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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Let's Turn Virginia Red Again! Send Jonathan Emord to the U.S. Senate

Jonathan Emord: the right choice for Virginia

We have two terrible senators in Virginia, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. They are both extremist liberals who think killing babies and cheerleading for LGBT and transgender insanity are virtues. Tim Kaine is up for re-election this November. The GOP primary is June 18th and we have a chance to make a real difference by making Jonathan Emord the GOP candidate. LET'S DO IT!

Let me begin by talking about the situation as it stands right now with the evil twins in the Senate: Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

Years ago, I prayed every day for a man who attended daily Mass at my parish in Woodstock, VA. He had a Warner bumper sticker on his car. One morning I was praying for the man again and asking the Lord if I should talk to him. The message I received was, "No time like the present." So I followed him out after Mass and introduced myself. He was a retired high profile lawyer who helped defend Leona Helmsley and regularly contributed to our parish Outreach fund that helps the poor. Liberals, even highly educated ones, really are confused!

"I see you every day at daily Mass," I began with a big smile as I shook his hand. He smiled back until I went on saying, "I've noticed your bumper sticker for Mark Warner." He immediately withdrew his hand, frowned and started walking briskly to his car with me in tow. "Did you know, " I asked,  "that he supports partial birth abortion?" By this time he was in his car with the window up. So I raised my voice slightly and said, "Catholics can't support that."

Prior to our conversation, he sat right behind me in Church. The next day at Mass, he moved to the other side. I chose the pew opposite him so we would face each other as we moved out of our pews for Communion. I always tried to make eye contact and smile.

A friend told me later that he raised our conversation with a mutual friend because he was disturbed by it. I hope so. He's gone now, but I still pray for him. l can't understand how a daily Mass communicant who cares about the poor can support politicians who advocate murder of the innocent, a crime that cries to heaven for vengeance! Abortion attacks the family at its most vulnerable point. To think that an intelligent man who worked in the field of "justice" had such a blind spot was head-shaking to me. As for Mark Warner, he also endorses same sex "marriage." That's two biggies that can earn one a hot seat in hell. But at least he's not a Catholic who should know better. Although the natural law written on the heart of man teaches us all that murdering or enabling murder of the innocent is an atrocity.

Can a Catholic support such a politician? 

As for Tim Kaine, a professing Catholic, he is in even deeper trouble than Mark Warner. Kaine advocates positions in direct conflict with Church teaching. In other words, at best he's a heretic, at worst an apostate. No problem for his Richmond pastor, Fr. James Arsenault, however. He calls Kaine a "devout Catholic." Really, he's pure as the driven snow, a choir boy, in fact, with a great tenor voice.  Sadly, Kaine doesn't have much time to sing anymore -- too busy singing for the woke mob in Washington.

Tim Kaine with his alter ego, Hillary

Kaine,  like all the hypocrites of the seamless garment hoax, is "personally opposed" to murdering babies, but wants to codify the principles of Roe v. Wade as a right in federal law through The Reproductive Freedom for All act. 

Kaine and Warner are the evil twins currently representing Virginia in Congress. 

Virginia voters have a chance to change that this fall. Jonathan Emord offers a vision for America that Catholics and other people of good will can support whole-heartedly. It includes protecting children from gender ideology in our schools, protecting parental rights, defending the right to life, securing the border, and a long list of other conservative principles. Check out his website for more information.

I've endorsed him and am sending a donation to his campaign. If we don't support those who defend our values, we deserve what we get. Catholics, we have a moral responsibility to work for the common good. Electing good people to public office is an important part of that obligation. Do you really want Tim Kaine to continue making Virginia an abortion, child-abusing, parent-persecuting capitol? Let's retire him in November. 

Support Jonathan Emord! Vote in the primary on November 18th.


  1. I’m a fellow Virginian of the metro DC persuasion and am happy with our current senators. You remind me of my coworker who couldn’t believe that I, a pro choice liberal, would support a crisis pregnancy center. The point is that it’s about choice. I support your right to have as many children as you want, I support someone’s right to choose to continue a pregnancy that is unplanned, and I support people choose abortion, even if it’s not something I’d choose myself. And my brother and his husband are married in the eyes of the state even if not in church because the church is not in charge of the state. I don’t want everyone to live by Catholic rules any more than you would support an Islamic religion based government.

  2. What the choice is matters. If women have the right to choose to kill the baby living in the womb, does a man have the right to rape a woman? If what you choose isn't limited by the rights of others (the baby in this case), why is rape, or theft, or any other "crime" not allowed. Oh wait, theft in California is now legal! The thieves have the right to choose as long as they don't steal more than a certain amount. Would you advocate their right to enter your home and choose to steal a certain amount?