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Monday, October 16, 2017

Ah, the Jesuits, you just gotta laugh and you will when you read this!

This is too funny not to share. And, sadly, too true. You can't make fun of the Jesuits because they are too busy making fun of themselves!

Well, here's a real role model for children - the transgender-demon!

So...let's get this straight. The librarians at the Michelle Obama Library in Long Beach believed this was a good idea -- to have a horned demon drag queen reading stories to little children? But my bigger question is why would parents enable this abuse? What are they thinking of? If this is tolerance, I revel in being intolerant! Read more here.

Please Pray for This Dear Dominican Priest and Praise God for His Providence

I'm sharing below an email I received from an email friend, Fr. Bartholomew Ruben de la Torre, O.P. Please join me in praying for his speedy recovery. Mary Ann

You haven't heard from me because I almost died!

Dear relatives, friends and correspondents,

     The title is correct, and here is background.
     On Sat. Oct 7, Feast of O.L. of the Rosary, I attended the 40th priestly anniversary of a friend of mine, Dominican Fr. Fernando Romero, in a little town called El Oro, out in the rural and mountainous territory in the center of the country some 2 1/2 hrs. out of Mexico City. I had a great time. On Mon., Oct. 9, another Dominican, Fr. Arturo Vargas, drove me back to the Dominican parish where he lives in Mexico City called Divino Redentor. The young deacon, soon to be ordain a priest, Bro. Pedro, came to my room, whose door I had left open, to ask what I wanted for dinner and found me incoherent and on the floor.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Random Thoughts about a UkrainianByzantine Rite Mass We Attended

  • The Mass was a beautiful mixture of the familiar and unfamiliar. 
  • There were several icons in the front of the church and three poles with gold objects on top behind the altar: a cross in the middle (I think) and discs with designs on either side. At one point, two of the altar boys came with the discs and held them over the priest like what's being done in the photo on the right. 
  • In front of the altar was a table with an icon (as pictured) and many people came up and venerated it before Mass. 
  • There were six altar boys wearing gold vestments matching the priest's and quite beautiful; several couldn't have been more than six. They were very reverent and so sweet -- like little cherubs.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pope Francis and the Death Penalty: More Contradiction on Church Teaching

Hey Lord, I love abortionist Emma Bonino, but
can you please do something about those rigid
Catholics who support the "inhumane" death
penalty that "humiliates...human dignity?"
Here we go again. Pope Francis has come out in an address October 11th to members of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization saying, that treatment of the death penalty now requires, “leav[ing] out positions in defense of arguments which now appear decisively contrary to the new understanding of Christian truth. ... It is necessary to reiterate that, no matter how serious the crime committed, the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attempt against the inviolability and dignity of the person.” [Read articles here and here.]


Pope Francis is adamant in his condemnation saying:

There Goes the Neighborhood! Abortionist Leroy Carhart Moves to Bethesda.

Baby Butcher Leroy Carhart 
Carhart to open a late-term abortion mill in Bethesda

I wonder what the other tenants of the medical building where abortionist Leroy Carhart is opening up a new chop shop will think about their new neighbor. The late term abortionist, a hired hit man, is willing to murder babies all the way up to birth. Talk about giving all doctors a bad name!

And speaking of giving doctors a bad name, Operation Rescue has discovered that his new "medical" facility is not licensed which, under Maryland law, would make abortions performed there illegal.

That, of course, is nothing new. Most illegal abortions, before Roe v. Wade imposed child-killing on the entire country, were done by MDs. Milan Vuitch, the infamous D.C. doctor, did them for years in his basement before Roe v. Wade. He postured as a crusader for women, but his mill was a shop of horrors like Kermit Gosnell's. After Roe, he just moved his shingle to the front after the law changed and continued the same bloody business.  Like Carhart, he killed not only babies, but women in so-called "safe, legal abortions."  In 1984 after WDVM-TV did an expose which won the Peabody Award Vuitch's abortion mill was closed for good.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Abortion Activists Angry That Trump Administration is Helping Undocumented Teen Girls Choose Life

Teenage immigrants get real help
from Trump administration!
"Earlier this year, the Office of Refugee Resettlement issued a new policy requiring that taxpayer-funded shelters for immigrants and refugees offer life-affirming support to women and girls who are pregnant, according to Slate, a pro-abortion blog site. 
Abortion activists are upset by the new policy, especially because the administration encourages shelters to take women and girls to life-affirming pregnancy resource centers." [Read more here...]

Here's What Happened after the March 25, 1984 Consecration of Russia

Yes, Russia is Consecrated!

The contents of this post is one part of a four part article from the link above.

Russia was converted from Communism to relative Freedom of Religion. Its conversion is ongoing and free. God respects the free will of men. They have freedom to convert or reject the faith. Our Lady never said that Russia would be converted to Catholicism. She said simply that it would be converted and a period of peace would be given to the world. (Peace, as in there was NOT a nuclear war in 1984-85 as Lucia had feared.)

The Messages of Akita and the Messages of Fatima Warn Us to Repent!

Pray the rosary. -- Pray the rosary. -- Pray the rosary. -- Pray the rosary. -- Pray the rosary.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lucia of Fatima Part II - The Vow of Perfection

From One Peter Five
Editor’s note: The following, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima, is Part II of a four-part series by Jonathan and Clara Fleischmann. Parts I and II were originally published by Missio Immaculatae Magazine and are edited and reprinted here with the authors’ permission. Read Part I here.
Lucia’s Vow of Perfection
“Maximalism” is a curious term. In the arts, a common definition is the “aesthetic of excess and redundancy” [1]. Such a definition is implicitly derogatory, since “excess” according to any one of its several meanings is always in some sense opposed to “perfection” or “perfect quantity.” It is perhaps because of this unfortunate connotation that Pope St. John Paul II – himself a student of the arts – made the following statement: [Read more...]

Project Veritas: How the New York Times is Manipulating Social Media with the Help of Facebook and You Tube

Are we surprised?

Multiculturalists Remove Video on YouTube

Defending Poland against contemporary Islamic invasion

This is an amazing 7 minute video. Perhaps Americans need to do this along our own border. From 4:13 to the end of the video is an explanation of how the Rosary crusade was planned along Poland's 3,582 kilometer borderline. They are praying to God with the Mother of God for defending Christianity in Poland against the contemporary Islamic invasion.

HEY! WHO REMOVED THE VIDEO I POSTED?!! Google, was it you? YouTube?

Spencer's book THE COMPLETE INFIDEL'S GUIDE TO FREE SPEECH (AND ITS ENEMIES) HERE. Order a copy before they ban the book. Our freedom to express our opinion is fast being removed by multicultural Left Islamophiles. 

I ordered the book so as to know what to do about suppression of free speech when posting about Islamic hijra jihad, and ZAP! - within a day the video was removed presumably because the subtitle "Defending Poland against contemporary Islamic invasion" is offensive Islamophobia and anti-multiculturalism. Or YouTube removed it because it was a beautiful video showing Poland's love for Our Lady and Christianity. Or because the Polish people were not each one brandishing scimitars. That would have been OK. ORDER THE BOOK! Order it....NOW!

In Preparation for the 100th Anniversary of Fatima on Friday... this wonderful account of Lucia's experiences. It begins:
Editor’s note: The following, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima, come from Jonathan and Clara Fleischmann. This is Part I of a four-part series. Parts I and II were originally published by Missio Immaculatae Magazine and are edited and reprinted here with the authors’ permission. 
Introducing Lucia 
Lucia de Jesus dos Santos, also known as Lucia of Fatima, or by her religious name, Sr. Maria Lucia de Jesus e do Coração Imaculado (Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart), OCD, was born on March 28, 1907, in Aljustrel, a parish of Fatima, Portugal. She was the seventh [1] and youngest child of António Santos and Maria Rosa. They were hardworking and happy peasants, not poor, as they had good fertile land and a sizeable herd of sheep. Lucia was a loved and almost spoiled little girl, as she relates in her memoirs: Read more here. 

Asteroid Passing over Australia Today between the Earth and the Moon

Another sign in the heavens? Imagine this asteroid, as big as a house, hitting the earth. It could cause quite a blast. Makes one stop and think, eh? Check out the article below to see a simulation of the consequences of an asteroid hitting the earth near London. And consider that an asteroid striking Mexico is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Asteroid 2012 TC4 to pass ‘damn close’ to Earth today testing our space defences - but how prepared are we for a strike?

Sr Lucy had Dentures and an Electric Olivetti

Page 354 from
"A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary"
The book "A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary" has several pictures of Sr Lucy that I had never seen before in any other books. With the imprimatur of the bishop of Coimbra, this biography of Sister Lucia was written in Portuguese in 2013 by the Carmel of St Teresa in Coimbra, Portugal. The book's photographs come from the Archives of the Carmelo of Coimbra and also the Shrine of Fatima. I assume the pictures we normally see are from the Shrine and the more rare photos from the Convent's archives.

"Written by the Sisters of Carmel of Coimbra, it reflects their personal knowledge of her daily life and writings, and provides testimonies that mirror the depth of her soul." The English version was translated by James Colson in 2015 with the book being then published by the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA. The nihil obstat and imprimatur for the English edition are pending.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NETFLIX Peddles Filth to Babies!

Beware the hormone monster.
If you haven't read Susan's post from earlier today, read that first. Then look how the left has "progressed" to encouraging sexual immorality among children and pedophilia with its new show, Big Mouth. Read about it here and sign the petition. Here's how the Vigilant Community describes the new show:
The trailer promoting the new Netflix animated series Big Mouth is a cringy experience and highlights a disturbing agenda in mass media: The sexualization of children. Welcome to media madness.

Tomi Ungerer and the Evil Loving Left - My First Introduction to Their Agenda for Our Children

This is the first edition cover of Oh, How Silly!, a child's book of poems selected by William Cole and illustrated by the porn cartoonist Tomi Ungerer. Later editions have a less offensive cover, although they too are contaminated with the filth of Ungerer's drawings. Two years ago the Huffington Post referred to Ungerer as "the world's darkest children's illustrator" whose works are "dark, abnormal and frightening, even for many adults" ... the same Tomi Ungerer, "whose world knows no borders" where "far out isn't far enough" and who was, true to the form of the Left, appointed by the European Council (which sets the EU's policy agenda) as first Ambassador for Childhood and Education.

My children are grown now but when they were in a public elementary school in Virginia one of them checked this book out of the school library. When I saw it I was horrified because it isn't "silly" for a man to be holding a cocked and loaded gun pointed into his ear with a route through his brains to a target on the other side of his head to commit suicide. (school shootings today?)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The American Pravda: James O'Keefe Takes on the New York Times

God Bless our Polish Brothers and Sisters.

Up to a million Poles pray the rosary at the border!

The New York Times called what the Poles did "controversial." I call it faithful. Long live Christ our King! May He rule in our hearts and in our countries. Pray the rosary with a friend today or with your guardian angel for the conversion of the world.

Imagine if we did this at our Southern border. Would a wall of prayer help to halt the invasion and the violence of the coyotes, drug gangs, and terrorists? 

Let's make a virtual wall today by praying the rosary for the specific intention of the protection of our country and the conversion of the world. 

Are you with me?

The Polish People Surround Their Country with Rosary Prayer Crusade

Defending Poland against contemporary Islamic invasion

This is an amazing 7 minute video. Perhaps Americans need to do this along our own border. From 4:13 to the end of the video is an explanation of how the Rosary crusade was planned along Poland's 3,582 kilometer borderline. They are praying to God with the Mother of God for defending Christianity in Poland against the contemporary Islamic invasion.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Sometimes you just gotta laugh! Especially When the Left is Eating its Own.

Do you think this privileged white girl
cares about black babies murdered in the womb?
When I saw that a bunch of white students participated to shout down ACLU president Claire Gastanaga at William and Mary in the name of Black Lives Matter -- well what can you do but laugh! The ACLU has been shutting down pro-lifers and other conservatives for years. Now one of their reps knows what its like. Good, maybe that will impact their policies.

But the threat to free speech is real.

And it was ironic and ridiculous to see children of white privilege chanting slogans along with their black colleagues against white privilege. Were they joking?

Hey, if they really believe it, shouldn't they give up their slots at William and Mary for black applicants. What right do they have to be accepted instead of a black student?

Asteroid Will Pass Close to the Earth on the Vigil of the 100th Anniversary of Fatima

Chelyabinsk meteor was brighter than the sun
when it expoded over the city in 2013.
According to NASA, on October 12th a large asteroid named 2012 TR4 will pass as close to the earth as 4200 miles although they expect the distance to be greater. Scientists are excited at the opportunity to study the asteroid and test some of their meteor detection systems. 

In 2013 a smaller asteroid exploded about 18 miles over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. It's shock wave damaged more than 7000 buildings and injured over 1000 people mostly from flying debris.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Meditation: Seeking Holy Tranquility

How will you nurture "holy tranquility"
 in your life?
How many people today are caught up in noise and glitter, flashing lights and endless confusion? Most I think. The only way out is the remedy Monsignor Romana Guardini describes below -- finding a place of silence, of "holy tranquility." 

We desperately need silence so we can hear the Lord's still, small voice. If we fill our lives with endless noise by smart phone, TV, music and talk radio, internet social networks, conversation, etc. we will forever be on the merry-go-round of confusion. Life will spin past and we will miss the most important parts as we mindlessly ride in circles with lights flashing around us and calliope noise filling our ears. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Thank God for another Trump Blessing! Bye-bye Contraceptive Mandate.

I bet the Little Sisters of the Poor
are thanking God for President Trump!
Trump Ends Contraceptive Mandate! Praise God!

Contraception may be the most serious moral evil ever treated like a ho-hum, no-big-deal societal staple. Think about it. Abortion is a horrendous sin that kills a baby, but that little one will live for all eternity.

Contraception doesn't just will the death of a soul; it wills the non-existence of a soul willed by God. In that sense it is even worse than abortion because a soul is not only physically murdered but denied existence at all.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Pray the Rosary against the Islamic World Invasion on the Feast of the Battle of Lepanto

A Million Catholics Pray The Rosary On Poland’s Border Commemorating The Defeat Of Islam At The Battle Of Lepanto

From the Desk of Richard Thompson
     This Saturday, October 7, over a million Catholics in Poland are expected to gather along Poland’s 2000-mile border in a massive rosary prayer crusade entitled “Rosary on the Borders.” Their purpose is to commemorate the anniversary of the October 7, 1571 Battle of Lepanto, during which the outnumbered Christian naval fleet dealt a massive blow to the Muslim Ottoman Empire, saving Christendom from Islamic domination.   Read more....
Today we have a growing pretense promoted by many clerics in the Church that Islam is no threat to Christianity and we should welcome hordes Islamic immigrants with open arms. That was not, however, the reaction of Pope Pius V as the Islamic fleet threatened Europe. From the article above we learn that:

Commercial Break: Homemade Hot Fudge

I enjoy cooking and making up my own recipes. The kids joke about me starting a cooking show about using up leftovers in creative ways. Well, this commercial isn't for using leftovers but about creating a homemade alternative to the high fructose ice cream toppings in the store. I can't claim that hot fudge is ever a health food, but what you choose to put in it (or leave out of it) can make a healthier alternative.

So if you like hot fudge check my Gramma blog and see my 4-ingredient recipe for hot fudge. Five minutes from stove to ice cream.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Birds of a Feather Flock Together -- Especially Vultures!

Where the carcass lies, there
the vultures gather. (Matt 24:28)
There's a spot here in Woodstock near the local park where several large trees with spreading branches seem to attract legions of turkey vultures. They roost in the trees in a creepy Halloween-like setting. I always shiver a bit when we pass by and see them roosting there.

On the other hand, the vultures have an important role to play in cleaning up the dead things: the road kill, the sick and injured animals that die in the woods...they are, in a way, nature's morticians.

Sadly, however, we have our own vultures in the Church who feed, not on the dead, but on the living. Instead of cleaning up after dead things, their chosen role appears to be taking living faith, poisoning it and feeding on the dying souls of the scandalized.

"They Inspire Joy, Kindness and Wonder."

...from President Trump"s statement declaring Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Now what will the mainstream media find to criticize about this?

Talk about a group that is targeted by the culture of death. Most Down Syndrome babies never see the light of day. Ninety percent are killed before birth by abortion. I've posted the video below before but it's worth watching again. The weak and vulnerable teach us how to love "with a love so pure it makes your heart break." No, God doesn't make mistakes!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Demonic Evil in Las Vegas: Part of the Chastisement?

Las Vegas concernt goers run for cover.
What happened Sunday night in Las Vegas was demonic. There's no other way to describe it. The perpetrator, Stephen Paddock, described as a 64-year-old multi-millionaire who was a loner, was the trigger man. But can anyone doubt who was behind it? Like saints put a face on God, evildoers put a face on Lucifer. Love defines a Mother Teresa. Hate defines a Stephen Paddock.

There is still not enough information to explain the motive behind Paddock's demonic act, but it clearly was no random event. It was carefully planned. It appears that Paddock modified legally purchased rifles to transform them into rapid-fire machine guns. He also appears to have taken the time to move his numerous weapons (23 at last report) gradually over several days into his hotel room on the 32nd floor overlooking the concert site. He obviously wanted to kill as many as possible and to kill indiscriminately. The dead and injured cross the spectrum from young 20-somethings to grandparents. As one article described them:

Monday, October 2, 2017

Economic Rape of the South Led to Secession

When Union troops tried to resupply Fort Sumter, South
Carolina fired on the fort. The only casualty was a donkey,
but it gave Lincoln an excuse to call up 75,000 troops to stop
secession and force Southern states to remain in the Union.
Some critics believe he deliberately provoked the battle to
justify the war against the Southern states.
It's important to understand the major role economic issues played in the South's decision to secede. The states of the South represented about one fifth of the U.S. population, but they were paying over 80% of the tariffs levied by a Congress controlled by the Northern states. The actual amount involved according to Charles Adams writing in his book When in the Course of Human Events was about $107.5 million being charged at federal ports on goods coming into the country. The South, more dependent on imports than the mercantile North ended up paying about $90 million of this total compared to $17.5 million from the Northern states. That was a disparity of 83% of tariff taxation being picked up by the South and only about 17% from the North.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Really! The Gay Sign at a Children's Garden?

Gay chickens in the coop?
While we were biking on the Cayuga Waterfront Trail, we stopped to visit the Ithaca Children's Garden, a charming little spot designed just for the wee ones. There was obviously a New Age influence at the place since it had a giant turtle named Gaia with phases of the moon marked on her shell and also featured a labyrinth garden.

But the entire effect of the place was sweet with lots of beautiful flowers and mini spots (a troll house, for example) just the right size for children to play and imagine.

And the children who were there clearly enjoyed all the spots designed for their enjoyment including the rice paddy where several were dabbling in the water. One little boy assured me there were fish. He was trying to catch them.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How many times has Pope Francis trolled this video?

Francis, looking for new talent
I've had a great time sitting here sipping coffee and thinking of captions for the video below. Here are some:

"Pope Francis trolls YouTube looking for his next Cardinal appointee."

"Sorry, Francis. He cannot be a new Cardinal. He's already in jail."

"Pope thinking: Fraudulent tax return?! I've found Libero Milone's replacement as the Vatican Bank Auditor!"

Civil War Causes - Follow the Money: The Tariff Battles

The battle over tariffs played a major role in
regional antagonism culminating in the Civil War, 
Everyone has heard the old adage, “Follow the money,” which recognizes the major impact economic issues play in any dispute.  And the Bible itself warns that “Love of money is the root of all evils.” It also played a large role in the Civil War. Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin made slavery more economically desirable for the cotton planters because cotton could be processed more easily and required many pickers to feed the gin. And cotton was indeed “king” economically accounting for more than 50% of U.S. exports at the time. Since  importing slaves was banned by federal law in 1808, one result of the cotton gin was the transfer of slaves from the northern Dixie states to plantations in the deep South. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Please Pray for Another Victim of the Organ Donation Cabal

Taquesha McKitty
Taquisha and her daughter.
Pray for this mom and her family!
I received the following email today asking for prayers for Taquisha McKitty whose life is in danger. Don't make the same mistake Taquisha did by signing an organ donor card!

Pray Dr. Byrne is granted by the court to be an “expert witness” on behalf of 27 year-old Taquisha McKitty and her family to protect and preserve her life:
“If he is granted expert status, he will be able to advise a physician licensed in Ontario to provide McKitty with treatment.”

Austin Ruse Takes on Fr. James Martin and Co. and Pegs it Again!

James Martin SJ Thinks You’re a Nazi

Who are the real hatemongers? Fr. James Martin and his cheering section. Think about it. Whenever anyone criticizes Martin's enthusiasm for mortal sins of deviant sex, he responds with a hate-filled, name-calling screed. And his echo chamber on the Catholic left (and even a few on the right) join the chorus. Here's a bit of Ruse's article worth highlighting:

Fr. James Schall Understands Islam...

...and unless we do too, we will continue to be vulnerable to international jihad by both violent means and by immigration and birth. Islam came close to taking over Europe in the middle ages. Today it is rising again and Europe is on the verge of becoming an Islamic continent. Let us not allow it to happen here in America!

Why I believe in Islam

Thursday, September 28, 2017

What will Pope Francis do about Rohingyas in Myanmar?

Pope Francis will make an Apostolic Journey to Myanmar from November 27-30 and to Bangladesh from November 30 to December 2, 2017. While there he will more than likely tell Aung San Suu Kyi, who is akin to Prime Minister, not the leader of Myanmar, what to do about the Rohingya, who are Muslims. His advice will be exactly what it is back in Italy. "Make it as easy as possible to have migrants and refugees cross your borders legally. Let them have citizenship and equal rights with all other citizens. Give them benefits and the right to vote."

The Vatican Radio website says the following: "The logo for his visit to Myanmar depicts Pope Francis releasing a white dove from within a heart drawn in the colors of Myanmar’s flag: yellow, green, and red. An outline [in rainbow colors] of 
Myanmar’s landmass sits beside the Pope within the heart, while the motto for his journey is shown above: Love & Peace.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I Didn't Feel Welcome at This Brewery So We Went Elsewhere!

Might as well have a sign saying
Christians not welcome here!
My husband and I decided we'd visit a brewery today and try a flight with a snack. We found one advertised on Trip Advisor in Watkins Glen right down the street from the state park where we'd hiked. Trouble is...when we got to the place there was a large gay flag out front. 

Catholics are called homophobic hate-mongers for daring to say that acting on disordered sexual attractions is sinful. So when I see the gay flag celebrating  sodomy outside an establishment, I know that I and my beliefs are not welcome there. Oh...they will no doubt happily take my money as long as I keep my mouth shut. But what if I'm wearing a pro-life T-shirt or one that says "straight pride?" What kind of reaction do you think I'd get?

So we skipped it. 

Instead we stopped at the Chamber of Commerce in town and picked up a list of breweries along the Seneca Lake wine/brewery trail. What a ride! The lake views are breathtaking!

The Republic: In the Beginning...

To understand the Civil War, one must go back to the founding of the Republic. It’s easy to get the idea that all was well in those early years before, during, and after the American Revolution – that the individual states were united in their desire to be liberated from England and that all the colonies and the citizens were of one mind.

They weren’t.

First of all only, about twenty percent of the country wanted to separate from England in the first place. Many Tories fled to Canada never to return. Even after England sued for peace and the colonies united in forming the United States of America, there were significant disagreements about the form of government to be established.

Some of the founders wanted a strong centralized government. Others wanted the documents to emphasize the sovereignty of the individual states and the primacy of states rights and to severely limit the powers of the federal government. The deep disagreements led to the publication of the Federalist Papers advocating for a strong central government ruling over the states and the Anti-Federalist Papers that championed the rights of the individual states and the people against what they feared could become another tyrannical government like the monarchy of England.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Where Does The Church Stand on the Question of Capital Punishment? Tradition May Surprise You

Amy Barrett, Catholic nominee for Federal Court Judge
and Al Franken, Democrat Senator
Amy Coney Barrett, a widely published professor of law at the University of Notre Dame has been nominated by President Donald Trump for the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and was featured in an article published by the National Catholic Register on September 22.  A Senate hearing was held and several liberal Senators including Al Franken and Diane Feinstein gave her a brutal grilling.  The You Tube video of the Franken exchange is particularly disgusting.  

The Catholic Register article referred to an article Barrett wrote years ago as the subject of Feinstein’s questions, stating,    
“…it was Feinstein who mischaracterized the article’s conclusion, thus raising questions about Barrett’s fitness for the appellate bench.   Truth be told, the 1998 law review article in question, co-authored by Catholic constitutional scholar John Garvey, now the president of The Catholic University of America, reached a very different conclusion about the religious and professional responsibilities of Catholic jurists on the federal bench.  In their paper, Barrett and Garvey posed this question: Must judges who accept Church teaching on capital punishment recuse themselves in federal death-penalty cases? After exploring this question, the authors concluded that such cases were far from common, and when they did arise, Catholic judges should recuse themselves if necessary.” (My emphasis added.)

Really? At a State Park Visitors Center?

...Because we all know that the LGBTQ crowd are being attacked at visitors centers all over the country. But thank heavens! They have a safe space here at Taughannock Falls State Park. 

It appears we are in the politically correct capitol of rural New York. I was browsing through the booklet advertising tourist activities for Ithaca, NY last night and came across the section on LGBTQ activities. Mind you, there is no section on churches in the area. If you are among the church going public, you are on your own. Hopefully the park offers Teddy bears and coloring books for their "gay" patrons.

I am deeply offended and feel unwelcome. Do you think anybody cares. Oh...that's right...I'm just one of those evil, homophobic bigots who deserves (use your imagination). Oh well.

A question: How come a group that represents less than three percent of the population is in our faces all the time? Can't they just do their own thing and leave us alone? 

It's called "jamming," folks.  

Monday, September 25, 2017

When Did a Man Putting on Makeup to Look Like a Woman become a Qualification for Public Office?

Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall has a transgender man running against him making his faux womanhood a running issue. And he's getting money from all over the country. Folks, we need to support Bob Marshall. Please don't let the LGBTQXYZ lobby put this confused individual in the State House. Read what the transgender lobby is doing to our schools here and here and here. Do you really want transgenders making laws imposing homosexual and transgender ideology on your little ones?

And really! Since when is putting on women's makeup a qualification for becoming a legislator? This is an insult to the electorate!

Please send Bob Marshall a donation today and support his reelection campaign. We need Bob in the General Assembly!

And frankly, I really question whether there are "millions of transgenders" in this country. This is a very vocal minority that represents a tiny fraction of the less than three percent of the homosexuals. They bang the drum constantly, but that doesn't change the reality that they are a tiny minority suffering from a disordered sexual identity crisis. Pray for them, but don't let them make policy for your state or for our country!

Random Thoughts for Monday

After dedicating his life to eradicating segregation, would Martin Luther King be thrilled by black students today demanding segregated dorms and spaces?

I'm glad Donald Trump is being tough with the Korean dictator, but I wish he'd stop calling him "rocket man." It's funny, but poking a madman may not be too prudent. It's kind of like poking a mad dog with a stick.

 Just wondering: Will Pope Francis respond to the 62 signatories, clergy and laity, who issued a "filial correction" for his "propagating heresies" or will he give them the Dubia treatment?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Do You Want to Understand the Past? Examine the Witnesses!

Investigators know that if they interview ten witnesses to an event they are likely to get ten different reports. Figuring out what really happened requires sifting through the data and finding the agreements, determining who are the most credible witnesses, etc. To arrive at an accurate picture of an event is not so easy as evaluating one testimony or one photograph and extrapolating from that to the big picture. That's how dishonest historians evaluate the past. Honest historians study the big picture.

And that's how it is with understanding the Civil War, or as one book is titled, The War Between the States: America's Uncivil War by John J. Dwyer and other contributors. A broad and deep study is necessary. I've just begun the book, but I'm already impressed by the author's approach and common sense. He speaks of the war as a "Fifty Years' War" that involved numerous factors: economic, religious, regional. Slavery was one issue among many, a factor yes, but not necessarily the most fundamental.

I found this in the introduction particularly interesting:

The Myth of the Great Emancipator: Lincoln was a White Supremicist

I'm a little tired of the historical ignorance about the conflict that led to the Civil War. Let's deconstruct the myth of the evil South and the saintly North...starting with Abraham Lincoln. In a PBS documentary on Lincoln, black historian Henry Gates discusses his disillusion with Lincoln after reading the text of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. And here's a clip from the documentary that shows some balance about the South. It's time to recognize that the history of every major conflict is complicated. And that, friends, is an understatement.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Voice of Experience: Daughter Raised by Lesbians Says LGBT is an "Extremist Minority"

Their goal? To eliminate gender altogether.

We're all interchangeable, right? Like leggos you can just take us all apart and put us back together in any configuration you choose. Pop off the breasts and know what. Play with the hole-y pieces and put know where. And voila! The next gender. How about a gender with breasts AND male genitals. That would be fun and different.

Sir Mohammed Churchill and the new Evie Littlechap

Sir Winston Churchill would be appalled to know that the top baby name listed for London and Britain's West Midlands is "Muhammad" - in all its various spellings: Muhammad, Mohammed, Mohammad, not to mention Hamid, Ahmad, Mahmoud, Mehmet and Mohamed. I'm not certain where the name "Winston" is on the list, or Desmond or Clive, or even William or Harry. Sir Winston wasn't enamored of Islam therefore no serious Muslim would name their baby boy after him.

Islam creeps in under the disguise of "friendly peaceful poor Muslim refugees escaping Islamic countries hell holes." This - the Islamification of the West by immigration - is called Demographic Jihad which is what's happening in England and Germany, Sweden and Norway and Finland and France and Denmark and Belgium and Spain and Italy. All of the former Christian West including Canada and soon the USA.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Detraction is a Sin against Justice

When in doubt, shut your mouth!
I wonder how many people today ever give a thought to the sin of detraction. I've been thinking about it ever since I read Maria Santos Beir's article unnecessarily revealing the past sins of Fr. William Aitcheson, her childhood pastor, when he was a member of the KKK forty years ago. I tweeted Maria about her article and got this reply:
I never got the sense from your newsletter that you were opposed to exposing fellow Catholic sinners.
Ah, nothing like trying to change the subject to deflect attention from yourself.

My Sympathy Basket is Completely Empty

My reaction to this Danish photo? A giant yawn 
because my sympathy basket is completely empty.
Friends just returned from a trip across Canada said that Muslims are EVERYWHERE. A friend just returned from Europe said that Muslims are EVERYWHERE. Where Muslims are EVERYWHERE, Islam abounds. Where Islam abounds, jihad accelerates. Where jihad accelerates, people die. When people die, the state does what? Lies that Islam is peaceful. That Muslim culture- enrichers enrich the native culture. Because why? Because the former peaceful nation state and its peaceful native people were a peaceful civilization and needed violence and death to spruce up the economy? 

The Danish government now admits that the country is going through the worst situation since WWII because of Muslim migrant crime. Muslim migrant crime and jihad are the same thing, the equation being C = J, J= C. Therefore the Danish government is saying that because they let in hundreds of thousands of young male migrant Muslims who commit crimes, Denmark is now an unsafe country because of Islamic jihad committed by young male migrant Muslim jihadists whose gangs have taken over the streets of Denmark.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hexing Trump: Sally Quinn Really is One Sick Puppy.

Sally Quinn to Donald Trump: "Ill get you, my pretty!"
I received this email from a friend yesterday. Good grief. Sally Quinn really is one sick puppy. Please, readers, pray for her as my friend suggests. And thanks, Maria, for the heads up!

Dear Mary Ann,

I thought this article reveals once more what you said about this poor woman in your outstanding article on her.....You might have seen it, but .... just in case you haven't ...   How very sad....I must remember to pray for her and for Lady Gaga too.  Lots of blessings to you and yours!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Et Tu, Brute?": Maria Santos Bier and her Detraction against Fr. Bill Aitcheson

"Et tu, Brute?" The most unkindest
cut of all comes from a "friend" who
recalls you fondly.
For the past few days I've been reading all the online material in the saga of my friend and former pastor, Fr. William Aitcheson which began with an article by Maria Santos Bier, How I discovered my childhood priest was in the Ku Klux Klan. Maria assures us that Fr. Bill always treated her kindly and that "I recall him fondly." Well, that's a relief! It was she who unnecessarily exposed Father's sins of forty years ago, of which he's clearly repented. I can only imagine what she would have written if she thought of him un-fondly. This is surely Fr. Aitcheson's "Et tu, Brute?" moment.

For a person to do what Maria did is a serious sin of detraction. For a Catholic to do it is unconscionable; but maybe Maria has never heard of detraction. (Detraction is publicly revealing the sins of a person, not commonly known, that destroys his good name.)

You can almost feel Maria's excitement over her "scoop" as she tells the reader about discovering the juicy information. Googling Fr. Bill's name, she found a 1977 article about a college student in the KKK and recognized Father by the accompanying photo. Then Maria tells us:

"Always track the hurricane yourself." - Me

The media spinning Irma
The three safest places to be in Florida during a hurricane are (listed in official order) Leesburg, Orlando and Sanford which form a triangle in Central Florida. We live directly in the center of that triangle. Central Florida is safer because when a hurricane moves inland, its intensity weakens from no longer being fed by ocean waters. However, it still dumps many inches of rain and causes wind damage before finally dying out.

Before and during Hurricane Irma I spent 5 days telling a panicked friend who had evacuated from Jacksonville to our home NEVER to listen to the news during a hurricane because it's all about ratings and NOT the truth. The media had frightened her so much that she drove from Jacksonville to our home in Central Florida and, as it turned out, closer to the eye of the hurricane because when she first heard the news - "DOOMSDAY FOR FLORIDA!" - the media had no clue where the hurricane was or where it was going. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Perfect Artist for This Period in History! Hieronymus Bosch

A friend and I were chatting this morning about the perfect artists for these nutty times. My friend mentioned Hieronymus Bosch. His fantastic and macabre paintings perfectly represent the macabre mainstream of the 21st century as do those of Pieter Bruegel who was influenced by Bosch. I'm sure you recognize some of the characters in these paintings: the party boat full of drunks, the angry, the gluttons, the murderers. You can easily find examples of the seven deadly sins in these paintings. Bosch and Bruegel were obviously well aware of mankind's failings. But you can also find the pious and prayerful. We will be sorted on the last day. 

Heironymus Bosch, Temptation of St. Anthony

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Guest Post: Thoughts on Respect or Whatever Happened to Personal Responsibility?

By Joan Hartzell

It’s difficult to understand the angry, threatening demands of women who think that automatic “respect” status is theirs, even when they show obvious signs of disrespecting themselves, an indication of their own confusion. Respect comes from within.  We were all created to be respected, most particularly by ourselves.  Just as we are called to respect our own bodies, we are called to pay respect to others, not the least of whom are our own children in the womb.  

Sunday Meditation: Does This Explain the Francis Effect?

Cardinal Ottaviani, pray for us.
Readers have no doubt heard the expression, Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi. Literal Translation: The law of praying, the law of believing, the law of living or, as it's commonly translated in English: As we pray, so shall we believe, so shall we live.

This morning after Mass I read a quote from Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, author of the Ottaviani Intervention, a letter to Pope Paul VI written in 1969 warning about the disastrous changes in the liturgy. We're reading it for book club and it is sad indeed to reflect on what has happened and where it all began. 

Here is what Cardinal Ottaviani wrote:

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fr. Martin Misrepresents His Book as Having "Canonical Approval"...

Is your parish promoting Fr. Martin's book
like this parish in Hampton, VA?
...Canon Lawyer Ed Peters says not so!
Defending his book, Building a Bridge (2017), Jesuit Father James Martin claims that its consistency with Church teaching is attested to by (A) his own good standing as a priest, and (B) the canonical approval the book received from his Jesuit superior. 
Martin’s first claim, that he is a priest in good standing, is neither contested nor relevant to the question of whether his book is doctrinally sound or pastorally trustworthy. 
Martin’s second claim, that his book enjoys canonical approval, requires some context before one can appreciate what that means—and doesn’t mean. Read more here.
Peters sums up:

Friday, September 15, 2017

Rescue is Back! And Several Priests are Involved, Praise God!

Read the statement from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal about one of their priests who participated. Let us pray that this effort is multiplied 100 fold! And I'm sure the date was no accident. Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Can anyone doubt that all of heaven mourns at the murder of the most innocent in our human family. Pray for all of those participating in this important work of God. Read the press release here. 

Good for Austin Ruse: He Pegs the "Pansified" Behavior of Fr. James Martin, S.J.

For Fr. James Martin:
Stay calm and hug your teddy bear.

I've had my own back and forth with Fr. Martin. Check it out here and note his several comments. But be sure you have a crying towel handy. Omigosh, he is just so appalled that anyone could question his decisions and be so uncharitable. Let's all send him teddy bears he can hug in his safe space. Fr. Martin is remarkably thin-skinned for a man so quick to judge others.

Like the men in Roman collars who transferred their loyalty from Christ and His Church to the English monarchs in the 16th and 17th centuries, Fr. Martin has sold out the faith for the adulation of the popular and politically correct. Perhaps he is himself a homosexual; for sure he is a homosexualist (one who promotes normalization of homosexuality) advancing ideas about sexuality that are in total opposition to Catholic truth.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Climate Change Hysteria: Whatever Happened to Real Science? And Free Speech?

Can we blame the great Galveston hurricane of
1900 that killed 8,000 people on global warming?
They are falling under the weight of money (truckloads of money) and political correctness.

Let's face it. There's lots of money in hyping the "climate change" hysteria which used to be "global warming" until it became evident that we are in a cooling trend. (Just look at Al Gore making millions off of alternative energy sources, while he powers his own mansion and private jet with conventional ones.)

So now, in order to keep the hysteria on the front burner, we need to criminalize "climate change" skeptics.

Make denying climate change a crime!

Associating the hurricanes with global warming is silly. We haven't had a major hurricane landfall in twelve years. Explain that. And hurricane Harvey isn't the worst storm on record:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How the Media Uses Technology to Twist and Pervert!

The mainstream media are experts at manipulating audience perceptions. The Washington Post did it to me once after an interview on pro-life activism. Not only did the reporter, who enjoyed my family's hospitality by coming to dinner (even commenting on the menu in her article), twist everything I said into a verbal distortion, but the accompanying picture showed me with greenish hair. So 60 Minutes' hit job on Steve Bannon was no surprise to me. Check out how it's done and never trust the media even when you see their production with your own eyes.

The Political Pope

Front cover of recently published story of Pope Francis
Rarely do I find a book written since 1960 that I think is truly worth raving about.  An example of what generally impresses me is the book I read two weeks ago, the Catechism of the Council of Trent written in 1566.  So I surprised myself when I felt compelled to read The Political Pope, published this past May, written by George Neumayr, an author young enough to be one of my kids. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Nurses' Association Joins the Death Peddlers

Remember the midwives of Egypt during the slave days of the chosen people? They refused to kill the male babies telling the authorities that the Israelite women delivered without their help before they could arrive. Hence, they avoided becoming cooperators in infant killing. 

But that was then and this is now.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) recently amended their statement on Nutrition and Hydration at the End of Life. The amended document approves of assisting patients to kill themselves by starvation and dehydration, even those who are suffering from dementia. Read Nancy Valko's commentary on their decision here.

The language is specifically geared to make their decision sound like it respects the dignity of the patient, as if any preference of a patient is legitimate. But what this does is to endanger nurses who don't want to cooperate in evil, as well as the patients for whom they care.