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Monday, March 16, 2009

Mahony's Dissent Fest Over for another Year

Every year Cardinal Roger Mahony of L.A. puts on a so-called Religious Education Conference that features a gaggle of heretics well-known for undermining the faith. The event is always a throwback to the 60s with numerous liturgical abuses, dancing girls, and silliness we hoped was over decades ago. But with the FBI looking into his coverup of the sex-abuse crisis and the millions paid out in settlements, Mahony apparently needs a little distraction and perhaps this suffices.

Witnesses from Concerned Roman Catholics of America were both outside and inside the convention. Those outside reported harrassment by security personnel who threatened arrest but later backed down when the police upheld their legal right to be there. An inside witness reported on the closing Mass and several workshops she attended.

"I was at The Three Days of Darkness Congress this weekend and I have video footage of it. The closing mass was.. well... I have no kind words to describe it. The liturgical abuses were at an all time high with lay liturgical dancers incensing the altar and people walking up stairs with glass goblets filled with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. [Editor's note: The Body and Blood of Christ are required to be held in sacred vessels made of worthy and enduring material. Anything breakable is excluded as are baskets which can be seen in this photo of the Consecration.]

"When one sister actually spilled on the stairs the Precious Species, she tried wiping up the Precious Blood but got flustered and kept moving. Yes, I witnessed this on video and will be sending Cardinal Mahony the video.... Cardinal Mahony's homily was all about himself being driven out into the desert because of the Federal Grand Jury after him because of sex abuse scandals in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

"I [attended a workshop given by] Dr. Greer Gordon who happily invited an investigation [into] documents in the Vatican Library archives...[claiming] that The Church blessed same sex unions. She was promoting monagamous same sex unions!

"Another speaker, Sr. Barbra Fiand, [Ed's note: She is a well known dissenter who regularly speaks at Call to Action conferences.] promoted shamanism and says we all are stardust same as animmals and plants and she poo pooed Indulgences. All of this was recorded. After what I endured at this Congress I don't think Cardinal Mahony is going to have a change of heart towards the Tridentine Mass any time soon, because he can't even do the ordinary form of The Mass right!

"Yes the archdiocese does VIRTUS program. One of the talks I attended was presented by Dr.Tom Beaudoin [Ed: another dissenter]. This talk was a panel discussion [by] an open homosexual man and woman [and] two parents of homosexual children. The mother on the panel who leads a group of parents of homosexuals at her parish in southern California said she teaches the Virtus program at her parish. She was very proud of this program....The panel promoted same sex unions and ridiculed Church teachings. The father on the panel ridiculed Bishop Soto's speech given at The Queen Mary conference on homosexuals. This father said that The bishop was just reading a Vatican document and that he should have been supporting the homosexual movement. The female open homosexual on the panel said that she and her partner were godparents for her niece's baptism. [Ed's note: This violates the requirement for godparents. Those living in public scandal are ineligible.] This same woman got mad at an attendee of this talk because she wanted this person and everyone to vocally support same sex unions. The male open homosexual young man said [Sr.Edith Pendergrast encouraged him] to give his story.... [He] also ridiculed The Church's teachings on [homosexuality]. Sr. Edith Pendergrast is the main person [organizing] the Cngress every year. This panel discussion was not recorded but they said they wanted it recorded so they can reach people in their parishes to support the homosexual movement. They all claimed it is a civil rights movement!"

We offer this last photo with a suggestion that Cardinal Mahony make the theme song for the conference, Come to the Cabaret. There were altar babes everywhere and the music, band, lighting, and ambience offered all the reverence of a night club. Good job, Your Eminence! One note of hope -- Cardinal Mahony was born in 1936 so the end is in sight. If Rome won't discipline him at least we have hopes that his resignation will be accepted by return email when he tenders it in two years.

Protest this terrible Conference by writing to:

Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski
Prefect, Congregation for Education
Palazzo della Congregazioni,
Piazza Pio XII, 3 00121
Vatincan City State, Europe


Ray Schneider said...

Do you mean ***>>GASP<<*** that the Mass isn't just a morality play that we can't change to match our ever shifting understanding of what is right and wrong. Gee ... you must be one of those backwards people who believe that morality is more than a simple consensus. I'm horrified. We have a whole new church. The Church of What's Happening Now (COWHN) and we alternate celebrations of Black Masses and White Masses just to make sure everyone is fairly represented. Isn't that ducky?
We have a new bible that has been expurgated of all sexist language and all mention of anything but love. It's a lot shorter too. Wait until you see the new Gnostic Version.. it has Mother God on the Cover wearing a thong.
ROTFLMAO ... Sing to the tune of Zippeedeedoodah ... although I guess Uncle Remus isn't politically correct anymore.

Diane Korzeniewski said...

How about the Papal Nuncio?