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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Neo-Con Warmongers Threaten the Death of Our Republic

I'm listening to a book by Pat Buchanan (2004) called Where the Right Went Wrong. Buchanan is a real conservative who describes how the neo-conservatives hijacked the Republican party and embarked on an imperialistic agenda to impose democracy on the world by fiat, especially in the middle east which has never practiced it.

Buchanan exposes the elite cabal of neo-con hawks including Richard Perle, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Bennet, etc. who began planning the war on Iraq a decade before 9/11. It was their web of lies about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction that convinced George Bush to invade a country that did not threaten us and was not involved in Al Quaeda's attack. To hear the quotes from these elitists about overthrowing a host of governments who do not threaten us and their goal to impose their utopian image is chilling. That it requires a state of constant war is obvious. They want a new world order with themselves as the architects.

Buchanan gives a compelling historical overview of the reality that imperialism and constant warfare have been the death of every republic in history. Will the United States follow in their steps? We already have and it is contributing to our own economic collapse.

As I'm listening to Buchanan's warning, I can't help thinking of the number of Catholics and pro-lifers who defended the invasion of Iraq and were just as hawkish as the neo-cons. Every time I expressed reservations, my patriotism was questioned. So I feel a kinship with Pat Buchanan. If you're a true conservative you can bet you'll be condemned by both sides of the aisle.

I hope you'll read Buchanan's book. I think I'll read it twice.

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