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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Don't You Love Godly Men!

This video of marines praising God has gone viral. As the mother-in-law of godly Catholic marine, I'm pleased to help spread it. The only thing that would make me rejoice more wold be to see them kneeling in front of Our Eucharistic Lord at Mass. Pray for them!

Read more here.

Wouldn't it be Great to Have a Syllabus of Modern Errors!

My internet friend Brian at umblepie blog has a great series of posts on Pio Nono, Pius IX.

We all need to be better versed in the history of the Church in order to fight our own modern errors. To paraphrase George Santayana, those who fail to remember history are condemned to repeat it. At any rate, here is umblepie's most recent post on Pope Pius IX about the development of the Syllabus of errors. Many of the errors continue to mislead people today! Wouldn't it be great of Pope Francis would give us a clear explication of modern errors leading to loss of the faith?

I urge you to read the latest article and then backtrack to Brian's other posts. And a big thank you for his great lesson in Church history! I learned a lot reading it and plan to go back and really study it.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What's Wrong with the Mantra of "Who Am I to Judge?"

By Fr. Tom Collins

One of the great mantras used to give a free pass to the demands of the perverted progressive agenda is the refrain, "Who am I to judge?". Sadly, even a number of Church leaders have joined the choir of the Culture of Desecration and Death by asserting that it is wrong to take too seriously the evil of sin and the detrimental effects of sin on souls and on the human community.

There are several major problems with this mantra.

The Kiss of Christ

I take Communion to a local nursing home on Sundays. I visit eight residents most of whom suffer from Alzheimer disease or dementia. One lady is often antagonistic and tells me not to talk to her. She often refuses Communion saying she isn't worthy. I respond that none of us is worthy, but Jesus loves her and is the doctor who wants to bring her healing. Sometimes she decides to receive and sometimes she doesn't. 

Last Sunday I met her son, one of four children, and he shared two of her poems with me. They were profound and, in fact, reminded me of Caryll Houselander's work.

What a gift it is to see these debilitated individuals in a different light, in their prime so to speak. The poetry he read to me was, not only beautiful, but contemplative. One was titled O Solitude, but could have been titled O Jesu. And as I was thinking today about how to reach her I thought, "I will take her a poem by Caryll Houselander."

And here it is. May God use it to bridge the gap between her current suffering and her past contemplation. She needs the love of Christ so very much (as we all do) brought in the Real Presence of Our Eucharistic Lord.

Please pray for her. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.
The Kiss of Christ
Lo, there He hangs, ashened figure -- pinioned to the wood.
God grant that I might love him -- even as I should.  
I draw a little closer -- to touch the face divine.
And then He leans to whisper -- "Oh foolish child of mine.
If now I should embrace you -- my hands would stain you red.
And if I leaned to kiss you -- the thorns would pierce your head." 
'Twas then I learned in meekness -- that love demands a price.
'Twas then I knew that suffering -- is but the kiss of Christ. 
Caryll Houselander

Will Cardinal Dolan Agree to be Interviewed by Michael Voris?

Well....I'll be surprised (no...shocked!) if he does. I suspect he'd rather be interviewed by anti-Catholic "journalists" from NPR, Huffpo, The New York Times, the Boston Globe or MSNBC. From what I've seen the liberal media just love him! And like his own pandering staff  "reporters" they generally lob him softballs. And why not? He advances their agenda. What a great Catholic spokesman for their ideas!

I'd like to ask Cardinal Dolan to rate in order of preference an interview with:
  • Bill Maher
  • Chris Matthews
  • Rachel Maddow
  • David Letterman
  • Michael Voris, 
Where in the ranking do you think orthodox Catholic Voris would appear? Stop laughing!

Ah...but if we add Mark Shea to the list the cardinal and the blogger could have a gay old time blathering on and on and on and on.

More Bad News from the Vatican....

....for the Church in the United States.  AmChurch is ecstatic!

Blase Cupich of Spokane named to Chicago

Orthodox Catholics in the U.S. better hold onto their rosaries. Chicago is the third largest See in the U.S., home of "seamless garment" champion Cardinal Joseph Bernardin who often spoke with a forked tongue. Bernardin was notorious for affirming Church teaching in one breath and undermining it in the next. Time will tell whether Cupich is a Bernardin clone.

Here are some big reasons to pray for Chicago and the Church in the U.S. and add this appointment to the list of growing concerns about Papa Francis:

A Tale of Two Cardinals by Pat Archbold

I like Pat Archbold. I think he's an honest man. His Creative Minority Report blog is always interesting as are his article in the National Catholic Register. I couldn't agree more with this one:

The Humiliation of Cardinal Burke
this move, if it happens, will be unspinnable. Some have already tried with embarrassing results. This is brutal Vatican politics carried out at the highest level for the crime of intransigent orthodoxy. This would be a blatant humiliation of a Curial Cardinal at a crucial moment to prevent him galvanizing opposition to the current zeitgeist going into the synod. 
If this happens as rumored, there will be no spinning it or removing the Pope's fingerprints from the crime scene.
And I couldn't agree more with this one as well:

Re Cardinal Dolan's Explanation
One could focus on the first paragraph in which he compares this crucial topic, that of defending Catholic a meaningless discussion about which baseball player was better. This is all so much discussion about how many angels can dance on the end of a pin, don'tcha know? 
Or one could focus how the Cardinal completely and disingenuously avoids any real discussion on the topic at hand by suggesting that acceptance of "Gay Identity" (read finding one's identity in sin) and promoting that identity is somehow not promoting sin even though everyone knows that is exactly what it does. 
Or one could focus on the fact that a Cardinal Archbishop of New York cannot even say the word "creed" without apologizing for it..
One could focus on any one of those things. But I would like to focus on something else. 
Here is the crux of the Cardinal's statement. 
"I found their sensitivity wise, and publicly said so. If, in doing so, I have shown an insensitivity to you, I apologize." 
If my sensitivity was insensitive to you, I apologize. 
There are many things that could be said about that line. There are many things probably better left unsaid. But the thing I will say is this. Men, real men, do not speak like this.
Amen to that! Real men defend babies in the womb, but we will not see Cardinal Dolan "go to the mat" for them. He might have to act like a man who cares about the faith more than having dinner and drinking green beer with pro-abort politicians and gay activists.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Common Sense from Anthony Esolen on the Snakes in New York

Remember the old parades before sin was sanctified?

I'm sick of this blather! Show me these Catholics, Mark!

I read an interview with Mark Shea this morning and it really lit my fuse. The section in red is nothing but unadulterated, ridiculous blather:
I think [Pope Francis is] forcing a confrontation with the rest of Catholic social teaching. By that, I mean all of the incredible riches the church has to offer beyond the questions of abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, human cloning and embryonic stem cell research—which in my neck of the blogosphere, started out as the five non-negotiables of orthodox Catholicism, but have mysteriously morphed into the only five things that matter to a lot of American Catholics. It has spawned a curious soteriology in some sectors that often boils down to a theory that can be fairly accurately summarized as "opposition to abortion taketh away the sins of the world." Francis has forced a reassessment of that reductionist view of Catholic social teaching and I think it’s all for the good.
I'd like to know who Mark Shea hangs out with.

We're at War with Ourselves!

This morning at Mass the first reading was from St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians about the resurrection of the body. Some of the Corinthians believed only the soul would rise; the body would rot in the tomb. But if that's the case the Incarnation makes no sense and, as Paul says, "If the dead are not raised, then Christ was not raised; and if Christ was not raised, your faith is worthless. You are still in your sins, and those who have fallen asleep in Christ are the deadest of the dead....[and] the most pitiable of men."

Yes, we are body/soul creatures, united irrevocably although we will be separated temporarily from "brother ass" when we die. Because of original sin,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sons and Daughters of the Church Militant

Will you fight the enemies of the Church or cut and run?

What a Joy to See and Hear the Voice of my Hero, Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Thanks to Michael Voris for this walk down memory lane with Fr. Hardon. Every night when we pray our rosary and recite the tessera of the Legion of Mary we add his name and say, "Fr. Hardon, pray for us!" He truly was an icon of the 20th century preparing us for the difficult days of the 21st! And I was so blessed to attend two retreats he gave and many home school conferences at which he spoke. Thank you, Fr. Hardon, for giving us courage to resist.

Let me repeat Fr. Hardon's words:
Why was there a Judas? One of the reasons the Church gives is to prepare the faithful for apostate bishops. And you see how important it is for bishops to remain faithful to Jesus Christ and his vicar on earth. No heresy has ever succeeded in history unless and until it was backed by a bishop. Pray, pray, pray for bishops!
Yes, pray for the bishops. Many among them are Judases and apostates. Let's pray for the discernment to recognize them and warn the faithful against them.

Cardinal Dolan Won't "Go to the Mat" for the Babies

 ....maybe he'll change his tune when they start coming for the cardinals.
Cardinal Dolan: Debate on denying Communion to pro-abortion pols ‘in the past’
The Church’s Code of Canon Law states in Canon 915 that those “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.” Leading Vatican officials, including Pope Benedict XVI himself, have said this canon ought to be applied in the case of pro-abortion Catholic politicians. However, prelates in the West have widely ignored it, and some have openly disagreed. 
John Allen, Jr. of the new website Crux, launched as a Catholic initiative under the auspices of the Boston Globe, asked New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan about the issue earlier this month.

I Wish I Could "Rant" Like Fr. Z! Here He Goes on the Cardinal Burke Move....

....It's not all bad news. Don't panic and read to the end.

The possible demotion of Cardinal Burke

So....Exactly to Whom Will the Enlistment Oath be Addressed? help me Barack Obama?

Air Force Dumps "So help Me God"

Attention Parents! Make Sure Your Children Read Paper Books Every Day!

You know what they say about "use or lose it." Well, apparently, our techie culture with so many people reading from a screen is endangering our "deep reading" skills. I was listening to NPR this morning and heard an interview with a woman (I think it was Maryanne Wold quoted below.) who was talking about how the brain processes information differently depending on whether a person is reading paper print or online. Here's a bit from an article I found later when I couldn't find the interview on the NPR website:
Manoush Zomorodi, managing editor and host of WNYC's New Tech City, explains how the shift from paper to digital has caused a gigantic change in the way we read....
Linear reading and digital distractions have caught the attention of academics like Maryanne Wolf, director of the Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University. 
“I don’t worry that we’ll become dumb because of the internet,” says Wolf. “But I worry we will not use our most preciously acquired deep reading processes because we’re just given too much stimulation. That’s, I think, the nub of the problem.”...
Zomorodi explains that neuroscience has revealed that humans use different parts of the brain when reading from a piece of paper or from a screen.
“They call it a ‘bi-literate’ brain,” she says. “The problem is that many of us have adapted to reading online just too well. And if you don’t use the deep reading part of your brain, you lose the deep reading part of your brain.”
 To keep the deep reading aspect of the human brain alive and kicking, Zomorodi says that researchers like Wolf recommend setting some time aside each day to deep read with a paper medium.
So, parents, limit those techie devices. All those games may not only be damaging your children's social skills, but their ability to deep read. And if you think you can't do it, take Steve Jobs' example. He strictly controlled his children's access to his products. Check it out! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fulton Sheen Center -- a "New Off Broadway Arts Complex"

First Things blog has an interesting article on the new Sheen Center in New York City, named after the Venerable Fulton Sheen. The last sentence in the article should perhaps be the first:
[The] Sheen Center is the archdiocese’s monument to post-Catholicism.
As a Catholic, I am scratching my head over the Sheen Center and plans for its use. First Things' Maureen Mullarkey writes in Sheen Center Pre Partum Blues,:
Described by its own in-house consultant Nick Leavens  as simply a "new off-Broadway arts complex." it will "function as a hub for the circulation of tax exempt monies." 
How exactly is running an off-Broadway theater a function of the Catholic Archdiocese of New York? Perhaps the answer is simply what Leavens said above, essentially follow the money, one more way for the Archdiocese of New York can get its hands in the taxpayers' pockets -- through government grants to the arts.

According to the center's press release:
Companies who have already signed on to use The Sheen Center include The New York International Fringe Festival, Strange Sun Theater, /the claque/, Terranova, Wingspan Arts, MorDance and Voyager Theater Company.
Let's take a look at a few of these theater companies.

The Crux of the Matter? To Enable Dissent and Sin!

The Crux -- is a web project of that oh-so-friendly-to-Catholics Boston Globe to feature "Catholic" news. John Allen, former columnist for the National Catholic Reporter (aka, the fishwrap), is heading up The Crux and the site has hired Margery Eagan as a columnist. To see how "Catholic" she is read this column where she goes after those terrible people on the right who oppose the contraceptive mandate and abortion. This paragraph exposes her as one more pro-abortion feminist zealot:
What Hobby Lobby really represents is a continued chipping away at reproductive freedom -- women's reproductive freedom -- which is a necessary prerequisite to our economic freedom.
It's pretty clear that The Crux is the on-line version of the anti-Catholic fishwrap not only enabling, but encouraging dissent from core doctrines of the Church.

So somebody explain to me why Cardinal O'Malley is cheering on this latest assault against the faith?

It seems today that we have a large number of high level clerics who believe sowing confusion is a virtue. They call it "mercy" to encourage people to walk a tightrope across the pit of hell laden down with unrepented mortal sins. One can only hope that the sinners are ignorant of the seriousness of their condition. It's hard to believe the clerics are!

Considering it's the feast day of St. Robert Bellarmine, I recommend reading his meditation on hell. Hell is real and we should strive to do everything we can to see that no one goes there. Will tickling ears and spreading a faux "mercy" really help save souls? Will saying "Bravo!" to mortal sin save a single soul? Will holding pre-pride Masses with rainbow decorations that signal approval of the sinful gay lifestyle bring a single soul to repentance? What do you think!

Jesus said "Zeal for your house consumes me!" Meanwhile, our modern pharisees turn the house of God into an amusement park where "all are welcome" and everyone is assured of heaven. I wonder what St. Robert Bellarmine would say if he were here today. He would no doubt be on his way to Malta with Cardinal Burke.

Who is Speaking for These People?

Human Trafficking by ISIS

Sharing a Lovely Blog about a Family with Five Special Children....

...including one who has Down Syndrome. Never feel sorry for a family with a Down Syndrome child. They are the blessed ones with an angel in their midst.

The Table for Eight

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More Bad News from the Vatican

Exile for Cardinal Raymond Burke

What to make of this? Sandro Magister is one of the most respected reporters on Vatican doings.

The more I see coming out of Rome, the more I shake my head.

Lord, your people are starving for lack of authentic teaching. Please help us!

The Smoke of Confusion Fills the Sanctuary!

I haven't written anything about the recent wedding ceremony at the Vatican that included co-habiting couples. I've been too mystified to comment. But I read the article linked below today and can't disagree. I also didn't realize that the cohabiting couples did not apply, but were "handpicked" to participate. Huh?

Will Archbishop Dolan Feature Brokeback Mountain at the Fulton Sheen Center?

What kind of elite glitteratti will Cardinal Dolan entertain at the new center? Maybe Michelle and Barack will fly up to the Big Apple in Air Force 1 to attend. What a photo op: a big poster of Fulton Sheen on one side and a laughing Cardinal Dolan on the other. Gives me goosebumps.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Center for Art and Culture

Here's what the diocese says about the center and events to be held:
the center includes an exhibition area; several conference rooms that are able to be opened into one large conference room; a “black box” theatre, which holds 93 people and can be configured to suit the particular needs of any event; a theatre that holds 250 people; and—of course—a chapel for those who visit the center and want to sit, converse, and pray with the Lord....
Additionally, the center will rent space to outside organizations for events. Some of these will likely have religious overtones and others will not. But, there are bills to be paid, and we don’t want the center to be a financial drain on the archdiocese. However, no event will present a message unacceptable to the Church, and all programs will have the purpose of bringing the true, the good, and the beautiful to our community.
Well, we all know that letting gay activists march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade fits Cardinal Dolan's idea of what is acceptable to the Church. And I expect gay activists will be asking to present The Laramie Project, the gay propaganda play that promotes the lie that Matthew Shepherd was killed because he was gay. It's been a great propaganda tool to advance the gay agenda. And who cares if it's a myth? To read the real story go here. It's a tragedy that Matthew Shepherd or anyone else is murdered, but the fact is when you lead a dangerous lifestyle you increase your risk of a violent death, a wasted one at that. Be willing to die for something, but let it be something worth dying for -- like the martyrs of the Church.

As for events at the Fulton Sheen Center, does anyone trust Cardinal "Bravo's" interpretation of what is "unacceptable to the Church?"

What Does Our Culture of Death Need? A Church of Feasting or a Church of Fasting?


by Fr. Tom Collins

Over the past two centuries, the Church has been under a relentless attack by those intent on ridiculing and destroying the Faith through the diabolical dynamic of dialectical materialism, the promotion of perverted pursuit of pleasure, and the desecrating cynicism of secularism. Sadly, those intent on bringing the Catholic Faith into harmony with the expectations of secular society have even found sympathizers among the Church’s hierarchy and among leaders in many Catholic institutions of higher learning. One of the most effective strategies in this campaign has been to hijack the interpretation of the documents of the Second Vatican Council, so as to make Catholics more amenable to the agendas of the Culture of Desecration and Death. The degree to which this strategy has been able to detour the Church’s life, teaching and ministry from her commission to evangelize the world can be clarified by raising certain questions for discernment, such as the following:

Are a Rub and a Tickle Worth an Eternity in Hell?

And are sins of silence and omission by shepherds worth an eternity in hell? Beg the shepherds to blow the warning trumpet to save souls from damnation. Hell is no joke and in our culture of sex many will go there unless they repent. Mary said at Fatima that most souls go to hell for sins of the flesh and the Mother of God is no liar!

Today is the feast of Pope St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian, bishop of Carthage. These two martyrs had the challenge of discerning how to deal with those Christians who apostasized in the face of Roman persecution. Some wanted the apostates excommunicated. Others wanted them welcomed back with open arms. These two saints took the middle road. Emphasizing the mercy of Christ, they required a period of penance before the apostates could be reconciled to the Church.

Yes, Christ is merciful or how could any of us hope to be saved? But he will not reconcile with the unrepentant. We cannot at one and the same time embrace the works of the devil and embrace Christ. So we must repent and be saved. Christ has his arms outstretched on the cross waiting to welcome us home. But if we are racing headlong down the road to hell, He will not force us to stop and return.

I pray someone loves me enough if I am choosing serious sin (Shepherds, are you listening?) to put a roadblock in my path to trip me up and make me think and repent!

Jesus, please have mercy on me.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

When I wake up in the night, I pray: sometimes Mother Teresa's "instant novena" of nine Memorares, sometimes decades of the rosary, sometimes seven Hail Mary's for the seven sorrows of the Blessed Mother. Will you comfort Our Lady before you go to bed tonight?

Mary's Seven Sorrows
        Simeon Prophesies that a sword will pierce Mary's heart 
        Mary and Joseph Flee into Egypt to Protect Jesus from Herod's Evil Plan 
        Mary and Joseph Search in Sorrow throughout Jerusalem for the Christ Child 
        Mary Meets Jesus on the Via Dolorosa as he carries His cross to Calvary 
        Mary Grieves at the foot of the Cross for Her Suffering Son 
        Mary Receives the Dead Body of Her Son at the Foot of the Cross 
Mary Accompanies the Body of Jesus to the Tomb
For more go here.

Please Pray for Convert Brother of ISIS Leader

UPDATE: Apparently World Net Daily Report is a satire site and this is a hoax. Next time I see a story like this I'll look for a disclaimer on the masthead. On the other hand, it wasn't that farfetched. Other Muslims have converted to Christianity. Here's a long list. It includes a journalist/politician who entered the Catholic Church in 2008 at the Vatican's Easter vigil presided over by Pope Benedict. So let's pray for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the man who would be caliph. No one is unreachable by God's love, truth, and mercy.

Brother of Top ISIS Leader Repents, Converts to Christianity

Let's surround this man and his family with a hedge of protection through prayer and sacrifice. As we begin today the 54 day novena to defeat Islam, take this as a sign from heaven that Our Lady of Fatima is ready to work another miracle!

Wow! Do We Really Have Two Popes?

One who kept the responsibility of praying and suffering for the universal Church and one responsible to exercise Church governance? Can the papacy be schizophrenic?

Only Fools Don't Judge!

Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

Our Lady of Ransom with St. Raymong and St. Peter
The Pastor's Corner article from St. Raymond of Penafort this week is so good I just had to post it! It's a history lesson on the conflict between Muslims and Christians. Thanks, Fr. De Celles!

And let us follow his advice and pray to Our Lady of Ransom/Mercy for the conversion of our Muslim neighbors. The best way to defeat an enemy is to make him your brother or sister in Christ! And even if he isn't, treat him with the same respect.

The feast of Our Lady of Ransom/Mercy is this week on September 24th. This has special meaning for me because I attended Gwynedd Mercy Academy in Gwynedd Valley, PA which was named for Our Lady of Mercy.

The Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross

As we celebrate the Feast of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross we recall with deep compassion Our Lord Jesus’ suffering on the Cross out of love for us, for our salvation and for our sins. In that light, we cannot help but call to mind the many Christians who are now being persecuted for the sake of their love of Christ and His Cross. This persecution has descended to new depths of depravity at the hands of the army calling itself the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS), who are going so far as to torture Christians to death by hanging them on crosses.

Most Muslims today oppose this kind of violent persecution of Christians. Nevertheless, violence against non-Muslims is very much a part of Islamic teaching and history. After all, almost immediately after founding Islam in 610 AD Muhammad himself took up the sword and led armies to force his Arab neighbors to convert to Islam: “submit or die.” By the time of his death in 632 he had conquered, by violence or threat of violence, a good part of western Arabia, and by 711 the armies of his successors had conquered not only all of northern Africa but also almost all of the Iberian Peninsula—Spain and Portugal. Their march into Western Europe was finally stopped by the armies of Charles Martel (“The Hammer”) in 732. Attempted invasions of Eastern Europe and Italy continued over the centuries, including the defeat of the Byzantine Empire and the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. Persecution of Christians in Muslim countries also continued throughout this period.

Violence against non-Muslims continued in lesser ways more or less continuously until the 20th century, (Read more....)