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Monday, November 30, 2020

It's Not Just Fraud; It's Treason! Three Star General Calls for "Full Disclosure!"

The big question that needs to be answered is:


The mainstream media continues to pretend fraud didn't happen in the 2020 election, while anyone with half a brain can see that cheating and stealing was likely epidemic.  You won't learn that from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and the other traitors in the media who will do anything to achieve their socialistic goals. Any of us who question the result are labeled "conspiracy nuts." But was there, in fact, a conspiracy to steal the election? There are certainly plenty of flashing red lights warning that something fishy and perhaps criminal or even treasonous happened.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

An Advent Suggestion from Fr. Tom Collins: Postpone Gratification

Can you wait a few minutes before
enjoying your adult beverage?
The secularization of Christmas has tended to suppress the spirit of mortification, as various premature “holiday celebrations” are routinely held.

In order to be in the world, but not of the world, Catholics are able to navigate through the secularist expectations by practicing vigilant fasting. So many of these celebrations offer an abundance of delicious foods and beverages. Thus a Catholic can do little acts of penance by postponing
postponing gratification. 

Stop the Bickering and Stand With Archbishop Vigano, Warrior, Shepherd, Friend

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is a hero, a warrior, disciple, and friend, who knows how to truly love his enemies.

I want to begin by clarifying the difference between modesty, privacy, and secrecy. 

Modesty requires us to not reveal in public the parts of our bodies and our behavior that is not meant to be disclosed.  Nudity, for example. Sexy revealing attire worn to attract lustful attention. Kissing.  Fawning a lover’s shoulder or neck.  Vulgar dancing.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

It's New Year's Eve - How Will You Celebrate?

Lighting the first candle...
This morning's mass was the last one of the liturgical year. Tonight is "New Year's Eve - Catholic Time." The vigil mass marks the First Sunday of Advent. So how will you ring out the old liturgical year and celebrate the new?

First thing I'm doing is putting out my advent wreath officially. We'll bless the wreath and light the first candle casting light on a new year filled with anticipation and hope.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Cuomo Gets Smack Down from Supreme Court on Religious Liberty!

 About time these tyrants had a setback!

Supreme Court Backs Religious Challenge Against NY’s Cuomo
In a 5-4 ruling late Wednesday night, the Supreme Court backed a religious challenge to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions limiting attendance at religious services. The majority ruling blocks enforcement of the restrictions while the applicants pursue appellate review. The ruling highlights the lack of evidence that the applicants — the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, two Jewish synagogues, and an Orthodox Jewish organization — have contributed to the spread of the virus and questions the rationale of the specifics of Cuomo’s restrictions, which limited services to just 10 and 25 occupants for red and orange zones, respectively.....

You Can Shop on Black Friday....But Not At Hobby Lobby in New Mexico

Potential Biden Appointee Shuts Down Hobby Lobby

Meanwhile, Walmart, Sam's Club, etc. are all open. The Wuhan virus obviously targets people while they pursue hobbies and work on Christmas decorations. But this is the insanity of governors like New Mexico's Michelle Lujan-Grisham and Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer who banned sale of seeds and home gardening supplies. Democrats demonstrate their idiocy daily! 

From the article:

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Have a Happy Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving!

I'm happy to say that Interstate 81 was jammed yesterday afternoon. 

I certainly sympathize with those caught in the melee, but at the same time it indicated that things are more normal than we thought was possible in this year of Wuhan panic. 

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is typically the busiest travel day of the year with people on the road to get to family feasts where they will bow their heads TOGETHER WITH LOVED ONES and give thanks to God. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

On Critical Thinking, the McCarrick Report, and Archbishop Vigano

People like to label things. In a complicated world it's a kind of shorthand. For example, in religious terms we may label our affiliation saying:

"I'm a Catholic."

"I'm a Jew."

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"The Most Influential Thinker That You Have Never Heard Of" -- Antonio Gramsci and Cultural Marxism

 "We are living through the end game of a Gramscian Revolution."

Many millennials and other young people (and even some oldsters) have embraced the Gramscian Revolution under the title of socialism without even knowing who Antonio Gramsci was. In a nutshell, Gramsci was a Marxist who believed that the goal of Communism would never be achieved in the West by inspiring violent worker uprisings like the 1917 Bolshevik revolt. Rather than politics, he thought Communist principles could be advanced most effectively by a slow march through the institutions. Infiltrate schools, the media, the entertainment industry, and even the churches, and you could change the thinking and values of the masses, destroy capitalism, and replace God with government.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Check Out the Epoch Times! See What It's Like to Read a Paper that Treats News Like News!

I love the Epoch Times so I'm giving them a plug. Almost every issue I cut out one or two articles to send to family and friends. It might be the article about how gratitude is good for you, or the one about Christopher Columbus or another historical figure. Sometimes it's an expose like the one about how the Chinese Communist Party is killing patients for their organs. 

I love the puzzle page for myself and cut out the kids' page to send to my grandchildren. 

Really! Take advantage of their trial period and check it out for yourself. I never enjoy my morning coffee so much as when I'm reading the Epoch Times. And they don't have to pay me to say that!


Tyrants at Work in D.C. and Virginia

I'm offering several articles today about the liberal tyrants working in our states and cities. It's time for a revolution!

Liberal Mayor Accused of Discrimination Against Trump Supporters
Get ready for this everywhere if Biden is sworn in. Any time conservatives push back against the liberal agenda, the thugs will be there in masks carrying baseball bats. Unfortunately, once the violence begins, both sides engage. There are plenty of examples in history of manipulation of disturbed people to create incidents that justify draconian crackdowns. 

The Holy Biden with Halo

Remember all the subliminal pictures of Obama with a "halo"? 
Here we go again, but with The Holy Biden.

Obama with halo

Michelle with halo

Friday, November 20, 2020

Dominion Voting and Big Tech Work for the Liberal Left! Stop the Steal!

Hat tip to Vox Cantoris who posted this video about Dominion on his website where I first saw it! Think about it! Dominion, that runs the voting machines in hundreds of counties in the U.S., are big supporters of the Clintons and have offices on the same floor in a Toronto office building with a George Soros organization. What kind of cross pollination and networking go on there? 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Masks are "Utterly Useless!" says Cambridge virologist.

Cambridge virologist: Lockdowns and masks are 'greatest hoax ever'

'Utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians'

No doubt I will get blowback for printing this, with a few readers telling me (again) how everything I write about the Wuhan virus is my "opinion." Of course, I agree. It is my opinion -- based on the research I've done and the "opinions" of medical professionals like Dr. Hodkinson, the Frontline Doctors, and many other scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, etc.

AP news update - In 2021, football games will be called according to Sports Commentators

JP Sears and Brent Pella, AP sports reporters


Quotes from their stellar reporting on the game between the left-wing Warriors and terrorist Colluders

"Rules are just an inconsequential formality". 
"We came out as the clear victors."
"This is a glorious day for the sport of football."
"Colluders refusing to leave the field and accept defeat. Vacate the field!"
"The Warriors have won because we said they did! A truly inspiring story because we say it is."
"You can't not believe this because everyone knows and for you not to know would make you know that you're crazy."
"They are unquestionably your new champions."
"Now is a good time to learn Mandarin."

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Hmmm....What Really Happened on Election Day? Who Knows? It's Time to Find Out!

I think there are four counties now that are "finding" uncounted ballots that heavily favor Trump. Just think...If this happened in every county in Georgia (over 150 counties) and in every swing state or even in half the counties in swing states, Trump may very well have won this election by a landslide. 

One great thing about being dead is that you can still vote.

Another great video from JP Sears

These guys helped more than 800,000 corpses to vote in the 2020 elections.
It was the biggest dead-voter turn out in the history of US elections.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

How Many Times will you Give Thanks Today? Make it a Multitude!

2020 is a litany of endless woes. What’s there to be thankful for?

There’s a little Christian secret to get us through difficult times, whether we’re facing the death of loved ones, coronavirus lockdowns, cancelled religious services and locked churches, isolation, and unemployment, a messy presidential election, or whatever it might be.
Mon Nov 16, 2020 - 6:23 pm EST
Featured Image

Monday, November 16, 2020

Do You Use Google as Your Search Engine? If You Love Truth, Switch!

I'm looking at search engines to see which I want to use as my default. I hate Google. Whenever I search I'm deluged with all the liberal outlets: NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc. If I want a conservative opinion, I often have to type in a specific outlet.  I decided to compare what I would get from various search engines if I typed in "election fraud." Here are the first six results from the five search engines I looked at: Google, Bing, Dogpile, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. I looked at a lot more than the first six entries. As a result of this, my go-to search engines will be Dogpile and DuckDuckGo. Good-bye, Google and Yahoo. I was never a Bing user and I never will be after looking at their results.

New MAGA Party rising

If the foul left thinks that we, the free people of a free nation, will lie down like doormats and live under Communism they are more mindless than we think. Never underestimate the audacity of evil, however, the evil ones underestimate the spirit of a free people willing to fight for their liberty. This is AMERICA. We have guns, we know how to use them, we will fight and we will win. The new MAGA Party is forming.

These videos are of President Trump's motorcade on Saturday, November 14th, driving through the cheering crowd at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC where there was a March for Trump held in protest of the Communist Democrats' massive election fraud.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Media's False Narrative Will Start a Civil War

JP Sears sets the record straight 

"The media doesn't have ANY authority to determine who the winner of the election is. Actually ZERO. That's the exact amount of authority they have. Determining the winner of an election is actually the legal responsibility of the 1) Electoral College 2) Senate 3) House of Representatives 4) National Archives. Not the media. This is something other countries see very clearly while our media seems to be clouding our vision."

Does the media want more rioting? A civil war? Of course they do. They want their orchestrated civil war because it will fit their narrative of destroying our country so that the Great Reset can begin but President Trump and 75 million Deplorables are in their way. In this satirical video JP Sears actually gives a very clear analysis of what the media is doing.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Part II: Calumny and Slander at EWTN -- The Network that Failed to Uphold the Truth

Editor's Comment: Yesterday I posted Part 1 of a sad story involving EWTN and my friend and colleague, Dexter Duggan. Calumny and slander, when involving slight issues, are venial sins. However, calumny that does significant damage to a person or institution is a mortal sin. Justice requires rectitude. 

Dr. Hitchcock damaged, not only Dexter's reputation, but The Wanderer's. EWTN magnified and spread the error - inadvertently first

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What Would Mother Angelica Say about EWTN's Enabling of Calumny and Slander? Part 1

Editor's Comment: We live in a time where calumny, detraction, and slander slap us in the face every single day: in the media, in political races and hearings over judgeships, in casual conversations. How many Catholics see these things as serious sins against justice? People have an absolute right to their good names. That an organization like EWTN refuses to recognize this and redress the wrong they did should trouble every viewer. Any confessor will tell you that those who sin against the 8th commandment have an obligation to try to undo the wrong. It is especially baffling that EWTN refuses, since their participation in the calumny appears to have been out of ignorance not malice. Nevertheless, they still have an obligation to correct the error and promote the truth. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Down in the Mouth? Perk Up! Fraud Continues to Be Uncovered All Over the Country!

The Biden lead is collapsing in many places as more fraud is uncovered. Keep praying that they don't get away with it! No matter how it turns out, lots of people will be unhappy. I'm hoping the babies in the womb and the elderly vulnerable will be smiling. As Pope John Paul II said on his first visit to the United States, "America, Defend Life!" Read this article to put a smile on your face and renewed vigor in your prayer and sacrifice.

Wait Just a Minute! Some Very Good News May Be Coming

The Integrity Over the Vote Needs to Be Assured: If Biden Won Fairly, He Won, But Did He?

I received this email today from Rip McIntosh at Turning Point USA. 

Headlines on the Election: Let the Fight Continue

There's plenty of evidence of fraud in the presidential election and, despite the corrupt mainstream media and the corrupt USCCB (Get out the barf bag!) declaring election victory for Biden, neither of those pathetic groups certify elections. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Laughing is Good for Body and Soul! Of Trolls and Absurdity!

I rarely talk about troll comments (which I don't post) because it feeds the trolls, but I've been laughing this morning over the message of one named Acolyte. She is aptly named. (Must be a woman since I can't imagine a man coming to my blog several times a day to spout the nonsense this person does.) 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Mainstream Media do NOT Certify the Vote: Read this from the President of Catholic Vote

CatholicVote President Brian Burch issued the following statement following today’s media declaration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the winners of the 2020 election: 

“This election is far from over, and no American should accept the outcome until states certify their results, and all legal challenges have been resolved. The American people are entitled to the assurance that every legal vote was counted, and that irregularities did not have any impact on the election outcome. 

“Premature declarations of a winner only serve to inflame the already deep divisions within our country. The media does not decide the winner of our elections. We have laws and courts for a reason. It’s important to note that multiple states are still counting ballots, with recounts likely. In addition, the courts are now reviewing several lawsuits, with more expected in the coming days. The outcome of these cases could alter the vote tallies in several states.  

“We call on county officials in key contested states to immediately publish the full voter roll so that observers can resolve questions related to ballot and voter irregularities. These voter rolls are always made public months after the election, yet today remain hidden. Failure to make them available now is shielding the public from critical information to which they are entitled.”  


Analysis of Masking Evidence: You Make Up Your Mind!

Before you demand that I wear a mask, read this article and all the links and tell me why I should believe all the hype coming from the controllers most of whom have not one lick of science in their backgrounds...i.e., politicians like Gavin Newsome and Gretchen Whitmer. 

An Evidence Based Scientific Analysis of Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful

Here are the key points from the article:

Friday, November 6, 2020

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Catholic Priest Has Mom of Eleven Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask!

If you don't have time to watch the video, let me give you a brief synopsis. A Catholic mom of eleven from a farming family in Kansas City, MO goes to Mass with her children. Several of them are special needs (not sure how many were with her, but one autistic daughter, Mary, was.) They have not been masking in their community and have had no issues. Until this outrageous event! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

It's No Time to Give Up. Increase Your Prayers and Sacrifices, All Through Our Lady!

 Archbishop Vigano has a message for all of us in the United States. It's time for intense prayer not for discouragement or for fear. Tell your beads tonight and have faith in God. Whatever happens, the gates of hell will never prevail against the God's truth. The integrity of the vote is in serious question. Many states took a three hour "pause" on election night and stopped counting the votes. Why? Were they looking for all those Biden ballots in the back room? 

Is Bishop Barron's Endorsement of Fr. James Martin' Book a Chess Move for Advancement?

What sad times we live in when Catholic clergy are the source of so much confusion -- from the pope on down! Yesterday I had a heart-breaking conversation with a young person whom I love dearly. It confirmed in my mind how much these rogue clergy have to answer for. They have abandoned our children in a forest of confusion. Instead of preaching the truth, they have waffled in cowardice.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Have You Talked to your Guardian Angel Today? Say Thank You!

Have you thanked your 
guardian angel today?
A friend of mine is burying her mom today and facing family challenges. After reading her email, I immediately paused to say a prayer for her, her mom, and her family. Then I asked my guardian angel to go pray with her guardian angel that the funeral is peaceful with no drama. There will be enough drama today with the election, but a funeral puts even that in perspective.

We are not made for this world, which is why we are never satisfied with anything here. As St. Augustine says, "Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee." I love St. Augustine's words so much that I turned them into a little poem/prayer.

 O Lord, You made our hearts for Thee

And ever restless will they be

Until they rest in Thee.

I rest my case.


Monday, November 2, 2020

How Can You Recognize a Bad Bishop? (Or Priest...Or Pope...)

He praises and helps to advance and spread intrinsic evils. 

Bishop Robert Barron already had little credibility despite his media empire. But when he praised a book on prayer by Fr. James Martin, S.J. he placed himself squarely in the enemy's camp. 

The Catastrophic New World Order Planned by the Great Reset

How many people understand "THE GREAT RESET?" I'm not sure I understand it myself, but I know that those who promote it can't be trusted, for example the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. And I'm doing research to try to understand better what the world's elites are planning for us.

ANOTHER peaceful Trump rally in BEVERLY HILLS

Another Trump rally in Beverly Hills, home of leftist, socialist, 
communist Hollywood movie star haters of the Land of the Free. 
Michael Moore, THIS rally is what we all think of you and your ilk.
MAGA!! KAG! Go Trump!! Whoo-hooooo! 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

In Addition to the Catholic Church, Communist China Owns Joe Biden 100%

Thanks to "Pope"(?) Francis, the Catholic Church is now owned by Communist China.
Joe Biden (and the entire Biden crime family) is 100% owned by Communist China.
Catholic ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was 100% owned by Communist China.
The Leftist USCCB and Deep Church encourage Catholics to Vote for "Catholic" Joe.
If Joe Biden sits in the White House we will become Communist America
and totally owned by Communist China.
Crucifixes in Catholic churches will come down and be replaced by pictures of 
Mao and Xi Jinping, as has already happened in Communist China.
The US media is Communist. Hollywood is Communist. 
The Democrat Party is Communist. 
Old Joe, the "Big Guy" referred to in Communist documents is a 
money-grubbing thug who has made millions from Communist China.
He does not care about America but only how much money 
the Communists will give him for selling America out.

Sunday Meditation: Celebrate All Saints and All Souls by Helping Make More Saints!

During the next week, you can free a soul from Purgatory every day by gaining a plenary indulgence. Visit and pray in a cemetery and meet the other regular requirements (praying for the traditional intentions of the Holy Father, receive Communion and go to Confession within a week, and be detached from all sin including venial sin, which is the really hard part.) Just think of the crowd that will be praying you out of Purgatory if you make the effort to help souls now. You can read more about the norms for gaining indulgences by going to Catholic Culture. Pope Francis has extended the indulgence practice for All Saints and the Holy Souls for the entire month of November. What an opportunity to do acts of love and charity for the dead.

Trying hard to find a Biden rally with more than 100 people. So far this is what I've found: