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Monday, August 29, 2011

Transhumanism? Double Yikes!

My husband and I have been watching old re-runs of the X-Files. Last night a scientist was working on crossing the DNA of terminally ill volunteers with the DNA of aliens. When I saw this video today I thought -- Wow! The writers were more on target than they knew. How long will the Lord put up with our attempts to play God. When the speaker in the video below talks about the possibility of a cataclysmic event, I was nodding my head. After all, if we can bring diseases into our bodies from bestiality, will wicked experiments by mad scientists splicing animal DNA into humans not open us to even worse (unintended) consequences? The fruit of playing God is always rotten.

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Ray Schneider said...

One ought to read C.S. Lewis's "The Abolition of Man" -- this is the Faustian bargain, one gives up one's soul for knowledge, but the knowledge is likely incomplete and with unforeseeable consequences. The tipping point comes when an irreversible and catastrophic event occurs.

It reminds me of the possibility, considered by the Manhattan project that a nuclear explosion might trigger a catastrophic ignition of the earth's atmosphere. Obviously it didn't happen, but we only know that because they took the chance.

Science can have catastrophic effects and it would be nice if scientists took more and better precautions instead of just plunging ahead.