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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Johnny Depp Jokes about Assassinating Donald Trump....Not Funny, Dude!

Johnny Depp is just one more rich, selfish, narcissistic celebrity showing his "make America kind again" side.

So, I have a question for Johnny Depp..."When was the last time a Republican assassinated a rich, narcissistic Hollywood actor who, as you said, "lies for a living?" I sure can't recall a single one. It's all about #DemocratViolence, folks. It's the party sport.

Friday, June 23, 2017

LGBT Crowd in a Tizzy over Courageous Bishop Thomas Paprocki!

A modern Bishop John Fisher
Bishop: Pastors Must Deny Funerals to Catholics in Same-Gender Marriages

How encouraging to the flock to find a pastor who cares enough about the souls in his care to warn them of the danger to their souls from their "manifest grave sin." 

Yes, we are all sinners, but there's a big difference between the one who says, "Have mercy on me, Lord, for I'm a sinner" and works hard to amend his life vs. the one who says, "Love me, love my sin." and stands proudly affirming immoral behavior. The first is a struggling sinner. The second reflects arrogant scandal to all who know him.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Activist Mommy Goes After #GenderInsanity!

Wow! Why doesn't she tell us what she really thinks! I hope you go like her page.

Catholic, Steve Scalise, Watched Over by the Lord

Pray for the Scalise family. 
Talk about "coincidences" or "God incidents!"  The assistant pastor of Catholic Congressman Steve Scalise and his family from back home in Louisiana was in D.C. the day of the shooting. Fr. Tim Hedrick hurried to the hospital and actually watched the surgery and prayed on site for the congressman and the medical staff which included several Catholics.

Read the inspiring story and thank God for watching over his people. And continue to pray for the full recovery of Congressman Scalise and for his family.

Parochial vicar by the side of Congressman Scalise

Who Really Cares about the Children of the Poor?

Wouldn't the Democrats say this child would
be better off if she were killed by abortion?
Democrats love to preen and puff out their feathers like a peacock on the make. They love the poor and those evil Republicans want them all to starve and freeze to death. Strange -- from a party that thinks killing tiny babies is not only a right but a positive good and favors killing them after birth if they manage to survive the first attack.

Crisis Magazine has a great article by Regis Nicoll about the hypocritical "party of the poor" and the obligations of government vs. local communities and churches.

Let's face it. Poverty is big business. Many bureaucrats who administer these programs make six-figure salaries. According to the GAO, BILLIONS of dollars in fraud happens EVERY YEAR in the government MEDICAID program. Fraud and embezzlement unfortunately are rampant. A lot of people enrich themselves off the poor!

Oh, I'm sure there are Democrats who truly care about the poor. But, I ask you, can you imagine Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Michelle Obama or Bill Clinton or Debbie Wasserman Schulz picking lice out of a poor child's hair or ladling soup at a shelter? If they were, it would be for the photo op. Click on the article below. The author hits the nail on the head.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Words, Words, Words -- Steppingstones to the Word Made Flesh!

My mother loved words. She used to read the dictionary. Really! It amused us children, but as an adult I appreciate her fascination with words.

I was thinking about that this morning at adoration. I'm reading The Spirit of the Liturgy by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger who became Pope Benedict XVI. As I read the section on Sacred Time I thought, "I want to look up the derivation of some of these words: liturgy, reality, epiphany, cosmology."

 It isn't that I don't understand what I'm reading and need word definitions. But I think understanding can be enriched by plumbing the depth of word meanings. Where did they come from? How has the word changed? Why does the author use this particular word instead of another? I guess that's my inner English major coming out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Muhammad and "Gabriel" the Genie

Muhammad's "Gabriel"?
Could those who blindly follow Muhammad as their heaven-sent prophet and leader and adhere to Islam as the one divinely revealed religion and the only true way to salvation possibly be deceived by Satan?

City Journal, Spring 2004, published an article by Theodore Dalrymple, titled When Islam Breaks Down. Dalrymple said, “No Muslim in an Islamic society would dare to suggest that the Koran was not divinely dictated through the mouth of the Prophet but rather was a compilation of a charismatic man’s words, and incorporating, with no very great originality, Judaic, Christian, and Zoroastrian elements.”

To be sure, Muslims believe that the Quran is of divine origin, eternal and co-existing in the very essence of Allah and is his sacred and direct word dictated in Arabic by the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad, containing Islamic revelations and doctrine. They believe that through Muhammad’s visions of the Archangel Gabriel, the Quran was revealed by installments, some at Mecca and some at Medina, over the span of twenty-three years. As the words flowed from Gabriel to the inspired lips of the Prophet Muhammad, they were written down upon palm leaves, leather or wood by his secretaries Zeid and Abdullah.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Ben Stein's Tribute to His Father

I love Ben Stein! I loved his movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. What a joy to see that arrogant so-called scientist, Richard Dawkins, appear like the fanatical nutcase he is speculating that aliens seeded the planet with life. Hey, it makes as much sense as the primordial soup.

Then there's the delightful column he wrote about Christmas controversy where he described how much he enjoyed Christmas trees and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

A Monday Metaphor: Dealing with Liberal Provocateurs

I recently had a contentious exchange with a provocateur who is an unregenerate liberal and fallen-
away Catholic. She seems to delight in stirring people up. Like many who reject the faith, she is antagonistic toward the Church of the apostles. If anyone speaks to her about something religious, she presumes they are trying to convert her or are making a judgment about the state of her soul. (As my mom used to say, "A guilty conscience needs no accuser.") However, she will speak about her own ethical and political beliefs and take offense at disagreement. When disagreements she often believes it's the other person's fault.

Reflecting on this, I keep thinking of a little boy who goes past a fenced yard where a dog is innocently playing with his toy. The little boy starts teasing the dog and poking a stick through the fence getting a charge out of the dog's increasingly agitated reaction. That is how I feel about my friend, the provocateur. Are her provocative statements and below the belt punches subconscious or are they deliberate? Whichever they are, they damage her relationships.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

One More Reason I Can't Take Bishop Barron Seriously!

St. John Fisher vigorously fought Luther. He
knew the man was no "mystic of grace."
Bishop Hails Martin Luther as “Mystic of Grace”


That's not what historian Michael Davies says. Below is the second part of a lecture series on the great English bishop and martyr, St. John Fisher. Fisher's response to Martin Luther, his heretical contemporary who did so much damage to the Church, shows exactly how arrogant and proud Luther was. How many souls are in hell because of Martin Luther? We'll find out on Judgment Day.

Historians are more credible when they use primary sources. St. John Fisher wrote four books addressing Luther and his heresy.

Happy Fathers Day! Remember, Dads, Your Little Ones Look Up to You1

Portrait of Frans Snyder Family by Anthony Van Dyck 1599-1641 

Wake up, America. The Left Wants a Replay of 1789 Paris!

Execute this selfish, rich, narcissistic Republican!

Hey, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. We're in Liberal La-La Land where the mob wants to resurrect the guillotine in Washington, D.C. and execute conservatives beginning with Donald Trump. 

I started reading Jason Fuller's article calling for Trump's execution for treason (published and withdrawn by the Huffington Post after the shooting in Alexandria), but it was so full of lies (or delusions if he really believes what he wrote) that I started to hyper-ventilate. I stopped to pray a Memorare for the poor man.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." #liberalviolence#liberalhate

Satan is no match for Mary, St. Michael,
and Mary's legion of holy angels. 
In case you thought the Democrats only had abortionists, pornographers, euthanasia proponents, gay activists, and atheists in their corner, think again. The witches are stirring their cauldrons and chanting their "binding spells" in an effort to keep the president from governing.

Really! No joke.

The witches started in February and plan to cast their spell every month during the waning moon (Yikes! One of the dates was my birthday.) calling on “demons of the infernal realms" that the president..."may fail utterly, that he may do no harm.”

They are also after us, friends. Their chant calls down evil on “all those who enable his wickedness and those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies.” The witches call on the spirits to “bind them in chains, bind their tongues, bind their works, bind their wickedness.” 

Wow! We're wicked and they are the good guys as they wish evil on us! Talk about blind and deluded souls. Sin really does make you stupid!

When Will the Mainstream Media Investigate Hate-Filled NJ Democrat James Devine

In the wake of the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and other Republicans, a NJ Democrat strategist, James Devine, wants to #huntRepublicanCongressmen.


Talk about giving two thumbs up to the shooter. Hey, you bird doggers, get out your hunting rifles and go get yerself a Republican!

James O'Keeffe showed how deliberate the violence on the left was with hired provocateurs during the presidential campaign. They sent out operatives to incite violence at Trump rallies. Does anyone really think Trump's election got them to stop? Have you been paying attention to all the violence on the left since last January's inauguration?

Friday, June 16, 2017

The 2017 Chartres Pilgrimage Walk Will Fill You with Hope!

The reliquary holding Mary's tunic which
 is carried on the 70-mile Chartres pilgrimage.
The pilgrimage is led by participants carrying the "glory of Chartres," a relic believed to be the tunic Mary wore when she gave birth to the Christ child. Here's an article about its history:
The Veil of the Virgin, or Sancta camisia in Chartres 
"This silk relic kept at Chartres is believed to have been worn by Mary when she gave birth to Jesus. Byzantine Empress Irene of Constantinople sent it as a gift to Charlemagne, whose grandson Charles the Bald donated it to Chartres Cathedral in 876. 
"The presence of the Holy Cloak began the cult of the Virgin at that site, although Chartres was reportedly originally a site dedicated to a pregnant pagan virgin. The Veil of the Virgin is associated with many medieval miracles at Chartres. Through the sancta camisia, Mary is said to have spared Chartres from the invasion of Rollo army. The miracles affected by the holy tunic are often associated with protection of her believers. 

How Are You Keeping Friday as a Traditional Day of Sacrifice?

It's Friday -- having fish for dinner?
When I was a child, every Friday of the year was a required day of abstinence unless it was a solemn feast day. It made sense to remind Catholics that Jesus died for us on "Good Friday" and to remember it once a week by giving up meat. I don't remember the year things changed in the U.S. but it was due to the bishops asking for an exception to allow Catholics to choose some other form of penance or a charitable practice on the Fridays outside of Lent in lieu of abstinence. But the Canon Laws pertaining to fast and abstinence are still in place and you can read them here.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Will Rachel Maddow Condemn This Death Threat?

GOP rep. received threatening email with subject line 'One down, 216 to go...' after lawmaker shooting

Don't hold your breath. The "Party of Peace" may not use machete's to do their beheading, but they instigate violence with their hate. And, as Jeff Sessions so eloquently pointed out, they are masters of character assassination by innuendo. 

When I Use the Terms Liberal and Liberalsim, This is What I Mean

A comment on this morning's blog post from Hans Georg Lundahl made me think I need to address how I use the terms liberal and liberalism. Here's what Mr. Lundahl wrote, "Chesterton said 'Capitalism is a Sin, Communism is a Heresy' and I think how you use "Liberalism" falls more under the label Communism. (As using labels myself, I am conscious of how other bloggers use them)."

Mr. Lindahl is correct. First, I use "liberal" to define principally those individuals who are cultural Marxists or secular moral relativists. Their beliefs shift in the wind because they do not believe in absolute truth. Whether or not they describe themselves as such, they are revealed by their stated beliefs and their actions. Second, I use the term "liberalism" as did Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany in his classic work, Liberalism is a Sin. His book, to me, perfectly describes the liberal mind and can be illustrated through liberals' words and behavior.

So how does Fr. Salvany define liberalism? He identifies four principles of liberal propaganda:

I Challenge Liberals to Show Examples of Conservative Hate to Match Theirs! They Can't!

15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump and the GOP

Note that these statements are all made by celebrities whose positions essentially give them a bullhorn for advertising their hatred. 

Rachel Maddow did a show back in 2009 titled "A Disturbing Summary of the Death Threats against Obama and Other Democrats."

The difference between these two lists is that most of the threats listed by Maddow were individuals outside townhalls or making anonymous phone calls who had no platform to shout from the housetops. Only a handful of people (if that) were aware of their vitriol and hatred and could have been stirred up by it. Nobody was making rap videos or staging plays that urged the murder of Obama. These individuals didn't have audiences in the millions that they could stir up to violence. They also didn't have George Soros-backed organizations fomenting violence in the streets with paid thugs.


by Martin Mariano Barillas
At times the best way to learn about another country is not from an academic history book, but rather from historical fiction, principally written by an author whose family lived that history which was handed down orally through generations. Such is Shaken Earth, a dynamic first novel by Martin Barillas whose father lived in the Guatemalan era of the 1930s and beyond. This novel should be required reading for anyone traveling to Guatemala today.

Guatemala is home to many volcanoes and earthquakes, hence the name Shaken Earth, however the earth shakes in other ways there with dark politics, insurrections and the overthrow of Central American governments in order to build banana republic dictatorships created to accommodate United Fruit Company and vast international coffee plantations. Barillas describes Guatemala in the 1930s as a country “where there was a scrim of European culture overlying a Creole blending of Spanish conquistador ethics and Maya traditions with the addition of Yankee business and diplomatic acumen.”

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More on Congressional Shooting by Violent Democrat James Hodgkinson

Congressman Steve Scalise after shooting at baseball field
Left Wing violent Democrat James T. Hodgkinson attacks Congressional Republicans in #Alexandria & shoots four #congressionalshooting

What do you think...will the mainstream media report that Hodgkinson (who died from his wounds) was a far left Democrat, fan of Rachel Maddow and other left-wing extremists who wrote things on social media like "Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It's time to destroy Trump and co." He apparently wasn't a great shot since he shot over 50 rounds using an assault rifle and handgun. Thank God, or the toll might have been higher with dead bodies instead of wounded ones.

A Birthday Present for Donald Trump from a Crazed Liberal?

In President Trump's honor I am going to the Battle of Front Royal once again and taking birthday cupcakes and a Happy Birthday banner. After we pray the rosary we will sing Happy Birthday to the President.

As I was writing the paragraph above I heard about the shooting in Alexandria that deliberately targeted Republicans. Kind and loving liberals will try to absolve themselves of responsibility for inciting violence, something they've been doing since the minute Donald Trump won the nomination.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Time Out for the True, the Good, and the Beautiful

I'm working on my quarterly newsletter and am writing an article about my garden. It got me thinking about the Blessed Mother. I'm sure she had a garden, a reminder of the Garden of Eden. She is the new Eve, after all, who leads us back to union with God through her Son, Jesus. We recover paradise through imitating her "Fiat." To do God's will was her delight. We will be truly blessed if we make His will our delight as well. Thank you Lord, for Mother Mary!

Madonna of the Blooming Garden by Maurice Denis 1870-1943

More Hate from the Kind and Tolerant Left

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in Central Park has been transformed into an assassination of Donald Trump spectacle! The depth of hate of these disgusting liberals should anger every patriotic American. Check out these examples beginning with the Trump murder scene.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Morning Thought: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Are you discouraged about the state of the Church? Are you scandalized by the bad guys in Roman collars? Do you imagine them at the pinnacle of the temple looking down upon the earth while the evil one whispers in their ears about what he will give them? 

Don't be!

Things have always been thus and the Holy Spirit remains with Holy Mother Church despite the ear tickling, scandalous clergy.  Here are a few situations that prove sin is never original and never goes out of style among bad clergymen. It ain't new, but it's not the "rest of the story."


Example #1

Cardinal Cupich is our own modern Cardinal Wolsey. Just as Wolsey was willing to mess with the doctrine of marriage to give Henry VIII what he wanted (i.e., normalization of his adulterous relationship with Ann Boleyn), Cupich is ready to dump Christ's teaching on marriage to normalize adultery and encourage sacrilegious Communion for the adulterers. Unfortunately there are plenty of others in the Church just like him. (The bishops of Malta and Argentina come to mind.)

U.S. cardinal writes foreward to new book approving Communion for adulterers

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Meditation: Celebrating the Lord's Day around the "Altar" of the Domestic Church

Grandchild generation experiencing the
Sunday brunch tradition.
Growing up, my mom always made dinner a family meal. She was sometimes frustrated that Daddy was slow to respond to the dinner bell when everyone else was seated and ready for prayers. In later years when he was commuting from Baltimore to Washington for work, Daddy was seldom home for meals and I think that was a sorrow to my mom that the younger of my siblings (There were ten of us.) didn't experience that evening celebration of our little domestic church. I was out of the house by then and on my own, but how well I remember those family dinners and the way it helped form my own family. Dinner together was not an option and nothing came to the table in those freshly-washed hands!

Several months ago my husband and I returned to the practice of the Sunday brunch which was a staple of our growing family. Often in the early years we spontaneously invited another family to join us when we chatted in the parking lot after Mass. The more the merrier!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Poland's Anti-Immigrant March

Warsaw, Poland

"This is Poland. This is OUR land. OUR country. OUR rules and values. Here - Jesus Christ is our KING. We are not interested in any European directives nor immigration quotas. I repeat: These are not our wars. It is not our culture. It is not our faith and not our immigrants."

"Here - Jesus Christ is our KING"

Thoughts on Ecumenism or When Will Pope Francis Rehabilitate Henry VIII?

Rehabilitate Henry VIII?
  • Cardinal Walter Kasper spoke a few days ago at an ecumenical monastery in Bose, Italy at a Conference on justification, the Gospel of grace. Among other things, he said, "the ecumenical program should be formulated in the following terms: an evangelical Catholicism and a Catholic Protestantism." What the heck does that mean? If both faith's compromise we can reunify? Hey, you Catholics give up on the indissolubility of marriage and evil of abortion and the Protestants will give clergy? Yeah...don't hold your breath.
  • Kasper also said that Catholics and Protestants are part of  "the one and only body of Christ, that is the Church" and ended his talk saying, "If we do not want the Churches to empty even more, we need to focus on the core." Anyone who has followed Cardinal Kasper's convoluted reasoning at the two synods on the family could easily believe he has no core on which to focus. Everything is up for grabs -- and that, essentially describes Protestantism. Empty pews are certainly preferable to empty (non-existent) theology. Kasper and other churchmen of his ilk explain why Jesus lamented, "When I return will I find any faith on the earth?" I don't think Christ will find much at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity headed by Kasper. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

I Know Who I'm Voting for in the Virginia Republican Primary for Governor

We sure don't need another establishment wonk in the governor's mansion and that's exactly what Ed Gillespie is!

And we don't need a Terry McAuliffe clone! To be a Democrat these days you need to support sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. Murder of the innocent is a platform staple of their party and those who call them "Demon-crats" have it about right.

Sorry if that makes you mad, but it's the truth. The Democrat machine won't let anybody pro-life advance in the party. Unless a candidate advocates abortion, sodomy, transgender insanity, and persecution of those who oppose their evil agenda, they get the hobnailed boot. Hey, you know what they do to small business owners who refuse to offer the pinch of incense to Baal.

So get out and vote on June 13th for Corey Stewart and encourage your friends to do the same. Any Catholic who votes Democrat these days should go to Confession.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Sad Email from Orlando: It's the Diabolical Disorientation Lucia Described

I received this email today from a woman in Orlando. That diocese has been a problem for years as my colleague Susan could tell you. Susan and I met because of our joint concern about scandals in our respective dioceses. We were among the original founders of the Catholic Media Coalition. 

She and some friends published The Orlando Truth for years exposing the horrible situation there under Bishop Thomas Wenski. It doesn't sound like much has changed under the new bishops.

There really is something diabolical about the transformation of Martin Luther from revolutionary apostate who destroyed the faith of millions to someone Catholics should revere. Sorry, Pope Francis, it will never happen with orthodox Catholics. We love our Lutheran brothers and sisters enough to tell them their founder was a heretic who deprived them of the Eucharist. 

Pray for our bishops. Many are misleading the faithful, encouraging the scourge of indifferentism! Rather than revere Martin Luther, we should pray that he repented before he died. Because heresy and apostasy are mortal sins that lead one straight to the bowels of hell! How many in the episcopate still believe in hell?

And now the cri de coeur from my Orlando correspondent. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Battle of Front Royal Resumes Tomorrow

Liberal tolerance is a myth!
Tomorrow is Wednesday and another standoff in the Battle of Front Royal. The pro-abort Democrat liberals will face off on one side of the street with their anti-Trump signs and we will be bent over our rosaries on the other side of the street praying for them. I just made a new sign for tomorrow. 

I'm glad this takes place on Wednesday because my adoration hour is from nine til ten after Mass and I offer my Mass and my hour for the conversion of these poor folks. One man is a proud atheist. Several make no bones about being pro-abortion. They all will use any stick to beat the president whether it's calling him dangerous, stupid, unkind, a pawn of Putin, etc. 

Good News for Catholic Teacher Mark Smythe

Last month I posted about Orlando Catholic Social Studies teacher, Mark Smythe, being threatened with firing for quoting St. John Bosco's criticism of Islam.

The diocese, like many infected by liberalism these days, was punishing him for telling the truth after the Huffington Post rallied all the haters to get him fired. They failed.

Read about it at the Florida Family Association and if you were one of those who emailed or called the diocese or prayed for a good outcome -- give yourself a pat on the back!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Time for Islamophobia: It's about self-preservation, stupid!

Terrorism, Islam, and Immigration
Willaim Kilpatrick is totally on target with his article. Here's the beginning:
Whenever a new terrorist attack is reported, I’m reminded of that LifeLock commercial about a bank robbery. After a group of masked robbers smash into the bank, the uniformed officer on duty explains to frightened customers that he’s not a security guard, only a security monitor. He notifies people if there’s a robbery, but he doesn’t do anything to stop it. 
Over in Europe, people are beginning to understand that their local and federal governments aren’t going to do anything about the terrorist problem. Oh, sure, the authorities will investigate the latest attack, identify the perpetrator, and, if they’re lucky, break up the cell to which he belonged. But on the most basic level, nothing changes, nothing is ever done.

Islamic Dawa - A Dank Dark Cloud of Doom

"Islam's dawa hangs heavy over the world like a dank dark cloud of dominating doom dripping its poison to form one giant river of evil flowing unimpeded throughout the world with tributary streams to every country, trickling down to the soul of each and every man, woman and child, therefore despite the flood of terrorist attacks, the loss of Christianity soars as Islam's wickedness descends." - My Bulwer-Lytton entry for the category on Islam

While Christians, and especially Catholics, are busy arguing about the pope, mass, politics, President Trump and everything else, Islam is fast moving into every facet of our lives. Soon it will dominate. It's called dawa - "the insidious project to Islamize the world." (article from When Obama returns and he's wearing a turban people will say, "How did this happen! No one told us!" 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Michigan: Raw halal meat delivered to store in grocery cart

Here comes Islam. Welcome to sharia in the new America.

By law, meat should be first inspected by the USDA before it’s delivered to stores and sold to customers, however sources told Local 4 (Detroit) the meat hadn’t been inspected by the USDA and came from a facility that isn’t federally licensed. The gold delivery van is registered to the Al Nassr Halal Meat Market in Garden City, Michigan

The person who first shot photos of the meat delivery said it’s disgusting that federal and state food handling regulations are clearly being ignored.

Surely this is not the only halal market involved in the Detroit area or in the US.

Creeping Sharia article

YouTube video from Local 4 Detroit below

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Laugh for the Day! French Pres Invites Liberals to Migrate

No, that's not Emmanuel Macron's mom; it's his former high school teacher
and his wife since 2007. 
French President Offers Refugee Status to U.S. Liberals

Let's hope a lot of them take him up on his offer. They should feel right at home in his company. He's pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, and childless. In 2007, he married a woman 24 years his senior with whom he's been involved since he was sixteen and she was his high school teacher. Sounds like a mommy's boy who never grew up.

It's likely that France, in a demographic tail spin, is finished. With a steady decline in marriage and the election of a pro-abort with no personal stake in strengthening the family, things are likely to only get worse in this formerly Catholic country. How I mourn for this country that is likely part of my own heritage. My dad's family was from the Alsace-Lorraine Region on the border between France and Germany. I also love the French saints: Joan of Arc, the French Jesuit martyrs to whom we owe so much, St. Catherine Laboure, who spread devotion to the Miraculous Medal. So sad.

On the other hand, of course, France may survive -- as a Muslim nation

Good luck with that.

Liturgical Year: Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for Us

June is the month in the liturgical year dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. One thing we can celebrate this month is the fact that President Trump did not follow the Obama abomination of dedicating this month to the LGBTQXYZ agenda. Some federal agencies will continue to celebrate events and Ivanka sent encouraging messages to those with disordered attractions (She's a cafeteria Orthodox Jew.), but we can be thankful that there is no official recognition from the White House of misplaced pride in sodomy.

The Heart of Christ was pierced for the sins of mankind. Let us choose some penitential practices this month to atone for outrages against Jesus' love for us. Like the Roman centurion, we have thrust the lance of sin into Christ's heart. Have mercy on us, O Lord. O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto Thine!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Weird, Creepy, Laughable or All Three? Wacky Wobot!

As a celebration of the "Reformation" (also known as the Protestant Revolt), a German Church is offering "robot blessings." What's even weirder than the robot is the position of the person who had the idea who wants people to consider whether one even needs a real human being to give a blessing. (We can see Richard Dawkins borrowing this idea by having rocks and aliens bless people.)

Actually the Catholic Bishops in Germany may borrow this idea since their vocations are plummeting. I think the robot has more personality than Cardinals Kasper and Marx?

Read the article here.

Liberal Tyranny or A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Below are several headlines that indicate exactly how intolerant and prone to censorship the liberal mind is. In a world governed by liberal minds, school children are forced to follow the latest politically correct liberal policies. Businesses are discriminated against. Speech is censored in favor of the latest group-think. Freedom is limited and denied. College and university professors are persecuted (even at so-called "Catholic" schools) if they deviate from the "diversity" that allows no diversity. Citizens are banned from pursuing certain activities unless they affirm the immoral new morality. 

This is liberalism folks. Fight it if you are a Christian who loves the true, the good, and the beautiful as well as the natural law planted in the human heart. Bend your neck to the tyrant's foot if you are a go-along-to-get-along kind of coward.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Is "Personal Relationship with Jesus" Truly Catholic?

A friend told me recently that her Bible Study group on Wednesday mornings at her parish in Connecticut had over a hundred women in it.  I was pretty amazed and when she told me about the program they followed, I naturally wanted to find out more about it.  We should all be glad when Catholic's enthusiasm for the faith is raised.   Bringing women together who have not previously been involved in their parishes is a really good thing.  My hesitation to get on board with this program, however, stems from its embrace of the concept of "getting to know Jesus personally."  Of "having a personal relationship with Jesus."  This is part of the message or plan in the materials written by Lisa Brennickmeyer in her program called Walking With Purpose. 
This "Scripture-based" program, I have discovered, is growing in popularity among Catholic women around the country.  I have not read the Brennickmeyer material and I could be very wrong but I would encourage all to tread with caution on any path not based on solid, historical, Catholic concepts of our relationship and knowledge of God.

"Make America Kind Again" is a Liberal Joke.

Yesterday I blogged about our prayer rally in Front Rally responding to the liberals attacking the president. They protest; we pray. Two people on their side of the street carried signs saying, "Make America Kind Again." The implication was clear and other signs confirmed it. Trump is mean and a danger to democracy. (I won't use the word Constitutional Republic because I doubt if many of the protesters understand the difference which is significant.)

Imagine if this had been a mask of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton! 
And of course that accusation extends to any who refuse to disavow and condemn the president. We are angry, hateful, Nazis, racists, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Well in view of all this, it seems appropriate to reflect on liberal kindness.

It was interesting (and ironic) that these signs appeared in the midst of the controversy over the incident with Kathy Griffin. That's what got me reflecting on liberal kindness. Here are a few examples:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How Are You Honoring the Feast of the Visitation?

My husband and I are off with seven grandchildren to pray for our president and our country. We will make a visitation to the town of Front Royal where a small group of pro-abortion liberal Democrats meet every Wednesday with their meme and slogan signs attacking Donald Trump and calling for his impeachment on "trumped up" charges that he consorted with Russia. They wave their flags and claim to support the Constitution while they work to destroy our Constitutional government.

We will be on the opposite side of the road with our rosaries praying for our president and our country.

You don't have to be a Trump enthusiast to recognize that he is our president and deserves our respect and prayer support. If you're reading this I hope you will join us virtually by praying the rosary, or at least a decade, for the president and his administration many of whom are solid pro-lifers something we rarely see in an administration, Democrat or Republican. Especially pray for our poor, divided country.

Our Lady of the Americas, pray for us and for the conversion of those who support the murder of the innocent.

Pictures to follow later this afternoon! And here they are.

With their flags and their rosaries, little patriots learning a big civics lesson and 
observing the Biblical admonition to pray for those who hate you.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memories of Pearl Harbor

Before we leave behind Memorial Day, I want to share memories from my dad who was a Pearl Harbor survivor. (Thank God, or I wouldn't be here!) Almost 2500 hundred died in the attack and about 1100 were wounded. My dad lost a number of classmates from the Naval Academy that day.

He didn't talk much about the war, but later after he retired he was interviewed by a Baltimore paper and shared some of his memories as did two other servicemen there that day:
The day dawned a subtropical red, then a brilliant gold over the U.S. Pacific fleet nestled in Pearl Harbor in the quiet of that Sunday morning. 
It was a perfect time to sleep. Or go to breakfast. Or church. 
Dec. 7, 1941.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Pat Buchanan on "Dishonoring Confederate War Dead"

Editor's note: Will the iconoclasts demand the removal of Washington and Jefferson from Mt. Rushmore next? When will this lunacy end? 
by Patrick Buchanan
On Sept. 1, 1864, Union forces under Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, victorious at Jonesborough, burned Atlanta and began the March to the Sea where Sherman's troops looted and pillaged farms and towns all along the 300-mile road to Savannah.
Captured in the Confederate defeat at Jonesborough was William Martin Buchanan of Okolona, Mississippi, who was transferred by rail to the Union POW stockade at Camp Douglas, Illinois.
For a century, Americans lived comfortably with the honoring, North and South, of the men who fought on both sides.
By the standards of modernity, my great-grandfather, fighting to prevent the torching of Georgia's capital, was engaged in a criminal and immoral cause. And "Uncle Billy" Sherman was a liberator.
Under President Grant, Sherman took command of the Union army and ordered Gen. Philip Sheridan, who had burned the Shenandoah Valley to starve Virginia into submission, to corral the Plains Indians on reservations.
It is in dispute as to whether Sheridan said, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." There is no dispute as to the contempt Sheridan had for the Indians, killing their buffalo to deprive them of food.
Today, great statues stand in the nation's capital, along with a Sherman and a Sheridan circle, to honor these most ruthless of generals in that bloodiest of wars that cost 620,000 American lives. 

More False Teachers: Proof of the "Diabolical Disorientation" of our Time

Belgian Brothers to allow euthanasia for mentally ill patients

Well, really...instead of driving out demons (some of which are in your head) Jesus should have just euthanized everybody who wasn't "normal" in the eyes of the world. The "Brothers of Charity" will have to change their name to the "Brothers of No Charity."

The euthanasia proponents always claim there are safeguards in place, but these things (like abortion) have a way of becoming killing on demand. The worst part is that someone in his/her right mind who chooses this is likely to enter eternity under a portal that reads, "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here." 

Fulfillment of the Prophecy that "False Teachers" will Arise Among Us!

Remember the Bible verse from Isaiah  offering a warning to those who call good evil and evil good? That same warning is recalled frequently in the New Testament. St. Paul writes in his second letter to Timothy:
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions. (2 Timothy 4:3)
Peter also blew the warning trumpet when he wrote:

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Genie is Out of the Bottle. Will Pope Francis Resign Next?

Benedict set a precedent that let the genie out of the bottle. Will papal resignation become the rule rather than the exception?

Hilary White, the Rome reporter for LifeSiteNews, has a chilling article at The Remnant predicting that the Vatican manipulators have exhausted the usefulness of Pope Francis and will move next for a Parolin conclave following another resignation. Here's just a bit of her assessment:

Bergoglio himself has been recorded saying that he thought his pontificate would last about 4 years. And here we are. We know that certain people put him in place for certain reasons. He was to accomplish some very particular tasks and I think he has done so. I think overall, his job was to complete the demolition project of the radical revolutionaries of the Vaticantwoist project; that is, the total reconstruction of the Catholic Church along the lines of their vision.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

One More Win for the Barbarians

Nash Farm Battlefield museum to close after commissioner requests removal of Confederate flags

1913 Gettysburg reunion unites patriots from South and North -- Shall we black out the Confederate flag from history books?

We truly are living in George Orwell's 1984 where history is dropped down the memory hole when it's considered politically incorrect, and every citizen must be brainwashed or shamed until he will spout the current lie as truth. And so, the statues of southern generals are coming down in New Orleans, state symbols are being purged of the Confederate flag, and any symbol of Southern pride must be destroyed or banned.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Book Review -- The First Christians: Acts of the Apostles for Children

Image may contain: 3 people, people sittingI often buy Catholic books for my grandchildren. When I saw The First Christians: The Acts of Apostles for Children by Marigold Hunt, I snapped it up since Acts is one of my favorite books of the Bible. It is also the perfect one for children to begin with because it's such an adventure story describing the apostles travels, persecution, miracles, and shipwrecks. What could capture a child's imagination more easily? 

Before I started reading the book, I noticed that it was not a new publication, but was originally published in 1939 by Sheed and Ward, a bastion of orthodoxy in the old days. Frank Sheed and Maisie Ward, were in fact, well known for their "soapbox preaching" as members of the Catholic Evidence Guild which presented Catholic teaching in public in an easily understandable style. They were frequent lecturers at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Guest Post: Francis Calls Keepers of Doctrine "Fanatics"

By David Martin

Solicitous concern over the purity of doctrine reflects the truest love of God and neighbor, since doctrine, as with any of the Ten Commandments, is not an ideal that may be watered down or dismissed to suit ones fancy, but an eternal command set in stone for man's sanctification. In the same way a healthcare expert does not tolerate poison in the diet, so a true priest will never tolerate poison in the spiritual diet. It has to be pure, which means it has to be clear, without which it is poison. 

But Pope Francis has now come out and slammed conservative Catholics who earnestly maintain that purity of doctrine be preserved. Concerning such people, the pope said in his Friday morning homily: "They are fanatics about things that are not clear, such as these fanatics who go about there, sowing discord in order to divide the Christian community."

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wicked Evil ISIS burns Cathedral in Marawi, Philippines

Marawi, Philippines, Tuesday May 23, 2017. ISIS terrorists set fire to the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians (Maria Auxilidora) in Marawi, Philippines and captured Father Teresito Suganob and a number of parishioners.

Maria Auxiliadora Cathedral, Marawi, Philippines - Before
Maria Auxiliadora Cathedral, Marawi, Philippines - Now

The Music That Kills the Soul

More mementoes from the "Religion of Peace"
The website for Gatestone Institute posted a story today about the tragedy in Manchester England I think is worth reading.  It mentions the fact Muslims hate the "music of the west."  Here is the link to that story.

I am a free market capitalist.  I don't believe in censoring literature and music except in extreme cases such as public defilement of religious icons for the sake of sensationalism.  Other than that, I think the consumer should be free to enhance or destroy his life as he chooses.  If you want to fill you head with mushy erotic novels instead of history and philosophy and religion, you have the free will that allows you to do that and a government that makes it possible.  If you want to listen to discordant filth set in motion with vulgar costumes and dancing, that too is your choice. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Learn About Fatima and Our Lady's Call to Conversion!

Why is Fatima so crucial? After all, Catholics are not required to believe in apparitions; they aren't part of the deposit of the faith that all of us affirm in the Creed.

Nevertheless, Fatima represents an urgent message for the world confirmed by a massive miracle of the sun seen by over 70,000 people. Some weren't even at the site, but saw the dancing sun from miles away. Not only that, but the miracle was prophesied months before it happened and many who came to scoff, including atheists, were converted on the spot.

Other apparitions are associated with miracles. Many confirmed miraculous healings occur at Lourdes, for example. But the miracle of the sun at Fatima is unique in the history of the Church. It was publicly announced beforehand as a message so that people might believe.The miracle set Our Lady's call there to penance in reparation for sin in bold relief. Listening to and obeying her message is crucial if we really desire peace in our world.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

President Trump in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Please watch President Trump's amazing speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The entire video below is 33 minutes, but HERE is a 2:53 minute clip from Fox News. Note the reactions of the audience. They range from slight nods of the head to admiration.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Guest Post: David Martin's Open Letter to President Trump on his Visit to the Vatican

May God anoint this meeting and bring blessings for the
common good of all people. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
Editor's Note:

Pope Francis will meet with President Trump on May 24th. Let us all pray that God's will be done as this meeting takes place.

According to Reuters, the pope promises to "be sincere" about their differences on subjects like immigration and climate change. Will he also be sincere about their agreement on subjects like religious freedom and abortion?

The Gift of Pope Francis: Exposing the Anti-Church

We are witnessing St. John Paul II’s prophecy of an ‘anti-Church’: Catholic priest

Wow! This is one courageous priest. Read this to understand the times we are living in, but then take to heart Pope St. John Paul's words, "Be Not Afraid." We rest in the hands of our heavenly Father who will never abandon us even in times of trouble. 

Pray, hope, and don't worry.

Friday, May 19, 2017

"You're Awesome!" And "Fearfully, Wonderfully Made"

I was reading my Magnificat before Mass this morning and it got me thinking about one of my little granddaughters. She loves to come up to people, look them in the eye with a big smile on her face, and say in a breathless, little voice..."You're AWESOME!" It's almost a family joke. We always smile and reply. "Oh, Josie, you are awesome too."

The reading that reminded me of this little sweetheart was a reflection on Magnificat's cover art, a bas relief by Donatello depicting Mary and Jesus in an intimate gaze of love, or, as the writer puts it, -- "Two gazes immersed in one another wherein each contemplates an original, unique mystery."

That, however, wasn't what made me think of my granddaughter. It was what the author wrote next:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Have You Heard the One about the Catholic School Superintendent....

Support Mark Smythe! Florida who is threatening a teacher for quoting St. John Bosco on the evils of Islam? Read the article from Catholic World Report here. Is anybody really surprised? The principal defended the teacher, but the diocese is threatening his metaphorical beheading (or is it the beheading of the intelligence of the students?).

The superintendent, Henry Fortier, made it clear that St.John Bosco does not fit with the currently approved approach to Islam.according to the "living witness of Pope Francis." Of course Pope Francis' "living witness" also includes purging the Fatima message of all reference to sin, conversion, punishment, and the need for penance and reparation. At the recent canonization of Jacinta and Francisco none of that, you know, negative stuff was even hinted at. No more warnings. Fatima is a message of peace. Here's how Professor Robert de Mattei described the pope's message at the canonization:
The tragic dimension of the Fatima message, which rotates around the concepts of sin and punishment, has been put aside. Our Lady had said to little Jacinta that wars are nothing other than punishment for the sins of the world and that the sins which carry most souls to hell are the ones against purity. If today we are experiencing “a [world]war in pieces” , as Pope Francis has often repeated, how can we not connect this to the horrifying explosion of present-day immorality, which has gone as far as legalizing the inversion of the moral laws? Our Lady once again had said to Jacinta, that if there had not been any amendment and penance, humanity would have been punished, but in the end Her Immaculate Heart would triumph and the entire world would be converted.

Make America Great With Islam

Las Vegas Muslims troll
President Trump's campaign slogan
These people are not fooling around. Islam means business today just as it did when Muhammad was alive 1400 years ago. Read the May 16th story from Winds of Jihad HERE first, then I will give you a lesson from the dusty pages of history books from a time long ago - 1930 - before political correctness, the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), and immigration as a trade off for the privilege of buying Saudi oil.

*Our lesson begins right after the death of Muhammad:

"The Caliphs continued the efforts for the spread of Islam which Mohammed had initiated. Soon after 650, Armenia was taken, and the victorious armies of Islam pushed on to Turkestan and India. In Asia Minor the armies of the Greek emperor successfully resisted the invaders. Blocked in their advance on Europe from the east, the Saracens sought to gain entrance from the south. [But now Europe has opened up its eastern front by allowing mass immigration of millions of Muslims through Asia minor.] From Egypt they extended their conquests along the north coast of Africa. Marmarica, Cyrenacia, Carthage, Numidia, and Mauretania were overrun, and in 700 the last Christian stronghold, Ceuta, on the Strait of Gibraltar, fell. From here a mixed horde of Arabs and Moors crossed over into Spain, and in the memorable battle of Jeres de la Fontera (711) put an end to the Gothic kingdom which had endured for three centuries. The remnants of the Goths fled into the fastnesses of the Asturias, from which the Saracens strove in vain to dislodge them.