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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Zelensky, the Spike-Heeled Dancing President of the Ukraine

Zelensky's high heeled dance video was a parody of Kazaky's 2011 Love video from The Hill Chronicles album. Nevertheless I prefer that spike heels be on the feet of his First lady, not wearing them himself. Basically what Zelensky's fans are saying is that they think a comedian makes a fine President. I'm thinking that Zelensky is now contacting George Soros, Obama and Klaus Schwab on a daily basis to find out what his next dance move will be. (I will not post Kazaky's video since it's in English and the lyrics are obscene.) 

Aside note: Mariupol maternity hospital was empty when bombed. It had been used as a base by Azov extremists who had kicked all the patients, nurses and service personnel out.


  1. May Our Lady of Vladimir wrap her mantle of protection over Russia.

  2. And over Ukraine. The principals in this picture seem to be bad, worse, and worst. God protect us from evil politicians, tyrants, and oligarchs!

  3. The state being the outcome of original sin is at best a necessary evil, and politics, to the extent that it incarnates the sheer struggle for power, “is bound, in Christian terms, to be the realm of the devil by definition.” Leszek Kolakowski, Modernity on Endless Trial

  4. I couldn't watch the whole video. Perversion is just difficult for me.