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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

#Wuerl'sGottaGo! Predator Priests Thrived in Pittsburgh and Wuerl was an Enabler for Almost 20 Years!

Who me? Cover up sex abuse? I moved the
predators around to protect the children!

Excerpts from this sordid story:
"According to reports, at least 90 priests in Pittsburgh alone are implicated in the findings. And — a fact largely unknown to the public — Wuerl was named in multiple lawsuits during his tenure there, accused of conspiring to cover up sex abuse. Though often portrayed as a bishop tough on sex abuse and years ahead of his time in implementing 'zero tolerance,' Wuerl's actual history tells a different story." 

We Must "SEIZE BACK THE CHURCH FROM THIS EVIL!" Make your plans for the SILENCE STOPS NOW rally in Baltimore.

Hope to see you there!


Reflections on The Everlasting Man

I have been enjoying a re-read of The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton and it has amazed me how much went over my head the first time I plowed through this book.  Maybe that’s the problem. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Building a Bridge for Man Boy Love? Is That Where We're Going Next in the Church?

One of our readers alerted me to the Quest conference that ran from August 10-12 in Lincoln, England and featured notorious gay rights propagandist Fr. James Martin, S.J. Last year their featured speaker was Sr. Jeannine Grammick another dissenter from Church teaching on sexuality and gay rights champion That's enough to know what Quest is, but I'll add more.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Donald Wuerl is Beyond Chutzpah! My Jaw Dropped at "The Charter Worked!"

Have your barf bag at hand!

"We all have that statement of commitment."


A Modest Proposal from Bishop Barron re McCarrick's "Diabolical Masterpiece"

I'm not a huge fan of Bishop Barron. He seems to me to be too much one of the "nice guys" who keep their heads down and always speak sweetness and light. When he cast down on whether anyone was in hell, I just shook my head. Goodness, was Our Lady of Fatima a sadist showing the children souls like burning embers falling into hell when, in reality, nobody ever goes there?

So I confess I was surprised at this article bout the diabolical nature of the McCarrick scandal and his suggestion which is 180 agrees away from the sickening proposal of Cardinal Wuerl.

Liberal Book Burning! The Silencing of Alex Jones -- Hate him or love him, doesn't he have a right to free speech?

You probably know someone who's gone to Facebook jail. I'm surprised they haven't gone after me yet. I guess I'm just too low on the totem pole to bother with. But we are increasingly seeing the tyranny of the "electronic left." The big guns going after Alex Jones in a coordinated attack seems to be a deliberate move as Bill Whittle and buddies say in the video below.

Is this move against Alex Jones a pre-emptive strike before the midterm elections? Keep his fans away, prevent them from hearing his message?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Excuse My Bluntness, but Some Clerics are Idiots! Take Cardinal Farrell, for example!

Is this really Kevin Farrell in disguise?
The Catholic Church has some serious problems. Certainly, the sex abuse crisis magnified by the bishops' cover-up crisis is at the top of the list. But we also have a major idiocy problem in the hierarchy!

I came across proof while reading interview comments from Cardinal Kevin Farrell who heads the Vatican Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life. Note well...This is the same Kevin Farrell who was good buddies with Cardinal McCarrick, who worked under McCarrick, whose career was advanced by McCarrick, who was ordained a bishop by McCarrick, who shared an apartment with McCarrick... who now claims he knew nothing about McCarrick's pederasty and sex abuse.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Planned Parenthood Is a Giant Liberal Lobby Group!

Planned Parenthood Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Trashing Brett Kavanaugh: “Right to Abortion at Stake”

Think about it. How many private organizations pick the taxpayers pockets and then pour those buckets of money into lobbying for an evil agenda? 

PP isn't using taxpayer money for that purpose, you say? Come on! It's a shell game. It all comes into one bulging sack and they just pretend with lovely bookkeeping ledgers that the money spent on abortion and lobbying is from private donations. They are just a charitable nonprofit that loves the poor. Have you ever checked the salaries of their "nonprofit." PP's head Cecile Richards receives a salary of $600,000! Many directors of their facilities get six-figure salaries. PP execs are definitely one percenters. The peons at the bottom get a lot less of course. Some earn less than minimum wage. Liberals are sooooo generous -- to their elitist wing. 

So ditch your naive belief that PP works for peanuts out of the goodness of their hearts and love for women. How many tiny unborn women do they tear apart limb from limb? And how many adult women and young girls have they mutilated and killed with their "safe and legal" abortion. Oh...and then there's the side business of selling baby body parts to the highest bidder!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Can the Pope Change Church Doctrine on Capital Punishment? Short Answer: NO!

We live in an era of papal confusion. Every time Pope Francis opens his mouth he throws a grenade at the faithful in the pews leaving chaos and flying shrapnel that obscures the teaching of the Church. On the one hand he will say something in conformity with Church doctrine; the next minute he acts in a way that contradicts what he just said. And then, refusing to clarify, he lets the confusion batter the faithful. One prudent friend said she just doesn't listen to him any more. What a situation for a Catholic where Peter, the chief teacher, bound to teach, govern, and sanctify has become a champion of confusion.  Pope Francis recently lobbed a grenade by saying that capital punishment is never admissible. That is a CHANGE in a perennial Church doctrine; not a development, not a clarification -- a break with past teaching. The papal posse on EWTN raises many troubling questions about the pope's actions in the video below. Raymond Arroyo observes that convicted murderers sometimes escape from prison killing more people in the process and gives examples of recent cases. How does that uphold the dignity and rights of their victims? It's a question that has always prevented me from jumping on the anti-death penalty wagon. How are prisoners and guards to be protected from homicidal psychopaths? Are their lives not worth protecting? How many murders does a criminal get before society can protect itself?

Monday, August 6, 2018

Did You See This Trump Moment in April on the National News? I didn't!

Wow! What a touching moment to see all those guys, black and white, move in to lay hands on President Trump. This is our "racist" president?

Let's all commit to praying for President Trump and our country EVERY SINGLE DAY! A big high five to "J.K." Scott who was drafted by the Green Bay Packers a few weeks after this event. Keep him in your prayers too. I hope he has a terrific season!

Have the U.S. Bishops Read Their Own Charter Against Sex Abuse of Children and Young People?

If you want a good (sardonic) laugh go back and read or reread the bishops' Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People which was updated in 2011. Here's a bit from the preamble:

Friday, August 3, 2018

From Age 15 McCarrick Was Groomed for the Sodomite Priesthood

From age 15 the now disgraced ex-Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, was groomed for the priesthood by the homosexuals in Cardinal "Nellie" Spellman's homosexual network. McCarrick started high school at Xavier (oratory scholarship) in the fall of 1944 and completed 2 academic years there by May 1946. Then he was EXPELLED and quietly disappeared for one academic year - 16 months total counting the summer months. His story differs as to where he was. In one story he says he was "confused". In others he says he was expelled for truancy and a third says he was making bad grades so was expelled.

After being missing for over a year he reappears at Fordham Prep and immediately zooms to the top of their "best student chart" graduating in 1949 with 4 superlatives - Most Likely to Succeed, Best Speaker, Most Diplomatic, and Did the Most for Prep. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

What Will Ear Tickler Blase Cupich Do About This?

Archdiocese of Chicago: Co-Chair of Catholic LGBT Ministry to Wed Same-Sex Partner

Albany Bishop Scharfenberger Condemns the Abuse of Authority

Bishop Edward Scharfenberger
Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of Albany sent a letter to all his clergy and seminarians last Friday condemning the sexual abuse problem (including sexual harassment of adult men). Sections of the letter are very powerful. I reprint a large portion here:
In negative terms, and as clearly and directly as I can repeat our Church teaching, it is a grave sin to be “sexually active” outside of a real marriage covenant. A cardinal is not excused from what a layperson or another member of the clergy is not. A member of the clergy who pledges to live a celibate life must remain as chaste in his relationship with all whom he serves as spouses within a marriage. This is what our faith teaches and what we are held to in practice. There is no “third way.” 
“Sexual activity” includes grooming and seduction – the kind of experience that one of our brothers tells of in a recent interview in America magazine that you may have seen. The psychological and spiritual destructiveness of such predatory behavior, really incestuous by a man who is held up as a spiritual father to a son in his care – even if not a minor – cannot be minimized or rationalized in any way....

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trump for Pope!

He would clean up the mess.

This is Sooooo Sad: What Gay Enabler Cardinal Cupich Did to Fr. Phillips

The persecution of good priests by the like of McCarrick and cronies is well established. My good friend Fr. James Haley was booted from the Arlington diocese for bringing proof of the homosexual depravity of priests in our diocese to former bishop Paul Loverde. Charges were drummed up against him and after being threatened by the bishop who told him, "You have no idea what I can do to you," was summarily dismissed and forcibly laicized and excommunicated. (At least that's what he was told. I don't think he ever received anything official which makes me wonder what his status really is.)

At any rate, I was on Mahound's blog this morning and it made me want to cry. Fr. Phillips has now been crucified by gay enabler Blase Cupich of Chicago.

Are Gay Nude Campgrounds Your Homosexual Pastor's Vacation Destination?

Your gay pastor casts off his clerics and walks 
around naked in a "different community free 
from the confounds of society."
Warning: explicit content

Catholic priests and bishops should not be penalized for the sins of others, nor should chaste homosexuals, although they should not be priests. That being said, how many bad priests, that is, actively gay priests, will participate in sodomite activities while on their summer vacation? They won't be going to Disney World for Gay Days since that's too public. No. They will travel to one of the many private gay campgrounds around the US. (I won't link the Gay Camping USA website but you can look it up.)

 he goes on his summer vacation perhaps you imagine your pastor flying to Rome and praying day and night at St Peter's to hone his spiritual skills, getting in touch with God on a more personal level. Maybe you see him in your mind's eye in Portugal praying the Rosary at Fatima, asking the Blessed Mother to help him become more holy. Perhaps you envision him on a mountaintop with a halo around his head personally conversing with angels and saints. But wonder no more, because if his Masses are wild, loud, clapping, singing affairs with people swarming around the altar like ants at a picnic to consume torn off pieces of a large pita-style Host I can assure you that your leftist homosexual pastor is at none of your imagined vacation spots. He's probably gone camping.

Ear Ticklers and Faith Killers: The Sodomite Problem in the Church

A fairy tale for our time:
Bishop Bruskewitz heroically fought the pro-gay
bishops' document Always Our Children written
by homosexual priest activist James Schexnayder
Once upon a time, in fact back a hundred years ago in 2002, in the Texas town of Dallas a good bishop named Fabian Bruskewitz suggested to his brothers that they examine the relationship between the clergy sex abuse crisis and dissent. But his brothers, many of whom happily coddled dissent (especially from Church teaching about sexuality) demurred. Poor Fabian couldn't find a single supporter among his hundreds of colleagues whom he later described as "this pathetic bench of bishops." Only among the laity were there ears willing to hear his cries.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Was Cardial Wuerl Joking?

Is that Cardinal Wuerl on the left or is it Sergeant Schultz
from Hogan's Heroes who "knows nothing?"
Sometimes ya just gotta laugh (in a cynical, head-shaking, angry way) at the downright audacity and hypocrisy of certain members of the hierarchy.

That's what I did when I read Cardinal Donald Wuerl's statement to WTOP about McCarrick's resignation which was immediately accepted by Pope Francis.
“I think this was a big step forward in trying to act quickly, decisively, even though the whole procedure isn’t concluded yet....The pope is saying that we need to show that we are hearing these things, paying attention and acting.”
Oh please!

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (Hillary Parody)

Among all the doom and gloom, 
this clever funny video makes us smile.

Monday, July 30, 2018

The CCHD Collection Begins in Some Dioceses: Get Ready to SAY NO LOUD AND CLEAR!

In many dioceses the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) collection is taken near Thanksgiving, but in some it is earlier and the name has been changed in order to confuse the patsies in the pew. 

A Vote for Maxine is a Vote for the Antichrist: The Calvary of Romania Coming Our Way

Today's Big Brother is social media
Are you Catholic, black or white, heterosexual? Did you vote for President Donald John Trump? If so, what are they going to do about it? "They", being the ever more Communistic Democratic Left, if they ever gain power again, will kill us, i.e., Catholics. It's called persecution. They will kill bishops, priests, nuns, religious, you and me, our families, our way of life, our freedoms, our lives. They will destroy our churches, force our children to be indoctrinated into Communist ideology where at that point in the future, God forbid, no conservative will ever see the light of day since prison will be the destiny of anyone contradicting Big Brother and Social Media. They will confiscate Catholic hospitals, schools, universities, tear open the graves of the saints, scatter their bones, burn our cathedrals to the ground.

"Here she goes again!" you say. "Writing about persecution and killing! It will never happen here. Not in America!" However, remember what Christ taught about the hatred of the world for Him and for us: If the world hates you, know that it hated me before you...If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you. The "they" Christ speaks about is the same "they" I speak about. 

For example, look at Crazy Maxine Waters inciting her followers to attack conservatives so that we will not be able to eat in restaurants, or buy gas or food. Sounds like the book of Revelation where if one does not have the Mark of the Beast they will not be able to buy, sell or trade. Who knew, from predictions 2,000 years ago, that Crazy Maxine is the Beast's accomplice! A vote for Maxine is a vote for the Antichrist!

Sunday, July 29, 2018


The Millennial Song by Micah Tyler

Millennials cannot answer a simple question: 
Who Won the Civil War?

Saturday, July 28, 2018

#CatholicLaityRising! Let's Roll!

There's an uprising in the Church and its not being led by the pope and the bishops, but by faithful laity. We love the Church and we respect the authority given to God to the pope and the bishops and our pastors. In many cases, however, we cannot respect the so-called shepherds who hold those offices who are wolves in sheep's clothing. And it's way past time to call them to account!

What is a faithful Catholic to do in a crisis that rivals the Arian heresy when heretics overwhelmingly controlled dioceses? First, remain faithful. Leaving the Church is tantamount to spiritual suicide. Will we let the wolves drive us to it? I hope not.

So how should the laity respond? I've read several articles lately that offer practical advice. I'll quote from a few:

Friday, July 27, 2018

40 Days for Life is Coming! Will You Be Part of the Solution to Abortion?

This email from 40 Days of Life is so inspiring I have to share it. Read it and praise God for the sidewalk heroes who save lives:

Thursday, July 26, 2018

These Folks Need to Know as Much as My 4-Year-Old Grandson about Dinosaurs!

This is an old video but new to me and so funny it's good for the heart and the blood pressure.

If someone told you Donald Trump's son just killed a triceratops on a safari, what would you say? Max, my 4-year-old grandson would tell you for sure that they are extinct and have been for-ev-er! Or at least millions of years. But these I said....they are good for a head-shaking laugh. I don't know how Mark Dice keeps a straight face! Check out his YouTube channel. He has some great lines -- like talking to folks on a California beach and telling a conservative that he's trying to stop the "idiocracy." That, Mark, is probably a hopeless pursuit.

And Another Reason to Ditch Netflix!

Lucy Maud Montgomery did NOT make Aunt
Aunt Jo a lesbian, leave that depravity to NETFLIX!
I love Anne of Green Gables. When I read this article it made me hopping mad!

NETFLIX injects lesbian character in children's story

How dare they pollute an author's works with their depraved imaginations. There is absolutely nothing in the Anne of Green Gables series that Aunt Jo is a lesbian.

Aunt Jo is a delightfully opinionated old lady who brooks no fools. I think she would be irate, and rightly so, over NETFLIX taking the liberty to tarnish her good name. She would certainly not be a liberal!

There have been spinsters throughout history and speculating about a fictional character's lesbianism  is sick, particularly when the author is a Christian, the wife of a Presbyterian minister who thought being a wife and mother was the most important work a woman could do.

If you haven't dumped NETFLIX why not?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Stop Feeding the Corruption! Cut Off the Money to the Bishops!

Bishop Tobin leaves Twitter because the faithful call him to account. Ironic, eh?
Bishops have the duty to call their brother bishops to account. Do your duty, Bishop!
That's My Money, Your Excellency!

When I read this mom's article this morning, my heart started vibrating like the strings on a violin. Beverly Stevens' editorial on the sorry state of our U.S. bishops resonates with me and, I'm sure, with millions of other Catholics who are absolutely fed up with the old boys' club.

It isn't just the evil and criminal bishops who should be castigated and, in many cases, should be in jail. It's the greater number of "nice guy" bishops who enabled and expanded the evil by their silence and complicity. Look what happened to England as a result of complicit bishops -- an entire country left the faith and martyred hundreds of faithful Catholics. How different things might have been if the bishops had ALL joined St. John Fisher and gone to the scaffold!

But sometimes silence would be preferable to what bishops say. Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island tweeted earlier this month:
Despite the egregious offenses of a few, and despite the faults and sins we all have, I’m very proud of my brother bishops and I admire and applaud the great work they do every day for Christ and His Church.

After Cardinal McCarrick Will the Church in the U.S. Clean House?

I want transparency, fellas. Will all you
heterosexual U.S. bishops please raise your
 hands. You'll be easier to count.
New revelation surfaces about Cardinal McCarrick; editorials take church to task

I'm not particularly optimistic that housecleaning is on the U.S. bishops' to-do list. There is a long history of the bishops circling the wagons on a number of issues including defending dissent and supporting moral evils for the sake of government dollars. Oh what a god the Almighty Dollar is!

The bishops talk about protecting the children (The concern of those who covered up child sex abuse is a tad unbelievable don't you think?), but my cynical self wonders if they're really concerned about protecting themselves and the money. That's what VIRTUS is all about -- protecting diocesan asses assets.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A blog reader sent me a request to promote the Chaplet of Our Lady of Fatima and I am happy to do so. Mary's apparitions at Fatima are one of the greatest gifts God has given our fallen world. It was a miracle of grace given not just to individuals as a private message, but to the whole world.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Is this green haired, "non-binary," pot-smoking, "s**t post"ing millennial the new poster boy for the left?

This young man demonstrated his maturity by snatching 17-year-old Ashton Hess's Make America Great Again hat and spitting on it. I hope Ashton's family presses charges against him. It's time to make these folks take the consequences for their uncivil AND ILLEGAL actions. Pray for poor 22-year-old Ethan Jackson who prefers to be described as "they/them." What happens to these kids to make them turn into creatures from a horror movie? How pathetically sad he looks. I'm offering my rosary for him today. And I'm asking our Baby Ethan in heaven to pray for him as well. 

#WalkAway Founder Refused Service at Electronics Store -- #Pray4BrandonStraka

Watching this young man over the past few weeks has been interesting. He could be just using this as an attention-grabbing stunt, although since the entertainment industry is so leftist it's hard to see what he has to gain. This isn't likely to get him a ticket to Hollywood or win him a role in a Broadway show.

He seems to me to be a young man with respect for the truth. Since Jesus Christ is Himself THE TRUTH, when I see someone searching for truth, I see him searching for God. So let's all pray for Brandon Straka. As the left shows its true bloody colors more and more, people like Brandon will begin to wake up and will, indeed, "walk away." Ultimately, we can pray they walk right into the arms of Christ and His Church.


When You Feel Like Liberals Own the Conversation, Watch This

We're here, folks! What especially impressed me about this video was that the singers were all men...godly men...some very young...who weren't afraid or embarrassed to express their belief in God in public. Sing it, brothers!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

On Cultural Appropriation and Whoopi Goldberg

Culturally insensitive first graders do Mexican Hat Dance!
You've all heard the diatribes against those who commit the mortal sin of "cultural appropriation." You know -- if you're a gringo don't you dare open a taco stand. If you're a little girl who wants a "geisha" tea party for your birthday, be prepared to be shamed and ridiculed. And of course don't you dare dress up on Halloween in a gypsy outfit or an Indian headdress (unless, of course, you're a gypsy or an Indian like -- play laugh track --  Elizabeth Warren). And burn that sombrero and that can-can dancer's outfit! All of these are big no-no's in the ever-growing list of politically incorrect sins.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

I Love Mr. Rogers and Thank God for the Example of Love He Gave to a Cynical World!

Mr. Rogers and his alter-ego,
Daniel Stripe-ed Tiger
I went to the Mr. Rogers movie yesterday and am so glad I did. What an inspiration! His show exemplified how the medium of television could make a difference for the good.

He hated shows that degraded the dignity of children (or anyone else for that matter). He knew children were worth more than pie-in-the-face slapstick and showed it by dealing with difficult questions (death, assassination, etc.), sometimes very subtly like when he shared his kiddie pool and his towel with the black police officer in the neighborhood, Officer Clemmons. Never heavy handed, he met challenges with sensitivity, kindness, and compassion.

Friday, July 20, 2018

More Love from the Left -- They Throw S*** at Coffee Shop Because Owner Supports Trump

‘I Love Peace,’ Says Boyle Heights Cafe Owner Of Protest Over Support Of Trump Immigration Policies
Will the left replace their "pussy"
hats with the phrygian cap of the

I had to laugh when I was reading this article because of the absolute insanity of the left, not to mention their blatant hypocrisy

Here's a business owner, a man who's name (Shalom) literally means  peace, a man who hires immigrants, is an immigrant himself, and has the audacity to believe in free speech.

Why is he labeled hateful? For no other reason than he supports Donald Trump's immigration policies and dared to tweet his opinion.

No free speech for you, Shalom!

But what made me laugh was the Chamber of Commerce giving him the boot in a sanctimonious letter.

Why? Well, read this excerpt:

Thursday, July 19, 2018

FLOTUS Melania Trump in Japan with School Children

I loved every part of this video - even watching the Secret Service Agents - of First Lady Melania Trump with school children in Tokyo, Japan in November, 2017. She is polished, graceful, quiet and kind. The children start singing at 2:32, but even the introductions before that are interesting to watch. Melania's poise is unparalleled in First Ladies.

Every child wants to shake her hand which is impossible until at last (at 7:07) Melania holds up her palms so that each child can do high fives or touch her hands. At 7:00 - 7:06 after shaking hands with her a group of girls look at their hands in awe, and even smell them! Melania truly enjoys being with the children.

In case you're wondering, she is wearing a caped midnight blue Dior dress. For the state dinner she wore a cardinal red Valentino dress. One picture showed her entrance at the state dinner with President Trump, where every man's eye was following her, so to all the designers who said they would refuse to dress Melania Trump, I say: "Melania is far too classy to condescend to wear your garish outfits. Her taste in clothes is far above what you are able to create."

Don't Despair Over Bad Bishops -- The Suffering They Inflict on Faithful Priests will Bring Graces Flowing on Our Poor Church

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
Irish Priest Punished after Pro-life Homily

After reading this article, I left the following comment:
One more example of bad bishops undermining the faith. Priests can attend pride marches and shill for same-sex marriage like Fr. Martin and be lauded and given Vatican posts. Faithful priests get the cross and the nine inch nails. That's why I don't despair. The blood of the martyrs (even white martyrs) is the seedbed of the faith. This persecution is the Good Friday that will bring the Resurrection! I'm praying for Fr. Larkin and exposing this rot on my blog with an address for the bishop. May he hear from people all over the world about this injustice!
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin removed Fr. Larkin from his pastoral assignment forbidding him to say any public Masses or have any contact with former parishioners.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Longstanding Rotten Stench of Cardinal McCarrick

Former Priest Solicited by McCarrick Speaks Out

We can pray that this latest scandal of a high level cleric will make those in charge accountable, but it's not likely. Read the article and see how McCarrick, the pharisee, told his priests they would be responsible for their own defense if accused of abuse knowing full well that he was absolutely guilty. So he had all the resources of his diocese to defend himself, but any innocent priest facing a false accusation from a money-grubbing liar with a grudge would be on his own. Great spiritual father, eh?

God Secretly Watched "The Lone Ranger" on His TV Set in 1949

I'm pure evil. What're ya gonna do about it?
God got the idea of Donald J Trump as POTUS from secretly watching the 200+ episodes of The Lone Ranger on His TV set from 1949 to 1957. 

God liked Clayton Moore's role of a brave masked man fighting evil, rescuing the day. In the TV series all the evil of the world was personified by Lee Van Cleef as the Kansas Kid or Joe Singer or Bull Harper, Jango or whatever other sinister character lurked behind every rock to leap out with guns blazing thereby destroying the equanimity of the happy townsfolk. 

So in real life, when times got tough with the Left and Communism and Islam and the EU, the OIC, and Dhimmicrats out to banish Him from the face of the earth, God, remembering His happy moments watching The Lone Ranger, looked around and thought, "Hmmm. The world needs another Lone Ranger, 'a man whose presence brings fear to the lawless.' Whom shall I send?" 

I'm Shocked!

At the hearing held last week in Congress there was, as far as I am concerned, only one bright spot.  It shocks me that it is this same brief moment out of the whole day that the media is fixed on saying was the “low point.”

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Abuser McCarrick got the Red Hat; Fr. Haley Who Tried to Protect the Flock Got the Butcher's Knife

He Preyed on Men Who Wanted to Be Priests

Reading stories about Cardinal McCarrick's sordid history of abuse make me so angry I need to go out and pound rocks. Sadly, he is becoming the icon for the hierarchy. How many of his "brethren" are just like him? If not abusers themselves, enablers and advancers of the abusers.

The Synods on the Family gave us a magnified view of so many evil men in red hats willing to lie and preen in front of the cameras while they undermined the faith. When I see the dissent to Church teaching among the "princes" of the Church, I recall Bishop Bruskewitz at the Dallas meeting making a motion to study the link between dissent and the sex abuse scandals. He couldn't even get a second! The bishops just wanted the bad news to go away or at least be redirected away from their own culpability.      Read more...

Monday, July 16, 2018

Taking the Family to Europe This Summer?

Multiculturalism! It's so great! 
Treat the family to a taste of it in Europe this summer!


More fabulous scenic travel videos below!
Choose the country you want to visit with your family! 
Do your teenagers want to backpack through Europe for the summer?
Does your college age student want to do a study year abroad?

The Perfect Example of Liberty Run Amuck

Last week I posted an article titled "Freedom, Liberty, What's the Difference."  Friday, I read a piece on The Catholic Thing titled, The Left (prematurely) Freaks Out, which drives home even more clearly the point I tried to make.  

 In my own essay I stuck to the topic of religious liberty and how that is dangerous.  David Carlin in his article

Sunday, July 15, 2018

On Retreat with Brendan

I just returned from my annual five-day silent retreat using the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. I asked my blogging partners, Susan and Chriss, to fill in for me while I was gone and they did a stellar job of it. Thanks Chriss and Susan! And, really, you need to post more often.

Having the time and freedom to retreat from the world is a great gift. Doing it in silence is an even greater gift! I think of the movie a few years ago, Into Great Silence, about life in a Carthusian Monastery where the monks live in profound silence offering their lives and work for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. What a blessing it is to be engulfed, even for a few days, in profound silence.

I was awake and walking one morning before sunrise and heard the birds in symphony as they welcomed the new day. The wind was blowing rustling the leaves. I felt like I was hearing God's voice as Elijah did in the small whispering sound which is often lost in our noisy world.

Adoro Te

O hidden Godhead, humbly I adore thee,
Who truly are beneath the forms before me.
To Thee I bow my heart and bend the knee,
As failing quite, when contemplating Thee.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Principle As Novel As It Is Wrong

Trump supporters of all stripes were praising to the hilt the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh on Monday evening after his brief acceptance speech in the East Room of the White House.  I don’t know Kavanaugh and maybe people like Laura Ingram are right when they say he’s a stellar choice.

Friday, July 13, 2018

The Death of the Catholic

The third man lived and died here
Continued from yesterday's post: God and the Deaths of Three Men - One Protestant, One AtheistOne Catholic


The third man to die was the Catholic who led a Catholic life, but not without pain and suffering. 

He was born in Dublin, Ireland to a middle class Irish couple, the first of three sons whose father always made certain the family went to Mass every Sunday. All three sons grew up to be handsome men with turquoise blue Irish eyes, each one possessing a pleasing temperament and a graciousness not seen today in many people. Even their mother would marvel at the beauty of her sons. 

As a child, the oldest brother contracted polio and as a result one leg never grew as long as the other and he limped all his life. His mother, once, in sincere anguish literally clutching her chest, told me that it “tore her heart” when she would see him as a child and then teenager limping down the street. She would stand at the door and could see her three sons walking home from school, one of them limping along.

Arm in Arm With the Democrat Party Platform

It has been a while since this blog said anything about VOICE, Virginians Organized for Interfaith Engagement.  This is a link to their membership page.  Please, take a minute to ponder this diverse coalition of people dedicated to forcing their political agenda down other people’s throats through intimidation. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Death of the Atheist

The second man lived and died here
Continued from yesterday's post: God and the Deaths of Three Men - One Protestant, One Atheist, One Catholic


The second man to die was the atheist. How does an atheist die? Well, let me tell you. But it’s not a pretty sight, nor is the story of this man’s life one that is pleasant to tell. Cruel, arrogant, mean, unkind and egotistical are words that come to mind when I think of this man who was born on St Patrick’s Day long ago. He was married to my college roommate who was, and still is, a Godly Baptist innocent mathematical genius.

They were madly in love when we were in school. She dropped out of her Master’s (Math) program to marry him, then he was drafted into the Army and they moved to Oxnard, CA where they had a baby boy. He then went off to Vietnam for two years, had an affair and probably a child with an Asian girl, returned home (did he ever wonder about that child and his or her mother?) and went back to North Carolina where he told his wife he no longer loved her and divorced her. She was absolutely devastated that he had cheated on her and no longer loved her.

Freedom, Liberty, What's the Difference?

It was a subtle change probably few even noticed, but it is the kind of thing that gets put in a footnote, or in a court brief, that seems harmless enough at the time to go unnoticed until a future date when it can be recalled or referenced to justify a position you would otherwise never support.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

God, and the Deaths of Three Men – One Protestant, One Atheist, One Catholic

The first man lived and died here
Three men I knew have died in the past two months - one protestant, one atheist, one Catholic. Each man died as he had lived, his death reflecting like a mirror his earthly life.


The first man to die was the protestant, a lifelong friend from our early teenage years. He was born and raised, then lived and died on the same plot of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains and now lies on a hill in a cemetery half a mile away from where he died of a stroke alone in his home.

He was tall and good looking, smart and successful with a rags to riches sort of life story, good in business but not lucky in love. His face seemed carved out of the very granite of the mountains where he lived his life and his personality had an edge that one was careful not to cross for he could be a hard man. To those whom he loved, he was loyal. They could do no wrong. Except for his wife, and with good cause.

The Whole Story the Nation Today Does Not Know or Prefers Not to Remember

Hopefully, in the coming months not years, a case will be brought to the Supreme Court that challenges the validity of the decision made in 1972 with the case Roe v. Wade.  We don’t know what form that challenge may be since it isn’t clear what the problem is in the first place.  We are clear that the now “historic decision” was then, and still is a problem, but how it will be fixed and or eliminated is anyone’s guess.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Looking for a Good Summer Read?

I stumbled on a book title recently in my spelunking around on the internet going from one “rabbit hole” to the next.  I was caught up in the number of modern day prophesy stories there are about the election of Donald Trump.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Lunacy Rising: The Liberal Rage Tsunami

Mad and Hot, the Resistance is Seething

As the mid-terms approach the liberal left is turning Washington, D.C. into the Paris of 1789. Mobs with metaphorical pitchforks take to the streets to attack anyone who dares to support Donald Trump. Rage and raunch pepper their language and mayhem marks their actions. What next? The downfall of the Republic is what they want and establishment of the reign of terror. Citizen comrades who don't sign on to their agenda are enemies of the enlightened left.

Where will it end? We're already seeing this in the streets:

1789 -- The Storming of the Bastille

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Liberals Despise Law Enforcement Officers So Are We Surprised when Manslaughter is Treated With a Get Out of Jail (Almost) Free Card?

Illegal Alien Kills FBI Agent and Fire Marshall and Gets Off (Almost) Scot Free!

Palacios shouldn't have been in the country. If he'd been deported these two men would still be alive. When will the bishops who love to harass ICE and anyone who treats our immigration laws seriously respect the lives being lost to their disgraceful policy of accommodating alien lawbreakers? Pray for the repose of the souls of these men and for the comfort of their families. They died in the line of duty aiding others. As for the bishops? Their policies aid the Church pocketbook which gets millions of dollars dealing with illegals. How many of our bishops are more concerned about the Almighty Dollar than Almighty God?

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A Trio of Leftist Media Icons whose Rhetoric Endorses Violence against Trump and His Supporters

We've all seen or heard or read celebrities' threats against President Trump and his supporters. But there are plenty of so-called journalists in the club as well doing everything they can to stir up hate against Trump and his supporters. Here are a few. Is it any wonder the violence against the president, his administration, and his supporters is escalating? These folks advocating violence are the real "deplorables" in our midst.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Never Trumpers: Lost and Gone Forever and Good Riddance!

I'm a big Pat Buchanan fan. He reflects common sense and moral politics. I hope he's right about the "Never Trumpers Never Coming Back." Let's pray they are all history!

As Buchanan says:

 "...the elites who were in charge when the fire broke out, and who failed to respond and refused even to recognize it, and who now denounce Trump for how he is coping with it, are unlikely to be called upon again to lead this republic."

Thanks be to God and pray that he's correct!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge

Can we save our kids from the Culture of Death? Life has meaning and each of us makes a difference. I think watching videos like this with your older children is part of the inoculation against suicide. 13 Reasons Why is pushing kids over the edge. Kevin Briggs is a hand reaching out to bring them back over the rail.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Be a Patiot: #WalkAway: What Better Day to do it than Independence Day?

Have you heard of the #WalkAway Movement to abandon liberalism? It's origin is linked to a homosexual hairdresser, Brandon Straka, in New York who has a Facebook page promoting the "unsilent minority." It began with his video:

Maybe this is a gift from the "God of surprises."

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Should Wearing a Hat Make Me Afraid?

I bought a hat a few weeks ago when I was feeling especially perky about how the Trump administration was solving problems left and right and bringing prosperity to the USA once again.  It is a white baseball style cap with the words, Make America Great Again stitched in metallic gold lettering across the top.  It was offered in red or blue letters, but I figured if I am going to wear a hat why not go whole hog and pick the gold one. 

My Dad Would Have Liked Donald Trump!

Raymond J. Schneider, USN
1940 Naval Academy yearbook
Every now and then I do a Google search on my dad's name. I feel like a miner panning for gold -- searching for little nuggets of family history. And today I found one, a letter to the editor  Daddy wrote to the Naval War College Review in 1984, the year before he died. It's filled with the practical common sense and respect for the people the elite Dems call "deplorables."

His letter reminds me of Donald Trump's respect for the folks in fly-over country who are often ignored by our political betters who delight in telling us what's good for us since they know it all.

Like Trump Daddy always had deep respect for the little guy, paritcularly those under his command. When other officers were holding parties to entertain their superiors, my dad would have a picnic for those who worked for him. Mom said she never expected him to make admiral because he wouldn't play work politics. His advancement was all on merit.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jahi McMath and the Massacre of Truth

On June 22nd Jahi McMath went home to God. The adolescent who was declared dead in 2013 by a California coroner defied the phony assessment of her death. While in a coma and on a ventilator, she continued to live. She went through puberty, began menstruating, and continued to grow -- all after being declared legally dead. The reality is that she lived for five years with her faithful mother caring for her tenderly and never giving up on her. What an image of motherhood she gives us!

Rest in peace, sweet Jahi.

Today we see the massacre of truth everywhere, the promotion of a false "reality" including at the beginning and end of life.
  • Planned Parenthood tells us that a baby conceived doesn't exist. They redefine life's beginning as when the little one implants in the womb seven to ten days after conception. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Draining the Swamp and Bringing the "Forgotten" Babies into the Light!

Donald Trump's election gives us a temporary reprieve from the evil conjured up by the Left. I pray for him every day. I believe God answered prayers by his election. I don't agree with all Trump's policies and I'd prefer he drop the vulgar language, but he is the man we've been given in these challenging times. And his blunt, in-your-face style terrifies the Left.

And what a blessing it is to hear the unborn defended at most of his rallies. When I watched the event in Fargo a few days ago, I was thrilled to hear Kevin Cramer, Republican candidate for Senate against Heidi Heitkamp, thank the president for standing for the hard-working citizens in "fly-over country." (You know, the people the Democrats call "deplorables," "Nazis," "intolerant," "hate-filled homophobes" etc. ad nauseum.) 

Drain the Swamp by Doug Giles

If You Don't Believe Me, Read This

THIS   The Battle for America - Ten Ways to Fight

or THIS   Solzhenitsyn 40 Years Later

or THIS   The Coming Civil War is Already Here

or THIS   Mad Maxine

When they Say, "Connect the Dots!" Keep those rosary beads moving and save our country!


Visit the website. If your parish isn't on the map, talk to your pastor and join this event.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Depression and Suicide: We'll Never Know the Regret of Those Who Succeeded...

...until we meet again at the Judgment.

May God pour out his grace on all those who are contemplating suicide today. If you are depressed and feeling hopeless, please get help. Your feelings are lying to you. God loves you and so do many people in your lives. I don't know you, but today I'm praying for you because I know that God loves you and has a plan for you that only you can fulfill. Your death will leave a terrible hole in the world that can never be filled by anyone else. Embrace hope. Get help. Kevin Hines story is what those considering suicide need to hear, not the suicide series 13 Reasons Why that glorifies it.

Dems Hyperventilating Over Prospect of Trump Naming Another Supreme

Liberal Meltdown Over Justice Kennedy's Retirement

The Ugliness Has Already Started

Kennedy has been a Catholic scandal on the court for his entire career. Good-bye and good riddance. Pray for the man's soul and that his replacement is a "just man" in the model of St. Joseph. The Catholics on the court, like Kennedy and Justice William Brennan before him, are largely responsible for the demonic evils of abortion and same sex perversion that have made our country a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Thank you, God, that Donald Trump will be naming the next justice and not Hillary Corrupt Clinton. And to all those so-called pro-lifers like Mark Shea who told us Hillary was the pro-life vote, go soak your heads. Maybe it will clear your brains.

Another Netflix Atrocity: Super Drag Queens

Netflix is bringing drag queen superheroes to life in ‘Super Drags’

If you're Catholic and still subscribing to NETFLIX you are supporting the perversion of children with this piece of trash and Big Mouth which masquerades as an "adult" cartoon. And then there's the glorification of suicide with the suicide revenge fantasy 13 Reasons Why.  Oh...and then there's the movie they stream that opens with child pornography. Did you know NETFLIX is under investigation for that? Distributing child porn just happens to be illegal.

And you're still a NETFLIX member -- why? 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I Love Lexington! Let's not Punish the Whole Town for One Rude Woman's Prejudice

Two women: one a Southern lady, one a liberal bigot!
And by the way, did you know Stephanie Wilkinson, co-owner of the Red Hen, is a transplant from New York and Meryl Streep's cousin? Hmmm....Is it any wonder she's such a liberal loon! Here's a great article on the entire subject and I applaud the author.

The Red Hen, The Murder of Southern Hospitality and The Spirit of Destruction

When Sarah Sanders was viciously attacked at the White House Correspondents dinner by an idiot comedian, she didn't respond in kind. Conservatives have grown to expect depraved behavior from the left. Why dignify it with equal rudeness? Decapitated heads, obscene language, looting, burning, and rioting -- it's all the left knows since they have no arguments and apparently lack the intelligence to frame them. 

Please support Fr. Frank Phillips against the Unjust Actions of Cardinal Blase Cupich

Falsely accused traditional priest ousted by Cdl. Cupich appeals to canon law

Last March Fr. Frank Phillips CR, a traditional priest and pastor of St. John Cantius in Chicago, was informed by Cardinal Cupich that, despite being cleared of the charges against him for inappropriate relationships with adult men, he was permanently removed from ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago. This move was no great surprise. Cardinal Cupich's antagonism toward the Tridentine form of the Mass is well known and long-standing. That he would take action against this priest and this parish is consistent with his past behavior. He leaped to judgment when the accusations came out, even informing the secular media. Talk about ruining a good man's reputation!

Saving Babies and Not Counting the Cost: A Letter From the Oakland Jail

Will Goodman, prisoner of conscience.
This letter is basically a follow-up to the article I wrote about the Red Rose Rescues. Two Michigan participants, Monica Miller and Will Goodman were sentenced to jail for violating what can only be described as a draconian probation ruling. By their violating it,  another baby will live! The judge accused the two of being anarchists. They aren't. They walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, and the White Rose Student Movement that peacefully resisted the Nazi regime. They deserve our prayers and thanks. Their suffering will bring down many graces. 
I am confident they are praying for the judge and the prosecutor who will one day face the True Judge and have to answer for their actions in this case. To see a video about this event go here. I hope you'll send Will Goodman a letter in jail. If I get Monica's address, I'll post that as well. They both received 45 day sentences. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato is also in jail for a week in D.C. for a separate rescue. Please pray these heroes touch many of their fellow inmates while they serve God as witnesses for life!