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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For the Hypocrites in Hollywood

Aren't word derivations fascinating:? I learned today that the word hypocrite comes from a Greek word, hypokrites, that means play actor. Hypocrisy comes from hypokrisis which means play acting. Isn't that delightful? It puts in perspective all the spouting off of actors and actresses and movie directors making seven figure salaries as they point the finger at those greedy CEOs on Wall Street.

Who among the hypocrites has been out parading their hypocrisy at OWS events? Let's see: Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin.  Roseanne Barr actually recommended the guillotine for the greediest CEOs, she who made about $20 million a year in her last season on the telly. One wonders how much of her largesse, some of which no doubt came from those greedy businesses advertising on her sitcom, she shared with the 99%. Perhaps she gave at the office.

Ah yes, the Hollywood and New York entertainment elite are better at condemning the greed of the rest of us as they laugh their way to the bank. This article suggests they engage in a little personal wealth redistribution to avoid the oh-so-accurate portrayal of themselves as hypocrites.

So how 'bout it, Hollywood elite, how 'bout it New York nightime hosts....share that salary with the prop guy and wardrobe gal and the poor gopher who fetches your coffee. And get up outa that chair with your name on it and let the poor workers take a seat while you serve them for a change. And please...don't do it while the cameras are rolling to show what a comrade you are to the downtrodden. That just makes your hypocrisy all the more apparent.

One Million Christmas Cards to the ACLU with One Million Hail Marys

Jesus told us to love our enemy and the ACLU has to be on God's "most wanted" enemies list. After all, he always goes searching for the lost.

So how about following through on an idea that's been running around the internet -- with a little extra twist.

Send the ACLU a Christmas card, mailing address: 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York NY 10004 and say a Hail Mary for the person who opens it. Don't identify your purpose on the outside or it will go straight into the circular file. You want them to have to unseal it and look at it. Think of the outlay of employee hours opening a million cards looking for that donation check. Think of finding instead a cheery Christmas card with a message of prayer? They might be disgusted, but they'll still be touched by a drop of grace. How many drops before the rock of disbelief crumbles?

And who knows what little acts of kindness can impact a Scrooge with the heart of the Grinch that's two sizes too small?

So wish the ACLU a Merry Christmas and tell them you are praying for them. Send along Tiny Tim's message as well. "God bless us every one."

Monday, November 28, 2011

He's Got Occupy Wall Street's Number and the Cure for It!

The problem? prosperity, an entitlement mentality, and lack of gratitude. The cure? three and a half days every year fending for yourself in the woods and learning to grow up! He's pegged it. An attitude of gratitude is one of the prerequisites for growth in holiness.

Keep Christ in Christmas

Advent is here and the mad shopping season has commenced. Of course, the reason for the season is our preparation for welcoming the baby in the manger (and His coming in our hearts and his return on the last day), but many retailers want to take advantage of the gift-giving tradition while "dissing" Jesus.

So here's the message I'm sending with my signs on the front lawn and my magnet on the back of the car -- Keep Christ in Christmas! (Hat tip to Fr. Collins for sending the video below.) Buy from stores that aren't afraid to wish their customers a very Merry Christmas. But don't lose out on the anticipation of  Advent. Follow the star.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Miracle of Life: "The Magic that is Us!"

Alexander Tsiaras uses the term "divinity" several times during the course of his presentation. He's got it right. We are "fearfully, wonderfully made" as Psalm 139 tells us, made in the image and likeness of God. Our complexity did not come about by accident and sure didn't develop out of the primordial soup or on the back of crystals. God called us forth and knew us at every moment as we grew in the womb. What a wonder to watch the miracle of pre-natal development unfold.

More Evidence of Climategate or The Liars are Caught Red-Handed....Again!

All the so-called scientists who don't mind cooking the data and lying about it have been caught red-handed at the keyboard again. A new batch of emails shows once again that the "great man-made global warming scare is not about science but about political activism."   It's not easy to keep track of all the climategate hankie pankie, but here's a website for those who want to stay on top of the iceberg before it melts in all the hot air of faux science.

Hat tip to Ray. I'm still laughing about what I've been reading, although, it really is no laughing matter. In the light of eternity fraud and scare-mongering are not innocuous sins -- especially when, in the process, you destroy the reputations of others. But these days truth isn't valued much. Sad.

The Scandal of Catholic Charities

If I had to choose one thing that has corrupted the Church in the United States, it would be government entanglement. I've written plenty here about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), but it's peanuts compared to Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services, both of which are knee deep in enabling government evil.

My friend Janet has a great post about Catholic Charities on her blog. It's a good reason to look for alternative charities that you know are solid. We have a non-negotiable responsibility to help Lazarus at the gate. We shouldn't have to finance government condom and needle exchange programs at the same time, not to mention enabling minors' abortions.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Brain Surgery: A Decision between a Woman and Her Doctor?

Remember when abortion was described as a decision "between a woman and her doctor?" How come that same rationale doesn't apply to a decision about brain surgery being a decision between a patient and his neurosurgeon?

Listen to this exchange on Mark Levin's show by someone who says he's a neurosurgeon just back from a consultation in Washington, D.C. on the standards for brain surgery on patients over 70. If he's who he says he is, grandparents are in for a rocky ride under Obamacare. The death panels are coming. Here's an excerpt from the transcript:
Caller: Basically what the document stated was that if you were over 70 and you’d come into an emergency room and you’re on government supported health care, that you’d get “comfort care”.

Mark Levin: Wait a minute…what’s the source for this?
Caller: This is Obama’s new health care plan for advanced neurosurgical care.

Mark Levin: And who issued this? HHS?

Caller: Yes. And basically they don’t call them patients, they call them units. And instead of – they call it “ethics panels” or “ethics committees”, would get together and meet and decide where the money would go for hospitals, and basically for patients over 70 years of age, that advanced neurosurgical care was not generally indicated.
Mark Levin: So it’s generally going to be denied?
Caller: Yes, absolutely. …If someone comes in at 70 years of age with a bleed in their brain, I can promise you I’m not going to get a bunch of administrators together on an ethics panel at 2 in the morning to decide that I’m OK to do surgery.

Liberal Hate Mongers

My brother put me on to this patriotic American through his Political Brambles blog. I love his commentary. He speaks the truth against the "hateful left."

Do You Shop on Black Friday?

I can't imagine any worse outing than going shopping on "black Friday." This is my day to make turkey soup and play games with grandkids. The last place I want to be is shopping. you go to the mall on this mega-shopping day? Do you enjoy the excitement of the "madding crowd" or do you stay at home like me? How do you spend the day after Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I read this Thanksgiving Prayer this morning at Mass. It was printed in the Magnificat Mass book but comes from a Puritan prayer book called the Valley of Vision. Would that all people of faith remembered to thank God. Today's gospel was the story of the ten lepers healed by Christ. Only one, a Samaritan, returned to thank Jesus while "giving glory to God" in a loud voice. Let us never forget to raise our hearts, hands, and voices in thanksgiving to our Lord and God.


O My God,

Thou fairest, greatest, first of all objects, my heart admires, adores, loves thee, for my little vessel is as full as it can be, and I would pour out all that fullness before thee in ceaseless flow.

When I think upon and converse with thee ten thousand delightful thoughts spring up, ten thousand sources of pleasure are unsealed, ten thousand refreshing joys spread over my heart, crowding into every moment of happiness.

I bless thee for the soul thou hast created, for adorning it, for sanctifying it, though it is fixed in barren soil;

I bless thee for body thou hast given me, for preserving its strength and vigour, for providing senses to enjoy delights, for the ease and freedom of my limbs, for hands, eyes, ears that do thy bidding;

I bless thee for thy royal bounty providing my daily support, for a full table and overflowing cup, for appetite, taste, sweetness;

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Now What Exactly is the Occupy Movement About?

You thought it was about attacking Wall Street Greed? Well, in this video it's clear that it's about attacking Christianity. Anyone who disagrees with the homosexual agenda will be among the Occupy targets. Two thumbs up for the Christians who refused to be intimidated by the drumbeating and mindless chanting. Making more noise than your opponent is not an argument.  I would suggest that in the future, Christians respond with song. "Amazing Grace" would have pierced the darkness.

Do You Ever Wonder Where Expressions Come From?

You've heard the expression, "The writing's on the wall" meaning that you can see something bad is coming. Where did it come from? If you went to Mass this morning and heard the readings, you know the answer. And Rembrandt did a wonderful painting depicting the event. What other expressions can you think of that come from the Bible?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Check out CNA's webpage on the New Missal Translation

This coming Sunday, the Church unveils the new translation of the Roman Missal which brings Holy Mother Church back into greater conformity with the Mass of the ages. (Now why didn't they just translate the Tridentine Mass in the first place?)

Faithful Catholics rejoice at theis move toward a more reverent and more catholic (i.e., universal) connection to those who went before us.

Catholic News Service offers a webpage on the new translation with multiple resources to help Catholics understand and appreciate the changes. It's something to be thankful for when you eat your turkey dinner on Thursday and light your Advent wreath on Sunday. "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." Psalm 107

Monday, November 21, 2011

What do you think about girl altar boys?

The Washington Post is running a poll on girls serving at the altar. You can vote here. The feminists in the Church always frame girls serving as an "equality" and "non-discrimination" issue, but, if that's true, they obviously see it as a wedge issue toward female ordination. The equality and discrimination claim can equally be used to say women have "Which I think is part of the problem. What do you think?

Changes in the Mass Begin Next Week

If you want to know more about the revisions to the Mass beginning next week, Jimmy Akin has a book out explaining them.  I haven't read it, but for Catholics who are confused about why this happening or want to know more, this sounds like a good resource.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Would You Do?

I read an article yesterday about a graduate assistant who witnessed Sandusky sodomizing a ten year old in the shower. Instead of demanding he stop and rescuing that little boy, he went home and called his dad. And what did Daddy suggest? Go see Paterno in the morning. What's wrong with this picture? Wouldn't you expect a MAN'S first reaction be to clobber Sandusky, grab that little boy, put some clothes on him and take him home and tell his parents? And call the police?

I once witnessed a guy stopped at a stop sign where his girl passenger got out and they engaged in an argument. The guy got out, went around and was dragging her toward the door. I stopped my car, rolled down my window and yelled at him to leave her alone. He let her go and she walked away. Really, isn't that a natural reaction to witnessing a bigger person physically manhandling a younger or weaker one?

Mark Steyn points out the tragedy of our culture today where grown men act like babies:
Here surely is an almost too perfect snapshot of a culture that simultaneously destroys childhood and infantilizes adulthood. The "child" in this vignette ought to be the 10-year-old boy, "hands up against the wall," but, instead, the "man" appropriates the child role for himself: Why, the graduate assistant is so "distraught" that he has to leave and telephone his father. He is pushing 30, an age when previous generations would have had little boys of their own. But today, confronted by a grade-schooler being sodomized before his eyes, the poor distraught child-man approaching early middle-age seeks out some fatherly advice, like one of Fred MacMurray's "My Three Sons" might have done had he seen the boy next door swiping a can of soda pop from the lunch counter.

The graduate assistant, Mike McQueary, is now pushing 40, and is sufficiently grown-up to realize that the portrait of him that emerges from the indictment is not to his credit and to attempt, privately, to modify it. "No one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds," he emailed a friend a few days ago. "Trust me."

"Trust me"? Maybe the 10-year-old boy did. And then watched Mr. McQueary leave the building. Perhaps the child-man should try "imagining" the 10-year-old's thoughts or being in his shoes. Oh, wait. He wasn't wearing any.
Read the entire article for yourself. It will make you want to weep. God have mercy on us. No wonder women ask where all the good men have gone. They sure aren't graduate assistants at Penn State!

Some Truth on Vatican II from Mike Voris

Vatican II is about to reach its 50 year anniversary. The shambles modernists made of the Mass spouting nonsense about the "spirit of Vatican II" is being turned back to some degree. Any success in this direction can be attributed to the faithful who have responded to Vatincan II's the "call to holiness." Pray the rosary daily for the intention of the restoration of the faith, especially in the United States and our own neighborhoods, because that is where our children and grandchildren are learning about God.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What an Easy Bake Oven Teaches about Tyranny

Here's an excerpt from a great article at As a Mom...A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots. I recommend you read the complete article, What's a 100 Watt - Easy Bake Oven? But I absolutely loved this part of the article:
Well, my eldest daughter received an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas.  Her grandmother sent it from the mid-west.  Grandma sent it and on Christmas day, my daughter, who will soon be eight years old said, "can we bake some cookies mama".  I said, "well, yes, maybe later".  Later turned into a few days and as I got out the instructions to see how to make the Easy Bake Oven work, the instructions detailed how I needed a 100 watt incandescent light bulb. 

If you didn't know, that's how the oven cooks the little cookies and snacks.  Well, I looked for a 100 watt light bulb in my stash of light bulbs, but didn't have one and so, off we went to the store.  You know the hardware store where they sell light bulbs.  Well, I visited three hardware stores in my area and couldn't find one-100 watt clear bulb on the shelf.  There I was in the isle in my third hardware store and looking for a 100 watt incandescent light bulb and I muttered to myself, somewhat out loud, "hmmm, wonder why there is not one -100 watt bulb on the shelf", when a man standing next to me said, "they ain't making them anymore".  I said, "what?"  Then he said, "the reason I'm buying as many incandescent light bulbs as I can is because the communist who run this country don't allow hardware stores to sell 100 watt incandescent light bulbs any longer."  I said, "really, wow, that sounds like communism for sure, so, what's up with that?  Then the man told me the California legislature just outlaw them, "so in California you will not be able to buy any 100 watt incandescent light bulbs", said the man.

I then told the man about how my daughter received an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas from her Grandmother.  "Now she won't be able to use it", I said.  The man said, "well, there's always a solution to a problem like that".  I said, "And what's that?"  He then told me, "kick the communist out of office and get a new brand of politician, one who will listen to what the people want and won't meddle with the purchasing of an incandescent light bulb".  "You see", the man continued, "communist not only tell you how to live, they tell you what you can purchase, or not.  They control you and if they can't convince you to buy some curly stupid bulb, they just take the bulb you want to purchase off the market."  I said, "wow, I think I see your point." 

Yes, I guess, a new transmission and a clean house can make you see the light!  It's time folks, it's time to choose and it's time to clean some house.  It's time to dust yourself off and send the message to all those in office and in the halls of our great nation.  Yes, there is a time for everything under the sun.  It's time to choose.  And, to answer the question I opened this email with, "what's a 100 watt - Easy Bake Oven"?  I say, it's completely useless, just like some of our politicians who think they know better than you the American public.  All I can say is, do you see the light?  'Cause I sure do see the 100 watt problem!

Remember to tell all your neighbors, your family, your friends, the butcher, the baker and the cabinet maker.  I even told my banker a few things as well and she was pretty amazed at all the things happening in our great nation.  I say, talk about, tell somebody about it.  That's your job from now until November 2012.  
I'm glad to know about the "Mommy Patriots" who are teaching their children what it means to be American. Now, if they just make sure their kids aren't brainwashed by the socialists running the education system, we may actually have hope of saving America.

Head Scratcher: OWS D.C. Holds Folks Hostage While They Chant

Let me get this straight. The Occupy Wall Street gang in D.C. blocked the exits at a conservative dinner November 4th and prevented a handicapped woman in a wheel chairamong others, from returning to her hotel while they chanted, "This is what democracy looks like!"

Uh...yeah...(scratching my head)...they have a right to freedom of speech and the right to assemble (and carry out bodily functions) wherever they want, but people attending a dinner don't have the right to leave the building and are subjected to threats and obscenities when they do. And they have the gall to call this democracy?

Actually, though, they're right in a way. Democracy is mob rule, which is why the founders didn't give us one. We are a constitutional republic.

After watching the short video below, you can check out this story in more depth at CNS. And if you want to know more about the Occupy Wall Street movement, visit the new website: Expose Occupy Wall Street. It's all about destroying the middle class, establishing socialism, and making us all wage slaves of the ruling class. Read Animal Farm if you don't get it.

Would You Buy This Game?

I got an email from Amazon today suggesting games for Christmas. There's one called Guillotine, which has apparently been around for years (How did I miss it?). The object of the game is for player "executioners" to collect the heads of nobles to earn points. Here's the list of reviews.
I'm curious. Have you ever played this? Do you think such a "game" has any redeeming value (e.g., teaching about a historical period)? Is it dangerous to treat horrendous events in a humorous way vs. games like Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy that deal in factual knowledge? Does the cartoon-like depiction of the victims trivialize a horrifying period of history? Do you think people would give a game a favorable rating that treated Holocaust victims this way? Would you buy Guillotine? If so, for what ages would you consider it

More on Modesty: How Male Brains React to Bikinis

Men are wired differently than women. That's just a fact. This comes out of a Princeton study, not a religious group. Let's treat each other with charity. Guys, treat even immodestly dressed women with respect. Gals, invite men to see beyond the superficial. And let's all treat each other with the charity we deserve as creatures made in the image and likeness of God.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abortionist Admits He's Killing

The abortionist in the 2009 video below admits what he does is killing. He also describes aborting 9 and 10-year-old girls. What the reporter failed to ask as a follow-up was whether he reports these cases of child sex abuse to authorities. Obviously, a little one who's pregnant is being sexually abused. The abortionist is a mandatory reporter. He is REQUIRED to report this criminal activity to the police.

Fact is, these abortion mills simply abort the child and send her back to be abused again. In many cases, these youngsters are brought for the abortion by the abuser himself, and the mill will kill the baby in the womb without ever informing the girl's parents about what happened. In view of the Penn State atrocity, it's time for abortion mills to be in the spotlight. They know that adult "boyfriends" are molesting minors and do nothing about it. And the media are accomplices because they ignore the ramifications. Sometimes the police are implicated as well when pro-lifers call about an obviously underage girl being taken into a facility and officers refuse to investigate.

Butcher Boyd now works at a New Mexico abortion mill where they will kill a healthy late term baby for NO MEDICAL REASON and Medicaid will pay for it. The cost of these abortions is 9-16 thousand dollars of your tax money!

There should be a public demand for every abortion mill to report minor's abortions because, in many cases, these children are victims of statutory rape or incest with adult men. In other cases they are abused by older minors.

As for Boyd's description of his "prayer," that is simply diabolical. To pray as you murder someone is a hallmark of ritualistic killing and typical in Satanic activity.

Let's see a movement to Occupy the Abortion Mills. The greed of these hired killers is beyond belief.

One Reason I Love Winter: Modesty

The older I get the colder I get when north winds start to blow in the frigid days of winter. Despite the cold, however, there's one reason I absolutely rejoice when the temperature drops -- modesty. All summer I cringe at Sunday Mass when girls sashay up to Communion in dresses that barely cover their bums or short shorts...and the ubiquitous tank tops and spaghetti straps with plunging necklines. I'm not too fond of the guys' shorts, bare legs, and dirty sneakers either, but that's more about respect and the topic of another post.

Winter has a way of increasing modesty. Yes, the tight pants that draw men's eyes to a girl's crotch are still a problem, but winter brings in the long shirts and sweaters, the leggings and boots. The mini skirts (never a flattering style) pretty much disappear in favor of slacks, longer skirts, and boots.

So bring on the cold and breathe a prayer of gratitude for a few months of modesty at Mass. It's one less distraction from what's happening on the altar. And remember, girls, you are more than your body. When you dress with modesty you draw a young man's attention to your face and your eyes, the windows of the soul. Wouldn't you rather a young man learn who you are than invite him, by immodest clothing to lust for your body?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Need a Christmas Idea for the Frequent Flyer?

I think this is a hoot. How to beat the high cost of flying!

And Whose Business Is It Anyway?

The Catholic Sistas has an interesting article about the Duggars and the animosity against them (which I personally experienced viewing a vicious video on YouTube). Are you familiar with their family? The parents, Michelle and Jim Bob, are unabashed Christians who are expecting their 20th child and, yes, each and every one is their biological offspring. They offer tremendous witness to a world that sees children as doll objects -- valuable if you want them, trash if you don't. They are certainly counter cultural.

But they weren't always.

Jim Bob and Michelle started marriage like many couples -- contracepting. After four years they decided it was time to have a baby. After his birth, Michelle went back on the pill, but became pregnant again and then miscarried. At that point, with the witness of a pro-life doctor, they read the pill packet insert and realized its potential to kill children. They repented, put their family and the number of their children in the hands of God, and the rest is history.

It's amazing how many people judge and condemn the Duggars for no other reason than the size of their family. "They're insulating their children from the world, they don't believe in 'diversity,' they only associate with people who think like they do, they homeschool so they must be nerds." And, of course, they are irresponsible for having so many children! You would think these critics were supporting this family, but instead the Duggars work hard, built a 7000 square foot home debt free, and they're children are hard workers as well. There is no welfare mentality in this home! And they give all the credit for their beautiful family to the Lord.

I love the Duggars! They remind me that St. Catherine of Siena was the 21st child in her family, that large families who love God and put Him at the center create fertile ground to make saints. It makes me appreciate the beautiful families in our parish who take up an entire pew on Sunday. May they prosper and grow in love.

Visit the Duggars' website and take a look at their latest book, A Love that Multiplies. Check out this video relating how the oldest Duggar son helped save the life of a little girl. And now -- If you haven't met the they are.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Yorkers: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!

Massive chaos, gridlock to be unleashed on NYC:
'Menu' includes shutting down Wall Street, subways, bridges

Anybody who thinks this movement is about anything but creating chaos needs a reality check. Who's funding it? George Soros groups for one. Who's involved? The Communist Party USA, the Nazi Party USA, leftists, socialists, the SEIU, ACORN, etc. Who's endorsing it? Leftist politicians who believe a crisis is a terrible thing to waste when it can advance liberalism. I fully expect if this movement continues to see it end like the French Revolution in violence and martial law.

The participants, who seem like the same gang who occupied Woodstock in the 60s, are more interested in partying and playing and blaming all the ills of the world on everybody except the ones who deserve it. Why are there no demonstrations outside the White House and the homes of liberal members of Congress many of who have gotten rich from feeding at the public trough? Where are the diatribes against Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae, etc.?

Many of these folks may be well-meaning, but they are in bed with anarchists who don't care a hoot about freedom of speech and assembly. Their goal is the total destruction of the U.S. way of life. When the participants are finished tearing down, they may be surprised at what gets built up.

Meanwhile the low level workers of NYC will be the ones hurt most by these antics. Stockbrokers and bankers aren't the only ones who work in New York. Those hurt most will be: the maids, doormen, and clerks who work at the hotels; the busboys, dishwashers, and waiters who serve and clean up at the restaurants; the newstand operators, the street cleaners; cashiers in retail, the ticket takers at the movie theatres; etc.

Most of the people working in NYC are little people and most of the big people who gave us this mess are the politicians and their media and entertainment cronies who promote their liberal policies. This movement is all about destroying the middle class. Ironically, many middle class liberals are the useful dupes ballyhooing it or participating. There's comfort in being part of the mob until it turns on you.

Somebody needs to get on a soapbox and start lecturing on the French Revolution which started out by eating the aristocracy, the clergy, and religious women  and ended up consuming many lower class laborers illustrated by the poor little dressmaker in A Tale of Two Cities.

Occupy Wall Street is not funny and it's not a joke. Wake up, America.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Every Day's a Good Day to Thank a Soldier

If I'd seen this before Veterans' Day I would have posted it then, but it's so inspiring no one should miss it. We need to teach our children that freedom isn't free. Some wars are not justified. We sure don't belong in all these undeclared wars everywhere on the planet. But some wars arise from attacks against our shores. Pray today for all those serving in the military. You can send a letter to a soldier on active duty or to a veteran through Operation Gratitude. It would be a great home school project for your kids or an activity for a teen group.

ACORN Diverts School Donations to Occupy Wall Street

ACORN is back in the news -- this time for diverting money donated to test schools for dangerous toxins to support the Occupy Wall Street gang. This is one more Alinskyite trick illustrating that any means is acceptable as long as it moves the society along toward socialism. Unfortunately, this same tactic is also active in the Church as the national collection for CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) takes place this coming weekend. Thirty to 50% of the collection goes into community organizing groups linked to the Industrial Areas Foundation (Alinsky's baby), GAMALIEL, and other socialist-oriented front groups.

Know your history. In 1893 Walter Rauschenbusch, founder of the Social Gospel Movement, wrote, "The only power that can make socialism succeed, if it is established, is religion." CCHD is a partner with Just Faith, which preaches, not the social doctrine of the Church, but Marxist socialism and liberation theology. Religion is being used to advance, not the Kingdom of God, but the Kingdom of this World whose prince is Satan himself. The latest Mindszenty Foundation report blows the cover on Just Faith. And their are plenty of other articles out there as well. Go here to see a few. And here's another. We are being preached a different faith than that of Christ Jesus, and we must reject it as St. Paul warned. Yes, we have an obligation to help the poor, but not according to Marxist socialism. We aren't serving God when we begin by occupying Wall Street, but when we begin by occupying the confessional. In the end it isn't societal sins and the class struggle that will send us to hell, but our personal sins and our failure to serve our neighbor beginning with our families.

Wake up! The enemy is within like the fox under the Spartan boy's cloak chewing away at the faith. Catholics are under assault from the treachery and stupidity of the enemies within and their useful dupes. If we don't know our faith and fight for it, we'll lose it. Pray for the zeal of Joan of Arc and the charity of the Blessed Mother. With Mary as our 12 star general and Joan as our battalion commander we can fight back the slings and arrows being launched from all sides and the daggar thrust from those nearest.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Question for the Day about Planned Parenthood

Why is it that Joe Paterno gets sacked for not reporting child sex abuse, and bishops get sued for not reporting child sex abuse, but Planned Parenthood gets subsidized ($360,000,000+/year) for not reporting and for covering up the "consequences" of child sex abuse? It seems that allegiance to the pro-abortion war against inconvenient human life absolves one from the need to obey inconvenient laws.

                                                                                   Fr. Thomas Collins
                                                                                   Covington, VA

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Les Femmes Summer Issue is Online

If you're interested in checking out the most recent issue (Summer) of the Les Femmes newsletter, you can read it online here. The lead article is about a priest in Hampton, VA who massacred the liturgy when we visited earlier this year. Thankfully, we saw little of this liturgical violence on our cross country trip this Fall, but it still survives in some places. Why the laity tolerate it is beyond me. I can only think several generations of bad catechesis and long exposure to the circus antics of showmen priests (and perhaps the drumbeating in the sanctuary) have turned their brains to mush. Pray for priests who are jeopardizing their own souls and the souls of the faithful by such scandals.

I'm going to write a book...

Don't laugh; I'm serious. I'll be posting updates at my personal blog, but if you're curious take a little side trip and see what I'm up to.

Thought for the Day: Are You a Prophetic Voice for Life?

From a priest friend:

It is encouraging to hear the prophetic voice of God's people calling us to remember that Jesus did not give His Sacred Body and Precious Blood to strengthen those seeking to ensure that more babies get butchered before they have a chance to see the light of day.
                                                   Rev. Tom Collins

The Reality of Occupy Wall Street

It's destroying the small businesses in neighborhoods bordering Zuccotti Park.

Free love, STDs and abortion

Violence and threats of violence

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You to All Our Veterans!

Thanks, Daddy, rest in peace.

Clarence Thomas: Establishment Clause Law "In Shambles."

“Anyone’s guess”
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says religious display rulings are in 'shambles'

Would the Founding Fathers really support the removal of "under God" from the pledge? Would they support removing all the religious symbols from public property? Would they endorse disciplining kindergarteners for bringing religious items for show and tell, or drawing a nativity for their "holiday" art picture, or wearing a t-shirt with a religious message?
What do you think?

This is Global Warming?

We're having snow flurries here in the valley this morning. And we had a five-inch snowfall in October. Gosh, it makes me grateful for manmade global warming. Can you imagine what it would be like if we were having global cooling? Oh...I forgot. The new term is "climate change."

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dear Father,

You are no doubt well aware of the on-going controversy surrounding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). The recently released American Life League report evaluating CCHD grants found that the situation in 2010 was worse than the previous year. Sadly, the same scenario has repeated, like an endless loop, since CCHD’s establishment in 1969. Concerned Catholics expose grantees who directly or indirectly promote abortion, contraception, liberation theology, the gay agenda, etc. CCHD engages in “reform,” but the objectionable grants continue. In this latest go-around, CCHD has attacked ALL and others accusing them of an “agenda” and claiming their critique is rehashed information. But within weeks of ALL’s exposé, CCHD defunded a group in the report.

Recently Real Catholic TV entered the fray with a CIA (Catholic Investigative Agency) review on CCHD which is devastating. Twenty-four percent of the collection last year went to groups that either directly or indirectly support abortion, contraception, the homosexual agenda including same-sex marriage, and cultural Marxism. Real Catholic TV exposed several additional groups besides the ALL list. The fact is, millions of dollars collected through CCHD from unsuspecting Catholics went to these evil organizations.

Serious questions must be addressed with regard to the annual CCHD collection:

Time Out for a Nutritional Commercial Break

Are you compromising your health?

Artificial Sweetners are like "eating an insecticide."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Denver

How blessed we are in the patrimony of Holy Mother Church. Larry and I attended Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Denver and were awestruck by the beautiful stained glass windows and other artwork as well as the marble. What a gift to the city of Denver to have such a monument to the faith in its midst. Pray that those who lack faith will be drawn to it by the the true, the good, and the beautiful which is the patrimony of our Church open and available to all.

Boycott CCHD! They're in Bed with Enemies of the Church

American Life League Responds to CCHD Smear
CCHD: Evidence, Dismissals, and Clarifications

Former Chicago CCHD Director Criticizes Organization
Catholic Campaign for Human Development: Reform or Bust

And then there's Stephanie Block's analysis of CCHD over the years, a devastating account of their connections to cultural Marxism.
What Is the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Trying to Do?
Did you say you want a revolution?
Don't throw your money to the community organizers. Boycott CCHD!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do You Believe Herman Cain is Guilty? Or Is This the Equivalent of a Mafia Hit?

Mark Crutcher has a fascinating article on his blog relating to the way conservative blacks get it from rich elitist whites. Very interesting and worth reading. It raises the question of whether Herman Cain is being set up and taken down by the culture of death cartel.

Herman Cain, Meet Samuel Yette

Sean Hannity ran an audio clip today of a female reporter (didn't catch her name) discussing black men and their sexual interest in white women, especially blondes. It was so racist I could hardly believe anyone in her right mind would say it -- reminded me of the book Black Like Me. It was written by a Catholic white journalist in the 50s who decided to explore racism by "becoming black." He had some treatments that darkened his skin, shaved his head, and used a tanning lotion. One of the most interesting chapters was about his experiences hitchhiking with white men who quizzed him on his sexual prowess and whether black women are sexier, and whether he ever had sex with a white woman. Sickening!

So hearing a woman promote this shameful stereotype and apply it to Herman Cain made me angry. I also noticed the obviously provocative clothing that Cain's supposed victim, Sharon Bialek, is wearing in all her interviews, and the sexy hairdo. Frankly, I think it's to push the subliminal message that of course black men will want to sexually assault sexy, white, blonde women.

No matter how you slice this, it's a he said, she said situation and there is no way to prove it either way. The only two who know the truth are Cain and his accuser and those who arranged the smear if that's what it is. But as Mark Crutcher points out, the timing is suspicious. Here's what he says:
The fascinating thing is that, within hours [of Cain addressing the abortion cartel's involvement in black genocide], anonymous people started dropping out of the trees to claim that Herman Cain sexually harassed them. As we have seen in the past, this is a very convenient charge because it is one that is virtually impossible to refute. In the minds of many, the mere accusation itself is evidence of guilt and, once the allegation is made, the target has to prove a negative which, for all practical purposes, cannot be done.
Yup, that pegs it. So...what do you think? Is Herman Cain the target of the population control hit team? Sure bears all the hallmarks.

Please Pray for my Brother John

Larry and I went to visit my brother John yesterday. John, a retired police officer, had a stroke about two years ago at age 54. He has had numerous complications since including the condition transverse myelitis. He lives with chronic pain.

Once, years ago, when we were studying the Book of Job, the priest teacher commented that the hardest suffering was the condition where a person was suffering and it wasn't going to get better. He had only one prospect, a worsening condition, with the only exit being death. John is Job. Short of a miraculous intervention, he will live the rest of his life with one side mostly paralyzed and minimal ability to walk or do much for himself.

I can only imagine the challenge his condition offers. And that's why people who live in such situations need lots and lots of support: physical support, of course, but spiritual support even more.

Have you visited a nursing home lately? Many people there are bed and wheelchair bound. Some are unaware of their condition. Others suffer not only from their physical limitations, but from the mental agony of watching their deterioration and remembering how things used to be.

I remember one lady Larry and I visited every Sunday, dead now, who bemoaned her fate every time we saw her. She lived at home until she was about 90 years old when her caregiver got sick. (She almost blamed her caregiver for getting cancer and abandoning her.) She lived in the nursing home for about six years and never accepted her situation. Her memory was sharper than mine: sometimes she asked about something we told her the week before. Sadly, she made her own life miserable and often that of those around her, including her daughter. She was angry at God and occasionally, if I chided her gently, she would order me out of the room. But she always welcomed me back. I pray she reconciled with God in the end and went to him like a little child.

Life is filled with challenges and sufferings. One of the greatest charities we can perform is to walk on the suffering road with others, praying and encouraging. Please pray for John and for all those living Job lives. This saying is so true: "Life is fragile, handle with prayer." Somebody needs your prayer today, and perhaps a visit? It's a corporal work of mercy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Who's a Sexual Harrasser? And alleged rapist? And Corrupter of the Young?

Compare the media's treatment of serial groper and alleged rapist Bill Clinton with their treatment of Herman Cain. The attack on a conservative black bears all the marks of the Anita Hill roadshow. Maybe he's guilty, maybe he's not, but I sure hate the double standard of the liberal media attack dogs. They didn't go after Bill Clinton the way they are going after Herman Cain. But for a liberal the end justifies the means, so if lying can accomplish your goal of smearing a political rival, go for it. See here.

How Lobbyists Corrupt Capitol Hill

My dad retired from the Navy as a rear admiral. He was wooed by the beltway bandits who wanted his influence and connections. He wouldn't even consider it. But most of the politicians on Capitol Hill don't have the integrity my dad had in his little finger. As for Abramoff, well the verdict is out on him as far as I'm concerned. Is the man a Chuck Coulson? Or will he turn out to just be playing a new shell game? Pray for him. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Same Sex Attraction: It's Bad for Your Mental Health

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), but that hasn't changed the realilty that those suffering from same-sex attraction (SSA) show a significantly higher rate of mental health problems than their non-SSA peers. Studies over the last fifteen years show that SSA is bad for your mental health. Of course, gay activists say that's because gays are so persecuted, but in countries where homosexuality is well accepted, for example Holland and New Zealand, the rate of disorders is similar to other countries where there is still significant opposition.

It seems to me that there is a clear explanation: violating the natural law instilled in us by God puts man in conflict with himself. That kind of cognitive dissonance means a man either has to change his behavior or his beliefs. The man in a sinful situation, who knows it's wrong, will either give up his sin or alter his beliefs to justify his behavior. Have you ever heard someone in a sinful situation, e.g., adultery, say, "I just don't know what to believe any more?" There's a perfect example. If I want to commit this sin that feels so good and makes me "happy" (at least in the short term), then I will likely throw out my former belief in fidelity and the sacredness of my vows and make up any excuse to justify myself. Tolstoy illustrated the truth of this in Anna Karenina.

Sure makes sense, doesn't it? But if you know in your heart what you are doing is wrong (because God placed the truth there), can you really convince yourself that  wrong is right? Probably not. So what happens? The screws start coming loose -- not a good sign for the future of our culture of death is it?

But then again, God has a way of taking people in their darkest moments and shining a shaft of white light that cuts through the darkness of sin and invites conversion. So pray for sinners in the mire of cognitive dissonance that they will see the truth and turn back to our Creator who loves them enough to shed every drop of blood for them.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Herman Cain and the Liberals' "High Tech Lynching"

I wondered how long it would take the liberals to go after that uppity black, Herman Cain, and I'd say they waited just until he hit the big time in the polls. (No use wasting the "bork" and "anita hill" techniques if they aren't necessary.)

But the liberals apparently decided that Cain is a real threat. With the prospect of race being immaterial in the next election with possible loss of some of the black vote (Gotta keep those darkies on the liberal plantation.), the man has to be destroyed. Funny...when liberals like Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy grope and harrass women and are accused of rape, they get the "boys will be boys" treatment and the stories are buried. But any unsubstantiated accusation will do against a black conservative. And, by the way, what exactly is Herman Cain accused of us? Nobody knows. "Sexual harrassment" is a meaningless term. A man can be accused for bending over and tying his shoes. ("Horrors, he tried to look up my skirt!") Wolf whistles and calling a woman an attractive young lady these days are considered sexual harrassment.

And who gave legs to this non-story? Ken Vogel, a liberal with ties to George Soros aided by the mainstream media. There are no facts about the accusations, only innuendo. Who are the accusers? -- oh yeah, "anonymous sources." Wonder if one of them is named Anita Hill.

And here's a point of information. The fact that the Restaurant Association settled two cases proves nothing. My husband used to be the senior civilian at the Marine Corps Systems Command. They settled a number of spurious complaints to avoid the wasted manhours fighting. Unfortunately, that's a reality in our suit-happy society. So an organization "settling" is no proof that anything happened.

As for the guy in the video below with his "outrage" over the use of the term "high tech lynching," get over it. We use all kinds of similar rhetoric: political "suicide," character "assassination," He made a "killing," "Kill" the messenger. The use of the term "lynching" is pretty metaphorically accurate when you are trying to destroy someone's reputation and career, which is exactly what's happening here. And this makes me more pro-Cain because it proves how much they hate him. If he were a faux conservative like John McCain, they'd be all for him because it would give them two horses in the race. But Cain appears to be the real deal.

Think I'll send him a contribution.

MRC's Bozell: Herman Cain Predicted a "High-Tech Lynching;" Sadly, It's Come True

Liberals Talk Tolerance, Walk Tyranny

Conscience Rights: The New Frontline in the Culture War

To sum up:

New government policies and regulations will force pro-lifers to participate in killing children through mandated health care coverage of "contraceptive" drugs (that cause abortion) like Ella.

According to a Heritage Foundation study:
Threats to religious liberty and respect for conscience are emerging in the health care field, in the area of institutional religious freedom, and in the context of issues involving same-sex marriage and nondiscrimination policies.
The study includes a number of cases where those acting on their religious beliefs face punitive legal actions for walking the walk of their Christian faith. They include a photographer sued for refusing to do photos for a same-sex commitment ceremony, Catholic agencies forced out of offering adoption services because they will not place children with homosexual couples, private bed and breakfast owners charged with discrimination for refusing to rent out their establishments for same-sex ceremonies, nurses forced to participate in abortion, pharmacists punished for refusing to fill prescriptions for abortifacient drugs, etc.

Under Obamacare, conscience protection is so restricted that most Catholic organizations including Catholic schools and Catholic hospitals will be forced to provide contraceptives/abortifacients in their employee health plans. (See here.)

Liberals love to talk about tolerance, but they will pass laws in a heartbeat that impose their abominations on large segments of the population. No tolernace for you if you dare to disagree with them! Once they decide that killing babies and buggery are "civil rights," watch out! Your right to practice your faith and refuse to cooperate in their evil is in the crosshairs. You WILL comply or lose your right: to a job, to free speech, etc.

Evil is NEVER content to simply exist; everybody must be forced to proclaim it good. If you won't, you must be marginalized and ultimately destroyed. That's the liberal way.

Get Up and Walk Away from that Computer

One of the great benefits of our cross country trip was exercise. Even walking over to the bath house to take a shower could involve a 50-100 yard walk. And then there were the daily hikes and sightseeing jaunts. We were continually on the move. Both Larry and I lost 5-10 pounds just from the added movement. So when I read the article linked below (no surprise really), I decided to set the timer when I sit down by my computer and get up every 45 minutes for 10-15 minutes of chore time. Gotta stay healthy to be an effective warrior in the Church Militant! So all you Facebook and World of Warcraft junkies, take a break and take a walk.

Inactivity boosts cancer risk, research finds

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Deals with the Reality of the Welfare State

When I read this article I just had to laugh.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd are blaming the cops for sending derelicts and the homeless down to freeload at the park. Are they kidding? Since when did the homeless and hugry need an invitation? They have a homing instinct for whatever contributes to self-preservation. And word spreads fast when free food and free love (keeps a body warm) are available. Besides, isn't helping the poor what OWS is all about? What are they complaining about? It's an opportunity to show they're serious.

As the article says, "Welcome to the problems of operating a welfare state, Occupy Wall Street." And since police aren't welcome in Zuccatti park, the "security committee" with no authority and no power to impose anything has its hands somewhat tied. I can hear the folks now saying, "Who do you think you are to tell me I can't (Take your pick: do drugs, get drunk, have sex, get in a fight, cuss folks out, defecate in the bushes, urinate on somebody's tent, steal a sleeping bag, etc.) This is the reality of anarchy. Get used to it.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can enjoy the spectacle. Maybe New York City will soon be back to normal as the nutty place can be.

All Souls Day: Visit a Cemetery and Pray for the Dead

Larry and I always visit cemeteries on All Souls Day and pray for the dead. Today we said our rosary at four different cemeteries in Woodstock, dedicating each decade to a deceased group: to our parents, our grandparents, our aunts and uncles and their families, our siblings/in-laws and cousins and their families, and our friends and all those who have touched our lives and their families. We also prayed for all the souls of the people buried in the cemeteries which included some Civil War vets. One headstone commemorated a veteran of the Stonewall Brigade who survived that horrible war. So many didn't and we prayed for them as well. We wondered how many born before the war lived through the terrible days of "The Burning."

I find it sobering and instructive to visit cemeteries. One memorial plaque was dedicated to all our veterans. It said, "As you are, I once was. As I am, you will be." and sooner than you know. One thing you realize reading the dates on gravestones is how short this life is. What a tragedy to trade a few moments of sinful pleasure for an eternity in hell.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints Day Meditation in Art

We visited many churches and shrines on our recent cross country trip. Here are a few portraits in stained glass and sculpture that reminded me of the rich patronage of our Catholic heritage. All you angels and saints, pray for us on this All Saints night and on the vigil of all Souls Day.

The Holy Family and ourModel for the Domestic Church

Our Lady of Guadalup, Patroness of the Americas

Simeon, a great model for grandparents!
<>St. Thomas More, one of my favorite saints. 
St. John the Evangelist: Our Model for Sharing the Faith

St. Peter: Let us imitate him and be a rock of faith.

Herman Cain's Looking Better and Better

Cain maintains Planned Parenthood has racist roots

How the Vatican Bureaucracy is Used by the Liars in the Press

With the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) collection coming up I'm thinking about the Church bureaucracy today. That reminded me of the recent "papal statement" (It wasn't.) relating to world economics and a central bank. The media has been hyping it as if it were an ex cathedra statement from the chair of Peter.  Actually, it was a committee study with no authority at all, papal or otherwise. But modernists (like Fr. Thomas Reese who was removed as editor of America Magazine due to his irresponsible undermining of the faith) can be depended on to use the Church bureaucracy's statements to attack the faith, promote liberalism, and put a Catholic gloss on efforts to reelect Obama and other pro-abortion liberals.

How to deal with these people of the lie? Know your faith. The fight is in the Church. Don't let the modernist heretics fool you and others. Join the Church Militant! Michael Voris offers the appropriate take on this faux papal doc.

For more see:

Pope Benedict Calls For “Central World Bank” … Only He Didn’t. Here’s Why.

Vatican issues call for world financial authority [News/Analysis]