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INTRODUCTION: Jesus said, "By your fruits you shall know them." That doesn't sound like an admonition to live in blind acceptance of everything people say and do because "who am I to judge?" We are, in fact, called by Christ to evaluate and judge the fruits of those around us so we can make sound moral decisions. It becomes even more important when we are talking about leaders. Do believing Catholics want to follow a politician who advocates abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, unbridled greed, sodomy, suppression of conscience rights or free speech, etc.? Of course not! So why would believing Catholics want to follow bishops who advocate and work to advance immoral behavior that conflicts with Catholic doctrine taught for 2000 years by the magisterium of the Church? Do we really need to change with the times? Do moral truths change with the times? Are we all Pilates today who shrug and ask, "What is truth?"

This page includes articles where the teachers of the Church speak for themselves and others that describe what's happening in their dioceses. They offer the reader the opportunity to be informed and choose whom he will follow. There are no secrets about the fruits of many of these men in roman collars. Some offer beautiful fruit for our spiritual health; others give us poisoned fruit from rotten trees. By their fruits you shall know them!

Whom will you choose to follow?


Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia (Academy for Life): Paglia's Scandalous Homoerotic Cathedral Fresco
                         Rainbow Flag in Paglia's Coat of Arms (Sign of God's Promise or Wink to LGBTQ?)
                         Don't Call the Family a "Little Church." It Encourages "Family Egoism."
                         AB Paglia Appoints Enemies of Life to Academy

Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga Leads C9 group of cardinals charged with reforming the curia
                          Unmasking the False Shepherds

Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S. Archbishop Christophe Pierre who coddles heretical clergy


Cardinal Sarah (Guinea): "I Denounce the Crisis of Faith of a Betraying Clergy."


Cdl. Jozef De Kesel: Sodomy is the New Catholic Marriage


Cardinal Thomas Collins (Toronto): Cardinal Takes on Blasphemous Ice Cream Chain


Bishop Guo, Underground Chinese Church: The Passion Begins
Cardinal Zen, Underground Chinese Church: The Chinese Potemkin Village
Cardinal Zen, Underground Chinese Church: Betrayal of the Church in China


Bishop Philip Egan (Portsmouth): We are Facing a "Frightening New Dark Age"


Cardinal Walter Brandmuller: Heed the Minority Who Truly Live the Faith
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (Vienna): Ordination of Women - Canonist Ed Peter's Response
                                                    The Purple Sweater for Lent Fiasco


Bishop Donal McKeown (Derry): Powerful Letter Calls People to Oppose Abortion


Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio (retired): Cardinal Thwarts Publication of Church Teaching
Archbishop Bruno Forte (Chieti-Vasto): Pope Said Not to Speak Plainly about Communion


Bishop Athanasiua Schneider (Astana): A"To-Do List" to Save the Faith
                               Pope is not the "Owner" of Truth but it's "Vicar and Servant"


Archbishop Emeritus Juan Sandaval (Guadalajara): Consecrate Mexico to Mary's Immaculate Heart


Bishop Samuel Aquila (Denver): Catholics Who Vote Democrat Sell Out Christ
                   Humanae Vitae was a Gift (Pastoral letter celebrating 50th anniversary of the encyclical)
                   The Church's "Best Kept Secrets": NFP and Theology of the Body

Bishop Joseph Bambera (Scranton): The Stench from Scranton

Bishop Michael Bransfield (Wheeling): Nabi Sayeth articles 

Cardinal Raymond Burke: On Schism, Papal Authority and the Sensus Fidei
                                           Interview with Catholic World Report (April 2018)
                                           Pope's Authority is Limited by Natural and Divine Law
                                           Cardinal Warns of Betrayal of Truth Even by Bishops
                                           Possibility of Cardinal Burke's Excommunication by Pope Francis?

Archbishop Charles Chaput (Emeritus, Philadelphia): Creates FSSP Quasi Parish for Latin Mass
                     Upcoming Synod on Young People: A Plea for Solid Doctrine and Traditional Liturgy

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (San Francisco): God is Mocked in Our Streets
                                            Archbishop Consecrates Diocese to Immaculate Heart of Mary (2017)
                                            Statement Supporting Archbishop Vigano (Aug. 2018)
                                            TLM will Continue in San Francisco

Cardinal Blase Cupich (Chicago): Bad News for Chicago
                                                       Cupich Joins Dissenters' Convention
                                      Bishop Bans Latin Mass; Parishioners Celebrate Triduum on Sidewalk (2002)

Bishop Emeritus Rene Henry Gracida (Emeritus, Corpus Christi):             
                                         Interview with Catholic World Report
                                                             Bishop Gracida Signs "Filial Correction" of Pope
                                                   Wake-Up Call: Today's Palliative Care Disrespects Natural Law

Bishop Robert Morlino RIP (Madison, WI): Asks Diocese to Receive on the Tongue Kneeling

Archbishop Joseph Naumann (Kansas City, KS): Encouraging Large Families

Bishop Thomas Olmsted (Phoenix): Apostolic Exhortation to Men: Into the Breach
                           Bishop Olmsted and the Case of Sr. McBride (Approved Hospital Abortion)

Bishop Thomas Paprocki (Springfield): To Durbin - Change Your Heart, Your Abortion Votes

Bishop Robert Reed (Boston Aux.): Bishop to Do 24 Hours of Penance Over Sex Abuse Scandal

Archbishop Alexander Sample (Portland): AB Sample Abolishes Standing before Blessed Sacrament

Bishop Mark Seitz (El Paso): The Seitz Syndrome

Bishop Joseph Tobin (Newark): Gays Embrace a "Miracle"
                                          Good Questions about Bishop Tobin's "Nighty-Nighy, Baby" Tweet
                                          Gay Pilgrimage and Bishop Tobin's Silence on Church Teaching

Bishop Thomas Tobin (Providence, RI): We Need a #MeToo Movement for Aborted Babies

Bishop Robert Vasa (Santa Rosa): Bishop Stands up for Catholic Identity in Catholic Schools

Bishop John Wester (Santa Fe): Bans Communion on the Tongue 

Cardinal Donald Wuerl (Washington, D.C.): Wuerl's Amoris Laetitia Doc is Open to Abuse


  1. Archbishop Aquila of Denver wrote a pastoral letter on the Gift of Humanae Vitae

  2. Bishop Ochoa now in Fresno persecuted a priest Father Michael Rodriguez for opposing the homosexual agenda when he was bishop of El Paso. Then in Fresno he sheltered a known convicted abuser Father Eric Swearingen. Another Wolf inside the fold.

    July 10, 2019
    Bishop Tobin of Providence has recently been criticized for stating Catholic
    teachings on pederasty,sodomy,and sodomy marriage.
    The good bishop was emulating and following in the footsteps of St.Peter
    Damian who spoke out and wrote opposing an epidemic of pederasty in
    the catholic church in 1500's.He was just doing his job as a bishop in guiding his
    church members of the teachings of his church,like brother Bishop Damian.
    In the 1500's the pederasty cancer was cut out of the catholic church and it
    resumed its moral authority.The current pederasty problems in the Catholic
    church will be resolved in the same way.
    The current problem in the Catholic Church is pederasty not pedophilia!!!!