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Thursday, October 18, 2018

How Do You Deal with Stress?

"Music has charms to soothe a savage breast."
To say the least, the past few months have been a tsunami of pain for our family. My grandson'ssuicide in May was followed in September by my brother's unexpected final illness and death.

A few weeks prior to that my sister fell, was hospitalized and transitioned to a rehab center where it was determined she wasn't really safe to go home.  Now, since I'm her power of attorney, my husband and I are dealing with the challenge of cleaning out her apartment and getting all her paperwork in order. Over 30 years of accumulation makes for quite a sorting job. On top of that, she's stressed by all the changes as well and is not exactly a ray of sunshine. Some days I'm frustrated with her, but try not to lose my own equilibrium.

Nabi Sayeth: The Games They Played in the Seminary!

This 2002 exposé burst the
lid off the scandalous goings
on in American seminaries!
Nabi sayeth: To understand the pain that has been inflicted on our people one must look deeply into the causes for such problems, most especially, at the training received by the seminarians who would one day become priests.

And while there are some good schools which are faithful to the Catholic Church’s teachings some have not been so faithful, some have rejected Catholic doctrine.

One of the seminaries used most often and for many years by the diocese in WV is located in Baltimore. And what did many of our seminarians encounter when they entered the doors of this institution in the 70-80’s?
  • Women were permitted to take classes along with the seminarians.
  • The Rosary was not prayed by the seminary community. If one was found to be praying the Rosary regularly one’s vocation could be called into question by the faculty evaluation committee. Yes, there were those whose use of the Rosary was called into question and they were labeled “too traditional” and not psychologically fit.

Out of Africa: The Youngest Dioceses in the World at the Synod!

Cardinal Napier criticized the "Eurocentric"
nature of youth synod documents, a particular
oversight since the youngest Church in the
 world is on the continent of Africa --
vibrant and growing! "Go Catholic Africa!"
I haven't written much about the youth synod up to now -- well -- except about the pope accepting the stang from the girl wearing the red string bracelet at the opening Mass.

Why is that, I wonder?

It certainly isn't because I'm not interested. But
I've pretty much avoided the news reports up to now and closed my eyes to all the journalists and bloggers and Facebook comments reporting on the synod.

Perhaps it's just too depressing.

After all, the youth are the future of the world...and the Church. And my heart drops into my shoes when I consider how the culture and evil men in roman collars gobble up the bodies and souls of our children. They pay lip service to the abortion holocaust as the bruised and battered bodies of Christ's little ones pile up to heavens screaming for justice. The angst and mourning of these men is reserved for the abuse of the rain forest and those invading our country. Say another Mass at the border; name another sanctuary city. Ignore the babies "buried" in America's landfills.

It's insane!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Unmasking the False Shepherds: Cardinal Maradiaga

Cardinal Maradiaga, Marxist defender
of the indefensible.
Nabi pointed out earlier today how the false shepherds ravage the flock. He's unmasked some of them in the diocese of Wheeling and Charleston.

But a host of these evil men have wormed their way into the bowels of the Vatican like parasites who suck the life out of their hosts. And that's what they are attempting to do to Holy Mother Church.

We'll look at some of them over the next few weeks. Pray for the Lord to deal with them in the way they deserve and to bring us true shepherds after His own heart to feed the flock.

Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga: 

Nabi Sayeth: The Health of the Flock Depends on the Shepherd!

Obvious Answer! 
Editor's Note: Our shepherds are spiritual physicians. If they dispense a healthy prescription --an example of truth, virtue, goodness, beauty and respect for others -- they encourage a healthy flock. If they dispense poison -- an example of lies, corruption, greed, lust, pride, and contempt for others -- they create the diocese from hell. Even in those dioceses, however, one can find faithful shepherds, but it is much more difficult. 

The moral? Pray and fight for orthodoxy and support faithful and holy priests! And don't tolerate bishops who hide the truth and cover up the corruption. It needs to be exposed. McCarrick could only continue living his double life because his activities were hidden -- Pope Benedict failed us by not publicly admonishing McCarrick and letting the faithful know he had levied sanctions against him. Shame on them all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Climbers, Climbers Everywhere nor any Saint amongst Them!

The only ladder worth climbing
leads to heaven. Painting: Jacob's
Dream by William Blake
Nabi sayeth...Climbers, climbers everywhere …..and tragically in Our Lord’s Holy Church.
Have you ever wondered why, especially when Our Lord Jesus teaches just the opposite?

Luke 14: 7-14

He told a parable to those who had been invited, noticing how they were choosing the places of honor at the table.
“When you are invited by someone to a wedding banquet, do not recline at table in the place of honor. A more distinguished guest than you may have been invited by him,

Monday, October 15, 2018

You Can Do Something for LIFE: Go to the Gosnell Movie

UPDATE October 15 -- 

“Gosnell” Movie Profiling Serial-Killer Abortionist Breaks Top 10 Nationally Despite Media Blackout 

Nabi Sayeth: There's a Sinister Back Story to the Homosexual Infestation of the Church

St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore, known for
years as the Pink Palace
for its homosexual infestation.
Nabi asketh: Have you ever wondered - why do so many homosexuals end up in the Roman Catholic priesthood? What’s the attraction?

From the outset, it is important to know that for many it has nothing to do with a desire to grow in holiness. Nor does it really have anything to do with serving Jesus or His people.

The Catholic seminary and priesthood beginning years ago became a safe haven for homosexual males. A priest who had attended a seminary where most priests of the diocese in WV had attended told Nabi about an encounter that occurred involving a fellow WV seminarian, Jeff Catlett, a nephew of the former great WVU basketball coach, Gale Catlett.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche

The first Marian shrine in the United States was founded by the Spanish in La Florida in what is now the city of St. Augustine dedicated to Our Lady of La Leche. Learn more about this beautiful place and the history behind it here.

Pastor Andrew Brunson Prays for President Trump

Pastor Andrew Brunson kisses the American flag 
after his release from Turkey. Colin Kaepernick
could take a lesson from Pastor Brunson. 
After two years in a Turkish prison Pastor Andrew Brunson has been freed through the intervention of President Trump. The Presbyterian clergyman faced decades in jail for "christianization" of the Islamic country.

The ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) has fought hard for Brunson's and had this to say about his release:

Who's Violent? You Need to Watch This and Pray for the Midterms!

The mainstream media HATES Donald Trump. They have  attacked Donald Trump and anyone who supports him since even before he won the Republican primary. If they retake the Congress in the midterms we are in real trouble. Their party is the party of baby-killing and baby-body sales, tax and spend, open borders, violence and harassment against opponents, political correctness, and calumny and slander as political tools.

Nabi Sayeth: How Sick is Sick?

Motto of NAMBLA -- "Sex before
eight or else it's too late! 
Nabi sayeth: There is a sick, perverted and very dangerous movement that is subtly and deceptively gaining acceptance if not tacit approval by politicians, intellectuals, radical feminists, and yes, even the hierarchy of the Church. The movement is rooted in the concept known as pederasty, sexual activity between men and boys/teens. Adherents can be found in such groups as NAMBLA: The North American Men/Boy Love Association. Please note: By love, NAMBLA does not mean the kind of love for children to which Jesus calls His disciples in the Gospels. No, the sexual deviants understand child love as an erotic art form. As the result, boys/teens are seen and used simply as objects of sexual pleasure.

NAMBLA is attempting to join forces with the LGBTQ movement but even some members of the LGBTQ movement are repulsed by NAMBLA and its thinking. Others think that by aligning themselves with groups such as NAMBLA harm will be done to the LGBTQ movement.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: A Sad but Enlightening Story

Nabi sayeth: in addition to our Holy Scriptures and the Catholic Church’s teachings, the Greek classics offer profound examples of wisdom to those who are humble enough to receive it. Here is a most important example that certainly addresses the tragic situation in West Virginia…..

Perhaps you have heard of the ancient Greek legend of Narcissus.  He was supposedly the son of a river god.  A seer had told his mother that her son must never see his reflection if he were to mature into manhood.  For that reason, everything that threw off an image, such as metal, was removed from her son's grasp.  But one day Narcissus found a spring that formed a pool filled with crystal-clear water.  As he stooped down to take a drink from the pool, he saw his reflection on the surface of the pool.  He fell desperately in love with himself, and seeking to embrace himself, he fell into the water and he drowned.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Homosexual Clergy Scandal and Money Scandals Go Together like Bread and Butter!

Bread and butter and circuses for everyone!
And Pope Francis wields the butter knife!

Is the Purification of Holy Mother Church really on his agenda? The signs aren't good, that's for sure, and Cardinal Wuerl's treatment this week sends up a whole pole of red flags. 

Yes, Pope Francis accepted Wuerl's resignation. He's also, inexplicably, made him apostolic administrator for D.C. until a replacement is selected and is praising him to the skies. 

How do you think the unhappy flock of the Archdiocese feel about that? I don't know what you think; it sure smells rotten to me. But I can't say I'm too surprised. It fits with everything we've seen from the Francis papacy. Check out these articles.

Nabi Sayeth: The Sordid History of Wheeling Charleston Goes WAAAAY Back!

Turning the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston
into an enclave for the pink and lavender
crowd has been a decades-long project!
Nabi sayeth….When one delves into the not so distant past of the diocese in WV, something very sinister begins to appear...that of a bishop who laid the “blacktop” for the highway to Lavender hell. Bishop Joseph Hodges came to, WV from the Tidewater area of Virginia just before the Second Vatican Council was convened. During his time he:
  • Subsidized the minor seminary in Vienna, WV. The school was set up for junior high and senior High school boys. Numerous Lavender priests taught on the faculty. Pat Condron, a native of Ireland was credibly accused of sodomizing boys there. He left there, was defrocked and now lives as a layman. Clergyman Bob Park, who works at the chancery and who is an active promoter of the Lavender lifestyle taught there as well.

MBO Part 2: What is the Emerging Church

I began this article yesterday with some important background information about Management By Objective, which you can read here if you missed it.  I originally was hoping to discover information about how MBO might apply to the Democrat Party, since it seemed obvious to me they cared little about anything but their end result.  I still think there is a connection, but from my first click on the internet I began to uncover information I never imagined would have anything to do with MBO or its founder, Peter Drucker.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Commercial Break: Grandparents Rule (Book)

We've been posting a lot of serious things lately and truly IT CAN BE DEPRESSING! So I thought a break from the bad things going on in the family of the Church and a look at grandparenting 101 was in order. I love the grandma in the video below: a cookie-baking, grandchild-entertaining grandma.

At my house, grandma bakes, does crafts, plays Kings in the Corners and Go Fish, works puzzles, gives cooking lessons, stops for a visit at Church to light a candle on the way to the ice cream shop etc. Grandpa (named Paka by our oldest grandchild) gives tractor rides and bike riding lessons, pushes swings, tutors math, etc..

A Plan For Any Purpose--MBO

In the long drawn out process from the announcement of his name to his swearing in, what EXACTLY did we witness in the process of putting Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court?

ANSWER:  All out war.  A war of them against us.  A war against Constitutionalist Conservatism and God. 
And how was it fought by them? 

ANSWER:  I believe, it was using the philosophy of Peter Drucker. 

Nabi Sayeth: NO! No Homosexuals in the Priesthood!

On this they agree: NO HOMOSEXUALS
Nabi asketh: What about the word “NO” do the Lavenders not understand???

The teaching of the Catholic Church is tried, tested and True. However, we live in a subjective relativistic culture where even the most basic of truths are called into question and/or rejected. For instance, the pathetic debate on “gender identity.” What about Jesus’ words, “He created them MALE and FEMALE…” do they not understand? One may say, “But I FEEL like I am a female”, when they are, in fact, biologically a male, however, that does not change reality. As a farmer once said, “You can put lipstick on a pig but if it ‘oinks’, it’s still a pig”!

Two consecutive popes explicitly mandated a position that has been held by our Beloved Catholic Church for centuries: Homosexuals are not to become priests…

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: How Could It Happen? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Climbers love photo ops with
powerful men in the Church! 
Nabi Sayeth: Many good and decent people, people who have been faithful to Our Lord and His Holy Church are asking: “How could this be….how could a man such as Michael Bransfield rise to such a powerful position and remain in that position for so long?” In what follows, please find my humble attempt to illustrate how such a thing happened to the good people of West Virginia:
  • It is crystal clear that the “Who loves Uncle Teddy” philosophy dominated bishop appointments for many years, especially in the eastern section of the US. Bransfield was rector (manager) of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC at the exact same time that “Cardinal” MCCarrick CONTROLLED Washington, DC. MCCarrick had a major connection to more than one pope and was “friends” with numerous Vatican department heads (the departments are called “congregations). As soon as the diocese in West Virginia became open due to the retirement of bishop Schmitt, Bransfield’s new “home” was ready for occupation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Nabi Sayeth...Clean Up Our Beloved Church!

Nabi Sayeth: The clean up and disinfecting of our beloved Catholic Church has begun and it must not stop until completed.

Bishops, Lavender clergy, and unfortunately, members of the laity, often affluent, have together allowed incredible harm to be done to our children, teens and young adults. In addition, the “higher ups” including the papal nuncio (stationed in DC and who serves as the pope’s point man in the US), Vatican cardinals and department heads, and tragically, even the Pope himself, have allowed the WV cover ups to occur and continue without fear of exposure or discipline. Everyone covers for everyone else!

One such cover up involved a clergyman who, though “retired,” continues to fill in at parishes around the diocese. Pat Wash is a very sick sexual deviant.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Parents Beware, Msgr. Dean Borgmeyer is a Porn-Loving Pastor

Rev. Msgr. Dean Borgmeyer
Nabi sayeth: If a clergyman is not happy with the Holy Catholic Church and if he cannot assent to Her teachings then he must go….pure and simple. If he is afflicted with sexual lusts and addiction, especially for boys, teens, young men, he must be expelled from Holy ministry. We live in a free country, for now, so his options for a religious experience are aplenty if he cannot live the way of the Church.

Several bishops in recent history have supported the climb of one particular clergyman who made his way “to the top” as vicar of a vicariate. He is currently pastor of a parish with both a Catholic grade school and high school. And yes, young boys and teens are in attendance. [Editor's note: Nabi refers to Dean Borgmeyer, pastor of St. Joseph's in Huntigton, who was made a "my lord" by FORMER Bishop Bransfield in early 2018. See the announcement here. Consider how the lavender mafia advances and raises its own to positions of greater power.] 

Acting the Part

One of the great things about being a kid is having the chance to dabble in things without having to be serious about any of them.  I for instance dabbled in ballet dancing when I was age 7-10 and a little tap dancing and some acrobatics.  I enjoyed the costumes and the recitals and getting the experience of being on a stage with real foot lights and a live orchestra in the pit.  Priceless. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Creating a New Page for Nabi's Posts

The words of a prophet should burn like the fire that cauterizes a wound after its purification. That is what the words of Nabi do: expose and cut out the putrefaction and cauterize with the truth.

Today I created a separate page, "Nabi Sayeth," listing all the articles to date. If you've missed any of  Nabi's posts you can check them all out on the page listed in the index on the right. Everything Nabi has stated is spot on. We need men like Nabi in every diocese in the country, particularly those heavily infested by the lavender mafia. I hope prophets rise up to expose the filth in Chicago under Bernardin and now Cupich and in New Jersey under Tobin and in Los Angeles under Mahony and his pals. That would be a good beginning, but only a beginning. Check back here often for new listings added to the page. And pray for Holy Mother Church and for Nabi who loves her with heart on fire. (And I'd appreciate a few prayers too.)

Nabi Sayeth: How Much Did the Faithful Pay for Bransfield’s Life of Luxurious Debauchery?

Editor's Note: Have you ever noticed how many of the lavender mafia are engaged in all kinds of nefarious activities to finance their lurid lifestyles? How much money gets lifted from the collection basket? Do the parish financial procedures protect the integrity of the flock's donations? Here's just one story about a "my lord" who used his position to defraud and embezzle hundreds of thousands from the Church. MSGR Arsenault (Isn't it interesting how so many of the gay guys get that title?), a top aide to his bishop, . Sound familiar? If you're reading Nabi's posts, it is sickeningly so! 

Is Francis' Stang a Laudato Si/Sr Dorothy Stang Stang?

Could Pope Francis' stang - for a stang it clearly is - symbolize the "our Sister, Mother Earth" of Laudato Si, and Sr Dorothy Stang all rolled into one, carved as one entity symbolizing everything together - the crucifixion of the rain forest, the killing and therefore according to Pope Francis, the martyrdom of Sr Dorothy Stang and the care of our common home, Mother Earth, as mandated in Laudato Si?

At some time in the near future will we hear how someone had the idea of some sort of symbol for the pope to carry at the 2018 Synod on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment? 

And will the end result of that creative license be the stang Pope Francis carried at the opening Mass symbolizing Sr Dorothy Stang, the crucifixion of the rain forests, Laudato Si, and Francis himself as the new St Francis of Assissi "embracing our Sister, Mother Earth? 

Pope's Stang = Sr Dorothy Stang, the Martyr of the Amazon 
Wood carved to look like bamboo = the rain forest
Christ crucified = Laudato Si's crucifixion of the rain forests and Mother Earth
The seed = the hope of making Catholic youth into social justice warriors

A person commenting on Fr Z's blog about what the big stick was that Francis was wielding hit the nail on the head - Bibi1003 said: "It's precious wood pierced by a nail, obviously symbolizing the crucifixion of the rain forests." 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: A Soul is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

Nabi Sayeth: Many years ago the American Negro College Fund publicized the fund’s motto widely: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” How true! But Nabi sayeth that this motto while important falls short of what could easily be the motto of Catholic schools: “A soul would be a terrible thing to waste.”

This leads to a most important question:

Thursday, October 4, 2018

So...Did the Pope Carry the Satanic Stang at the Opening Mass of the Youth Synod?

Check out Susan's post and compare the pope's ferula (which differs from a bishop's crozier which is shaped like a shepherd's crook and is usually a ball with a cross) to the satanic stang. Hmmm....Sure looks like a stang doesn't it! Ann Barnhardt has a chilling article about the stang and the pope's use of it here. Of course the youth who gave it to the pope had a different explanation for it, (Surprise!) but that would be expected wouldn't it? The devil can appear as an angel of light. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What the Hell is THAT?

Nabi Sayeth: God’s Divine Justice is Coming!

Nabi sayeth: Our Most Holy God has the most amazing of ways to mete out His Divine Justice. Even in times when there seems to be so much darkness in and surrounding our Beloved Catholic Church, we must remember and be renewed in the words of our Lord in Matthew 28: 20….

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Gaslighting - What is That? A Crash Course for Beginners

Yep, I'm a #MeToo victim of gaslighting and had just watched GASLIGHT (making comparisons) on YouTube a few days before Steve Skojec's September 25th article - Pope Francis is Gaslighting You. That's a Form of Spiritual Abuse - on his One Peter Five blog. The coincidence led me to want to warn others about this evil psychological abuse.

See the cartoon of Hillary gaslighting by her deceit and lies? Now, in your mind, replace her face with that of Pope Francis (since I couldn't find an equivalent cartoon for him), or spouse, relative, friend or co-worker and in one quote have him/them tell you something you want to hear, then in the next quote have him/them contradict what he/they just said. That's gaslighting. It's systematic deception used as a manipulation tactic to gain power, and Pope Francis is an expert at it

Nabi Sayeth: Beware a House Built on Sand!

Nabi’s post today hits very close to home. My husband’s childhood parish was Corpus Christi in the Warwood suburb of Wheeling. He attended the elementary school there. We both knew Fr. Myles well. He celebrated the weddings of several of Larry’s siblings and the 50th wedding anniversary Mass of his parents. I always looked forward to a brief chat with Father whenever we visited Warwood. Please pray for the repose of Fr. Myles’ soul and for all the faithful shepherds who are among the victims of evil bishops!

Nabi presents unto Thee the words of Jesus which went unheeded by those who lusted for high places….

Monday, October 1, 2018

Please Pray Psalm 40...

The Kavanaugh family
...for the Kavanaugh family and for the nation. The Internet says that Ashley Kavanaugh has asked people to pray Psalm 40 for her family and the nation. I'm not certain if this is correct information, however praying Psalm 40 can only help the Kavanaugh's and our nation against the wicked evil conniving to destroy all that is good and holy. 


The happiness of him that shall believe in Christ; notwithstanding the humility and poverty in which he shall come: the malice of his enemies, especially of the traitor Judas.

To Tell The Truth

When I was growing up my parents and I enjoyed watching the television show, To Tell the Truth.  There was a panel of celebrities whose task it was to determine the one person out of three contestants who was actually telling the truth about the details of their life, which was described at the beginning by an mc in colorful detail.  It often included some feat of heroism, or extraordinary skill, or unique accomplishment. 

Nabi Sayeth: The Master Will Proclaim, “Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant.”

Nabi  sayeth...A life is a sacred thing, a gift from God. Any philosophy, political system or social group that denies the sanctity of each human life through prejudice runs contrary to Catholic thinking. 

There have been times, however, in recent history when a type of “classism” existed in certain Catholic seminaries. 

A clergyman once told Nabi about a sickening experience that occurred at the school he attended, one of the oldest in the country located in Baltimore.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Who’s Teaching the Teachers?

As you read the nabi’s post, consider that while priests were receiving horrendous indoctrination in the seminaries, laity attending Catholic colleges were also being indoctrinated in modernism. Today, any student attending a Jesuit college is likely to be exposed to gay pride events, queer film festivals, the V-monologues, etc. Only a handful of Catholic colleges teach the faith in all its glory. The attack on reason by the faith wreckers continues while the attacks on the liturgy magnify the destruction. When you see how often promotion of the gay lifestyle is involved, it is reasonable to assume the lavender mafia is a driving force behind the carnage.

Nabi sayeth: One of the primary duties of a clergyman is to teach. But have you ever wondered who teaches the teachers?  

Of course, the first teachers the future clergymen encounter are their professors at the seminary, often clergymen and sisters.

One clergyman told Nabi about some of the teachers he encountered at seminary:

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Beware the Lavender Amigos

Nabi sayeth: The cover up and infestation by the Lavender Mafia is deep, thick and has been long-term. Nabi spoke with a clergyman who recalls a particular episode that occurred in 1984 at the seminary of choice for the diocese in WV that will illustrate vividly the cover up games that have been played.

Friday, September 28, 2018

School Teaches 6 Year-Old Children to Write Homosexual Love Letters

Educate and Celebrate LGBT members
celebrating corruption of innocent children
Please copy and paste the link below to your browser to see the video (45 seconds) since I cannot find it on YouTube. It belongs to the BBC however is not on their channel either.

The above school is in Warrington, south of Manchester, England. They teach about LGBT relationships and sexual orientation terms BEFORE children have been given general sex education lessons. Parents cannot opt their children out of the LGBT classes because they are part of the mandatory health curriculum.

The curriculum used to teach sodomy to innocent children is Educate and Celebrate, supported by the BBC.

In the video the teacher encourages the children to write a same sex love letter: "You're Prince Henry. You're going to tell Thomas why it's brilliant idea for him to marry you."

Yes, isn't it just brilliant. At the Personal Judgement after God asks her what she did with her life while on Earth, this teacher will say, "I taught sodomy to innocent children, then turned around and persecuted your Church for sodomite activity by the priests. I know that's a double standard, God, but the priests were old enough to know that they shouldn't do that to innocent children."

Nabi Sayeth: If the Chancery Walls Could Talk, What a Story They Would Tell!

Nabi asketh: Where have all the Good Servants gone?

During FORMER Bishop Bransfield and his Lavender circle’s reign of opulence, numerous devoted, faithful and self-sacrificial people were “disappeared” from Diocesan positions. Why? Because they were devoted and faithful TO OUR LORD and generous in the amount of time they gave in service. But that wasn’t good enough for the crew.

The Eighth Commandment and Brett Kavannaugh

From the time I was old enough to read and reason, I’ve been aware of the eighth commandment, though as a child it didn’t have a lot of meaning for me.  We teach little ones to be truthful, naturally, but other than “because I said so” I didn’t know for a long time WHY this was important enough to be included in the Decalogue. 

Know Thy History: KHARTOUM - Spoiler Alert! Everyone Dies

The death of General Charles George Gordon
Khartoum, January 26, 1885
Has Islam changed since the fall of Khartoum in 1885? Have the current-day British changed their naive stance on Islam since 1885? Has Islam changed for the better since its founding by Muhammad in 610 - that is, is it no longer a religion of bloodthirsty, violent, evil, rampaging Muslim fanatics out to kill anyone who is non-Muslim, but is suddenly today a religion of peace?

The answers are no, no and no. Under Islam everyone dies, "everyone" being non-Muslims. Therefore, the future under Islam is the same today as in the past - non-Muslims must convert to Islam or die. 

Below is a link to the 1966 two hour film (in color) Khartoum starring Charlton Heston as General Charles "Chinese" Gordon and Lawrence Olivier as the Mahdi (Muhammad Ahmad). The film is based on historical accounts of Gordon's defense of the Sudanese city of Khartoum from the forces of the Mahdi's Islamic soldiers during the Siege of Khartoum.

Lest you think that the Mahdi was kindly (scene at the end of the movie) in not wanting Gordon to be killed, know that in real life the Mahdi ordered that Gordon's severed head be transfixed between the branches of a tree where all who passed it could look in disdain and 
throw rocks at it. Gordon's body was desecrated and thrown down a well.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Believe the victim? No thanks. I'll believe the evidence.

I hope Brett Kavanaugh sues Christine Blasey Ford for every last penny she has.

Nabi Sayeth: Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Nabi sayeth…Many faithful Catholics are hurt, disillusioned and angered by the recent revelations of the corruption in the Church hierarchy, but the most dangerous consequence would be for the people to lapse into despair. 

Yes, what has happened to you and your beloved Church is horrible...without question. But can you just give up?

What Do We Know About the Accuser's High School?

In recent days we’ve heard a lot about a woman named Christine Blasey Ford.  She has accused the nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh of some very “unwelcome affection.”  She says she was brutally assaulted at a party the accused claims to have not even attended.  In fact he denies even knowing Ford.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Blind Trust and Unquestioning Obedience are NOT Virtues!

We are called to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. Evil churchmen can only commit their crimes and sins because of naive and foolish sheep. When the flock accept all kinds of scandalous acts in silence, they become enablers of the evil. It’s time to challenge heresy, irreverence, scandalous liturgies, violation of rights (like attempting to force Communion in the hand), etc. The faithful have a right to the authentic Catholic faith. It’s time to demand it! Share Nabi’s posts with others. Every diocese in the country needs a prophetic voice. Pray that the Lord raises up many Nabis! When we all cry out together, things will begin to change!

Nabi sayeth...BEWARE….If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it may not be a duck….it may be a cover up! Those in the Church’s leadership who create cover ups need certain elements to be in place:

Are You the Cause of Turmoil? Why Not?

Most Catholics I know are very familiar with the expression, “Peace be with you.”  And most of us have the impression that we are to bring harmony to the experiences in our lives, in our families, in our careers, in our civic discourse.  We have given ourselves permission to be nice and not ruffle feathers. 

Somehow we pass over the scripture text where Christ tells us living our faith and not just wearing the name badge may very well cause dissension in our own families and with our friends and acquaintances.  We are told to expect these conflicts and to prepare ourselves for them. 

Matthew 10:34-36 says:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Lust for Power and Prestige Pollute the Church!

In this post, Nabi gives practical suggestions for how the laity can respond to the abuse of power exercised by the bishops. Money control is one way. Remember the “feed the pig” commercials about saving? Well, it’s time to STOP “feeding the pig” being passed in the pew. Alinsky bucks were developed for the scandalous Catholic Campaigh for Human Development collection, but I recommend using them all year long for special collections. As for parish contributions, there are ways to give that bypass the diocesan tax. Ask your pastor how if you’re in a good parish. If you’re in a BAD parish, don’t contribute to ANY collection. There are other ways to fulfill your financial obligation to support the Church than by supporting the rectory renovation.

Nabi sayeth: Catholic people are people of tradition and with a rich history. And even though some are quick to point out the behavior of certain clearly bad actors (Usually members of the hierarchy!), when one examines the sum total of Catholicism, one sees so much goodness.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Pew Sitters Rise Up!

To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe." -Pope Leo  XIII

Nabi is aware that many holy people in the pew are both confused and perplexed at what they have seen and heard about the sexually abusive clergymen. One 96 year old life-long Catholic woman asked, “How could they do what they do and then say Holy Mass?” Her question is being asked by many Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

From a psychiatric perspective, the following information may help:

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: “We have been deceived” beginning with the Dallas “Proclamation of Deception!”

Nabi is exposing the evil in the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston, but no matter what diocese you live in, with rare if any exceptions, the same thing is going on where you live! They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned. How many bishops like the one pictured above yuck it up while they aid and abet the lavender mafia?

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Where Have All the Good Shepherds Gone?

Nabi’s Heart is heavy because of what Nabi knows about the machinations, maneuverings and misdeeds of those who clawed their way into positions of power in Holy Mother Church and who did so underneath the noses of the very trusting laity. Nabi often wonders what is going on in the head of a clergyman each time a particular reading is read at Holy Mass that describes the true role of the shepherd who is supposed to be a disciple of Our Lord, such as Mark 10: 45…

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Nabi Sayeth: Expose the Scandals!

Every priest described here should be named and removed! Sadly, what Nabi describes has been the M.O. of numerous U.S. bishops for decades. Hide and cover up for the perverts and let them go on destroying the people of God. These vultures need to go and, as Nabi says, the laity need to demand it. We’ve known the truth for years now. Fr. James Haley tried to do something about it 15 years ago in the Diocese of Arlington and was crucified by Bishop Loverde and his own lavender mafia. Demand the truth! Not just in West Virginia, but in every diocese in the country! Get the lavender/rainbow boys out of the sanctuary (and the schools, and the rectories, and the chancery, and the priesthood)!

Nabi has been asked by good and faithful Catholics, Jews and Protestants as well: Is there a coverup in West Virginia as we have heard about in PA and other places?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Nabi Sayeth: It’s Time for Purging NOT Splurging!

Don’t miss the earlier posts by the Nabi posted earlier this week!

The Nabi sayeth…

One does not become an abuser of power without “inside” support. Have you ever wondered how the FORMER Bishop Bransfield managed to grab so much power, so quickly, especially since he came to West Virginia from the land of the Liberty Bell???
Nabi has seen such unfortunate power grabs, at the Vatican, in many dioceses, but especially in the diocese of,Wheeling-Charleston. One clergyman in particular helped make the FORMER bishop’s power grab possible. Who might this clergy person be??? HMMMMM