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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brainwashing First Graders in California

Gays in California are working hard to sink Proposition 8, the defend traditional marriage bill. They call arguments that homosexuality will be taught to little ones in elementary school a scare tactic. Well folks, wake up and smell the coffee. Earlier this month 18 first-graders from the Creative Arts Charter School, a public school in San Francisco were taken to the lesbian "wedding" of their teacher at City Hall. Mayor Gavin Newsom who marches in gay parades and supports the gay orgy called the Folsom Street Fair (warning: graphic photos) officiated. The Protect Marriage organization supporting Proposition 8 sent out a press release alerting parents of what's coming. But will it matter? Only two parents opted their children out of this "field trip" to celebrate perversion where the innocent babies tossed rose petals and blew bubbles.

Little ones love their teachers. It's long overdue for parents to realize that the perverted public school system is beyond repair. Let the teacher your children love be you. Home school or send your children to a good private Catholic school.

I recommend Holy Family in Manassas Virginia for those fortunate enough to live nearby. They are sponsoring a fundraiser with Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz. I've printed their ad for the event below. Support faithful independent Catholic schools. They are a lifeline for families.

"Come and Enjoy a Festive Evening with Bishop Bruskewitz of be held at the Officers' Club at Ft. Belvoir on Sunday, November 9 at 5:00 pm. The dinner will benefit the building of the St. Pio Chapel for Holy Family Academy. The evening will include dinner, a talk from the Bishop and the Holy Family Choir. Cost is $100 per seat or $150 per couple. Register through or call Sue Francis at 703-830-2135."


Anonymous said...

That field trip was organized by the parents of those children.

Certainly, Catholics are the most egregious parents when it comes to brainwashing their children. Catholics spare them none of the pornography of violence associated with their religion. Every little infraction has to be paid for by the blood of the dying and tortured God-Man. Those debts unpaid merit the torture of even children for eternity in Hell. Now, please remind me who the perverts are?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sorry, Anonymous, you've got it all wrong. Jesus paid for all our sins by dying on the cross. We teach our children how much He loves us. If a husband beats his wife does he love her? No. If he lays down his life for her does he love her? Absolutely. Jesus loved us enough to die for us so that we can live forever in heaven. Lust is not love. And no matter how much you try to defend it, you can't make it so. Catholics who follow the Church's teachings don't:
1) Die of AIDS
2) Die from abortion complications or breast cancer caused by abortion and artificial hormones
3) Live a life of regret for killing a child
4) suffer from chlamydia, herpes, gonnorhea, syphilis, and dozens of other sexually transmitted diseases
5) Take years off their lives by living a perverted lifestyle

And even more wonderful - no matter how evil a person's life has been up to now, Jesus is there with his arms stretched out saying, "Come back to me." He is the way, the truth, and the life and the source of all joy. Sex outside traditional marriage is nothing but a rub and a tickle that gives very temporary pleasure. In the end, it's a killer literally as well as figuratively. Read the obituaries in homosexual newspapers.

But forgiveness is always there for those who repent even at the last minute like the good thief crucified with Jesus.

My Jesus, mercy.