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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More on the French Revolution at Thiberville in Normandy

Fratres has two videos this morning from the battle at the Thiberville parish in the Diocese of Evreux. They're in French, but you don't need to understand the language to see what's going on. The bishop comes in wearing rainbow vestments! (Take that you orthodox Catholics. We are an inclusive church. I am a canon for the Anglicans and bosom buddies with my gay friends.) Note the older woman who puts on a stole - one of the bishop's supporters, no doubt, who probably showed up for the event.

This bishop is either a totally clueless fool, in which case he is incompetent to be bishop, or he is an evil man with an evil agenda which also should preclude him as bishop. Please, somebody pressure him to resign for "health" reasons. (Mental health perhaps?) No wonder some saints say the floor of hell is littered with the skulls (or mitres) of bishops.

Spare us, O Lord!

Pray for the pastor, Fr. Francis Michel, who appears to be truly the father of his people. And thank God for the parents who removed their children from the bishop. They are teaching their children to discern the spirits. Blind obedience to bad bishops is no virtue! Teach your children that a roman collar doesn't guarantee a holy heart.

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Anonymous said...

What a horror!