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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Sexualization of Little Girls

You've no doubt seen the "Juicy" fashion line at your local department store. What do you think about a fashion look that focuses attention on little girls' behinds with the suggestive idea of them being "juicy" consumables. (Any pedophiles in the audience?)

Well, it isn't just fashions, it's suggestive moves and dances. Go to a recital of a big dance school with big buck, often immodest, costumes and you can see little girls straddling chairs, shaking it all up, and engaging in what can only be described as "dirty dancing."

Well, one little girl didn't like being told she had to "shake her booty" for the enjoyment of the crowd. (See below.) She paid a price for her modesty. Good for her and two thumbs down for the cheerleading coach who has the  common sense of a lemming!

The American Family Association has a petition drive to support Fayleen for her courageous stand. Go here.

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Old Bob said...

It's bad enough when grown women sexualize themselves in public. Having little girls do it is as bad as kiddie porn or child prostitution. I recall something about millstones tied around necks.