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Friday, October 31, 2008


A number of sources are warning about chocolate coins made by Sherwood. The product contains melamine-tainted milk and is unsafe to eat. The FDA has a webpage with a growing list of items associated with melamine contamination. Check it out and be a label reader. Avoid any food products made in China or products that use ingredients produced in China including pet foods, milk products, and certain brands like Mr. Brown instant coffees. Shop at your local farmers' market and if you are fortunate enough to live near an Amish or Mennonite farm see what products you can purchase from them. We get our milk, eggs, and beef from such a farm and we know that they don't use hormones and grow most of their animal feed themselves.

And on St. Nicholas day if you want to put those chocolate coins in your children's shoes, check the source.

Buy American.

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