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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Obama: "We Leave Nobody Behind"....

...Tell that to Tyrone Woods' dad and the families of all the other Americans on their own in Benghazi. Obama was talking about Hurricane Sandy which was mostly address by state and local government. He could thump his chest and make that pompous pronouncement because no one expected him to be there right away. But when it came to a real presidential decision, i.e., whether to leave Americans behind in Benghazi, yes, Mr. President, you did leave our people behind. And, as a result, they died at the hands of terrorists. You refused aid that could have saved lives. And you had the evidence of what was happening front and center in the situation room at the White House because of the overhead drone. Now, the drone brings up a question. Why was it there - if the situation in Benghazi was so normal and no violence was anticipated? As Red State points out:

Beware the "Lesser of Two Evils" Trap

A thought-provoking article from David Kupelian about how the Founders chose the "lesser of two evils" to prevent our constitutional republic from being strangled in the cradle.
So if, rather than casting your ballot for Romney/Ryan, you vote for a third-party presidential candidate like the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson or the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode, or write in some name like “Jesus” or “God” or “Ron Paul” (I cite these examples since some people are claiming this is how they will cast their vote for president), or if you refuse to vote, you are knowingly contributing to the continued reign of Barack Obama, the most catastrophic president in history, whose actions of late have bordered on treason and who has almost destroyed America in four years and will complete the job in four more.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fr. Guarnizo Still Fighting for the Babies: Prepare for What is to Come!

I was glad to see that Fr. Guarnizo is back in public. He participated in the demonstration against late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart on September 12. He reminds the crowd that Carhart's "crimes against humanity" dwarf those of the Nazi monsters. Carhart, the Butcher of Germantown, has murdered more than 30,000 little ones in the womb. And he walks about in our midst as a "respected" member of the community. Carhart used to have his own incinerator -- a grim reminder of his personal death camp. "The failure of democracy began in 1973 with the legalization of abortion." Democracy depends on the tripod of three freedoms: economic, political, and cultural. "The U.S. is in crisis in all three." Saving our society depends on the renewal of our cultural freedom based on religion. Abortion reflects the corruption of the cultural arm of our society. "We must love the truth....Wake up, America....If you abandon the first right, the one that guarantees all other rights, it is no surprise that you will then start losing other rights, other freedoms....When you are are like the image, the icon, of what democracy looks like when it starts to fall apart. Citizens must take action for crimes that are no longer held accountable by the police or the state....We must supply where the state has failed."

Are we prepared for civil disobedience? "Look to the true north, Peter, to see what he says."

Monday, October 29, 2012

How Islamic Terrorists are Infiltrating Our Schools

This video is a wake up call to parents. See how much money Islam is pumping into our schools -- $28 million to Georgetown, for example. Is anybody really surprised that they cover up Christian symbols when Obama comes on campus?

And listen to what they are doing in middle school in public schools with three weeks of Muslim indoctrination. This is horrifying! Children pick Islamic names, wear Islamic clothing, study cards about Islamic terms like Jihad ("a struggle by Muslims against oppression, invasion, and injustice"), are taught Islamic prayers, etc. Other activities: become a Muslim warrior during the Crusades.

If any of this was done for Christianity or Judaism the ACLU would be up in arms. This must be stopped! And the first step is throwing out the chief proponent of Islam in the country, Barack Hussein Obama. Don't miss a minute of this important video!

"We came all together here to become keep it a beacon of light.....To those who hate America, if America is so bad we'll give you a one-way ticket to any country you choose and leave America to us!" Amen!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Remember the Gulf Oil Spill?

He showed the same lack of leadership and concern for our people in Benghazi. Can the country really survive four more years of this incompetence?

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.

The Obama Kids Are Back

The left really are a bunch of sickos who use kids for their vicious message. Watch this video and pay attention to who's really to blame for all our woes: "Mom and Dad we're blaming you!"  And of course anybody who doesn't believe in global warming and environmental extremism. Yup, all those bad old conservative parents who are raising home schooled kids with the intelligence to know a vote for Obama is a vote to attack our constitutional form of government - one more example of slick leftist propaganda. Remember the Hitler Youth? They're back Obama style just like they were in 2008. Remember those Obama kids?

Go here for all the song lyrics and more.

Restless Heart is a great film!

See it on the big screen if you get a chance. The actress playing Monica was terrific as was the actor playing St. Ambrose. Now I want to re-read the Confessions.

Augustine is a saint for our time, a time when so many no longer believe in truth, a time where pride and arrogance rule. Augustine lived a hedonistic life before his conversion, striving for worldly acclaim and human respect. But God was after him and his mother never stopped praying and sacrificing for his salvation. This movie shows how a great sinner can become a great saint. It shows some of the famous scenes in the Confessions like stealing the pears and hearing the voice saying open and read.

Only one caveat, there is a short unnecessarily explicit love scene with open mouth kissing. Now, why did they have to do it? They could have suggested it more subtly. Or is our culture so inured to this that nobody thought anything of it? Sad.

Funny Parody of Lena Dunham Bimbo Ad

My only criticism: do you think liberal women know what "misogynist" means? It's not a word from their female parts after all. And did you see the latest bimbo ad featuring nearly nude women? Does this really appeal to the women's vote? If the answer is yes, it explains why we are in such dire straits in this country. After all, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, and these women encourage ripping up and burning the babies in the cradles so they can be nothing but sexual playthings for misogynist men. (There's that word again.)  Actually the bimbo ad is pretty accurate. The women's nearly naked bodies reflect what's upstairs - a bare attic. I suggest those women for the next "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" campaign.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Where Did This Guy Come From?

Joe Biden really cracks himself up. Can you believe he actually said this to a father mourning the loss of his son, killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack? 

Here's what Charlie Woods said in an interview:
“This is not about politics … if it were about politics, it would dishonor my son’s death. It’s about honor, integrity and justice,” he said. 
“This news that he disobeyed his orders [not to go to the assistance of the embassy] does not surprise me. My son was an American hero, and he had the moral strength to do what was right … even if it would have professionally cost him his job, even if it would have cost him his life.” 
Woods went on to say that while he forgives those who gave the orders that indirectly led to his son’s death, he wishes they would take a lesson from the young former SEAL’s courage. (Read more here....)

Commercial Break: Apples on My Mind

We went apple-picking with our youngest daughter and her two little girls yesterday and came home with a half a bushel of Nittanys, one of my favorite varieties. I decided to play Julie and Julia lite by getting out my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and making every apple recipe in the book.

Yesterday was the first, an apple cobbler made with a combination of flour and cornmeal for the topping. Excellent! It makes my list of favorite desserts and is easier than an apple pie. Today I'm moving on to an apple cake made in a tube pan. The ingredients sound yummy and we will take most of it to my niece and her family with dinner. She just had a new baby and all new mommies need a break.

I will certainly have to find places for my experiments since Larry and I can't possibly eat all these things but we have lots of friends and family, the church Sunday coffee, a women's shelter in town, and we square dance. (Square dancers are notorious eaters.) So I'm off on a journey with apples. And as you enjoy eating these autumn treats, remember that you are the apple of God's eye.

REAL Nuns: Tlhe Little Sisters of the Poor

While the "nuns on the bus" treck around Ohio claiming to speak for the poor and disadvantaged while they work to reelect the most anti-life president in history, REAL nuns who REALLY work with the poor describe how devastating Obama's policies are to the poor. Here's what the Little Sisters of the Poor who care for 2500 elderly patients in their 30 homes say about Obamacare's impact on their apostolate:

Cardinal [Timothy] Dolan blogged about the HHS mandate and its impact on Catholic organizations and services. He is very clear about the costs of the mandate. For example, if we were to stop offering health insurance rather than comply with the mandate, we would have to pay a $2,000 penalty per employee. This penalty aside, it just does not seem right to us to stop providing health insurance to our employees. 
If we chose to offer insurance without the objectionable services, we would honor our consciences, but we’d have to pay $100 per day per employee. As the cardinal figures it, for an organization with 50 employees, that would mean almost $2 million per year. 
So if the mandate is still standing in 2014, all of our U.S. homes will be facing serious financial difficulties. To put this in perspective, we already have to make up at least half of our operating expenses through donations, because Medicaid reimbursements cover only about half of what it costs to care for the elderly in the way they deserve. So the potential fines or penalties we’re looking at just make it that much harder. (Read more...)
My mom volunteered for years at the Little Sisters' home on Maiden Choice Lane in Baltimore. We should all have a special place in our hearts for these dear sisters who love those the world considers useless. Instead of working to convince their patients to commit suicide, the sisters treat them with dignity and respect. God bless them! And it just demonstrates one more reason to vote against the intrinsic evil of the Obama/Biden ticket. Romney has promised to end Obamacare. With the help of a conservative Congress he can do it and that will make an immense difference to the elderly and to those who serve them. It isn't only about abortion.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama slept while Benghazi burned!

Remember Watergate? Remember the non-stop media coverage? Where are the media on the Benghazi debacle? The more we learn about what happened (and didn't happen) at the embassy, the more we see that the White House knew exactly in real time about the attack. The administration could have sent in help and DID NOTHING. Somebody said no and decided to let the chips fall where they may. They let those men die. Why? Is it because of Barack Obama's sympathy for the Muslim world? He has turned NASA into a Muslim PR group. He's bowed to Islamic leaders in other countries.

Charles Krauthammer has called the media's failure to cover this a "journalistic scandal." He has also compared the White House coverup to Watergate. The only difference is the media hated Nixon and did everything they could to destroy him. They love Obama and will protect him no matter how many Americans are sacrificed on the altar of his agenda.

Planned Parenthood: Killing Women in a "Safe," Clean Environment

Dangers of Abortion

More dangers including that abortion is the 5th leading cause of death in women.

Praise to Bishop Kagan of Bismarck for Defending Life

Catholics have a serious obligation to deny their vote to those who support intrinsic evils. Bishop David Kagan is getting lambasted for telling them so. And Michael Voris is pointing out the crazy reality in the Church today where Catholics in the public square stump for child-killing while pro-life Protestants defend the truth. Time to impose Canon 915 on the Catholic renegades and deny them Communion.

Please, after watching the video visit the Bismarck diocese's Facebook page and leave a thank you. We need to praise our bishops when they act like shepherds!

Fr. Guarnizo is still around and fighting!

Remember Fr. Marcel Guarnizo who refused Communion to out and proud lesbian Barbara Johnson. He got the boot from Cardinal Wuerl (No surprise to those of us familiar with the background of the politically correct cardinal.) Fr. Guarnizo was interviewed on Al Kresta's show and stated that the situation he experienced in Washington is in the hands of Cardinal Wuerl's "superiors." He clarified that he was never suspended and remains a priest in good standing, a point never corrected in the press. Pray for Fr. Guarnizo and the ultimate outcome of his case. Wouldn't it be good to see Cardinal Wuerl get a slapdown over his disgraceful actions. Hat tip to Janet at Restore D.C. Catholicism. Fr. Guarnizo segment begins around 17 minutes into the show.

Listen to the interview here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

If this isn't the worst ad of the campaign, it's close!

This Obama ad is so insulting to women it's embarrassing. Talk about treating voting with triviality and condescension! Not to mention that it shows exactly how Obama thinks of women, especially young women. They're ignorant, shallow bimbos who vote, not on intelligent issues, but because the guy is ya know...beautiful, and ya know...a great guy and ya who cares about birth control so he can lay you in the back seat without any complications like, ya know....being punished with a baby. Wow! This ad alone is reason enough to vote against Barack Obama. Is he even a grownup? If you thought so, this ad would clue you in real fast that he's a teenage locker room idol. 

I never thought I'd see the presidency sink so low. Obama has no dignity, no class, and he's a bullying brutish child abuser when it comes to babies waiting to be born. Please send this guy back to Chicago and his terrorist friends. 

Defend Freedom of Religion!

Obama has spent four years undermining our Constitutional freedoms beginning with the freedom of religion. Pass this video around widely. If you value your rights recognize that they are under assautl. Please pray and act.

Is Michelle Obama a Good Role Model?

Occasionally, folks posting comments here ask why I "hate" Michelle Obama and have it in for her. She is, they claim, a great mom, a good role model, etc. Well, aside from the fact that I don't "hate" anybody no matter how evil their agenda, and acknowledging the fact that I'm sure Michelle loves her daughters, she is no role model. 

Let me make my case. First of all, we need heroes for role models. What qualities make a hero? Integrity, courage, kindness, generosity, compassion, sacrifice, humility, and a commitment to serving the common good. In other words, virtuous people who have a heart for the weakest and most vulnerable.

What is integrity if not absolute truthfulness or, as some have defined it, acting the same way when no one is looking. A person of integrity is a truth-teller. He may be mistaken at times, but he always speaks the truth to the best of his ability, takes responsibility for and corrects any mistakes he makes (humility), and refuses to take refuge in excuses (courage). In fact, with a person of integrity, what you see is what you get.

Is Michelle a person of integrity?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did the Ambassador and the Others Have to Die?

The latest revelations about Benghazi show that the White House had information about the nature and seriousness of the attack within two hours. Did the victims have to die? Had Obama taken immediate action, troops could have been at the embassy and the annex within a few hours. Evidence indicates the two Navy seals didn't die until late into the attack, about the seventh hour. Could their lives have been saved? Think about it. Obama goes to bed to get his beauty sleep before his campaign trip to Las Vegas for the big spender banquet while a firefight rages in Libya. Our men apparently were massacred with hardly a thought from the commander in chief. Read this report from World Net Daily:
[R]eports today from several agencies including Reuters and CBS News

Wish I Were So Clever!

When I look at some of the things people think up, I wish I were as clever. I hope this picture reflects the truth. Frankly, I'm not so sure Romney is all that concerned with saving America. But we know from his own words that Barack wants to bring the country down a peg to achieve the dream of his father. 

Sadly, most politicians are only concerned with their own goals: power, money, and/or human respect. 

But the picture is hilarious regardless and kudos to the jokester who thought it up. 

And One More on the Al Smith Dinner

Here's an excellent article (Thanks, Gary) about why Cardinal Dolan was wrong to wine and dine our pro-abort killer-in-chief. I'll give you just two paragraphs from the beginning and the end, but I urge you to read the whole thing, When LOL=AWOL:
A picture is worth a thousand words, thousands of votes, and millions of unborn lives. Such is the case with the image of Cardinal Timothy M.Dolan, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), whooping it up with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at the recent Al Smith Dinner in New York....
In conclusion, the stark image of Cardinal Dolan having a jolly old time with the very man who is presently prosecuting and mocking the Church Dolan claims to represent is a vivid reminder of why the Catholic Church is in its present state of division and confusion. Would Christ have dined, drank, and shared wine with Pontius Pilate on Good Friday to "open dialogue"? Would Our Lord have cracked some zingers while hanging on the cross? Jesus knew the place of humor and dialogue, but He likewise knew when it was inappropriate. Just as a mother knows the absurdity of laughing while telling her children she is serious about something, so too we should readily see how absurd it is to protest someone on Monday, sue them on Tuesday, dine and joke with them on Wednesday, and perhaps play golf with them on Thursday, and expect to be taken seriously by them on Friday. Even the most optimistic proponents of dialogue would have to agree that Christ forgave his persecutors but decided to stop short of group hugs

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama is not only a domestic policy disaster, but a foreign policy disaster as well

This step by step sequence of what happened in Benghazi shows exactly how irresponsible the administration was. It appears it was all about furthering the illusion that the situation in Libya was relatively quiet. Obama has called the deaths of those Americans "not optimal." What it really represented was absolute irresponsibility on the part of a president who has spent four years apologizing to the Muslim world. He did it again after the murders stating over and over how awful and deplorable the silly video was instead of acknowledging what he knew, i.e., that the attack in Benghazi was a well-planned terrorist action. He needs to be held accountable! But the buck never stops at his desk. It's always somebody else's fault.

The Year of Faith

Anyone with eyes to see knows that faith is sorely needed in our world. The collapse of catechesis over the last few generations in the United States has left many Catholics wandering in a desert of ignorance. What an opportunity the Year of Faith that began October 11th is to grasp the invitation to evangelize and be evangelized during this holy year. Ignorance of Scripture, St. Jerome said, is ignorance of Christ. In order to follow the imperative to "know, love, and serve God" we first need to know him through prayer and study. And there is no better teacher than Fr. John Hardon, S.J. who died in 2000. In 1992, Fr. Hardon echoed the call of Pope John Paul II for a re-evangelization of America. He described it as the responsibility of the laity from the very practical consideration that there aren't enough priests and bishops to do it:
In order to achieve this – notice – re-evangelization – the language is the Holy Father’s – to achieve this re-evangelization the laity has certain obligations: to understand their Catholic Faith, to live their Catholic Faith faithfully, to pray their Faith by a growing union with God, to share their Faith by personal – should be personal – conversation and active evangelization; and finally and crucially to suffer for their Faith by uniting their trials – physically and spiritual – in union with Christ for the conversion of sinners and the extension of Christ’s kingdom. 
To read Father's article on evangelization go here.  If you study Fr. Hardon's works you can't help but grow in faith during the next year. And with the knowledge of faith and the outpouring of grace from the Holy Spirit, we can all experience a new Pentecost and go out like the apostles did to transform our world.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Election Prayer

by Servant of God, Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Lord Jesus Christ, You told us to give to the Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God. Enlighten the minds of our people [in] America. May we choose a President of the United States, and other government officials, according to Your Divine Will. Give our citizens the courage to choose leaders of our nation who respect the sanctity of unborn human life, the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of marital relations, the sanctity of the family, and the sanctity of the aging. Grant us the wisdom to give You what belongs to You, our God. If we do this, as a nation, we are confident You will give us an abundance of Your blessings through our elected leaders. Amen.

Pro-Life History: 1993 baby rescue begins at abortionist's home

"If you remain indifferent in time of adversity, your strength will depart from you. Rescue those being dragged to death, and from those tottering to execution withdraw not. If you say, "I know not this man!" does not he who tests hearts perceive it? He who guards your life knows it, and he will repay each one according to his deeds." Proverbs 24: 10-12

Missionaries to the Pre-born took this proverb seriously in 1993 when they prevented Milton Tarver from leaving his home and going to his place of "business" where he would kill babies all day. Instead, rescuers blocked his car and physically put themselves between the abortionist and his victims. How many babies were saved that day? Who knows, but statistics show that about 25% of women prevented from aborting will never return.

What is Milton Tarver doing today - almost 20 years later? I don't know, but there is a Milwaukee Ob-Gyn named Milton G. Tarver who has a Milwaukee listing which does not list abortion as a service. Does he still kill children? Let's pray not.

As for the history of the abortion wars, a pro-lifer warrior has told the story from her perspective. Monica Migliorino Miller has written what's been described as the "best book ever written on abortion." It will take you back to the early days of the movement when babies bodies were retrieved from dumpsters to be given decent burials, when pro-lifers put their bodies between the abortionists and their victims and willingly went to jail as a result.

I read several chapters from the book and urge you to do the same. Would that we had many missionaries to the babies with the courage to continue doing this today when the little ones are still being massacred every day in the death centers of this country. Would that I had the courage now that my children are grown up and no longer dependent on me to return to my rescue days. A few have that courage, like Mary Wagner of Canada. May the Lord call others to imitate her example.

Support Todd Akin for Senate: He's a Solid Pro-Life Conservative

If you want to do something good for the country, send Todd Akin to the Senate. You can donate to his campaign here.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two New American Saints: St. Kateri and St. Marianne

It's an exciting day for American Catholics as the Church raises the Lily of the Mohawks and Mother Marianne of Molokai to sainthood. Christians are called to both a life of prayer and a life of service and these holy women remind us of both.

St. Kateri lost her parents and brother in a smallpox epidemic and was herself severely scarred with impaired eyesight. She was adopted by her maternal uncle and became skilled in all the women's arts of weaving, basket making, etc. When the Blackrobes came to live among the Mohawks, Kateri was drawn to the faith. Her decision to remain a virgin brought persecution and ridicule from the tribe, but she persisted until, finally, with the help of the Jesuits, she left her home near Auriesville in upstate New York and fled to a mission near Montreal. There she devoted herself to prayer and mortification. She died at age 23 or 24 saying, "Jesus, I love you." The epitaph on her gravestone reads, "Kateri Tekawitha, the fairest flower that ever bloomed among red men." Within a few minutes of her death, Kateri's pockmarked complexion became smooth and beautiful reflecting her inner purity.

Mother Marianne of Molokai was a heroine to the people of Hawaii. She arrived in Hawaii with a group of sisters in 1883. In the next few years she opened a hospital and a home for the homeless children of parents who died of leprosy. After the government reinstituted the policy of segregating leprosy patients, she joined Fr. Damien on the island of Molokai and became his successor a few months later when he succumbed to the dreaded disease. Mother Marianne carried through many of the visions Fr. Damien had for the refuge on Molokai and became known as the heroine of Molokai.

St. Kateri and St. Marianne present the ideal of the Catholic apostolate: love God, and love neighbor. They were both committed to prayer and service. Kateri's apostolate was primarily prayer and mortification and Mother Marianne's was to serve the the sick and suffering. Both showed incredible courage as they made difficult choices to answer God's call.

As we celebrate these two new women saints, I can't help thinking of the relentless attack on the Church as a misogynist  institution that denegrates women. St. Kateri and St. Marianne are simply the latest to put the lie to that canard. The Church offers hundreds of strong, courageous women saints for emulation: founders of abbeys like St. Clare and St. Scholastica; mothers and martyrs like St. Perpetua, St. Felicity and St. Margaret Clitherow; mystics and writers like St. Teresa of Avila and St. Edith Stein. The list of women saints shows women at their best, holy and happy serving Our Blessed Lord. Rejoice and be glad! St. Kateri and St. Marianne, pray for us.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Cardinal Sin: Criticizing Bishops

I'm grieving! There was Cardinal Dolan laughing it up with the most pro-abortion president in history at the Al Smith dinner and the other candidate who defends killing children on a lesser scale. And, oh, Cardinal Dolan made such a case defending sitting down with those with whom he disagrees, because if he only ate with saints he'd eat all his meals alone. But this honorable man hasn't always been so discriminating. In 2009, I just learned, the cardinal refused to attend a dinner hosted by Pro-Life Wisconsin. Why? Because Judie Brown, president  of American Life League, was the keynote speaker and Judie, (horrors!) criticizes the actions (and inactions) of the bishops!

So...Promoting the murder of babies in the womb by abortion and advocating infanticide of abortion survivors and forcing Catholics to cooperate in intrinsic evil doesn't disqualify a dinner guest for Cardinal Dolan, but daring to call the bishops to do their duty makes a PRO-LIFE CATHOLIC who's spent her life defending the unborn persona non grata.

Ah...but Cardinal Dolan says Judie criticized the bishops and Cardinal Dolan is an honorable man...So are they all, all honorable men.

Let us weep for our beloved Church.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Let the Persecution Begin?

I agree with Michael Voris that the Church needs serious cleansing, but I can't be so quick to say, "Bring on the persecution." Michael isn't married and has no children. And when I think of the persecution sweeping up my grandchildren, I think of the 14-year-old martyr of Mexico, Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Río depicted in the film about the Cristeros, For Greater Glory. He was brutally tortured before he was ruthlessly murdered for refusing to deny Christ.

Whatever happens in the future, I pray that God gives strength to my children and their families. I wish I were like the mother of the seven sons in the Old Testament who told her boys to die courageously and watched their torture and execution, but I'm a coward who hopes I don't live to see my grandchildren suffer. I'm not like the saints who asked for martyrs' crowns. I don't have that much confidence that I'd hold out. And so I only pray that God gives me the grace to be faithful to the end. But please, Lord, spare me Mary's agony. I don't want to see my children and grandchildren suffer.

Why my good friend Mark won't vote for Romney

I respect Mark who is a fellow rescuer. I met him in a courtroom after an Operation Rescue event at a Virginia abortion mill back in the '80s when several hundred of us were being held for booking. They put us in an Arlington courtroom because there wasn't enough room at the jail. I've argued Mark's position and I agree about lying politicians. I read a statement from National Right to Life yesterday calling Romney "pro-life" and was sickened. Mark's opinion deserves to be heard and I continue to pray about my own vote. We certainly need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, inform our minds and hearts with your love of the unborn.

Hi Mary Ann,

I hope you are doing well. I've been reading your blog entries about the election and I wanted to comment, but I guess that my comments were too long to fit. I think that your earlier analysis back in August was correct. I wanted to tell you why I will not be voting for Romney.

Both Romney and Obama are psychopathic, narcissistic liars.

It matters not which one is President. Nothing will change regarding abortion. Abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy and it will still be no matter which liar is President. Planned Parenthood has been federally funded for decades, regardless of which Party controls Congress or the Presidency, and it will still be federally funded no matter which liar is President.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Michelle Obama Cares about the Children...

...well, some of the children.

The first lady, speaking in Cleveland, OH, recently promoted contraception and the HHS mandate and then had the nerve to say, "We want to give all our children opportunities worthy of their promise – because all of our kids are worthy. Every single child in this country is worthy. We want our children to have that sense of limitless possibility; the belief that here in America, the greatest country on the planet, there is always something better out there if you’re willing to work for it.”

The hypocrisy of this from the most pro-abortion woman in America boggles the mind. Michelle Obama doesn't want "opportunities" for babies targeted for abortion. She doesn't consider babies murdered by Planned Parenthood "worthy." She lies when she says, "Every single child in this country is worthy." She doesn't want "limitless possibility" for babies unwanted by their mothers. There isn't something "better out there" for those little ones. No, the only thing Michelle wants for them is the suction machine and the scissors in the back of the neck. "Their promise" is so much trash to Michelle.

Was Baby Malachi among the "every single child in this country [who are] worthy?" according to Michelle? Hell no! And I mean that word "hell" literally. The Obama philosophy is straight from the bowels of hell.

Wake Up to the Obama Agenda!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Intrinsic Evils, the Catholic Vote, and the Voices of Babies Waiting to be Born

I'm engaged as an onlooker and sometime participant in an email discussion about the merits of the Obama/Biden vs Romney/Ryan tickets with regard to how a Catholic should vote when both candidates support intrinsic evils. I have myself been guilty of over-simplifying the picture as I did in an earlier post. But the question is, at what point is abstaining from the process altogether (at least in the national election) or voting for a third-party candidate with no chance of winning legitimate? If the little ones in the womb could speak, how would they want us to vote?

I decided to examine the two presidential candidates' positions with respect to intrinsic evils. But first the definition: an intrinsically evil act is one that is always evil no matter the circumstances. The life issues are the most obvious cases involving intrinsic evil. There is nothing that can make an abortion acceptable - ever! It is always, in every circumstance, evil.    Someone may object that the Church allows the removal of an ectopic pregnancy or a cancerous uterus even during pregnancy. But those acts are NOT abortions. In both cases, a diseased organ is removed, i.e., the uterus or the fallopian tube and the baby unhappily cannot be saved. But there is nothing done to directly kill the baby and, if technology ever provides artificial wombs, those babies can be saved. Essentially, that is the principle of double effect where the evil that occurs (the death of the child) is not sought or intended.

Other examples of intrinsic evils are embryonic stem cell research which kills a baby at an early stage to cannibalize his cells for the "good" of others who may benefit from research; removing essential, unpaired organs from a still living organ donor causing premature death; both active and passive euthanasia to hasten the death of a person who may or may not be dying; murder (defined as the deliberate killing of an innocent person; and homosexual sex. Obviously forcing others, or attempting to force others, to engage in intrinsic evils also falls into the category of intrinsic evils. None of these acts can ever be justified in any circumstance.

If you compare the two tickets and the positions of the parties, it becomes clear as crystal which team is more committed to intrinsic evil. The Republican platform supports NO intrinsic evils; the Democrat platform includes several. Obama supports: abortion on demand, infanticide by neglect of babies who survive abortion, embryonic stem cell research, federal funding of Planned Parenthood (which has spent millions on political ads for Obama), exporting abortion to foreign countries, taxpayer funding of contraception including abortifacients mislabeled as contraceptives, violation of freedom of religion and conscience rights including forcing Catholic organizations to provide moral evils in their health plans. Obama also supports same-sex "marriage."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mark Steyn is a Hoot and He's not even a Big Bird

I always enjoy listening to Mark Steyn on the radio, but he's just as entertaining in print. This paragraph from a recent article made me laugh:

The United States is the first nation in history whose democracy has evolved to the point where its leader is provided with a wide-body transatlantic jet in order to campaign on the vital issue of public funding for sock puppets. Sure, Caligula put his horse in the Senate, but it was a real horse. At Ohio State University, the rapper introduced the President by playing the Sesame Street theme tune, which, oddly enough, seems more apt presidential walk-on music for the Obama era than "Hail To The Chief." 
Read the rest of the article here.

If They Inflicted This Kind of Pain on Animals, They'd Go to Jail!

Doctors file legal brief; 20 week babies feel pain during abortion

Think of all the pathetic pictures you've seen of animals starved and beaten. Every liberal in the country gets incensed over it; I do too. But how come they think inflicting pain on babies is okay? I keep telling liberals to think of unborn babies as puppies. Then maybe they'd be willing to lift a finger to save them from the barbarism of abortion.

Joe Being Joe...the Laughing Liar

Joe Biden continually accused Paul Ryan of lying during the debate on Thursday night. But he couldn't even get the basics right about what Obamacare will do. Here's the Catholic bishops' correction of Biden's lies [oops, misstatements] on Obamacare during the debate. It was released Friday:

Last night, the following statement was made during the Vice Presidential debate regarding the decision of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to force virtually all employers to include sterilization and contraception, including drugs that may cause abortion, in the health insurance coverage they provide their employees:

Can We Trust the Vote?

This article is pretty chilling when you consider the words of Stalin that it doesn't matter who votes, only who counts the vote. The comment in the article I found particularly disturbing was that Christianity "is systematically [being] replaced by another religion, which worships a different God." Pope Benedict wrote in Truth and Tolerance that wherever politics tries to do the work of God it becomes, not divine, but demonic.  It's easy to see the demonic in our culture of death which creates an environment where man is reduced more and more to the level of a beast or a cog in a machine. Now the question is, what can we, as Catholic Christians, do about it?

The Captive Vote

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do You Think the State of the Country is a Laughing Matter?

More Questions about Gardisil

Gardisil has been a disaster! And the latest question is whether the vaccine caused the onset of menopause in a 16-year-old Australian girl who experienced "premature ovarian failure." Her symptoms began shortly after she received the vaccine and within three years she stopped menstruating completely and all her eggs were dead. The girl's doctor ruled out all other causes and published the results of her findings in the British Medical Journal. If Gardisil is guilty for the infertility, how many others have experienced the same thing? Read more here.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rudeness is a Democratic Staple

If the vice-presidential debate illustrated anything in spades, it was Democrat Joe Biden's monumental, egotistical rudeness. He was contemptuous of his opponent, interrupted every few seconds when Paul Ryan tried to make a point, smirked and guffawed at Ryan's answers, and put a perfect example of bullying before the American people. So much for the Democrats' claim that they want to bring civility to politics. There was no evidence of that last night.

Paul Ryan, on the other hand, waited for Biden to complete his points, never insulted him with a sarcastic "my friend," and generally behaved like a gentleman. Unfortunately, that allowed Biden to get the bulk of time assisted by Martha  Raddatz whose husband was a classmate of Obama's at Harvard and was tapped to head the FCC in the Obama administration. Obama was also a guest at Raddatz's 1991 wedding which was an eyebrow raiser for this viewer. Did her friendship with Obama affect her neutrality in last night's face off?

Raddatz began pretty even-handedly but as the debate wore on she pressed Ryan for specifics even when he gave them and pretty much let Biden off the hook. I'd like to know how much air time each candidate received because Biden interrupted almost every statement Ryan made and Raddatz never made much of an attempt to rein him in, although on foreign policy she did point out several times when Biden talked about military support for Obama's policies that politicians control the military statements.

Pundits say the V-P debate doesn't make much difference and that both men held their own. For me, it was one more illustration of what we're in for if this bullying administration wins another term. God spare us!

Good News for the "Least Ones"

UC San Francisco photo of Yamanaka
Nobel prize winner Shinya Yamanaka may go down in history as the researcher who made embryonic stem cell research obsolete. Quoting moral theologian Fr. Thomas Berg, Catholic News Agency reported:
“Yamanaka will be remembered in history as the man who put human embryonic stem cell research largely out of business, motivated by reflection on the fact that his own daughters were once human embryos,” Fr. Berg, professor of moral theology at St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, N.Y. told CNA Oct. 8...“There is every potential for the morally licit use of the technique developed by Dr. Yamanaka--cell reprogramming. No part of the process need involve ethically tainted source cells,” said Fr. Berg.
The CNA article included a statement from the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community pointing out that  “recently GeronCorp., the world’s leading embryo research company, announced it was closing down its stem cell programme.”

Good news indeed! Now we can work on all the other murderous activities targeting babies in the womb.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Liars and Damn Liars: Deb Butler Fits the Second Category

How do you lie with the truth? Deb Butler illustrates it in the video below as she waves around the wand used in a transvaginal ultrasound implying that's what North Carolina law requires. There's a slight problem, however. North Carolina does NOT require transvaginal ultrasound. The woman's right to know act requires only that the woman see a "real time view" of her baby and his heartbeat. That can be easily done abdominally and is thousands of times every day, not only in doctors' offices, but in imaging centers that advertise baby's first photo as this one does:
Share your experience with up to 20 guests on our 100" theatre screen and 3 viewing monitors....We take the time to make sure your experience is one you will treasure for a lifetime. Friends and family are always welcome.  We use the State-of-the-Art GE Voluson 730 Expert 4D system for the best picture quality. All of the amazing pictures in our image gallery were taken at our centers. Please see comments from customers who have visited our centers.
Wow...really invasive! How many women go for abdominal ultrasounds to get prenatal pictures of their babies for the baby book? It is no more invasive than rubbing sunscreen on your belly. But pro-aborts don't want women to see their babies because most women will not go through with an abortion. It's actually kind of appropriate for Deb Butler to be waving that wand around. The only thing she's missing is a pointy hat and a poisoned apple. [Thanks, Gary, for sending me the video.]

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stacey Dash Faces Vicious Attack for Supporting Romney

What do you think...will her career be toast since liberals run Hollywood?  She's under vicious attack, but that's the Democrat way! And is the administration that pays lip service to civility running to her defense like Obama did for Sandra Fluke? (Yeah...when hell freezes over.) If you want to see the Democrat way in the swing state of Virginia, Albemarle County, go here.

More CCHD Poison

While hoping that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development will actually be reformed, faithful Catholics are right to remain skeptical. Prudence dictates continued withholding of contributions from this "Catholic" in name only charity that funnels money to so many immoral organizations. Michael Hichborn details the latest head shaker in his article about the Chelsea Initiative, a group that promotes homosexual activism. CCHD actually tried to convince this pro-homosexual group to KEEP their $40,000 grant after the group returned it saying they could not comply with CCHD rules. HUH? Can somebody at CCHD explain this? Sounds like Chelsea has more integrity than CCHD! Here's what Hichborn says: 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Planned Parenthood: Using Your Taxes to Elect Obama

It's not surprising that PP is spending beaucoup bucks to re-elect their puppet. He's been a PP promoter since day one and promises them more and more and more. There should be a congressional investigation into this in view of the fact that PP is practically a government agency! 

Planned Parenthood Sinks $800K Into More Ads Attacking Romney

Obama's Wedding Ring and Its Inscription

Do you have an inscription on your wedding ring? Perhaps initials and a date inscribed on the inside? After my husband lost his first wedding ring in the ocean I had a new inscription engraved that echoed Portia in The Merchant of Venice when she returned Bassanio's ring after taking it disguised as a lawyer. "Keep this better than the other." But Obama's ring doesn't celebrate his love for Michelle. Nope. Read this article and find out what's so interesting about Obama's ring. Maybe he didn't misspeak after all when he described his "Muslim faith" to George Stephanopoulos.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Parents Fight Back

Salem-Keizer Parents Fight Planned Parenthood in their Schools

Just think if parents in every school district in the country began organizing opposition to Planned Parenthood having access to their children. Planned Parenthood is only interested in sexualizing kids because they are a big source of their income. If the PP model of sex/contraception/abortion instruction worked at reducing teen  sexual activity, pregnancy, STDs, abortions, etc. there'd be evidence. After all, they've been at it for several generations. I was fighting PP-style sex ed in Fairfax County back in the '70s.

PP doesn't care about teen's physical or mental health. How many teen suicides are related to sexual immorality? When kids are involved sexually there's a lot more invested in a relationship. The third highest cause of death of young people between 15 and 24 is suicide.

Find out if PP is involved in your school. Does it have a Gay-Straight Alliance group. They are also in the business of promoting immoral sexual behavior masquerading as anti-bullying. Parents must fight back! Letting your kids be on the front line in the schools is like warriors with bows and arrows fighting against machine guns. The adults in the school have superior weapons. Don't let your kids be casualties in the sexual revolution.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wow! How Times Have Changed

I've been a warrior in the abortion wars since before Roe v. Wade. I remember the days when politicians avoided the issue like the plague. In fact, I remember one pro-life politician telling us not to press him on the issue publicly because it would lose him votes without gaining him anything.

How times have changed. Since losing the debate last Wednesday, Obama has made abortion his centerpiece issue. He's not afraid to proclaim from the housetops that his reason for passing Obamacare was to make free contraception and abortion available to all and there'll be no going back. And then there's the e-card that appeared on Obama's official Tumblr site telling women to "Vote like your lady parts depend on it":

The administration claims it was a mistake, that the e-card wasn't properly reviewed. Really ? In view of Obama's continuous clamoring for the right to fornicate freely at taxpayer expense, it's easy to believe this was, in fact, thoroughly vetted and considered appropriate -- that is until the critics began pointing out that women are more than their body parts. (Well, some women are anyway. The ones parading around dressed as pink vaginas don't seem to think so.) 

I for one am glad to see abortion/contraception take center stage. The moral issues are the central issues of our day and the murder of children needs to be exposed and opposed loudly. Every politician must be pressed on this issue. Today's clerk of the court may be tomorrow's candidate for Congress. 

In 1973 the pro-aborts declared the war over and they told the world they had won. No one would care any more about abortion, they said. They were wrong -- dead wrong. Today, the war is as alive as ever and new soldiers are entering the battle. Adults who survived abortion or were conceived as a result of rape are testifying to the world that their lives had value while they were in the womb. Young people who realize that a third of their peers were destroyed in abortion mills are forming pro-life flash mobs to declare that life is beautiful. Abortion mill workers continue to leave their gruesome jobs and publicly repent. Counselors at pregnancy help centers continue to provide aid and compassion to women facing pregnancy in difficult circumstances. Somewhere every day a sidewalk warrior is praying and offering help to a desperate mom about to enter a killing center. And the reports from the field are filled with the good news of saved babies and repentant sinners. The end to abortion is inevitable as long as the Church Militant remains in the fight. 

So rejoice that the issue is front and center in this political season. Be a voice for the babies, praying and working for an end to abortion. No one who supports these evils is truly happy and it is our destiny to be happy with Jesus Christ. On the front lines, love the enemy and do good to those who hate you. It's love that will be the burning ember that sparks a fire of conversion. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Hear "NO!" from the Pulpit!

Every good parent knows that a big dose of parenting requires the wisdom to say, "No," when it's necessary. Teaching our children self-control means limiting many choices. Moderation means saying no to excess. Growing in virtue means saying no to sinful inclinations. If the bishops and clergy had been preaching to married couples the necessity of saying no to contraception, how different things would be today! So two thumbs up to Mike Voris for this episode of The Vortex. And let's pray that the bishops and their spiritual sons preach more "No to sin" sermons from the pulpit.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who Was Debating Romney Last Night

President Obama is trying to minimize the damage of last night's debate by saying, Romney wasn't the "real" Romney. He's got a problem, though, because Obama WAS the real Obama, the candidate who plans to let the Bush tax cuts expire so he can hammer "the super rich." Only problem: re-imposing those taxes will hammer small business owners who are the biggest job creators in the country. The "real" Obama is a man who divides, builds support on class envy, and advocates the murder of millions of future taxpayers.

So will the real Obama please stand up.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Representative of a Colonial Empire meets our Anti-Colonialist in Chief

In view of the Obama administration sending Sir Winston packing (Remember how the president hates colonialists!), it's interesting to consider what the British leader might have to say to the president.

The Truth about John Dewey, Social Engineer and Mind-Numbing Socialist

Changing a culture begins with social engineering, and social engineering begins with verbal engineering. Think about it. Abortion in most people's minds isn't connected to killing children; it's "freedom of choice," and as American as apple pie. The death peddlars don't sell euthanasia by promoting starvation and dehydration. They label it "dignity in dying."

Children in the classroom have always been the social engineer's target. Control the minds of the children and you control the future. And Dewey's future was socialism. He wasn't interested in bringing about change through politics. That gives the people too much control. No, his medium of change was the classroom - teaching the teachers to indoctrinate the children. Dewey was brilliant and his impact is evident in the dumbing down of America, where kids working at Lowes can't measure a piece of window glass, where voters don't know that there are three branches of government, etc.  Give Dewey credit; he deserves it. He was the education emperor behind many modern methods that teach the goal of education isn't to seek the truth, but to build cooperation and conformity. Today, many Americans are onto the truth about John Dewey, the great mind number.

The education emperor has no clothes!

John Dewey is a Fraud

"We Own This?" Now Where Did the Hoodlums Get that Idea?

Hey, small business owner, you didn't build that!

For more read this.  And now tell me, what are these small business owners supposed to do? What about the law abiding people who have to live in that neighborhood - what are they supposed to do?  Where the heck are the parents of these teenage thugs? And what kind of city is Detroit? Who would want to live there?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rationing is "Inevitable....We Need Death Panels," Says Obama Adviser

The media may be ignoring it, but the fact is all the critics of Obamacare are right. Read the article here. Do you think Obama's health care will be rationed? How about George Soros? Let's face it, all Americans are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Christians Arrested on White House Sidewalk!

Exactly why should the White House sidewalk be designated a restricted zone for free speech? If any places are most appropriate for defending fundamental rights of our Constitution they are in front the White House, in front of the Supreme Court, and in front of the Capitol, the sites that symbolize the three branches of government. A big thank you to the courageous Christians who took their message to White House! 

Police Stop Prayers Outside White House

The pictures of Christians praying on the sidewalk reminded me of the suffragettes arrested by Woodrow Wilson for demanding the vote. We know who won that battle.

Suffragettes demonstrated for the right to vote. Christians' are demonstrating for something even more fundamental -- the right to freedom of religion. Let's remind President Obama of statements he made at the U.N.:
"[O]ur Constitution protects the right to practice free speech. Here in the United States, countless publications provoke offense. Like me, the majority of Americans are Christian, and yet we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred a diverse society, efforts to restrict speech can become a tool to silence critics." 
President Obama has attempted to restrict free speech on numerous occasions. His actions against people of faith are even more egregious. The right to freedom of religion is the first right guaranteed by our Constitution. If President Obama can eliminate that right through the HHS mandate, can loss of free speech be far behind?

Don Feder Paints a Grim Picture of the Past Four Years...

...and the next four if Obama is re-elected. We'll see in November just how stupid (or not) the electorate is. Message to Obama Voters

To sum up Feder's article:
What Obama's accomplished:
44 months of 8% unemployment - "the longest sustained period of high unemployment since the Great Depression. (It would be 11% if we counted those who’ve given up looking for work.)" 
Increased the national debt by 50% which equals higher prices - "the price of beef has gone from $3.69 to $6.99 lb. We’re paying for Obama’s deficit-spending binge at the checkout counter... the price of a gallon of gas has gone up 107%. (It’s now about $3.79 a gallon)."

Destruction of energy industries - "he’s closed down 12% of coal-fired energy plants....To give you an idea of how little [oil] exploration is going on, federal revenues from offshore leases plummeted from $9.4 billion in 2008 to $36 million last year. Besides furthering Obama's maniacal green agenda, the war on domestic energy production has the added advantage of making us more dependent on the president’s Middle East friends".

Obamacare will kill you: "Obamacare aims at covering 30 million uninsured while limiting the profits and administrative costs of insurance companies. This will eventually drive them out of the health-insurance business, result in a single-payer system (Obama’s goal all along), lead to a shortage of doctors, and end in rationing of services – death committees by another name."
And you're voting for this "bloodless idealogue who doesn't care who suffers"....why?

Happy Feast Day to all the Thereses I know!

Today is the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church, who taught her "little way" to holiness. - to pick up a pin for the love of Christ. Her Story of a Soul is a beautiful explanation of her way of holiness. And to think that she accomplished her goal in twenty-four years.

How many of us are still struggling with the same sins and faults in old age? Ask St. Therese for help. She promised she would use her heaven doing good on earth. She's just waiting for you to ask.  St. Therese, pray for us and teach us your little way to holiness.