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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Answer to Islam! A Coptic Priest Who's Willing to Lay Down His Life for Jesus

Pray for this brave coptic orthodox priest who has drawn so many muslims to faith in Jesus Christ. There is a 60 million bounty on his head from the "religion of peace" and he's been labeled one of the most dangerous infidels in the world. His brother had his tongue cut out and was murdered for evangelizing Muslims.  A talk scheduled in Vienna, Austria in May had to be cancelled because of terrorist threats from the "religion of peace." Pray for all brave Muslims seeking the truth in Jesus Christ, that they may have the courage of the early martyrs to embrace Christianity despite the dangers in doing so. I wish Catholics in the United States had the same love for Christ exhibited by this Christian coptic priest. Be sure to read the interview with this modern day Daniel linked after the video.

Interview with Fr. Botros