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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama: rhetoric vs. reality

Barrack Obama claims to want to find common ground in the abortion debate. Where better to get both sides together than at his recent health summit. But something went wrong between the rhetoric and the reality (or more likely went exactly as the pro-death president intended). While Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortionist in the world, was invited to the meeting along with several other pro-abortion groups, pro-lifers were excluded. There was no room at the president's table for them. Cecile Richards of PP called for more contraception and abortion in a mandatory health care package that would require insurers to offer the services. That means those who oppose abortion would be forced to subsidize them through their insurance payments. Whatever happened to "tolerance" and the "right to choose?"

"Choice" has always been a sham. Those who choose evil are never happy with choosing for themselves. Everyone must call the evil choice good. Those who condemn it must be forced to cooperate with it. Obama's universal health care will mean universal abortion. At the same time he will cut off services to the elderly. In a sad irony the vultures are coming home to roost. The baby boomers who offered no room in the inn for the unborn, who contracepted and aborted with abandon, will be hastened to the afterlife by the survivor generation whose brothers and sisters were murdered in the womb. Pro-lifers predicted it thirty years ago and we are seeing it come to pass.

The so-called stimulus bill includes the creation of a new Bureaucracy, The National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, to "guide" medical decisions. The Secretary of HHS (radical pro-abort Kathleen Sebelius if confirmed) will be able to punish doctors who aren't "meaningful users" of the system. A new standard of cost effectiveness will be applied to determine whether a patient has a right to medical care. (Do you think this will apply to elderly legislators and other elites in our society? No health care for you, Teddy Kennedy, you're too old. No heart by-pass for you, Bill Clinton, ditto. Don't hold your breath.) Read the fine print in the stimulus bill. The healthcare regulations are a danger to every American, especially those over 65.

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