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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Don't Forget to Say Thank You! Things Aren't All Bad!

When the world is in a mess, and what a mess we're suffering today, it's tempting to be discouraged and walk around like the character in the old L'il Abner comic strip with the black cloud over his head. He jinxed everybody around him. Well, give him a pitchfork, horns, and a tail and you have our nemesis who does, indeed, want to turn our gold into straw and our wine into water. Satan is the great inverter. Like Rumpelstiltskin he wants everybody including, not just our firstborn, but us and our children too for an eternity in his doomed kingdom. The joy of laughter and our words of thanksgiving to God make him howl in rage. He wants us to be dismal every minute of every day walking under a black thunder cloud.

But, really, every day has its incredible joys and successes. The day here in Woodstock dawned gloriously with a Blessed Mother blue sky and cool temperatures. Gorgeous! But news on the global front also offers hope. So get ready for a rosary of thanksgiving! Never forget to say thank you. 

The WHO (World Health Organization) pandemic treaty which promised to give the global tyrant-wannabees unlimited power to control the world during the next pandemic, failed. Of course, that won't stop the evil bureaucracy from shrugging, revamping, and moving forward with a new goal. But for now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and thank God for our deliverance. 

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place all our trust in you!

The Frontline Doctors reported this about the treaty and its defeat:

The push for a global treaty, aimed at enhancing pandemic response, hit a major roadblock as disagreements among countries proved insurmountable. After intense negotiations, the lack of consensus on key issues has halted progress, leaving the WHO's ambitions unfulfilled. The reason for the lack of consensus was that so many volunteers and donors made their voices heard!

Had it passed, this treaty would have granted the WHO unprecedented control over national health policies, affecting everything from pandemic preparedness to how countries handle public health crises. The implications would have extended beyond health, touching on areas like climate change and food security under the guise of health-related issues.

The defeat of this treaty is a testament to the vigilance and resilience of those who value their national independence and personal freedoms. It's a clear message that the sanctity of our rights and the sovereignty of nations are not up for negotiation.

As we celebrate this significant triumph, let's remain alert and prepared to act against future attempts to undermine our freedoms. The battle may be won, but the war on our liberties continues.

And another visual to brighten your day. Mexican workers tore down the "pride" banner hanging on a government building and promise to do it as often as they put it back up. So much for celebrating sodomy!

This is the month of the Sacred Heart. Let us thank Jesus for His example of humble submission to the Father's will and make reparation for those who take pride in sins that are an abomination to God. 

O Mary, Refuge of Sinners, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, save souls!

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