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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pedophilia Next?

Now that all barriers to adult buggery have been eliminated, the sex-fixated  move on to dismantle the next obstacle to total depravity -- approving adult sex with children. The pedophile conference earlier this month announced to mainstream America that more evil is on the way. Was anyone paying attention?

Now that same sex perversion has been proclaimed a societal good, child pornography and adults having sex with children must be approved next. None of this is accidental. There is a history that shows the inexorable, step-by-step movement toward the goal -- complete sexual license even claiming "consent" by children to rape and abuse. Alfred Kinsey led the vanguard with his "experiments" using sex abusers to claim that children are "sexual beings" and that they actually enjoy being abused. Kinsey's pedophiles would masturbate children, even babies, to the point of seizure. This monster, like his spiritual twin Margaret Sanger, is heralded for his "research." In reality, he was a deeply disturbed man, perhaps possessed, who was a leading figure in establishing the culture of death.

A 1998 article warned of what was coming. Here's an excerpt:
In 1990, the Journal of Homosexuality produced a special double issue devoted to adult-child sex, which was entitled "Male Intergenerational Intimacy" (1). One article said many pedophiles believe they are "born that way and cannot change" (p. 133). Another writer said a man who counseled troubled teenage boys could achieve "miracles... not by preaching to them, but by sleeping with them." The loving pedophile can offer a "companionship, security and protection" which neither peers nor parents can provide (p. l62). Parents should look upon the pedophile who loves their son "not as a rival or competitor, not as a thief of their property, but as a partner in the boy's upbringing, someone to be welcomed into their home..." (p. 164).

A British university professor wrote: "Boys want sex with men, boys seduce adult men, the experience is very common and much enjoyed" (p. 323). A professor of social science at the State University of New York says he looks forward to the day when Americans will "get over their hysteria about child abuse" (p. 325) and child pornography....
The authors' conclusion? That childhood sexual abuse is on average, only slightly associated with psychological harm--and that the harm may not be due to the sexual experience, but to the negative family factors in the children's backgrounds. When the sexual contact is not coerced, especially when it is experienced by a boy and is remembered positively, it may not be harmful at all.

The authors of the article propose that psychologists stop using judgmental terms like "child abuse," "molestation," and "victims," using instead neutral, value-free terms like "adult-child sex." Similarly, they say we should not talk about the "the severity of the abuse," but instead refer to "the level of sexual intimacy."
The authors conclude that behavior which psychotherapists commonly term "abuse" may only constitute a violation of social norms. And science, they say, should separate itself from social-moral terminology. Religion and society, these writers argue, are free to judge behavior as they wish...but psychiatry should evaluate behavior by its own set of standards.

In fact, the authors of the Psychological Bulletin article propose what they consider may be a better way of understanding pedophilia: that it may only be "abuse" if the child feels bad about the relationship. They are in effect suggesting a repetition of the steps by which homosexuality was normalized. In its first step toward removing homosexuality from the Diagnostic Manual, the A.P.A. said the condition was normal as long as the person did not feel bad about it.  (See more.)
Approval of child abuse is on the radar screen and moving this way. Parents who aren't alarmed by this are asleep. The first weapons in the fight-back arsenal are prayer and fasting. The next is education of friends and neighbors. Pass this post on. What else can you do? Write letters to the editor. Fight the sexualization of children in the public schools (and even Catholic schools) which grooms them, not only to engage in sex with one another, but to be victims of adults. Remember to do everything with charity. Hate the sin, but love the sinner. They are the lost sheep who need a savior. But fight -- your children and grandchildren are worth it.

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Anonymous said...

As a vicitm of an abuser who not only abused me (his step-neice) but also his daughter, granddaughter, and other relatives, there is absolutley and without a doubt a huge impact to a persons mental state and it impacts many, many things in a persons life - especially relationships. This is not "normal." It is evil and harms every fiber of a persons self.