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Monday, December 29, 2014

What Kind of a Customer are You?

I used to wait table in high school and college. So did my kids. Once my daughter (who worked at Applebees) waited on a table of eight who left her a $2.00 tip. She had to tip share with the bus crew based on the amount of the bill. That night she worked for free because Applebees had no policy of adding the tip for large parties. She came home in tears. I will NEVER eat at Applebees because of that.

Fr. John Hardon used to recommend that one way of doing charity was to leave generous tips for those who worked for small wages. So we are generous tippers and pretty slow to get upset. These days working with the public is tough. Our culture is increasingly more rude and more crude. Just look at the comments on social media. Hey, you can name call and sling profanities from behind the "anonymous" rock.

I think a good new year's resolution would be to treat everyone, including the most casual contacts during your day, with a friendly comment and a cheery smile.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Poor Baby Jesus is cold...

....give him some swaddling clothes.

Did you ever notice in manger scenes that everyone has lots of clothes on except the poor baby. Mary wears a long gown with a mantle and veil. Joseph has on a long tunic and sometimes even a turban. The shepherds often are covered with nice warm fleeces in addition to their other clothing.

The only one exposed to the cold is poor Baby Jesus.

Now don't you think the first thing Mary would have done after the baby's birth was to wrap him up in those swaddling clothes the gospel talks about?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eyewitnesses to Persecution in Communist Cuba Speak Out

Rewarding Evil

I am a Catholic without a Pope

Rubio: No Commitments Made by Cuba

Put on the Armor of God and Stand Your Ground

Matt Barber has it right. In the face of Satan's persecution against those who defend natural marriage and will not cooperate with evil, refuse to submit and stand your ground!


Too many Christians are leaving the battlefield in full retreat instead of standing against the enemy. Like David facing Goliath, it's time to look for the five smooth stones that will ultimately destroy the behemoth. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." (James 4:7) No Christian should be forced to choose between his job and his faith. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Time Out for Gramma Fun!

After Christmas dinner yesterday we brought two of our young grandsons home for a few days of "mini cousins camp." They are, as I write this, playing games together and then we are off to see a movie. Afterwards we will pick up two local little girl cousins and come home for an indoor picnic with hot dogs roasted in the fireplace followed by s'mores.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Only Three Decades Ago....

Merry Christmas!

What Better Way to Spend Christmas than Saving Babies?

Mary Wagner is an angel sent by God to women considering abortion. Like the angel who rescued Baby Jesus from Herod's murderous soldiers, Mary goes into the temples of human sacrifice and offers women the chance to rescue their babies from Satan's knife wielding minions. Think of the life-long impact Mary has if she saves a mother from forever linking Christmas to the murder of her child. What a gift to save a mother from such a fate.

This Christmas while most of us are in church dressed in our Christmas best or in our warm homes celebrating Christmas joy with our families, Mary will be in an Ontario jail. She will spend her Christmas counseling the inmates and bringing a gentle message of Christ's love. And why is she there? For going into an abortion mill with roses and a message of hope and help.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Is Your Heart Ready for the King?

He's coming tonight! A Blessed Christmas to you and yours!

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas: Year in Review

I'm so happy there are young people out there fighting for the truth and "making a mess." James O'Keefe has more nerve than a cat at a hounds' convention. God bless him!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Catholic Colleges that Aren't (Catholic, that is): Two Thumbs Down for Marquette

Seems that standing up for Catholic orthodoxy is a no-no these days at Marquette University in Milwaukee. Well, it's a Jesuit school, after all, so who can be surprised?

What's the beef? Marquette suspended a tenured professor who dared to support a student who was told by a left-wing teaching assistant/doctoral student, Cheryl Abbate, that he couldn't defend marriage in class because his position was homophobic and might offend gay students. Professor John McAdams, who defended the student's rights describes the original event between the student/teacher and the young man here.


Please Tell Me This is a Bad Joke....

UPDATE: December 29th -- Apparently the Vatican reposted the English version.

UPDATE: December 27th -- The Vatican may have removed the English video, but nothing ever disappears from the Internet. Check out my friend Janet's blog to download it and read the commentary. The Italian version is still online.

Who thinks these things up? Share your "vision" in a one minute video or a photo? (Sigh.) I'm with Pat Archbold at Creative Minority Report. "Just send the meteor already."

Amazing Sainsbury Christmas Ad Based on WW I True Story of Christmas on the Battlefield

Watch the ad and then read the story about this true event when soldiers on the front lines gave up fighting to celebrate "peace on earth" for at least a few hours.

Christmas Truce on the WW I Front

An opinion piece in The Guardian called the ad dangerous and disrespectful because it "made [war] beautiful."

No! It made the love between men that can take place even in the most horrific experiences beautiful. Most wars are unnecessary and senseless. But there are events in every war and people bringing about those events who rise above the evil and thrill our hearts because they are brave and beautiful.

We don't love World War II because people like Oskar Schindler, Raoul Wallenberg, Msgr. Hugh O'Flaherty and Irene Sendler saved the persecuted. (See a list of 25 heroes of WW II who put their lives on the line.) But they shine against the darkness of the evil giving us hope. They are like lighthouses that guide storm-tossed ships to safety.

I love the Sainsbury ad! It captures a moment during WW I that really happened. We should rejoice that those soldiers set aside their weapons even for a short time. It showed that man does not love killing his brothers. Shouldn't we all rejoice over that? Let us pray this Christmas especially for peace among all nations, tribes, and families. Come, O Prince of Peace.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Liars at Compassion and Choices Steal Names for Pro-Euthanasia Petition

Were you among the duped? If you signed a card to Brittany, you better check.

To read more about this go here.

Consider that this is not all that surprising from the pro-death crowd. Women are lied to in order to get them to abort their babies. Women are lied to in order to convince them to sell their eggs for various purposes. People are lied to about the ineffectiveness of embryonic stem cell research to convince them to get behind it. You name it and the pro-death crowd are lying about it. Those who are willing to kill sure won't blink at lying. The culture of death comes straight out of hell and its CEO's resume says he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

A Christmas Story that Will Warm Your Heart....

....and it's a true one.

A Soldier’s Christmas Story

Written by  
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Walter Matt, Libya, World War II (1943)Walter Matt, Libya, World War II (1943)
Editor’s Note: The following was first published in The Remnant many years ago. We’re publishing it again now in memory of the founding editor of The Remnant, Walter L. Matt, who went to his eternal reward in 2002. The article was written by the present writer when he was much younger, and it is essentially a retelling of the true story my father used to tell his nine children about an experience one Christmas Eve during World War II. Please remember him in your prayers. MJM


The story I am about to tell is most assuredly a true one. It is a story told to me by a war veteran of the Second World War, and he assures me that this story is not an invention. This old soldier is very much in earnest, and, although it is my pen that puts these words before you now, it is his voice that spoke the words to me. And his words are true. I write the story for you exactly the way I heard him tell it—first when I was a boy, and once again, not long before he passed away.

When Little Ones Tell the Christmas Story.... always brings a smile to my face!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

As We Prepare for Christmas...

by Fr. Tom Collins

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, it is helpful to note that the tendency of our secularized age to marginalize or even eliminate Him from the celebration of Christmas is nothing new. In Bethlehem, He was marginalized and consigned with Mary and Joseph
to a cold and crude stable the night of His birth. And King Herod sought to have Him killed. And Jesus, Mary and Joseph ended up as refugees in Egypt.

As we prepare to celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child, we should keep in mind that He reveals Himself as He really is to the pure of heart (e.g., Mary and Joseph), to the vigilant (e.g., the shepherds carefully watching over their sheep), and to those sojourning as humble pilgrims seeking the integrity and splendor of truth (e.g., the Magi). 

May these attitudes become more deeply infused into our lives and relationships over the coming days, so that the light of Christ may radiate more gloriously from our hearts and homes, so as to
draw more souls into a sanctifying fellowship with the redemptive humility of God, revealed to us in the Christ Child. 

Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Reason Why Democracy Works!

What will happen to our democracy when faith dies in the United States? What will you do to keep that from happening? Said your rosary today? (Hat tip to Linden for sending me this.)

Jeb or Hillary for President? Selling America's Royal Families!

Hillary is already being presumed as the Democrat's candidate for president. And Jeb Bush is getting all lined up for a run. Hey, the royal dynasties must go on in both parties, eh. The big government lobbyists couldn't care less which of these two reign as long as they keep taxing the people to death and funneling their money to Big Lobby.

But the populist grass roots Republicans do care and Jeb Bush would be a disaster.

Please Lord, No More Bushes for President

A quote from the article:
“If it turns out to be Jeb versus Hillary we would love that and either outcome would be fine,” one top Republican-leaning Wall Street lawyer told POLITICO over lunch in midtown Manhattan last week. “We could live with either one. Jeb versus Joe Biden would also be fine. It’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz versus someone like Elizabeth Warren that would be everybody’s worst nightmare,” reported White and Haberman.
Yup, there's not a penny's worth of difference between the establishment Republicans and the Democrats. They bury moral issues like abortion and walk in lockstep to increase government control over our lives. And they are burdening our children and grandchildren with crushing debt.

Pray that the Lord gives us government leaders after his own loving heart instead of "kings" and "queens" who care only about building their own kingdoms on earth rather than the Kingdom of God.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Time to Kiss Boehner Good-Bye without a Tear (Except His!)

There's a move afoot to dump John Boehner as speaker of the house and I'm all for it. The man is a traitor to conservatism and little more than an Obama lackey. When my old Congressman, Jim Moran, a liberal loon if there ever was one, can say that the CROMNIBUS bill gave Democrats "virtually everything we wanted," you know that the GOP establishment has dissed the grassroots bigtime.

So it's time to say a short good-bye to the RINOs and send them off. Maybe they'll join the Democrats to undo the Republican midterm win. Would it surprise anybody to see John Boehner or Mitch McConnell play turncoat? They're already sporting blue underwear (boxers or briefs?).

Why Don't We See This Headline in Our Diocesan Papers?

Head of Congregation for Divine Worship Says Entire Church Should Kneel for Communion

Not only that, they should receive Communion on the tongue. Maybe if we saw these kinds of articles in the diocesan papers we wouldn't have Pharisee priests denying Communion to people who kneel.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cut Off the Money to Bad Parishes and Dioceses

I've been saying this for years. The only thing some clergy understand is money. They have more faith in the almighty dollar than in Almighty God. So it's time to strip their idol, Mammon, from the altar. The way to do that? Stop giving. If your pastor spreads the faith, then financially support the parish. If he spreads heresy and persecutes faithful Catholics forget it.

For years, Larry and I have given our donations through the parish development collection because it is not assessed the diocesan tax. We don't give a nickel to the diocese. Does that mean we don't support some good things? Not necessarily. We can give to some of those things individually, e.g., by supporting the diocesan seminary directly or supporting an individual seminarian.

The situation in the Church today is terrible and Jesus knew it would happen. Hey, he had a traitor among his own twelve apostles! Fr. Hardon said often that Jesus did that to prepare us for apostate bishops. And we've certainly got them along with their weak sisters.

God help us. We need vigilant shepherds who protect us from the wolves. Where are they?

The Social Injustice of Our Deficit Economy

The author of this article, Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, is a priest in my diocese and pastor of St. Michael's in Annandale. Before he entered the priesthood, Father was a Certified Public Accountant. He knows of what he speaks. As he says, nobody (especially the bishops from my point of view) talks about the injustice of imposing a crushing debt on our children and grandchildren. We are giving the next generation, not just a stone in place of bread, but a massive rockslide that is likely to bury them. There doesn't seem to be a solution in sight from a human perspective, so we all had better be on our knees praying, praying, praying.

Big Picture Social Justice

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Obamacare exposed by "Rich" who paints Gruber as a "brilliant" liar.

Gruber quotes:
"It's really a tax on people." 
"This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO (Congressional Budget Office) did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes the bill dies." 
"The healthy people will pay in, the sick people will get money." 
"Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage."  
"Call it the stupidity of the American people or whatever...[lack of transparency] was really critical to get it to pass."
As one comment observed, "It's legislation by lies." Yup, and the Obama administration continuously illustrates that lying is its default position. The bigger lies the better and the "stupid" American people will swallow them whole like the thin cows of famine in pharaoh's dream swallowed up the fat cows of plenty. Get ready for the belt-tightening, America.

See more here.

Fr. Ron Jozwiak Refuses Communion to Kneeling Woman!

I thought priests denying Communion to kneeling parishioners was a thing of the past. Guess I was wrong as today's VORTEX reveals.

Pope Benedict only gave Jesus on the tongue to kneelers.
It was still  happening in my own diocese up until the public exposure of the bully priests and their correction. The last episode I'm aware of was in 2002 when a former pastor of mine refused Communion to Virginia State Delegate Dick Black. The priest took on the wrong guy and the negative publicity, I'm sure, convinced the bishop to instruct the priests to administer Communion to kneelers. After all, if pro-abortion politicians can desecrate the body of the Lord with impunity....

Listen to the VORTEX to hear the story of the bully priest, Fr. Ron Jozwiak, who denied Communion to a young woman, Rachel Madi, because she knelt to receive Our Lord. He loudly ordered her to "get up and receive Communion the Catholic way." When she replied, "This is the Catholic way," he walked around her and gave Communion to the next in line. If only she were a pro-abortion politician or a transgender in clown costurme she would have had no problem. But KNEELING AND ON THE TONGUE! Horrors.

Because the priest's actions were so loud and misled the congregation into believing kneeling is not allowed, Rachel wants the bishop to instruct Prince of Peace pastor, Fr. Ron Jozwiak, to make a public apology at all Masses and to instruct the congregation that kneeling is a legitimate, canonically approved, way to receive Holy Communion. Since he's a canon lawyer he probably knows that already, but apparently he believes his opinion trumps canon law.

The only thing that can rein in some of these priests is public correction. Pray for Rachel Madi and the parishioners of Prince of Peace. And you might consider sending a polite letter or e-mail to Archbishop Vigneron urging him to disseminate in the diocesan paper the fact that Catholics are within their rights to kneel for Communion and receive Communion on the tongue. A slap down to Fr. Ron would get the message across to other priests tempted to trampel the rights of their parishioners.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sincerity...important, but not enough in moral decision making

Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.
I recently read a great article on sincerity by Dr. Dennis McInerny, a professor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Lincoln, NE. [N.B. I could not find it online.] His article reminded me of another I read several years ago which began by examining the derivation of the word sincerity which comes from two Latin words, sine cera, "without wax." Odd eh? 

Not really. In Roman times sculptors sold all kinds of statuary for rich people's homes and gardens. The honest ones sold statues that were exactly what they appeared to be. The dishonest ones sold statues that were flawed, but they filled the flaws with wax. When the statue stood in the sun, the wax melted and all the flaws appeared. So the word sincere came to mean something that was what it appeared to be, honesty, or freedom from duplicity.

A sincere person speaks without deliberate deception according to his understanding. He tells you what he believes to be the truth. However, one can be sincerely wrong. So sincerity is not enough in the realm of moral decision making - which is were Dr. McInerny's article comes in:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thought for the Day from St. John Kanty

"John taught his students this philosophy again and again, 'Fight all error, but do it with good humor, patience, kindness, and love. Harshness will damage your own soul and spoil the best cause.'"

Who are the most difficult people in our lives? Can we treat them with the most gentleness and kindness? Can we speak of them with the most love? What a challenge! I think of how often I fail in this regard and pray for the intercession of St. John Kanty to help me do better. 

Lord, please give me an understanding heart. 

St. John Kanty, pray for us.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pray for Fr. Michael Rodriguez, Another Persecuted Priest!

Blessed be the name of the Lord in both joy and sorrow.

Fr. Michael Rodriguez has been persecuted for several years, primarily because of his adherence to the Latin Mass, the Mass of the ages.

He is suspended from public ministry and is starting a sabbatical to discern his future. When you consider that ope;nly homosexual priests continue to serve in "good standing" the treatment of this priest is

Watch the humble homily from his last public Mass. and then read the linked articles below. And above all, please pray for Fr. Rodriguez and, as a sacrifice for him, accept your sufferings as a grace from God that unites you more closely to Christ. "Look to the crucifix...and understand more deeply...what it means to suffer."  Amen!

Statement released about Fr. Michael Rodriguez

An Article on the history of Father's trouble -- note the part that the gay agenda played

The Trials of the Papist Priest

Wish I had a letter like this from my Congressman, but he played the traitor!

One of the things the CR-OMNIBUS did was deprive the new Congress in January from having any financial impact on these issues. Instead of passing a continuing resolution that would have funded the government until the new Congress is seated in January when the Senate will be in Republican hands, Boehner, McConnell, et al removed the advantage of the election that shifted the balance of power to the conservative position. Note the sections of the letter I've highlighted. The fact is that the Republican leadership betrayed grassroots voters. No surprise! It is a well-known pattern -- which is why every Republican who voted for this should face a primary opponent in their next election. This country is in deep trouble and the guarantees in the bill for financial institutions that shift their risk to the American taxpayers. I think the bill would be more accurately labeled the "CRime-nibus bill. Read more here.

December 12, 2014

Dear [Constituent],

The Virginia Republican Creed and Republican Betrayal

I'm really ticked over passage of the $1.1 trillion monstrosity bill! Last night it came up at the Republican Women of Shenandoah County's Christmas party. We are real conservatives intent on "conserving" the Founders' principles and restoring limited government. During the course of the evening one of the ladies spoke about a meeting she attended where the Republican leadership insisted over and over at every talk and meal that Republicans MUST SUPPORT the party's nominee for any office no matter how they feel about the candidate. There was no discussion about nominees being required to support the party platform or Republican principles, however. Good luck with that one!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Is the Pope Really an Expert on "Climate Change?"

The Pope and Al Gore Seem to be on the Same Page

It used to be called global warming until the data became so inconsistent with a warming climate that they had to regroup. So now it has been rechristened "climate change," but the data still doesn't support it. What's supporting environmentalism is political correctness, money (It's all about redistributing income.), and "green is the new red."

Former Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, an economist, said this in 2011:
global warming is a religion conceived to suppress human freedom....It is used to justify an enormous scope for government intervention vis-a-vis the markets and personal freedom.
Amen! Maybe the pope should talk to Klaus before paying allegiance to the church of environmentalism!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, Pray for Us!

Heavenly Portrait in Basilica in Mexico
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mystical Rose

How much we need Mary's intercession! If any country needed conversion both for our own sake and the sake of the world, it's us. Why? Because we remain a Christian nation even if many are falling away. And we have the protection of the Blessed Sacrament in our many, many churches throughout our country. We must offer hope to the world through our faithful practice of the Catholic faith and our intercession for all those in need.

Priests in pagan countries describe how widespread diabolic activity is. We are protected by the Real Presence of Our Sacred Lord in the tabernacle. The devil is active in the United States, but tortured souls have many aids to save them from Satan's snares. Eucharistic adoration, the use of sacramentals like holy water, blessed salt, and blessed objects also help us to resist the snares of the devil.

Our Lady of Guadalupe crushed the serpent god Quetzlcoatl in Mexico by her apparitions to St. Juan Diego. While the Spanish had few conversions before Mary appeared on Tepeyac Hill, afterwards millions embraced the faith. Mary, please come to us again and help your "poor banished children of Eve."

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Pray the St. Michael exorcism prayer often, especially in times of temptation.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pope St. Damasus, on your feast day please intercede for Pope Francis

What better intercessor for the Holy Father than a pope saint. 

Put These Holy Women on Your Christmas List and Those Who Defend Them!

The Little Sisters of the Poor are saintly women who serve the elderly treating them with grace and dignity. My mom volunteered for years at one of their homes near Baltimore. When I visited with her  occasionally, I was impressed with the atmosphere of peace that pervaded the home and the cheerfulness of the residents. What a wonderful organization to support this Christmas! We are! Visit their website here.

The Becket Fund is defending this wonderful order of sisters. Please visit their website and help them help these wonderful women. I'm sending them a Christmas card with a thank you note and a donation. 

And please pray for the conversion of our nation. Nothing illustrates the evil of the current administration like their persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious organizations! Obama's contempt for the First Amendment is despicable and his hatred for people of faith (except Muslims) is palpable. Pray for him and his cronies. They really are the nightmare before Christmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Do Americans Deserve this Rotten-to-the-Core Administration?

Trey Gowdy doesn't think so.

Liberals really do believe they are smarter than everyone else on the planet, especially those dumb conservatives who cling to their guns and their bibles. The Gruber scandal illustrates in spades exactly how these elitists think. Note that Gruber can't remember anyone taking issue with his outrageous statements when he spoke to his like-minded colleagues. He's not the only arrogant liberal in the sandbox.

To refresh your memory on the scandal ---

Looking for Gift Ideas for the Book Lover in Your Life?

I love to read! Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, lives of the saints, history, mystery. Nothing pleases me more (besides cuddling with my grandchildren) than wrapping myself in a blanket with a cup of tea and a good book. So here are a few suggestions for Christmas presents for the book lover in your life:

My Battle against Hitler by Dietrich von Hildebrand -- The von Hildebrand Project is offering a special -- $10 off and free shipping. The price makes it $2 cheaper than Amazon with free shipping thrown in. Can't beat that! Go here for the deal.

Windows into the Life of a Priest by Fr. Robert Lange --

Monday, December 8, 2014



by Fr. Tom Collins

One of the basic problems of the New Evangelization is that many Church leaders have allowed it to be trapped in a quagmire of ever-evolving expectations generated by the fads, fashions and fetishes of secular society. In trying to meet people “where they are at”, such leaders have allowed the teaching of Christ to be relativized to suit the premises and prejudices of both individuals and societies. In the process, they have de facto denied the serious need for radical repentance in order to fully participate in the saving mysteries and ministries of God’s gracious love. Instead of initiating people and societies into a whole new spiritual way of being, thinking, and acting, they have found ways to distort the meaning of acculturation so as to embrace pastoral practices that capitulate to degraded understandings of what is good, true and beautiful.

Do You Participate in the Jesse Tree Tradition?

It's one of my favorites. Here's how our tree looks at present. And you can read all about our "ornaments" here.

Well, This is Certainly Something to Watch!

Vatican and U.S. Nuns to Parlay on December 16th

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hmmm...Doth Pope Francis Protest Too Much?

Pope Francis: Demotion of Burke not ‘punishment’

As for the pope's disbelief that people feel the Church seems to be like a ship without a rudder, my only response is, "I'm a 'people' and that's how I feel." 

But it just makes me pray all the more for Holy Mother Church and our shepherds. 

Good News: Louisiana Dumps Landrieu!

It's a win for babies waiting to be born! One more pro-life senator and one less abortion shillmeister with the defeat of Mary Landrieu by Bill Cassidy.

Two thumbs up to the voters of Louisiana!

Read about the new senator, Bill Cassidy, here.

Think I Will!

"Wear a Veil Day" on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a holy day of obligation. Shall we honor our Mother by wearing a veil like she did?

Why not?

If anyone asks, I'll just say it's a gift for my two moms. My heavenly mother wore a long veil and my earthly mom wore a chapel veil to every Mass until the day she died. She always carried it in her purse and put it on whenever she went into a church.

It brings a smile to my face to think of it. To honor you, Mom, I'll be veiled at Mass on Monday.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remember the Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

While the U.S. bishops' conference continually mewls that illegal immigrants pouring over our border from Mexico and South and Central America are victims of violence, they are shockingly quiet on Catholics and other Christians being beheaded and driven out of their homeland in the Middle East with churches and homes being burnt to the ground and women and children slaughtered. The hypocrisy is astounding!

Syriac Catholic Patriarch Raps Western Indifference

And why is the West indifferent? There's no money and no votes from that group. They are expendable like the Jews who tried to flee Germany on ships that were turned away from U.S. harbors.

Read this and be outraged, and then send a donation to Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). It's one of the few charities I trust. I believe its founder, Fr. Werenfried van Straaten, was a saint. Read about the mission and history of ACN here. And then watch this inspiring video. What a great organization for your Christmas generosity.

I think this is hilarious!

Hat tip to Gary. Thanks for the belly laugh! Hypocrisy rules! Obama will no doubt eliminate all these in his next executive order. Ya think?

A good example of liberal thinking.

The federal government, which has Tomahawk cruise missiles and Apache and Lakota helicopters, used the code name "Geronimo" in the attack that killed Osama bin Laden, all things that KILL people, officially objects to the name of the Washington Redskins.

Book Review: Windows Into the Life of a Priest

Fr. Robert Lange's memoir, Windows Into the Life of a Priest,  brought to mind a literary theme called the hero's journey. Like the archetypical hero who sets off on a journey of self discovery and growth that is often painful, Fr. Lange has also walked a difficult path from youth to the priesthood and beyond, a life filled with successes and failures, joys and sufferings. It's a journey he shares by opening wide the windows into his life.

Why does Father share this intimate portrait? He explains:

Friday, December 5, 2014

Put Your Shoes Out for St. Nicholas the Wonder-Worker

I love St. Nicholas. He was meek, loved the poor, and deprived himself of many good things to share with others. What a model for Advent. You can read about this great saint here and here.

Being meek didn't keep him from defending the faith with zeal. It's said that during one of the most contentious meetings during the Council of Nicea, he crossed the room and took a swing at the heretic Arius who denied that Christ was God.

Gosh, we could use some bishops like that in these days of playing kissy face with dissenters and outright heretics.

I'm putting my shoe out for St. Nicholas and asking him to fill it with spiritual intercessions that I might be more like him.

St. Nicholas, pray for us!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Is this What Catholics of Chicago Can Expect in the Days Ahead?

"The seminary chapel of St. Turibius at the Pontifical Josephinum in Ohio, before Archbishop Cupich became Rector-President and after......he obliterated Christ the King, yet the Pope made him Archbishop of Chicago." (Hat tip to Catholic Conclave.) 

How many beautiful churches are left in Chicago after Bernardin's reign for Cupich to wreckovate?

Note that not only was the beautiful sanctuary destroyed, but the pews were replaced by chairs that don't' appear to have kneelers. And what is that miserable excuse for an altar? 

Poor Jesus. Just looking at this makes me want to weep. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus, save us from these iconoclasts who talk interminably about their love for the poor while they destroy churches built with the widow's mite by poor immigrants.

Black Sheriff Takes on "Top Cop" and Black Caucus on Police Racism

Sheriff David Clarke gets it. Listen to him:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Making the Right Choice is Possible...

...even after making the wrong choice. But act quickly!

Doctor Saves 106 Babies After the Abortion Has Already Started, Wait Until You See How

Pray that moms who immediately regret their abortion choice learn about this life-saving option for their babies. Spread this far and wide. Maybe someone you know will be saved from a lifetime of regret because you shared this information!

Want to Find Out for Yourself What Happened in Ferguson?

All the evidence has been released and you can read it for yourself here. This was the evidence used by the Grand Jury to determine there was insufficient evidence for an indictment of Officer Darren Wilson.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Did Jesus Really Say, "Who Am I to Judge?"

By Fr. Tom Collins

One of the great perversions offered by secularized Christianity is the excuse for pastoral negligence
provided by the mantra, "Who am I to judge?". This is supposedly a paraphrase of the words of Jesus,
"Judge not, lest you be judged" (Matt 7:1). 

The fact of the matter, though, is that this is a distortion of Christ's teaching. More accurately, the teaching of Jesus is that we are not to condemn sinners, but rather assist in converting them away
from sin into the gracious and healing mercy of God. Since none of us can fully appreciate the effects
of the personal history and dynamics of a soul trapped in sin, we are unable to determine for certain
the degree of that person's culpability for the sins that distort his perspective and enslave his life.

So...what are you doing for Advent?

I've decided to deactivate my Facebook account until after Christmas. I find it disheartening. So often it causes squabbles and misunderstandings. There's enough of that in life from face-to-face encounters. Who needs social media that acts like fertilizer for dissension.

At any rate, I want to focus on the star and its hope. So talk to me here. You won't see me on Facebook for awhile. I'm calling it Facebook abstinence.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Got Your Advent Wreath and Candles Ready to Go?

The season of Advent is the season of excitement and anticipation. What a shame when people ignore it. On the way home from the park yesterday (a great place to be on Black Friday), we saw a Christmas tree lot open and selling. A car in front of us had a Christmas tree tied to the roof. Somehow, I doubt if that family planned to light the advent wreath tomorrow. They will probably be busy decorating their Christmas tree. By the time the birth of Jesus arrives everyone will brush their hands together, put away all the ornaments, and pitch the tree out on the curb.

Not so with the savvy Catholic who lights the first candle with joy knowing that the celebration of Christmas in order to be richly enjoyed needs to be anticipated.

How long the Israelites prayed for the coming of the Messiah. How their hearts longed for a Savior. How they watched for the signs of His coming. And for the next four weeks we will experience that same longing and see it coming ever nearer as the lights on our Advent wreaths grow every week.

O come, O come, Emmanuel. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

I Won't Be Shopping on Black Friday!

Want to join me at Mass thanking the one who bought us -- and at what a price!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Me and George MacDonald!

First things first.

We went to Mass early this morning to thank the Giver of all our gifts. Eucharist means thanksgiving so it is the perfect start to a day giving thanks. We prayed for all our dear ones near and far including everyone whose life has touched ours. That includes you if you are reading this message. May God bless and keep you this Thanksgiving Day and every day of the year.

We are united because we share the same Father God. He loves all His children, even the ones who don't know him. If you don't know Him yet, we are praying for you especially today. And here's a quote from George MacDonald's book, There and Back, from a delightful little character named Barbara, who doesn't know him yet, but sees his fingerprints all around her and longs to know Him. May you share that longing:
Just Fancy!...if God were all the time at our backs, giving us one lovely thing after another, trying to make us look round and see who it was that was so good to us! Imagine him standing there, and wondering when his little one would look round, and see him, and burst out laughing -- no not laughing -- yes, laughing -- and laughing with delight -- or crying, I don't know which! If I had him to love as I should love one like that, I think I should break my heart with loving -- I should love him to the killing of me!
Many of the saints loved him that way and burned out like candles in serving Him. What a blessing to be like them. Make me a burning furnace of charity, Lord!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Judas Kiss of Heresy!

Never give Jesus a Judas kiss!
Read and weep! The author of this, Fr. Frederick William Faber was a convert from Anglicanism to Catholicism, a follower of John Henry Newman. What zeal he had for the "Faith of Our Fathers," which he articulated in the well-known hymn. Think of how many in the Church overlook and coddle heresy today and pray for a Catholic awakening, especially among the clergy!
If we hated sin as we ought to hate it, purely, keenly, manfully, we should do more penance, we should inflict more self-punishment, we should sorrow for our sins more abidingly.

Then, again, the crowning disloyalty to God is heresy. It is the sin of sins, the very loathsomest of things which God looks down upon in this malignant world. Yet how little do we understand of its excessive hatefulness! It is the polluting of God’s truth, which is the worst of all impurities.

Yet how light we make of it!

Do Democrats Love Riots?

It's a fair question, I think.

They love killing babies in the womb -- especially poor black and Hispanic babies. Many of their biggest fundraisers are rich whites like Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood who oversees hundreds of abortion mills in the inner cities. There's a fortune to be made in killing minority babies!

They love killing babies in the Third World and sterilizing their moms.  USAID (Agency for International Development) has been up to its neck in that eugenics agenda for decades.

Why Didn't the National Guard Deploy in Ferguson...

...until the devastation was well underway?

Got answers, President Obama?

Were the Rioters Channeling Michael Brown?

First Michael Brown robbed the man and then the looters trashed his store. Victimized twice, where are the compassionate liberals defending this man's rights? And the rights of other innocent victims whose stores were destroyed to allow the lawless to vent their "justified anger."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Where Did the "Gentle Giant" Come From?

...gentle roots, of course!

Michael Brown's Stepfather Tells Protesters to "Burn This Bitch Down!"

"[Brown's stepfather] is an ex-convict whose rap sheet includes two felony narcotics convictions, according to state records. He pleaded guilty in 1997 to a marijuana distribution charge and was put in a shock incarceration program and placed on probation for five years. After violating probation, Head’s release was revoked and he was remanded to state prison.

CCHD - The Scandal Goes On and On and On and.....

I sat in Mass yesterday (not at my home parish) and listened to the announcement for the second collection to benefit CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development). It was all the usual drivel about how the collection helps the poor, yadda...yadda...yadda. Not a word was said about the organizations receiving grants that promote abortion, contraception, homosexuality, etc. Of course, that would have a chilling effect on the purse and pocket pickers running the so-called "charity."

CCHD has a scandalous past and its present isn't too pretty either. As Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute revealed today, things go on as they always have with Catholic money funneled to organizations undermining everything Catholicism stands for. Read their report about 2014-2015 grant recipient Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition (NBCCC). It promotes homosexual activism and communism! Yes communism!


Why do the Catholic bishops allow this to go on? Write to your diocesan bishop and ask why they continue to fund this national collection? Its continuation undermines the trust of the flock for their shepherds. What would you think of a shepherd who went out every night with a knife and bled his sheep? That's what CCHD does to the sheep in the pews, and it's way past time for it to stop!

Here's the Lepanto Institute's press release issued today.

The Lynch Mob Didn't Get the Verdict They Wanted....

A young boy shows he's learned the lessons of violence! they're burning down their town.

Makes sense, eh? What business owner in his right mind would rebuild among these barbarians?

Ferguson is a model for how to destroy your own community. Raise "gentle giants" who think nothing of robbing and terrorizing businesses then attacking police officers. Make sure your children "don't let anyone tell us what to do." Give them a wink and a nod when they curse at authority figures like teachers and school bus drivers. Ignore their acts of shoplifting, vandalism, and violence. Yup...that appears to be the model under which Ferguson operates.

I was talking to a school bus driver yesterday.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Homosexual Rapist also Top Obama Bundler!

Shhhhh - Top Obama bundler accused of child rape: Column

Are we surprised when another enthusiastic Democrat commits a reprehensible crime? Read the Democrat platform that champions the murder of children in the womb. Why would a group that favors child-killing not wink at a little child abuse? As Joe Sobran often said, the Democrats are the evil party. 
Businesses face massive clean up after Ferguson lootings! 
They wear the compassion mask when it suits their agenda, but who is fomenting riots in Ferguson? Look at the community organizers. Obama met with them recently with the message to "Stay on course." What exactly did he mean? He was, after all, talking to those organizing the protests in Ferguson which have frequently ended up in violence, looting, and burning. But, hey, that kind of behavior always advances the Democrat agenda of race-baiting and class envy. And a few injured or dead people and hundreds of damaged businesses are just collateral damage.

Pray that when the Grand Jury's decision is announced that no one is injured or killed in the anticipated melee! Our Lady Queen of Peace, throw your mantle of protection over the town of Ferguson and all the people of peace and good will who live there. Fulfill the angel's promise of "peace on earth to men of good will."

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't Follow Worldly "Kings," but the King of the Universe!

...who makes us His sons and daughters.

Check out Real Life Catholic

Who is the King of Your Heart?

On the Feast of Christ the King....What matters to you most? Your possessions? Your significant other? Your next meal? Your addiction?

Why would you settle for things that will fade, rust, and die? Even the people in your life are a threat to your salvation if they become idols who take the place that only belongs to God. When you love them in Him, your love for them is true and pure and good.

But do you know God? Do you know how intimately He loves you and wants to be the Lord of your life? Bow down today before Christ our King and beg Him to show His face to you. Once you look into His eyes, truly look into His eyes, nothing in life will ever satisfy you again except your relationship with Him! "O Lord, you made our hearts for Thee and ever restless will they be until they rest in Thee." (paraphrasing St. Augustine)

Lord Jesus, reign in my heart and make me grow ever closer to Your Sacred Heart that beats with such love for me. Mary, my mother, take my hand and lead me to your Son that I might be His humble maidservant as you were!

I love you, Lord Jesus, increase my faith.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

HRC Founder Arrested for Raping Minor

...but that won't keep VIRTUS, the bishops "safe touch" program from telling everybody that homosexuality isn't a problem.

Terrance Patrick Bean, Founder of Human Rights Campaign, Rapes Minor

The Logical Consequences of Obama's "Prosecutorial Discretion!"

by Father Tom Collins

Regarding President Obama's "prosecutorial discretion" over the past six years and his recent executive orders regarding those who violate our immigration laws, it is worth noting the following three points, which apparently have yet to be raised by government officials, the media (including conservative pundits) or the clergy:

Thinking about Christmas Presents that will Keep on Giving?

Check out the videos at 

Read stories of the faith:

Blessed Imelda, Patroness of First Communicants

The Story of St John Bosco

There are even free resources for families. Check them out! Home schoolers, take advantage of this wonderful website and all it offers!

How Will You Spend the Last Week of the Liturgical Year?

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of the liturgical year, the feast of Christ the King. How will you spend the final week of the year? Will you focus on the Holy Trinity reflecting on how Advent can bring you closer to God? Or will you focus on the unholy trinity of "me, myself, and I."

What gifts will you prepare this Advent to put under your Christmas tree for the Christ child?  Can you give him daily Mass? the daily rosary? a daily or weekly holy hour? Confession at least once during the penitential season? Visits to a nursing home or prison or rosaries in front of an abortion mill?

For families with children here's a suggestion. Make a beautifully decorated box with a slit in the top. Every day when you light your advent candle, let each member of the family write down the gift for Jesus for the day and put it in the box. After you decorate your Christmas tree put the gift in a prominent place underneath. On Christmas Day open this box first (Whose birthday is it after all?) and read all the gifts your family has prepared for Jesus. Won't that focus on the real reason for the season?

"The people in darkness have seen a great light." How will you bring light to your little corner of the world during the next month beginning with your family? It's worth thinking about, eh?

Makes Me Want to Move to Nebraska - Thank You, Bishop Conley!

Lincoln Diocese to Offer Mass ad orientem at the cathedral during Lent

Read Bishop Conley's Column Here's just a bit:
Since ancient times, Christians have faced the east during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to remember to keep watch for Christ. Together, the priest and the people faced the east, waiting and watching for Christ. Even in Churches that did not face the east, the priest and people stood together in the Mass, gazing at Christ on the crucifix, on the altar, and in the tabernacle, to recall the importance of watching for his return. The symbolism of the priest and people facing ad orientem—to the east—is an ancient reminder of the coming of Christ.
Send Bishop Conley an email saying thank you. Or you can post a comment on the article.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Vatican Prep for Next Year's Synod

Synod council urges further discussion, preparation before October 2015 meeting

Those of us who love the Bride of Christ must also be preparing for the Synod by daily prayer for the participating bishops and for all the activities going on, especially by dissent groups agitating for change. We are in a crucial time for the Church and many of our clerical leaders have a questionable agenda. 

It would be fruitful to read about Church politics and intrigue in the 13th century when Catherine of Siena was so busy trying to bring peace and unity to the Church. I just listened to Sigrid Undset's biography of the great saint and Doctor of the Church on tape. It is considered the best modern biography of St. Catherine. 

Many of Catherine's experiences and battles for the Church reminded me of our own time. She was a fearless defender of the faith who spoke the truth to power. Of course she first engaged in heroic prayer and fasting in preparation for her "bridegroom's" instructions to her. 

I heartily recommend the book and urge you to pray for the Synod through St. Catherine's intercession. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Proof of Global Warming?

Big lake effect snowstorm in Buffalo

And out in the Midwest


Somebody please send a memo to Al Gore. The earth is in a cooling period. The polar ice caps are growing. And changing the propaganda to "climate change" doesn't alter reality.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cardinal O'Malley's: Another Funeral, Another Scandal

Raising the flag over Boston's city hall
I've seen a lot of articles about how orthodox Cardinal O'Malley is. Why can't I believe it? As a gramma of 24, two in the womb, I still can't get over the Kennedy funeral extravaganza! A man responsible for the murder of millions of little ones hailed as a Catholic hero, practically canonized in fact. And all blessed by a prince of the Church.


And now Cardinal O'Malley has done it again. From the Boston Globe - Here are his words from his eulogy homily during a memorial Mass for pro-abort, pro-sodomy Mayor Thomas Menino:

Is Cardinal O'Malley Holier than Jesus?

Cardinal O’Malley: ‘If I were founding a Church, I’d love to have women priests’

Well, what did Jesus know?

Here's the recent O'Malley interview on 60 minutes:

CCHD Collection is Coming Up: BOYCOTT!

And pass the word on. Don't let your friends be the chumps in the pews fleeced to pour money into leftwing causes that undermine Church teaching! It's a sad truth but you just can't trust the bishops not to support moral evils with your money! They've been doing it for years through CCHD and nothing ever changes despite promise after promise to reform. Remember the old adage, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

Conflict of Interest at Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Pray for the People of Ferguson

The lynch mob is ready to roll. They've put out maps that target businesses that are totally unrelated to Michael Brown's death. Out of town agitators are stirring up racial hatred and envy. The governor has called out the National Guard in reasonable expectation of violence following an FBI alert that internet threats are calling for attacks on the police.

A friend sent me this email today:
Check out today's (Nov 18) Drudge Report. It seems that a grand jury's careful discernment of the truth is seen by radical agitators as an excuse for inciting violence.
It reminds me of how the Jewish mob in Pilate's praetorium threatened violence, if the Truth was not condemned to death. I wonder how many of the groups promoting this agitation have received grants from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development?
Too true, unfortunately. Rosary time for the people of Ferguson! Our Lady Queen of Peace, pray for them and for other cities where race baiters are inciting violence.