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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let's Pray Michael Voris and the CM-TV Staff Take Tantum's Blog Post to Heart

A cry of the heart towards my friends at CMTV
Many insightful comments following the post as well.

And...I have to agree with Tantum. I've thought for awhile that Church Militant TV is over the top in their attack on the traditionalists. The smearing of Catholic Family News, John Vennari, Chris Ferrara, et al earlier this year was beyond the pale. I blogged about it at the time because I thought it was so unprofessional.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Please, Archbishop Chaput, Don't Kill the Messengers

What's more "destructive?" Filling the Organization for the World Meeting of Families with pro-aborts...or exposing the scandal.

It was demoralizing to read this article.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Obama Calls Harvesting Organs "Atrocities that must end."

Wow! You didn't know that Obama was on the side of the little ones and against Planned Parenthood's organ harvesting atrocities, did you?

Oh wait! 

When he said he's against it, he wasn't talking about his friend Cecile's organ harvesting atrocities, he was addressing a practice in Africa where albinos are murdered and their organs used in ritual sacrifices. Here's what he said to the Young African Leaders' Initiative (YALI):
If there’s one thing I want YALI leaders to come out with, it’s the notion of you are strong by taking care of the people who are vulnerable, by looking after the minority, looking after the disabled, looking after the vulnerable. You’re not strong by putting people down you’re strong by lifting them up. That’s the measure of a leader.

One More Big Lie from Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood!

Besides, now that we have Obamacare everyone is covered -- right?

These Monsters Must be Channeling Dr. Mengele! Hey, No Murdered Baby Goes to Waste.

And Planned Parenthood "has volume because they're a volume institution." And a lot of that "volume" comes from money provided by the taxpayers that lets them promote their false image as a caring organization that really helps women.

The question is, however, whether the conscience of this country is too dead to wake up. How many German citizens closed their eyes to the callous murder of millions of already born individuals? How many held their noses to avoid smelling the stench from the crematoriums in the camps and held their ears to avoid hearing the cries of the prisoners packed into railroad cars?

We've been doing the same thing in the U.S. since the 1960s when the first abortion laws were passed. And now will people see and repent? Let's pray so. None of us knows how much time this country has left, but one thing is for sure. We deserve a major chastisement and God has been more than patient with us. Remember what the Blessed Mother said at Fatima, "Do not offend the Lord our God any more, for He is already too much offended!" And that was in 1917! Have we improved since then? Conversion begins with prayer and repentance. Let's do penance for our own sins and the many souls who are in danger of hell.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who Is Minding the Store? It Sure Isn't the Catholic Bishops!

World Meeting of Families President Funded Planned Parenthood Director’s Political Campaign

How could a supporter and contributor to pro-abortion candidates, one a Planned Parenthood director, possibly be considered an appropriate president for the World Meeting of Families and a member of its board of directors? 

It is this kind of betrayal and coddling of the CINOs (Catholics in Name Only) that shocks and offends the faithful in the pews. And I do mean "the faithful." Not everyone warming a pew has a Catholic mind and heart.  Robert Ciaruffoli surely doesn't have them. If he had a heart for the most vulnerable member of the family, the little one waiting to be born, he could not possibly finance champions of their murder. If he had a mind for the faith he would give rational assent to Church teachings.

I considered going to the World Meeting of Families. More and more I'm glad I didn't waste the time or money. I'll continue praying for the event and for those who attend, but when a Judas is spearheading the event, (One presumes the "president" has some important role.) can one really expect God to bless it?

Let us pray a decade of the rosary, the Crucifixion, in reparation for this serious scandal. Thanks to the Lepanto Institute for exposing it.

Chilling! Belgium: A Whole Country Full of Jack Kevorkians

The Death Treatment

Ah, these heroic doctors helping the sad and depressed to kill themselves. You can almost see them salivating at the thought they can kill one more patient without ever talking to family members. How they honor the wishes and the autonomy of their patients. Give me a break!

How can anybody read an article like this and think we can have a "reasonable hope" that all will be saved. Universal salvation is patently wishful thinking in the face of diabolical evil like this.

A Positive Result of Hurricane Katrina: School Choice and Privatization of Education

This video illustrates several important principles
1. Private enterprise is more effective than government one-size-fits-all at producing success. 
2. School choice works. It improves performance and offers greater opportunities and more success to students.  
3. The Catholic principle of subsidiarity works. The lowest level of responsibility and authority should take precedence over higher levels. In this case, parents suddenly had real impact in decisions about their children's education. They became the authority on selecting the best situation for their families.
The current system is not without critics including those frustrated with the difficulty of navigating the system.  But New Orleans' students are doing much better than before and a failing system is now graduating most students with many going on to college.

For more on the success in New Orleans:

School Choice Boosted Test Scores in New Orleans Post-Katrina, Study Finds

Monday, August 24, 2015

When Evil Becomes as Obvious and Tendentious as Planned Parenthood's.....

....people of good will are bound to take notice and take action!

Arkansas Democrat switches to GOP because of Planned Parenthood

And more good news:

5 states defund and 13 states investigate Planned Parenthood

Tens of thousands protest at Planned Parenthood clinics across the country

A Special Box and a Pro-Life Law Saved This Abandoned Baby From Infanticide

Gov. Nikki Haley Launches Investigation of Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics After Shock Videos

If Your Adult Child was an Abortionist, What Would You Say to Her?

Abby Johnson of And Then There Were None has begun a new project called Love Letters. It was inspired by the broken-hearted mother of an abortionist who asked her how she could reach her daughter. It inspired this poignant letter. Read more at the website. Please pray for Cheryl and for her heartbroken parents. Is there any worse grief than fearing your child will go to hell? I am asking Blessed Jacinta, who had such a heart for sinners, to intercede for this abortionist and her family.

To Cheryl, my daughter

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Courageous Rape Victim Chose Life for Her Baby; Her Baby Gave Her Life!

My husband and I provided a shelter home for a dozen unwed mothers over the years. Two were rape victims. One was attacked and injured in a brutal rape. She lost her baby. The other was the victim of a date rape. What the young woman in this video says rings so true because it echoes the stories of the two rape victims who lived with us. I used to wake one of them up from terrible nightmares and comfort her. She never had nightmares about the pregnancy -- only about the rape.

Abortion doesn't eliminate a rape or purge the horrifying memories. It simply does to the baby what the rapist did to her -- commits an act of violence against an innocent person. Which is why rape victims who have abortions receive a double whammy of trauma -- first from the rape itself and then from the technological rape of the abortion. Many of the aftereffects of abortion are the same as those from rape: low self esteem, depression, guilt, sleep disorders, anger, nightmares. drug and alcohol abuse to numb the pain, etc. So instead of abortion helping the woman, it doubles her trauma.


Love is the answer, love of the woman and love for her baby. God bless Lianna for sharing her story. May her witness save many women from making the supreme mistake of listening to those who say abortion will solve their "problem." Lianna's baby wasn't a "punishment" as Obama says, but a gift who saved her!

May Jesus Christ be praised!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Catholics Should Not be Forced to Wage a Two Front War...

....against a culture of death in secular society, and against a culture of betrayal in our own Church."



(617) 524-6309


Nearly 300 supporters of the Right to Life gathered this morning for a rally and prayer vigil in front of the Planned Parenthood facility on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. The event was part of a National Day of Protest against the abortion giant. More than fifty pro-life organizations in three hundred communities across the United States staged demonstrations today calling for the de-funding, investigation and criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood.

The protests came after shocking revelations that Planned Parenthood harvests and merchandises the organs of the pre-born children it destroys in abortions, haggles over prices in fetal parts trafficking, and even performs partial birth abortions to procure body parts.

The Boston rally was organized by Operation Rescue: Boston and 40 Days For Life. Among the groups participating was the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, whose Executive Director, C. J. Doyle, addressed the assembled protesters.

In his remarks, Doyle criticized the various Catholic educational institutions and religious orders who---contrary to explicit church policy---have given honors, awards and platforms to elected officials who have been endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Among the examples cited by Doyle was the decision of Jesuit administered Boston College to invite Secretary of State John Kerry to deliver the 2014 commencement address; similar invitations by BC Law School to U. S. Senator Ed Markey and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy; the 2015 address by Georgia Congressman John Lewis to graduates of Our Lady of the Elms College in Chicopee; and the Humanitarian Award given in 2014 to State Representative Kevin Honan by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in Boston.

Doyle also criticized Boston College for offering student internships directly with Planned Parenthood.

Doyle said:"Pro-Life Catholics should not be forced to wage a two front war---against a culture of death in secular society, and against a culture of betrayal in our own Church. We cannot hope to persuade our fellow citizens of the justice of our cause, if that cause is not first vindicated and upheld in our own religious institutions, which profess to be and which ought to be pro-life. If we are to defeat Planned Parenthood, we must reform the Catholic Church."

How to Kill an Industry and Lose Jobs

How US Sugar Policies Just Helped America Lose 600 Jobs
Our policies make absolutely no sense. Now, when the problem is state regulation, industries can just move to a more business friendly state. I remember Mike Farris comparing the laws related to hog raising between two southern states. One's loss of producers was the other state's gain.  But what can you do when the feds create barriers? Good-bye jobs!

Maybe in fifty years people the illegal immigrants will be U.S. citizens heading to Mexico for jobs.