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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Heartwarming Story for Sunday: Get Your Hankie Ready

After a 1929 rape, a reunion of mom and daughter

Rape is a horrible crime, but the baby is as much an innocent victim as the mother. This wonderful mom loved her baby and gave her up for adoption but never gave up on meeting her again even when she was nearly 100 years old. What a reunion that must have been.

My husband and I offered a shelter home for about 15 unwed mothers over the years when we were raising our family. Two were rape victims, one of a vicious anonymous attack, the other a date rape. The girl who'd been attacked used to have nightmares and I would wake her up in the middle of them to assure her she was safe. She never blamed her baby, but unfortunately she miscarried as a result of her injuries. The other young woman gave birth and kept her little one who is now a beautiful adult, married and the mother of a lovely family.

Some of the girls who lived with us kept their babies. Others released them for adoption. None regretted not killing their children. All of them held and cuddled their little ones. Think if this mother had killed her baby how many lives would never have come into existence. Praise God for the women who, like the Blessed Mother, say yes to God's will and give life to their babies.

I'm sure someone reading this will be horrified at my including Mary in the same sentence with young women who commit the sin of fornication. But all of us sinners can hold the spotless virgin's hand and be led directly to kneel at the foot of God in repentence and then see Him bring great good out of our sins. The young woman in this story was an innocent virgin, violated by the rapist -- but see what God did for her and her daughter. What a legacy! Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever. I'm sure this is one family that is pro-life to the hilt. Adoption is a beautiful option.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for using the term "released for adoption" rather than "gave up for adoption."

That's something that has always bugged me - a potentially adoptive parent.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful true story, and Anonymous at 9:09 might be right. "Release for adoption" might br a better term. Although "gave up" could mean an offering to the Lord for the child's benefit just as the Virgn Mary was offered up for Temple sevice by her parents according to Tradition. The term presented for adoption could even be used. Quite frankly, to me, all three have a proper meaning.

Anonymous said...

Saw this story last week and had the same reaction RE: how many wonderful lives were possible because she chose life for her daughter. And she actually got to see the fruits of her life saving choice. Very inspiring story!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Thank you for telling this story!