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Friday, February 12, 2016

Is the Zika Scare a Tactic to Hide the True Cause of Birth Defects?

According to Doctors in Brazil drinking water poisoned with larvicide is a more likely culprit.

And guess what, the producer of the pesticide is associated with Monsanto.

See more here and here.

It's Not Immigration; It's Muslim Invasion!

People need to study history. Catholics particularly need to understand why the Crusades took place -- because the Islamic Turks were invading Europe and threatening to eliminate Christianity in favor of the Islamic caliphate.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Whatever Else You Say about Ted Cruz...

...he has some hilarious ads.

Perfect Lenten Prayer Method -- Given by the Lord Himself... Sr. Mariana de Jesus Torres in Quito, Ecuador.

Two years after Sr. Mariana made her vows, God showed her a way to pray and meditate that would bring her quickly to sanctity. Each morning had its own particular focus on an element of the Passion. In the afternoon the meditations focused on self examination and the four last things  (Taken from the biography by Msgr. Luis Cadena y Almeida) The program reminds me very much of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Think of the progress a soul could make who committed just ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the afternoon to follow this spiritual method recommended by God Himself. I'm going to start this tomorrow morning when I go for my adoration Holy Hour. Why not join me. Our Lady of Good Success, help us to make a true success of Lent by growing closer to your Son Jesus.

The Meditations:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Special Prayer Request for Lent: Prayer is Power -- Let's Save Souls!

Do You Know Our Lady of Good Success and Her Apparitions to Sr. Mariana in Quito, Ecuador?

I wrote just a bit about them here. Any holy person described as an "industrious little bee" is an intercessor after my own heart. Sr. Mariana left Spain with her Aunt, an abbess, and several other sisters to found a convent in Quito in the 16th century. She was only 13 and a young postulant, but on fire with love of God. She bravely faced the dangerous trip across the ocean and then the long and arduous treck across the mountains of Ecuador where she spent the rest of her life. Sr. Mariana of Jesus, intercede for us that we might be as diligent to grow in the spiritual life as you were. Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us. 

And So It Contiues: Video of Conversation with National Abortion Federation Reps

NAF (the National Abortion Federation) was founded in 1977 to support and connect abortion mills around the country and promote the abortion agenda. They claim to provide strict guidelines to their member centers to protect patients, but they are really all about protecting abortion. Here's what Barbara Radford told 60 Minutes in 1991:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Latest Pope Video: Our Biggest Challenge is Environmentalism?

Have you seen the pope's latest video? What exactly is going on here? The green movement promotes one world government and draconian implementation of environmentalism. Is that really what Catholics should be concerned about?

If the pope is going to talk about the sins against the planet, how about these:

Yoga: It's Not Just Exercise, It's Religious Practice

A lot of people would pooh-pooh the idea that playing with a ouija board or taking the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" are spiritually dangerous and can be conduits for evil spirits. "They're just games," they might say. I was inclined to think that way about yoga until I had a serious conversation with a friend and did a little research. "It's just exercise and stretching." Well...maybe not.

 Some of yoga's practices are clearly dangerous. The whole idea of "emptying yourself" in meditation is the opposite of Christian meditation where you are "filled" with the Holy Spirit. A person who is sitting and chanting a mantra and trying to dispel any thoughts, deliberately empty himself, is like the man in the parable who has a demon which is driven out. The house is clean and swept...and empty. The devil goes out, finds seven devils worse than himself and returns to "fill up" the empty house. [Luke 11:26] 

Monday, February 8, 2016

I Didn't Watch the Super Bowl, but I Love This Ad! Two Thumbs Up for Doritos!

NARAL hates this ad so I'm going to Food Lion to buy a big supply of Doritos to say thank you! It's a smart choice on Doritos part. Let's face it, how many NARAL supporters have families. They're the anti-family organization. Promote pro-life and get the folks with lots of Doritos eaters purchasing your product. Eat your heart out, NARAL baby haters.

More here. 

Freemasonry: What all Catholics Should know about it!

By Chriss Rainey

The subject of Freemasonry is complicated. It has a long and mysterious history involving people across several continents and individuals whose personal reputations we often find difficult to criticize. My own father and grandfather were Freemasons My brother is also a Freemason, and though I have tried diligently to convince him to leave it, he is certain it is not what I believe it to be. I know these men to be good and decent fathers and husbands. I have lived with them and loved them; it is difficult to imagine they were involved in anything as ugly as Freemasonry has proven to be.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Is Our Lady Asking of Us? Prayer and Penance!

Four hundred years ago, Our Lady of Good Success appeared to a Spanish nun, Sr. Mariana de Jesus Torres,  in Quito, Ecuador and warned about a crisis in the Church arising at the end of the 19th century and becoming even worse after the middle of the 20th century. I'm going to be studying this approved apparition and sharing about it, not to frighten anyone, but to show how crucial it is to listen to Our Lady and respond to her call for her children to pray and sacrifice. The only solution to these evils is for faithful Catholics to grow in personal holiness and commit to lives of prayer and penance to help make up for "what's lacking in the suffering of Christ." What could possibly be lacking in the suffering of Christ? Our cooperation in his act of redemption. He won't force it, but wants us to offer it by conforming our will to His. What better time to embrace Christ's cross of suffering than during the holy season of Lent? Listen to our Blessed Mother and imitate her "Yes!"