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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spreading the Message Through Songs

The Protestant Revolution spread like wildfire partly through song. The same with the Aryan heresy. And think of the influence of MTV to promote the sexual revolution. Well, here are some songs spreading the new American Revolution to return our country to Constitutional principles. A little humor helps to spread good sense. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Former SNL actree Victoria Jackson has been on the TeaParyExpress with songs and speeches. Here's one to get you started -

Anonymous said...

I know her voice can be irritating, but her words are filled with truth -

Mary Ann said...

I wasn't familiar with Victoria Jackson and I wasn't sure whether she was on the side of the tea party or spoofing it. But then I looked at some of her other stuff and her schtick is the dumb blonde. If you want to see something really cute go to her "angry woman" video. This lady is no dumbie.