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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Case for Christ Opens April 7th: I'm Going!

Jesus never asks for blind faith. The evidence is compelling!
I read The Case for Christ several years ago after I picked it up at our family lawyer's office. An out and proud Christian, he had a whole stack of the books he was giving away. I took one, read it, loved it, and bought a six-pack to give away myself. The author, Lee Strobel, isn't a Catholic. He was originally an atheist, an investigative reporter and began his search to disprove Christianity. In the course of his research, however, which he conducted like a court case, the evidence overcame his disbelief.

Killing Isaiah: Walking in the Footsteps of the Prophets

Isaiah 6:6 - The burning ember purges Isaiah's tongue so
he can become a prophet of the Lord.
Today's first Mass reading described the enemies who attacked the prophet Isaiah, but as I listened, I heard modern voices speaking out against anyone who, like the prophets of old, invites our modern culture to repent, submit to the will of God, and return to Him like the prodigal son. 

I've played a little loose with the text (in red) using the plural instead of the singular since Isaiah, to me, represents the prophetic role of all those challenging the immorality of our culture.

Join me in listening in:
Homosexual activist: Those pro-lifers and homophobes are "obnoxious to us."

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress Does It Again...

...exposes the monsters at Planned Parenthood who not only murder babies in the womb, but will kill children born alive depending on "who's in the room."

Read more here.

And now I'm going to pray the rosary in atonement for this diabolical evil and for the conversion of these individuals who have made themselves inhuman beasts serving their master Satan.

Lesbian Ali Polizzi's Daddyphobia (originally published on March 22nd)

Note from Blog Owner: I posted every hysterical response to Susan's article which, by the way, I fully support. It's clear that the "jamming" has begun. Jamming is a tactic of the homosexual movement to intimidate anyone who disagrees with their agenda to normalize their deviant lifestyle by accusing them of hatred and homophobia. They stigmatize anyone who points out that their lifestyle is based on a lie. These darling little boys, who are indeed innocent victims, do NOT have two mommies. They have one mommy and a missing daddy who was either a volunteer or anonymous sperm donor. Since these women are very public about what they are doing, they can hardly expect to claim a right to privacy at this point. 
Ali and Amy, the two mommies

When Jamie wrote her article on why she was keeping her children out of the movie theater and away from Disney's Beauty and the Beast with its homosexual characters, there was an outcry from the heterophobes that heterosexuals were homophobic for not wanting to indoctrinate their innocent children to homoerotic love, that is, homosexuality. Remember that the definition of evil is the "corruption of innocence", which is the reason Jamie kept her young children from visually experiencing homosexuality that would begin their corruption. The movie would have visually introduced her children to evil, and Jamie, as their mother, made the good sense decision that that was not what she wanted for her children. 

Feminism Isn't About Choice, It's About Equality -- and Other Lies Liberals Tell

Some moms find home schooling the best choice of all!
"It's my body!"
"I should earn the same as men!"
"I can use whatever bathroom I want!" 
"The government can't tell me who to marry!"

Do these cries sound familiar? They're the anthem of modern day radical feminists. You know the ones who organized the women's march against Trump and national call-in-sick-to-work day. But, wouldn't you know, one Australian woman is turning the feminist agenda on its head. In an article for the Daily Telegraph, editor in chief, Sarrah Le Marquand asserts that no women with school age children should legally be allowed to stay home. That's right - NO CHOICE! She wants to force women to work. It's funny because in the next breath she's lauding the idea of giving women six months paid maternity leave (because that's equal- please tell me any situation in which men get 6 months paid leave).

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Are You a Snowflake?

I was listening to talk TV this morning and the question of the "snowflakes" came up. So I decided to see how the "snowflake" identity is actually defined. Here's the definition from the urban dictionary:
snowflake millennial
Really soft millennials who take offense to everything you say even if it doesn't apply to them. They feel the world owes them something because they've always been handed everything, including participation trophies their whole lives.

Britain's Claire Fox wrote a scathing description about the snowflakes last year saying they exhibit an "almost belligerent sense of entitlement." But she doesn't stop there:

Monday, March 27, 2017

St. Thomas More: "I die the King's good servant AND God's first!"

Blood of St. John Paul II is contained in a phial embedded
in the crucifix at the relic shrine on the first floor.
 St. John Paul II, pray for us.
Did you think that quote was "The King's good servant, BUT God's first?" I did. That implies a criticism and break between God and state. More didn't believe that. He told his political enemies he hoped they would "meet merrily in heaven." I'm sure he offered his martyrdom for their conversion. He was a man of eminent charity.

I learned so much more about this great saint by visiting the exhibit at the St. John Paul II Shrine on Harewood Rd. in D.C. The exhibit continues until March 31st (this Friday) when it closes at 5:00 p.m. If you can make it before then GO, GO, GO! It's wonderful.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Are You a Spunky Christian? Then You Will See!

Lord, that I may see! 
Can you imagine if the Bible event of Jesus curing the man born blind (today's gospel) were a news report? Imagine the headline:
Man Born Blind Sees Again - Cured by Carpenter from Galilee!
And then the cured man is interviewed:
Who did it? 
Jesus, the Galilean. 
Were you really blind from birth?

If you can be transgender, why not transracial, trans-species, or even transplanetary?

So...which planet are you from?
Hey, folks, I've finally decided to reveal something about myself that I've kept in the closet for...well, since my "enlightenment" (which occurred as I watched the video below).

My heart tells me that I'm really a Venusian. I know this because...well...just because I do. I feeeeeel transplanetary, and since I'm not warlike I can't be from Mars and I'm not a lunatic (although some may disagree) so I can't be from the moon. And, after all, Venus is named for the goddess of love and I'm a very loving person. hence I must be a Venusian.

On the other hand, maybe I'm from Mercury since I'm frequently hot, although I'm not particularly fleet of foot and I don't think anyone would describe me as mercurial. I guess I could be from Jupiter since I'm often pretty jovial especially when I'm with my grandchildren.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Feast of the Annunciation: What Did the Angel Gabriel Tell Mary?

Today we celebrate the Annunciation when the angel Gabriel came, as a messenger from God, to ask her to become the Mother of Jesus Christ. Think of the humility of God who asks one of his creatures to become His Mother by bearing the Christ child, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. After you try to wrap your thoughts around that, consider what else the angel may have told Mary about her role in salvation.

God is no trickster. He doesn't try to fool us into doing His will. He wants our full assent knowing how difficult conforming our will to His may be. So how much did Gabriel reveal to Mary about the suffering she would share with her Son? Fulton Sheen believed that Mary knew the depth of pain and grief she was choosing. Here's how he describes it:
Mary’s participation in Christ’s suffering began with the annunciation, when she was asked to give God a human body, more properly, a human nature. In other words, will you make God capable of suffering? God though he was, he learned obedience in the school of suffering. God could know experimentally what suffering was only by taking a body. So the Blessed Mother is asked, ‘Will you make it possible for your creator to suffer?’ Think of a mother, for example, who gives to a young son or daughter an automobile at the age of nineteen, which a short time afterwards is the cause of a wreck and permanent injury. Would the mother ever forgive herself? And here Mary has to say yes, I will let him suffer.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fake News Matters! Are You Posting and Sharing Lies on Facebook and Twitter?

If you dispense fake news, no one will believe you
 even when you speak the truth, as the boy 
who cried "wolf" learned!
I'm working my way through the February issue of Chronicles and was intrigued by Scott Reichert's article, Why Fake News Matters. He points out that fake news comes from both sides of the political spectrum and seems to be motivated by agendas on both the left and the right to damage opponents.

I agree! And it's equally repulsive whatever the source. Fake news isn't a new problem. Aesop addressed it in his fables 500 years before the birth of Christ. Remember the little boy who cried "wolf!"?

I was concerned about fake news long before anyone coined the term. For years, a few of my email friends, one in particular, forwarded all kinds of questionable articles. Sometimes they wrote later to say it wasn't true after all. One friend began sending things out prefaced by, "I don't know if this is true or not, but...."

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our Blessed Mother Comes to Visit

Suppose you knew that the Blessed Mother was visiting your home today. Wouldn't you get ready to welcome her? Wouldn't you invite everyone you knew to come and meet her and offer her homage?

Well, Mary came to our little parish in Woodstock today in her image of the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima. It was a day of blessing for our parish family with visitation from 12:00 noon until about 8:00 p.m. There was Eucharistic adoration, confession, rosary and other prayers and a healing Mass this evening. To see the devotion of the parish was inspiring. We prayed and sang together making our little church a preview of the heavenly court.

The statue itself is beautiful, very lifelike, especially her eyes. They seemed to be glistening with tears. How the Blessed Mother grieves over the sins of her children who are preparing themselves places in hell. She calls us back again and again. I'm sure the reason our world hasn't been destroyed is through her motherly intercession. "Please, Son, give them more time."

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Devil's Rule Book for Corrupting Children

Hide your children in the folds of
Our Lady's mantle.
Here is a list of some of Lucifer's favorite strategies for the corruption of children. Every tyrant in history, servants of Lucifer, have used similar strategies to ensnare the minds of the young. If you own the young, you own the future! Fight back, parents! Vaccinate your children against this evil by teaching your children to love Truth, who is Jesus Himself.
Then, you will give them the tools to fight these tactics of the devil:
1) Have children raised by lesbian or gay couples who will distort their view of the world and confuse their intellects with untruths like a woman can be daddy and a man can be mommy. Where people are confused and rocked by emotional instability, Satan can enter in more easily. 
2) Make the schools institutions for evil through graphic, anything-goes sex ed programs that stimulate their curiosity and experimentation in sexual deviance. 
3) Introduce after-school Satan clubs to arouse curiosity in occult practices and teach children how to consort with demons. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Satan's Last Stand

Satan is a chained beast. Only you can unleash him.
He flees at the name of Jesus.
Are you anxious about the state of the world -- maybe even terrified as things seem to sink into lunacy? I don't blame you. When the world and our Church leaders all seem to be losing their minds and don't illustrate even a scrap of common sense, it's easy to be tempted to despair.

Don't! We are looking into a distorted fun house mirror. I want to offer an alternative way to view what's happening.

It isn't Satan's victory. It's his last stand. The absolute frenzy of evil we see is the devil pulling out all the stops in desperation. Like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Ox, he pushes buttons that create bursts of flame and uses all kinds of gimmicks to magnify his puny little worm of a self. "See me and all my pomps and works. Be afraid, be very afraid." Piffle!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Save the Storks! A Brilliant Pro-Life Vision

Think about it: the majority of women who choose abortion do it because they believe they have NO CHOICE! Shouldn't those who claim to be for choice want to help women who would choose to have their babies if they didn't feel cornered by their circumstances? The alternatives are out there but many women will never know it without someone going to them. And that's what Save the Storks does. Watch the video below and see if you want to make this cause part of your Lenten almsgiving.


The following article is by Christine Williams from Jihad Watch.  I bolded the most important phrases which is all one needs to read to understand what's coming down the road for Europe. Highlighted in red is the statement that Islam is not in the business of peaceful coexistence. While reading, remember that Erdogan wants Turkey to join the European Union.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thought for Sunday from C.K. Chesterton: To Fight the Losing Battle

"I now realize that we are trying to fight the whole world, to turn the tide of the whole time we live in, to resist everything that seems irresistible....The one perfectly divine thing, the one glimpse of God's paradise on earth, is to fight a losing battle -- and not to lose it."

Have hope!

 All who serve according to the will of God are fighting a winning battle. Remember that the greatest win of all came at the moment of what looked like the greatest defeat. The death of Christ on the cross was the defeat of sin and the salvation of the world. Have courage and persevere in trust. We serve a Master who is Lord of the universe. He wins and His army tastes the victory.

O my Jesus, let everything I do be for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in atonement for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Like Father Like Sons! No Wonder the Church is in Such a Mess!

Get out the extra strength Excedrin. 
We all know the pope is a big believer in man-made global warming, obviously a top priority among his moral concerns since it was the subject of his first encyclical, Laudato Si. Unlike many scientists, the pope has no reservations about the accuracy of the climate change crowd (who incidentally make lots of money doing the Chicken Little dance). Unfortunately, many of the pope's spiritual sons in the U.S. have jumped on the bandwagon.

U.S. Bishops Tell Secretary of State their Top Foreign Policy Concern is Global Warming:

Friday, March 17, 2017

To Pope Francis: Show Me Your Friends and I'll Tell You Who You Are!

Pope Francis and his pro-homosexual friend, Fr. Luigi Ciatti.
How many Hispanic men hold hands with other men?
Does anyone else find this just plain weird?
My mother used to say often when warning us about carefully choosing our friends that, "Birds of a feather flock together." Did you ever see a cardinal flying with vultures? Well, maybe that isn't the best example since so many cardinals these days are, in fact, vultures. And, sadly, Pope Francis has placed many of these evil men in important positions at the Vatican. Let's check out a few.

Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo
Sorondo countenances the worst moral evils as was evident recently at the Biological Extinction meeting. He happily legitimizes enemies of the Church and life itself by offering them platforms for spreading their poison, like Paul Ehrlich who advocates forced abortion. Their response is to chortle in glee over this wise, merciful, and insightful pope whom they see as a realist.

True and False Mercy: Pope John Paul II vs. Pope Francis

A pope of true mercy who would never counsel
fornicators and adulterers to commit sacrilege!
One of the devils cleverest tricks is to take a truth and exaggerate it to the point that it becomes false.
That's what we're seeing these days with the virtue of mercy. Emphasize mercy to the extreme and you end up eliminating justice. Being merciful to the sinner translates into blessing his sin to be compassionate. Unfortunately, parents tend to do this because they "don't want to alienate" their children. And so they allow their children to blackmail them into approving their sinful lifestyle. 

I've known parents who allow fornicating children to move into their home or visit and share the same bedroom. Their actions not only encourage the mortally sinful behavior of their children, but desecrates their home which should be the holy temple of the domestic church.

We've seen how "Pope Francis mercy" includes inviting those behaving in mortally sinful ways to commit sacrilege by approaching the altar for Communion. We've heard how some married couples are less married than those in fornicating and adulterous (and even sodomite) partnerships. We've heard the approval of cardinals and bishops who dissent from the faith in many areas and also "heard" the deafening silence of many other princes of the Church called to defend the faith.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Topsy and Tuptim to the Rescue

Another victim of liberal tolerance! Photo from
Southern Counties News
[The following scenario was inspired by a real event. You can read about it here.]

Topsy and Tuptim are eating at a local restaurant, the Tasty Tie. Nearby a man is dining alone...well, not quite alone. He's holding his miniature poodle on his lap as he eats. Topsy and Tuptim are just ordering drinks and chatting.

Topsy: Say, Tuptim, isn't that man with the poodle over there the radio personality, Mickey Maul? I listen to his show whenever I can. . He pulls no punches. I'm surprised, though. He looks older than I thought.

Tuptim: (Looking) You're right. That is him! You know he's 75, right? How do you expect him to look? (She chuckles as she sees Mickey give the dog a bite of his dinner.) He seems pretty tame for someone whose show is as savage as his is sometimes. He can be a little over the top.

Thought for the Day: The Man Who Was Paradox

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man
without convictions." G.K. Chesterton
G.K. Chesterton was a giant of a man -- literally -- at six feet, four inches tall and about 300 pounds. His girth was a constant source of amusement, to himself more than anyone. Chesterton is called the master of paradox perhaps because he himself was paradox personified. Despite his massive size he had the soul of a diminutive Mother Teresa, humble and self-deprecating. I have no doubt he was small enough to pass through the eye of the needle and the narrow gate when he met his maker in 1936. I pray that he be raised to the honors of the altar, because I believe the man who wrote what's been described as the best work on the angelic doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, resembled him not only in size and in literary output, but also in holiness.

For Catholics who write and blog to defend the faith and try our best to do so in charity, he would be the ideal patron. I particularly admire the way he could disagree vehemently with his opponents and remain friends. I'm asking him to interceded for me that I might do likewise.

The Neo-Guillotine Culture

I'm only posting pictures tonight to give you an idea of the Neo-Guillotine Culture fomenting out there, just like it was in the pre-French Revolution days.

Oakland opposes election of President Trump

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Get out the crying towel! -- MSM Journalists are Losing some of their Perks!

Press enjoy John Kerry's hospitality on trip to Egypt. 
I've never in my life flown first class (or even business class). I can't even imagine what it must be like to travel on Air Force one with the President or on one of the other government jets with high level executives. Think of all the little perks on board. Yes, I know, they pay the government the equivalent of first class trave. Does anybody really think that covers the costs?

I'm sure many mainstream media reporters consider this kind of access to the high and mighty their divine right! Hey, they're the movers and shakers in charge of telling us poor dummies what to think. So their dissatisfaction with the current decision of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to travel without them is unsurprising. According to Reuters:

We've Seen this Before: The New Community Organizer on the Block is Indivisible!

Vendee version of
Viva Cristo Rey
You've seen it on college campuses. You've seen it at Trump rallies. You've seen it in Ferguson and other Black Lives Matter riots. You've seen it used by PICO, VOICE, ACORN, GAMALIEL, and the Industrial Areas Foundation. It's the Alinskyite community organizing tactics: any and all strategies, moral or immoral, to accomplish their goals. It's power by mob action. 

Whether they use money or psychological techniques, it's all about manipulating a mob to get what you want. The leaders of the French Revolution were so good at it they killed over 100,000 including the extermination of men, women, and children who were fighting for faith and freedom in the Vendee. Those French people weren't nobles; they were almost all peasants. They never oppressed anyone. What they did do was resist the murder and imprisonment of their priests and the closing of their churches. They wore the image of the Sacred Heart on their clothing as they fought. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Planned Parenthood Cover-Up - Hide the Deaths, Promote the Genocide

I once participated on a panel with a post aborted woman married to a criminal detective. One of the
things she said was that her husband had investigated four legal abortion deaths reported as "medical misadventure." Coroners were helping to cover up abortion mill negligence.

How many of those "medical misadventures" are due to the biggest abortion mill business in the country, Planned Parenthood? We'll never know. But here's one of those deaths where medical professionals play hide-and-seek with the truth.

What are you reading? A Book Review on The Dark Tower

St. Michael's tower at Glastonbury Tor, setting for
the Glaston Chronicles by Donal Foley
The medieval tower of Glastonbury Tor is a place of myth and mystery. Today only the ruin of an earlier church, St. Michael's tower, stands on the hill there. Archaeological evidence also shows a possible hermitage and ruins of monks' cells. History tells us the grounds are drenched in the blood of martyrs. The last Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey, Richard Whiting, was hanged, drawn and quartered there with two of his monks, John Thorne and Roger James.

Stories link the site to the legend of King Arthur and tradition says Joseph of Arimathea visited. A more modern association, debunked by many archaeologists, relates to the Temple of the Stars, an occult theory. All of this creates the perfect mysterious atmosphere for Donal Foley's adventure stories for teens and young adults.

Monday, March 13, 2017

No, Virginia, This Man is Not Fit for ANY Elected Office

He threatened to kill the president. 

Things just get crazier and crazier. That an individual like Nathan Larson thinks he's fit to run for office is unbelievable. He's only fit to be run out of town on a rail. But in today's nutty world, and in the crazy liberal political scene of Northern Virginia, he may actually have a following. The only good thing is that the votes he gets will probably be from the lunatic liberal fringe. I don't think even many liberals are nutty enough to vote for this guy! The Republican currently representing the 31st District is Scott Lingamfelter, a solid pro-life conservative.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Meditation: What We Can Learn from Socrates -- Humility!

It's easy to go through life just meeting the challenges of the moment. We live in a noisy and busy world and it's easy never to seriously reflect on life and the big questions. Why am I here? What am I meant to do? Where am I going?

The Greek philosopher Socrates said the "unexamined life is not worth living." What did he mean? He was seeker after truth. And, in fact, he spent his life pursuing it and looking for someone who was wise. He never found anyone and came to realize that wisdom lay in knowing how little we know. Socrates never wrote anything, but his pupil, Plato, did and we have him to thank for what we know of Socrates. In the Apology Plato attributed this to Socrates:

Brilliant commentary on "A Day Without a Woman" from a beautiful young woman (unlike many of the feminists who are still acting like menopausal witches in their old age. They certainly don't exhibit the adage that age brings wisdom.)

No Federal Funding for any College Violating Free Speech

Have any of these students read Charles Murray's books?
Can any of them read anything more difficult than  Dr. Seuess?
How Middlebury College Enabled Student Riots

It's getting a little tiresome to see the anarchists shouting down speakers with whom they disagree. How many of these students receive taxpayer funding while they engage in their ranting tantrums? And what don't they understand about free speech? I have no doubt these spoiled brats would welcome an atheist, satanist, former Weather Underground member, perhaps even a serial killer like Charles Manson. But a conservative or libertarian -- forget it!

Middlebury College (and all other colleges and universities) should be denied federal funding if they can't demonstrate the ability to control their campuses and defend the free speech rights of student groups who don't fit the leftist cookie cutter! Conservative student groups have the right to invite speakers with ideas outside the Democrats' talking points. If schools can't do that, cut the funds! We've coddled these spoiled brats for too long. Arrest them when they do this and when Mommy comes to bail them out with cookies and ice cream, send them home. Let parents deal with their tantrums!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wow! An Honest Democrat-- Who da thunk it?

Killing Them Softly? Deadly Hospice and Palliative Care

Hugh & Michelle Finn in happier days before she killed him
with the complicity of  Annaburg Manor in Manassas.
How My Son Died in Hospice

This article would be more accurately titled -- How My Son was Murdered with the Complicity of Hospice. We've seen it before -- spouses who vowed to be faithful "in sickness and in health" murdering their husbands or wives. Michelle Finn and Michael Schiavo could be the poster couple for these medical murders.

I also have a personal friend who described how her mom helped kill her dad who suffered from Alzheimer's. He was living at the time with my friend's son, only two door away from her in the same cul-de-sac.

Trump Scorecard: How does America look almost two months after the inauguration?

Jobs and wages are up. It's too early to attribute all this to President Trump, but it surely shows an optimism in the business sector.

The debt is down. Unlike his predecessor who increased the debt from the minute he stepped into the White House, Donald Trump has decreased the tax burden on our children and grandchildren. Keep it up, Mr. President!

Trump is spurring "economic optimism" in the stock market. You say you don't care? This impacts the retirement accounts of millions of people!

Jobs Report: Manufacturing Industry Sector Posts Largest Gains In Two Decades… I'm sure the miners and steelworkers are happy to be going back to work. My husband is from Wheeling and he watched many of his relatives lose their jobs as the steel plants and coal mines shut down. I'm sure there are a lot of his friends and family smiling these days!

Border Crossings are Down Using the bully pulpit is already having an impact on the number of illegals crossing the border. Texans are especially grateful since there have been thousands of sex crimes in their state against children committed by illegal aliens.

More to come as we watch the political scene. Please pray for the president every day -- at least one Hail Mary. He needs all the supernatural help he can get!

Palliative Care Stops Being "Care" When it Seeks to Hasten Death!

If you have a loved one receiving "palliative care" you need to know what's happening in that field. There are many programs promoting a new type of palliative care, one that aims at hastening death through deliberate neglect, over-medication, and denial of any life-extending treatment. Is it "palliative care" to refuse ordinary (and inexpensive) antibiotics to a patient suffering from pneumonia? No! Is it "palliative care" to refuse food and water to a patient whose digestive system can absorb the nutrients? No! Is it palliative care to over-sedate a patient until he dies? No! But that is the direction of the new palliative care in many circumstances, often with the goal of saving money on useless eaters.

Read these articles to educate yourself on palliative care so you can advocate for yourself and your loved ones during those difficult times when life is nearing its end. Help your loved ones to continue living with respect and dignity until God, not the palliative care team, calls them home.

Today’s ‘palliative care’ disrespects the natural law

Friday, March 10, 2017

On This Second Friday of Lent...

artist Leon Bonnat  (1833-1922)
...I'm meditating on the cross of Christ.

It may be the greatest paradox of all time: the greatest DEFEAT, the defeat of the cross, won the greatest VICTORY, the victory of salvation. God, the Word made flesh, by allowing mankind to kill Him, opened the gates of heaven for us. Man kills God; God saves man.

I'm trying to wrap my poor mind around that fact.

Does any one of us, in view of the cross, have a right to be angry or bitter against a brother or sister who's wronged us? No wonder Jesus calls us to forgive from the heart!

Chesterton has one of his characters in The Ball and the Cross say, "The cross cannot be defeated...for it is Defeat."

If you want to be a winner, embrace the cross -- the Cross with a capital C and the multiple crosses in your life with small c's. Every person's life is filled with crosses, crucifixion by thumbtack as my sister says. Some of them are self-inflicted because of our own sinfulness. Will we flee from our crosses or bow to the will of God, accept them, and offer them with Christ to "make up what's lacking" in His sufferings as St. Paul says in Colossians 1:24

May God make this for you and me a Lent that brings us into a more intimate union with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto thine."

So Were the Birthers Right After All?

Obama's half brother tweets with photo of alleged Obama Kenyan birth certificate

Read more here. What do you think?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

George Soros: The Feminists' Sugar Daddy

Mad hatters' tea party in Washington. 
One hundred groups that participated in the women's march as "partners," the same groups behind "A Day without a Woman," are really George's girls -- bought and paid for to the tune of almost $250 million. See The Man behind the Women.

Does this strike anyone else as hilarious? 

These girls talk about what a day without women would look like, while they advance the agenda of one of the world's most powerful MEN who happily pulls the strings of  his "useful idiots."

Is This a Case of the "Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree?"

Tim Kaine's son arrested at pro-Trump rally

Let's face it. Democrats have proven themselves to be enemies of free speech for their opponents. Conservatives are shouted down on college campuses (If the students aren't out burning and bashing.) and at town halls and rallies. How many dirty tricks discussions did young Linwood Kaine overhear in the living room growing up? Is disrupting, throwing smoke bombs, etc. a big anomaly for Democrats? Not that I've noticed lately.

We know Linwood's Dad, Senator Tim Kaine, is a liar from his posturing as a "devout Catholic" when he disbelieves central tenets of the faith among which are the right to life of the unborn, respect for those already born, and love for the truth. So Let's all say a prayer for this misguided young man that he experiences a conversion and then works on good, old Dad. Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Actions Have Consequences...

...and some people have to learn the hard way!

Woman Posts Profanity-Filled Tweet About Her New Job… Then Her Boss Responded

Well, of course an entry level job at a pizza parlor was beneath this prima donna's expectations. She expected to start out as a CEO with a six-figure salary. 

I think she deserves honorable mention in the Darwin Awards for stupid self-destruction. 

What a Day without Me Would Look Like: a Reflection on "A Day Without a Woman"

Poop. A lot of poop. Stuck to small children. Hungry mouths. Laundry piling up. Crumbs. And, I mean crumbs everywhere (why did we get that shag carpet again??). Crying. If you thought the poop was bad imagine the crying. But, wait. No, I take it back. None of that. You know why? Because, I have a partner who helps me and if I need a day off, I'm going to get it and that partner is going to pick up the slack. In fact, he often changes those poopy diapers and vacuums up the crumbs covering every surface of our house (again why the shag?). So, then: What does a day without me look like? I mean my family would certainly miss me and I'm doubting any school work (or much laundry) would get done. But, I feel like it would be a day very much like any other day. If my partner in crime couldn't get off work then I suppose it would look like child neglect, so I think I won't be taking a day off because I kinda (really) like my kids AND my job. My point is, if someone takes off a day, they're leaving someone else to pick up the slack. Because, someone has to change the dirty diapers whether we're trying to make a point or not. Maybe you're sitting there saying "well, you don't have a 'real' job so they're not talking about you anyway." Maybe you're right.

Let the Shaming and Bullying Begin!

Safe space for children in Alabama!
Christian theater owners refuse to show ‘Beauty and the Beast’ over LGBT agenda

When uglifying fashion designer, Sophie Theallet (Yes, I made that word up which you'll understand if you look at her work) said she wouldn't design a dress for Melania Trump, there wasn't a peep out of the liberal media. If anything, they applauded her for her character. Nobody yelled bigotry. Nobody said she didn't have a right to refuse clientele because of her beliefs.

Now substitute "wedding cake" or "flower arrangement" or "photography services" or "pizza" or whatever for the word "designer dress." How come it's okay for Theallet to exercise bigotry against a prospective client but for a baker to refuse ONLY to bake ONE TYPE OF CAKE or a photographer to nix ONE TYPE OF EVENT brings a landslide of abuse along with ACLU thugs and a lawsuit.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

And They Call Planned Parenthood a Non-Profit? What a Joke!

Report: Planned Parenthood HQ average exec salary $389,514

They can call themselves a non-profit, but there are certainly plenty of PP employees profiting big time from Murder Inc. As a taxpayer who's underwriting these mega-salaries, how do feel? It's like these folks won the lottery! Killing babies and selling their body parts is one lucrative business, that's for sure. Read the report. But have a barf bag nearby.

A Modest Proposal for "A Day Without a Woman": Boycott all Male Inventions Tomorrow!

Get out your tie shoes, girls. Velcro was invented by men.
(Although it's likely sneakers were invented by men too.)
Tomorrow's "A Day Without a Woman" event is the follow-up to the liberal, pro-abortion women's march that featured radical, foul-mouthed, leftwing  female celebrities as speakers. Since most women don't fit the category of male-hating, abortion-loving, LGBTQXYZ-advancing women, we weren't represented at the march and won't be joining the silly boycott tomorrow either.

Many hard-working women will be seriously disadvantaged by this ridiculous event. Think of the working mothers, especially lower income women, who don't have the luxury of skipping work and will have to scramble to find child-care for their young school-aged children in areas, like Alexandria where schools are closed for the day. Consider the impact if large numbers of nurses or others in critical professions joined the protest.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mark Levin Offers EVIDENCE that the Obama Administration Spied on Trump during the Campaign

I think Mark Levin is one of the smartest people in the media. Obama obviously didn't sign the order for spying; they got a friendly liberal judge to approve it. But, get real, the executive agencies didn't go for that court order without Obama's approval. It was his administration that had FIVE AGENCIES (FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice Dept. and Treasury Dept.'s financial crimes enforcement network) collaborating to spy on Trump and his durrogates DURING THE CAMPAIGN!

Question for Monday: Did Francis Formally Profess Heresy?

Guest Post

By David Martin

In an interview with Catholic World Report (CWR) in December 2016, Cardinal Raymond Burke, archbishop and patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, said that if a pope were to "formally profess heresy he would cease, by that act, to be the Pope."

The cardinal was reiterating Church teaching, as expressed by famed canonist Franz Wernz in his Ius Canonicum: "In sum, it needs to be said clearly that a [publicly] heretical Roman Pontiff loses his power upon the very fact." Burke stressed that he was "not saying that Pope Francis is in heresy," but was simply pointing out that it "could happen" that a pope could formally profess heresy.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Meditation: "Lead us not into temptation..."

Temptation of Christ by Sebastiano Ricci

"Resist the devil and he will flee from you."  James 4:7 

"I delight to do your will, O God." Psalm 40:8

The Gospel for today describes Satan's temptations of Jesus in the desert. Set the scene. Immediately following the baptism of John, Jesus goes out into the desert to prepare for his public ministry. For forty days he fasts and prays. And then the devil approaches to tempt him.

To be temptations, the allurements offered to Jesus by the devil had to be real. If they weren't they couldn't be temptations. And Jesus was truly tempted. Let's look at each of them.

In the first temptation the devil plays on Jesus' physical hunger. He hadn't eaten for 40 days. He was truly hungry.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Playground Bullies' Favorite Name-Call is "Homophobe!"

Wow! Jamie's post yesterday brought out a mob of LBTQXYZ name-callers which brought to mind so many intelligent playground exchanges:

"You're a ______ !" (Fill in the blank, in this case, "homophobe.")

"No, I'm not."

"Yes you are."

I freely acknowledge that there was a day when the bullies used terms like "queer" and "faggot" as their insults. It was cruel and wrong. So is calling someone "fat" or "ugly" or a "retard" or names that can't be printed on my blog. But times have changed and now the bullied have become the bullies.

Vogue Paris - Hag Mag du Jour

Cover man, Valentina Sampaio

We're told it's now a post gendered world. "On their runways more and more designers are highlighting trans people - the ultimate symbols of a rejection of conformity, and icons that Vogue supports and chooses to celebrate."

Vogue talks as if transgender women - who are men and mainly homosexuals - are born with a beautiful woman's face. Just...born that way!
However "transgender beauty" is not innate; it arrives on a man's face and body after multiple surgeries costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and on his lips with injections of Botox.

In March Brazilian born transgender model Valentina Sampaio will be featured on Vogue Paris' front cover. Says Vogue: "Valentina, who shares a strong resemblance to Brooke Shields with her bold brows and full pout, stuns while clad in a plunging gold lamé dress, teamed with one long tassel earring and Farrah Fawcett–style feather waves." Vogue also says that Valentina has a "sparkling personality" as if that faux persona makes up for the fact that Sampaio is a man.

Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, writes "only when a transgender person poses on the front cover of a fashion magazine and it is no longer necessary to write an editorial on the subject will we know that the battle is won," but Emmanuelle, could have just said nothing about Valentina being transgender, although silence on the subject wouldn't serve the agenda.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Keeping My Children Home from Beauty and the Beast Does Not Make Me a Homophobe

My little princess at Disney World's princess tea
I'd like to start this post by saying that neither I nor the Catholic Church is "homophobic." My belief, one held by devout Catholics and explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is that homosexuality in and of itself is not a sin. The attraction to another person of the same sex, while disordered, is no more a sin than a man's attraction to a woman who is not his wife. The sin comes with action. A man being attracted to another man is not in and of itself sinful. Engaging in behaviors that are unnatural and immoral or living in a way that goes against God's law is where the sin comes into play.

I love many people who choose to live in ways that are not in line with my moral beliefs. Likewise, I am not perfect. I make mistakes and commit sins. Don't we all? Some sins are more outwardly visible and that's where we have an obligation to acknowledge the wrongness of the behavior especially where it concerns our children.

Phil Lawler: "Eventually, a dysfunctional family needs an intervention."

Phil Lawler is a favorite writer of mine. His book on the Boston achdiocese under Cardinal Law was excellent. His articles at Catholic Culture are filled with clarity and common sense. Here's an excerpt from This Disastrous Papacy. It's awful, yes, but follow the advice of Padre Pio - "Pray, hope, and don't worry." When we are in the state of grace we rest securely in the hollow of God's hand. Let nothing disturb you, my friends:
In the worldwide family that is the Catholic Church, the best means of intervention is always prayer. Intense prayer for the Holy Father would be a particularly apt project for the season of Lent. But intervention also requires honesty: a candid recognition that we have a serious problem.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Is Judas on the Throne of Peter?

Jesus gave the keys to Peter, but today the Church seems to be in the hands of Judas. I'm sorry to say it, but if you have eyes to see you can't be blind to the evil going on in Vatican City. Allowing a man who is in Satan's pocket, Paul Ehrlich, to speak at a Vatican conference is diabolical. And he's not the only one. The entire conference smells of sulfur. And it's not the first one.

The Scandalous Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

One of our Catholic Media Coalition founders, Ken Fisher, used to picket this congress every year trying to raise the consciousness of Catholics to the scandal of this dissent-ridden brainwashing event. Please pray for Ken. He had a stroke a few years ago. I don't know if anyone picked up his torch, but he is a heroic Catholic warrior. Join me in the St. Michael prayer that he might bind the devils roaming this congress with the blessing of the local bishop and his scandalous diocesan minions. By the way, the bishop is  José H. Gomez. Pray for his conversion.

Disney is Totally Off the Rails with Gay Beauty and the Beast

And there's the lust between Lumiere & the french maid.
Disney's new version of Beauty and the Beast is no family film, that's for sure. (The original cartoon wasn't either for that matter.) But this new offering includes a specifically feminist Belle and an obvious (rather than implied) gay LeFou. Families should shun this movie in droves.

Frankly, I hated the original cartoon version with all the subtle and not-so-subtle anti-male, anti-family, and anti-Christian messages.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Almsgiving for Lent: Meet My Friend Maggie and Support the Unborn

GAP graphically portrays the insanity of "choice."
Did you ever participate in a rescue at an abortion mill or a Face the Truth Tour showing the public
what abortion really is? Have you ever prayed the rosary in front of an abortion mill during 40 Days for Life or helped to save a baby through sidewalk counseling or working at a pregnancy help center? Many people are thoroughly pro-life, but can't be involved in direct action. Many wish they could do more. 

You can!

I want to introduce you to my friend, Maggie Egger. She's a second generation sidewalk soldier. I rescued babies at abortion mills many times with her Dad during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Pro-life activism saves lives. As for Maggie -- the apple didn't fall far from the tree. 

Share This with All the Pregnant and New Moms you Know

My healthy little grandson after birth.  
Bad Advice from Lactation Experts Contributes to Baby's Death

This could have happened to me with my first baby. I had a "knock-em-out-drag-em-out doc" who anesthetized me during the birth. By the time I woke up, my baby was gone to the nursery. Because I'd been knocked out they didn't bring her until the next morning about 17 hours after delivery. I tried to nurse and did for the three days in the hospital. She must have gotten enough to prevent dehydration, but my milk never came in properly. 

My mom was down to help and kept saying. This baby is hungry; you need to give her a bottle. Thank God I listened. I ended up giving up on the nursing about ten days later. I just didn't have enough milk. I'll always wonder if they gave me the dry-up shot while I was unconscious. 

Anyway, share this story with every expectant and new mom you know. You may save a little one's life.

Please, No Applause in the Temple of God!

"I must express a wish...that in church you
 not shout out, that you not clap your hands,"
Fr. Z has a great post today that harks back to Pope John XXIII and his statement about applause in the "temple of God."

We go to a church in Round Rock, TX when we are visiting our son and his family. I love the parish. It's orthodox and whenever I've gone to Confession there it's an edifying experience. It's a huge parish but is surprisingly quiet before and after Mass. There's a pew bulletin that describes proper dress and behavior and offers other good Mass advice. Before Sunday Mass, they keep things quiet by praying the rosary from the pulpit. They often have a dozen altar servers. (Sorry to say there are girls among them.) But... (Does there always have to be a but?) at the end of Mass everyone bursts into applause for the choir. (They're excellent...but really?)

If I were in the choir, I would be sorry. Whatever we do in church, in whatever way we help to make the Mass beautiful, it should all be for the glory of God. I'm not saying that isn't the primary motivation of the choir, but when the congregation applauds the choir receives an earthly reward.

Where would you rather get your reward? From a little bit of applause here on earth? Or from the hands of Almighty God saying, "Welcome, good and faithful servant. You did it all for me."

Anyway, I wish the pastor would put the lid on it. And please, don't join in. There's a place for applause, but it's not in church. Like Pope John XXIII says, "The temple of God is the temple of God."

Don't turn it into a music hall.

In Case You Missed the President's Address Last Night...

Looks presidential to me!

Topsy and Tuptim Go Bananas over Latest Pope Francis Blather

Ho-ho, hey-hey! Go your way, fornication's okay.
Topsy and Tuptim go for a five-mile walk to process the statement of Pope Francis about cohabiting couples.

Topsy: Let's run for a bit; I'm too upset to walk. (They jog for a few minutes, then slow to a walk again.) This papacy is driving me bananas! I love our walks, but walking isn't enough to work off my anger any more. How can I teach my kids about the truths of the faith when THE POPE is constantly throwing a banana peel under my feet?

Tuptim: Tell me about it! You know my son is living with his girlfriend and I've been trying to get them to stop and go to confession. They both have younger siblings who are all being scandalized. I keep telling him I love them both and don't want them to go to hell. He just rolls his eyes at me and says, "Don't you want me to be happy?" As if mortal sin ever made anyone happy in the long run. (Taking a folded paper out of her pocket she hands it to Topsy.) He left this note and article on my car yesterday while I was at work. (Topsy unfolds it and reads.)