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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gender Identity Disorder in Children: Early Intervention Can Save a Lifetime of Heartache

Homosexuality is not inevitable and there is no evidence of a genetic or hormonal link. There is evidence, however, of very young children experiencing gender identity confusion. Early intervention can be the key to helping these youngsters. And there are important reasons to do so according to Joseph Nicolosi and Richard Fitzgibbons:

Boys who exhibit [feminine] symptoms before they enter school are more likely: to be unhappy, lonely and isolated in elementary school; to suffer from separation anxiety, depression, and behavior problems; to be victimized by bullies and targeted by pedophiles; and to experience same-sex attraction in adolescence. If they engage in homosexual activity as adolescents, they are more likely than boys who do not: to be involved in drug and alcohol abuse or prostitution; to attempt suicide; or to contract a sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV/AIDS; or to develop a serious psychological problem as an adult. A small number of these boys will become transvestites or transsexuals.
The good news is that counseling with the family can help.
The effeminacy in some boys is so pronounced that parents may assume the problem is genetic or hormonal, but no such factors have been scientifically proven. Experts report that children assumed to have a biological problem responded positively to therapeutic intervention: According to Rekers, Lovaas, and Low:

When we first saw him, the extent of his feminine identification was so profound (his mannerisms, gestures, fantasies, flirtations, etc., as shown in his "swishing" around the home and the clinic, fully dressed as a woman with a long dress, wig, nail polish, high screechy voice, slatternly, seductive eyes) that it suggested irreversible neurological and biochemical determinants. After 26 months follow-up, he looked and acted like any other boy. People who viewed the video taped recordings of him before and after treatment talk of him as "two different boys."[3]
Read the complete article here and pray that families will recognize gender confusion problems in their children and seek assistance.


Anonymous said...

I would almost believe this was a joke except I know that you are serious. How very sad for you. Your blog is like a train wreck. I know it is horrible and yet I cannot look away.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Not sure what your sad about -- a little boy who was helped to embrace his identity as a little boy? Thank God for politically incorrect psychiatrists!

Did you ever hear the case of the little boy who was damaged during circumcision and was raised as a little girl thanks to the experts at Johns Hopkins? He committed suicide in 2004. No train wreck there, eh?

I'm praying that you keep watching my "horrible" blog until the Hound of Heaven catches you. As a matter of fact I've added you to my rosary journal. You can run, but you can't hide. The Lord knows who you are.

Anonymous said...

What is sad is that there is also no proof that there is NOT a genetic component to homosexuality or gender confusion. It might simply be just that - a natural part of our biological makeup.

I know someone personally who went through "counseling" with his parents as a teen to convince him that he was not gay. When it was not successful, his family disowned him.

Of course the Lord knows who I am. He knows who you are, too. And I think you will be more surprised than I to see who is with Him in heaven.

I mostly read your blog for the entertainment value. You are nothing if not sensational. We who discuss it locally can't believe that you are a member of the same Church as us.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And I know parents who disown their daughters because they won't have abortions. Madeleine Murray O'Hare disowned her son when he became a Christian. What's your point?

Whether someone experiences same-sex attraction or not they are obliged to obey the 6th commandment. If I had a homosexual child living with a partner I would still love him/her, but I would never condone the lifestyle any more than that of a son or daughter living with an opposite sex lover.

As for who is in the same Church and who's in heaven, Jesus predicted that only a small remnant would retain the faith. "When I return will I find any faith on the earth?" He also said not all who say "Lord, Lord" will be in heaven, but only those who "Hear the word of God and keep it."

Like St. Joan of Arc I pray that if I'm in the state of grace God will keep me there and if I'm not, He'll put me there. But I will close my ears to the ear ticklers who urge us all to dance to heaven on the primrose path of dalliance waving the rainbow flag and the pro-choice banner. That's dangerous advice to follow.

Ray Schneider said...

All the research done prior to the declaration that homosexuality was not an illness (really) pointed to it being a developmental disorder. The literature, if you can get it, shows this quite clearly.

All this "genetic" notion is totally without foundation. Anonymous has been taken in by the Zeitgeist. The fact that instead of citing data he resorted to personal attacks is a symptom of his lack of professionalism.

Too bad.

Anna Herrera said...

Mary Ann, this is a topic that has always fascinated me. Do you think gender identity disorder is due to outside influences? I wonder because growing up in a Catholic, homeschooled (and rather sheltered) environment, I have seen some boys exhibit these tendencies because they feel so strongly towards them, despite being raised in a strong homeschooled Catholic home.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Anna, I'm not sure what you are asking. Feel so strongly toward what? I know a lot of home schooled families with boys and I haven't seen any boys in those families where the dads are very involved who exhibit any abnormally girlish behavior, tendencies toward cross-dressing, etc.

Both my sons played with dolls but they were boyish dolls (Mr. Green Jeans was one) and the doll play didn't last long.

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