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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Keep the Heat on the Sebelius Nomination!

The articles below give a good overview of the challenges from the Sebelius nomination to HHS. Unfortunately, Senator Brownback's endorsement has cut pro-lifers off at the knees. The only way an effective fight can be mounted is if a few senators on the oversight committee start asking some tough questions of this radical pro-abort - like her relationship with late-term abortionist George Tiller. If a senator known for being 100% pro-life won't challenge this champion of child-killing why would anyone else? Please don't let my comments discourage you from fighting. Contact your senators anyway. Write letters to the editor exposing Sebelius' extremism. Keeping abortion in the limelight is important. When you shine light under the rock the creepy-crawlers run for cover. So keep your rosary in one hand and a pen (or a mouse) in the other. Soldiers fight battles even when the odds are against them.

Find your senators here.

Choice of Sebelius likely to renew abortion debate

Catholic Bishop Troubled by Obama's Nomination of Pro-Abortion Kathleen Sebelius

Archbishop Naumann's Column on Sebelius Nomination

Sebelius Picked for HHS: Get Ready for Abortion Fight

Our Sunday Visitor interviews Bishop Naumann on Sebelius nomination

HLI President denounces endorsement of Sebelius by 'prominent Catholics'

Kathleen Sebelius Upset by Nomination Opposition, Pro-Life Groups Turn Up Heat

Anti-Abortion Activists Plan to Fight Sebelius' Nomination for HHS

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