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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Hear it for "Kidnapping" - from Social Services

I'm laughing out loud over this article! Thank God for a country like Poland where real men still live. One of them, Krzysztof Rutkowski, is a polish private eye who's making news for "kidnapping" kids from social services in Sweden and returning them to their parents. In one case a child was taken because the parents were home schooling. Here's an excerpt from the article: 
A Polish private investigator, dubbed "Rambo" by fans, has found a solution to the problems created when social services workers in the Nordic countries take custody of children against the wishes of family members: Simply "kidnap" the kids and give them back to the parents.

It's happened at least twice in Norway and is a stunning development for families there and in countries like Sweden, where social services workers, as WND has reported, have virtually absolute control over children once they are taken into government custody....
[Ruby] Harrold-Claeson [president of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights]  called the strategy that reunited the 9-year-old with her parents "an excellent piece of work."

"Polish radio, TV and newspapers have publicized the child's rescue and expressed severe criticism against Norway. ... Children who are taken hostages by the Nordic welfare states must be rescued, because there is no justice in the system," she said.

"According to the law, the parents are entitled to court hearings in order to obtain the release of their children, but once the system gets its claws into a child, they never let go. I have helped many of my clients in their desperate but futile battle to regain custody of their children," said Harrold-Claeson.
Social services' abuse of parents and uwarranted snatching of their kids is happening in many countries including the U.S. There's is a big financial incentive to get kids into protective services. The bureaucracy gets money for every child placed in foster care. The irony is that often kids are returned to truly abusive homes, while parents whose only "crime" is home schooling, or having a dispute with a vindictive neighbor, or some other politically incorrect situation (like being a Christian) lose their children for years. Sometimes kids are removed from the family based on no more than an anonymous accusation.

Phyllis Schlafly reported last fall (See here.) on a study that showed how ineffective state child protective services are and called for them to be shut down. There are plenty of horror stories some of which are documented in Brenda Scott's book, Out of Control: Who's Watching Our Child Protection Agencies? You don't have to look to the Nordic countries to see social services run amuck. It's right here on our own doorstep.

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