters to obedience when they need to, and that's an appeal I would want to make to them now, to look at this as a deeper living out of their own vowed life and the vow of obedience.
So Levada established in the interview that 1) the assessment has indicated serious problems related to  LCWR and its denial of truths taught by the Church; 2) the nuns so far are obstinate in their refusal to cooperate with the assessment; 3) if they take the action some have threatened of reincorporating under civil law, they will be replaced with a group that WILL cooperate.

The question now is who will blink first? Obviously, if the nuns win on this, dissent will get a big green light. (It is a fact of human nature that if you reward a behavior, you get more of it.)  If, on the other hand, there is a serious crackdown, it will send a strong message that dissent to fundamental Church teachings will not be permitted. Obviously, from the point of view of the faith, the crackdown is essential. As Jesus taught, a house divided against itself cannot stand. What's happening to the LCWR is long overdue. We are in de facto schism in the U.S. and the LCWR has been among the leaders fomenting it following in the footsteps of Martin Luther. The only thing that can save whatever faith still exists in the U.S. is to defend the truth vigorously. Let's pray the Vatican doesn't back away from the battle with the neo-protestant nuns who are being supported, among others, by the gay Catholic priests' blog. Check it out. There's an old saying that you can know people by the company they keep. In view of LCWR's connections with active homosexuals, dissenters, new-agers, proponents of women's ordination, etc.....well, it certainly doesn't testify to their orthodoxy. Conversion of the LCWR seems unlikely so, frankly, it will warm many orthodox hearts if the LCWR goes belly up.

Full interview here.

The Nuns on the Bus Go they Shill for Liberalism

Did you know there are only seven nuns on that huge rock-star bus? What a time they must be having. Think the bar is well stocked? Wonder what videos are in the TV cabinet? Are they cooking in or stopping for dinner? Think they eat at MacDonald's? Ya just gotta laugh at these ladies in their fancy digs protesting the Ryan budget because they say it promotes the privileged. Reminds me of the pharisees with their wide phylacteries and bells sewn into their hems so they draw attention to themselves when they walk.  NETWORK is a liberal lobby group that happens to be run by dissident nuns who have little in common with those who serve the poor. They are more likely to be serving the U.N., Greenpeace, and the Save the Wetlands foundation. Here's a photo montage of the tour:

Ah yes...It's always for the children...except the unborn babies. Reality?
It's about building power and popularity for the lobbyist nuns.
And here here they are in their perms and pearls sending their "I will not serve!"
 message to the Vatican. Can't you tell how much they love poverty? 

Ah yes...Jesus would have supported liberals because he loves
abortion, same-sex marriage, and infanticide!
Sieg Heil to Obama, but never to Rome!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Church Militant

Bishop Cordileone Requires Fidelity Oath from Gay Ministry

Two thumbs up for Bishop Salvatore Cordileone who asked the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry (CALGM) to sign an "oath of personal integrity" to the Catholic faith. An article in the National Catholic Reporter reported:
In an April 12 letter to the association's board, Cordileone stated he would "take public action to clarify the status of CALGM with regard to authentic Catholic ministry" should they refuse to take an oath that requested that each member "strive to clearly present Catholic doctrine on homosexuality in its fullness" and "profess personally to hold and believe, and practice all that the holy Catholic church teaches, believes and proclaims to be true, whether from the natural moral law or by way revelation from God through Scripture and tradition."
The board has refused twice to comply. One can only presume that, like Dignity, another so-called Catholic gay group, they want to call themselves Catholic while promoting the gay lifestyle. Except for Courage, the ministry founded by Fr. John Harvey, a support group for those with same-sex attraction striving to live a chaste life, "gay" ministry in the Church has been characterized by dissent from teachings on the disordered nature of homosexuality.

Two thumbs up to Bishop Cordileone for reining in the lavendar mafia in the Church. Their refusal to personally affirm their fidelity to Church teaching says it all.

Read the NCR's article here.

Who's Warring Against Women?

The Chocolate Milk Bully

One More Choice Thrown on the Ash Heap

Think about it. Military in harms way have plenty of reason to pray. As they say, there are no atheists in a foxhole. And don't you think it might actually be a comfort to a marine grunt or a navy sailor or an army private to have a Bible with the insignia of his service on the cover. What a great gift from a Christian mom and dad to their son or daughter as they go off to defend their country. But our culture that sanctifies some choices has just dumped this one. Kill your kid if you want. But you sure better not have a Bible with a service insignia on it! Wonder if they will make it crime to put an insignia sticker on a Bible cover.


The Constitution Protects Religion FROM Government

And NOT Government from religion!

Autism on the Increase - Why?

An Italian court recently awarded a family a $200,000+ settlement in a case of autism caused by the MMR vaccine. The 78% increase in autism over the last five years is alarming. Popular health doctor, Joseph Mercola, attributes it to toxic overload, not just vaccines. Read more here. If you are in the child-bearing years, it's important to research this issue and do whatever you can to minimize the risk of your own children.

Genetically Modified Food: Is It Safe?

Scientists Torpedo GM Claims:
In 1994, fellow author Dr John Fagan returned grant money of USD 614,000 to the National Institutes of Health, after concerns about the safety and ethics of genetic engineering. “Crop genetic engineering, as practiced today, is a crude, imprecise, and outmoded technology. It can create unexpected toxins or allergens in foods and affect their nutritional value,” he warns.
“Recent advances point to better ways of using our knowledge of genomics to improve food crops, that do not involve GM.” Over three quarters of GM crops are intended to tolerate spraying with herbicides, which have created herbicide resistant strains, the so-called superweeds.
In addition, these toxic products have been linked to birth defects and cancer in epidemiological studies. “These findings fundamentally challenge the utility and safety of GM crops, but the biotech industry uses its influence to block research by independent scientists and uses its powerful PR machine to discredit independent scientists whose findings challenge this approach,” explains Dr Fagan.

Check out the report linked below. I've only read part of it, but what I've read worries me. What are we eating and what are we feeding our children?:

GMO Myths and Truths

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This is for all you annoying trolls!

One of the things my grandkids like to do is watch videos of the annoying orange with me. (Requires censorship on occasion.) Whenever I'm visiting and using my computer they will gather round and beg for the annoying orange. Which led my son-in-law Chris to give me a wonderful gift, my own personal annoying orange to keep by my desk. Every time I press the sound spot on the back I get the annoying orange making an obnoxious comment followed by his super annoying laugh. Chris suggested I use it to de-stress when I get annoying blog comments. So you annoying trolls out there, you've got competition. Now that I've associated you with the annoying orange, you can never get my goat again. (Besides, I don't have a goat, just an annoying orange.) He always gives me a laugh.

Postscript: I was actually introduced to the annoying orange by a bag of marshmallows. Watching this will give you an entirely new perspective on s'mores.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Religious Liberty Under Attack: It's Not the First Time

Thomas More is a great model for us as the persecution against the Church increases. We may never face Thomas More's bloody martyrdom, but there is no doubt we will experience a white martyrdom of ridicule and vitriol, job loss, and hatred -- something that is already happening. If we go the way of Canada, some of us will land in prison for "hate speech" or be fined into poverty. Praise God if that happens. Persecution makes saints. Don't forget the Fortnight4Freedom. Today is day two. How will you pray and sacrifice today for our poor country?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too Funny and Too True

Is the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Your Bookshelf?

I'm working on Fr. John Hardon's advanced catechist course for the Marian Catechist Apostolate. Last night at adoration I read the catechism entries on the sixth commandment (Thou shalt not commit adultery.) and on the sacrament of marriage. The catechism is a delightful book. Not only that, but you don't even have to buy it. Just click the hotlink and you can read it online at the Vatican website or download it to a Kindle. The catechism isn't difficult; in fact, it's exceptionally clear. When I read Pope John Paul II's encyclicals, I often have to reread a paragraph two, even three times. Not so with the catechism. It's easy, and every chapter ends with a summary of the points. What a wonderful compendium of our faith! And what a gift from God to allow us to know without a doubt what He expects of us.

Like most Catholic catechisms,

Preview of The World Over Interview with Bishop Morlino

Tonight at 8:00 P.M. on EWTN

Catholic Faith Under Fire

We all knew it had to come. The homosexuals have been suing photographers and caterers who won't work their "weddings." Of course they will sue the Church for "discrimination." So check out this catholic hospital facing the wrath of two lesbians who demand healthcare coverage for their "marriage." I suspect they are probably a front couple with an organized homosexual lobby behind them. The new homosexual strategy is sue-sue-sue. The courts appear to be lackeys of evil. Liberal judges carry water for all kinds of abominations. When the proponents of evil can't get what they want they often take it out of the legislative arena and into the shadow government of the 9-man Supreme Court oligarchy. (I know, I know - generics are out of fashion. I amend: "the six men/three women oligarchy.)

 Here are a few of the abominations given to the country by the Supreme Court:

Dred Scott vs. Sanford (1857) upholding slavery.
Buck vs. Bell (1927) upholding forced sterilization.
Engel vs. Vitle (1962) upholding a ban on nondenominational prayer in the public schools.
Griswold vs. Connecticut (1965) upholding bogus right to privacy later used to support numerous evils.
Roe vs. Wade (1973) upholding abortion on demand through all nine months.
Lawrence vs. Texas (2003) upholding the right to engage in deviant sexual practices.

We can only imagine the abominations that will take place in the future. Imagine the field day over Obamacare. What an opportunity to hammer Christians. Got your rosary?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No School Bus for These Nuns who Love the Poor so Much!

The nuns have taken to the road in their latest PR move to gain supporters and attack the bad old men at the Vatican who have dared to criticize their dissent. And they are singing the same old song about how much they care about poverty. Yes, they talk a lot about poverty, but, hey, not for them. They are travelling in style:
Their bus — of a type usually reserved for rock stars and their roadies (the driver dropped Dolly Parton’s name) — will also be taking the plain-clothed nuns to congressional offices in each state they pass through.
Want to see what the inside of a rock star tour bus looks like? Go here for a gallery of photos. Is that what the inside of the sisters' bus looks like? They sure didn't borrow a school bus did they, these champions of the poor? And how much is their political tour to attack the Ryan budget costing? Who's paying for it don't you wonder?

The sisters of NETWORK are liberal lobbyists. And this is all about, not the poor, but using the poor to promote Obama's reelection.

There are certainly nuns who are heroic and live to serve the poor and the downtrodden. Don't mistake these privileged women power brokers for them.

The Napoleon in the White House

Obama's a domestic enemy

Obama and resurgence of the imperial presidency

Obama guilty of "habitual abuse of power"

Even the New York Times notices!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Not the Church Milquetoast!

Obama Unilaterally Implements Dream Act

When the president can make law without bothering with any input from Congress, why do we need Congress at all? Might as well send them home, save all the money they cost us, and just let the emperor rule from the oval office.

Hate Crimes Against Christians? Well...They Just Aren't News.

Pro-life school bus firebombed; local media ignores it

Join the Fortnight for Freedom

Prayer is powerful. We live in dire times when prayer is more essential than ever. Think of the power of praying the rosary as a family every night of these fourteen days. In this morning's Mass reading, God relented at imposing a terrible prophecy on Ahab because he repented in sackcloth and ashes before the Lord. God does not desire our destruction, but our repentance. He wants our wills conformed to His! Let's face it, our nation has become a cesspool of self indulgence and materialism.

When I look at my own wimpy faith, I know I'm part of the problem. So I want to commit to this time of prayer for our nation and join some acts of sacrifice as well. Let our "patria" once again become one nation under God with liberty and justice for all -- including the weakest, our unborn brothers and sisters and the vulnerable elderly and sick.

If the Studies Don't Get the "Right" Answers -- Dump 'Em

Situations that conflict with the natural law, are bound to be problematic. The hypothesis that same sex child-rearing is detrimental to children makes sense. And if the data shows that's the case, frankly I'm not surprised. But those who don't want to believe facts love to attack the results (and the scientists) whose work disputes their bogus claims. Kinsey was a champ when it came to doing bogus science and he sanctioned and paid child abusers to "prove" his evil theories were true. The media absolutely loved him and continue to promote him as the adulatory film about him shows. So the con goes on enabled by a liberal media who see their jobs as effecting change in society.  And success has made them bolder. They won't be satisfied until every faithful Catholic is working the fields in a gulag. Unless, of course, they decide the lions are cheaper and more efficient.

Why the Liberal Intolerance for New Family Structures Study?

Surrogacy Exploits Poor Women

Inside the Bazaar of Surrogacy

Sounds like Origins of Love is a novel worth reading, one that exposes the dirty underbelly of the fertility industry.

Tribute to Fr. Norman Weslin

From Fr. Gordon MacRae

Monday, June 18, 2012

Did You Watch Nick Wallenda Cross Niagara Falls?

Our family did and it was so inspiring. We heard him constantly praising God and praying to Jesus. But that disappeared from the media coverage. Honest bunch, eh? Wouldn't want to offend anybody -- except almighty God.

Jesus "Omitted" from Niagara Falls Crossing

We Are Catholics!

Pass it on...

Rebellion in the Church: The Assault from Within!

In one of the most poignant moments in the Gospel Jesus asks, "When the Son of Man returns, will he find any faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8) Many times since the Resurrection, we hear that question echoed in the events of history: the Arian heresy of the 4th century that denied the divinity of Chist, the Albigensian heresy of the 12th century that postulated two equal forces, one for good - the other for evil, battling for supremacy, the Protestant Revolution of the 16th century disputing papal authority and rejecting most of the sacraments. The difference from today is that, in all those earlier cases the heretics left the fold to found their own sects. But today, the heretics stay in the Church and have no intention of leaving, set instead, on reforming Christ's bride in their own human image.

The most recent chapter in the rebellion is the dissident nuns' response to the Vatican crackdown of the LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious), an action that is long overdo. I'm not going to rehash here what I've already written. You can see past blog posts about the radical nuns here. The fact is, however, that these fundamentally protestant rebels are entrenching and lining up their allies.

Did You Give These to Dad on Father's Day?

Mantyhose - the latest in male fashion

If you are a student of history, I urge you to examine the fashions of dying cultures. You'll note that the men became more and more feminine in their apparel and personal appearance. Other things that degenerate: the arts. Think of Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol, the popularity of the pornographic novel Fifty Shades of Gray, the blasphemous plays, etc. The signs of collapse are everywhere, not just in the financial districts of the world

But times like these are an invitation to hope: to look for signs that indicate restoration of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Note the popularity of Gregorian Chant in recent years, the new media which includes Catholic fiction, films, and literary criticism. New solid and orthodox Catholic colleges and religious orders hold a seeds of promise for a bright future.

So, as you take note of the silliness of our decadent age, remember that what is truly real are those things that mirror most closely the glory of God. Everything else is just a dumb show.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

And remember, Dads, you are the spiritual heads of your homes. Studies show that the greatest predictor of whether children will practice the faith as adults is whether Dad, not Mom, practiced the faith. It all starts at home: around the table praying grace -- at Mass on Sunday -- in the Confession line -- saying night prayers -- praying with your kids to do their best and practice good sportsmanship before the big game, etc.

If you love your children, let them know the faith is serious to you. And may God bless you with the grace to make your home a little domestic church where God is always first. Faith doesn't just happen. If you don't give the example and the verbal encouragement, your children are likely to fall into the statistics of lapsed Catholics later on. How will you feel on Judgment Day if God shows you all the generations of lost Catholics because you failed to do your best to pass on the faith. You are that vital, Dads!

And, kids, pray for your dads because they will be accountable to God for the job they did as spiritual heads of their families. I hope many will be praying rosaries today for all dads especially your own. Happy Father's Day to my own dad and grandfathers, brother Tom, and godfather (rest in peace), my husband Larry, father of our five children, my three living brothers, and my two sons and three sons-in-law and all my father-friends. May God bless you all abundantly. A special Father's Day greeting to son Neil whose wife gave him the greatest Father's Day gift yesterday, a new baby, Joshua. May he grow up to be a warrior for the faith like his Old Testament namesake.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I hate to say it, but some women....

are just plain stupid. Hat tip to my SMART friend Janet for this head-shaking picture from the "worth a thousand words" department.

General Mills Goes Gay

General Mills came out of the closet this week at a gay pride event to shill for same-sex marriage. CEO  Ken Peters claims it's necessary to keep their business competitive. Why this statement and why now? Minnesota has an amendment on the ballot in November upholding traditional marriage. In every state that's voted, the electorate chooses real marriage not the faux "let's play house" homosexual alternative.

How can a business that uses cartoon characters to convince families to buy their products for the kids believe that support for sodomite marriage is necessary and good for business? Frankly, I don't think they really do. Like other companies coming out for the gay agenda, there are probably upper level gay executives pushing for this. As for their move being good for business, well, you can be sure that no General Mills products will ever cross my doorstep again even when the house is full of grandkids. No, let the LGBT crowd stuff themselves on Trix, Count Chocula, Lucky Charms, Kix, Wheaties, and Cheerios. I'll miss my Wheat Chex, but will easily adapt to an alternative.  Let's show General Mills that attacking the traditional family is not as good for business as their CEO thinks. And I have a suggestion for a new cereal, Goofballs, with Goofy on the box cover. Disney will probably happily make a deal for the Goofy rights. If not,  General Mills can just use a photo of CEO Ken Peters. And for a list of General Mills other products, go here.

Here's more:

General MIlls Cereal Company Adopts "Gay Marriage"

General Mills Declares War on Marriage

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dissenters Thrust the Spear into Jesus' Heart

Today is the feast of the Sacred Heart when we think of how much Jesus was wounded by our sins. When I think of His suffering, I imagine that the worst came from betrayal by those who were his closest friends. Think of the pain to the Sacred Heart of Jesus from those who promise to follow Him, his priests. Instead, some link arms with the world, the flesh, and the devil and thrust the spear into Christ's side saying, "I will not serve." But often they masquerade as faithful sons of the Church.

I recently blogged about one, Fr. James Martin, S.J., for his sickening video promoting the dissenting nuns. Fr. Martin apparently wasn't satisfied with canonizing the unfaithful nuns. He's moved on to supporting a Christian Brother,  Louis DeThomasis, FSC, who is calling for female ordination in direct conflict with Church teaching. Fr. Z wrote about it on his blog. And you can see Fr. Martin's article here. When I think of a good priest like Fr. James Haley thrown out of the priesthood for exposing the homosexual scandals in the rectory and Fr. Martin slyly undercutting the authority of the Church by praising the enemies of Christ, I just shake my head. May God save us from wolves in sheep's clothing.

Michelle Antoinette: Let them Eat Filet Mignon with Arugula

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Reality of Forced Abortion in China

The Obama administration has never once indicated any problem with forced abortion in China. Hillary's State Department is more concerned about cookers. And how could the administration oppose it? Abortion is a sacrament for the democrats and Planned Parenthood is their anointed priesthood. The lawyer defending this poor woman called the act a "crime against humanity" which it is. And one that takes place here in the U.S. thousands of times every year. Is it any less a crime against humanity because the mother pays her baby's killers?

China: Angry Protests Follow Brutal Seven-Month Forced Abortion

Vito Bonafacci: In Search of the Truth

The movie, Vito Bonafacci, tells the story of a wealthy businessman living the American dream. He owns a beautiful home, has a lovely wife, children (whom we never see) - in fact, Vito has it all from the world's point of view. In the process of gaining the world, however, he has left God behind - twenty-five years behind we find out later. Vito sees himself as a good man, one who cares about his family and employees and doesn't commit any of the "big" sins, so he's deeply shocked and disturbed by a prophetic dream where, as he drives through the electronic gates of his estate, he suffers a heart attack and dies. His Italian mamma in an extended close up explains in Italian (with subtitles) why he is going to hell. When Vito wakes up in the morning, he is a frightened man "in search of the truth," the subtitle of the movie. As his dream unfolds in the reality of daylight, Vito explores his life, including flashbacks to his youth, and comes face to face with the reality that "being good" according to the world's view is insufficient to gain eternal life.

John Martoccia, the producer, screenwriter, and director addresses a timely issue. Many Catholics, and others who consider themselves "good people," practice religion sporadically or not at all. He explores serious metaphysical questions. Who is God? What does He expect of us? What does it mean to be good? What will happen on the day of judgment? Is there a hell? Am I in danger of going there? The movie is basically a journey through Vito's soul. We see him as a youngster who obviously was raised in a serious Catholic home. Somewhere along the journey he's lost his way and the film explores his finding it again. The questions raised are real. In fact, the film brought to mind a conversation I had with my opthamologist a few years ago during an eye exam. A lapsed Catholic, he rarely attended Mass. Even on cruises where Mass was offered he didn't go. As we spoke, he was slightly mocking toward my orthodoxy. In fact, he sounded like Vito who thinks he doesn't need to practice his faith to be good. I could see my doctor shrugging off the concepts of sin and hell and adopting the attitude of Maria, Vito's cook, who has a simplistic view of a nice God who never sends anyone to hell. At the time, I said the same thing to my doctor that Vito says to his atheist barber, "I'll pray for you."

The music and cinematography of the film are lovely: the gardens and the grounds of Vito's lavish estate, the exterior and  interior shots of Vito's home and his beautiful childhood church all provide a perfect accompaniment to the action. Unfortunately, there isn't much of that which I think is the major flaw of the film. The movie mostly tells rather than shows and is sometimes didactic in the telling. One of the most  interesting scenes to me was at the breakfast table when Vito's wife joins him. He begins to discuss the plans for their second "summer" home and she demurs, saying they really don't need it. Vito loses his temper and we see a flash of the worldly, selfish man defending his right to enjoy "my" money. That scene gives us a glimpse of two of Vito's sins -- avarice and anger. He's a hot-tempered, materialistic Italian. Later on, in flashback, we see Vito talking to his parish priest who's sitting in a pine wood reading a book. Vito's mother sends him to see the priest because the baseball coach threw him off the team for fighting. Vito gets a lecture which includes the priest reading from the back cover of his book, Preparation for Death by St. Alphonsus Liguori (the connection to Vito's dream is obvious). The priest then sends him to the church where he gets another lecture on prayer and the rosary from a nun. Everything they say is absolutely on target, but it's all tell and no show. The poor young actor playing Vito has almost nothing to do. I thought how much more powerful it would be to see the fight. Not only would it have made the young Vito more real (It's hard to imagine this placid listener ever throwing a punch), it also would have linked beautifully to the later scene when the priest who hears Vito's confession uses a boxing metaphor for fighting the devil.

One other visual metaphor in the film that I found particularly appealing clearly depicts the central question explored -- are we meant to live for God or for money. Vito is feeding his tropical fish and we see the large colorful fish eating the smaller feeder fish. Will we choose to imitate Christ and be fishers of men, or will we strive to be "big fish" in the world feeding on smaller fish for our own personal benefit? The choice is ours, but, as Vito comes to realize, every choice has its price and the price of rejecting or ignoring God is the loss of eternal life.

I loved the performance of Paul Borghese with his Bronx accent who reminded me of Columbo without the trench coat. He does a beautiful job portraying Vito's inner conflict which is the central action of the film. The supporting actors do a good job as well. I was especially taken by Vito's priest, played by real-life Fr. Richard Dellos, who comes to Vito's home and reaps the harvest of his conversion.

In closing, I think it's accurate to describe Vito Bonafacci as a visual catechism and meditation on death and judgment. It challenges viewers to explore and live a serious Catholic life. Contemplating the reality of death has a way of focusing the mind and heart on what's really important. In Vito's case, his prophetic dream is the "blessing" from God that changes his life. Let's hope that Vito's story helps many realize how easy it is to slip into a materialism that kills our relationship with God. May it wake them up before a real heart attack robs them of the opportunity to convert. After all, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul in the process?" Or, as Paul Borghese said in an interview describing what the film has to offer, "I think if you watch the movie you stand a better chance of going to heaven." Helping people get to heaven? - What a novel (and noble) idea for a film!

Exploiting the Poor Goes High Tech

Rich People FedEx Embryos to Women in India for Cheap Surrogacy
Living Cadavers: How the Poor Are Tricked Into Selling Their Organs

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Next Violation of Freedom of Religion

Harbinger of things to come:

Irish justice minister: priests must break seal of confession in abuse cases

Rein in Big Brother

At least a few congressman are trying to rein in Big Brother!

Rand Paul and Tea Party Congressman Shoot Down Domestic Drones

Why I Love Patrick Henry and Virginia

Patrick Henry was from the great state of Virginia. In his last will and testament he wrote:
I have now disposed of all my property to my family. There is one thing more I wish I could give them, and that is the Christian Religion. If they had that and I had not given them one shilling they would have been rich; and if they had not that and I had given them all the world, they would be poor.
With flag day tomorrow it is a good time to reflect on patriotism, a noble virtue. I'm going to offer my rosary today for our Christian founders who gave us such a good start. That we are foundering is not due to their efforts, but to those who are busy drilling through the hull of the ship of state in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to bring about our ruin. May God raise many Patrick Henry's who share with him these sentiments:
Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!
Read his full speech before the Virginia legislature.  

Thinking About Sinners: Honest and Dishonest

At Mass this morning I was thinking about sinners. (An appropriate topic for a sinner.) There are two types of sinners: honest sinners and dishonest sinners. An honest sinner knows he (or she) is a sinner and doesn't pretend to be anything else. Of course there are degrees of sin and some honest sinners are immersed in deadly sin while others struggle against the petty sins which, if not fought diligently, can lead to deadly sin. The dishonest sinners may or, if they've totally killed their consciences, may not know they are sinners. But one thing is absolutely true about both types of dishonest sinner: they play a game of let's pretend we aren't sinners, but are actually holy and righteous. They shake their fists at any authority that challenges their sinful comfort zone and anyone who raises the issue of authority to warn them. Often, they attack the challenger as the real sinner for disputing their "I'm okay" mentality and disturbing their false peace. They label the challengers hatemongers and bigots for making them "feel bad."

Now, which sinners did Jesus eat dinner with?

This Lady Should be Advising the Bishops

The Bishops are being Played Like Cheap Fiddles

"Withdrawing health insurance (like Franciscan University at Steubenville, Ohio), shutting down schools, closing adoption agencies, soup kitchens or ANYTHING ELSE in "protest" of ObamaCare and the HHS "mandates" is EXACTLY, PRECISELY, TOTALLY and COMPLETELY what the Obama regime wants.... Every bishop is given a crosier upon his ordination to the episcopacy. A crosier is a shepherd's staff. It is a six to seven foot long staff that a shepherd uses to beat the crap out of wolves. That's your job. Beating the crap out of the wolves - not killing all of the sheep yourself so that there is nothing left for the wolves to eat."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Political Myths and Brambles

On your way to the polls to vote today, you might spend a few minutes thinking about one of the big myths put forth by Democrats -- that the history of civil rights is in their plus column. Check out the reality at Political Brambles.

Children Raised in Same Sex Household at Greater Risk than Peers

Two studies published in the journal, Social Science Research, illustrate the damage to children from same sex parenting. But truth isn't likely to enter this politically correct debate so watch for the media to either completely ignore the results or attack them unmercifully. Check out the article which links to several studies on this issue. Heather may have two mommies, but she's also likely to be depressed, suicidal, get STDs, smoke, and do drugs. Here's a snippet from the article:

“All the other studies that have come out on how kids do in same-sex homes are all done by lesbian activist scholars,” Stanton noted. “They have found either there’s no difference between the two kinds of homes, or that the kids actually do better (in homosexual-led households).
“Regnerus’s study shows nothing could be further from the truth. It compares not just homosexual and heterosexual homes, but married intact biological families, divorced, single-parent and cohabiting families,” he added. “All the other studies have just lumped those together.”
Research shows that children do best in an intact family with both a mother and a father. These latest studies support that research. But read the study results for yourself. We're busy engaging in social experimentation with the building block of the culture, traditional marriage and the intact family, claiming it makes no difference to the children. That's a politically correct false construct and these studies put it to the lie. Check the science.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Children of Darkness are Shrewder than the Children of Life

The video below shows how shrewd the opposition is and how much we need to learn their lessons. The game is about power Darcy Burner, a candidate for Congress from Washington State, says, and I agree. She points out that power is built either by force or consent and claims that the right uses force and the left uses consent. That statement is laughable. One of her points of force is police/courts. So who has used that force most effectively? Abortion came about through force of the courts. Legalization of sodomy came about by force from the courts. We will get same sex marriage by force of the courts. And Obamacare is based on both political and economic force. The global warming offensive is using both economic force and political force to destroy the energy industry and the force of a biased media helps promote the left's evil agenda. The left, in fact, primarily uses force to achieve immoral ends.

 Some of what Burner discusses the children of light are doing already. And, in fact, every pro-lifer who watches this video will be amazed by the segment where she talks about how you achieve "moral power " in protests. (It's near the end around 15:45.) The recipe? 1) protesters must be seen as innocent, 2) they must voluntarily put themselves in harm's way, 3) official force must be used against them, 4) the injustice must be widely communicated, and 5) it must shock the conscience.

As I watched her show examples: the civil rights movement, Tiananmen Square, Kent State, and Occupy Seattle, I thought --  the icon for the type of protest she describes is the rescue movement for unborn children. Also, think about the protest at Notre Dame where police were videotaped arresting an 80 year old priest, Fr. Norman Weslin, who has since died. On the moral front, pro-lifers are in the forefront of protest and have been ever since child-killing began eons ago. As for other human rights, Catholics have been fighting for 2000 years.

But we can learn something from our shrewd brothers and sisters working for the dark side, and this video gives some specific suggestions that are brilliant. For example, developing an app where you can check an item at the store and boycott items from businesses that support Planned Parenthood and her suggestions for building networks. We need to get smarter on that front.

I recommend watching this video and taking some of Burner's suggestions to fight for the truth. She urges women who've had abortion to come out of the closet to give choice a face. We're already doing that with the Silent No More campaign and movies like October Baby. But we need to pray to be smarter and to work harder than the children of night. Pray for Darcy Burner's conversion. She talks about the war on women, but the real war on women is abortion. If she wakes up to the truth what a victory for good that would be. We could use her intelligence and energy in the war against unborn women.

How Do You Talk to Children about Sex? It Begins with Love!

A mother's group I belong to had a question today about how to talk to your children about sex. A nine year old boy asked his mom a series of questions about sexuality. The challenge? How to answer them? Instruction in sexual intimacy always begins with love - parents' love for each other and their mutual love for the child. But in terms of answering specific questions, the best advice I ever heard was to give the least information that satisfies the child. Here's how I would answer the boys' questions:

Q. How are babies born? Like do they cut your stomach open?A. That's two questions so I'll answer them one at a time. First, the baby grows in a special part of a mommy's body called a womb. Remember in the Hail Mary where it says, "Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus?" That was talking about Jesus growing inside of Mary in her womb which is under her heart. It's a special place perfectly made for a baby to grow and be safe and healthy. When the baby is ready to be born, a mommy's body starts to squeeze the baby out through a special channel called the vagina and the baby comes out between her legs, first the baby's head, then the shoulders and then all the rest. (This is a good time to talk about how happy you were when he was born and how excited you were to find out he was a boy if you didn't know beforehand.)
A. Now your second question.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Praise be to Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar

The Feast of Corpus Christi was first celebrated in the Diocese of Liege in 1247 to honor Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Later it was promulgated by Pope Urban IV and Pope Clement V. Today, the Corpus Christi procession is returning. In our little town of Woodstock today, there was a procession after the noon Mass. For several years, St. John the Baptist has had a procession in Front Royal.  When our oldest was teaching in Spain she often spoke about the religious processions there and the beautiful floats made from flowers that honored Jesus and the saints. What a blessing when the witness to our faith takes to the streets.

Dig the Grave for the Government Unions

There is an inherent conflict of interest in government unions. Unions contribute to campaigns, then sit at the bargaining table with the officials they helped elect. It's a prescription for corruption and the rape of the taxpayers. Something's gotta give.

The Bell Tolls for Government Unions

Public Sector Unions in Crosshairs

The Trouble with Public Sector Unions

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Moles, Groundhogs, and Termites: More on the LCWR

If you live out in the country you know what a nuisance ground hogs and moles can be. If you live anywhere in the south you know all about termites and watch out for signs your home might be infested. All these pests undermine the integrity of buildings and land and create hazards for farm animals as well. They are the perfect metaphor for the internal enemies of the Church. Any Catholic with an ounce of awareness knows there are groundhogs, moles, and termites in the Church undermining the faith. And among the worst are the members of the LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) distorting what it means both to be a Catholic woman and a consecrated religious. Since the CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) exposed problems in the organization a few months ago and called for reform, the dissidents have been busy lining up supporters and painting themselves as victims of the mean old misogynist males at the Vatican. They've outlined their immediate strategy in a position paper that rejects the reforms and outlines their strategy for the dispute with Rome. It ends with an interesting statement:
Created in 1956, LCWR has a history of being at the forefront of change and renewal in the US Catholic church as well as acting as a strong advocate for social justice in society.
Let's take this apart. First of all, there is no such thing as a "US Catholic church." (Note the small c for "church"). There is only the Holy Roman Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ on the rock of Peter whose successor is Pope Benedict XVI. By using this phrase, LCWR has already declared its separateness from Rome, the same thing that happened in the 19th century with the heresy of Americanism. Americanism basically declared the situation unique in the U.S. and emphasized individualism thereby undermining Church authority. John F. Kennedy's speech in Houston in 1960 where he declared his independence from the Church was a prime example of Americanism. It's been echoed by other Catholic politicians like Ted Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and John Kerry. But not only politicians promote the mindset. Priests and religious who use personal conscience to undermine Church doctrine (Cardinal Joseph Bernardin was an expert in this department.) also illustrate the infection of Americanism. A particularly insidious example is the healthcare debate. Waving the flag of independence, Sr. Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association, defied the USCCB (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) and  was so instrumental in passing Obamacare the president invited her to the signing and she received one of the pens. LCWR honored her for it. So LCWR immediately places itself among those thumbing their noses at Church authority proclaiming by their actions that the U.S. "church" is different and the hierarchy have no right to exercise authority here.

But what does LCWR mean when it says since 1956 their organization  has been at the "forefront of change and renewal?" Change for change's sake is typical of the modernist heresy which is characterized by a break from the past. All tradition is suspect and novelty is pursued for its own sake. That attitude of rejecting the past is certainly reflected in the history of LCWR, it's speakers and its positions. Donna Steichen outlined numerous heretical activities of the group in her 1996 book Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism. The '70s marked a radical departure by the LCWR from traditional charity (the works of mercy) to espousing women's rights including the Equal Rights Amendment, female ordination, women's empowerment, goddess worship, and a decidedly non-Catholic approach to "social justice." In 1986, LCWR held a "think tank" which issued papers written by teams that summarized LCWR's principles. Steichen says the essays:
 disclose a desperately uncertain religious vision, only tenuously related to the "symbol" of Jesus Christ, which looks to a feminist version of "liberation" for the world's earthly salvation. The notes and reading lists constitute a coprehensive bibliography in feminist theology.
But the extremism of LCWR isn't just historical. If people want to see how loopy the LCWR continues to be, they have merely to look at the keynote speaker scheduled for LCWR's 2012 August meeting. Barbara Marx Hubbard's address is titled Mystery Unfolding: Speaking in the Evolutionary Now.  Hubbard teaches a program called Agents of Conscious Evolution the purpose of which is to transform individuals to:
become a powerful catalyst of conscious evolution and play a role in one of the most exciting events ever envisioned: a planetary Birth Day on December 22, 2012. This day will help us shift beyond fearful separation toward a global sense of oneness, symbolically marking the start of a new era in human development....This intense and often emotional drama has one powerful solution: our conscious evolution as a species. We have within us extraordinary creative potentials that have yet to be massively unleashed, leading to wide-scale cooperation, innovation, sustainability and peace. The solutions are available; it is only the human software that needs an upgrade.
This says it all as far as LCWR is involved. Jesus' new covenant wasn't enough, but we need to "evolve" through a new age course in "conscious evolution" that makes us "co-creators" of the "next stage for humanity" to be welcomed on December 22, 2012. Hubbard's program is the same type of new age nonsense promoted by Marianne Williamson, Echhart Tolle, and Oprah Winfrey.  In fact, Hubbard participated with Williamson and Tolle last February in the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. Take a look at Hubbard's video below and then read the description of her course on the website.  Hubbard has a background as a liberal and at the 1984 Democratic Convention, 204 delegates placed her name in token nomination for Vice President. (Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro were on the ticket that year.) Hubbard is also a proponent of population control and has frequently written about it in her books. Her initial work with conscious evolution was funded by the Rockefellers. Reading what she says about herself is eye-opening and it is clear that she is as far from Catholic teaching as one can be. She believes Eve was correct in disobeying God to seek knowledge and describes hearing an "inner voice" that told her, "I will not let you die." (Do you hear the hissing?) That the LCWR would invite this woman to keynote their annual meeting epitomizes their misguided activities over the past forty years. They are unregenerate in their dissent and scandal.


Too Delightful not to Share

Dancing with the Stars, eat your heart out. Don't you hope you're this spry at 94? Keep moving all you oldies out there. How about joining a square dancing class.

Hat tip to Mary Lou.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Check out Relevant Radio's Interview with Catholic Sistas

My daughter-in-law and a group of friends started a terrific blog less than a year ago called the Catholic Sistas. They've received over 700,000 hits since they started. The blog focuses on women and the Catholic faith. Contributors are stay-at-home moms, working singles, working moms, grandmothers, religious women. Whatever hat a Catholic woman can wear, they have somebody modeling it. Their interests are as diverse as their personalities and they are on fire with the faith. If you want an example of the new evangelization, you'll find it at the Catholic Sistas.

Martina was interviewed today on Relevant Radio by Wendy Wiese of On Call. Check out the archives for June 8th and listen to Martina's interview. She's a great gal and I'm proud to be her mother-in-law.

The Eye of Big Brother is Upon You

Today seems to be Big Brother day for me. Judge Andrew Napolitano has an article about the drone technology that is going to be used against American citizens. (I blogged about this recently.) Some, he says, are as small as golf balls. Makes one think of the eyeballs kids play with at Halloween; only this is not a "trick" and it's sure no "treat!" Here are a few paragraphs from the article:
Don’t believe me that this is coming? The photos that the drones will take may be retained and used or even distributed to others in the government so long as the “recipient is reasonably perceived to have a specific, lawful governmental function” in requiring them. And for the first time since the Civil War, the federal government will deploy military personnel insidetheUnitedStates and publicly acknowledge that it is deploying them “to collect information about U.S. persons.”
 It gets worse. If the military personnel see something of interest from a drone, they may apply to a military judge or “military commander” for permission to conduct a physical search of the private property that intrigues them. Any “incidentally acquired information” can be retained or turned over to local law enforcement. What’s next? Prosecutions before military tribunals in the United States?
This is totalitarianism and Napolitano's article is a warning. The eye of Sauron is upon us. Will we go down like lemmings running off the cliff or will we join in fellowship to fight?

Big Brother's Your Co-Pilot

Well...sometimes Big Brother is your pilot. Read the article linked below on the technology coming for autos and be prepared to have Big Brother as your passenger every time you slip into the driver's seat -- except when Big Brother decides to take over the controls. SB 1813 authorizes, rather mandates, technology that tracks your speed, seatbelt use, location, etc. The government will know everything about where you are and can also decommission your auto at will. SB 1813 also authorizes the IRS to confiscate your passport if you are a tax delinquent. Think of that and remember that the Constitution (that pesky document) guarantees the right against "unreasonable searches and seizures." Does the government really have the right to know where you are when you get into your car?

Ah...but the word "unreasonable" is the key. Nothing Big Brother does is EVER unreasonable. It's for (take your pick) your safety, your security (except border security), your children, etc. And does anybody really think the people making our laws know what's in them? Take a look at the bill. They are always long and complicated. I guess, like Nancy says, you have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it.

'Your' Car Won't be after 2015

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Pro-Life Generation on the March

I love those pro-life flash mobs. So here they are -- in Sacramento, Chicago, and all over this country proclaiming, "We love babies, yes we do; we love babies, how 'bout you?....One! We are pro-life...." Thank God for these beautiful young people and their lovely pro-life faces!" When the persecution intensifies, I have no doubt they will be singing in the arena. For pure joy, be sure to watch the last video if you don't have time for all of them!

The Pro-Life Generation is Rising

God is faithful to His people. No matter how bleak things look from a worldly perspective, we know that God only allows evil for the good He can bring from it. And the fact is that the pro-life generation is rising. Here are a few articles and websites to bring a smile to your face and a realization that life is beautiful and the God of life is the King of King and Lord of Lords. We are not foot soldiers in a defeated army, but ultimate victors under the standard of Christ the King. And many of those in the battle lines are survivors of the pro-abortion juggernaut. They know that 1/3rd of their generation was murdered by the death squads and they are not afraid to confront the evil! So stand tall, soldiers of the Church Militant. Your Commander in Chief loves you and has your back!

The pro-abortion generation is disappearing, the pro-life generation is rising

Miss Delaware: Life is Beautiful, and Life Begins at Conception

Students for life

Generation Life

And if you want to see the future of the pro-life movement, take a look at last year's March for Life crowd. They're young, they're enthusiastic, and they're beautiful.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blessed Margaret of Castello, Pray for Us!

Blessed Margaret of Castello is a patron for our day and age. Born as the child of nobility, she was a hunchbacked dwarf, blind from birth. Her parents were ashamed of her and kept her hidden. Once they heard about a shrine in a town a day's journey away. Hoping for a miracle they took her there. When no miracle occurred, they left her in the church, abandoned, and went home. She was nineteen, I think. When the priest closed the church for the night, Margaret had no place to go. She spent the night on the church steps and it was only the kindness of the town beggars that kept her from starving to death and dying of exposure in the weeks and months ahead. Because of her goodness she became beloved by the townspeople. Amazingly, she never blamed or spoke unkindly of her parents. She is the perfect patroness for the abandoned and unwanted and for those with serious physical deformities. Please pray to Blessed Margaret for a special intention in my family. I would particularly appreciate you praying the Prayer for Canonization and include that special intention as the requested favor. May God bless all of you who join me in this prayer.


O God, by whose will the blessed
virgin Margaret was blind from birth,
that the eyes of her mind being
inwardly enlightened she might think
without ceasing on You alone, be
the light of our eyes, that we may
be able to flee the shadows of this
world, and reach the home of never-
ending light. We ask this through
Christ, our Lord.
Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be to
the Father.

Prayer for Canonization

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, glorify your
servant blessed Margaret, by granting
the favor we so ardently desire.
This we ask in humble submission 
 to God's Will, for His honor and
 glory and the salvation of souls.

Ah...How They've Changed Their Tune!

I laughed when I watched this. Typical liberal response. Drop all their previous statements down the memory hole. But some of us have total recall. This was, indeed, a historic election. And may the Walker spirit spread throughout the country.

Jesse Jackson on Walker Recall: What a Pathetic Blowhard!

Jesse Jackson is so pathetic. I remember back in the early days of the March for Life (1977) cheering for him at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on a cold and windy winter day when he spoke up for the babies. Yes, Jesse Jackson was once unabashedly and eloquently pro-life.

Not long after that, like other black, liberal sellouts, he chose to be a celebrity on the liberal, white plantation rather than to defend black babies targeted by Planned Parenthood, a eugenics organization whose history is filled with and supported by white elitists: Margaret Sanger, Katharine Hepburn (her dad was a doctor affiliated with PP), Nelson Rockefeller (who supported both PP and the Cold Harbor eugenics project), Sarah Weddington (the lawyer who represented Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court and once wrote in a letter to president-elect Bill Clinton urging him to rush the abortion pill RU-486 to market, "(Y)ou can start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of our country." In other words, poor minorities.), Bill and Hillary Clinton, billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, and dozens of rich white celebrities. In fact, the list of pro-abortion, white elitists who support aborting the babies of the "poor" goes on and on and on. 

Let's face it. Minorities are voter fodder for powerful whites who use them while at the same time working for policies that leave them poor, dependent, trapped in substandard schools, and their unborn babies dead. That Jesse Jackson has become a mouthpiece for this makes him the icon of an Uncle Tom. That he has the gall to compare Scott Walker to racists during the civil rights era is nauseating. 

It's time to retire, Jesse. The major civil rights issue today is the murder of unborn babies of color. Until you stand up for those little ones like Scott Walker does, you need to shut your mouth and get out of the way.

Liberals Spin Walker's Big Win

While liberals at the New York Times try to spin the Walker win favorably for Obama, it just doesn't wash. After an entire year of trashing Scott Walker and bringing in outsiders to knock on doors and call voters, after intimidating legislators and threatening their families, union thugs couldn't even pull off a close election. 

And while the liberals are lamenting all the outside money contributed to Walker's campaign (I was among the small donors.), I didn't see any of them complaining about the union money coming in from NEA affiliates around the country. Nor did they ever complain about teachers dragging their clueless students to the capitol on biased "field trips" to agitate for the unions. 

The most appalling thing about the liberal mindset was demonstrated by death threats on Twitter targeting Scott Walker after the win. 

And then there was the union activism. If the caller in the audio below was telling the truth, the Democrats were busing union folks in for illegal voting which makes Walker's win even more impressive. Note the illegal absentee voting Christ Plant mentions at the end of the clip. The Democrats always scream about dirty tricks from the GOP. In view of their own record that sounds like a joke! Remember ACORN?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thank you, Wisconsin!

APA Past President Says the Research on Homosexuality Never Done

According to a past president of the APA (American Psychological Association), Nicholas Cummings, unbiased research on homosexuality was never done. In a recent interview, Cummings says he introduced the resolution that homosexuality is not a mental illness. Rather, it is "characterological." (Let me emphasize that. HOMOSEXUALITY IS A CHARACTER-BASED DISORDER.) Removing it from the mental health column didn't mean homosexuality was normal, but the homosexual activists used the APA to play "let's pretend." At the time the resolution passed Cummings said they also resolved to continue research and report on whatever the research demonstrated. However, Cummings says, "unbiased open research was never done." At the time, the Leona Tyler principle was in effect which required that psychology professionals base any advocacy on demonstrable scientific research and proven experience. Dr. Cummings says that, as the APA became more political in the late 1980s and '90s, the Leona Tyler principle, which was "never withdrawn" simply disappeared. (In 2007 NARTH's governing board adopted the Leona Tyler principle.)

Contest for the Least Presidential Candidate

I didn't think anybody could top Bob Dole for the least presidential candidate on the planet with his shilling for the little blue pills and talking about his most private problems. As my kids would say..."Ew!" But Dole never made it to the White House. And if he did I suspect he would have acted more presidential than our celebrity in chief who spends more time fundraising around than country than working in the oval office. Rush Limbaugh labels Obama as Barack Hussein Kardashian and I think that just about pegs Michelle and Barack who have turned the presidency into their own personal reality series:  lotteries for dinner with the first couple, trips all over the world with great photo ops on safari or in glamorous locations. Too bad the girls aren't old enough for a celebrity wedding in the rose garden; they could really make hay with that.

Rush has the dinner lotteries pegged for what they are -- building mailing lists to use for fundraising and voter drives. I'm on the White House e-mail list and get at least a dozen contacts every week. It's a marketing technique and conservatives use the same type of thing with their innumerable "surveys" and "petitions" that end with "please send a donation." But the Obamas are in a class by themselves when it comes to selling themselves. What they're selling is a little harder to tell. We know less about Obama than  about any president in history. He's hidden everything about himself from his transcripts to his medical records. For someone who promised to be "transparent" it's laughable. But his actions speak loud and clear and reveal him to be a socialist who uses class and race warfare to undermine the American dream. He's sold our kids and grandkids down the river with his enthusiasm for killing unborn babies and with the explosion of the national debt which guarantees they'll be wage slaves. We can only pray that enough citizens wake up and take back our government.

Marriage Matters to Kids

Society has a stake in marriage because of the children. The future of any nation depends on the strength of the family beginning with the marriage (a sacred covenant) of one man and one woman. Children need a mother and a father. Pass on this video and send your friends to Marriage Matters.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bob Dornan Endorses Bob Marshall for Senate

Bob Marshall isn't just a politician; he's a statesman. Vote Bob Marshall on June 12th.

Media Ignores the Pope's Message -- Surprised?

The media ignored the pope's message to over a million people at the 7th World Meeting of Families in Italy that the "family, based on marriage between man and the first and irreplaceable school of social virtues." It seems pretty obvious as the culture across the world is disintegrating into violence and barbarism, but that doesn't keep the social elites from playing let's pretend. Let's pretend that divorce is good for kids. Let's pretend it makes no difference if Heather has two mommies or Daddy is shacking up with another guy Let's pretend that abortion is a great decision that is the best thing for families and that using drugs and plugs build marital love. Yes, indeed, let's pretend that dads in the home are irrelevant and single parent families are just the same, or even better for kids. After all each of us can make his own reality these days, no matter how unreal it really is. As for social virtues. The extended family is its own little society of love and the basis for a strong community. Hug your kids today and, if you have a chance, some extended family members as well.